Scott Baio Republican National Convention

Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato, Jr. to Speak at Republican National Convention

The GOP is showing Chachi some love.

Scott Baio, of Happy Days and Charles in Charge fame, has reportedly been chosen to speak at the Republican National Convention, being held next week in Cleveland.

Though Baio’s name was not included on the initial list of speakers, as obtained by The New York Times, he made the announcement himself during a Saturday evening appearance on Fox News:

Baio will be joined at the RNC by fellow actor Antonio Sabato, Jr., as revealed in an interview with People.

“It is refreshing to have a candidate like Trump who is so honest about his feelings because he speaks for many of us when he says we are in a bad place,” the General Hospital/Melrose Place vet tells the magazine.

A handful of familiar names appears on the list obtained by the Times, including Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, and Donald Trump’s wife and children. But one name on that list, NFL star Tim Tebow, insists he won’t be in attendance:

A post shared by Tim Tebow (@timtebow) on

Late-night TV hosts, from both network and cable, are making big plans for the convention; Seth Meyers is taking Late Night live, HBO is prepping RNC specials for Real Time With Bill Maher, and Trevor Noah is bringing The Daily Show to Cleveland.

To top it all off, Stephen Colbert has strongly hinted that we’ll see the return of his Colbert Report persona during The Late Show‘s (live!) post-convention installments.

Your thoughts on the RNC’s roster of celebrity guests? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. fdasdfasdf says:

    They’re really targeting a hip, modern crowd with these guys.

  2. The Kaibosh says:

    whew! Thank goodness that they got hot and current talent to rally support for Trump. Nothing says you’re current like guest starring in “The League” in 2013 or making a made for TV Christmas movie in 2014. And what else can I say lets dust off those 1983 Tiger Beat posters. I was getting worried there. They really dodged an open carry state bullet there.

  3. Amy H says:

    Sounds like they’re hard pressed to find speakers if this is who they come up with.

  4. Angela says:

    “It is refreshing to have a candidate like Trump who is so honest about his feelings
    …yeeeeeeah, sure, that’s one way of putting it, I suppose.
    because he speaks for many of us when he says we are in a bad place,”
    What sort of “bad place”, exactly, do they think they’re/we’re in, I wonder?

    • Rusty Wojak says:

      That’s quite the tone you’re taking, Angela. I feel like your implying something rather negative with that leading question.

      To avoid ambiguity (which could be hazardous to having an open, honest discussion) I will try to clarify and make my statement absolutely clear.

      We are in a “bad place” with regards to the ethnic demography of the United States and the future of democracy and western culture is threatened by the rising percentage of non-whites in our country.

      • Angela says:

        Actually, my question really was genuine. I was honestly interested to learn what they (or anyone else who agreed with that sentiment) would constitute as a “bad place” for this country and its voters.
        Having said that, however…
        We are in a “bad place” with regards to the ethnic demography of the United States and the future of democracy and western culture is threatened by the rising percentage of non-whites in our country.
        …ooooookay… Pray tell how exactly we’re “threatened” by having more non-white people in our country, exactly?

      • DL says:

        Uh, if you think that, please leave America. This is a free nation, and thanks to Lincoln, all men (and hopefully soon women, too) are created equal, at least in the eyes of the law. In the eyes of society, not so much, as clearly evinced by your statement.
        I really don’t understand why white Christian Americans feel like they get to claim ownership over this country. America is for everyone, not for people only within a specific group. That’s what freedom of religion — and separation of church and state, for that matter — is all about. You’re free to think and feel and practice whatever you want in your own homes and places of worship, but you don’t get to control other people’s lives and exclude them from the American Dream based on the color of their skin.

      • eh says:

        Drop the three dollar words and actually be clear:
        What you are saying is that you don’t like people that aren’t white.We have and always been a melting pot. Get over it.

      • Melody says:

        Shouldn’t you have a KKK meeting to attend. Racist White Trash Fascist Blowhards are the problem in this USA. And I am speaking as a white person.

        It will be a better world when people like you NO LONGER EXIST. This is 2016 not 1956.

  5. Gregory House says:

    Nice to see that the trumpapalooza attracts the vanguard of modern pop culture.
    Nothing speaks more to the zeitgeist than a sitcom actor who peaked almost forty years ago and a former underwear model from over twenty years ago.

    • maggie says:

      Trump says he’s going to bring jobs back to America, and these two obviously need jobs. lol

    • jp says:

      So I guess for those two guys things are really bad in America. Probably live in mansions in cali but so bad for them. They can move in with my family and work on my bills if they want to know bad but I’m not complaining – just keeping on.

  6. S g says:

    Maybe he can “Fix It And Finish It” with regards to the GOP. Wait, nah, just let it die.

  7. Suz says:

    The Republican National Convention has officially jumped the shark, and it hasn’t even started yet.

  8. Simon says:

    Looks like a good group……haha…….Didn’t Baio once say some racial stuff about the Obamas, particularly The First Lady. Let’s face it racists love Donald Trump.

    • maggie says:

      Yes, Baio made nasty remarks about Michelle Obama. When he got called out, he tweeted a picture of himself and a black woman and claimed he couldn’t be racist because this woman was a friend of his wife. SMH

  9. Temperance says:

    Look! Two actors I’ll avoid like the plague from now on. Not that it will be hard…

  10. says:

    Proof Positive that The Orange One is just a flimflam, carnival barker full of empty promises. This is supposedly his forte — Entertainment! I thought he didn’t like LOSERS? John McCain is a LOSER but Chachi is a WINNER? Who is voting for this guy?

  11. Lola says:

    LOL! That’s all it’s worth.

  12. Jeff hunter says:

    If this where a normal week and this was going on I would and am pro-Trump but I’m a Nerd and it’s Comic-Con Week don’t miss with me(I mean this last part as a joke but)#AllNerdsMatter!jeff

  13. Preacher Book says:

    I don’t think “chosen” is the word I would have used on the convention speaking spots.

  14. Rey says:

    Wow. Chachi looks like he’s been ridden hard. Does he even act in anything or is this his way of staying in some kind of spotlight? Is that Sabato guy some kind of model or singer or whatever from the 80s or what? He doesn’t ring a bell as far as famous faces go. They make a cute couple with each other, by the way. Are they going with each other to the RNC??? :-)

    • jp says:

      Antonio was hot back in the day – way back. He more recently did a celebrity wife swap episode in which he looked like a controlling idiot. On the positive side I doubt either of these guys had much to take off of the their schedules to be in Cleveland.

  15. Ryan says:

    Antonio Sabato Jr was in like two episodes of Charmed – maybe you can change that to General Hospital.

    It’s a bit insulting to Charmed – speaking at the RNC for Trump because he is “so honest about his feelings” – personally that isn’t a quality meant for a president – not all feelings need to be shared especially his anti-gay feelings.

    • Ron says:

      Haven’t you heard, Ryan? Trump loves “the gays,” and “the gays” love him. Trump says it himself, so it must be true. Ya know, because he’s so honest and truthful all the time and stuff…

  16. Carrie says:

    Um, why? Why would anyone even care what they have to say? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Angela says:

      Setting aside the jokes about these guys not really being top-caliber celebrities, I’m getting a kick out of this because so often I hear Republicans/conservatives complaining about celebrities getting involved in politics, claiming they’re trying to influence people’s political views and going on and on about how they should stick to their day jobs instead. Apparently that line of thinking doesn’t apply if the celebrities support the GOP, though, I guess.

  17. Robin says:

    wow, these guys will be game changers. *eye roll*

  18. Jimmy says:

    Wow, scraping the bottom of the barrel. A former teen heartthrob whose biggest claim to fame is loving Joannie Cunningham and an “actor” who is more well know for films where he took his pants off. There are a lot of Conservative actors in Hollywood you’d think they could do better than this.

  19. Bain says:

    This lineup is more of an embarrassment than Trump himself. Is this the GOP convention or are they revealing the new cast of Dancing With The Has Beens?

  20. MyExBFF says:

    what…was gallagher not available?

  21. peterwdawson says:

    You know, say what you will about Eastwood’s chair bit at the 2012 convention, at least Eastwood’s still relevant and producing significant works, enough to basically be considered an A or B list director no less (I’ll give him A).

  22. pAloma says:

    Trump has to have a few actors speak. Most of the Republicans in elected office are giving the convention a wide berth. He has to fill the time with something. And we all know that Americans make up their minids more readily to do something of a “D list” actor tells them to do it.

  23. Martin Euan says:

    Who is going to take Chachi serious…. And I don’t even know who the other guy is.

  24. maggie says:

    I guess Trump couldn’t get any of those huge stars he promised. All of his famous friends that he boasted of in the sports and entertainment fields must be busy this week.

  25. Mary says:

    I guess desperate times needs desperate measure. Scott is slightly remember because of Happy days reruns and unless you are a soap fan Antonio is non-existence. Maybe the two think it might help their career because Trump is nothing more than a clueless reality star.
    This would be sad if it wasn’t so funny. This should wake some people up but sadly it won’t.

  26. Bobby says:

    Clueless meatheads with the IQ of slugs.

  27. Ronald Nelson says:

    What a couple of mindless morons you don’t have one brain between the two of you, nothing like fake christians.

  28. Ron says:

    Trump gets all the hot, current celeb endorsements, doesn’t he? *eyeroll*
    Look, even though all the current, modern, working, well-known celebs are not endorsing him and rather endorsing Clinton isn’t the issue. Celeb endorsements mean very little. The problem is that speakers at the DNC consists of a former president, the sitting president and VP, the sitting first-lady, a former first-daughter, a 25-year Senator who came quite close to being the presidential nominee himself, and mothers of slain children at the hands of police to speak on social justice. And the RNC can only get Chachi and this Sabato guy to speak, both of whom are simply random “celebs” who have to do reality shows to remain relevant these days. (Oh, maybe the reality show connection is why they love Trump.) They can’t get any former presidents (the Bushes will not attend), the last two Republican nominees (Romney and McCain) also won’t go, and even Kasich (who is governor of the state where the convention is being held) isn’t attending! So much for Trump being a “great uniter” (his words). That’s a problem…

  29. Rick Reid says:

    I wonder if these two will ever get work again. Course I haven’t seen either one of them in anythng substantial….It doesn’t seem there are many from the Republican Party there that are speaking

  30. Melody says:

    Its interesting how more notable Republican actors are not present at this RNC. It sort of speaks volumes you know.

  31. Pottsy Webber says:

    They asked Scott Baio becaue Ralph Malf was busy

  32. Stephanie says:

    Sure, these are yesterday’s B-list Has-Beens, who never did come across as especially bright. The ideal Drumpf sheep, let me sell you a bridge….