Outlander Season 3 Lord John Grey

Outlander Boss Dishes Lord John Grey Scoop for Season 3

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Voyager, the novel on which Season 3 of Starz’s Outlander is based. If ye don’t wanna ken, bail out now.

If you’re an Outlander fan/reader eagerly awaiting one thing in Season 3, that thing is likely the print-shop scene. And if you’re an Outlander fan/reader eagerly awaiting two things in Season 3, the second is probably the arrival of an adult Lord John Grey.

Grey, first introduced as a British teenager caught trying to attack Jamie and his men in Season 2, reappears in Voyager when Jamie winds up in Ardsmuir Prison during the 20 years that he and Claire are separated. Grey is then the governor of the facility, and upon realizing that Fraser is the man he tried to kill (albeit ineffectively) years before, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the redheaded inmate.

There’s also the not-so-small matter that Grey is a closeted gay man with feelings for Jamie — who does not return them; this becomes a through line as Gabaldon’s novels continue.

But fans of the author’s work also know that Lord John is the protagonist of his own line of books, some of which — such as The Scottish Prisoner — take place during the time period covered in Voyager. So we asked executive producer Ronald D. Moore whether the events of the Lord John novels and novellas might show up in Season 3 of the Starz series.

“Not so much,” Moore said.  “John Grey is in the third book, so we’re kind of taking our cues from what is actually in the third book at this point.”

Still, he added: “We’re not averse to it. We just aren’t really bringing in the other novels at this point.”

Outlander fans, have you read the Lord John books? Would you like to see them incorporated into the Starz series at some point? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Amy says:

    I would like to see an ljg series that would happen during droughtlander.

  2. Ruth Ayres says:

    Please just do me a favor Keep Murtaugh. I know I know. But Murtaugh is SCOTLAND with a capital S and book 3 departs from Scotland. But Scotland is a character in the TV show in a way it wasn’t in the books. And the show is the thing now. Please. Murtaugh. Don’t make me say it again.

    • B says:

      Agreed. Please keep Murtagh.

    • wonttorit says:

      I would love this as well, but I’m not optimistic. I’m thinking we can only hope for extended Murtagh scenes in season 3. Sniff.

      • eddie willers says:

        Another vote for Murtagh.

      • Dee says:

        I think they should incorporate Duncan’s character into Murtagh, then he could live without changing the plot very much!

        • Adi says:

          Great idea! I heard it before on social media and think it’s a win-win idea. We get to keep this wonderful actor and the character he created and also follow the plot of the book.

        • pamela burgess says:

          Dan Stevens as Lord John Grey would be my choice. I can see him in that character.

          • chellybeenz says:

            I think Dan Stevens is too old to play LJG now. John is only 26 at the start of Voyager. He would be good in a cameo role as Hal though, then come back for a more major role in series 8.

    • JenE says:

      As much I as I have liked TV Murtagh, he has to die. It’s essential to the story per Diana. I would be so disappointed if he lives since his death is such a huge turning point for Jamie. Remember him? The hero of the story…

      • I’ve been thinking on that and go back & forth. I’m truly torn because part of me wants them to follow the book & part of me wants this amazing writing team to run with it.

        We shall see. But if he’s truly gone in going to miss the character very much.

      • pamela burgess says:

        No he doesnt. They have shown great imagination. I’m sure they can with Murtagh if they want and he’s interested.

    • Yula says:

      I don’t think “Outlander” books have ever completly abandoned Scotland. Sure, books 4-8 mostly take place in Colonies but Jamie clings to his Scottishness with all is heart. He is wearing his plaid and kilt most of the time, he speaks Gaelic and he taughts his daughter and grandchildren Gaelic as well, most of Fraser Ridge’s community are Scottish immigrants, Scots have their gatherings in North Caroline, which is described with great details in book 5 (“Fiery Cross”) and Jamie’s family is celebrating various holidays in traditional, Scottish way. Later books allude to tragedy of Scottish people, who were fighting on opposite sides of American Revolution. So Scotland is always there at the series’ heart.
      As for Murtagh…I don’t know. On one hand I love the actor and wish to keep him. But on the other hand, his loss was fundamental for Jamie. That was the end of Jamie the lad.

    • haldrey says:

      Definitively, he should continue in season 3.

  3. Arna Perry says:

    I have read most of the Lord John books. The only one that I truly liked was Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner. The others didn’t draw me in. In fact, as much as I truly love Diana Gabaladon’s tales, I thought the writing in the Lord John books was JUST PLAIN BAD! Leave it to say that I won’t be picking up any more of them. I have all the Outlander series books and have even had them all signed in person – I am truly a fan of her work!!!

    • Karen says:

      Plus all the time she takes to write them takes her away from what should be her only task – finishing the next proper book!!

      • Winter says:

        I’ve heard they’re looking to release book 9 at the same time Season 3 comes out.

        • Batulip says:

          From Diana’s own fb page it sounds like she’s not even close to getting book 9 published in time for Season 3… but maybe Season 4 (if she can sit down long enough to write that is – so many book signings) ;)

          As for LJG – as much as I am looking forward to seeing this part of Voyager – I think I can speak for most Outlander fans – ya we just want Jamie and Claire – thanks ;) :D

          • Yula says:

            I think DG posted recently that book 9 is coming together much faster than previous books and it will be probably released next year, the earliest date being June/July 2017 but it’s more realistic it will be published around December 2017. Which means in the middle of Droughtlander between season 3 and 4 :-)

          • Linda says:

            Absolutely Jaime and Claire. We all understand the build up of them being reunited will take some time…it has been 20 years. However, have mercy on all devoted fans who are waiting patiently and don’t abbreviate any scenes depicting this event. Please, do the opposite. LJG can be in infancy.

  4. I’m familiar with most of the actors suggested for John Grey and really think Rupert Friend would be an excellent choice.

  5. I’m familiar with most of the actors suggested for John Grey and really feel Rupert Friend would be an excellent choice.

  6. July Lark says:

    Not sure on casting, but they have done a great job on casting san Bree, maybe she will grown on me. I am very excited for Lord John, he has such a huge influence on Jamie’s family and Jamie moving forward. He does have some great plots in book 3 which are not part of the other novellas. I grew from not liking him at all at Ardsmuir to total a LJG fan in future books/seasons. My fave character after Jamie and Claire.

  7. Ian says:

    They need to cast the adult Grey first before I can have an opinion. This was very much a clickbait article though -_-
    And if they’re going to handle this right, how are they going to match up the character’s introduction in that very straightforward scene with that very plain awkward actor in this last season, with a Lord John that’s more in line with how the books describe him and feels an intimate part of the cast.

    • leamarkum says:

      He was rather gawky, but the next time we see Lord John he will be about 8 years older and no longer a teenager. I do hope they find someone with the traits of adult book LJG.

  8. Would not like the LJG novellas incorporated into Voyager S3. I would prefer that the LJG books become a spinoff tv series in and of themselves.

  9. Wont says:

    Finally!! A writer who has read the books. Yes, yes, yes, the print shop scene!!!

  10. Amanda says:

    Charlie Hunnan

  11. james hill says:

    murtaugh could take Duncan Innes place and it would work perfect Hugh Monroe didn’t die so Murtaugh doesn’t need to die he is by far my favorite character next to Jami and Claire.I hope to see him going forward in to the future he could marry Jacasta he knows her it wouldn’t be Ellen but it would be close.

    • Libby says:

      That is so brilliant!!!

    • Hinda Sack says:

      Great idea. He could be among those survivors first in prison and then exiled from Scotland. There could be the separation during Jamie’s years in hiding, reunion in prison, then loss again when J is sent to Hell water and the other prisoners sent away. He could wind up in the colonies and find Jamie. There are numerous possibilities. All we’d miss is the death scene, which is a great scene.
      and find Jamie, etc etc.

    • pamela burgess says:

      Yes, exactly my thoughts.

  12. R Adams says:

    Lord John is such an interesting and complex character. It will be fascinating to see him in the adaptation. As for the Scottish Prisoner, that’s a feast unto itself and not to be missed if you’re a reader of the series. That book would make a great spinoff

  13. Gloria Anderson says:

    Dan Stevens. But he does so much theater.

  14. leamarkum says:

    Lord John should have his own spinoff show!!

  15. valjeans says:

    I vote Tobias Menzies plays Lord John just so we can keep him

  16. Heather Hindle says:

    I’ve read all of the Lord John books. Lord John is probably my favorite character in the whole series so I would like to see some of his story incorporated into Outlander or (even better) have a series of his own. I’m as invested in who they choose to play him as in all the characters up to this point. But I have been happy with the casting so far (especially Caitriona Balfe) so I have a lot of confidence that they will do a good job with Lord John. I am very excited about Season 3.

  17. Betty Burke says:

    I think the author means to say ‘English’ accent. There is no such thing as a British accent — there are dozens and dozens accent types.
    If I remember correctly, Lord John was born in London and likely has a variant of that area (…though probably not the Cockney of the era…).

    • Sarah says:

      He is a Lord, so wherever he’s from chances are good he’ll speak R.P.
      (On a side note, I very nearly replied “THIS!!!” because the “British accent” comment drives me almost as insane as when Americans say “British and Scottish”… Scotland is part of Britain!)

    • Aubrey says:

      Lol there are dozens of English accents too, London boasts a dozen alone. If you confused the accents of my friends from South of the river as a vague Estuary intonation they would be just as annoyed as a Glaswegian confused for a Dundonian. I don’t usually care but if you’re asking for specificity, be specific in your critique.

      • Linda Smith says:

        To be fair, there are dozens of American accents; in a short comment it’s just easier and quicker to say British or American accent.

  18. Viviana says:

    Lord John is a great character and an important one in Voyager. I’d love to see some of The Scottish Prisoner in S3 because it tells more of Jamie during those years. It would be a treat!

  19. June Stevenson says:

    As much as I love the Lord John novels I don’t think there is a place for them in the “Outlander” series; that belongs to Jamie and Claire and all the characters associated with the main stories; they are epic enough.

  20. Mia says:

    It would b great esp the Scottish prisoner since Jamie has tender moments with his son Willie (I’m in the middle of book now) but understand bcos they only hv 13 ep to fit entire Voyager. Hoping they’ll “mention” main points

  21. suzanne says:

    I have been thinking alot about how the TV series will end. How it will leave us all feeling kind of sad…I saw a old 1947 movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir its a good story but what I love the most is the way it ends. It leaves you crying and very happy at the same time.
    I hope the writers of the TV series will take a look at this film. It may give them some great ideas.

    • leamarkum says:

      The ending hasn’t been written yet by the author, Diana Gabaldon, but she did say a while back that it would be sad, yet happy. I’m sure they will base the ending on the source material.

      • Amber says:

        Sad but happy, I can’t deal! I just want happy!

        • Yula says:

          Well DG said that the books will end with Claire and Jamie’s death…so probably that’s what “sad” part means.

          • I’m almost finished with book 7, “An Echo in the Bone.” Will book 9 be the final book?

          • Linda says:

            Want happy as well. They have had enough tragedy. Rhett and Scarlett had a happy ending. Why not Jamie and Claire?

            Curious as to why a writer would divulge an ending??? How would a person come across that info?

            Everyone has to die someday. Guess I could handle if they both passed together. With an ending like Wuthering Heights,lovers spirits walking toward heaven.

          • leamarkum says:

            I read a lot of Diana’s twitter, Facebook, and comments on her blog.

  22. Heather says:

    I loved the Lord John books and honestly belief they could hold their own in a TV series. he is a wonderful multifaceted character dealing with the problems of being gay in the 18th C. The books run to enhance the Outlander series and yet I read them as a stand alone series and found them delightful. YES!!! Please do a Lord John Series…..he has many fans worldwide.

  23. JenE says:

    Well since LJG is part of Jamie’s story I doubt we’ll see a great deal of him. Ron will want to go into minute detail with Frank and Claire for multiple episodes and basically check in with Jamie’s story.

  24. Zee says:

    I would like Jamie and grey to have an affair

    • Liz says:

      Lol, are you high? Jamie is NOT gay, Lord John is.

    • LJPierce says:

      That’s just wrong. Especially after what BJR did to Jamie in Wentworth Prison. **Voyager Spoiler** Lord John makes a pass at Jamie (touches his hand) in Ardsmuir Prison, and Jamie says “Take your hand off me or I will kill you.”
      “Grey could feel the shiver of revulsion, a spasm of hatred and disgust that rose from [Jamie’s] core.”
      Ron Moore & Company may sometimes vary from the books, but I can guarantee they will never go this far off-book.

  25. Yvonne knight-Paige says:

    Please reunite Jamie and Claire together along with there daughter ! Some how! Thank you!

    • Myrna Jewell says:

      I’m hoping Jamie gets to see his daughter at some point…..I think he deserves that…..Loosing one daughter he needs to see this one….and I hope there isn’t another gay scene like with Black Jack !!!!

      • leamarkum says:

        Jamie and Lord John do not have a “gay scene”, and neither did Jamie and BJR. Book Jamie kissed Lord John out of gratitude. Jamie submitted to everything BJR did to him (torture and rape) to protect his wife.

  26. Iris says:

    John Grey, absolutely – great and amiable character! I’ve read the books and always thought: He needs his own TV-show:) But an incorporation would absolutely be lovely….and is unevitable :D

  27. Karen Wallace says:

    Tom Felton wasnt one l thought of but having said that l can sort of see him in that role. He might be a bit more filled out than LJG in the books. Would live to see a spin off based around LJG.

  28. Lynn Spadaccini says:

    Please do NOT incorporate the LJG books into Outlander. Other than his friendship and support of Jamie, there is little I want to see and learn about LJG. I certainly DO NOT WANT to see him/his story at the expense of Jamie and Claire’s story. Not interested!

  29. There are 3 scenes & a storyline in the Scottish Prisoner which inform the story & illuminate the characters of both
    J. Fraser & L.J Grey in Voyager. The storyline establishes & explores Jamie’s relationship with his son. Relevant scenes are between Jamie & John Grey. 1st is an argument where Grey puts the hard word on our hero. 2nd is where Jamie seeks to atone for his guilt at the death of his sons Mother. I feel these scenes are important & help to explain elements of Jamie’s story in Voyager which are eluded to, but not adequately explained. They are deliberately vague because this enabled the author to write another book explaining them .i.e The Scottish Prisoner. Also some of the storyline is further extrapolated in later books. This is a muti faceted & multi layered complicated story with many convolutions. Unraveling it all & translating it to screen is a mammoth task not for the feint hearted.

  30. Gina says:

    I think they should stick only to the Outlander books, not a big fan of the Lord John series. Voyager has so much in it with so much adventure that doesn’t need any help. Same with all the Outlander books. Let’s just concentrate on Claire and Jamie please.

  31. judy dyches says:

    Read The Scottish Prisoner. Very good. Just incorporate the moments he’s in Voyager.

  32. AnneQ says:

    JJ Feild would be a great Lord John Grey…and he looks great in s British uniform!

    • barb s says:

      I’m with you Anne, now that he’s finished with Turn: Washington Spies. I think he could fit in season 3 and still keep his commitments. He’s a tad taller than LJG in the books, but the look and his acting ability would fit wonderfully with Sam and Outlander season 3.Wow!

  33. Lena.b says:

    Eddie Redmayne for Lord John, please

  34. DIANA LONG says:


  35. Sue boulton says:

    I think gray would be a great role for Dan Stevens he’s handsome ,charismatic and we know he can pull off the aristocratic persona….PS please keep murtagh if viable for the plot …

  36. Lord John would be a huge success. Not likely soon due to the filming of Voyager. Lots of work these.

  37. Apolonia says:

    Do think that Dan Stevens would be good as Lord John. One point I’d like to make regarding Bree. Wish the producers would rethink her “accent”. I understand that they did not want to incorporate a Boston accent, but they have made her voice so shrill that it is distracting. It is very harsh. Surely growing up with her English parents would have had some influence on her speech. American, okay………but please soften it a bit. Hope that her casting grows on me. So far she seems to be a possible misstep.

    • Irene L says:

      Bree was not a likable character in the books until maybe book 5. She started off as a shrill smarty-pants. I could never figure out what Roger saw in her. Should they change her personality from the books?

      • Apolonia says:

        Nope……….just her voice. Be interesting to see how that plays out in the 1700’s.

        • Mary says:

          I thought the actress played Bree very well…she is a young woman who has recently lost the only father she has ever known, then her mother springs her true parentage on her…and she IS American…true to the American nature

    • Sarah says:

      The actress is English, “doing” an American accent (not too well, I might add) which is why it seems harsh. Unless an actor is particularly skilled at accents, they will always overdo it. Just listen to an American try to do an English accent!
      The only thing she maybe has going for her, is that while you can clearly tell she’s English and putting it on, the words she doesn’t seem to know she’s mispronouncing can be explained away by having English parents who influenced her speech.
      The producers should definitely hire her a dialect coach (and an acting coach) if they’re going to keep her. While they’re at it, they should give Sam some tips on his Highland accent… two seasons in, and he still doesn’t quite have it!

  38. Shari says:

    Tom Mison! Perfect for the part as he’s handsome and strong without being burly and plays this period part so very well.

    Perfect for the part!

  39. Betty Perry says:

    No, no, no

  40. Amber says:

    I can’t stand Lord Grey, he’s pathetic and creepy. I really hope they limit his story line in the show. The focus should be on Jamie and Claire.

  41. Mary says:

    Stay on the Outlabder track and if wanted mane Lord John as separate series as it is a separate book series.

  42. ancroiait says:

    Oh yeah! So much more to learn of Lord John from his books that adds to the original series.
    Please incorporate material from them.

  43. Cynthia says:


  44. KathyMac says:

    Maybe at some point but not now.

  45. Lyn says:

    NOTA. My choice would be Robson Green [Grantchester/Wire In The Blood]. Most of the gallery choices are too young and not nearly aristocratic enough. But that’s just me.

    • Sarah says:

      This is the best – and most realistic – suggestion I’ve seen so far. Whomever they cast, I have a feeling it will be someone mostly unknown across the pond. They haven’t gone for publicity-casting so far, why would they add a big name now? Especially a name that might overshadow the leads’.

      • Sarah says:

        However, Lord John is supposed to be almost 10 years younger than Jamie, so the age of the actor they cast will really depend on how much they plan on aging Sam. They can’t have him looking older than Jamie, when we’ve seen him aged 16 to Jamie’s 25; even with all the “Claire and Jamie barely age” talk, not everyone reads the books to know that, and the series’ continuity still had to make sense as a stand-alone entity.

  46. Hinda Sack says:

    I would rather NOT have the novellas brought into the series. I love them, but the novels are already quite big, chock full of events and and characters. Juggling all that is hard enough for a 13 ep.season. When the complexity of events goes up, I for one, find the faster pacing has sacrificed some of the most precious, smaller, intimate moments that hold the meandering stories together for me.

  47. JeeUn Chong says:

    Please I begging you to keep Murtagh in season 3 that would be wonderful story!

  48. Judy says:

    Leave the Lord John Grey books out of the Starz Outlander series; stick to Gabaldon’s books. I am late to the party (Outlander) and am just now reading the series of books. I am on the eighth and final (at this time) book. The second season finale was ultra awesome.

  49. Kathleen Justen says:

    I would much prefer that the main storyline from the Outlander books remain isolated from the Lord John series. Outlander is a most powerful and passionate story on it’s own and should continue on that merit.

    • I agree. I haven’t read the LJG books and now finishing book 7. TV shows often change the story line but I think it a mistake to change the main characters and have those who have died live again.
      Also, I think Rupert Friend would make an excellent LJG. He seems to be the right age and certainly has the right looks for the character.

  50. Joanna Ide says:

    Emphasis should be on Claire and Jamie. Lord John should not be a big part of season 3.