Suits Spoilers

Suits Stars Preview 'Massive' Change, Badass Donna and Comedic Firm Plot

Suits isn’t just changing its wardrobe for Mike’s prison stint. Oh no, Season 6 of the USA Network series (premiering next Wednesday at 9/8c) is so completely “a different show” that even the show’s stars needed “a bit of a moment to adjust when we came back [to work],” Rick Hoffman tells TVLine.

Viewers, too, will find themselves being transported to “a whole new world” via Mike’s current jailhouse digs, co-star Sarah Rafferty says. “We’ve got a whole new location — that’s a massive change.”

As for Pearson Specter Litt, it’s “just a ghost town” following the abrupt departures of all its employees, Rafferty adds. For Jessica (Gina Torres), Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Louis and the always-loyal Donna, “The stakes are as high as they can be, trying to get Mike out of prison, trying to save the firm, trying to see if there’s any firm to save! It’s pretty intense.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom. While Mike’s arc is “a little more serious,” the drama will not lose its comedic touch, his portrayer Patrick J. Adams promises. “There isn’t a lot of room for joking around when you’re in prison, trying not to die,” he explains. “But the rest of the show has found a really good way to balance that out” with Jessica, Harvey and Louis’ ambitious attempts to save the firm.

“They need to rent out the offices to a bunch of financial whiz kids, so that [provides] a lot of opportunity for some funny stuff to come back in,” Adams continues. “Louis has some great storylines, so he’s bringing the comedy.”

And Donna, of course, is bringing her usual awesome self. “She rises to a whole new level of badassery, in my opinion, because Harvey’s really struggling with his guilt,” Rafferty shares. “We need Harvey to get Mike out of prison, so she’s there helping him navigate those… emotions, which is something that’s really in her skill set to do.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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  1. Normandy says:

    I enjoy Suits, but the entire premise was flawed. Why would anyone risk their careers and reputations for Mike’s lie?

    • Wordsmith says:

      Because Harvey is a crazy risk-taker with a rebellious streak a mile wide and an eye for unconventional talent, and because by the time everybody else found out, the damage was already done and maintaining the lie was the only non-disastrous option.

    • bigdede says:

      THIS!! This is the reason I had to stop watching Suits. Why is everyone risking everything for Mike? I just don’t understand it. It just makes no sense to me. And even though it’s illegal for Mike to be there, if he whines everyone gives in to him.

      • rowan77 says:

        They’re not. The only one who was risking everything FOR Mike was Harvey. Everyone else was in self-preservation mode. If Mike was found out, Jessica would have lost her firm because this happened under her nose. Louis, who loves the firm more than anything else, would have been fired for telling. Rachel didn’t tell because she didn’t want the man she loved to go to prison. Donna didn’t tell because she loves Harvey and it would have ruined him. Only as time went on and Mike continuously proved his worth year after year did risking themselves FOR Mike become an idea for anyone other than Harvey,

      • neymar says:

        Mike is a special someone in the film, everyone risks for mike because of his attachment to Harvey. If Harvey wants to rescue Mike, then it means Jessica is in , Donna is in as well as Ratchel Zane.

    • Betsy says:

      It’s interesting because during the trial, the only one who wouldn’t perjure herself was Donna. Smart woman. One would have to be a fool to commit a crime during a judicial proceeding for a criminal (which in the end -and as much as I like Mike, that’s what he is).

  2. lauren says:

    Thanks for this! Can’t wait to see Jessica and Harvey swing into action and save the firm – hopefully!

  3. vpldy54 says:

    I can’t wait for the new season! I love Donna and I love how Rachael has a bigger role. I hope that continues! Looking forward to Harvey, Louis and all the gang!

  4. danoregon says:

    I always figured they would set up the prison stint in a way that Mike gets released early because he is incredibly successful helping fellow inmates with their appeals and making prosecutors and judges look bad.

    • Kristen says:

      I agree with this. That HAS to be the angle they use on Mike in prison. I also think it’ll be the way he keeps from getting his butt kicked. Lol

  5. JoshBoss503 says:

    Interesting that they left out Rachel. Is she no longer a part of the firm?

  6. Kellie says:

    I was kind of hoping that the new season would pick up 2 years later at the end of Mike’s prison stint. Then we could see where everyone ended up after the fallout and see how things might have changed. Would have been a nice little reboot.

  7. KCC says:

    The major problem I have is all these events would not happen to competent attorneys. Notice I said “competent.” These are supposed to be excellent, best in the world type attorneys, making it even more unbelievable that events would play out the way they did with everyone. Not a single one “did the right thing” and turned Mike in. The hubris of all the major characters (except Rachel, she fell in love with a liar) is off the charts. None of them took the long view of how it would affect their careers in the long term, only the immediate consequences of exposing Mike as a fraud. I give the writers credit for having it end up where it should, with Mike in jail and the firm all but out of business.
    Having said that, I watch exactly for the unbelievable way all the characters react to everything in an “it’s so bad, it’s good” kind of way. Very little logical thinking, all the responses are emotional (not the way lawyers are trained to act). Two of them fight in the beginning of an episode. They discuss said fight with a third party. They take the advise offered by the third party. Everyone apologizes and promises to be a better person. That is until the next episode where it all happens again with two different characters in conflict, and so on.
    I’m curious to see how this season plays out. Mike will get out of jail eventually even if the lawyers don’t do anything, but I’m certain it will be because of some “brilliant” legal maneuver Harvey makes. The more interesting part will be seeing how Harvey, Jessica and Lewis resuscitate their careers. I’m hoping it’s the most unbelievable, out of left field way, which it pretty much has to be.

  8. Kim R says:

    We are so looking forward to Suits this month! And of course, my husband is in love with Donna. :D

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of new season from some of cast. Excited to see new season next week!

  10. Joey says:

    Suits is a great show, something good to watch this summer. With all the changes to the series the show runners are making, I hope it does not derail the show. Last year at this time the two show runners for another great show (CASTLE) told us all about the big bold changes they made for season 8, so they could put there stamp on the show. They did and the stamp said cancelled for lost of ratings and ABC having a budget problem. I can only hope that the runners of Suits are smart enough to make changes to there plan if needed, and do not fall down the same rabbit hole as Castle. I guess time will tell. Looking forward to next Wednesday.

  11. Tommy Townsend says:

    Come on, people. This is a TV show, not real life. Ridiculous things happen on TV shows, things that would never happen in real life. The writing and acting on this show makes it, by far, one of the best series on TV. Just enjoy, and don’t try to over-think the show. I know I do.

  12. Momma says:

    Yuck, sounds like another downer year similar the last. First years were crisp and apunky with actual legal, not the big soap opera it has turned into. Harvey is perpetually angry, swears and doesnt seem strong, charismatic..just pissed off and mean. SO sick f the way over the top Donna character, no I dont enjoy her bossy way out f line role, nor her “new” sashay walk that the actress seems so proud of. My family is out…

  13. Hiral Shah says:

    Suits is a great show i have ever seen. There is so much to learn from this show. I have learned how to make decisions in hard times or manage too many things at a time and has to complete each work properly at difficult times also. And people we are working with also our like our family. I just love Harvey and Donna also. Each characters developed by writer is just wonderful and dialogues are outstanding. Love you all…(from all the Indian viewer of suits)… Looking forward for Season 6 and up to season 50 or more… :)

  14. Lee says:

    Wow! After 5 seasons of being a loyal viewer, I quit! Why did the writers decide to take such an
    unnecessary dismal turn? I just can’t stomach this ridiculous storyline. Gone is the dynamic I enjoyed for years.

  15. Shay Horbsky says:

    Someone said that Mike dies in this season? That just wouldn’t make sense if it is renewed for a 7th and 8th season. The reason why they are risking their careers is because the whole show is based around him.

    It doesn’t make sense, but since the whole show is based off of that, here we are ;)

  16. Susan Exum says:

    I love Suits. Unfortunately I didn’the realize this season started a month and a half ago. I will have to tune in now and enjoy. Good to see there will be another season. One of the best series on tv