D.L. Hughley to Megyn Kelly: 'Only Place Racism Doesn't Exist Is Fox News'

D.L. Hughley (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) turned heads during an appearance on The Kelly File when he claimed that Fox News is one of the only remaining entities that continues to deny racism.

The heated accusation came during a sit-down with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday in support of Hughley’s new book, Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years. Initially unaware that he was scheduled to speak after contributor/former Los Angeles Police Department Det. Mark Fuhrman, who is best remembered for his history of racial slurs made apparent during the O.J. Simpson trial, the comedian soon became engaged in a heated debate about the officer-involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“No matter what happens, no matter what we see, the cops are given a presumption of innocence,” Hughley said in response to footage released from the scenes of Sterling and Castile’s deaths. “If that same tape showed a suspect doing something, that would be all the prosecution would need. They’d say, ‘All the evidence is right here.'”

Hughley later took umbrage with Kelly’s interpretation of the muddied details regarding the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown. He also was outraged by her argument that race shouldn’t be an assumed factor/motive, specifically in the death of Castile, who was armed at the time of the shooting but had license to carry in the state of Minnesota.

“Wow!” he exclaimed once Kelly suggested withholding judgment until the Department of Justice’s findings are released. The author/comedian later added, “…the only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.”

Watch the heated interview above.

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  1. Jared says:

    She kept saying “that is what the DOJ found as a result” yet there is no physical proof or evidence to back up that finding.

    • Charles g says:

      The DOJ came out and cleared the police office of any wrongdoing. Michael Brown had reached for the gun in the police car. I do not know what you mean there is no physical evidence to prove what she said. there is a report from the DOJ

      • Mr. Smith says:

        Thank you for posting that, Charles g. Facts are facts.

      • Amanda Griffin says:

        No that isn’t what the DOJ found, they cleared him of wrongdoing, but they also said they couldn’t PROVE Michael Brown reached for the gun! Stop putting put half trues!

        • Marilynn says:

          He’s a moron. FOX News is no different than any other agenda run news organization. He just chose to sit down with a news organization that doesn’t spew HIS agenda. He’s got dozens of others broadcast news organizations that will pander to the black agenda. I’ve yet to hear ANY mainstream news organization say one negative about the violent black agenda spreading through our nation. The new black panther party is a great example….their philosophy, “kill white people”. But, I guess that’s ok.

      • Wise guy. 11 says:

        Have you seen that Doj report? If not ,,you are repeating what that Racist idiot said.get a copy of the report and read it yourself.
        If u believe that officer’s killing unarmed people is OK then you are not worthy of any respect ?I await your reply

  2. MMD says:

    And that is why I won’t have Fox News in my house. I felt sorry for Megyn Kelly after Trump went after her but to not even acknowledge that racism exists blows my mind. It exists everywhere and I cannot even fathom what it is like to walk or live in the skin of a Black, Hispanic, or any minority south of the border in the current climate or to have to give my child the talk. Maybe Miss Kelly should think about that as I believe she has children.

    • Mike says:

      She acknowledges racism in the clip. However, this article isn’t balanced and only quotes DL. She mentions several times that racism does exist; however, she points out that without all the facts, one can’t assume anything.

      • Matt says:

        So the article is a lot like Fox News then

        • Temperance says:

          Since the DL’s book isn’t a multi-billion dollar conservative propaganda machine with the six times independently-confirmed 81% LIE rating, no, they are nothing alike.

  3. John says:

    Ok first of all, kudos to DL for not flipping out on her. And I’m saying that WITHOUT even considering the topic of conversation, which I won’t get into or provide an opinion on because this really isn’t the forum. But how dare she invite someone on her show, that she knows will most likely have a different opinion and outlook on the situation, and not even allow him to speak? She kept interrupting him and saying he’s insulting her – well guess what, she was insulting him too! She’s gotten a little too big for her britches (gee, thanks Donald) and is incredibly rude to her guests unless they completely agree with her. I would have gotten up and left. The job of a news reporter/interviewer is to ask questions and let them answer! If DL was being rude or derogatory to her, then I could see her tone being ‘bitchy’. But he wasn’t, therefore there is no reason for her to be so nasty to him. And the eye roll at the end? Wow, super professional. What a joke she is. And please note, not that it should matter, but this coming from a white male with no intention on voting for either trump or Clinton. Again, it shouldn’t matter, but I’m sure someone will be quick to say ‘oh he must be black’ or ‘he must be a trump supporter which is why he doesn’t like her’. Nope to both.

    • MMD says:

      You said it so much better than I did and I totally agree. I am female and not American so have no dog in this fight either. The eye roll totally annoyed me as well.

      • KT says:

        So with you on the whole thing, but especially her interrupting him repeatedly and the eye roll. No way is that professional.

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow and dl hughley comes out of the woodwork and steals the show!! Props and much respect to him. Fox news shouldnt even allowed to be on the air. Cut of their life source and all the mindless followers will actually have to educate themselves

    • Mr. Smith says:

      “Mindless followers”

      The same could be said of those who blindly follow various politicians and leaders who continue to divide this country even further. To continue following the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (who wouldn’t know what the Bible really says about the lack of race in our world if it bit them both in the arse) is about as idiotic as it is to follow ANY news network and believe what they say is 100% accurate.

      • Temperance says:

        Scopes and Politifact both independly confirmed this week that Cliton lies 71% of the time. Trump lies 91% of the time.

    • Charles g says:

      you are just ignorant. He was delusional to think the DOJ did not already clear the police office in Ferguson

      • Mary says:

        I will play devil advocate here. The DOJ cleared Clinton but many of you still think she is guilty. It works both ways.

        • LT says:

          mic dropped

          • Gregory House says:

            The DoJ review of the case showed that the evidence backed Darren Wilson’s exoneration. There was no inconsistency within the review and the outcome.
            FBI director Comey, not the DoJ, listed a multitude of reasons where and how Clinton broke laws but then decided not to recommend charges for her. Massive inconsistency within that press conference.
            Pick up the damn mic…

          • Rob Horine says:

            Take that mic and shove it sideways!

          • Temperance says:

            Nonsense… especially since the comment was a LIE. The FBI cleared Clinton – it was their decision. *drops mike for real*

        • Angela says:

          Oooh, burn. Good point.

        • John says:

          ….and boom goes the dynamite!

        • Mr. Smith says:

          The evidence is clear in BOTH cases. Clinton got off because she was a Clinton even though she lied. Similar case is that of Martha Stewart. She lied and was sent to prison.

          The shooting in Ferguson is completely different.

        • Rob Horine says:

          Did you listen to what the FBI director said? She committed crimes, she just did what Hillary always did since the 80s. She got off Scott Free. She has never answered for any of her crimes. And now people are fed up with it.

          • justsomeguy says:

            And you think that isn’t true about police in this country? You can’t possibly expect it to work one way and not the other.

          • murley says:

            I actually did listen. For criminal charges to be brought there has to be clear intention of violating the law. No intention means no crime. He was very clear about that. His opinion that she was careless is not the same as him stating that she committed crimes. He did not do that.

          • Pat Robichaux says:

            @murley – SO, you say “no intention means no crime”. Does that mean if I shoot my ex-husband, and say “I really didn’t INTEND to kill him” I won’t be prosecuted??

    • Rob Horine says:

      Why shouldn’t FNC be on the air? Cause they lie? If they do, what is your proof? Or is it because they say things that you personally don’t like.

      I don’t like what’s on MSNBCHEEHAW, but if people feel the need to feel stupid, let them.

      • Mary says:

        Fox News and Kelly don’t understand the racism problem because they are guilty of it. Look how disrespectful they are toward the President of the United States. I still remember all of them getting into a tail spin when the Dixie Chicks spoke out about Bush and it basically ruin their career, yet many of you and them see nothing wrong with how they talk about the President. Maybe if Fox News and other individuals treated everyone with empathy whether you agree with their views or not then the world might possibly come together. Compromise seems to be a dirty word now.

        • Rob Horine says:

          They don’t have black people on FNC? Wow! That comes to a shock with Juan Williams, David Webb, Harris Faulkner and Angela McGowan among others.

          Check your facts before you sprout off.

          • Rob Horine says:

            Oh by the way. Obama tried to get FNC thrown off the campaign jet in 08. And tried to get rid of FNC from the White House Press Room. If there is disrespect, it’s from the President.

            And I am just as sure you were mad at CNN and MSNBC when they were disrespectful of GWB?

  5. Mr. Smith says:

    Not sure where everyone has been for the past century, but the law enforcement officers are 99% of the time acting in the right of the law and that 99% of the time the person or persons at the other end of the incident is guilty. They are called criminals. Today’s media (and select Americans) would like to call criminals something else (like previously incarcerated individuals), but at the the end of the day, they are still criminals. ALL lives matter (which is, ironically, not racist). An example of the real facts is this: More people of a darker colored skin are killed in Chicago each year by other darker colored skin people by a huge margin than that of lighter skinned white cops. Notice two things here: The media isn’t reporting the statistics of darker colored skin on darker colored skin deaths and I refuse to divide the American society by deeming one group or another as (blank)-Americans. We are ALL Americans and we ALL matter.

    • Jimmy Hidson says:

      The opposite of “Black Lives Matter” isn’t “All Lives Matter”, it’s “Black Lives Don’t Matter”. People who say “All Lives Matter” are putting an asterisk at the end. THAT’S the point of Black Lives Matter, to end the asterisk. The “ironic” thing is that “Black Lives Matter” MEANS All Lives Matter, because people who would put an asterisk after “All Lives Matter” need to be reminded that Black Lives are Lives too, and Black people are people, too.

      • Rob Horine says:

        BLM is a grievance corp. They exist to fan the flames of racism. For them to solve the problem is to put it off the table. So to keep the cause going, they keep faming racism. it’s nothing but a cycle.

        And how about Dr. King. “Don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

        • Mary says:

          No it is a advocate group just like back in the days of protesting the war. It is bringing what they feel is an injustice to the fore front. Many of the protestors have been peaceful but unfortunately there is always a few who goes astray. Do a little role reversal and say if that was your child stopped and killed for a traffic violation. Would you still think oh well the Cop is always right and my child deserved it. Don’t think so. BLM is not saying all police are bad, they are saying there is a problem which there is, whether you choice to acknowledge it or not.

    • Tom says:

      There is so much wrong with your comment that I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll just ask where your 99% number comes from? It can’t be from criminal trials that find the police officer innocent . . . as those don’t exist.

    • xomylifexo says:

      Look, of course all lives matter, no one is saying otherwise. But right now people of color are being targeted. I do not think that police officers go out in the morning hoping to kill a black person, but I do think an underlying and ingrained sense of racism leads to young black men being killed. And if you believe that ‘all lives matter’ then you HAVE to believe that thier lives matter. Regardless if they are criminals or black or people who don’t agree with you.

      • Mr. Smith says:

        Per the Washington Post, 102 darker skinned people were killed by white cops last year. 986 total people were killed by police the same year. That is roughly 10% that were darker skinned killed by white cops.

        Department of Justice figures show that in America in 2015 (the last year figures are available) 62% of all homicides were committed by darker skinned individuals. Of those, 70% of those homicides were “black-on-black” murders (these are DOJ’s terminologies, not mine). Chicago, 2015: 75% of the people murdered are “black;” 71% of black people murdered are committed by black people (again, not my terminologies, but the DOJ).

        Killings by police officers are few in comparison to the actual killings of darker skinned individuals in this country. The facts do not lie. If we, as a society, would realize we are ALL the same underneath our skin and forget specificities such as the color of skin, we will be able to grow and survive. Otherwise, the USA is going to fail and falter.

        • KCC says:

          What your statistics don’t say is how many people end up dead or shot by the police when they are stopped for a minor infraction or for no reason at all except they “looked’ suspicious. How many civilian injuries, caused by the police, were during the commission of a violent crime and how many during a routine stop. How do those incidents break down racially. That is the issue here. Criminals come in all colors and some are violent people. There are times the police have to use extreme force for their own safety as well as the general population. But when someone is arrested or stopped for a misdemeanor and ends up dead there is a major problem. Your argument about black on black crime does not have anything to do with the issue being discussed.

          • Mr. Smith says:

            I don’t have the figures, but lighter skinned cops shoot lighter skinned people more often than darker skinned people. For example, there were three such shootings in South Carolina in 2015 where lighter skinned law enforcement shot lighter skinned men, all three of which were stopped for a minor traffic infraction. The problem here is not skin color, but what the media reports on. All three of these cases in South Carolina were reported only once by local media and then summarily dropped.

        • Ashley says:

          You do know that most murders in every racial group are committed by people of their same race. So bringing up black on black crime as if it’s worst than crimes committed by other group is illogical. Every criminal justice and criminology book can tell you that the black on black crime defense is impractical because every racial group has a high percentage of same race on same race crime it’s due to people most likely knowing or interacting more with people of their own race than people who are not. So using black on black crime in a debate on police brutality doesn’t make any sense. Because you can downplay crime committed on any individual using same race crime statistics. If the debate was about why are people killing so many people of their same race than we could bring up same race perpetrator crime rates however the debate is about police brutality and why a high percentage of a low percentage population are excessive force and harassment by some of the police officers out there and black on black crime has nothing to do with it.

        • Tom says:

          That Washington Post article is wrong in its stats. There is a great database that The Guardian keeps up that will even break down 2015 by state.

          According to their stats, 1,146 people were killed last year by cops. 306 of them were black. That is NOT 10% . . .

        • murley says:

          You know white people predominately kill other white people too, right? Has it occurred to you that most people of the same ethnicity kill each other because institutionalised racism and economic disparity means that our country is still segregated? Maybe black people kill more back people because they life in predominated black neighbourhoods. And maybe we need to look at why that is the case instead of acting like this is somehow just black peoples’ own fault.

    • John says:

      99%?!? Are you serious? That’s laughable.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry I believe innocent until proven is how the justice system has been set up. So you are saying the police have the right to shoot someone because they are a criminal? Your statement proves that you do not understand what the BLM movement is about. Look up the statics and see that blacks are targeted more by cops. I am not black but gee I can see that their is a definite problem going on here. No justification for these last two shooting, criminals or not.

      • Mr. Smith says:

        No. I am saying that we should teach our children to respect authority. They might not be right all the time, but allow the system that has worked for 200+ years. When an officer asks you to put your hands up, put them up.

        We aren’t teaching our children anything but that our opinions matter the most, when in fact, they don’t.

        Teach respect, no matter who it is.

        • KCC says:

          For the first hundred of the years the system “worked” blacks were considered property and could be beaten to death without consequence to their “owners.” For most of the second hundred years lynchings were common place in some areas and little was done to stop them and treating blacks as second class citizens was the norm in most all areas of the country. I’m afraid there is and has been a lot less respect shown to any minority person during all 200+ years that the system has “worked” by far too many people.
          You’re right people should show respect to everyone, especially the police. But respect can be lost when you have enough bad interactions with someone or you feel you’re continually being targeted for no other reason than the color of your skin.

          • Mr. Smith says:

            And, yet again, the slavery movement was by people who are not alive today. Yet again, the past acts of people we never met are being used as excuses for today’s machinations. Yet again, it all boils down to respect and the lack thereof. Yet again, the facts do not add up to what the media and politicians wish us to believe.

          • murley says:

            I am sorry, do you honestly think that slavery is no longer relevant? I am speechless. I can tell you one thing- there are plenty of people alive today who were part of segregation and oppression and who have passed on those ideals and prejudices to the next generation so to brush that off is, at best, ignorant.

        • Ashley says:

          There is no law saying you have to respect people of authority. And disrespect is never an excuse to rough up, harass, or kill people. No where in police officer training does it say you have the right to retaliate if a citizen doesn’t respect you. You are told that once you put on that badge you are to protect and serve the citizens, all citizens, even ones you don’t like, even ones that don’t respect you. Your personal beliefs and morals should be left at home because the code you follow as a cop is the written law and code. You can’t blame the current situations on teaching the younger generation about respect. If an officer can’t deal with not being respected without using some kind of force or intimidation they shouldn’t have a badge. Potential police officers are told this when they take the classes. So I’m going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with you.

    • Terry Gentry says:

      But crime is proximity based. White on white crime is roughly the same as black on black crime. Same for other races. Bringing up black on black crime to label one group as animalistic & to excuse murder by those sworn to protect and serve the public is foolish.

    • John Corbae says:

      Haven’t seen any protests over senseless deaths at the hands of the police by “All Lives Matter”. Where they be hiding?

      Also, a white man selling single smokes gets a ticket not a death sentence; a white 12yr old kid playing with a toy gun in the park doesn’t deserve a death sentence; a broken taillight on a white guy’s car is a ticket, not a death sentence. Proportionally more black people are killed by police than whites. Yes, there are more whites shot, but there are also way more white people in total. And the black on black crime is a dodge; you are suggesting they ride the buses out to the suburbs and kill white people?

      Sorry, your racism is systematic and endemic within our culture. There’s the real danger.

  6. Kim says:

    that eye rolling at the end? So sorry we wasted your time Megyn Kelly not agreeing with you.
    Go back to kissing Trump’s a$$….

    • Charles g says:

      obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. She can’t stand Trump, nor he, her.

      • Mary says:

        Oh but they both played nice to each other on her show so I can see why Kim made that remark. She kissed up to him for ratings and he kissed up to her for publicity.

  7. KayCeeCee says:

    Good for him.

  8. Mike says:

    She doesn’t say racism doesn’t exist. She stated that people without complete knowledge of a situation shouldn’t impose their beliefs onto a situation and assume the reasons.

  9. Stacy says:

    This is why I don’t watch any newschannels: FOX, MSN or anything else. It’s just 5 minutes of people yelling over each other. When they can introduce timed, single speaker debates on topics then they will have my attention.

  10. HAP says:

    And Elizabedth Hasselback said there’s no sexual harassment at Fox News!

  11. Her face at the end was pretty rude. I don’t feel like Megan Kelly or anyone on Fox News tries to better understand why people of color distrust police. Nor do they try to examine and move past their own prejudices.

  12. Anthony w. says:

    The inflictor will/ can never understand the pain of the afflicted. Jim Crow laws were right back in the 40’s, 30 to 40 years later they realize they were wrong. Now they think they’re justified. 30 or 40 years from now they will realize they were wrong for justifying killing unarmed black men. # slavery, Jim crow

  13. Gregory House says:

    Fox news is terrible, but hughley is an ignorant racist who continuously clowns himself when he strays beyond bad comedy and sitcoms.
    Wait, he’s always a clown…

  14. Anthony w. says:

    Megyn Kelly demands the utmost respect but doesn’t want to give any. She said don’t you WOW! Me!
    Like she is queen of human kind. All he said was wow! And she on her high horse tried to check him. He is a man who has the right to speak. All he said was wow! Last time I checked WOW was not a derogatory disrespectful word. I don’t like Fox or Megan Kelly… Never did never have never will. She thinks the sun rises and sets by her word. Yuck!!!!

  15. Al says:

    No need for me to say anymore. John, you said it best. So very unprofessional with that eye roll at the end. My interpretation was you are nobody and I am a big time reporter. What a laugh…

  16. Tanya says:

    Regatdless he was right if that would have been anyone besides the police they would be locked up.

  17. Jennifer Bouchard says:

    I didn’t realize he was that racist..I think he has lost a lot of fans and possibly jobs because of his loud mouth..people that yell out racism first are usually the most racist..another BLM bozo that only corrupts and ignites fuel to people that want to use this outlet to cause crimes and be obnoxious