Uncle Buck Cancelled

Uncle Buck Cancelled at ABC

Promising ratings, be damned: ABC has pulled the plug on freshman comedy Uncle Buck.

A network insider confirms to TVLine that the Mike Epps sitcom, which drew strong ratings when it premiered last month, will not be returning for a second season. Tuesday’s Season 1 closer will serve as the show’s series finale.

Co-star James Lesure shared the news with fans on Twitter early Wednesday.

Uncle Buck‘s June 14 debut notched a surprisingly robust 5.2 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating, delivering ABC’s largest audience in the Tuesday time slot since December of 2014 and the best demo number in eight months. TVLine readers, however, gave the movie adaptation an average grade of “D+.”

Tuesday’s finale attracted 3.4 million viewers and a 1.0 rating, both series lows.

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  1. Brian says:

    Surprised by this.

    • Regina says:

      Really? I was wondering how it ever got picked up to begin with. Black stereotypes are so 1972ish. Can’t we get beyond this type of crap. I’ve never understood why black Americans who don’t understand how to speak American English are so endeared by the morons in my own community. My mother and father fought for my access to a good education — that certainly doesn’t seem to be important in 2016. Speaking as if we’re an ignorant, uneducated, hood-rat is cool. Going back to the Amos n Andy days of entertainment is disgusting. How about a sitcom staring actors of color who aren’t – ghetto? Or, ghetto adjacent. You know, just a regular family, like the family of color that I grew up in.

      Good riddens to another ignorant example of placating ‘the colored people’.

      • Ralph says:

        The closest thing you’re going to see a black family on tv that hasn’t been “ghettoized” is The West Family on the Flash. The characters were originally written as white but PC changed for the show. If you never saw their characters you would have no idea what race they are!

      • Nina says:

        You do know that this show was based off of the original Uncle Buck that was a white family??? Soooo where does the stereotyping and ghetto-ness come from????

      • Leena says:

        It’s actually “Good Riddance”. See this is what I don’t understand. Black people are so offended by comedy such as this because it perpetuates a stereotype that a lot of us actually are in real life. Do I walk around saying POP POP SHIZAM, no but to see it doesn’t make me cringe. It’s satire, entertainment, comedy. I am saddened that this show is cancelled because although they have a ghetto relative, which I am sure we all have at least one, the show mainly portrays a successful, married black couple who raised their children well. The children are smart, speaks well and as a whole they have a strong familial unit. I think it’s positive and funny.

      • Melanie says:

        Please get off of your high horse. This is a comedy series hence word. And this family is a successful career minded family raising there kids and teaching life lessons. Get over it.

      • Sheila Brown says:

        You know if you were just a little more Intelligent you would know the difference between comedy Acting and Real Life..People are who they are and it’s wanna be uppity Uncle Toms that see’s a problem with it. And for your Info. there is no such thing as a Freakin and yes I said Freakin Regular Family and now you need to Stop living in your Bill Crosby World. And for the Record do you even know what English is, seems like you need to do your history; English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain in the 5th to 7th centuries AD by Germanic invaders and settlers from what is now northwest Germany, west Denmark and the Netherlands. What do you speak again because none of them were of COLOR….

  2. Whatevah says:

    The new person in charge at ABC is quite the hatchet woman isn’t she? The way networks are now-a-days Seinfeld never would have lasted nine years and Cheers eleven.

    • april-ann says:

      While I agree with you that we never would have had Seinfeld or Cheers if decisions had been based solely upon early ratings back then, I must say this show was never going to become a Seinfeld nor a Cheers.

      • Ralph says:

        Let’s be honest here. Comparing this crap to Seinfeld or Cheers is ridiculous. It’s a forced diversity remake of a John Candy classic. It fails in comparison!

  3. Big Mike says:

    This was a thing?

  4. Shar says:

    James Leisure as Kelly Ripa’s co-host?

  5. jr. says:

    Bring back The Family.

  6. Kevin K says:

    I knew Uncle Buck was ONE AND DONE and I got it right. No complaining

  7. Tom says:

    Wasn’t this kind of expected?

  8. Senor Nosopresa says:


  9. . (@yikes77) says:

    Now Lesure can get back to Blue Bloods!

  10. jp says:

    Great timing – I just took it off my dvr recording list a few days ago!

  11. Lauren says:

    I wanted to like this. They are a very talented cast. But it was so bad.

  12. steven says:

    Please. The only true Uncle Buck died a long time ago.

  13. MSQueen15 says:

    This was a cute show. One of the few I could watch with my kids. I hate to hear this. Ugh.

  14. rnigma says:

    The first Uncle Buck TV show (with Kevin Meaney) didn’t last long either.

  15. Lala says:

    I’m sad because I loved the kids…

  16. cole says:

    Good, it was awful. John Candy is the only Uncle Buck.

  17. Guest says:

    Good! There is only one Uncle Buck.. And that’s John Candy!!!

  18. Not Doc says:

    Was this the blind item?

  19. Jay Reynolds says:

    Cancelled for blasphemy. Glad it got the same treatment Kevin Meaney’s did over a decade ago. You do NOT try to replace John Candy, as it is impossible. Go revive something else. Maybe “Spies Like Us?”.

  20. datdudemurphy says:

    Seriously….was anyone shocked by this?

  21. Ram510 says:

    I’m a little surprised since the numbers were decent. This decision must have to do with more than just ratings

  22. BillyBobJohnson says:

    Did anyone think this would make it? Anyone?

  23. Ebony McKenzie says:

    Uncle Buck was funny black t.v. Sad you guys didn’t give it a real chance!!!

  24. C-spot says:

    Didn’t realize this was even a show. Either I don’t watch enough TV, or there’s just too much stuff on. Has the saturation point been reached?

  25. Marcia Wade says:

    That’s a tough time slot going up against Zoo and The Haves and Have Nots too bad it was funny

  26. keniri says:

    I knew this was going to be a miserable failure. They turned it into a black comedy series. There was no need for that. There are so many good black urban TV shows out there, the casting was all wrong for this series and, I hate to say it, but white people would simply not watch this. I actually enjoyed such shows as “Tyler Perry’s House of Pain”, “Family Matters”, “Sanford and Son”. The problem is that Uncle Buck, they were hoping more white viewers would tune into the show and it failed, just like that Fantastic Four movie failed. Movie and TV studios need to stop “white-washing” or “black-washing” the cast for a TV series or a movie.

  27. Jimmie watkins says:

    Man why I thought this was great show mike Epps was wonderful the supporting cast also just when you reason to watch sitcom t.v again yall do this what a disappointment.

  28. #beautiful says:

    why did they do this it was a very good show i loved it it was funny and appropriate for many viewers uncle buck should stay on tv this is ridiculous why did it cancel why i’m so mad right now i can just scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that feels better but i am still mad this is rediculous

  29. Scott Ashley says:

    Hey wait a minute….. where is president Obama? Where is Al Sharpton?? They cancelled a BLACK TV show!!!! Oh those racist pigs!!! Where are NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, etc…. I would think they would be covering vigils for this poor black show that has been cancelled obviously due to racist white people!!!!

  30. angela says:

    so sad at our house we liked it we loved the character’s and it was a great family show. we are sad

  31. Nicky says:

    I enjoyed the show , it’s all about laughter and I am a Mike Epps fan ! I saw similarities with Black-ish at first , but after watching a few more episodes I saw the difference and enjoyed every episode. Maybe Hulu will pick it up. A family show all ages can enjoy together ..

    • Hytecker says:

      I like James Leisure and I like Nia Long. Can’t stand Mike Epps. Nobody sane would leave their kids with his character!

  32. Pamela allen says:

    I really liked uncle buck one of the funniest shows this summer. I’m disappointed that the good shows get cancelled while the bad ones remain.

  33. Karen Sillemon says:

    Bring Uncle Buck back please!!!!!!!!

  34. Debbie says:

    Who cares what it was based on(white)? It’s about comedy and laughter. I really liked the show and sad to see it has been canceled. Mike Epps and Nia Long very funny and the kids are learning new thing about life, isn’t that what family life is based on? Racism is not only in the street it’s in tv sitcoms too……so sad.

  35. Queen says:

    Nooooo!!!!!!!!!! The show is cute and funny, give it a chance!

  36. Tawana smith says:

    This is comedy! the guy is a comedian he makes people laugh! That’s what he does incase you didn’t know! I hope someone else pick up the show

  37. Bryan smith says:

    Why don’t the show go to bet our cable

  38. desiree says:

    That sucks no more uncle buck I don’t get to see Miles he is so fine

  39. Tired viewer says:

    That’s not fair! Who rated the show. Mike Epps was great!

  40. Chikaria says:

    I am so disappointed that they cancel this show because we don’t have a lot of family shows on tv and my children look forward watching this every Tuesday because it was so funny.

  41. Tammy Jones says:

    I can’t believe that the network cancelled the show. When I watch TV, I want to see good wholesome black American values like the Cosby show. Uncle buck spoke to the realities of life and should have been allowed to remain on the air. When shows like power and empire are the only representation of success for black people, there is something wrong with that picture. Blackish is ok but come on now. Uncle buck was better!!!

    • Toinye says:

      I was very disappointed to hear that Uncle Buck was cancelled! Everyone I know watched it and had good things to say I mean could they have at least finish the first season?!

  42. TLC says:

    I often wonder who the TV Line Readers and other people are who judge these shows. There have been some good shows cancelled that are positive, comical and adress real life issues. I loved Uncle Buck and hopefully another network will pick it up and run with it, if that’s possible.

  43. Cjon says:

    This dosent stereotype black people. The show is based on a white Family in which John candy stared in the movie…. The show did deal with some racial issues but I enjoyed both versions