Maya & Marty Finale: Best and Worst Sketches With Emma Stone, Kelly Ripa

Maya & Marty came to a star-studded close on Tuesday with a season finale featuring Emma Stone, Kelly Ripa, Steve Martin and Sean Hayes.

The sixth and final episode of its limited summer run included sketches involving ghostly interns, gay detectives and tooty-fruity headwear. The hour also contained perhaps the ickiest Jiminy Glick interview of all time.

Before closing up shop altogether, Martin Short and Maya Rudolph were joined by featured players Kenan Thompson and Mikey Day for a song-and-dance number aptly titled “We Did This Together.” The performance served as a fine sendoff for the variety program which never quite overcame its initial growing pains, but helped fill the SNL-sized void in our hearts for at least part of the summer hiatus.

Lo and behold, our picks for best and worst sketches:

Stone and Rudolph slayed an a capella cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” inspired by Swedish vocal group Erato. The duo was accompanied only by handclaps and empty butter tubs as they harmonized their way through the single most enjoyable segment of Season 1.

We were already sold on this sketch by the fourth or fifth time Stone, Rudolph and Thompson asked for that 1-800 number. When it eventually tied into one of our other favorite sketches of the season — a commercial for the law offices of Barnes and Son — we were jazzed to see just how strained the relationship between father and his adopted child had grown since we last touched base with them.

Hayes had nothing to work with here: A sketch made to look like a 1940s film noir about a gay detective who cared more about fashion faux-pas and Cosmo questionnaires than he did about solving the case of Rudolph’s missing husband.

Poor Kelly Ripa — hasn’t she been through enough this year!? Though you’d assume Short would have mined humor from the highly publicized exit of her former Live co-host Michael Strahan, the sit-down instead relied on tasteless jokes about the size of her breasts and the potential deportation of husband Mark Consuelos under a Donald Trump administration. Worst of all was when Glick asked Ripa about working with Regis Philbin for 11 years, which quickly escalated into a discussion about all the sex they must have had. She replied that it was “OK,” but she was asleep through most of it. (We’ll let you interpret that one.)

What did you think of Maya & Marty‘s grand finale? Should NBC renew the variety show for Season 2? Weigh in via our polls, then sound off with a comment.

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  1. Suso says:

    I give the season a C+ but would love to see it renewed. You saw the writers working through growing pains throughout, not quite knowing how to cater to their stars (and, for the most part, guest stars’) strengths, but when it clicked, you could SO see the potential. Plus Mikey Day is cute. Give it another summer season — those months off will give the writers a chance to work the bugs out.

  2. J. wackowski says:

    Finally..a variety show! Such a talented cast. Bring it back for a seond season!

  3. BillyBobJohnson says:

    “…look like a 1920s film noir…”
    Uhh, no. Try 1940s film noir. They were only doing silent movies in the 20s.

  4. Stevie says:

    Maya and Marty never developed any real chemistry. And the bathroom humor wore thin fast. Nice try but massive fail.

  5. Walkie says:

    Can’t rip on Marty for the Glick segment. Ripa provided nothing. He needs the celebrity to actually react for the bit to work. She was incredibly boring.

  6. Again, I must have potty on the brain. I thought the gay detective was highlarious….but the duet was beautiful. Not all skits this season where hits but the ones that landed where so good that you can forgive the others.
    Oh and no mention about the “colors of the wind” take off with the sea and land fighting. When she slammed into Mikey Day and they all started cracking up.
    I love those bits when they try not to laugh at each other.

    • Average Viewer says:

      I’m with you, I found the Gay Detective quite amusing. I forgot about the Mother Nature skit; that was also entertaining.

  7. Eric says:

    Jiminy Glick has been the episode highlight for every show!

  8. Tom Hunter says:

    I would say only HALF of the show was good. Specifically, the MAYA half. Marty is just not funny. Recycling the Glick character that was never fun y doesn’t help. MAYA – YES!!!!! Marty – No

  9. If the gay detective and Jiminy Glick were the worst, then it must have been a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good show last night.

  10. We fell in love with this show. I like the pacing much better than SNL, however, Kenan barely worked on this show. But that could be because I’m tired of his one-note schtick. When Marty’s skits hit, they were incredibly funny. Unfortunately when they didn’t hit the mark they were painfully bad.

    I would love another season. They deserve a shot at improving the writing and mix of skits, musical numbers and guest stars.

  11. Average Viewer says:

    Hmm. I enjoyed both the Gay Detective and the Glick interview. I thought the Glick interview with Kelly Ripa was far funnier than the ones with Seinfeld or Kevin Hart! And, I had no idea Emma Stone could sing. Now I see she’ll be in a musical with Ryan Gosling. I guess he can sing, too.

  12. TV Gord says:

    My overall impression of the six weeks is that they came up with some clever IDEAS, but rarely went anywhere with them. It’s only half the job to have a good idea. You have to make the execution funny and/or entertaining, too. They failed most of the time. It’s a shame. I like almost everyone involved, and I would like to see this concept succeed. If they had more humor and a little more of the class of The Carol Burnett Show, it could be a good show.

  13. Clinton Schwind says:

    I have watched all the episodes and enjoyed them. Stand out is the “Jiminy Glick” segments. I think the sketches could be sharper maybe bring in different writers.
    It feels like the show is trying their best to bring something fresh and funny each week but seems to falls short a bit. Also maybe stars are still finding their footing. I have faith they will find it in the second season. Good luck you guys, looking forward to your sophmore season.