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Suits Boss on Mike's New Enemy, His Prison-Stint Length, Firm's Future

The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Suits premiere.

Oh, Mike. Don’t you know that, in prison, you can’t trust anyone?

Suits‘ faux lawyer got off to a rocky start in his new jailhouse digs during the Season 6 premiere on Wednesday night. Mike thought he had made a friend in his roommate Frank (Nurse Jackie‘s Paul Schulze), but the sneaky fellow prisoner was just pretending to be his roomie in order to get intel. Now, Frank knows Mike’s story and has Rachel’s phone number, both of which he plans to use to get payback for Harvey putting him behind bars.

On the outside, Harvey, Jessica and Louis were free but not faring much better, as a hailstorm of lawsuits rained down on Pearson Specter Litt.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews how long Mike will stay incarcerated, who is his real cellmate and how the partners will fight to keep their firm alive.

TVLINE | Do you feel like the season premiere assuages any concerns fans may have had about Mike easily and quickly finding some way out of prison?
Some fans might have had fears, other fans might have had hopes. We’re not going to undo it super fast. He’s not going to be in there for the rest of the series, I don’t think, but he’s not going to get out in the first few episodes of the season. Some fans, that will assuage their fears. Other fans, that will make their fears reality. But we think there’s an interesting story to be told with Mike in prison, and we’re going to tell it.

TVLINE | You certainly set up an interesting conflict with the fake roommate who actually wants to get at Harvey through Mike. How awful can this Frank guy make Mike’s life in prison?
We establish in the first episode that he’s a little sinister, based on having a long-standing grudge against Harvey. Information about that will come out over time. We’ve established that the guards are corrupt. He’s got at least one of the guards in his pocket. He’s been able to get Mike’s roommate out of his cell. He’s a pretty powerful, vengeful guy. He’s obviously got a lot of intelligence and the ability to pretend he’s a nice guy when he’s really not. Mike’s in for some trouble, and that’s sort of the organizing principle of Mike’s experience in prison.

Suits RecapTVLINE | Can he really affect Mike’s loved ones on the outside? He threatens Rachel, but what can he do from prison?
There’s a number of things I would say to that. One is, obviously, he could have someone that is not in prison do things for him on the outside. That happens all the time, and the threat of that might come in more later. But more importantly, he can wreak some mental havoc on Mike or his loved ones. He could call her, he could harass her, he could intimidate her, and that’s going to mess with Mike’s mind, just like messing with Mike would pray on Harvey’s mind. It’s more of a mental mind game thing, currently, but we’re going to see what he can do over time.

TVLINE | Will Mike find any allies in prison?
Yes, Mike will find an ally. He’s resourceful, he’s intelligent, and he’s not without his own attributes to aid in surviving here, and he’s got some friends on the outside. The season is somewhat about Mike navigating his way in there while he’s got someone that’s out to get him.

TVLINE | What is his real roommate (played by ER‘s Erik Palladino) like? Is he friend or foe?
That is going to be developed over time, but I will say this: Imagine you’re Mike and this has happened, and then the next day, you meet the guy that let Frank do that. You’re not going to trust that guy at all. I wouldn’t. That’s the start of their relationship, and it’s going to progress from there.

TVLINE | How long is it before someone, be it Rachel or Harvey, comes to visit Mike in jail?
It’s interesting that Rachel can’t go for a month, but we sort of speak to that a little bit in Episode 2. We will see Rachel go to prison to visit Mike. I’m using those words very carefully. In the course of the season, we will absolutely see [friends and loved ones] having interactions with Mike, because they can visit him.

Suits RecapTVLINE | Let’s turn to what’s happening at Pearson Specter Litt. What are Harvey, Jessica and Louis’ next steps in trying to get the firm back on its feet?
At the end of Episode 1, they’re like, “We’re going to use the partner money to pay off these lawsuits.” They’re going to attempt to institute their plan in Episode 2. It has a couple of twists and turns… They have to figure out how they’re going to survive moving forward in the aftermath of whether that plan does or does not work.

Suits fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop. Until then, grade the season opener via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Tracy288 says:

    Let the games begin! How many times can the cast say “Goddamn!!”?

    • Doug Henning says:

      I was wondering if they were going to lighten up the language this season.. I guess not.. it’s really so ridiculous that they have to potty up the show.. these are high class (sort of) lawyers not street people… but I guess it’s the one way the think they can be edgy without taking clothes completely off like they can on premium cable.

      • Laura says:

        No offense Doug, but profanity is not class-based, plenty of wealthy and high-born people are ‘potty mouths’ and I take issue with you relegating it to ‘street people’ as you so eloquently put it. And if the language used in Suits offends you, I suspect you are Amish, because it’s fairly tame.

      • Jen says:

        Have you ever met a lawyer? From the smallest town little-fry lawyer to partners in the biggest, richest firms in major cities, they ALL cuss like no other -probably because they have to constantly deal with other people’s BS and are always fighting/arguing with other lawyers

  2. rowan77 says:

    My favorite line: “Are you a king?”

  3. Shaun says:

    How stupid is Mike not to question a guy with a cell phone on his first day.I mean if Mike snitched on him he’d be in major trouble.

  4. 1idpete says:

    So Frank was sent to a federal prison by New York City ADA Harvey Specter??

  5. joooi says:

    Pretty out of character that Mike would be so naive, even with the pressure of “first night in prison”… his experiences from when he was younger would/should have built a wall from the second he stepped into his cell. kinda hard to believe he would be this trusting.

  6. Dj says:

    Didnt like the Frank parts. He already knew part of Mike story which is why he switched so how much more info does knowing the full story help him. Also cant Mike just call Rachel the next morning so she can change her number.

  7. Mara says:

    Very disappointed. I never wanted to watch Suits as a prison drama. Not interested. I miss my show because after watching this episode I think Suits is gone forever. So sad.

    • drhenning says:

      I figure he’ll be out after a few eps and helping to rebuild the firm somehow..

    • Daisy says:

      This is exactly my problem. I don’t want to watch prison stories. I want to watch flashy people in flashy suits sometimes winning, sometimes losing. That’s the show I signed on for. This. This isn’t a bad show it’s just not the one I originally invested in. I’ll come back when Mike is out of prison.

      • Veronica Nicholls says:

        My friend said that too!
        However, I am addicted.
        Hope Mike gets out soon.
        I too love the flash.
        LIfe if tough enough, love to escape.

    • Jojo says:

      I agree. I don’t like this turn of events and don’t think I can watch anymore.

    • Veronica Nicholls says:

      I am sad that Mike has gone to prison, however, I hope and pray he will get out.
      I hope Suits goes back to being an ultra glamorous show.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Not good Mike got thicked on his first day of Prison. Not good the guy have Rachel’s number now. Glad Harvey and others are working together to save the firm. Can’t wait to see what happens in next episodes!

  9. MMD says:

    I loved the episode. I laughed out loud so many times like when Louis was talking about not being able to hold his mud, Jessica starring at the ceiling as she’s lying on the boardroom table, Louis ending up with Norma’s ashes on his face and especially when Harvey asked Louis if he was a king?

    They were able to take the core cast and show them off in a new way with the empty offices which only reinforces the dire straits that the firm is in but yet they were able to make the episode both light and funny yet show the seriousness of what lies ahead for both Mike and the firm. I can’t wait to see what direction they go in. I absolutely love this show.

  10. smalltowngirl89 says:

    Ok, as annoying as Louis can be, he had me cracking up in this episode.

  11. M3rc_Nate says:

    I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t exactly trust this Showrunner, he has majorly botched this series in the past and doesn’t seem to have to great of a handle on what the fans love about the show. HOWEVER he seems to have finally figured it out if you take his interview(s) at face value. Talking about how they are going back to the humor the show had in the past and having drama unfold naturally instead of forcing it.
    Really I only ask one thing of this show and if they do it then i will keep watching; do not bring a thirty party into the lives of Rachel & Mike. I am out if they bring in some guy that catches Rachel’s eye or that she flirts with or cheats on Mike with or w/e. I pray they have gotten that out of their system (ruining Rachel in the process) and know that doing it again would be going too far even for them.
    What so many shows don’t do is have these extreme circumstances bring their couples closer together. Instead Hollywood writers write it so they are torn apart. This was the Achilles heel of Castle. Had they written Beckett in a way so she told Castle from the start about her investigation and they worked together as a team, trusting each other, strengthening their marriage and relationship, I think we would have all loved that. But instead they tore them apart and it killed the show.
    Being in prison can obviously be rough for a relationship (especially one so seemingly fragile and insecure as Mike’s & Rachel’s) but they should take the opportunity to have it strain their relationship and then that bring them closer together, stronger than ever. Write Rachel as a strong, faithful, and smart fiancee.

  12. Lorna Souza says:

    My favorite show BUT sure don’t care for Malcolm Jamal Warner so I’m disappointed he will be the prison shrink…ruined it for me 😕
    I hope he’s not on the show for long!!!

  13. kid thrillz says:

    i think prison could make Mike more… he could train to become strong and a hero like daredevil fighting crime outside and within the law

  14. Lee says:

    I was/am skeptical of the turn the Suits writers have taken this season. Suits has a huge following because the inner workings and personal interactions of the law firm are compelling. I’m not sure how having a major character in prison will work out. I hope they don’t keep Mike in prison too long. Mike and Harvey’s interaction is the key to the success of Suits.

  15. Feeling completely ambivalent about this episode. I’m already bored with the prison SL, mainly because I cannot believe Mike was duped seconds after being incarcerated. The Harvey/Louis banter is also rinse/repeat. I was annoyed at the same ground being covered this episode and every episode with these two – its your fault, no its not, screw you you’re a jackass, fyou louis – blah blah

  16. Redreese says:

    I wish they would stop this nonsense and get back to the original premise of the show. The great part is f the show is the relationship between Harvey and Mike. Starting to remind me of Blacklist which I love but same sentiment.

  17. Jojo says:

    I agree. I don’t think I can watch this anymore. So disappointed,

  18. Nick Hayden says:

    i hope they dont bring back daniel hardmen character

  19. Veronica Nicholls says:

    I absolutely love Suits
    Everyone is brilliant.
    Arron has created unforgettable characters.
    I am sad for Mike haveing to suffer in prison.
    Can’t wait till he gets out.
    If I met someone like MIke or Harvey in real life, I would fall madly in love with them.
    Thank you Arron ,for such a wonderful series.
    You have raised the bar in tv series.