General Hospital Kirsten Storms Recast

General Hospital: Kirsten Storms' Maxie Recast Temporarily With Days Vet

What the heck is going on in Port Charles? Only days after it was announced that recent Daytime Emmy winner Tyler Christopher was being replaced as General Hospital‘s Nikolas Cassadine, ABC has confirmed that Kirsten Storms‘ Maxie Jones is also going to be temporarily recast.

The last time that Storms took time off from the soap (for medical reasons, in fall 2011), Jen Lilley stepped in for about 10 months. But, of course, Lilley — now under contract at Days of Our Lives, as Theresa Donovan — is no longer available to sub. So, as Daytime Confidential, who broke the story, hinted, another Days ingénue — Molly Burnett (ex-Melanie) — has been tapped to step in for Storms this go-’round, first airing in July. (Ironically, Storms, too, is a Days vet, having gotten her soap start playing Belle Black, you’ll recall.)

UPDATE: Find out why Storms left and when she will return.

The timing for the sudden switch couldn’t be worse: With the recent hiring of One Life to Live alumna Bree Williamson (Jessica) as Claudette, the ex-wife of Maxie’s fiance, Nathan West, the fashionista’s storyline is about to kick into high gear.

What do you think? Are you upset about the replacements? Or, since they are theoretically temporary, will you be able to grin and bear it? Hit the comments.

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  1. Cas says:

    While I haven’t watched soaps in like 10 years, replacing and recasting was one of my pet peeves with them.

    • roberstadt says:

      There was a link another person posted. It said she will be back in August. She has a skin condition that is caused by stress. Due to her home life her doctors wanted her to take time to heal and it clearly said in the article by her mouth that even the makeup crew could no longer cover it. It would be nice if this article had mentioned that!

      • Bre Clemens says:

        So I wish instead of being under somebody else comment that I wish you would have done this is a main comment so others would have seen this and stop commenting the way they have been! You know if she’s ill then she needs to take time for herself and I love Molly Burnett so it’s fine :-)

  2. bj says:

    Yet another familar face off the canvas and three new hires apart from the recasts. This show is so top heavy with imports and staggering storylines that it is unrecognizable.

  3. Ash says:

    While I like Melanie, I’m not happy that it seems like it’ll be at the height of a Maxie storyline that she’s being replaced. Hopefully everything’s okay with Kirsten though and it’s nothing in her personal life preventing her from working right now.

    • bigdede says:

      I personally am glad Kirsten is leaving for a while. Maxie has never been this insecure, ever! I hate how they’re writing Maxie like Nathan is the best thing to ever happen to her and she’s thankful for someone like him even though he’s a liar who didn’t tell her he was married.

      • Jeri L Addington says:

        Totally get actresses have lives that they need to follow over their careers. ..But I’m so bummed to see her go. She’s my favorite character on GH. When Lulu was recast I was bummed but now I live here. So let’s give this girl a try and I wish the EX Maxie all the best and what ever is going on with her I pray it’s all for the greater good!! You will be missed

      • Dottie says:

        Personally I don’t care for Nathan. I didn’t even before the storyline of him lying came about and hopefully it will end soon. I really like Maxie and Spinelli together and even if they don’t get married or something like that just have them as a couple. I didn’t like the fact that Spinelli married somebody else and move to Oregon or Washington or wherever it was. Just bring him back and get that storyline going again. They have such chemistry and they’re always funny.

      • Gina High says:

        I agree with this. That’s why the replacement is so annoying. She’s playing Maxie in a way we don’t know her.

    • I think I read
      somewhere where she and her hubby are having issues….

  4. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    I think these are part of contract negotiations. From the show’s perspective, they are struggling to stay on air and continual cost cutting is a must. They have to make it clear that the times of huge soap budgets are gone for good and that they see very few actors as irreplaceable. From the actor’s perspective, the show is bloated with un-needed characters, mis-management and really crappy story lines. Unfortunately, the show does have to walk a fine line in that Tyler Christopher and Kirsten Storms are beloved by fans and they have a little more bargaining power than actors/characters that people don’t care about. The actors, with GH’s trend of adding one horrible character after another, must fight for screen time and for good direction and writing for their characters

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      I’m on the actor’s side. Write better stories for the existing cast; don’t start new ones with new characters.

    • Abe Froman says:

      Don’t these actors get that daytime is dying? It used to be a game of musical chairs, but there aren’t many chairs left. Take what money you can get, movies and prime time aren’t exactly beating down your doors.

      • Anna says:

        Nah, GH has the money – a bunch of vets that were getting the big bucks have departed in the past few years (Tony Geary, Steve Burton, Jason Thompson, etc.), and they know that fewer and fewer new viewers are tuning in to watch soaps nowadays. They need to keep their current audiences watching, and the best way to do that is to keep the characters that they love onscreen.

        • Robbin says:

          I sure hope you are right. I love GH. Don’t care what others think. It is a distraction for me and has been for many many many many years. I hate when I hear they are struggling.

        • Debbie Pygott says:

          No, No one can replace Kristen Storms bring her back as well as Tyler Christopher as Nikolas. I think Maxie would be good with Spinel like and you should bring back the Ex Jason. For once let Sam and Jason be a happy couple. I wish you’d bring back Robin and Patrick. Quit changing characters that we don’t give to hoots for. Keep your long time viewers happy and keep them from not wanting to watch anymore. I think you should also pair up Nikolas and Liz, and Kiki and Dillion, Genie and Kevin and Griffin with Sabrina or Maxie if she can’t be with Spanelli.

      • Gina says:

        How rude are you

    • Tracy says:

      The problem is that the GH execs don’t seem to know who is beloved by the fans! Either that or they don’t care because they are too busy playing favorites! GH needs to keep Tyler and Kirsten! GH should fire the actors playing Ava, Julian, Valerie, Hayden, Nathan, Griffin, Jordan, Paul, Kristina, Aaron and Sabrina.GH should use villains who recur rather than having so many characters be bad or unlikable. Redemption, manipulation and stupidity should not be core story arcs! Pair strong, smart super spy Anna with Andre, make her Chief of Police. Give us more Genie and more of her with Kevin! Show adventurous feisty Laura not just mom Laura! Pair Liz and Nikolas for a good old fashioned love story! Kiki, Dillon, Maxie triangle. Give Michael a younger, feistier match…someone who can make him seem like a real man – Sabrina is too mature for him and looks too old for him at this point. Have Franco not be Franco…let him have been brainwashed to believe he’s Franco and that’s the real reason he doesn’t paint like Franco. Make him a Q or a Cassadine and open up story opportunities for Roger. Get better writers, fire Frank and Varni! GH needs CPR!

      • I really like this analysis of what’s wrong with GH and what needs to be done to fix it. The writing is TERRIBLE right now. It’s shallow not just overall, but WITHIN scenes. Unrealistic, expedient things happen just to move the plot, but it makes it hard to care about anything because there is no depth of story. And the writing is full of holes. Examples: Griffin says he’s not going to Nurses Ball until he gets a text from Emma, and then he performed! He was planning to go all along. Emma and Robin watched Ball on TV and magically appeared…with Emma performing a fully rehearsed number! Lucy knows Shady Curtis and tapped him for Ball? Ridiculous. Ava couldn’t find ANYONE to care for Avery? She had to give her to her nemesis, Sonny? Expedient for plot but FAKE. Jake has mad issues but learned a Ball number and performed?? We don’t get deep conversations between characters that explain motive. So, Tracy is now off the deep end because…. Julian went back to mob because…. Molly hated Julian, but Sam gets on Alexis. Hayden is guilty of…what? Sonny goes to Alexis and Julian’s wedding then months laer turns on Alexis for…choosing Julian…for killing Carlos…whom Sonny wanted dead. Convoluted writing! Paul suddenly loves Ava with NO lead-up. Nina is dippy one minute and crack-smart the next. I love Michelle Stafford and want her to stay. Give her a good story. Ditch Valerie. End Lulu/Dante. They are BORING. Make Paul romantic, for real, and pair him with Jordan. Put Anna with Andre. Show Brad/Lucas more than once a month. Finally, stop turning the show into One Life to Live. (Amy is Marcie, and the list goes on.)

        • AngieD says:

          Amy is Amy Vining IMHO…. gossipy, a bit self-centered. Actually, I’d prefer that they get rid of nurse Amy. It seems like she was brought in to be the gossip only…. I’d rather see more nursing from Epiphany, etc. I think you met Paul suddenly loves Anna – not Ava — I agree that kinda came out of nowhere. I actually get a creepy vibe off of Griffin – as in he wants Anna. A lot of the writing switches are due to the changes in writing staff….

        • Mary Novelli says:

          I agree that the writing is poor. I find myself coming out of the story, and saying, “That wouldn’t happen”. Your examples of silly plot lines are spot on. I miss the long story arcs where everything comes together like a puzzle. Now it seems like they are just writing it day by day. I must not like the “romance”, because I am bored. Please do not compare One Life to Live with this drivel. OTL was fantastic, especially with Ron and Frank at the helm.

          • bigdede says:

            Ron and Frank was at the helm of GH when it started going bad and the dumb writing plots. Frank is still at the helm bring on all his OLTL friends.

      • bigdede says:

        **slow clap*** This comment is so on point!

      • Allison Halpin says:

        I can only see Kristen play Maxie
        I think they should keep Tyler also!

    • Gina says:

      I just love GH. Been watching this show most of my entire life. And I love it. There’s only a few soaps left. See no reason to interrupt them. Soap operas have been apart of house wives life’s for decades. It’s apart of the day to take a break and enjoy a story line. To be honest GH does good with it. Not like all my children with the same crap happening over and over and over again. Got to the point I just couldn’t watch that show anymore. Switched to Y&R. But GH is my show. Love love love it. New nik and Maxie, NO. Thank God it’s only temporary.

  5. Kevin K says:

    Really miss Molly Burnett as Melanie Jonas on DAYS. Kirsten Storms leaving GH makes me sad. Can’t believe ABC’s lone daytime soap is having a “casting crisis”.

    • LT says:

      She’s not leaving. It’s a temp recast. Does anybody read the actual articles anymore or are we all headline people? Jeez.

      • David4 says:

        We know what they are saying and how to read. We are reading between the lines.

      • DV says:

        Her sentence is perfectly fine. She IS leaving albeit temporarily but an leaving is leaving even if she is coming back. So get a grip. Jeez

      • suzcranmer says:

        Thank you! These soap fans can’t realize that actors need time off so they punish the soap and the fill in actor! Jen Lilly did an amazing Maxi and bet Molly will too. She is extreme talented

    • LT says:

      and it’s in the headline too. LOL.

    • Lawana says:

      I believe that Kirsten Storm is leaving due to a case of nerves and what it is doing to her skin, if you haven’t noticed the hair in the face like she is Veronica Lake or something.

      • Donna says:

        I agree with the hair thing, it’s almost as if she’s trying get to hide her face. And is it my imagination or has she seemed a little looped lately? I’ve always enjoyed her goofy ways but she just hasn’t seemed all there. The new girl seems so far from the zany Maxie we all know & love.
        Whatevers going on in her personal life I wish her all the best & hope she returns quickly

        • Dottie says:

          Oh my goodness General Hospital will not be General Hospital and Maxie will not be Maxie without Kristen storms. No one can replace her. I just about had a heart attack and this article saved me. Thank you

  6. Kris Shelley says:

    I’ll be ok if they come back?????

  7. Anne Millman says:

    I don’t like replacements unless it is permanent Can’t they wait for vacation time but I do understand if it is a medical emergency You just get used to the original people who play them Are u recasting Patrick Drake at all or is Jason Thompson doing two soaps?

  8. Eric7740 says:

    She is going through some tough personal things right now, getting a divorce from her husband, perhaps she needs some personal time to take care of her family.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Oh, that’s terrible news. I like Johnny and the actor who plays him, and I really liked them together. Where did you hear this?

      • Eric7740 says:

        It was reported back in early April about their separation and pending divorce. It was also in Soap Opera Digest magazine and most of the soap sites had news about it as well. I’m sure if you google it, it will take you to any related article. Prayers for Kirsten during what I’m sure is a difficult time for her personally.

      • grazelled says:

        Announced by both actors on their social media pages and KS gave an official press statement.

  9. Susan Tinker says:

    I love Maxie. I cannot imagine anyone else playing her well. I wish they would just give her the time off and put her on again when she returns. Hope it is temporary–GH will lose one of its best if they don’t keep her. These recasts don’t work more often than not. Hard enough to see Nik recast. They let Anna go on a trip for her time off and don’t recast. Not sure what this is all about. Big mistake unless these folks really do have something else they need to do. I have watched this show for 50 years–I don’t like stupid decisions that put it in jeopardy.

    • dan says:

      Storylines are written months in advance (and approved by the network) so if somebody gets sick or has a family emergency they can’t just change the storyline. It isn’t like the old days when soaps were filmed about two weeks before they aired. Now the shows are filmed several weeks if not months ahead of time. According to the article, these temporary recasts won’t be seen on air until July so they are taping 6-8 weeks ahead of time meaning the scripts were written a few months ago. The temporary recasts could be negotiating tactics, but I’d be worried about losing my job if I was an actor holding out for a better payday.

      • Jbj says:

        GH has about a 3 week turnaround from filming to air, usually. There might be a blackout period in there. I really wished that they had made more progress with her storyline with Nathan (and his possible history with Griffin) during sweeps.

  10. sue says:


  11. Tina says:

    I dont care for Molly Burnett at all. Casting her as Maxie is a huge mistake. (IMO). Nobody can capture Maxie’s charm like Kirsten.

  12. Sandi Muriel says:


  13. Essayelle says:

    Guessing she’s back to rehab again, considering the Endrometreosis story was a lie. Brandon Barash deserves a nice woman.

    • Stop the rumors says:

      Sheesh! Unless you have access to her medical files, you DO NOT KNOW if she was in rehab when she took off time for endometriosis. A rumor does not a fact make!

  14. Anna Rizzo says:

    Why all these changes! I don’t want Nicholas to be replaced please bring Tyler back!!!!!

  15. Tina says:

    I think it is strange that two major characters are recast. It seems like there has to be another reason they aren’t saying.

  16. dude says:

    Well if we can’t have Kirsten, Molly is a good replacement. Love them both.

  17. Debc says:

    health comes first

  18. Teresa Adams says:

    Recast never work, well except for Carly on GH

  19. sue says:

    I love Maxie and Nikolas
    U don’t like change

  20. sue says:


  21. Catt says:

    Bring Nikolas, the good prince back. Hope Kristen not long. Nobody does it better. Please finish Elena Cassidine will and their meanings. Thx

  22. Suzy says:

    With all these recasts I will not be watching anymore Enough is enough Another soap opera down the tubes

  23. Phil says:

    I like Molly…not sure about her as Maxie, but I will give her a chance. Much as I enjoyed Jen Lilly as Maxie, I have to say I am glad that she isn’t available as she is amazing as Maxie!

  24. Barbara Alexander says:


  25. Bonnie C. Collins says:

    something was off with Maxie this week at the Nurse’s Ball. When she was in the dance troupe, she wasn’t singing and seemed to be detached.

    • Mary Novelli says:

      Maxie has seemed “depressed” for several weeks. I am sorry she is having marriage troubles. I cannot figure out what the writers were thinking as they turned Nikolas into an insane monster. The writers are killing the show. Bring back Ron.

  26. donholley77 says:

    I love all the speculation with no facts! We don’t know why Kirsten is being replaced! Maybe it’d personal, having to do with her impending divorce, or the illness that forced her to leave the show years ago! Nothing to do with money, contra that, or bad writing ;!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Seriously!! Everyone is already making these insane assumptions about what is happening behind the scenes. Steve Burton left and Kimberly is part time is this was during the recession years at GH and yet it’s still on. Yeah GH will be fine. Hope all is well with Kristen love her as Maxie. As for everyone complaining about writing new writers have to come in and rewrite a couple years of awful writing. I am just glad things are movie faster than before.

      • donholley77 says:

        I couldn’t agree with you, or myself more! LOL Seriously, despite some continuity issues, I think the writing & the stories have improved the last few weeks!

  27. donholley77 says:

    Do you “Doom & Gloomers” understand what the word “temporary” means?! It means both actors should return, unless otherwise reported! Not speculated!! The

  28. PFarley says:

    I see Nick is hurt, so maybe we’ll just see recast actor is bed in a coma?? Sorry to hear about Kirsten (and her divorce);Lilley was pretty good replacement — we’ll see. Hope both are really temp.

  29. JO NELSON says:

    I think the writers are getting old and running out of words to put in their scripts. I’ve been watching GH since
    6 yrs old. And it was romance. Now, with our World in so much drama. Your adding it to GH. We have enough killing shows on TV at night. I tape GH shows so I can watch on weekends – and I can’t wait for family to go to bed so I can watch my show at night.
    But now you just have to keep changing People around. When Maxie left show last time, a lot of us said, boring! we loved Maxie’s fashion. We all stopped watching the show because the story lines were jumping all over the place. A lot of us girls were talking about how bad the story lines were getting. It became so boring. All we are asking for is one hour in a day for (Love) no Drama. Women loved the romance with lulu and Donta, etc.
    Please stop the fighting, Killing. We can drama at night on time programs, which a lot of friends won’t watch. You need to Remember, it takes a lot of us to get use to these new characters and by then we are bored..Stop watching.
    Stop messing with our minds. When Maxie came back on GH, We started watching again. We loved lulu and Donta together. Loved it when Duke came back, and Robin. Miss Luke!
    I know, actors need vacation time…but don’t replace them..just write them out for awhile. I & friends will not be watching until Maxi comes back. Maxie sweet but brassy and spunkie.
    And the love between her and Nath – is what some of us females watch and dream we had at home again. Please let love be in the air.

  30. AngieD says:

    I really don’t think this is that big a deal. It’s possible that Kristen needs time off to deal with her divorce.. hopefully it’s not related to her past health issues. As for Tyler, I believe he has work on another show on ABC Family – so, he may have filming commitments there and/or just needs a break from working both jobs. Just hope that neither is taking time off to deal with bad health for themselves and/or family members.

  31. Kristen Storms has health issues so im not surprised.

  32. Betty says:

    Please do not get rid of either , Kirsten is the best ever,,, Love watching her act. You are taking all the good ones off. Keep Kirsten, Tyler, and go back to the ole Jason. Make them happy and they won’t leave for another show. You are fixing it that soon they will bite the dust and be taken off just like One Life To Live, and All My Children. I was one of the biggest fans of all them. Now that General Hospital is the only one left that I watched you are losing some more of the great ones. Please unless its personal or health reasons Don’t let them leave. Treat them like they are someone and America loves them. I do and I am sure a lot more also agrees with me.

  33. Kathleen Daly says:

    Omg r u kidding me enough with the changes

  34. General Hospital has been replacing actors that have played original roles and is kind of disappointing at the beginning because you have got used to the looks and the personality of the original actor and it takes a while to identified the new replacement with the old one. I will miss Maxi and Nicholas. It took me a while to get used to Jason’s new actor, although he is kind of a good natured person, different then the original Jason that had a more sinister look..

  35. donna says:

    Is Kristens time off because of her divorce? Hope she comes back.

  36. I didn’t like Melanie at all, but Molly will be a great Maxie. I wish Days could have had Kirsten back as Belle.

  37. Saundra Silva says:

    I’m tired of all changes can we just stick with the same person who have been working as they were.

  38. bayareacolt says:

    KSt is one of the biggest reasons I watch. If she doesn’t come back to GH, I’m done with the show.

  39. Sue says:

    Love Kristen I hope that she comes back soon. I am a long time fan of gh.

  40. nancy Wyatt says:

    I hope Molly is as perky as Kirsten !!!

  41. Can’t stand they are replacing Maxie even temporarily!

  42. Jeanne says:

    I hope it’s just temporary. I still can’t get accustomed to the new KIki and she’s been there over a year.

  43. Anthony. waljer says:

    I. Thank. Kirsten. Storms. Should. stay on General Hospital. Because. She. Is. A. Good. actor. I. Love. How. She. play the role of Maxie.

  44. Reg says:

    Very upset. To leave in the middle of a new storyline that we have been waiting to come to a head for months is disturbing. We do not want to see a new actress meet the ex wife of Nathan. Bad move and choice

  45. Yolanda Cota says:

    Not Happy with replacing these characters. I may stop watching !

  46. THarold says:

    Kristen Storms is wonderful as Maxie and hopefully will be back asap. The new “Amy” is obnoxious and unnecessary- get rid of her. For long time viewers there is only ! Amy- Amy Vining (Shel Kepler). A real stretch and a big mistake for the writers to resurrect her with this awful actress and character.

  47. Karen says:

    Of course thay need time off 4 what ever reason Just Hope She Back ASP You will be MISS

  48. Shameka says:

    I love Maxie and i hope she’ll be returning back asap..please dont be gone close to year again

  49. Kristin was on Days was the best actress. Belle was fired to update the story. I wish they would stay the same actors.

  50. Betty says:

    I hope Kirsten is ok health wise and whatever it is she will return soon and be healthy.

    • Deb Galvan says:

      Cannot remember Sonny’s right hand man. ,the good looking black guy. What was his name,and is coming back, hope so