Person of Interest Bosses Preview Finch's Big Turn, Episode 100's Action Sequence Five Years in the Making

CBS’ Person of Interest receives an especially meaningful number this week — as in “Episode 100.” But first, a team member must overcome a warped sense of reality to make her way home.

First up, in the episode “Sotto Voce” (airing Monday at 10/9c), the criminal mastermind known as “The Voice” returns and traps Reese and Fusco in the cop shop with several armed gang members and the latest POI. Shaw meanwhile continues her journey home from the Johannesburg facility where she had been kept by Samaritan all this time.

“Shaw is still vacillating between trying to figure out whether she’s actually in reality or not,” co-showrunner Greg Plageman previews. As affirmed by the news report she heard about the near-viral outbreak in New York City, “The truth of the matter is that she is, she has finally escaped and it’s real, but that now becomes the pressing issue — her grasp on reality,” says the EP.

Standing between Shaw and seeing Team Machine again, says co-showrunner Jonah Nolan, is not just some 8,000 miles but also “the induced psychosis of being forced to kill herself 7,000 times” via Samaritan’s vicious VR simulations. “That might be the biggest stumbling block.”

(And to those who have been emailing TVLine asking about when the for-real Shaw/Root reunion might take place, Nolan warns, “That’s kind of not how our show works, sadly. The reunion will be short-lived.”)

Elsewhere among the good guys’ ranks, Fusco informed Reese that not only has he sought a transfer to a new department/partner, but he’s done helping out Finch’s mysterious band of heroes. That devastating decision, however, might force the team’s hand. “This is the part of the season where our gang realizes that it’s diminishing returns keeping Fusco in the dark,” says Plageman. “The fact is his life is in peril anyway, so there comes a point in time where they no longer can keep [the complete truth] from him.”

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s episode,
then read on for Episode 100 preview:

Ominously (yet rightfully) titled “The Day The World Went Away,” Tuesday’s episode marks the series’ 100th hour. Given that each of this farewell run’s precious 13 episodes obviously had to be special, what makes this milestone even more so? “I would say the big-ass gun!” answers Nolan with a laugh, referring to Root’s choice of weapon during a car chase/Person of Interestshootout that is so spectacular, it actually ate into the budget for the following episode (which Plageman directed).

“I’ve been dreaming about that action sequence for about five years,” Nolan shares, “waiting for the right moment to toss it in there. The sniper-through-the-sun roof, cruise control, steer-the-car-with-your-four-inch-heeled boot maneuver is something that Root was destined for for an awfully long time.”

But more importantly, Episode 100 also finds Finch’s cover identity blown, amplifying even further the jeopardy the team now faces and forcing Harold to make some hard choices about their attack plan from here on.

“We always wanted to explore another side to Michael Emerson’s character, when he had finally had enough,” says Plageman. Episode 100 “felt like a big episode emotionally for our characters, and a major turn for one of them.”

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  1. NC says:

    This show is so awesome!!!!!! Shame in you CBS for canceling one of the best shows on TV!!! CBS you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Episode 100 is quite fantastic. A lot happens.

    • Patrick says:

      I enjoy the show. But parts of the last two seasons were uneven, best. Further, this show started out as a normal CBS procedural, with a case of the week format. It then morphed into a morality play about two ASIs warring with each other. It was a bait and switch, and an enormously expensive one considering the actors/producers/shooting locations. This show only works if it is an enormous hit, and the last two seasons weren’t great. l loved it, but it is now a very different show than what CBS green lit, and it has bled viewers. We are lucky we got these 13 eps.

      • exdalien says:

        The show is still a hit. You don’t seem to know what you are talking about. And once they ditch the procedural aspect which they haven’t completely the show got even better. The reason CBS is canceling the show is they don’t own the show, warner bros does. And when money time comes CBS breaks even. so they want more shows they own.

        • Gwendolyn Yvonne Thompson says:

          OK. That makes sense. So why don’t CBS buy it from Warner Bros so it can stay. It really is a great show.

          • Allen Godwin says:

            Because Bad Robot Productions is the one who actually owns the show and Warner Bros., only actually owns the distribution rights and together they had already made deals for the syndication and streaming rights to the show and CBS didn’t get any of that profit so they got pissed and cancelled it and treated it like they did.

      • johnhelvete says:

        CBS and some of the viewers might consider it a “bait and switch”, I would call it a brilliant move by the writers to get the series on the air, and than evolving the show to where they probably always intended to take it. I agree that we are lucky to get closure and the final 13 episodes.

  2. Mary Lynn says:

    Sounds like Nolan’s going to screw over the Shooters as hard as he screwed over the Careesers.

    • fran says:

      Maybe everyone should prepare to add Root to the list of dead TV lesbians of 2016.

      • Abub says:

        Maybe people could stop turning POI and its characters into a cause like they do every other damn thing and show and just let it be about the, oh, I don’t know – show? And about the story and characters? Why does everything on tv have to be about someone else’s (i.e. “your”) bigger f-ing picture?

  3. Death's granddaughter says:

    Just don’t take Root away from me, ok? At this point I don’t care about anything and anyone in this show anymore I just want my Root alive. She’s too important to me.

    • Marceline says:

      Amy was filming a scene for 5×13 with Carrie(Grace) so please, Death’s granddaughter (Susan, right?) don’t worry, your grandfather isn’t going to take Root away from us anytime soon.

    • emma says:

      Michael mentioned in one of his interviews that the key characters will survive. I bet on Root, Finch, The Machine and Bear. Probably, Fusco too but I’m not sure.

      My other guess is the first to die in 100th episode will be Elias and Shaw is a sleeper agent she just doesn’t know about this. Yet. Until, say, some phone call.


  4. Walter says:

    “The reunion will be short-lived.”

    This makes it sound like one of them is going to die (probably Root — NOOOOO!). I really hope not, but if The Machine “dies” maybe Root does too. Though for a real curveball, Finch or Reese should die. They started the show and it would be a good bookend if one of them dies.

    I don’t expect a TM reunion like we got in the simulation but I’m hoping Shaw joins TM soon. There are only a couple of eps left and it would suck to only have the group back together for like one episode.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Oh, I took it to mean they would have to hit the road, fighting, so it would just be a “Hi, and let’s get moving.” I hope I’m right!

  5. jacqueline westrop says:

    short lived reunion does that mean Root is the first member of the team to die ?

  6. Z says:

    I mean…you ask when Shoot will reunite….get a vague answe, then the photo for the next episode is root yelling at shaw in the background. Sort of answers the question.

  7. Kevin K says:

    Root & Shaw were too hot for CBS in an episode two weeks ago. Can’t wait to see how POI will end until the series finale come June 21st.

  8. BillyBobJohnson says:

    Short-lived is obviously code for Root or Shaw dies. Since Shaw already “died” once, I’m guessing Root. Sucks either way.

  9. Wesley says:

    Yeah, I’m fully expecting Root to go down in episode 100. Kill her as she reunites with Shaw just to rub it in. This is going to hurt!

    • Alfred says:

      Shaw, or Reese, or both. There is no other optio and it’s only possible and logical solution to end the show. Root and Finch won’t be able to go on without them.

  10. KayCeeCee says:

    I hope that Agent Carter (Taraji P Henson) makes an appearance this season.

  11. Cathy says:

    This show was one of my favorites, but they’ve made it so confusing and hard to follow, I just give up. Love the whole cast, loved when they were helping people, but all this ‘Samaritan’ being in control & them just hiding from it, it’s not the same anymore.

    • Abubs says:

      Yep. Ain’t evolution a mother?

      • Derek41 says:

        This show isn’t that complicated or confusing. If you are paying attentiong, everything from the beginning of the show has been laid out, and it’s pretty amazing to follow. This show is not for the lowest common denominator, it requires your attention. Like Abubs said, aint evolution a mother. I have loved every second of the show, and I am sure I will love the rest.

    • Cat Cody says:

      Agree with Cathy. I could have watched them helping people forever. Why is something like that never “cool” enough? No, we get a whole other machine- an evil one. Well, I hate Samaritan and all its people. Ruined the best show on TV.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        The husband jumped at your comment, “Yah! I could have too! It was a show about helping people, now they’ve turned it into being scared about that darn machine.” They could have had the same formula saving the person of the week, and we never would have grown tired of it. Darn those issue-urges is what I say. Not to say we are not riveted to each episode, here, though. It was a shame they didn’t give CBS some of that syndication money. Maybe, they can renegotiate and give us some TV movies, going back to saving a person a month, i.e. Colombo TV movies. Formulaic TV is cool, sometimes.

  12. Linda says:

    The first episode of this season starts with a voice over by root talking about the war being over and she doesn’t know who won or who is alive, so I assume she at least lives.

  13. peter says:

    i think that nobody dies in the episode 100 because would be in the may sweeps the other things related to POI are like elias .. the machine and the 100 is tomorrow and is still may !!!that’s my calculeted guess

    • Abubs says:

      Except that CBS is burning off the final season of POI before June 21 regardless and the normal “sweeps” calendar” timing doesn’t really apply here.

  14. this show is so awesome shame shame on CBS for canceling it

  15. Lee says:

    I wish it could go on, even with fewer episodes. Even a 8-13 episode season (like this one) would be acceptable to me.

  16. Sad says:

    1. Damn Warner Brothers. Just damn.

    2. Happy to see how people have come to love Root since when she was introduced there was much dislike and even hatred for her character even to the point where people thought Root would be the reason for people turning away from POI if she were to stay. Glad you Root haters came to realize what an amazing character she turned out to be.

    3. Also sorry Nancy Drew got passed on. I would watch anything any of these characters are in, but especially the two kick-ass women. Would a tv series with Sarah and Amy as the stars be awesome? It sure as hell would!

    4. I’m so damn disappointed this will be the end. I love this show. But enthusiasm and devotion mean nothing in the world of big business and that’s just sad. I yearn for, yet dread, the final episodes. D R E A D

  17. Stephanie Shackleford says:

    I wanna know if Sarah was a fighter? Ya know had some school scraps, family scraps, bitch fights? She looks like she is lightining fast!

  18. peterwdawson says:

    A shame Season 4 dragged so much in places, Season 5’s been awesome and I hate that it’s the last.

  19. Frank Rathgeb says:

    Such a great show it will be surely be missed, so many other stupid shows they keep, they need to get there heads out of there ass’s[CBS] Hope we will all be fine with the ending!

  20. robin says:

    Mr.Egret reminded me of Ben from Lost.

  21. Cynthia says:

    Just can’t believe this is the last season! I will really miss this fabulous show :0(

  22. PatriciaLee says:

    We loved the episode, and if they kill off my brave Person Of Interest friends, I will be very, very, very upset. Get over your issues, and let the good guys live, suits!

  23. ellie says:

    We know from the promo for episode 100 that someone dies and I feel like logically it would only make sense for Fusco, he’s not as key as the other four and he was never meant to know about the machine. Reese finally disclosed that information to him in this episode and they’ve resisted from doing that for 5 years because well everyone privy to that information is in danger just for knowing it. I feel like him dying the episode after finding out is a kind of a good way to go story-wise. I don’t know if Root’s going to make it out by the end but I just don’t see her dying before the finale. I feel like before the finale the only casualty in who makes sense in team machine is Fusco.

    I mean yes, this show isn’t the most predictable, some things are made clear as to how they are going to go but this is and never was a fairytale ending show. I hope Amy filming scenes with Carrie in the finale is not a flashback scene, Grace does appear a lot in flashbacks but I feel like her appearance in the finale will be in present-time. Maybe Root meeting with her to relay a message from Harold. Root is the machine’s analogue interface, she’s too key to the storyline to be gone before the finale, and I don’t think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. I feel like Shaw will definitely survive by the end, I just feel like her character has already gone through enough hell that they won’t do that to her, like it’s more of a shock if she lives, her supposed death we’ve seen on-screen already and the state she’s been in all season, she’s been on the precipice of death, to see her alive and well would be more of a surprise.

    I think Nolan’s “short-lived reunion” comment was in reference to their reunion scene not necessarily how much longer one of them lives, if the casualty in the next episode is Root and Nolan’s comment is in reference to her fate then that’s a major spoiler I just couldn’t see him being so careless to in-direclty blurt it out. This is his show and he’s very proud of it and considerate with the things he has to say about it. Alluding to something like that if it is true just seems very unlikely on his part. So for that reason, I think he meant their reunion scene. Which when compared the emphasis place on their reunion in the simulation which basically consisted of the whole ep and them sleeping together, is short-lived.

  24. Tony H says:

    I agree. This show has it all romance , action and a plot. CBS has done this before with the now canceled Vegas. It decided to put on shows like that “Angel ” series which was canceled and that others how about some Irish family comedy. It wants to cancel Hawaii Five O as well. These are good shows !! canceling because thay don’t reach the same share of audiences as Blue Blood is not a fair assessment . Let the show go on!!!!!

  25. The Carpooler says:

    Monday’s episode was great. It felt like S1 and 2 where the group was focused on an issue of the week. I’m glad we’re getting these final episodes, and honestly I like the advanced scheduling of multiple eps each week.

  26. Jo Ann says:

    love this show shame CBS for canceling this is needed today

  27. Gwendolyn Yvonne Thompson says:

    Please Please is there any way to save Person of Interest. I have watched it from the beginning and it should stay. Several people have written in. I know the ratings weren’t that bad to take it off. Besides you kept changing when it was coming on.

  28. Monday nights episode was so good I clapped at the end. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

  29. Ray says:

    I have a hookup and get to watch this show early, its one of my favs. Can’t believe they went there with 3 episodes to go. Action nonstop and the first big surprise would have been enough and then they tear your heart ou with the second surprise. TV fanatics like me will get this but how come the “Angel” with an “Alias” never survives on shows.

    • tvadictmom says:

      Agreed. Non stop action. Very surprised at everything that happened. Can’t wait til next episode

  30. Carleen Kelley says:

    I love this show. I wish it wasn’t ending! And I LOVED that scene that was “5 yrs in the making.”

  31. Movi Lover says:

    It’s over! The guys and his rules are not impressive anymore after all that happened. Spoilers (she is dead… :-()

  32. I have enjoyed the series a great deal but, and yes I know I will be the odd ball here, I was not impressed with the lengthy chase and shoot out sequence in the 100th episode. More time could have been spent on the characters rather than that BS. Finch’s story line was awesome, the loss of Elias and Root was sad but we all knew some people would not make it through to the end of the battle. I just hope we get to see The Machine take out Samaritan in damn good fashion.

  33. lamine says:

    i’m so disapointed the serie only got 13 episodes, such an amazing serie that can still be explored , i hope another channel will pick it up for at least another season could be so cool why not