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Gotham Season 3 First Look Promises More Villainy From [Spoiler]

As the Season 2 finale of Fox’s Gotham suggested, a very bad baddie is back, with a vengeance.

At the close of the DC Comics-inspired series’ sophomore run, an impromptu evacuation of Professor Strange’s Indian Hill facility found Fish Mooney commandeering a bus full of fellow test subjects — that straggly haired, emo version of Bruce Wayne included.

After the bus crashed, Fish emerged from the wreckage, her improbably resurrection making padawan-turned-adversary Penguin a bit green in the gills. Ms. Mooney then sashayed into the shadows, along with the rest of the Indian Hill freak show.

Series boss Danny Cannon on Friday shared via Twitter a photo teasing “Mooney’s entrance” in Season 3, confirming that Jada Pinkett Smith will be a part of the coming run (premiering Monday, Sept. 19). Are you glad to see Fish reeled back in?

Gotham Season 3 Fish Returns

New faces on tap for Gotham Season 3, meanwhile, include Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) as Vicki Vale’s aunt Valerie, James Carpinello (The Good Wife) as mob boss Carmine Falcone son’s Mario, and newcomer Maggie Geha as an older, wilier Poison Ivy.

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  1. Fishless says:

    Ugh. Can’t stand the character or the actress. Come on Gotham, you were doing GREAT without her

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. Both Pinkett Smith and the character of Fish Mooney were just awful in season one. I’ll give it a couple episodes this season to see where its going, but if this run is anything like season one I’ll be checking out pretty quickly.

      • peterwdawson says:

        I hear you. When I swore off Gotham after the pilot when it first premiered, easily the biggest factor was Fish. I got talked into catching up with it after Season 2 got better and yeah, was not missing her at all. In a show with loads of villains she’s gotta be one of the worst.

        • Nikko says:

          This is baffling. The showrunners/producers of Gotham cannot possibly be unaware of the fact that the overwhelming majority of viewers disliked not just Fish Mooney the character, but Jada Pinkett Smith’s whole style of playing her (mitigating factor: she may have been directed to act that way). So what’s behind this? Did Will Smith make this a condition for appearing in Suicide Squad? Is there a corporate connection between the two productions that would even make that possible?

          And while we’re at it, how about holding back on the mass shootings of Gotham police officers? Anybody not cool with that?

    • mrx says:

      same, i dont like her character, and im confused, she said she was done after season 1, why did she come back? money?

      • downside says:

        No show or studio has bottomless pockets. I wish they’d spend it wisely and elsewhere. Ben McKenzie as the lead and Donal Logue and Robin Taylor have a great dynamic and make the show when given the chance. Additions like B.D. Wong help to round out the supporting and guest cast with the villains when the writing is strong and arcs well done. The few minutes of FM at the end of S2 were too many. I was hoping she’d be killed by the finale. She was the single worst part of S1 and a major albatross, at least in my opinion. Time crawled when she was on and the stories were a distraction. I thought they’d found their priorities and what worked.

    • Natalie says:

      Agreed. I can’t stand the over acting & that whole episodes have been devoted to the character. Season 2 was so much better without her.

    • steps back says:

      Echo, ditto, etc. I cringed just thinking about it. I hate the idea of wasting limited screen time on her, even a minute, and having to FF past her. It means less time spent on compelling characters and developing them and their stories. Lose and lose. So much for how they learned from their mistakes and improved.

  2. Brian says:

    I’m happy! Love Fish Mooney!

  3. azmovies says:

    I love Fish Mooney. I was so sad when she died in season 1 and now I am excited. Hope they are not doing a Jerome on us, tease him as big villain and kill him of early.

  4. FFS! Someone please put a bullet in her head! Just because she is married to Will Smith doesn’t mean she can act!

  5. J says:

    Brian,Azmovies..amen…Gotham needs FISH. I love Jada shes a better actor/ress then her husband, and Gotham needs a Lead Female Villian. A character who has conflict/antagonist relationship with Penguin, FISH does that. Also a flirtatious relationship with Harvey and the GCPD so gives cops another connection.

  6. Phillip says:

    I’m not interested in Fish at all. She’s really annoying and Gotham is so much better than this.

  7. Danny D. says:

    Think of it like this. They already said that she would have a small character arc in season 3 so she probably will get killed off early (and this time, permanently). I’m suprised no ones commenting on her appearance in season 2. Ever since she was brought back, she has been less annoying and more interesting. The moral of the story is: SHUT UP PEOPLE. Just be happy it isn’t canon and enjoy the show for what it is: a show.

  8. kirads09 says:

    I love crazy bananas Gotham. I am glad Fish is back. Donal Logue is an absolute treasure. And how uber impressive is young David Mazouz. Oh, and my Alfred. Can’t wait. Hope Gotham isn;t the answer to the most recent Blind Item.

  9. Larc says:

    I was happy Fish Mooney was gone and was hoping she would stay gone. Hopefully her new stint will be limited to the first episode or two.

  10. jr35 says:

    I didn’t care much for the “Fish Underground” arc, but I like when she’s part of the main action in Gotham.

  11. Dennis says:

    Hate jada. Hate that she is back

  12. William says:

    Every single one of you can hate Fish all you want, but her arc for S3 looks very promising and has potential to create a lot of ruckus. I for one am happy to see Jada return because Fish Mooney was such a scene stealer.

  13. Laura says:

    Didn’t need Fish at all. The show was better off without her. I hope the powers that be start looking at their fans comments on Fish’s return and realize she’s not needed or wanted and drop her quickly!

  14. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with the character, but I will wait and see what her story arc is. IMO, the producers learned from their mistakes in Season 1, so I don’t see them backtracking. I’m just glad the show is still on the air. Love it!

  15. Melissa says:

    No dont want her back. Bring joker back

  16. ToyCannon says:

    I could take or leave Fish. I am still upset we didn’t see Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) exit that bus. If any “dead” character lives on it must be Jerome as the future Joker. Accept no substitutes.

  17. BlittleU says:

    I think Fish Mooney adds a bit of campy fun to the show. I will take her over bland Jim Gordon any day of the week. Any Day!

  18. SoFla says:

    Love Jada as Fish and am thrilled she is back. Now just bring back Lori Petty and I will be completely happy.

  19. steve says:

    Don’t mind her at all!

  20. Rotten Fish says:

    That’s a spoiler alright…it spoiled my appetite.

  21. Angus says:

    I was so happy that JPS was no longer involved in Gotham, don’t like her as an actress and she didn’t suit the role. I stopped watching during her tenure on the show. When she was removed I caught up on epi’s I missed and continued to watch the series. Now that she’s back I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Hope she’s killed off soon. She’s ruining a good series.