Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers

Fear the Walking Dead EP Addresses Walking Dead Fans' 'Frustrations'

Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Dave Erickson has heard your complaints that his series isn’t The Walking Dead. He gets it. And “that has been one of the challenges of the show,” he tells TVLine. The Walking Dead has “a huge fan base to whom we are incredibly grateful, and we obviously want to deliver a story that everybody loves. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure that our characters didn’t embrace the tropes [of the genre] as readily as,” say, the characters in a zombie movie.

On the big screen, the learning curve is so steep that, ordinarily, “by the end of the first reel, everybody knows the score and is able to kill [the undead] without any thought,” the showrunner notes. “They become very practiced at it very quickly. And that was something we wanted to avoid. We wanted to [instead] try to balance expectations of how people should behave once they know there are zombies with this sort of attempted slow burn into the apocalypse from a character standpoint.”

Which makes sense from a long-term storytelling perspective. However, even Erickson acknowledges that “that creates frustrations, to a certain degree, because in some instances, you want [the characters] to get it already. And in some circumstances, the things that they do that don’t seem particularly zombie-savvy are, for me, moments where they aren’t zombie-savvy.

“If you marked off the days [that have passed on air since Fear TWD debuted], I think right now, by the end of the first half [of Season 2], we’re getting very close to Rick waking up in Georgia” on The Walking Dead, he continues. Only now have Fear TWD‘s survivors “arrived at a place where they’re up to speed on how one deals with the apocalypse and the dead.” In other words, they’re no longer beginners.

Still, viewers shouldn’t expect Fear TWD‘s characters to start going to the extremes that The Walking Dead‘s routinely do. Yes, Madison condemned Celia to die in the midseason finale. But that doesn’t mean that she’s become as ruthless as Rick. “That wasn’t a matter of ‘We have to have one of our core characters do something that seems incredibly immoral or violent in order to catch up with where they should be,'” Erickson explains. “That was more a mother who was trying to protect her son [Nick] from, essentially, a drug dealer.”

What do you think? Do you see the logic in Erickson’s approach? Looking forward to the second half Fear TWD‘s sophomore season? Hit the comments.

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  1. Kyle says:

    This show seems so unnecessary…

  2. webly3 says:

    The flaws of the show aren’t because it’s different from The Walking Dead. The characters in this show aren’t likeable enough (although some are becoming a bit more sympathetic) and never were. Once interesting characters become likeable or compelling, they die like Celia and Elizabeth.

    • CavemanRadio says:

      I couldn’t agree more…none of the characters are likeable…in fact, I look forward to all of them dying.

      • KEW says:

        I agree with you I find there is no chemistry between the actors I too could care less if they died…. & I stopped watching 3 episode’s back … will continue with TWD love that show…

        • REW says:

          I had given up on it too until someone told me the last 3 episodes got better. I don’t want to give it too much hype because it’s still not spectacular, but the last 3 episodes of the season did get much better and MUCH more relatable.

        • Dave says:

          Agree. There’s no chemistry between Madison and Travis as a couple, Alicia and Nick as siblings or Daniel and Ofelia as father and daughter.

      • Anke says:

        I hate to say this, but yes, let them all die and start anew with another group. And pretty please, no complicated patchwork family.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. There’s not one character on this show that I would care about if they died. Good TV is having a character that you feel emotionally invested in and find yourself caring about what happens to them.

    • ylanda71 says:

      You hit it right on the nail.

    • woodstock41 says:

      Yup, that’s exactly it. I watch the show because I like zombie shows and love TWD, but every time I finish an episode of Fear the Walking Dead, I feel dirty. The characters are just icky. I don’t care if any of them die. They need to kill off this family and bring in characters that are relate-able or likable. If they keep this family then for heaven’s sake, someone tell Kim Dickens to change her expression every once in a while and stop looking pained 100% of the time, and don’t turn Nick into a wuss when he’s been the only really interesting character.

    • Ben says:

      +1, all T. Goshh… Elizabeth, Daniel and specially Tobias… every single one of those , interesting/appealing characters wasted… and they just keep making more and more annoying/disappointing the main characters (seriously… Madison is the Lory of FTWD for me xD)

      Wasn’t this show suppose to give a new perspective of the main universe/story?… but no.. it’s just like the most boring and annoying stuffing episodes of TWD.

    • Dave says:

      I was thinking something similar. This whole first half of the second season, all the newly introduced characters died quickly, too quickly – the survivalist family, Luis, Abigail, Celia – or got left behind (Alex).

  3. Geo says:

    They still don’t get it. The problem isn’t “why are these characters having a long learning curve about how to deal with zombies.” That could still be an interesting story under one or more of the following conditions: if the characters were 1) interesting 2) caused at least some level of fondness, likeability, or concern from viewers or 3) acted in any way consistently (it doesn’t have to even be logically, but it does have to feel more like “this is the way that character would act” and less like “the plot needs this character to do something, so they do it, even if it’s way out of character”). “Fear the Walking Dead” isn’t giving us any of that. Fix the characters, then they can have however long a “learning curve” they need to have and fans will actually care.

    • Desiree says:

      Yes! A thousand times yes! I love TWD, but in this show, I actually root for the zombies…

    • M3rc_Nate says:

      Came here basically to say this. I haven’t really ever heard the complaint that the show isn’t like TWD therefore it sucks. As you said the shows needs better writing; aka the characters need to be written so their decision making and personalities are consistent and true to what has been established. At least some need to be interesting. At least some need to be likable.
      Here is how I feel about each character:
      Travis: Meh. He’s just really generic. Vanilla. Nothing good or bad about him he’s just there.
      Madison: I don’t really like her. She is pretty cold and not a good mother and not a good…girlfriend? (She and Travis aren’t married right?). She isn’t really interesting and I definitely don’t like her (or dislike her per-se).
      Alicia: She has been the typical stupid young girl with her decision making, caring more about her boyfriend and then talking to the guy on the radio than being smart and realizing the world she is requires her to grow up. She has finally become alright but so far i’m not really rooting for her or liking her.
      Nick: Basically the only character I like. He is likable, he is interesting, he is intriguing, he is unique, and he has been written pretty consistently since day one.
      Ofelia: If it wasn’t for the actress playing her (who I adore) I think the character would be pretty plain. She hasn’t done or said much. I will say I am intrigued as to how she can be developed due to how she was raised and her losing both her parents.
      Daniel: He was a badass, he was likable, he was smart, he was the voice of reason, but then he went senile all of a sudden and is possibly dead.
      Chris: The worst, I want to climb in my TV and end him myself. Dare I say bad acting, bad writing, just bad everything.
      Victor: Pretty cool but the reveal of who he is and his background and where they were going was pretty disappointing. Was hoping he had a US government (CIA) background or something so the show could go in an interesting direction, but nope he is just a grifter with a man lover who had a sweet setup in Mexico worthy of going to after the zombie apocalypse happened.
      Behind Nick my favorite character has ironically been the one from their short web series; Alex played by Michelle Ang. I am praying they design a way for her to be on FTWD again and this time become a part of the group. I like her characters personality, her brains, and the interesting mystery of how she knew what she knew on that airplane in the web series.

      • Shu Suzuki says:

        Agree with most of your statements but I can’t stand Nick!

      • ylanda71 says:

        I agree with most of your character assessments. I really like Nick too minus his new invincibility stand and feel it’s a shame they messed up Daniel’s character by making him go bat crazy. I absolutely cannot stand Travis. He has no balls. He has so many other flaws but I’ll leave it at that. lol

      • Lilly says:

        Agree with 99% of what you said. There is another missing element that no one mentions: In the early weeks of this apocalypse, any group would change. Frequently. And sometimes dramatically. Remember the walker attack on the group in the mountains after Rick showed up in S1 of TWD? The weak would die. The strong survive. In FTWD more GOOD people are still alive right now, and out of necessity, they would trust their instincts to accept people more readily to grow their chance at survival. The group would ebb and flow much more fluidly than this show does. Of course, the route they’ve taken on a yacht with a controlling stranger with his own agenda (ala cutting Alex loose) limits all those possibilities. And I suppose it would be difficult to get quality actors if three people got killed every week. But if they applied that philosophy to FTWD, that alone would spice things up! And heck, if at the end of S2 we only had one or two of the original cast still alive … so be it!! None of us would cry about that.

        • M3rc_Nate says:

          Good comment. I agree that with the story they have told so far it is difficult to include that aspect of the world into the show. But it should be included when they stop going back to the boat (as they seem to be now).
          I personally would have loved it (though still possible) if they did rotate the cast every one or two seasons. Have characters die off and disappear and leave the group and get replaced by new characters, but then a season or three later have the characters that disappeared or left the group be on the show again.
          That is how I’d write & run the show. I’d have a LONGGGGGGGGGG sheet of actors and actresses that I am interested in casting for FTWD so when character(s) are killed off I can go to the sheet, find an actor or actress who I like, cast them, write a character for them and bring them onto the show. A great way to get the public interested and connected to these new characters is to do more web shorts like they did with “FTWD: Flight 462. Show us a story involving the new character in a 15 minutes web short.
          At some point when the story is right and it makes sense i’d kill off, well almost everyone at some point but for now let’s say i’d kill off Madison Clark. Well let’s say Trieste Kelly Dunn (Banshee) is available for me to cast, I cast her, write a 15 min story about her character experiencing something before or during the zombie outbreak, shoot it, post it to YouTube, then her character is introduced on the show and for those that watched the web short they know a bit about her.
          Do that whenever a new main character is added to the show. Constantly rotate characters on and off the show (unless they are killed, then they are off for good). A quiet upside to this is no cast member ends up getting expensive because they aren’t on the show long enough to get a second contract. (Though there is a character or two I’d have survive a long time, maybe the whole series: Nick & Ofelia. I like the potential both of their characters have and having an anchor, a cast member who has been on since the first episode…that helps keep the show tied to its roots)

          • Lilly says:

            Excellent idea about using web shorts to develop characters to bring on the show. I myself WANTED Alex to hang around. She may be one of my favorite characters on Fear, and she barely spoke 10 sentences!

      • Anke says:

        Mostly agree, but I didn’t like Daniel to begin with and it only got worse. His semi-prophetic lines? “This is how it starts”? Or something like that? But the show absolutely lost it when Daniel tortured that soldier. That was just unnecessary.

        • Lilly says:

          At the time Daniel said that (in the safe zone), he was referring to the government takeover and control of the citizens’ freedom – a subject with which he is quite familiar.

        • M3rc_Nate says:

          I didn’t have any problem with any of that. I would have had a problem with it (especially the soldier torturing) if he had been a barber and that is it. That would be ridiculous. But the guy was a Black Ops soldier himself in Central America, he was forced as a kid to be a child soldier. So when he says “this is how it starts” he is talking from experience seeing governments act a certain way in countries he has lived in or served in. When he has a soldier who has information and he needs to get it, he uses his training and experience to get the information out of him. He was trying to protect his wife and daughter, he has a very very dark past, so him torturing the soldier made complete sense to me.

    • Dyskord says:

      !00% agree. I really wanted to like FTWD but the characters make it hard, so hard.

    • ylanda71 says:

      I wish the EP could find this comment and react appropriately.

    • I agree also, My wife and I watch TWD religiously and we both feel the characters are lacking in many likable aspects. The sense of family, the sense of frustration, or even that connection that we feel from TWD characters is missing. We just keep watching and hoping that they will become more and improve our experience, but we force ourselves to watch hoping it will get better. This needs to happen for us sooner, rather than later for sure.

    • Donna says:

      Geo, you are exactly right. They have to be consistent with the characters. They can’t be having them do something opposed to how the character would act. They have really taken Nick and the old guy and twisted their characters into some behavior that is just not consistent with what we know about them.

      • Lilly says:

        The writers would say this is how Daniel and Nick would act because of their pasts. Here’s the problem: Those people get DEAD. Stupid mistakes cost you in the zombie apocalypse. I still say the group would change and evolve (meaning people dying and others joining the group) much faster than FTWD is handling it. Especially in the beginning because the learning curve is so steep. Of course, these writers solve some of those problems by – for example – miraculously making the addict’s coke withdrawal disappear and this group of average, soft Americans who have no discernible combat or WWF (or even as an athlete!) training immediately into zombie-fighting bad-asses!

        • Nfafan says:

          Better still; the Johnny Depp addict becomes a triathlete -swimming ashore in cold water at night to go find a house. Seriously in good shape for a junkie still looking for get-high.

  4. Sorry. Still can’t seem to care about these characters. They’re boring and stupid.

  5. Jeff says:

    I still can’t tell if there is one boy or two and I hate all of the characters except Strand.

    • "A" says:

      Daniel, Nick, Alicia, and Madison are quiet interesting characters as well.

      Ophelia, Chris, and Travis need to be killed by the Zombies leaving Madison, Nick, Alicia, Victor, and Daniel to sail off to a new adventure in the Zombie apocalypse.

  6. "A" says:

    Love “Fear The Walking Dead.
    It make sense that as FTWD gets closer to Rick waking up from his coma that Madison, Travis, Nick, Alicia, Chris, Ophelia, and even Victor and Daniel are just beginning to understand what needs to be done to survive in the Zombie apocalypse.

    On a side note who would you like to see Madison”s sibling {s} be from TWD ?

    ( Rick, Lori, Daryl/Merle, Carol, Shane, or Maggie/Beth )

    • ylanda71 says:

      I don’t think that is feasible seeing FTWD are in Mexico and Rick and the gang are on the east coast. There are no forms of mass transportation and the highways would be piled up wastelands eliminating the possibility of a meetup.

    • slash069 says:

      what are you talking about? the shows are completely unrelated in plot and timeline.

    • Guest says:

      Well given she can’t even keep track of a young adult makes me think she’s kin to Lori lol

  7. Rick says:

    The problem is that there was one character who was remotely like-able out of the whole bunch (Daniel) and you see what happened to him. I liked him because he appeared to be smart. He seemed to “get it”, but then he starts having hallucinations and he’s off the rails. Chris turns into a Psycho overnight. Nick just wants to roam with the dead. Madison and Travis go back and forth between smart and dumb. There’s no consistency at all. I do not care for these people. Not enough to come back after one of these midseason finales.

    • Ralph says:

      Agree completely. Have tried hard to like the show, but truly can’t. There is no one to like or even root for. I can not see myself returning after the break.

    • Judy says:

      I agree with everything you said. The first season was great. This season is all over the place. I feel disconnected from the characters. Very messy.

  8. hb says:

    Just like (almost) everyone stated, this show doesn’t work due to slow burn, its’ the extremely un-likable and boring characters. No one is special or unique, you don’t find yourself rooting for any of them. Even if they all turned into ‘rick’ and went on zombie killing sprees for half the ep, it still would be a pointless show w/little value. I get that AMC sees TWD franchise as ratings bait so why not have a worthless ‘sister’ show regardless of how much it sucks, obviously people still tune in. I checked out after the lackluster mid season finale.

  9. Babygate says:

    I echo some of the comments made. The problem with this show is the characters. They are not memorable, heroic or interesting enough. Celia was the first chracter that was truly interesting. Maybe it has to do with the actor’s portrayal. But the one thing we got in Rick Grimes from the moment he got up from that bed was a hero. He was confused and had no idea what was going on but it didnt take him long to catch on. We rooted for him immediately. Lori, Shane, even Glenn came on board as fighters and we were immeditely invested. This bunch in Fear is all over the place. Travis is such a bleeding heart that he refuses to act like a man. Madison is stronger than he is. She at least is constantly thinking about survival and is willing to do whatever it takes. Same as Daniel. Nick was unlikeable in S1 and then started to turn it around but then went crazy. Easily influenced by Strand and then Celia. Madison is strong but she’s also shady and thats not a likeable trait. Daniel’s daughter has the utility of an ornament. I have no idea what she’s doing in the show other than maybe giving Daniel a reason to live and fight. And Daniel, the strongest and most resourceful of them all is so dark and twisty that he hasnt resonated yet. Chris is irredimable. He needs to walk away. The infected have just triggered his inner Manson. And the most unlikeable of all is Strand who cares about nothing but himself unless theres something in it for him. And his arrogance is irritating as heck. TPTB need to realize that the big draw of TWD is not the walkers, is the characters. Their strength and courage and commitment to each other. If they dont get it, Fear will continue to quickly spiral down into cancellation.

  10. techgirl67 says:

    The potential is there for this to be a great show…if the writers could find their groove and flesh out the characters more (especially Alicia, Madison and Ofelia who seem like blank slates right now). As of the last episode, the only characters I feel like I know anything about (or care about) are Strand and Daniel. I am over the whole Travis and Chris storyline, a nice hoard of “the infected” needs to take them both out pronto. I’m still on the fence about the direction that Nick’s character is taking, but I am willing to hang in there to see where that leads. Less recycled TWD storylines and flesh out and make me care about these people.

  11. Nate Mayhew says:

    I deleted the last few from my DVR. Honestly, I just want to be let off the hook. Let me know my decision to stop watching will never come back to bite me as a TWD viewer and I will find a way to live with myself.

    • Saynay says:

      You can stop watching. I stopped after the second episode this season. As a TWD fan I don’t think you’ll miss anything. At most, AMC will do something annoying like drop a special TWD trailer in the middle of an episode, but it will be on the internet somewhere shortly after. FTWD will still be there and you can come back to it later. Save those hours for something you enjoy.

    • woodstock41 says:

      You didn’t miss anything. I will invest in the 2nd half of this season but if they don’t do something to make the characters likable or interesting; or if they don’t just kill them all off and bring in some new blood, I won’t be back for season 3. Also, Kim Dickens, please read these comments and stop looking constipated all the time.

  12. I love the show always have since the very first start.

  13. KLS says:

    Could it be that TWD does a better job with character development because they have the main story lines sketched out from the comics ahead of time? Fear doesn’t have the source material so they need to focus on the story arcs and the characters (like most other shows). I couldn’t find if any of Fear’s writers came over from TWD. If not, no wonder they are so different.
    I agree with most people. I am rooting for the Zombies!

    • Marshy Davis says:

      Yeah, they are trying too hard to be “different”, when the same things SHOULD happen. Chris Should freak out and kill a dude(but he was deserving of death and had a crowbar through his chest), Alicia might talk too much to a stranger and lead to danger, Strand may leave some details, but would maybe, oh, I don’t know…SAY SOMETHING to the people about what the plan is?! Nick? What is his deal? One minute he is all junkie—BTW, I have seen actual heroin addicts, NONE OF THEM LOOK LIKE NICK–Next minute, he is an innocent man child, obsessed with Mama Celia who talks about the dead people being alive. Travis and Madison don’t act like a couple, never did. Travis being upset at Madison for finding out about Strand’s plan and being upset that she agreed to go with him was dumb. He is argumentative, when he should have just been OK with it and sorta happy she got them a plan.

  14. Andrew says:

    This showrunner can say whatever he wants, but it doesn’t excuse how Daniel and Chris both went off the deep end the way they did.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t buy any of this. No amount of excuses can make up for bad writing.

  15. diane says:

    I like the show more than others here, but I admit that I only root for Daniel, Strand, and yes Chris to live. He’s a loon, but at least you get some emotional reactions from him.

  16. Tom Kelly says:

    Overall, I like the show. But we tend to care more about characters who are sympathetic, compassionate, strong, or heroic, even if they’re flawed. So far we have some bizarre actions and inconsistencies. Nick was the first one to realize the dead were dead, and now he’s backtracked on that. What is that? Chris has developed from a whiny punk into a psychopath. How can we root for him? Travis and Madison have the mixing chemistry of oil and water. The conflicted Daniel, who stepped up when needed, descended into insanity and is likely dead now with his wife. The daughter is so bland that her name escapes me. It must be the script because I remember her quite well as “Lexa.”

  17. Ron says:

    “by the end of the first reel, everybody knows the score and is able to kill [the undead] without any thought,” the showrunner notes. “They become very practiced at it very quickly. And that was something we wanted to avoid.” If that was your goal, then FAIL! They’re supposedly only a couple weeks (and I may even be overshooting that timeline), yet a chunk of them are having no problem at all killing actual humans that are still alive! For example, Chris went from 0 to 1000 in a split second; he was kinda starting to bond with Alicia one moment, and is threatening to kill her, her mother, and standing over their sleeping bodies with a knife the next. That’s just piss-poor writing, piss-poor character development, or both. Not to sound redundant from all the other commenters here, but the showrunner doesn’t seem to get it. My frustration isn’t with them not “getting it” immediately–it’s actually the opposite. They seem to “get it” a little too quickly. There are a couple characters I don’t mind, but for the most part, they’re horrible characters–poorly written, poorly developed. Even though I keep watching for some unknown reason, the fact that I’ve been watching since the first day it aired up to the most recent episode before the break, I’ve invested enough time that I should at least care about one character–and I don’t. Not that I have any favorites, per se, but I did occasionally enjoy Daniel’s character. But what they did with his character (leading up to *THAT* moment), seemed so ridiculous to me, to the point where even though I kinda liked his character I wouldn’t actually care if (SPOILER ALERT) he died in that fire. And that’s the problem with this show–I do not care if any of them die, and by this point, I should.

  18. Davidj says:

    Have to agree with the rest here. I’m totally on board with the slow burn approach and the fact these characters aren’t a bunch of badass zombie killers. But the problem is they’re just not compelling to watch in any other way, and are becoming an increasingly hard bunch to root for.

  19. Shaun says:

    You know you’ve failed when you have to defend your show in interviews,lol.

  20. Everton Picoli says:

    I don’t want it to be like The Walking Dead. If I wanted to watch TWD, I would watch it. I like the way FTWD is.

    I don’t understand people that say the characters aren’t likable, I like Alicia, Maddison, Chris and Strand. Which is more characters than I liked when I dropped TWD.

  21. JackT. says:

    first started watching the show to see how it would stand up to TWD. While they are about the same thing, FTWD stands by itself. To have a successful show I feel you need either great writing, great acting, compelling characters or great special effects. This show has none of those. I can sorta relate somewhat to TWD because the characters react like they should. They don’t usually do stupid stuff that any normal person wouldn’t do during a life threatening ordeal. The acting could be better and the characters could be better. I guess watching TWD and the walker killing scenes they do has jaded me somewhat. FTWD doesn’t show the zombie destruction. I hope it does get better. Still going to watch it.

  22. Al Sanchez says:

    The thing that I don’t like about Fear The Walking Dead is that it’s all Latino, Latino, Latino. Even subtitles. I think it’s possibly trying to be very PC and/or accommodating to a minority group, mainly Latinos, like me. I think it stereotypes L.A. into being a Mexican capital, granted it is, but, everything is too Latino for me, and I’m Latino. Also, I think they should have stayed on land, not sea. There’s plenty more on land than what they can do on the sea — just my opinion. But, after all is said and done, I do like the show a lot. Just ease up on the Latinizing. Thanks.

    Al Sanchez

    • Marshy Davis says:

      Thank you for your racist rant, fool. Now, to address the show…
      I don’t have a problem with the Latino part, but I know that pretty much every High School teacher and counselor in the LA school district KNOWS SOME SPANISH. All the kids know Spanish, and especially a JUNKIE in LA is gonna know some Spanish.

  23. Boogie Knight says:

    Stopped watching about 3 weeks ago. This is collectively the DUMBEST CAST I’ve EVER seen on screen. And I’m not just talking about the whole “zombie” thing being new to them…I’m talking about common sense. EVERY…SINGLE…ONE of those kids are just DUMB!

  24. Spence says:

    Someone already mentioned this before me, but the issues with the show have nothing to do with TWD. The issues with this show are the slow pacing, made even more prominent by the increasingly annoying characters. Seriously, every episode I don’t have a list of “favorite characters”, I have a list of “weakest links”, since calling a character a “favorite of mine” on this show is a stretch. There’s a huge difference between “unskilled, beginning of apocalypse survivor” and just plain stupid.

  25. John says:

    I stopped watching. For some reason I can’t follow this show. Every week I watch the new episode and I’m confused as to what’s going on because it doesn’t pick up where it left off. Is it because the show is following real world time? Not to mention the characters are not very likable. I can’t even remember who they are week to week.

    Oh well, perhaps its just me but I’m not interested anymore. Can’t wait for TWD to wash the taste of FTWD out of my mouth.

  26. Of course, it doesn’t help when your mid-season break is complete nonsense, either.

    • JackT. says:

      I think they shouldn’t have done a mid season break. strange how I know the characters by their faces and not their names.

  27. Mike says:

    Learning curve??? You kidding me? If I knew NOTHING about zombies… and encountered one… it would take me MINUTES to figure out what needs to be done to take one down for good. Because… if not, I’d be dead.

    From reading Dave Erickson’s “excuse”… I don’t believe he really understands what the problem is. He talks about avoiding the quick learning curve, yet these people are already past the point of worrying about walkers. They’re morally challenged & on to killing humans. TWD didn’t get to that point until Herschel’s farm.

    Bottom line… and as many others have said… the writing is terrible, the characters are not likable… and it’s too bad their boat didn’t sink.

  28. Sarah says:

    It’s not the zombie portion of this show that bothers me. It’s the actual characters, or in this show’s case… The lack of character in their characters. I don’t care about any of them and I have tried.

    Nick is just out for himself and has substituted covering himself in walker blood to get the adrenaline high vs. heroin high. I’m supposed to root for a junkie?

    Travis and Madison — why do we care about their relationship? They don’t even seem to.

    Chris lost his mother and now feels “stuck” with his dad and Madison –reason why you should never bad mouth your ex in front of your child. (Some of the stuff we are going through now with Chris, we went through with Carl. There was a time we couldn’t stand Carl either)

    Victor Strand now has a soft spot for Madison? Why? When did this change?

    How did Daniel go from “knowing” about this new world from the revolution in his old country years ago and being the closest thing to the shpw’s badass to going off the deep end?

  29. James says:

    I don’t get why the show gets hate from people. It’s a great edition to The Walking Dead series.

  30. Ind RepDem says:

    The reason PRISON BREAK failed was because they moved the filiming to Mexico and shot in abandoned cheap Mexican prisons.


    This show will fail if all the latter episodes are filmed in Mexico!


    I’d like to see more skins from that daughter of her’s!

  31. Jim says:

    Getting tired of “the slow burn” excuse for characters repeatedly making bad tactical choices in a world that is going to kill you for the bad choices. Its literally been months since the cataclysm started in their world and the mostly unlike-able characters in this show are making bad choices on such a regular basis that all of them should be dead by now. Sure people make mistakes, but anyone in that situation who expects to live for any length of time should be learning from their mistakes and not repeating them. This group hasn’t figured that out

  32. Bruce Peddie says:

    I stopped watching it when speaking Spanish was required.

  33. Natalie Ferris says:

    This show is pacing fine. TWD fans need to cool their heels and let the story tell it’s self. They can’t expect to have the same show! What fun is that?

    • Jim says:

      Actually I expected a BETTER show than TWD, which itself has a whole bunch of filler and useless episodes in any given season

  34. Du Kane says:

    One of the worse shows on television…..I have tried to watch and just can’t sit though it!!!! I will not watch it.

  35. Du Kane says:

    Worse show on TV. I have tried to watch…just can’t…got to turn it off!!!!

  36. The problem with Fear the Walking Dead is that it is compared too much with The Walking Dead. There aren’t enough characters on the show. Remember when Rick’s group was pretty big at the beginning? This is just basically 1 family and a couple of other people. Also Walking Dead fans don’t remember how scared Rick and them were of the zombies they weren’t bad ass killing machines that they are in season 6!

    • KLS says:

      It’s compared to TWD because of the title, walkers and the advertising (TWD Prequel). They were counting on TWD fan base to give this show a jump at the beginning and continue to do so. Now, they are complaining that the fans want another TWD! Can’t have it both ways.

  37. Jerry Jeffra says:

    The issue is not whether the characters are quickly adapted to efficient in killing zombies in numbers and is the constant disturbing screw ups by characters to seemingly to promote new crisis. Allow the characters to mature and survive or die off by their immature decisions.
    This is the way it happens in a real world of crisis.

    Issue #2 the character development is unending and has nothing gainful in the story line of the series. The story line is about survival in an apocalyptic world and not consistently about the misadventures and misgivings of a dysfunctional family. At this point in time there is not one character who has gotten it together.

    Unfortunately, the stories each episode border boring.

  38. Spike Moore says:

    I agree with his approach, this is something my friend and I have been bickering with back and forth. She gripes that they aren’t doing what Rick and the gang would do, and I keep trying to get it through her head that this is back before Rick and the gang. These people are still figuring out what is happening and how to deal with it, This show is the prequel to TWD, and that’s why I like it, it’s showing what lead up to TWD.

  39. Shu Suzuki says:

    I have a good idea:

    Create more likable characters!

  40. Marcus says:

    a lot of closed minded peeps who dislike the show. Stop comparing the two shows

  41. Theo says:

    My hope is this series dies and goes away, not resurrecting itself as a zombie show.

    I really have no interest in any of the characters.

    Unlike “Better Call Saul”, this spinoff is a failure.

  42. V2David says:

    The problem with the show is I have zero investment in most of the characters. Most of them are unlikable and there is no reason to root for them. I could pretty much care less if any of them died. That is the biggest difference between Fear & TWD. If they really want to save the show, kill most of the characters at the end of Season 2 and have Nick (& maybe Alicia) join a new group with more interesting characters. This show is in need of a major reboot.

  43. There are a couple major weaknesses in this show, at least in my opinion. The original intent was to present the zombie outbreak from a different point on the timeline and from a different geographical vantage point. However, very little has been done to present this new perspective in an interesting, original way. Everything about this show seems utterly generic, from the writing and geography to the cardboard characters. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is the cast. The only two people on the show who are tolerable are the woman who played a madame in late seasons of Sons of Anarchy and Lexa from the 100(I haven’t been paying enough attention to remember their names). The husband, half-brother and drug-addict, douchebag, moronic brother are awful. The guy from the Big Gay Sketch Show who was partnered to the other guy who played the Prince in Ever After is being wasted as well.

    Just kill off most of the cast and bring in people for whom the audience may give a shit or two. I don’t want any of the characters to die on TWD but could not care less if any on FTWD kick it. That’s a problem.

  44. ylanda71 says:

    I believe the EP is totally misguided on what our frustrations are. Sure, some folks are annoyed by the pacing but I think Season 1’s slow burn gave it tension (in a good way). The problem is the story lines and the characters are so unlikeable it’s pathetic. I can think of several folks who died in season 1-2 of TWD that I truly felt sad for and mourned, from Andrea’s sister to Shane’s first victim Otis. I feel nothing for any of FTWD characters. I’m numb and at this point I would love more than anything for No Balls Travis to die. I liked Elizabeth, she had some spunk. Dead. Daniel was pretty okay. Dead. I’m still hanging on but at 10:00 EST each Sunday I question myself why.

  45. Nfafan says:

    Why all the complaining? This is SUPPOSED to be different than TWD. This is SUPPOSED to be the pre-quel to TWD – held on the left coast. They went from (ab)normal LA to apocalypse LA in a few episodes – IMHO – way too fast to have built a solid backstory as to what just happened to the planet..

    • KLS says:

      They are 19 episodes in. I think adding the boat slowed everything down even more. They didn’t have too many encounters with the “real world”, the world on land, so the characters are in a bubble.

    • woodstock41 says:

      People aren’t complaining that the show isn’t enough like TWD. People are complaining because the show is BAD. The characters are BAD. The writing is BAD. It’s a bad show. TWD fans were hoping for better. There’s still hope, though, but I really think it means killing off this cast and starting with new characters.

      • Lilly says:

        Yup! For a show that started with a MASSIVE built-in audience, it’s struggling mightily – and not because we want it to be TWD2.

        Here’s the point: In a world where The Walking Dead NEVER EXISTED (try not to panic on me…), FTWD would not get a season 3.

        • woodstock41 says:

          LOL…you got that right. It’s just so disappointing. We thought we were going to see the fall of society, but they really showed none of it – during the “fall,” the family was quarantined first; and then on a boat. Now they’re in some remote location in Baja. When we heard the show was set in LA, we thought we’d see how an apocalypse was played out in a big metropolitan city. We were robbed. What a huge letdown.

  46. DRich says:

    I haven’t been able to identify with any one character-hero yet. Most of them come across as lame. Somebody needs to become the bad-ass who takes control.

  47. weenballtv says:

    I love the Show, I thought the 2nd season was awesome. Looking forward to the return of the show. I am so interested to see where everyone is going. I’m sure they will all meet up again if they survive. I am actually hoping they will eventually merge with the walking dead.

  48. ZuLU says:

    the core group is too small, now that the group is splintered, we should/hopefully see meet ups with other survivors, merging, etc. Again, it is hard to remember that it’s only a month! in from the beginning and as a WD fan, having this group not be up to speed on zombies. But there is a learning curve and the show should be given a chance to explore. However, with new situations, not the burning barn/burning casa – everybody’s just sick. There does need to be some quicker character development and I think if Chis is lost that may propel Travis to some growth! And def bring back Alex.

    • KLS says:

      It’s only been a month?! It seems a lot longer than that! 19 ep = 1 month. So, 1 ep = 1.6 (approx) days. No wonder it feels like it’s going at a snails pace. And no wonder the characters aren’t learning fast enough. BUT, they are cracking up fast, mentally. (Chris, Daniel (huge disappointment), Nick, etc).

      • Lilly says:

        That’s a deception concept on Fear: time passage. I can’t remember exactly how much time passed in the “safe zone” behind the military, but I seem to remember them at least implying that weeks had passed. The problem is in REAL apocalypse days (not to be confused with “dog years”), they’ve only truly been exposed to reality for a couple of weeks since leaving their home.

  49. Bob says:

    I resent FTWD trying to indoctrinate me on how wonderful the gay lifestyle is.

  50. Terry Clark says:

    Show issues: story to slow to unfold, not enough undead, only a few characters anyone would care about and after season 2 really low ratings. Being a huge fan of walking dead from the start I could really take or leave fear the walking dead, not a ringing endorsement by anyone’s standards.