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Is General Hospital Recast a Mismatch? Did PLL Not 'Ring' True? Was Mindy Move-In Miraculous? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Casual, General Hospital, Wayward Pines and Beauty and the Beast!

1 | Should/can ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game work harder to not “share” celebrities (e.g. Ana Gasteyer, Rosie O’Donnell) on the same Sunday night?

2 | How many Preacher fans would’ve been perfectly happy if the insane brawl between Jesse, DeBlanc, Fiore and the seraphim had lasted the entire episode?

UnREAL3 | How is this UnREAL surveillance camera getting a perfect two-shot of Ruby and Darius? And what does Coleman do all day as “showrunner”? ‘Cause Quinn and Rachel… and pretty much everyone else… appear to be doing all the work of actually producing the show.

4 | How will April, arguably Mistresses‘ most likable character, recover from the insensitive comments she made to Michael about not being interested in him anymore because he is transgender?Independence Day celebrations on The Mall in Washington on July 4, 2008.

5 | How could PBS’ A Capitol Fourth think we wouldn’t recognize this super-memorable peony from 2014? 

6 | Did Superstore‘s Fourth of July-themed commercial that hawked “replacement pets” (for those that ran way due to loud fireworks) run the risk of being #TooSoon for any newly abandoned pet owners?

braindead-or-zoo7 | CBS’ BrainDead, or CBS’ Zoo? Quick, identify the agenda-driven bugs!

8 | Are you kind of surprised Code Black was able to score Rob Lowe? And would it be too much to ask that he play The Grinder’s Dean Sanderson playing a doctor on the CBS medical drama?

9 | As soap opera recasts go, General Hospital’s (temporary!) NuMaxie is pretty uncanny, no? </ sarcasm>

10 | Did Containment make you cry buckets this week? And what were those scenes inside Katie’s mind supposed to be exactly – hallucinations? Nightmares? Visual representations of her pain?Pretty Little Liars

11 | Did Pretty Little Liars‘ Jordan buy Hanna a $39.99 engagement ring? Or, if she’s wearing a knockoff to hide the fact she broke up with Jordan, how come her fashionable friends cannot tell the difference?

12 | Why would Maya & Marty bring on Amy Poehler opposite Maya Rudolph and not do “Bronx Beat”!?!

13 | Is punching a stack of hard-rubber truck tires a real thing, as Zoo newcomer Dariela was doing? Seems like an easy way to break a wrist.

14 | The Mindy Project really expects us to believe that Jody managed to not only purchase a New York apartment but combine it with Mindy’s unit (which requires permits, not to mention a contractor), all in a matter of days?!

Casual15 | Hey, Casual, can we please see more of these charmingly playful, sexually fluid college dudes?

16 | Any Game of Thrones fans out there capable of controlling the weather? (You’re needed at HBO!)

17 | Are Wayward Pines viewers supposed to be rooting for the Abbies at this point? If not, which of the humans are we supposed to like/want to see survive?

18 | Big Brother‘s slogan is “Expect the unexpected,” so is it possible that Tiffany is really her sister Vanessa in a wig? Speaking of: Did anyone flash back to Vanessa’s Season 17 meltdowns when Tiffany was hysterical and super-paranoid about being the target?

19 | Why did NBC’s Spartan allow a (male) competitor to run the course in a thong, multiple times, necessitating pixelation throughout?

20 | Why didn’t Beauty and the Beast‘s Vincent turn himself in, to prove that he was jacked up on adrenaline given to him via the syringes that have Hill’s fingerprints on them? Also, would Vincent’s scruff have passed muster on the Army base?

21 | Following an undeniably catchy Greatest Hits performance unnamedof “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’,” can we all agree that MMMBoppers Hanson should be more famous today?

22 | Do we really want a refrigerator that takes pictures of what’s inside? Probably seems a better idea on paper than in practice, yes, at least for those of us who aren’t food stylists?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Claire says:

    9 – to be fair, I wouldn’t dye my hair for less than a month of work, either.

    • mooshki says:

      And it’s better than having her wear a crappy wig. (I’m talking to you, Blacklist.)

    • Jbj says:

      I was more thrown by Molly’s toned down performance. On Days, she was a classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl, or at least a girl angling to be cast in Woody Allen movie. BTW, how annoying is it that finally had Maxie confess her Laxie machinations to Nathan with a sub-Maxie? It’s almost as bad as when a substitute Liz had to experience the death of her love child with Jason.

  2. tallsy says:

    3. Who reports to whom on Everlasting is one of UnReal’s great mysteries.
    8. Code Black is basically a parody of 90s medical dramas, so why not have Rob Lowe play The Grinder on it.
    18. Tiffany’s paranoia is annoying.
    22. The fridge camera is the dumbest thing of all time unless you are unable to make lists and even then live so far away from the grocery store it would be a burden to go back.

    • Paula says:

      The fridge camera is stupid. The fridge is a good fridge without it. It takes more time to enter all the information to know what you need then it does to look yourself and make a list. Too time consuming.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      But think how much energy you can save by staring at your phone instead of that the fridge with the door open, trying to figure out what you want to eat!

      • Sharon says:

        Point taken. Then I’ll agree. A photogenic fridge is not what Americans need. What’s next a camera hogging dishwasher.

      • jp says:

        I think it’s great. You could be upstairs in bed and tell your husband to get yourself and instead of him cluelessly looking and not finding it you could direct him to it!

  3. Phil says:

    “NuMaxie” is one of the most talented actresses working, Molly Burnett! Much as I want her back on Days, primetime should be snatching her up ASAP! She was great in her limited run last year on CSI: Cyber. Love her unpredictable line delivery.

    • Kevin K says:

      Molly Burnett had an amazing run on DAYS ever since she returned this past year when her character is mourning the loss of Daniel Jonas aka Shawn Christian.

    • Paula says:

      Molly Burnett might be a talented actress but she is not a Maxie. Her hair color is wrong, her mannerisms are all wrong and she is too calm. She is not the Maxie that we have enjoyed (or hated) through the years.

  4. Bwhit says:

    7) Are Agenda driven ants the new zombies?

    10) That was just heartbreaking all around with Katie trying to make Thomas feel better, her saying goodbye to Quentin and Jake holding her in the end. It was Probably a little bit of all of those things. I think the last scene she imagined with Jake was her trying to put herself somewhere comforting.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    #18 Hope Tiff goes soon because I can’t stomach another summer of the crying game.

  6. 11 – Suspension of disbelief is critical for PLL-viewing.
    18 – It’s laughable that Tiffany thought she could keep being Vanessa’s sister a secret. They are disturbingly alike. Both in looks and in behavior.
    19 – A better question is why did his team allow him to run in a thong, especially during the portion of the race where they have to climb a slip wall using each other as a ladder. Clothing is about the only advantage they have.
    22 – The fridge cam reminds me fondly of being a kid and my grandfather telling me about the little man named Hotchy-Fotchy that lived inside and turned the light on when you opened the door. Every time I opened the fridge, I’d try my hardest to catch a glimpse before he ran and hid. In my mind, a whole world existed in there when the door was closed.

  7. "A" says:

    Hanna gave the ring back to Jordan … and … either bought or dug out of her collection of costume jewelry a 39.99 knock off so she could fool the Liars into believing they are still engaged.

  8. Kevin K says:

    9 – Molly Burnett is doing a good job filling in the Kirsten Storms role on GH. Can’t wait when the original Maxie Jones returns. 16 – winter is coming…always but why not wait right around 2017 when the new season of GoT premieres depending on the possible seven episodes HBO still needs to decide.

    • KayCeeCee says:

      I like NuMaxie, I do not watch Days, but she is good as Maxie.

    • Steve Ungrey says:

      Huge Molly fan since her first days on Days and good to see her on GH. Also good to see her start getting noticed by prime time and movie casting directors. I have a feeling something big is around the corner for her.

    • Anna says:

      I love Molly, but she is not good as Maxie – she’s way too calm and collected. I need her to up the quirk and make her a bit more manic so I can at least stay in the scenes for the next month instead of feeling like I’m watching Melanie Jonas make out with Maxie’s boyfriend.

  9. Amy says:

    #2: That brawl was amazing.

  10. Alichat says:

    20) This final season has felt like they were phoning it in, and this twist is just weird. How is it Hill didn’t know what Vincent is? How did he think he was going to explain shooting him in self defense with massive amounts of adrenaline in Vincent’s system and him chained to the floor? Why didn’t he shoot him immediately once Vincent broke the first chain? Why didn’t Vincent just immediately turn himself in after he de-beasted and claim that Hill unchained him and attacked him while he was jacked up on adrenaline? How is it no one was monitoring where Vincent was at all times since there are two groups after him, and Tess and JT were already on “lockdown”? If JT could so easily hack into the Army’s surveillance systems, why not just monitor Fuller for a few days to see if he really is the guy sending assassins after Vincent instead of just storming the castle immediately? If Tess was worried that JT’s job offer wasn’t legit, why didn’t they check out the interviewer before heading out? They didn’t even Google the woman! I could go on and on.

  11. Shar says:

    Re # 14 – everyone apparently has their price ergo the sale of the upstairs apartment and the guy hadn’t moved out yet. Also, that drop ladder would take about a day to install ( according to Google) and his sister is handy. Permits, who needs permits in Mindy’s world?.

    My concern is how is Leo supposed to climb that ladder safely?

  12. KayCeeCee says:

    #19: Spartan. It was hilarious, they had to keep the pixels up the whole time.

  13. LAwoman says:

    #2 That brawl was so fun I had to go back and watch it again a couple of times.

  14. Katherine215 says:

    10. I cried buckets over Katie’s death. I’m all of the sudden glad the show wasn’t renewed, because I loved Jake and Katie! :( :( Why couldn’t they kill annoying Jana or annoying Suzie? I could do without at least one of those two easily.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree 100%. I’m suddenly alright with the cancellation. I’ve enjoyed the show a lot, but that was horrible.

  15. Car says:

    9. Molly is doing an AMAZING job as Maxie. Looks don’t matter with a temporary recast it should be about talent and she’s got that in spades. She shines and as much as i like Kirsten Storms, i wouldn’t mind Molly Burnett full time as Maxie.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Co-sign; Molly’s been a breath of fresh air and given Maxie the adult bent that she never has with KS.

  16. kbm says:

    I thought Molly Burnett was just a mismatch for the character Maxie, I don’t watch Days so I can’t say, I will be glad when Kristen Storm comes back

  17. Tom says:

    2 | How many Preacher fans would’ve been perfectly happy if the insane brawl between Jesse, DeBlanc, Fiore and the seraphim had lasted the entire episode?
    This one for certain. That was easily one of the best fights I’ve ever seen ever. We’re talking up there with River and Reavers.
    12 | Why would Maya & Marty bring on Amy Poehler opposite Maya Rudolph and not do “Bronx Beat”!?!
    Character rights? I got nothing otherwise

  18. Evan says:

    She may not look like Kristen Storms but in two appearances she already has me wishing it was a permanent recasting!! Molly Burnett is simply far superior an actress… all I get from Storms is annoying!

  19. Marco Piazzo says:

    11. You must have missed the fact that the Liars are a) complete idiots and b) way too self-involved to notice (especially Aria).

  20. CINDY FRANK says:

    I hope the real Maxie will be back soon! I LOVE HER

  21. Jim says:

    9. It’s never been absolutely necessary for a recast on daytime to look like the predecessor. In fact a different ‘look’ often accompanies an effort to take the character in a different direction or give it added layers. Another World famously recast blond Amanda Cory with a brunette, then recast the brunette with a redhead…then recast the redhead with the original blond actress in the span of about six years. Bring in as many Maxies as you want, as long as you keep the insanely hot Nathan (Ryan Paevey) as her boyfriend.

  22. Mommaknowsbest says:

    5. After the events of the past four days, with all the shootings and loss of life – and we’re still fussing about fireworks? Come on, y’all – give me a break.

  23. Dude says:

    9. She may not look identical but Molly Burnett was easily one of the most lovable characters on Days of Our Lives so I’m glad to see her on GH.

  24. pazziereb says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Claudette should have been Maxi because she is blond and the Maxi character temporarily should have been Claudette it would made more sense. oh well.

    • Jbj says:

      I kind of agree with you there. But mostly because I wouldn’t mind Molly sticking around, but Bree Williamson is grating on me already. She is about as subtle as a sledgehammer! I can’t imagine her being able to emotionally seduce a priest into breaking his vows. Raping him, maybe…but not by playing vulnerable and neglected. Molly seems like she could pull off being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  25. Karmyn says:

    The apartments weren’t actually combined The Mindy Project. They fixed the hole in the roof and put in a trap door /ladder. The rest was just Mindy imagining the what could be…

  26. Allycia says:

    Ugh dont like the replacement for Maxie. She doesn’t act like her, look like her or talk like her. Please let this be temporary !!!!!

  27. Kevin In CT says:

    #22 I know I’ll be in the minority, but I think the fridge cam is very cool (no pun intended). Is it necessary, no. Is it an example of applying new tech to an old product, yes!!

  28. Anna says:

    Reading my mind this week, y’all.
    8. Code Black has to be shelling out the dough to get Rob Lowe, but I was still super shocked that this is his next gig. It’s a good show and all, but still crazy surprising. And I would *die* if he played Dean “The Grinder” playing a doctor. That would be gold.

    9. I like Molly Burnett, but she looks absolutely nothing like Kirsten Storms. The actress that plays Claudette looks more like Kirsten lmao.

    12. I waited patiently for a Bronx Beat and was SO disappointed. How wonderful would that sketch be with Marty playing some quirky Bronxite guest? But whatever. Do want you want. Have a glass of wine. Have 5 glasses of wine, what do I care?

  29. Tom Hunter says:

    9 – Molly is doing well Maxie! Not a thing wrong with her performance.

  30. J.Norman says:

    Yes, that requires a “Zoo-likeish” leap of faith.

  31. doris cozart says:

    I think that anyone with good eyesight knows that the roles need to be reversed in the Maxie
    Collen storyline

  32. patrickmaloney33 says:

    10. I think it’s a little from column A, a little from column C… Just really compelling stuff no matter what it was!

  33. Jenny says:

    9-I have to admit I was very concerned when I hear about Molly being a temporary replacement as Maxie. Nathan and Maxie are one of my favorite couples on GH and I never really cared for Molly when she was on Days. I have to give Molly credit, she is winning me over. She came into the role at the point where the Nathan/Maxie/Claudette storyline was taking a big step forward and the story hasn’t missed a beat with a temp actress. Will be looking forward to Kirsten returning to the role, but Molly has stepped in an done a good job.

  34. Nikki says:

    I think the actress is good but I still find her a mismatch for Maxie. She’d make a better recast for Molly or Kristina. I’m also not a fan of the Nik recast. He reminds me so much of Matthew Perry (especially the voice) that its so distracting for me.

  35. Holly says:

    21. Couldn’t agree more! Their 2013 album anthem is amazing! For anyone who is interested in catching up on their career they are having a pretty great sale on some of their music on their website right now.
    However, I did find it odd that on a show celebrating music from 1995-2000 that they sang a song from a 2010 album.

  36. Temperance says:

    8 – Code Black was an awesome show, so yeah. Of course, they decided to make some pretty HORRIBLE cast changes, other than adding Lowe. We’ll see. Promoting two universally disliked characters to full time after eliminating two of the best ones might tank the show.

  37. Temperance says:

    17 – I loved the first season of Wayward Pines, but I’m rooting for a (temporary) abbie extinction of the current cast and plot lines.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Since we know that she is returning for a fill in, Molly is doing a great job as far as I’m concerned. I think it would have been amazing to Seeger on the show for long term as a complete new character but I’m enjoying her small fill in role.

    • patricia lavigna says:

      Do not like her performance as Maxi at all!! and of course color of hair is off!! When she tries to be upbeat like Maxi it seems goofy and not right for her at all, she seems just messed up!! As far as that fridge it will not got far as I can tell in my books!! Why do you need to see what you have in our fridge, are you that messed up and is that all you shop for??

  39. littlerosa22 says:

    #21 – YES!! So much more talent than most these days.