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Originals Boss Talks Extended Season 4 Time Jump, Teases TVD's New Theme

Heads up, vampire enthusiasts: The following article requires you to do a little bit of math. (I know, I’m sorry.)

While fans of The Originals are justifiably disappointed that they’ll have to wait until early 2017 for their fix of Mikaelson madness, The CW’s decision to delay Season 4 actually worked in the show’s favor — at least as far as its timeline is concerned.

“When they shifted the air date, it actually gave us the freedom, weirdly, to shift the timeline in our favor so that we could have more time pass in The Originals between seasons than The Vampire Diaries,” executive producer Julie Plec explains to TVLine. “So we get to add an extra couple years on to our time lapse between seasons. It’s actually a good thing. It’s positive to not have to worry about being side by side.”

As for TVD — which returns Friday, Oct. 21 at 8/7c — Plec says she’s “really excited” about Season 8’s theme, “which should become very clear the minute [The CW starts] announcing episode titles.” Sadly, that theme probably won’t involve the return of a certain ’90s-loving Gemini witch, much to Plec’s dismay.

“Every day in the writer’s room, we’re pitching Kai comeback ideas,” she says. “Maybe one day we’ll hit on a good one!”

On the bright side, Containment‘s Christina Moses will remain in the fold, playing a bisexual werewolf in The Originals‘ fourth season, while Kristen Gutoskie is joining The Vampire Diaries as the nanny of a pair of supernatural girls. Plec says her dream is “to be able to find ways to get [Containment‘s] George Young, Demetrius Bridges and Zach Unger somewhere into the Vampire/Originals universe.”

What are your hopes for The Originals and The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming seasons? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. marydspain says:

    Can’t wait for the new Steroline scenes of TVD S8! :)

  2. Angie says:

    Bring Klaroline back!

  3. Leah says:

    We need crossovers and #Klaroline

  4. Bryan says:

    is the theme “Beginning of the ENd”?

  5. Lolip says:

    My hopes for next season are more Klaroline scenes and crossovers ;)

  6. bluebery says:

    waiting patiently only for Steroline!

  7. Julia says:

    Can´t wait for Steroline scenes :)

  8. Veronica says:

    Noooooooooo cross over with Caroline and Klaus.. def not a fan of Caroline character

  9. Laura says:

    Realy happy for more steroline l only have hope writets will.do better this season

  10. CCarolinee says:

    I also am a Klaroline shipper somehow :D this thing sure is big <3

  11. wgsecretary says:

    So, where is this math you spoke of? What was the original time lapse that The Originals had prior to being able to add a couple of years to it? Since The Vampire Diaries jumped ahead last season, will they now be taking place at the same time again?

    • Gary says:

      Actually from what I have read is that it is going to jump ahead 2 more years past TVD. RIght now TVD is 3 years ahead of TO, and after this, TO will be about 2 years ahead of where TVD is at the moment (provided TVD doesn’t do another jump during the up and coming season)

      • wgsecretary says:

        They need to stop all of the time jumping now. I thought it was an interesting story device last season. But, it’s going to get really annoying trying to remember where each show is in their timelines if this just keeps up. TVD started showing the three year time jump flashes at the start of the last season in the fall of 2015. So, then they ended the season caught up to the “future”, and then also added some more time with the ending scenes with Caroline’s voiceover. So, that would put them very solidly in 2018, or maybe even closer to 2019 depending on how long it’s been since Damon and Enzo went crazy. So, what…Originals is now going to be in 2020 or 2021? Seriously? That’s going to be annoying. It would be one thing if they time jumped to catch up to The Originals. It better really make sense when both shows are back on and it better be a darn good story.

        • wgsecretary says:

          I meant to say that it would be one thing if The Originals time jumped to catch up to TVD. See, it’s already confusing! :)

        • Sara says:

          TO will be jumping ahead of 5 years (so they’re aging up Hope to 7 (she was 2 in the finale) probably because it’s easier to deal with a 7-year old than it is a 5-year old).

          TVD will just pick up where they left off last season.

          • wgsecretary says:

            I understand wanting to age Hope. But, now they’re going to be a couple years ahead of VD. It’s going to get annoying trying to follow both shows’ timelines to consider what was happening on each show at what time.

  12. Leticia says:


  13. Anna says:

    Cami back please 😭
    Klamille is real.

  14. Ash says:

    So I’m guessing we will have a teenage Hope when they return.

  15. Stacie says:

    That Kol will be a regular

  16. Martin says:

    So glad that Kristen Gutoskie is staying on our screens. She was my favourite part about Containment and it broke my heart when **SPOILER ALERT** she died

  17. Liza says:

    Stop the ridiculousness! These two shows need to operate in the same timeframe!!! Cross-over opportunities help both of their ratings and make interesting connections between characters.

  18. Lia says:

    Will the timeline differences even be an issue, though? They haven’t officially confirmed it but it’s pretty obvious this will be the last season of TVD and I’m guessing the mid-season start date for The Originals is so it can take TVD’s place when TVD finishes. TVD will probably get 12/13 episodes to wrap everything up. If that’s the case, it won’t make any differences if the timelines are in sync because TVD will be over before the new season of The Originals premieres.

  19. Lily says:

    All I can see is a lot of Klaroline possibilities.

  20. androshi says:

    what we need is the one thing these idiot writters dont have –
    and exit plan!
    the show is boring
    the cast is aging very badly
    and its been all done before !

    so before the show gets canceled and everybody is held in limbo
    lets get an exit strategy plan and write people “happily ever after”!

    the show has been junk ever since klaus came to mystic falls
    then it was a laughable joke when “everybody” was a doppelganger -including stefan!
    and what the show needs to do is just take a good look and take a breath and just
    start writing people away.

    bonnie is not coming back!
    elena is not coming back!
    the brother geremy is not coming back !
    the werewolf friend tyler is not coming back!

    lets put this show out of its misery!
    even Ian Sommerhalder is getting old and getting a receding hairline!
    enough is enough!

    lets just take a year or 3 break and then lets make the movie!
    caroline was so stupid!!!!
    she could have stayed with her girls and alaric and after 100 years still go back with stefan but no!!!! not dumb blonde caroline!

    and that whole mess with that cruz chick who couldnt get killed
    and now bonnie is the new vampire hunter?????

    someone shoot the writers!!!!
    they haven’t produced any ideas that are special ,since the first episode!

    and what got me really mad after that is the fact these idiots made another vampire
    tv show and its exactly like the first one!

  21. jennifer says:

    i love tvd but the last season suck , and the worst idea was that of the tree years from now. i still hate CW for behching the originals for a year.no matter what excuse they give.

  22. Dmac says:

    Say what you will about Julie Plec she us loyal to the people who work under her.

  23. tter3713 says:

    This basically confirms what was said on social media about 3-4 weeks ago during a con with Charles Michael Davis, TO will have a 5 year time jump.

  24. Bwhit says:

    I’m just happy The Originals is coming back. I am really attached to these characters. I hope that the time jump wakes them up and they take NOLA back. Oh and my shipper side hopes for something somewhat stable for Hayley and Elijah.

  25. Guest says:

    I don’t care how many years they need to time jump as I don’t have to watch the Hayley find cures for all of them with only her taking up valuable screentime. I really don’t want to see anymore of her or Haylijah or Klayley. I would hope that Hayley gets killed during her search since she s utterly incapable of making any intelligent decision since, ever? But, it won’t happen. Hayley will miraculously survive whoever and whatever comes her way. Any and all villains will become incompetent for her benefit. She could jump into a volcano and the writers will have her jump out with two hairs out of place and say, “She survived because…MAGIC! ROYALTY! QUEEN! ALPHA!” Nothing with her makes any sense or has any substance and I hope Season 4 isn’t about Hayley and this stupid baby.

    TVD needs to be put out of it’s misery. Caroline is Hayley 2.0. Her only purpose to be a male gaze character, thrown from man to man with no non-romantic storyline of their own. Stefan is still obsessing about either Damon or a woman. Steroline is boring as hell and they were better as friends. Damon is still obsessed with Elena and now Stefan has to be on another save Damon mission. Great! Not. I don’t care if the shows are on the same timeline because they should remain seperate. I have no idea why people want to the same boring characters from TVD on TO. It just lends to more shipping fanservice and that’s what has brought both shows down in terms of quality and ratings. Please stop with Klaroline, Steroline, and Haylijah. Caroline needs to be by herself. Hayley needs to go die in a fire. Elijah needs some development, badly. Klaus needs to stop looking for women to fix him and needs a friend, ASAP – Elijah too.

  26. Laura says:

    Itd imposible for crossover when the originals will doing 5;years time jump some of people should read more carfully and with understanding not twisting words or add owns

  27. Guest says:

    On both of these shows accounts all I can say is…yawn.
    Didn’t even finish the originals it was that awful to me.
    And Tvd…dear lord. You literally give us that ending of Damon and Enzo, 2 characters that flip flop between good guys and evil guys so freaking often already, have gone evil/bad yet again. Omg I never would have guessed, I’m so shocked! Ha!

    Plec just stop already. It’s gone way past the point of pathetic.

  28. NewOrleans says:

    Come on, Creative People. I want Chris Wood on my TV every week!

  29. Selina says:

    I love both shows so whatever knob held the power to have the originals start mid season should be fired because he clearly doesn’t care about the fans . He’s just made so many angry people. Pass the message on to let him know he needs to be in another line of work .

  30. Trista says:

    Will it be a regular full season or a shortened season?

  31. marianneindia says:

    keeping fingers crossed for klaroline scenes tat atleast last for an hour.

  32. kar says:

    Hate what they did to Caroline.

  33. B says:

    Did I miss somewhere the number of episodes The Originals will have for S4? I don’t watch TVD anymore so I don’t care what’s where. If they don’t do regular crossovers, what difference does it make anyway? How exactly does delaying the broadcast “let” them jump farther forward? Couldn’t they just choose it anyway? The shows still aren’t synced, they don’t do a lot of crossovers, so again, what difference does it make?

  34. Gio Deconde says:

    I hope there are more crossovers #Klaroline, but I also wish for Nina Donvrey and Ian Solsenhamer?? To get together and what happens to Damon with the evil spirit

  35. jerrired says:

    I wish Julie wouldn’t play with my Kai loving emotions, especially with Chris a free agent now. Just cruel :( If she needs help thinking about how to get him back on the show, give me a call. I have ideas. Lol

  36. Renota says:

    I want for the originals that Klaus is daughter would be a little bit older and be able to take protect the family better than her aunt. Because now that Marcus is a monster vampire they’re going to need some extra firing power to get rid of him

  37. Irene says:

    Yes I totally agree!!!!

  38. I’m all about Enzo and Bonnie, together or apart. So the more focus on them, the merrier, for me. I think it would be interesting to see Bonnie consider going dark (or do it) to be with her now-wayward faves. But in the meantime, flashbacks, fill in backstory gaps, and whatever happens overall, give Bonnie & Enzo strong resolutions. Hopefully back together/”endgame” and the series wraps…

    Assuming this is the final season, I hope they make some bold choices…kill off one of the majors, something truly impactful and meaningful to the show’s underlying themes.

    I mean. As long as my faves make it through… 0_o

  39. Paul says:

    I would like it to know how Marselas came back to live with no heart as I must be mistaken was it not flipped from his body. Do vampires grow new hearts. That was a really good idea not program is kicking the arse of of some things please keep it as real as I could get

  40. Helen Victoria Morrow says:

    Are u working The Vampire Diaries and The Originals
    I am the biggest fan of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals
    I dont want to shows i love to stop and finished/Cancellation
    I will missed the shows so much
    U will try to save the shows
    Thank you

  41. Kai had mentioned in an episode while in the prison world that he tried to kill himself but it didn’t work. So it sounded like that could have been part of his punishment spell from the Gemini Covenant . Maybe that spell worked in his favor , As a result, when Damon killed him, he just went, like to another prison world or something just to escape or find a way to still wreak havoc on Mystic Falls. Just a thought. I liked Kai’s character.

  42. andrew says:

    would love for the originals to continue it makes my day in many ways its so real in a way i cant explain its the best show ive ever watched it talkes about familiy in a way you can only dream of please keep this show on for years to come please…..

  43. christina says:

    love the originals its aperfect mix of fantasy and reality please keep this show on air….

  44. diana says:

    best show i can possibly expect from the cw please keep on air…

  45. vydapx8rojas says:

    Just one simple wish…KLAROLINE. Steroline need to get back to friend zone were they belong and Klaroline may soar…..KLAROLINE KLAROLINE KLAROLINE

  46. Josh says:

    Even though I’m a little disappointed tht I have to wait til mid-season to get my Michaelson family fix from the originals I’m actually even more upset that they have shortened the season down to only 10 episodes if anything they should of done that to The Vampire Diaries….. Now don’t get me wrong I love TVD but the originals have actually come surpass tvd as the better show
    Tvd has more drama than it used to its way to dramatic now and the originals have great balance of both Drama and Action plus at comic Con the trailer that was released by the cast of tvd said that this was the last season so they should of did that stuff to tvd is all I’m saying

  47. joseph says:

    I agree I say Caroline should be put into the originals now that tvd is ending be cool to see it unfold some how now cami is gone I hope the originals last few more seasons

  48. Carri says:

    It be awesome if Caroline would join the Originals and becomes Klaus’s significant love interest

  49. apollo2023 says:

    I wish that they being Bonnie into the new season of the Originals. As you all remember that she put hell fire back in it’s place. If the bring her back along with with Hope and Freya I think that would b amazing and bring back viewers back with interest and committed to watching this awesome show with all of that magic and force as well with the rest of the Original Family..