General Hospital Tyler Christopher Recast

General Hospital's Tyler Christopher Replaced as Nikolas by Nick Stabile

Tyler Christopher has been temporarily replaced as General Hospital‘s dark prince, Nikolas Cassadine, by daytime TV vet Nick Stabile, TVLine has confirmed.

A spokesperson for ABC’s one remaining soap could neither say how long the recast would be playing Hayden’s husband nor when the big switch would take place on air. Christopher, who recently won his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, originated the role of Laura Spencer’s firstborn son back in 1996. He was replaced once before during his long GH run in the early 2000s, when The Closer‘s Stephen Martines — then known as Coltin Scott — took over.

Stabile, who played Mark Wolper on Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach in the late 1990s and Dean Hartman on Days of Our Lives in 2009, is no stranger to recasts. He previously stepped in as Passions‘ Fox Crane in 2004 while Justin Hartley (now Adam, The Young and the Restless) was on paternity leave. Stabile’s other credits include Dawson’s Creek, Charmed and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Daytime Confidential broke the story that Christopher was taking time off during contract negotiations.

What do you think? Will you be able to accept another actor as Nikolas? Or would you have preferred the character to just leave Port Charles for a while? Hit the comments.

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  1. Beverly Levy says:

    I don’t think this is a good move on Tyler Christopher’s part. Once they replace u why let u come back, if they can get a cheaper version of u. I love Tyler Christopher but they have replaced.many. Work it out. Did’nt they almost lose Becky over contract disputes.

    • Q says:

      Nah, GH is pretty loyal in instances like this. Kristen Storms was replaced as Maxie for almost a year while she was recovering from illness with ABC maintaining the whole time it was only temporary and she had a big promotional push when she did come back. Jax was replaced a few times while he was on vacation or whatever and he was alway welcomed back. It’ll be fine.

      • Jbj says:

        When was Jax ever played by someone other than Ingo?

        • canadian ninja says:

          Maybe they meant Jerry?

          • Allen Johnson says:

            Jerry Jackso was originally portrayed by Julian Stone from April 10, 1998 to December 14, 1999. When Sebastian Roché (2007–10, 2012–15) took over the role, Jerry had plastic surgery so no one from his past especially Sonny or even his brother would recognize him. However his and Jay’s mother Lady J recognized him.

        • Allen Johnson says:

          Yes he was by Gideon Emery (temp. 2008)

        • The floating rib says:

          No I saw a different Jax at one stage nowhere near as good looking when someone called him Jax I was like who the hells is that

      • maniac beach girl says:

        I sure hope u r right Christopher tyler CAN NOT B REPLACED FOR EVER, Let’s hope

        • Karen says:

          I agree. Christopher Tyler CANNOT be replaced! To me he is Nicholas wholeheartedly! That is thee only Nicholas that I ever can remember, that, GH wouldnt be the same to me to see someone anyone play that role but Christopher Tyler. In fact, in my mind (Christopher Tyler) isnt even Christopher Tyler, he is “NICHOLAS!” To me he should not be recast ny anyone else playing his role! On the shos Nicholas has been through alot, and came through alot. His and Lauras relationship or bond was so distant, it seemed that, she didnt want to at first have a bond with him, because he was a Cassadine. But now Lauras “motherly instinct” and love for him become what it should be. Helena kept him away from Laura for a long time. And I dont want to see this bond interrupted. If this makes sense? He has just been through alot! Please, dont replace Nicholas! To me that role is only for Christopher, nobody else will do! Of course, I have no control over this. But, I along with many others has been watching this great long running soap eversince I was a little young girl, and I am 55 years old now! I know that at times this show and others has had others cast to play the original roles, but I have never liked it!DONT GO CHRISTOPHER 😞 WE LOVE YOU!!!❤

          • Nita West says:

            Hey Karen! The guy’s first name is Tyler. As in Tyler Christopher. Do you even have a clue?

          • Linda Blake says:

            Amen to that Karen he is Irreplaceable I hope and pray that they will resolve this matter because Tyler Christopher deserves it. He’s simply amazing I can’t see anyone else to fill in. So pretty please Don’t leave your fans we love you Tyler Christopher!!

          • objkshn says:

            Nobody is irreplaceable. Soaps have to bring down costs if they are going to remain. Would like to see Tyler make a break into primetime. Maybe this could be an opportunity for him.

          • Afamericangirl says:

            Agree 1000%, this guy just doesn’t have what Christopher exudes for this role!

          • Pauline says:

            I agree- Tyler is irreplaceable! Even when he had the long term substitute several years ago who was good but I was SO happy when Tyler came back!

          • Ilene Moraga says:

            I agree 100% with me.. nobody else can play his role. Just like its still hard to deal with this whole jason morgan change ,. Or even lulu, although i now like this lulu. But it took awhile.. but nickolas is one that i cannot get used to being replaced..

          • Deborah says:

            Agreed….those who follow this amazing man know he is TYLER CHRISTOPHER….not the reverse…..get it together if you are a true fan people.

          • Deborah E says:

            Again…..AMEN to those who know about this very talented man…..get his name correct……TYLER CHRISTOPHER. ❤️

          • Janice K Horridge says:

            I agree, Tyler cannot be replaced!!!

          • Sheila Schneider says:

            totally agree Karen,I’“ 60 and watched GH from day one 😄 well said 🙏❤

          • Robin Harper says:

            I hate to break this to you, but his name is Tyler Christopher. Yes, Tyler is his first name, like your first name is Karen. Work on making a complete, correct sentence before going for a full paragraph next time. You asked “If this makes sense?” This is not a correct question, but NO, it doesn’t. Kindergarten failure.

          • Joobee says:

            Actually it has been reported that he changed his name, with the help of Vanessa Marcil, from Christopher Tyler to Tyler Christopher; maybe she read that same column (turns out that was wrong, but nonetheless, it was out there at one time). According to Wikipedia, his birth name is Tyler Christopher Baker; he dropped Baker. Boom, now his professional name is Tyler Christopher. Something tells me if he was in public and a fan says, “hi Christopher!” that he’d be gracious enough to reply in kind. (key word: kind)

            There’s a nice way to correct misinformation, try it some time.

          • Savannah says:

            Amen to that, Nita

          • Evelyn Pagan says:

            I agree with you 💯✔

          • Anthony says:

            His name is Tyler Christopher actually. ☺

          • R Alba says:

            YES, YES, YES

          • Mary Grimes says:


        • Nita West says:

          Tyler is his first name! You people don’t even know who you are talking about! It’s Tyler Christopher!!! Canyou read?

        • Allen Johnson says:

          As great as Tyler Christopher is, he was replaced by Coltin Scott aka Stephen Martines (1999–2003) until Tyler Christopher came back to reprise the role. Then in 2005 Christopher was temporary recast by Chris Beetem(Tate Harmon One Life to Live) due to Christopher having a shoulder injury at the time. So yeah he can and HAS been replaced.

          • Benk13 says:

            Tyler would be good prime time though right? Omg! I could see him on mistresses… Mmmmm!!! I know he’s married with a great wife and family life but I still like to watch love scenes and he’s really good at them. Hell I still like seeing Luke and Laura..,could you imagine ever seeing Luke or lucky played by another actor? I rather them die on the show than be replaced. Did I say that? 😢 I like our originals (except for Carly/this is the best one ever, ever, ever!!!!) she’s pretty badass!

          • Savannah says:

            I do love Laura Wright as Carly but you cannot say it’s the best recast ever. Sarah Brown was a great Carly.

        • Christopher Tyler will reprise his role on G H hes on a hiatus

        • Robin Harper says:

          Girl Beach Maniac, if you had a brain you would know that his name is Tyler Christopher, not the other way around.

        • Holly says:

          Absolutely agree

        • R Alba says:


      • Cheryl says:

        Maxie is leaving again for illness. Hope it’s temporary

        • Laura Suchman says:

          Not for illness, because she’s had so many outbreaks upon her face that the makeup artist can’t cover them up well enough anymore. I’m sure it’s from the stress of her divorcing (johnny).

        • Phil says:

          She is already back… Temp Maxie will appear in July and Storms will be back in August. Sadly Finola Hughes is taking an extended break as well. The difference is she gave them enough notice to wrap up her stories so she will not need a replacement. Hughes is the only one I will miss!

      • Lisa says:

        I think they decided to temporarily recast him because his storyline is too big right now to have him disappear for several weeks.

      • byebyenikolas says:

        Accept she did not leave for contract negotiations

        • Phil says:

          According to the article at Daytime Confidential, Tyler Christopher asked to take time off for personal reasons not because of contract negotiations. The request from the actor just happened to be during contract negotiations.

      • Rhonda McClain says:

        I sure hope so, this new guy aint working out for me in any way at all

      • Charlie Jordan says:

        I But don’t you all think it takes a special person to play nicolas he just has that dark look anyway hottie lol. But I hope they work it out because the new guy they should have just introduced him to GO as a new member so he could have a fair shot.

    • Maria says:

      I’d like Nicholas to take a much needed break, maybe a sabbatical would be good for him and the show to bring him back fresh, i feel a vacation or breif get away would have been better than a recast, but who knows Nick just might turn out to be a great Nicholas. Best to all.

      • maniac beach girl says:

        Lets hope he is just taking a vacation or sabbatical to enjoy his new baby and can renegotiate a new contract that will bring him back to the tried and true fans. Hope the writers know how important he is to the fans.

      • AJ says:

        Based on yesterday’s episode, it probably wasn’t possible since it looks like a big storyline is just starting with Nicolas.

        • Margaret says:

          Yes I don’t know what happened with negotiations but he just went out the window….doesn’t look good.

    • Hailey Berrier says:

      Replqce him eith a cheqper version of him. That guy cant even live up to half of him hes one of the best actors on the show!

    • Evelyn Pagan says:

      Would like for Tyler Christopher to come back…this new Nicholas guy doesn’t play the roll like the real one…and can’t believe maxi oh no nothing like the real maxi…

    • Charlie says:

      I can’t agree on this one. Tyler Christopher IS Nikolas Cassadine. (of course we all said that about Steve Burton as Jason). And this replacement isn’t capturing the character. They would bring Nikolas back.

      • Debra C says:

        No, I prefer Tyler Christopher!!! Bring him back quick!!! No one else can play Nicholas after all these years (one attempt at replacing him was ok but still not Tyler/Nicholas). Tyler also has the depth to be both compassionate adn appear to want to do the right thing and something dark that plays to the cassadine side too. Hide to find that quality of acting!

  2. Connie Womack says:

    I hope Tyler Christopher settles his contract issues because I love him as Nichols Cassidine. Please Tyler don’t leave GH you’re 1 reason why I watch GH

  3. Susan McKenzie says:

    Yes, I would rather him take a trip for a while. I don’t think anyone could play that part as well as he does.

  4. A. D. says:

    Stupid…just write him out for a bit.

    • jr. says:

      Luke was written out MANY times while the actor took time off. They didn’t replace Luke, and he was a major character in GH. Just write Nickolas out of the show for awhile, and concentrate on the many other characters for awhile.

      • pixieblue says:

        I agree. Just write him out for awhile. There are many possible story lines that would work to have him leave. It’s never the same when you replace a character. I’m still not used to the “new” Jason and it’s been a year. LOL

        • Kristi says:

          I LOVE the new Jason!!!!!!!

          • objkshn says:

            I love the new Jason, too. And I’m only now starting to warm up to Steve Burton’s character on Y&R.

          • linlab52 says:

            Me too. I like his portrayal much more than Steve Burton’s.

          • Angela says:

            I absolutely HATE the new Jason. He is NO Jason. I miss Steve Burton so much. I wish he would come back.

          • Michelle says:

            Rather have just have waited for Tyler Christopher. This guy sucks & so does the new Jason.

          • Kat Rodgers says:

            Love the new Jason’s chemistry with Kelly aka Sam but must have Tyler Christopher back as Nicholas. If he doesn’t come back, the writers should write his character out of the story line.

        • Bannc says:

          I cant get use to him. He will nvr be jason. He needs to go back to y n r as billy. All these characters leaving their rolls and being recast in orhers. Im getting whip lash and i dont like it. Thinking about not watching anymore its not the same any more.

          • Carolyn says:

            I so agree with you. I’m too done with all the switching of the characters. I didnt even know this one was coming. I’m behind in watching and just started watching June 17, and here this new Nichols walks in the room with Ava and they are announcing him as a recast. Just read here as well, that Maxie will be leaving again. They need to stop the madness!

      • mara says:

        Agree. Even though I need to add that Luke is irreplaceable and Anthony Geary is The King. Still GH has a long story of recasts, with some of them that have been questionable

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      I agree, we could use a break from Nicholas anyway. Maybe he would have come back more like himself than this guy who goes around stealing companies with excuses that just don’t make sense.

      • Cinda witt says:

        Ur a fricken idiot if u don’t like him then go watch something else ur pathetic

        • mheinrich says:

          You are the pathetic sweetheart. I

        • Sue Snyder says:

          watch your mouth. there’s some of us pathetic idiots who may not always see eye to eye with you Cindi Witt. you need to work on that anger. someone hug that poor girl…you need to meet Jesus. well I love you and so does everyone else here probably even the poor soul who you attacked. Take it easy now okay? xxooo

        • Anita Diaz says:

          Wow, you have anger issues that have nothing to do with this soap opera.

          • Charlie Jordan says:

            Wow really. This is just soap talk no need to be horrible to people. I joined because the post seemed fun and just humorous but you need prayer!!!! Immediately

          • Charlie Jordan says:

            That wasn’t towards u animals. That was too the mean chic

          • Charlie Jordan says:

            Anita that was a typo auto type is horrible I never meant to type animals please forgive me I meant to type your name but didn’t proof read so sorry

  5. lynne hampton says:

    keep the same nicklous.why replace actors we like the same ones we are used to many changes.

  6. Diane DiPietro says:

    No one can play him better then Tyler

  7. staceycarson says:

    I do not want him to leave not even. for a day. I love Nick such a awesome. actor

  8. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    GH has ruined Nicholas. They should just write him out altogether.

  9. Cindy says:

    GH should have let him leave Port Charles until his contract matter is resolved. I find it disingenuous when they replace someone of his stature temporarily. . he could have been written out for a awhile……

  10. antoiinette holliday says:

    just leave for awhile and come back nobody does you like you do .please dont go

  11. It took me a short time to accept Coltin Scott as Nickolas before, but just as I got used to it (I thought he played the part well), they changed back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tyler Christopher’s Nicholas, but I wish he’d stop doing the in and out thing. I want someone who is as loyal to the fans as they are to him.This is nonsense and detrimental to this character.

    • Ceiling Fan says:

      Agree 100%. I am now Team Hayden, where I was always on Tyler Christoper’s Nicholas’ side before.

    • Deborah E says:

      Tyler needs to do what’s best for him. But as a long time TYLER CHRISTOPHER fan, I hope they work it out……get the name correct people!

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    I’ll take a recast over a stupid storyline to explain his absence. Having the character do something OUT of character to accommodate an actor is worse than getting a new actor. Think about all of the stupid, awful, out-of-character things Lucky, Jax, Brenda, Laura, Robin, etc. have done on screen because of actor availability.

    • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

      The problem is that his current storyline is stupid. I am pretty sure that his negotiations are about having better material more than anything else…just like Becky Herbst. I am pretty sure they dont know what else to do with Rebecca Budig (ho is a waste) so if Nik is gone…there is nothing for Hayden to do…so they feel like this is a better option.

  13. Angie Bullock says:

    Let’s hope he makes the role his …I will give him a chance…but can’t wait until Tyler returns….

  14. Tyler Christopher is the BEST Nickolas … I did not like back when he was replaced …Also NO / NO / NO for Jason to leave Sam for Liz

    • Zandy Touse says:

      The solution is simple: Please stop degrading the character of Elizabeth in order for ignorant fans to defame her. Such hypocrisy, but that’s the intellect of “b&b’s”.

      • Lily says:

        You are so Awesome!
        I love Elizabeth. (I wish someone would smack the writing department right smack in the foreheads.)

        I hate that the writers are extremely dumb and write the most stupid story lines for her.
        Wasn’t Carly, Sam, Franco and others vile characters? Then ‘experience’ made them get their Act together and become good citizens.

        Yet, Elizabeth’scharacter has not geown?

        Now, Nicholas has the worse story line that makes me want to slap the writer’s as well.
        Ay Chihuahua!

  15. I also would like our regular LuLu back …

  16. Katie says:

    NO WAY – there is only one Nikolas and Tyler Christopher is it. General Hospital has had too many losses to even think about replacing Tyler.

    • sherry says:

      He was recast years ago. I’m 50 been watching GH since luck & Laura’s wedding. The guy who replaced him, super nice looking guy, cant thing of his real name. Was weird, he was on for two years, I think. Then Tyler came back.

      • Shirley says:

        I have been watching General Hospital since 1964. I miss the good old days. It’s hard to see the same actors come back in different rolls. I hated Franco, the real one, ant this one isn’t much better.

    • Susan Satterfield says:

      Right on!!!

  17. Jo says:

    Wish he wasn’t taking a leave. His story won’t be the same. Tyler, come back soon.

  18. this contract stuff is always just as hard on us watching as the darn actors, do they ever give us any thought?is it all about money always?guess so.i would prefer he “disappears” for a bit than see another face as Nick, thats my opinion anyway.good luck getting what you want will be missed.

  19. Actor Tyler Christopher is the Only Actor I Will Ever like in the role of Nikolas on General Hospital

  20. Trish Brock says:

    I like Tyler too, but I am willing to give Nick Stabile a chance! I went to his website…oh my goodness, not so bad on the eyes. I will try to remember he is only there temporarily! :)

  21. Bonnie Chatman says:

    Not a good move. We love the one we have we want Tyler Christopher. Why do you people do these things?

  22. Shannon says:

    They should make him go to prison for awhile. That make better sense. But then again, they said it will be temporally.

  23. "A" says:

    Nick played Jamie Roth on “Popular”, Nick Tyrell on “Half & Half”, and Mark Wolper” on “Sunset Beach” right ?

  24. emily says:

    when I first saw this I thought he was going prime time, then I read the complete story, just like the original Jason Morgan but he went on to Y&R. I would like the original prince to stay and have true love as he did with Emily, bring Emily back please and Tyler and his riches. I wouldn’t like the new prince. Work it out please.

  25. stormynw says:

    Tyler Christopher is Nicholas but that said we didn’t think anyone but Steve Burton could play Jason and that worked out. Soooooooo hopefully Tyler doesn’t hold out too long.

  26. N says:

    Love Tyler…Only the best for him

  27. Shirley says:

    I think they should have had him leave town. I hate it when they bring replacements in.

  28. Dorothy says:

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  29. Gioia says:

    Allot going on with Hayden , sorry to see that he is leaving at a good story line. Good luck to him. Tyler plays a great part hope comes back.

  30. minnie1mouse says:

    Let the rumors fly! Nikolas and Hayden both need to exit at the same time on a mysterious trip. They are both in hot water! They could be scheming something together or on a sizzling hot rekindling second honeymoon.

  31. marion says:

    He should have just took a vacation

  32. Kim Riley says:

    not good they should have just taken him off for a while. I am still trying to get used to this new jason

  33. sheilah longdorf says:

    should have had him leave town. There is no other Nickolas

  34. P. Danis says:

    I rather see him go on a world cruise, but NO RECAST. I have been a viewer since the show started

  35. Charlene Zavala says:

    Hopefully he just leaves town for a little while, I would welcome him back. It will be fine

  36. Melissa Capps says:

    No no no no no no no!!!!!!! Do what you need to do Tyler and hurry back. It won’t be the same. You ARE Nikolas Cassadine! The one and only.

  37. Marie says:

    I don’t think so. He is one of my favorite people on General Hospital. I really hope he makes a return very soon. They have already lost so many great actors on that show.

  38. Toni says:

    I would have preferred the character to leave Port Charles for awhile!

  39. julia says:

    Have Tyler just leave and return soon.

  40. I wish nicholas had left for a while.

  41. Kadee says:

    I think Christopher Tyler is a great actor but I find a lot of the men look off the set quite a bit. It appears they are looking for their lines. Whatever it is, it is extremely distracting. I would like to see another actor for a while.

  42. CHris says:

    Please come back soon!! – you’re the best I can’t imagine another Nikolas, which is why you were most deserving of your Emmy win!!!!!!!

  43. Bonita Kirby says:

    Rather he went off somewhere and not replace him

  44. e curto says:

    The Powers that be are a Bunch of Amatuers First contract problems with our Elizabeth AND now with Roger Recasting Nicholas is the last straw

  45. mary jo hannon says:

    Have the character leave the show. The timing would be right due to all the “problems” Nicholas is currently having.

  46. Margie Sparacino says:

    Tyler Christopher is Nickolas and should just take a short break.

  47. Debbie says:

    Not Christopher Tyler. I love him too. You did not have to replace him. Just give him the time off as others have done. Christopher Tyler plays such an excellent part as Nicholas. No one else can. I have been watching him play his part since it began. He left once before replacing his part and I did not like that. It just was not Nicholas. Please come back Tyler.

  48. sara says:

    Hurry back!!

  49. KansasGuest says:

    They should give Laura’s story more airtime to fill any gaps instead of recasting Nikolas. But, I fear, they can’t do that because they have no idea what they’re doing with Laura. :-(