The Last Ship Recap Minefield

The Last Ship Recap: Mine Games

This week on TNT’s The Last Ship, it was all hands on deck as the Nathan James did its best to elude nearly 100 mines. Elsewhere, President Michener dealt with hostiles of his own, while Doc Rios tended to a malaria emergency.

For the Nathan James, the news about the minefield they strolled into got worse and worse. There are 96 mines in total, in tethered clusters of three — a contact mine, a magnetic mine and… a mysterious “homemade” kind. Alas, one of the divers ignored the order to belay snipping free the mines, and the “mystery” one sensed tampering and blew up — Kudelski with it.

It is determined that the third mine has a small motor attached to it, and as such the mine clusters are slowly but surely propelling closer and closer to the James. Chandler gets the idea to use a nixie (torpedo decoy) dragged by Jesse’s helo to trigger some nines. Danny does that idea one better by suggesting they use a RHIB to drag a second nixie, and clear the field twice as fast. Having neither wives nor kids back home, Wolf and Cruz volunteer to run the RHIB themselves, landing Danny and Sasha safely aboard the helo as lookouts.

The two-pronged plan works well enough, until a torpedo — launched by Takehaya’s men — enters the mix. Wolf and Cruz decide to use their nixie to lead the torpedo far away from the James, even if it means gunning their motor dangerously loud, at risk of setting off the mines. They manage to set off the torpedo, and just far enough away that the shockwave doesn’t trigger the entire minefield surrounding the ship. Wolf and Cruz are MIA for a spell, until they’re spotted floating, alive, in the water.

In the aftermath of that close call, Sasha pays stressed-out Chandler a visit in his quarters, observing that he perhaps has a “soft spot” for her, by keeping her out of harm’s way as he did with Danny. She remarks on how he juggles his responsibilities with such grace, and then goes in for a kiss. “I did not want to lose you today,” she shares before leaving.

Back in St. Louis, the regional leadership pays a house call to POTUS, demanding answers about what exactly Peng, Chandler and the James have been up to. Upon learning all the secrets, they lean on Michener to rescinding his unpopular domestic polices (such as ration stamps, stopping “land grabs”), but he deflects their threats, saying that the upcoming elections will allow the new Congress a voice. The reporter Barnes gets wind of Chandler’s cowboy mission, but Kara asks him to sit on the story — in trade for a 1-on-1 with Michener. Still, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Rivera advises the president to throw the regional leaders “a bone”….

Meanwhile on the island, Takehaya’s pregnant wife Kyoto is suffering from both the red flu and malaria. Doc Rios does his best to manage the touch-and-go situation, while Slattery worries what might happen should their captor suffer such a loss. Later, Takehaya assures his wife that he has a “plan,” that they wont be raising their child in hiding, on the lam. Is some sort of deal ahead for the captive James crew?

What did you think of the episode “Minefield”?

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  1. I just have to say ... says:

    I LOVED this episode. Very suspenseful. Glad that Wolf & Cruz survived.

    Thank you for covering “The Last Ship”. I don’t think it gets enough attention.

  2. Shaun says:

    That Rivera fellow is certainly corrupt or the biggest thorn ever,lol.An interesting episode for sure.

  3. Kevin K says:

    One of the best episodes so far this season. So glad Wolf and Cruz survived.

  4. Jerri says:

    Another enjoyable episode. I like where the season has gone so far, looking forward to seeing how the 3 storylines will intersect eventually. Glad to see Wolf and Cruz still alive, however, I suspect it won’t be for long. Curious to see what Takehaya’s plan is, I can’t quite pin point that one, but I suspect it has something to do with Slattery. They’ve spent time together, they sort of get each other, even if they don’t necessarily like one another. Slattery can see Takehaya’s side, perhaps Slattery’s going to offer a lifeline. Still think Sasha is slippery, that last scene with Chandler, with her going all “it must be such a burden…” and the kiss. What are the odds she’s playing double agent?

  5. drb999 says:

    This show isn’t afraid to kill off characters so I was really concerned for Wolf and Cruz. They easily could’ve died here. I was not a given that they’d survive on this show.

  6. Jerri says:

    Also. The tactic used to evade the mines… I wonder if it’s really possible to do it that way or it’s ‘creative licemce’ ? Where are the Mythbusers when you need them? Shame they are done with the show. Would’ve loved to see this one tested.

  7. Normandy says:

    I refuse to watch this show until they bring back Ziva… I mean Dr. Scott.

    Trying out my new TV Line hat there. =D

  8. grazelled says:

    Best episode yet. The only Sunday show I really enjoy now. It feels much more like the “Last Ship” with Chandler aboard the Nathan James as commander.

    Not to be picky but there’s a typo in this sentence “Chandler gets the idea to use a nixie (torpedo decoy) dragged by Jesse’s helo to trigger some Nines.” It should read “…trigger some Mines” in lower case of course…

  9. Kevin In CT says:

    Really like this show, FWIW and I realize it’s probably not much, but my DVR still lists Rhona Mitra as part of the cast. Again, It just might be because someone has not updated the show’s info but nonetheless….. :)

    • Hillary says:

      I’m holding off starting season 3 until the big reveal that Dr. Scott’s still alive…I really hope that’s what happens!

  10. KLS says:

    I liked most of this episode except Chandler’s emotionless videos made to his kids and the story line with the over ambitious reporter. Learning a new navy rank every week (TAO) as well. Best episode in S3.

    • Jerri says:

      Was he supposed to bawl like a baby? He had emotion. He was fighting back. Watch that scene again and look at his face and eyes. You can even hear his voice breaking in parts.

  11. Fido says:

    What was up with that shockwave ? Everyone was preparing for it but nothing seemed to happen.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It started far away enough that it dissipated before it got to the ship.

    • scienceadvisor99 says:

      They were preparing for a shockwave that would have been created if the entire minefield went up. Since the intercept was far enough away, the torpedo did not trigger the field. So there was no shockwave.

  12. jr. says:

    Okay show. Don’t like that the whole season seems that it is going to be about them rescuing their crew. Should have done that by the second show, and moved on.

  13. Hamm says:

    This show sucks now. Writers blew it.

  14. Love, love, LOVE it! !! Cannot wait until the next episode. Sure hope it gets picked up for another season.

  15. KayCeeCee says:

    1. I still don’t trust Sasha. Peng alluded to the fact that they had a more personal relationship in the previous episode. Do you trust her?
    2. Captain is a player. Captain didn’t send Greene on the helo to protect Sasha, he sent him there because Wolf and Martinez volunteered to go after the mines. Well played Captain Chandler, well played.

  16. Rex says:

    It is a great series really like it. It could happen

  17. Paula Mosby says:

    Action packed, loved the episode, on the edge of my seat. Look forward to it on Sunday nights!

  18. Bama Girl says:

    I find I am just not enjoying it as much without Rachel! Continuing to watch and still enjoy it but I wish they could have written her death a little better.

  19. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    This is, like, the best frakkin show ever! Every time I watch an episode, like wine, it just gets better. But this one was particularly lovely. The interaction between the Captain, Wolf, and Cruz, when they all decided that Green did not need to be in the RHIB. Wow! Grabs my throat every frakkin time. The acting, the facial expressions, the expectations…wow! I hope this show goes on forever, and no more crew dies. The only downside is that there is an episode every Sunday. Just do an episode marathon and get it over and done with it. A little bit of me dies every Sunday, at 10pm. Then I revive the following Sunday, at 8:59pm. Loved this episode. Luckily, I own it and can watch it over and over.

  20. coneyro says:

    Edge of my seat! Love that this show doesn’t let anyone feel safe. More realistic this way.
    Wolf & Cruz survived…Yeah!
    What is Sasha up to with Chandler?
    The actor playing Takehaya is his usual evil self. All his roles are similar.
    Miss Dr. Scott..I’m still wishing that her death is a plot.
    Michener is my kind of president. Faces down those political hacks.
    The Last Ship is going full throttle.

  21. I really really like The Last Ship in a B movie way. It is the only series I am watching these days. The guy who plays the evil Chinese Prime Minister Peng is very good and I like Sasha, what a babe! And Chandler’s new love interest.

  22. scienceadvisor99 says:

    Made no sense. They could have simply triggered the mines at range with discrete bursts of their high-powered radar on a tight-beam, after the passive system (Kingsman) mapped the locations. Also, the nixies are drive-by-wire, so there was no need to tow them at all. They can be remotely run from the ship. Lastly, the shockwaves from the individual mine clusters was far too small to ever threaten the ship even if they all went up, so triggering them all at once should have been viable. All that tech and jargo, but no writing team capable of utilizing it properly.

    BTW – yes, the nixies (decoys) would have triggered the mines which either key off of acoustical signature or magnetic, which all decoys simulate.