Sabato RNC Speech Watkins

OLTL Vet Thanks Antonio Sabato Jr.'s RNC Speech for 'Cementing' Soap Actors' Reputation as 'Dunderheads'

If you ever longed to see Llanview lothario David Vickers take a swing at Port Charles pugilist Jagger Cates, today is your lucky day.

One Life to Live vet Tuc Watkins offered a sarcasm-drenched “thank you” to Antonio Sabato Jr., after the General Hospital alum served as a guest speaker at the Republican National Convention, where Donald Trump on Tuesday would officially become the GOP nominee for President of the United States.

“On behalf of former soap stars nationwide, I’d like to thank Antonio Sabato, Jr., for further cementing our collective reputation as a bunch of ‘dunderheads,” Watkins said on his Facebook page, adding the hashtag #VoteHillary.

Sabato Jr. on Night 1 of the RNC acknowledged he wasnt “your typical convention speaker” before proceeding to contend that “our rights have been trampled and our security threatened” by President Obama’s administration.

Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “promote division,” Sabato Jr. said. “Don’t be fooled: Donald Trump is for unity. Donald Trump believes in one America with liberty and justice for all.” The actor/model/activist ended his speech by saying that it’s the duty of government to “secure borders and protect citizens,” adding that “none of this is hateful, it’s the right thing to do!”

Though Watkins felt compelled to characterize Sabato Jr.’s opinions as damning for the oft-dismissed daytime-TV community at large, famously outspoken GH star Nancy Lee Grahn was remarkably mum on Sabato Jr.’s speech — though for good reason, as shared by this tweet posted by her daughter:

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  1. Joey says:

    Also of note was his interview on ABC news immediately following his speech where he said he believes that Obama is Muslim. When asked how he comes to believe such a ridiculous insinuation, his only response was “Oh, I feel it in my heart.”
    Give me a freakin’ break.

    • JARED A STASCH says:

      You mean like how they call Trump a racist and a homphobe when he is exact opposite.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Wait, that was serious?

      • dean says:

        If he’s not a homophobe, then he sure did a terrible job at picking his VP.

      • AdamB says:

        As difficult as this is to believe, when you tell people a judge can’t be impartial towards you because of his race, you’re a racist. And when you support appointing judges to roll back marriage equality and to legalize religious-based discrimination against the lgbt community, you’re a homophobe. “I have black friends” and “I have gay friends” is, shockingly, not an excuse.

  2. Mare says:

    Heh, I ADORED Nancy Grahn’s tweet! And here here, Tuc! Well said

  3. Gregory House says:

    It’s a well earned reputation given his own tweet admits to their dunderheaded qualities.

  4. N says:

    Love Nancy ans Tuc

  5. Big Cheddar says:

    Suddenly I’m wishing Tuc was on GH to romance either Alexis or Nina…

  6. Mr. Smith says:

    Pitiful that Sabato’s former associates cannot give him one ounce of respect, despite a difference of opinion.

    • Didn’t you hear? This is the era where everyone in America has to be Politically Correct towards one another, with the exception being white, Christian or conservative/Republican people. On them, it’s open season. Print & TV “News”, Social Media, Entertainment Websites, Comedians, Talk Shows, Commercials, etc. can all openly mock these people and anything they believe. Welcome to the new America!

      • Ken says:

        Please enlighten us all with your infinite wisdom on how its open season on white people, christians, or conservative/republican people? Please include facts and data to prove your hypothesis. Anyone can believe anything they want, but when you try to force your religious homophobic bigotry and racial hatred into politics, then you get whats coming to you.

        • Hi Ken,
          What exactly did I say that was racist or homophobic or about “force your religious homophobic bigotry and racial hatred into politics”? While you just through a bunch of hate words at me without knowing a thing about you, you should know that I am actually gay and thus support most gay causes (right to marry, equal treatment, etc.) And while I was raised Catholic, I would describe myself as a “lapsed Catholic” as I only go to church with family on major holidays. Now that you know at least a little bit about me, go take a look at all of the articles posted on just this website alone about the RNC and you will find articles on celebs, late night hosts, etc. all mocking republicans. Guarantee that you won’t see the same negative/mocking articles (or at least volume of them across the media) when the DNC rolls around.

          Have a nice day!

          • Angela says:

            @malls24:Guarantee that you won’t see the same negative/mocking articles (or at least volume of them across the media) when the DNC rolls around.
            No, you probably won’t…but for good reason. The Democratic Party, for all its faults (and it has them, for sure), is not a nutso three-ring circus the way the Republican Party currently is. It just isn’t. People mocking the RNC has less to do with bias and more to do with the fact that that party has completely lost its ever-loving mind by nominating Donald freaking Trump. There’s also the fact that they’re doubling down on an increasingly restrictive social platform (no same-sex marriage, their attitude on the “transgenders in bathrooms” issue, etc.) and deeply racist in regards to immigrants and Muslims (like the ol’ “Obama is totally a Muslim and that’s bad, you guys!” dead horse being brought out and flogged again, because apparently we haven’t heard enough of that BS yet). Hell, the fact that prominent Republican politicians have refused to attend this convention should be a massive clue to how out there the party is becoming.
            At some point, people need to quit blaming the constant mocking the Republican Party on “media bias” and own up to the fact that there is legit reason to call that party out in the media. They picked Trump. They brought it on themselves. Sorry.
            Having said that, however, the media hasn’t exactly given Hilary a break, either, you know. Many articles have been written about her e-mail scandal, late night comedians have made fun of that whole mess quite often, and there are other things within the Democratic Party that are ripe for comedy. So I’m pretty certain that they’ll find something to have fun with and mock next week. Maybe we should all wait and see how it’s covered before jumping the gun, eh?

          • Ken says:

            I apologize for my wrong choice of wording in that sentence. It should have read “…but when they try to force their religious homophobic…” I was trying to make a distinction between republicans and democrats. Republican party platform was the most virulent against LBGQT rights ever. When republicans portray themselves as that aggressively negative against multiple groups of people, they open themselves up to ridicule. Democrats are not perfect, but most of the time they are pretty boring and not much of what they do can be mined for mocking or comedic gold. So yes you would probably be correct that the media won’t focus on a more than likely boring DNC convention. And we are similar in the fact that i’m gay, raised Catholic but don’t believe in religion and rarely if ever go to church. I’ve had negativity hurled at me for being gay in my youth, and i’ve seen the hatred towards my black and women friends. I just don’t see white old men as having the same negative issues that the groups that they work against. I will never stand up for republicans think that i’m a second class citizen, or that its still 1950, or that women should be pregnant and in the kitchen. I will always stand up for the poor, the minorities, the foreign immigrants, womens rights, equal rights, equal pay. A little more about me- i think politics are unfortunately a necessary evil, but they can be boring, but more specific and more personal, they take so much time away from tv when something really interesting and exciting could be showing instead of old white men and women (on both sides) tell the same lies to get us to vote for them. Thank you for the great conversation this late at night – have a good night to you as well!

          • BillyBobJohnson says:

            You can’t be gay AND Catholic. They don’t allow it. If you Hate The Sin, then you Hate the Sinner, too. You can’t split that baby.

          • I should clarify that I was speaking about the media and society in general about their treatment of white, Christian conservatives and not in regards to Antonio’s comments or Trump. Trump deserves the criticism he gets for his racist comments and Antonio shouldn’t state that Obama is a secret Muslim as that is not only unfounded but just plain crazy.

            I think the biggest thing everyone needs to learn is that most people fall in the middle when it comes to political beliefs (rather than being 100% democrat/liberal or 100% republican/conservative. The majority of us, regardless of our demographic, share a lot more common views than we realize. If everyone stops with the labels, we’ll be better off as a society.

        • Misteeq64 says:

          This people is this is the new republican party .First the baffoon of Trump then what prominente republican is invited to speak an ex calvin klein model soap star actor who as 3 children by 3 different women . Who claimes Obama is Muslin because he felt it Lets not forget the trophy wife who has no brain to create her own speech .CLASSY yes we have here the summum of Republican intelligence .DAMN the next four years will be entertaining Please America put Trump in the white house we need some fun .

      • Anna says:

        Oh yes, all of those white people, Christians, and conservatives are so put upon! Being a part of majority groups that wield unmatched power has to be so hard.

        • Anna, see that is what I’m talking about. Everyone of every demographic has problems. I don’t understand why it is OK to generalize or stereotype any demographic of people when we are supposed to be living in a PC society where we accept everyone (that includes white, Christian conservative people, as well as blacks, Muslims, liberals, etc.). I think when everyone stops using labels and generalizations for everyone, our society will be better off and we can come together as one.

          • Anna says:

            Of course everyone has problems – but as a group, none of those that you mentioned are being discriminated against or systematically treated as second class citizens like a number of other groups in this country.

      • Jen says:

        I find him ridiculous because he made a false claim (that Obama is Muslim and not Christian) based on the President’s name and that Sabato has never heard Obama mention Jesus (there is video of the President doing so many times). When questioned about this, he repeatedly said that it was what he believed and what was in his heart. If you make a false claim about someone in public based solely on what you believe, contrary to all available evidence, you should be challenged. Him being white, Christian, and conservative aren’t problems. He isn’t being ridiculed for who he is, but rather what he said. Honestly, I don’t care if he’s politically correct, but he should be actually correct.

        • BillyBobJohnson says:

          Yeah, the diehards in the evangelical movement are really big on what’s in their heart. It’s just too bad that most of what is in their heart is dislike of people who do not think like them.

        • dean says:

          Please link me the video so that my grandma will stop whining.

      • adambravo says:

        Yes, white, Christian, conservative, straight people are systematically being fired, beaten, and killed in America. Oh, sorry, I misspoke–they’re only being mocked, ’cause that’s soooo much worse.

  7. Tee says:

    David Vickers…I’ll never forget thee! Love him!

  8. tuc walkins I lost respect for you Antonio sabato Jr told the truth last night

    • Anna says:

      Yesterday Sabato said that Obama is “absolutely” a Muslim, and his proof is that he feels it in his heart. You could only claim that he was speaking the truth if that means making stuff up, pretending that they are facts, and trying to back it up with personal opinions.

    • adambravo says:

      You might want to look up ‘truth’ in your Funk & Wagnalls. “Feeling it in your heart” is, shockingly, a feeling, not a fact.

  9. Mary says:

    Thank you Tuc for pointing out the obvious. All these Trump supporters are repeating talking points made by the TV personality man with no facts to back it up. I find it ironic how they all blamed the Obama administration for not feeling secure or protected but the truth be known the biggest attack on the US was under Bush watch not Obama. It is apparent that Antonio doesn’t understand what the word unity means because Trump can’t even unify his own party let alone the citizens of the US. To Antonio and all Trump supporters unifying angry white men is not consider being for unity, it signals that you think a certain group is above others. How can he claim to know what Trump stands for when he hasn’t articulated that since day one. No insults and attacks are not points of view.

  10. Sylvia says:

    Why are liberals the nastiest people around? There is Freedom of Speech in America and a right to hold different opinions, but you’d never know it by the likes of Grahn & Watkins. This isn’t China.

    • Ken says:

      You just contradicted your entire point. You want freedom of speech for Sabato, but then you criticize Grahn and Watkins for expressing their freedom of speech. Can’t have it both ways Sylvia. And you are completely wrong on Liberals. We are open and inclusive to everyone. Republican conservatives are the ones putting hate into their platform, by trying to reduce gay americans to second class citizens, they hate blacks, and Muslims, and other foreigners. You have a very skewed idea of what constitutes the “nastiest”.

    • Mary says:

      No one’s free speech was hurt. Antonio got to say whatever he wanted and continues but guess what people get to react, people get to refuse to hire him, people get to comment on those words online. And all of those actions don’t infringe on his free speech. Because guess what we have free speech in America not CONSEQUENCE free speech.

  11. Katherine 215 says:

    WHEN are people going to learn what the 1st amendment actually refers to? News flash: it cares not one whit if I tell you to shut the heck up because I think your opinions are dumb. It only cares if the GOVERNMENT tries to do that, because THAT is not allowed. Individual citizens and private companies are free to say and do what they want. They are also free to face the repercussions of those sayings and doings as well. But please, for the love of the Constitution, stop believing your right to say dumb stuff is somehow protected from me telling you it’s dumb.

  12. lauren says:

    Hillary clinton is the most dishonest politician since Nixon (see home email server lies) , and a key foreign policy advisor (as State Dept Sec) while ISIS grew into an active terrorist organization currently causing a constant terror in france, belgium and turkey.

    Anyone who is excited to vote for Hillary shouldn’t be trashing ANYONE else’s political views.