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Outlander Recap Season 2 Finale

Outlander EP Talks Season 2 Finale's Heartbreaking Goodbye, Roger/Bree and Season 3 (Hello, Print Shop!)

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Outlander‘s Season 2 finale (and slight ones for Season 3).

Sing me a song of a lass that is gonna do it all over again.

Outlander‘s season finale on Saturday ended on a hopeful note: After learning that Jamie actually didn’t die on the field at Culloden like she’d feared, Claire knew that she had to go back through the stones to reunite with the love of her life. (If you missed the episode, rest assured: She didn’t immediately jump into the circle and disappear. These things take planning, after all.)

The extended episode leading up to that moment took place both in the late 1960s, as Claire, now a widow, and her adult daughter, Brianna, attended the Rev. Wakefield’s funeral in Scotland. There they ran into Roger, now all grown up, who took a fancy to Bree and invited the women to extend their visit a bit longer.

Meanwhile, back on the eve of the battle, Claire and Jamie wound up killing Dougal when he walked in on them, and then attacked them for, talking about poisoning the prince in order to stop Culloden from happening. Knowing he’d have to answer for what he’d done, Jamie spirited Claire back to the stones and insisted that she return to Frank and safety. When she protested, he revealed that he knew she was pregnant again, so she had to go for both her and the baby’s sake. So the Frasers kissed, cried and had sex one last time, then Jamie stoically walked his wife into the circle at Craig na Dun.

Outlander Recap Season 2 FinaleBack in the ’60s, as Roger and Bree got to know each other better — and met the pre-time-traveling Geillis Duncan, aka Gillian Edgars — Claire finally said farewell to Jamie’s memory by visiting Culloden. But when Bree asked for Roger’s help investigating an incident Frank mentioned in a letter to the Rev. Wakefield, she eventually came to the conclusion that she was the product of a years-long affair Claire had with another man.

Confronted, Claire tearfully confessed that Bree’s father was an 18th-century Scot named James Fraser. Bree treated this idea as sheer lunacy… until she, Roger and Claire witnessed Gillian/Geillis travel through the stones mere feet from where they stood. Shortly after, Bree and Rog showed Claire proof that Jamie hadn’t died with the rest of the poor souls during the terrible battle. And a shocked Claire suddenly knew exactly what she had to do.

As soon as we saw the finale, we knew what we had to do: Get executive producer Ron Moore on the phone to talk about the Frasers’ goodbye, Dougal’s demise, Roger and Bree — and absolutely anything he was willing to tell us about what he has planned for Season 3. (If you haven’t read Voyager, aka the third book in Diana Gabaldon’s series of novels, most of what Moore says won’t spoil you for Season 3. But if the words “print shop” have any meaning to you, you’re gonna want to read on.)

TVLINE | Talk to me about how you condensed the rest of the Dragonfly in Amber novel into this last 90 minutes of the second season.
It all came from the decision to open the season in the 1940s, and going from Claire and Jamie on the ship sailing off to France. Jumping from that to 1968 was too big of a narrative leap for the TV audience. I thought, let’s start a little bit more chronologically. Let’s start in the ’40s. It’s a huge thing already to see that Claire returned to the 20th century, and left Jamie and is pregnant, and that Culloden was a disaster, so let’s start there. But when do you tell the 1968 story? So I said, “We’ll catch up to it at the end of the season, and we’ll intercut the last beats of Jamie and Claire at Culloden and him sending her back in time.” It was a big structural choice that we made at the very beginning of the season.

TVLINE | Did you see a lot of people for the roles of Roger and Bree, and what was it about Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton that really nailed it for them?
We saw quite a few people. It was a big decision, because these characters become big players and definitely permanent parts of the family as the series goes forward, so it was more complex than just casting a guest-star role. They both just nailed it. We saw their audition tapes and, much in the same way as when we saw Sam [Heughan] and Caitriona [Balfe]’s audition tapes, you went, “Oh wait a minute, maybe this is who they are. I see the character for the first time.” Then we did a chemistry test where we had Roger and Bree on camera together. Once that worked, we felt like we had all of the pieces.

TVLINE | In the book, Claire is present for, but not directly involved in, Dougal’s death. In the finale, she helps Jamie push the blade into his uncle. Why the change?
We felt that when you saw it on screen, you would be struck differently than you were on the page. If you watch the scene play out on the screen [the way it does in the novel], Claire would very much be a spectator during the entire thing. We felt like she should participate, and watch her and Jamie be more of a team again. It just didn’t feel right for our Claire to stand and watch while this life-or-death struggle was playing out just a few feet in front of her.

Outlander Recap Season 2 FinaleTVLINE | Did you personally have any conversations with Sam and Cait about the goodbye at the stones?
We have talked about it since the beginning of the season. I don’t remember any specific conversations with Sam and Cait other than after the table read, we always have a quick catch up with the cast. We probably talked about it in some fashion, but I don’t recall anything specific. It’s a big moment, and I think what we had to do in TV was condense it a bit. We needed to maintain the urgency of the situation on the battlefield, so we had to keep it tight. We couldn’t stay up there for a very long time because the TV audience would start going, “Doesn’t Jamie have to get back to that battle?” There is a lot of good stuff in the book we had to shorthand to make it narratively work.

TVLINE | Jamie seems a little bit more at peace with the leaving than Claire is. In your mind, is this something he came to a while ago — he knew this was going to happen, and he just got there a little bit quicker, emotionally, than she did?
I agree with that. The character can see the writing on the wall about the war. Clearly, it is not going well. It had been foretold it was going to be a disaster, and he’s watching that disaster play out in front of him. Despite everything he tries, it just looks like this is not going to work. Jamie’s starting to think, “Well then, what happens? And what happens to Claire?” And once he began to realize she was probably pregnant, then he decided, “OK, if she’s pregnant and this is all a loss, here’s what I’m going to do.” He kept that to himself, I think deliberately, so that in the moment he could play that card. He could say, “You’re pregnant. You’ve got to go,” as a way of forcing her to do it, because he knew she would object. He knew that she’s not going to want to leave him, but he knew that he had to have some kind of trump card at the end to get her on the horse and push her through those stones.

TVLINE | Are you thinking the Battle of Culloden will be another production the size of what you did with Prestonpans, or are you going to do something smaller?
We’re talking about all of that now. I’ve written the script, and I don’t want to give too much away about how we’re going to realize it, but it’s certainly something special.

TVLINE | Talk to me about when we see Jamie again in Season 3 and it’s 20 years later. Have you been doing makeup tests? What’s the status of aging Sam?
We have not been doing makeup tests yet; we will at some point. Once you get into Season 3, as you know with the third book, there is a whole story before he ages fully to 20 years. It’s a more gradual process with his story, so we have time to figure out the makeup and all of that.

TVLINE | Hugh Munro survived the episode at the Duke of Sandringham’s estate, though he does not in the books. Are there any other characters you are considering not killing off in the show that die in the books? Or vice versa?
Possibly. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The print shop scene in Voyager is one of the biggest scenes of the entire series. Give me something — anything! — about how it’ll be in the show.
Well, we decided not to do it. Jamie’s going to be a wandering minstrel. He’ll be out on the road, he’s got a whole bunch of women with him. [Laughs] We’ve just decided to go in another direction. You’re going to love it! [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m sure I’m going to love it.
When he’s out there, playing his flutes, and the kids are sitting around him, and the squirrels, it’s so much better than the print shop. [Laughs]

What did you think of Outlander‘s season finale? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate on your thoughts.

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  1. ninergrl6 says:

    Thanks for the interview! They did a spectacular job weaving the two timelines together. Really loved the chemistry of Roger & Bree as well. For a season that was largely bogged down with politics and war, this finale was an absolute home run.

  2. JaoTao says:

    The episode was brilliant in the way Moore weaved the different eras, back and forth. Loved Claire she was a ghost of herself in the 60’s. Her fire had gone out with the loss of Jamie. Jamie was positively swoon-worthy at the stones! Good casting of Roger &Brianna!

  3. jjiggsmi says:

    Those last 2 questions cracked me the eff up. Thanks for doing this TVLine… And especially thanks to my homeboy Ron D Moore for taking the time for the interview (please don’t make us wait the better part of a year again!) <3

  4. Mary says:

    Brianna and Roger were perfect. Loved the way they restructured the book. It really worked. And Cait Balfe did a phenomenal job. All that and Emma Peele, too!

  5. Guest says:

    Book spoiler!!!

    Oh please please please let Murtagh live!!!!

    Only complaint about this episode was the way Gillian/Geillis (sp?) went through the stones and their reactions to it, kind of looked cheap. Other than that; amazing, heartbreaking and absolutely beautiful season finale!

    • eddie willers says:

      I think Murtagh was who the interviewer was inquiring about when she asked if Moore will save any other characters.

      • eddie willers says:

        Of course, now that I think about, she may be talking about Black Jack Randall as well.

      • KT says:

        I hope they keep Murtagh alive. That would be amazing. The actor does such a great job and I like him even better on the show than I do in the book. We’ve already lose Angus. I hate the thought of not having Murtagh around, though I should not get my hopes up, as a book reader!

        • Christine M says:

          Murtagh, I’ll miss you most of all. But given what happens to Jamie in Voyager, there really wouldn’t be any way to fit the character into the story.

        • Jen says:

          Make Murtagh’s character “morph into” Duncan’s plot line…

  6. Karen says:

    This was a good end to the season but the casting of both Roger and Bree (particularly Bree) is terrible. She’s shorter than Claire for goodness sake plus there was zero chemistry between the two actor’s. What a disappointment when they have really done a pretty good job up until now.

    • danit84 says:

      I agree with your assessment. There was no chemistry between the characters, but Richard Rankin was working hard to make it seem that way.

    • Barb Eddy says:

      I agree Brianna is supposed to be almost 6 feet!
      Also where are her blue eyes that are supposed to be just like Jamie’s. Her acting the part of Bree was good though.

      • Karen says:

        I disagree – I thought her acting was average at best.

      • Margaret Millington says:

        I absolutely agree re: Bree. Her height & those Fraser blue eyes are mentioned hundreds of times in the books, & this actress just is not Bree. I also was hoping for a tall, green eyed, black haired Roger. Bree’s size is also important because it really set her apart in another time, as the book readers know. The author’s descriptions of her characters are an important part of this whole story, & she emphasizes these characteristics again & again. It works beautifully with Claire & Jamie — I am puzzled as to why this was thrown out the window for the role of Bree, in particular.

      • Cindy says:

        Yeah, it really bothered me that Bree was brown-eyed. Impossible… She should have had Jamie’s eyes and the color was pretty darn obvious! The whole height thing – which was a really big deal, mentioned constantly in the book – was ruined when they cast such a TALL Claire! They couldn’t make Bree taller than Claire or she’d be as tall as Jamie. I thought Rodger should have been more… dark and masculine. Oh, well, he wasn’t bad. But Bree… her acting was the first weak performance in the whole show and her eyes really bugged me! But I have never really liked book Bree all that much either (sharp tongued brat…)

    • Simon Jester says:

      I agree — she was a weak link.

    • Gdv says:

      I agree. I only read the first book, so I’m not really sure what the character Bree should be like, but I immediately did not like the actress. The acting seemed forced or just plain over the top. I’m disappointed, considering the casting has always been topnotch. I’ll keep watching next season. Fingers crossed the acting gets better!!!

      • If you’ve only read the first book, keep reading. Brianna isn’t supposed to be likble initially. She is a spoiled brat, and a Daddy’s girl. But she will grow up. Be patient.

        • Cindy says:

          I’ve never bonded with Bree. As the books went on, I even lost affection for Claire. I just put up with them for Jamie. ;)

        • Julie Pinn says:

          Right on April. I am enjoying reading the 3rd book Voyageur for the 6th time. I believe Outlander cast is Outstanding. Bree is the spitten image of Jamie and Claire put together. Bree is beautiful and Roger is so handsome. We’re going to see them come alive in their acting capabilities this next season and especially the 4th season Drums of Autumn book is spectacular. The 5th book is really really something great The Fiery Cross. Hope Cat and Sam stay on for every season they are the best. I believe they all did an excellent job! That last episode had me in tears, made me smile and laugh. The last part it was so beautiful.Hats off to all the actors, producers, screen writers, etc your doing a fabulous job. You play it out perfectly. I am going to miss Angus and Rupert along with DuGal and even Black Jack. It has been so much fun to see faces fit into the characters from the books. The scenery, the horses,the acting, and the people all very well done.

      • Jen says:

        I’m not convinced that the actress’s looks are as important as achieving the essence of Brianna. If she was able to pop off the screen like Roger, Claire, and Jamie, the physical traits wouldn’t matter. I feel sorry for the actress, but it’s clearly the wrong fit. She’ll probably go off and be a major star, just not right for this part.

    • Tine says:

      Excatly what I think too, Bree is supposed to be tall and what about the blue Fraser cat eyes?? Rogers black hair, that their daughter is going to inherit?? And his singing?? Very, very disappointing!! I was also not happy with Clairs cast in the beginning, she was supposed to have lighter hair and sort of hazel eyes. But the casting of Bree and Roger makes no sense at all!!

      • Tine says:

        Recast for season 3 please!!!

      • Dave Allen says:

        Are you STILL whinging about casting decisions made THREE years ago?? :-O

        Moore and Gabaldon are PERFECTLY happy w/the casting and HE is the Emmy-award-winning Executive Producer of this show (and she the award-winning author)! :-D

        I just checked – on IMDb, the episode containing these “undesirables” is the top-ranked ep of BOTH seasons! So you unhappy people are in a distinct minority. :-)

        • Cindy says:

          Ok Mr. Snarky pants, if asked I would say I enjoyed the episode over all… But this is the first time I saw Bree or Rodger, so they are news to me. The first thing I noticed were her brown eyes – WTF – and it took me right out of the story. Pretty big thing to get wrong. Then her acting was subpar compared to the rest of the cast. They tried to wrap up too many loose ends in such a jerky way… And later Bree and Rodger referred to parts of Claire’s “story” that she never told them because Bree always shut down talk about time travel. Oops! :( But the scenes of the past with C and J were great.

    • Lisa says:

      Bree and Roger were horrible. I was able to warm up to Roger but the line delivery for Bree was so phony. I was immediately turned off by her. Her acting seemed to lack finesse. I think Claire and Jamie have set the bar so high.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought this! The actress playing Bree was absolutely terrible. This was by far my least favourite episode of the season – largely due to her part in it. Also because I was SO distracted by the lack of age makeup on Claire- she’s supposed to be about 50, but the only thing they did was give her 1960’s eye makeup and a few grey streaks in straightened hair! Her face was exactly the same!!! Somewhat ironic, then, that the interview discussed age makeup for Jamie…

      • Dave Allen says:

        You must have missed the line in the book where Rodger conceded that Claire Randall was one of those women (like Diana Gabaldon is IRL) who would look the same at 60 as she did when she was 20.

        This being the case, that streak of grey hair is actually a little anomalous (although given the INTENSE stress that is involved in becoming a surgeon, it’s believable).

      • Cindy says:

        Ha! You must be very young… Look around. There are actresses (sans surgery) who don’t look old, well into their 50s and older. I’m glad they didn’t make her haggard. But I totally agree about Bree. Her character was always annoying to me in the books and this actress compounded that!

        • Sarah says:

          It doesn’t take being old to realize there’s a difference between an actress in 2016 with tons of Botox and plastic surgery, and a surgeon in 1968 who has better things to do and doesn’t really seem vain enough to put herself through that. It also doesn’t take being old to recognize that even those women don’t look exactly the same after 20 years. And if her job is stressful enough to cause grey hair, it would surely cause a line or two. They didn’t have to make her look haggard, or even age her by 20 years, but in a show that has strived for realism in everything but the time-travel, it’s a little bizarre to not age a single day over 20 years. Even with what Roger says, it’s unrealistic – sure, there are people you think “don’t age” but the reality is that they do, even if just a little. Being a surgeon, having raised a teenager, living through multiple wars, losing two husbands, and not a single line on her face at age 50? It just seemed even a bit more bizarre to me than putting your hand on a rock and falling backwards by 200 years.

          • E says:

            I am incredibly relieved they didn’t age her more. It’s bad enough that these 2 lost 20 years. Age makeup is fine if they’re doing a flash forward for 10 minutes of a series, but Claire is going to have to look like this (or older) for 6+ more seasons. Cait is 36 and I think with the touch of gray plays a particularly graceful 50 quite well. I noticed some crows feet that were all hers, and therefore not overdone. She’s supposed to still look good and the hair is going to look so much better when she lets it curl again. Hopefully they age Jamie just as well.

      • Liz says:

        Actually, in the books, MANY characters notice how Claire didn’t change at all, apart from a bit of lighter hair. Remember Jenny’s reaction, or Laoghaire’s?

        • Cece says:

          The problem is that she actually looks younger with the way they did her make up than she did 20 years ago.

          • Eilidh says:

            I have only read the first book, but let’s be honest – this is a TV show BASED on the book series, and was never going to be accurate to the books. Adaptations – of books, or even “true stories” – never or, nor do they have to be.
            Just like all the TV characters who are taller, shorter, skinnier or better looking good than their book counterparts, Bree doesn’t have to be 6 feet tall. Murtagh is “rat-faced,” Gheilis is curvy and blonde, and Angus doesn’t even exist in the books!
            The much bigger problem than Bree not being 6 feet tall and blue-eyes, is that the acting is absolutely terrible. Maybe she’s a decent actress if she’s not [half] doing an accent… Maybe she was the only actress they saw who could [half] do an American accent… And, then, maybe they should have sent their casting call across the pond, because there are plenty of actresses in the US and Canada with permits to work in Europe who can do an American accent and act at the same time.
            Point being, they really dropped the ball with this casting, not because she doesn’t exactly fit the dimensions of the book character, but because the acting is by FAR the weakest link in what has been superb acting in this series so far. She needs much more than to “grow into” the character – she needs some training. From a trained eye, you need some basic tools that will help you grow into a character, scene, and scene partnership, and she hasn’t demonstrated any evidence that she has them. Let’s hope, for the sake of the next 2 seasons, she either forgot them at home when they filmed this episode, or someone is frantically teaching her over the hiatus…

          • Eilidh says:

            *never are
            (Wow, autocorrect is sensitive on phones! If you’re not paying attention, they try really hard to make it seem like you can’t speak English. No wonder no one knows your/you’re or how to pluralize any more, the amount you have to delete and re-type the correct one! haha)

          • Eilidh says:

            Sorry! That was meant as a normal comment, not a reply. No idea why it posted here. So much fail today!

      • Tammy J Hiday says:

        Sophie Skelton as Brianna was cringeworthy

    • James E O'Donnell says:

      I have not read the books, so the casting of Roger and Bree does not put me off for any of the reasons you cite. The challenge for me is that Sophie Skelton is absolutely awful. She has no business in this business. I wonder what it’s like for so many fine actors to be forced to work around a colleague who makes Keanu Reeves seem like a natural.

    • Lynn says:

      I did not like Sophie as Bree either. I haven’t seen her in anything else so I can’t judge how she plays other characters but she does not seem to be able to act and I can’t figure out for the life of me why they cast her unless they were just desperate at the last minute and needed somebody anybody

  7. lori says:

    Best line of the night was Murtagh’s when Jamie told him he killed Dougal-I’m surprised it took you this long. LOve Murtagh, please let him live! Outstanding finale for a mediocre season, Roger is perfect.

  8. hannah says:

    I loved the episode until the last scene , that just didn’t work for me .

  9. Alichat says:

    I love the casting of Rankin for Roger. He was wonderful. I’m torn on Sophie for Bree but I can’t decide if that’s because they altered the character of Bree or if it’s just her. I don’t recall Bree having a distant or strained relationship with Claire in the book. And she was a much more happy-go-lucky character in the book. I assume they put this distance with Claire plot in for the big fight and altered Bree’s personality a bit to make her seem more Jamie like….I guess. From a costuming/hair/make-up standpoint Bree’s hair should have more curl……and I hated Claire’s ’68 helmet hair. That just didn’t fit her character to me. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. The jumping between the two times took a bit to get used to because they didn’t flow as well as previous episodes. But I LOVED that Jamie was holding Claire, fingers entwined, as she disappeared into the stones. And the piece of amber in the Culloden museum was a sweet touch…..although if I were Claire, I’d have broke in later that night and gotten the piece out of the case. LOL

    • eddie willers says:

      “I hated Claire’s ’68 helmet hair.”

      Yeah…but it was accurate. Her Boston home probably has shag carpeting.

      • Alichat says:

        Not every woman in 1968 had that helmet hair. Plus Claire had unruly curls, and never really put much effort into her hair. And as a surgeon, the big glam, teased helmet head just seemed too much work and effort for someone who might have to rush in for a surgery, or wear a scrubs cap. And the grey looked bad…..nevermind that it supposed to be gold highlights….it just looked really, really fake. I did like that it started to curl and get a bit tousled as the episode went on….that looked better. But the slick, glam, teased do at the very beginning was just off, character-wise, to me.

        • Sue says:

          If she had been working at the hospital, I agree. But, she was attending a formal event so her hair was appropriate. Offhand, I can’t think of anyone at that time in America who didn’t have helmet hair -moms and hippie chicks had it…lol.

          • Alichat says:

            I have pictures of family members that didn’t have the big helmet hair in 1968. It’s more the character tho. To me, it doesn’t fit her. Claire was shown to be someone who rather ignored the trends of the time when in Paris……the Dior dress being a big example, and most of her other dresses during that time were sleek, and lacked ruffles and bows. So, to me, it just doesn’t seem to fit the character to have her with the popular bouffant hair style.

  10. Lily says:

    Roger was good, but whoever plays Briana is HORRIBLE. Oh my god, I’m officially worried a little bit for next season. That actress was awful, she couldn’t deliver a single line convincingly. I’m shocked about that. Every single other person they’ve cast on this show has been so awesome. But this girl is wooden as hell. Having flashbacks to Mischa Barton.

    • Sam says:

      Absolutely true. I never write on these comment boards, but the young actress playing Briana ruined the episode for me. She could not carry a line; every emotion was forced; even her physicality of movement was stiff and awkward. Cringe-worthy acting of a selfie-generation gal who is too overly aware of her own (awful) performance. Hoping they will replace her before shooting begins for next season.

    • Ian says:

      I agree that she had some forced moments, they could have worked on making that fight she had with Claire about her fathers come off a bit more genuine, but Sophie had a lot to establish for Bree in the midst of a 90 minute episode with flashbacks and whatnot. Give her more time. And hopefully once Bree actually starts to fall for Roger, there will be better chemistry. It’s supposed to feel one-sided right now.
      The one to worry for is Lord John Grey. That kid they cast won’t cut it next season.

    • Jim says:

      I agree, but lets not write her off yet. Some people in roles I’ve really enjoyed have taken a bit of time to find their feet with their character. I also think they needed to find someone who Cat could convincingly “mother” considering she’s not really all that much older. If Bree had been more dynamic in that sitting room scene where Claire began to tell her the story, I don’t know how well it would have played as mother-daughter. Just sayin’.

    • Christine M says:

      I also am a bit concerned about the difference in physicality of Bree. Diana wrote her as a tall, rather intimidating spitfire who isn’t afraid to tangle with anyone – she is a combination of Jamie and Claire after all. But Catriona doesn’t exactly fit the physical description of Claire either, and to me, she is totally believable in that role. So I’m going to give Sophie Skelton a chance and hope for the best. The finale was just brilliant and I can barely wait now for Voyager.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you!! I couldn’t believe the casting for Bree. I’m sorry but this actress was horrible. Her delivery was just bad. It was just hard to watch. I’m surprised because all the other actors are top notch but boy did they drop the bomb on this casting.

    • Ambrer says:

      I TOTALLY agree! The acting in this show has always been superb. I’ve never been disappointed by any of the acting before. But Sophie was so unconvincing that I felt like I was watching an awful lifetime movie (and even those aren’t as bad as she was.) And where was her accent? A child of a mother with an accent as thick as Claire’s hasn’t picked up any of that drawl? Come on. I REALLY hope they decide on a recast on her.

  11. Ian says:

    Loved the finale. Definitely found Richard to be a great Roger, although that might just be because he’s got leading man charisma oozing out from underneath all that tweed, but Sophie’s got the harder job. She has to sell herself as the product of the 2 lead characters, and while her look is as perfect as possible (she looks like Sam with some of Cait’s softer angles), I need her to break in the role a bit more. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but maybe a lot of her dialogue was just awkward. I need to see her play the role a bit more womanly and not so much like a honking teenage American in Scotland, lol. I hope it’ll come as the character grows.
    But speaking of the acting, Cait killed it again. I thought she looked beautiful as the older Claire in the 60’s, and I swear, all they do is give her close-ups to camera and say ACT, and she DOES. She’s just got all the emotions. Her goodbye at the Fraser grave and her eyes in that last scene… I need to meet her. Seriously. So I can tell her how amazing she is. She makes the show, as she should.
    As for season 3, I can’t see them stranding Jamie and us as viewers without any characters we know to support him, so Murtagh’s got to survive. And I need them to recast John Grey! He’s much too big a character to have felt like his casting and his character and introduction was a throwaway this season.

    • Christine M says:

      I’m sure they will not have the actor who played Lord John at 16 also play him when we next see him in his early 20’s.

  12. Ian says:

    Rewatched the episode based on the comments, and everybody, Sophie did a fine job. She really did. “Who says ‘physique’?!” “Maybe you should date him.” Adorable.
    But yeah, I’d hate for that actress’ feelings to be hurt and there be nothing positive to see. Her voice just sounds distinctly young, and maybe she just needs to get used to affecting an American accent, but I greatly look forward to seeing her take on more dramatic material next season.

    • eddie willers says:

      Since I am around Bree’s age in time (I was born in 1952) I liked the “Who says ‘physique’?!” part. In 1968 it would have been “a nice bod”.

  13. Deborah Beck says:

    I didn’t care for Sophie Skelton’s performance at all. Even in the books it took me a long time before I got over the dread of a chapter on the Fraser Brat. Hopefully, the actress will find her footing but at this point she’s the weakest link within a very strong cast.

    • Cindy says:

      Fraser brat! Yep, I know what you mean. So disappointed she was so unlikeable in the books to me, when her parents are so great.

  14. Jane Rapik says:

    What did Jamie say to Claire right before she went through the stones? I kept playing it back and couldn’t figure it out!

  15. Jaron says:

    Also, Bree looked amazingly like Jamie!

  16. LaLa says:

    **Book spoilers**
    I didn’t mind Sophie’s performance, though I did notice that Bree was smaller than Claire, which goes against the book description. Remember, Bree is a liberated teen from America in the 60’s – I got every bit of her brattiness, etc. I think Sophie was fine.
    I also loved Roger, but couldn’t they have given him green contacts or something? Those green eyes are such a distinct feature – they should have made more of an effort.
    I’m disappointed. I was hoping there would have been more focus on the search for Jamie. I understand the need to compress the story, but I loved the slow realization that Jamie survived, as written in the book, and I think they could have easily mirrored the book and drawn it out more for a few episodes next season. Also, Claire going to Culloden and Lallybroch – didn’t like that either.
    But the biggest disappointment, for me, was the shortened farewell scene between Jamie and Claire. I understand the limits of time, I truly do, but in the book, Claire is fairly ripped apart at the thought of leaving Jamie. She argues quite fiercely to stay and die with him. And, yes, he uses the knowledge of her pregnancy as his trump card, but it is agonizing for the both of them. I didn’t get that agnst. And, they didn’t mark each other! Why was that left out?
    Every time I read those scenes in the book, I’m bawling. Didn’t shed one tear last night. And again, I get it. The book and show are different entities. But still …..
    Overall, I loved the second season. I will try to keep an open mind going into the third.

    • Map says:

      Completely agree that we were shortchanged on the leave taking.

    • E says:

      It doesn’t matter that Richard Rankin (Roger) has blue eyes – because Lotte Verbeek (Geillis) does too. What would be the point of him wearing green contacts? On the other hand, it does bother me that Sophie has brown eyes and dark eyebrows. Her “parents” are both fair skinned and blue eyed, and she is not. She doesn’t pull off the red hair like Sam does. He looks like he was born with it!

  17. Hurley says:

    Hey, wtf people! Brianna was perfect! I loved the cast additions!

    • Map says:

      I guess you haven’t read the books. She is a disaster as Brianna. And since she becomes a main character in the future, I’m probably not long for this adaptation. Clearly Gabaldon didn’t weigh in on the choice of this actress. Ugh. She is plastic.

      • Kat says:

        I’ve read the books and I think the hate her performance is receiving is absolutely ridiculous. I sincerely hope all the people threatening to stop watching actually do, this fandom is already whinny enough.

        • danit84 says:

          I’ve never read the books and I agree with the people who say that her performance was blah.

        • Josh Cates says:

          I’ve only read the first book, so I don’t know the character. I just know that the actress playing Bree put in one of the worst performances I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Every time she spoke, it took me out of the show. She sounded like a 6th grader reading their notecards for a book report in class.

          If, as I read in these comments, she becomes a primary character going forward, I’m going to stop watching the show. I’m not whiney (or whinny, which is the sound a horse makes), this is the first time I’ve ever commented anything other than high praise on the show. So you’ll get your wish. Just keep in mind, if ratings drop any lower than the 0.3-0.5 share it currently gets, Starz won’t renew it beyond Season 3 and 4, so you should really be wishing for more compelling acting and writing to keep more people interested, rather than dismissing those losing interest.

  18. barb s. says:

    Dating myself, I had a two piece outfit with a leather front made of the same material Claire’s coat was in the first scene. I was shocked on the authenticity of it 1965-66. I also wore my hair like that but with more bangs. Huge rollers and fun to sleep in too. As for Lord John, I think JJ Feild would be ideal, A bit too tall but the look would be great! The casting director has been brilliant so I have no doubts about their pick. It must be thrilling to being her. The first 2 seasons have been remarkable. Thanks to everyone!

  19. Sue says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who disliked the actress’ portrayal of Bree.
    Please don’t make us wait 10-12 months for next season.

  20. Mary says:

    My two cents… this is an adaptation not a word for word retelling of the books. I’ve read the whole book series multiple times and I love what the Outlander cast and Ron Moore have brought to the TV series. They’ve done a phenomenal job of bringing thousands of pages of story to life. There are things in the books I like better than the series and vice a versa. This last episode of season 2 was a beautifully entwined retelling of several complicated storylines that I found surprising, emotional and wonderful. Brianna in the books is my least favorite character but I enjoyed the portrayal we were given by Sophie and I’m looking forward to more. As an Outlander book reader I found that watching the TV series while cataloging every difference was exhausting. When I stop sweating the details, the story I am being told in the TV series is wonderfully new, visually richer and just as epic as the story I love. I can’t wait to see what comes next.!

    • CourtTV says:

      Exactly my response. Complaining about the differences is tiring and counterproductive to enjoying the show.

  21. Razberry says:

    The first time I watched the finale I too was disappointed in the portrayal of Bree or the actress who plays her or both. The second time around I was able to live with her a little bit better. Maybe the producers saw something in her that many of us don’t see yet, and hopefully it will be okay next year, though no way will she have the kind of physical presence that book Bree has. I think the casting of Richard Rankin as Roger works just fine. I thought there was a bit too much time spent at Culloden by 1968 Claire that could have been put to better use by more time at the parting at the stones. And I also missed the marking of each other. What I liked especially was the condensation of the whole Gillian arc, which seems to go on and on in the book. Book 2 was my least favorite and they did a pretty good job at making a show based on it watchable. Season 3 should be terrific and we should see the end of Claire’s helmet hair, thank goodness.

  22. Gina can says:

    Very disappointed in the actress who played Brianna. I liked Roger but he has to play off Brianna so he’s at a big disadvantage. She might be a great actress one day but right now she’s immature and inept. I loved the back and forth in time treatment, but I did read the books so I knew what was happening. The dialogue is not as good as previous episodes this season. Pull it together people. Looking forward to next season.

  23. I’ve read the books and have been happy with the casting of the characters up until Bree. She doesn’t look nor act anything like her character. I’ve always thought of her as strong and assertive not snotty and obnoxious. The actor who portrays her doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off what’s needed for this integral character. I can live with her not being tall (barely) but I can’t live with the poor acting skills and lack of chemistry between her and Roger.

    I hate to say it, but I think they need to recast her for season 3.

    • Dave Allen says:

      Such bollocks! Sophie Shelton has performed in five times as many productions as has Cait Balfe, the most recent one (in which she performed the title role) being nearly as highly ranked (on IMDb) as Outlander!

      Ron Moore and the whole gang are PERFECTLY happy w/her performance (in which she correctly portrays an American college girl of the 1960s, whose father has just died, and whose uptight mother (who turns out to being a lying adulteress) hauls her 3000 miles away from home to tell her fairy tales).

      • Sarah says:

        What’s bollocks are your numbers. Sophie has 13 IMDb credits to Caitriona’s 12 (not that number of credits necessarily correlates to ability). And the show for which she plays the title character has a 7.9/10 rating to Outlander’s 9.8.

        You don’t have to agree with other people opinions, but making up statistics makes for a very weak argument.

  24. Very disappointed in the actress chose for Bree , she wasn’t good and doe NOT fit the look.. Bree needs to have BLUE eyes!!! At least give the girl some contacts !!

  25. Kam says:

    I thought the finale was very well done considering all they had to accomplish in 90 minutes. A couple things I thought were a little off though… They showed no footage of the actual battle; I think they should’ve included at least a minute or two. Then there was the casting blunder of Bree. Not that she isn’t pretty, but please casting people, let’s make the genetic characteristics of the offspring plausible/congruent with the traits of the parents (brown eyes from 2 blue-eyeds…dominate trait from 2 resessives) doesn’t happen, not convincing. Give her some contacts and a perm. Better yet find someone who resembles Sam (Jamie) and can actually act. It would seem that the initial casting blunder was with the Claire character. Cait is doing a well enough job, but if Bree’s height was supposed to be such a stand-out characteristic, why cast such a towering actress in the Claire role? Another casting mark missed was Jenny (Laura Donnally) as Jamie’s sister. Absolutely no common physical characteristics other than white skin. The issue here is believability in the characters. Otherwise, I find everything else about this show, the storyline, production, settings, costumes, cinematography, music/audio, and (majority of) acting to be outstanding.

  26. Liz says:

    OMG!! It was SUCH a wonderful episode… Sam & Cait, they’re just… That scene when he’s dancing her to the stones… “God, you gave me a rare woman, and I loved her well”. That you did laddie. And you will again!!
    Btw, an older Caitriona is still incredibly beautiful one, not that it’s surprising in the least.

  27. AnnaLivia624 says:

    I loved the eighteenth century scenes and Claire in the 20th century. Her hair and clothing were done well, and her acting is always strong. Sam was powerful as Jamie, too.
    I really liked Richard Rankin as Roger, but felt Sophie Skeleton was very weak as Bree. I would not object to her height or eyes, if only her portrayal ( and her American accent) had been stronger. I am afraid she weakened the episode substantially, and I hope the producers will consider replacing her for the future.

  28. Elizabeth kunkler says:

    The dialogue between Rodger and Bree in the scenes where they were doing research was very ‘canned,’ not natural at all. Same thing between Bree and Claire-very flat. Some of it may have been the writing, some the actress. The majority of the episode was great but I am very disappointed in the one performance-hopefully there is enough feedback to the producers/directors expressing concern that they will either get her a good coach or find a plausible replacement for season 3. Despite what the Emmy people say, this show has stellar actors/actresses consistently giving amazing performances and this actress truly fell short of that mark.

  29. Suzanne says:

    I am totally entranced by this series. But the last episode was rushed and without the intensity of feeling ..and detail
    .that I like so much.

  30. J. Ramsey says:

    I am astounded and appalled how a show so brilliantly casted up until now (excepting Dougal and Gellis’ hair colour–but those actors are so superb in their roles these lapses in detail could be overlooked) could fail so miserably in the key roles of Roger and Brianna. I can only hope the error is realized after reading fan comments and some changes are made for Voyager. Brianna was supposed to tower over her mother. And dark-haired Roger exceeded her height. I think the actor chosen for Roger has sufficient acting chops and appeal that the viewer who is also a reader of the series might be able to overlook his physical dissimilarity to the Roger of the novels, but what I found impossible to overcome was the utter lack of charisma between the girl cast as Brianna and him. Sam and Caitriona smouldered from the get-go but there was zip between the newbies. And how did they come up with that unfortunate, scraggly-haired woman as Fiona? She ought to play someone’s spinster aunt, not the buxom and bubbly Fiona! All this fan can say is if they eff up the casting of Ian, it is going to be difficult to continue with the series.

  31. Sarah says:

    Please tell me he’s joking on the stuff dealing with the Claire and Jamie reunion.

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  33. Pamela Scinto says:

    I absolutely love Outlander! The cast, the sets, the costumes… OMG! Most of all I Cherish the manner in which Claire’s and Jamie’s love story is told! Their sensitive, sensual, love making is so poignantly done! I’ve not seen sexual encounters like this acted out on the screen (movie or tv) performed as sensitively as this … EVER! Bravo/ Brava to the writers, producers and Catriona Ballerina and Sam Hueghan! All I can say is Wow! .. and pass me a dram!