Nashville Finale: Happy 'Javery' Reunion Scrapped in Favor of Ominous Cliffhanger — Find Out Why

Perhaps the only thing more alarming than the way Nashville ended its run Wednesday — with a cliffhanger involving a possibly fatal plane crash — is knowing that the ABC series shot a happy ending for the long-suffering Juliette and Avery, but that scene likely will never air.

Lionsgate TV, one of the series’ producers, made what sources say is a strong case (business-wise, at least) to forego the upbeat ending in hopes of making the show more attractive to platforms that might pick it up for a possible Season 5, multiple sources tell TVLine.

In the version of the episode broadcast Wednesday night, Juliette was feared dead after her private jet went missing. The alternate ending had Juliette’s plane touch down safely; an emotional reunion with ex-husband Avery followed soon after.

Reps for ABC and Lionsgate declined to comment, but a source close to Lionsgate tells TVLine that the studio “is fully confident that there’s much more Nashville to be told. Tonight’s Season 4 finale ending speaks to that confidence. Not to frustrate or disappoint fans, rather Lionsgate, ABC Studios and Opry Entertainment are listening to fans’ outpouring of support online for more.”

UPDATE: Lionsgate issued the following statement via Twitter immediately following the finale:

ABC cancelled Nashville on May 12. In the weeks since, Lionsgate has said it has been having “numerous talks with interested networks” and has exhorted fans to append #BringBackNashville to their tweets.

Nashville fans, what do you think: Was the studio right to keep the series’ finale open-ended? Or would you rather have seen Avery and Juliette’s reunion? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I understand their reasoning BUT WHAT IF THE SHOW DOESN’T GET PICKED UP BY ANOTHER NETWORK AND WE’RE STUCK WITH THAT ENDING? WHAT THEN? WHAT THEN. I am so angry about this because they had their chance to end it the right way just in case and they went with this.

    • But please let another network pick the show up.

      • Juanee says:

        One of the best evening Soap Operas in a long long time!!!
        What a shame it’s being canceled when there is sooooo much crap left on the air….
        What’s wrong with this whole thing??

        • Elizabeth Gattrrdam says:

          I agree about all the crap on air. We need a good clean show like Nashville

        • Hollly Jurney says:


        • Andrea says:

          This is what’s wrong…. ABC is a big old cheapo!!!! Reality TV and Reality Stars’ salaries are much cheaper to pay than actual actors with talent.

          • This isn’t about ABC being cheap. They give the audience what it wants because that is how things work. If a product fails or doesn’t make the company as much money as another product, the company scraps the product even if it is a better one or one that they believe in. Blame the people who watch the Kardashians because we wouldn’t be having this conversation if there weren’t so many people who liked watching such crap.

        • Vickie says:

          Couldn’t say it any better, BRING BACK NASHVILLE

          • kimberly Fletcher says:

            Yes, I agree bring back Nashville. Great show don’t understand why their canceling it.

        • Jill Lee says:

          Great show

      • Jo Anne Supplee says:

        I am hoping so too. Don’t watch much TV but this was one show I arranged my schedule for. I am hoping another network will pick it up.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree!

      • Carole says:

        I was just sick when I heard that it was being cancelled. It was one of the best shows on TV, so why was it cancelled? I pray that another channel picks it up, because it’s got a lot to finish yet.

        • Sarah says:

          I love Nashville it’s a great show about real life struggles, relationships, and family. We don’t have very many shows like this on TV anymore :-( please bring NASHVILLE back to our living rooms!!!

          • Sharon Waugh says:

            Not much good television these days. Nashville was one of the best. I am so sorry to hear that it is being cancelled. There is still a whole lot of story to be told. I am so hoping that another channel picks it up.

          • Jill Mccann says:

            I agree! I really enjoy Nashville, I was so sad when I heard it was cancelled, then that ending was awful, please bring Nashville back!!!

        • Helen says:

          I so agree!! Great show,bringit back!

    • Ash says:

      Hopefully they’ll do something that other shows have done and once word is final about whether or not it’ll come back, they’ll release the video on social media or the DVD. I believe NCIS LA did this once where they had a scene that was cut from an episode that showed a couple saying I Love Yous for the first time. They released it on their social media accounts for fans.

      • Isobel says:

        yeah hopefully if the show isn’t picked up they release the alternate ending scene where Juliette does land and greet Avery.

    • tammywhite116 says:

      If it doesn’t get picked up…(highly doubt) they could do an encore night where the alternate ending is shown..

    • DBF says:

      If you are that angry you desperately need some perspective. It is a TV show, ffs! I loved it too, but it is not important enough to get angry over. If it gets picked up by another network great, if not then we are free to speculate but shouldn’t let it impact our lives too much.

    • Michael B says:


    • A fan of TV says:


      • april-ann says:

        That’s just Ausiello inserting himself into Kim’s amazingly talented work. And he put his name on a purposefully sensational titled article to get more comments. Works for him. For a much better experience here, read Kim’s Nashville recaps. They are epic.

    • Bryan says:

      ABC should air a TV movie then. Just to wrap things up

      • Jerry mccumber says:

        It’s the best show on tv😍😍 y do the big shots keep on dumb Bimbos !K please keep Nashville🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️💜💚great idea if it’s not picked up😍😍

    • sterling says:

      I would hope if it doesn’t get picked up then the ending will be reedited for the DVD release and online. Hopefully.

    • I could not endure another season unless the new show runners do the following:
      1. Kill Layla;
      2. Send Maddie off to boarding school;
      3. Get Scarlet into therapy;
      4. Add more music; and
      5. Reset the focus back on Rayna and Juliet; and stop bringing in secondary characters like Autumn and Chase who only detract from the reason people liked the first season of the show.

      • Andrea says:

        nicely put! lol

      • Kim says:

        And tape Deacons whiny mouth shut.

      • Mel says:

        Love it

      • Theresa lazarz says:

        I think they need to destroy Layla’s career and have her end up in jail or a nuthouse!

        Maddie is Deacons daughter so a good story line for her would be to run wild dabble with drugs & alcohol since drugs & alcohol is such an epidemic in the real world have her career take off while she is partying out of control and Deacon & Rayna can get her into rehab.

        I think an amazing fairy tale wedding for Gunner & Scarlet needs to happen.

        Will needs a high profile story line with a love interest we didn’t expect like maybe Luke!!

        Give us more story on Avery & Julliette!!

        I think there should be at least 3 or 4 more seasons!!!

      • kelly b says:

        LOL I agree with you Snazzy. I would add to that by saying to Wlll, We know you are gay but do we need to see you kissing all the time?? That gets old quick. The show is very well written, has a good cast, is a nice clean, classy show as well. Let’s hope it gets picked up by another network.

        • BangBang says:

          You’re a ridiculous person, and coincidentally, the kind of intolerant person that they were targeting on the show. They showed him kiss, what, like 4 times in the entire series? Grow up.

    • Karin Bovee says:

      I agree with you! I was yelling at the tv ” I hate you CBS” when it ended! I’m so bummed!

    • Amy Pryor says:

      It can’t end this way, please let this show get picked up by another network! I love this show and there is way more story to be told!! What if it doesn’t get picked up, what then?!?!

    • If they shot the scene and the show doesn’t find a new home, you’ll be able to watch it on DVD and then Youtube.

    • Mel says:

      I absolutely couldn’t sleep Wednesday and Thursday night because I was so pissed at how the did Avery and Juliette. I also was hoping to see Layla receive recourse. Shambles over here. Juliette and Avery need to give each other a shot at finally being happy. #bringNashvilleback

    • Jenny Roderick says:

      I agree…i would love to see the show continue….i have seen ABC cancel other great shows and have been disappointed with the network! I really hope they decide to keep Nashville around!

    • Linn Roberts says:

      Please bring back Nashville!!! We love it!!! 😘

  2. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Dumb decision. They don’t know if it WILL be picked up! Lousy way to end with us wondering if she’s alive!

  3. iHeart says:

    You know I just realized the irony of that ending, Juliette played Patsy Cline right? and didn’t Patsy Cline die in a plane crash?

  4. Ian says:

    Was I even eager for Juliette and Avery to run into each other’s arms after seeing Gunnar grab Scarlett with Autumn juice still on his lips from the night before? Nope.
    But #BringBackNashville. Presumably the writing will get better if they find a new home network.
    They made me sweat for that Will and Kevin kiss, but I got it!

  5. GRD says:

    I seriously hate you right now, ABC.

    • Wendy says:

      Me too . Best show ever and u take it off you really are making a mistake

    • I’ve seriously hated ABC for a long time. Where do I begin? All My Children after 40 years in 2011? Brothers and Sisters, 2011? Boston Legal? Blood and Oil? Not to mention the way the Mouse network treated Kelly Ripa recently! And now we’ve lost Nashville??? I hesitate to start watching anything new on ABC out of fear that it will be cancelled as well.

      • grazelled says:

        Hated their destruction of daytime TV. Still miss OLTL along with the shows you mentioned, Karen. Also miss shows like Brothers and Sisters, what Revenge could have been, amazing shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives when they launched. What happened to ABC is a mystery.

    • Donna artist says:


    • Ashlee says:

      Same I’m legit thinking about boycotting ABC all together, like how do you end an azing show like Nashville when there’s clearly more storyline that could’ve been played out. Ugh completely disgusted.

    • Esther J Theurer says:

      All I have to say is why ? Every Wednesday night is almost my whole life,well it’s the only thing I look forwards to.I would get it if there was no more progress to get done with the show ,but there’s a lot of stuff to work with in this show.I just hope that you are getting this cause its a great show,an amazing show ,and a fantastic show,I got one more thing to say for Nashville, maybe you’ll appreciate me
      someday #BringBackNashville

  6. Lori says:

    I want Nashville back on the air!! I loved watching the show every week. I am so dissapointed at whoever made the bad decision to take it off the air!!!!! Please change your mind and bring Nashville back!!!!!!

  7. Muhnishuh says:

    That’s complete bs. Everyone got their happy final scene but them. Ridiculous!!!

  8. Leslie says:

    Let the story continue!

  9. Susan M says:

    Bring Nashville back! Great cast, stories and music.

  10. Andrea says:

    If it doesn’t pick back up they had her die just like Patsy Cline.Crazy

  11. jncraft says:

    Hopefully this will pay off and CMT will pick the show up. If not, they should release an extended version where Avery fell asleep waiting for Juliette and had this nightmare, then woke up as her plane was landing safely. [If they want to throw in a scene where Layla rows off in a sinking boat I’m totally fine with that too!]

    So is this the answer to the blind about the co-star getting killed off but it might not stick? HP was considered the co-star originally.

    • jncraft says:

      Nevermind. I see that was Sleepy Hollow. Didn’t know that blind had been solved.

      Still holding out hope for CMT or Hulu based on the Lionsgate tweet!!

  12. Deb Greenwald says:

    I think it was brilliant to keep the final open ended and it should be perfect to be picked up by another network. Nbc here’s your chance to be a hero!

    • Michelle A says:

      Now that I’ve read this article, I agree. I was mad about the finale at first, because I’ve never experienced a cancelled show coming back, but if it truly looks imminent, then they shouldn’t have a perfect series finale. Everything was already almost TOO cleaned up. Once everything gets wrapped up, it’s really hard to continue the story, and this gives at least one somewhat open-ended story. Though I still feel everything was pretty well cleaned up. If it doesn’t come back, I have my own idea as to how things turned out between them and can think whatever I want happened happened. They told me what I needed to know about their feelings for each other. Whether she lives or dies is my choice if it doesn’t come back, ha.

      • CC says:

        They actually did this with my other favorite show One Tree Hill and brought it back for one more season! So we can have hope that it will come back, I like another comment on here about how it could be Avery having a nightmare I will pretend that’s what happened if it don’t come back haha

        • Lorna says:

          Loved oth but s6-8 for much of it was silly. S8 was the jamie and chuck show. And they kissed haleys butt too much.

      • Bonniew88 says:

        CBS brought Jericho back after fans sent a gazillion pounds of nuts.

      • Alex says:

        Ok .. so here’s something that is either blatantly false and doesn’t make sense or I’m way off in my thinking. It has been reported that the cast only found out about the cancellation at around the same time as us meager viewers then if that is true, THEY SHOT ALL OF THESE SCENES THAT BASICALLY WRAPPED UP THE SHOW for good with the exception of Juliette supposedly dying in a plane crash .. Really?? My suspicion is that the production company already assumes that any given season might not be renewed so they have to position the story line in a way that provides a way to end the series gracefully. I heard it reported that ( and said here) that multiple endings were shot so who knows what is in the minds of ABC and / or the producers in terms of bringing the show back. Unfortunately Nashville’s viewership was dwindling since it’s inception and it’s all about numbers, time slots and lead ins. ABC has other shows that they have already tested and the 9 o’clock ( EST) is a much sought after time slot for most if not all of the networks. I doubt that a few hundred thousand fans who have been vocal about the show having a 5th season is going to change the minds of ABC execs but we shall see.

  13. Sjc says:

    I hope it works and someone does pic it up cause I’m extremely frustrated and curious about this ending, I wanna see what happens next! I love singing and playing country music on guitar myself and I’ve grown to really love this show and I find it inspiring as well. Hate to see it end.

  14. Donna says:

    Oh come on, people. If no one picks it up, the plane landed safely and they lived happily ever after. Done.

  15. Pam says:

    Hated the ending with Juillet and Avery but hope it does come back for another season! I live two hours from Nashville and have watched since day one. Hope to get to see a happy ending next year!!!!!

  16. BringNashvilleBack says:

    That ending is awful, true fans were already so upset to lose their favorite show, the least that could happen was to aire a real ending to the series. I seriously hope this has been done because it’s coming back for sure. To do this in hopes and then it not happen and leave with that ending is torture and truly unfair to loyal fans of the show.

  17. Rosemary says:

    Happy to know it may continue. I was disappointed that it was ending. Glad Layla went down.

    • Michael B says:

      Layla had a LOT of bad luck during the series. At least she ended up with a hit album.

      • Lorna says:

        I loved and hated Layla. Yed she went through hell but she was also manipulative and vindictive. Ugh. Aubrey was great!

    • She put out a great album and Hwy 57 needs a win. I don’t want her to tank completely… but she needs to grow up. What she did was nuts. She has to learn consequences. If the show comes back, it will be interesting to see what she does now that she has hit rock bottom personally but professionally she is looking good.

      • Neisie says:

        Layla’s come a LONG way from the shy, gullible, little girl married 2 Will 2 become very talented & put out a great album. I agree it was time for Hwy 65 to get a big win; but they’d already gotten that with The Exes! You can’t hang & be in the big leagues w the country music stars “Rockstar’s” whatever & act like a spoiled, self-centered, manipulative brat!! The two just don’t work nor go hand in hand. (Layla, Cash? Did I miss something? Her telling Pearce she was a big sister /singer, songwriter/ manager / BS artist / Maddie wannabe?!) I was all for Layla & Avery getting together & thought they made a great couple…until she walked into the recording studio after the sound engineer handed Avery the laptop the wrongful death article about Ju & Fordham’s sister. Her freaking & making her disgustingly childish performance afterwards trying 2 play on Avery’s sympathy was nothing if not sickening:-/ Kuddos to Avery for standing his ground, basically telling her 2 step back. But when decided she 2 call Fordham’s sister on the down low telling her to get in touch w Colt Wheeler; only eye witness? Strike 2 gf! Only 2 be bested by blantly lieing 2 Glynn, telling him Ju’d never said a word to her about Fordham or them being on the roof? The one & ONLY time in 4 seasons Ju was actually telling the truth?! Amazing!! PTL Glynn knew Ju well enough 2 know she was telling the truth for a change. Layla, you hung yourself out to dry w me sista. Strike 3! You deserve whateva you get & I hope karma comes back & bites ur skinny butt bc you darn sure deserve it. You make me sick & don’t deserve a guy as nice or as loyal as Avery. You & Fordham were 2 peas in a pod. A match made in heaven (or hell) depending how you chose to look at it😜You definitely deserved each other to say the least. I LOVE Nashville!! Only show I watched on TV:-/ then DVR’d it & watched it several times. Every time I did, I’d catch something I’d missed the time before😳🙈BRING NASHVILLE BACK PLEASE!!! My Wednesday nights just aren’t the same anymore😔Too many stories yet to be told, so many I could write some myself🙊NASHVILLE FANS UNITE!! Like Luke Wheeler said “Let’s make some noise!” WE WANT NASHVILLE🎙!!!👍❤️❤️❤️Whew, that wore me out🙏😲😴

  18. Pamela says:

    Only Shonda shows stand a chance with lower ratings on ABC, they have proved that the last few years, and especially with the catch by giving her special treatment.

    • Chella says:

      Nashville fans can’t even be honest with themselves. Nashville always had mediocre ratings. The writings was poor for multiple seasons. Chances? Nashville was constantly given chances. Shonda earned the benefit of the doubt and I hate The Catch. But a person who gifted a network with a 12 season show that still has solid ratings gets that benefit of the doubt. No different than a Mark Burnett created show. He has so many hits he constantly gets chances. That being said, I hope someone does pick up Nashville. Maybe I’ll catch up, see if they’ll step their writing game up.

      • Ben says:

        +1. Nashville fans are in denial xD.

        The finale was a perfect example of the poor writting in the later seasons… and no talk about how the gay statement was more important than the story in the final episodes… that decision (time invested) make feel rush/forced the wrap up in all the main relationship/plots at the end.

        The show have low ratings, poor writing and seem to be expensive to produce… and still yet.. i really hope that they bring back Nashville!… ’cause it needs a proper ending.

      • iceturkee says:

        the former abc president loved nashville and was always open to renewing each year despite the rating. the new president didn’t feel the same way.

      • jkgroves75 says:

        How can you hate the Catch? I was hooked immediately!

        • Ashlee says:

          That is so True we do have the right to be upset. Who gives a duck what others have to say. Just to let everyone know there is going to be a season 5! I am not sure what site I seen it on but Nashville Fans you can sleep tonight. Looking forward to season 5!! # Love Nashville For all the haters out there I am sure you all Love the watching The Walking Dead and yes I am one of them. What if they cancelled the show right at the end and left us hanging!! I know all of you heaters out there would be trying to get your show back!! So leave us alone we just want the show that we love to come back for season 5!

  19. Judi Dunham says:

    Big mistake to cancel Nashville. It’s the best show on TV.

  20. Sacha says:

    I want Nashville back! There is so much more to be told. I did not like the cliffhanger, especially if there is not going to be another season. I hope another channel picks it up.

  21. k johnson says:

    Bring nashville back, make Juliette be alive. We need more.

    • Margaret says:

      If you are going to cancel a show that people ACTUALLY watch then you should at least have the decency to give us a proper ending. Why should we watch any show that you put on next and call the “next big” series of we can’t trust you not to end them without a PROPER ending?? Good way to lose viewers all together. Now please give us an ending to Nashville.

  22. Krista Bruner says:

    This has been one of the BEST shows on tv! Bring back Nashville! Season 5 should be picked up! These storylines have so much further to go… Loves like these DONT end! More to tell! Someone pleaseeeeeeee pick up the series!!!!

  23. Charlotte says:

    I was so happy with all that happened in the finale, up until the last scene. I cannot believe viewers were’t allowed to see Juliette and Avery reunited. I sat in disbelief feeling that the decision to have Juliette’s plane lose contact was such a letdown. What a shame! Very bad ending.

  24. L2the6th says:

    What a misnomer cancelling Nashville, ABC. There is so much left unwritten…untold. I’m no big fan of country music, but Nashville’s quality pairings of story and music have held me for four seasons and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Do yourselves a favor…drop some of the lame remakes you’re touting and reinvest in Nashville.

  25. Claire says:

    I want the show to get picked up elsewhere so badly, and I guess I’m okay with knowing if it doesn’t I can assume it landed safely.

  26. Bren says:


  27. Kathy says:

    Would be disappointed if this turns out to be the end without Avery/Julliette reunion! Hopefully another network will listen to the fans. Save Nashville!

  28. Wanda Lee says:

    Hope the ending was making way for a continued series ….. Love NASHVILLE

  29. Who Dat Diva says:

    It ain’t over till it’s over

  30. Donna Quinlan says:

    I’d like the show to come back so I like the cliffhanger. I’m a big ‘soap ‘ fan so this makes sense. Bring back Nashville and Blood and Oil while you’re at it !!!

  31. Gene Hudson says:

    One of the best shows ever….Bring it back…I just don’t understand the reason behind the cancellation…You definitely don’t care about your fans

  32. Ellen says:

    I’d rather have Castle back than Nashville. Nashville has been horrible for 2 seasons now. Unlike all the Castle characters, I don’t really care about ANY of the Nashville characters anymore but that ending was just stupid. If Lionsgate feels they have many more Nashville stories to tell then they don’t need a cliffhanger to entice fans. What a waste of my time.

    • ntstar4 says:

      I disagree with your completely. I quit watching Castle last season because it just got to be ridicules. While Nashville got better and better up until the last two shows before this one. Still better than anything else ABC has.

  33. Kari says:

    I loved the ending! It gives me hope that there will be more Nashville!!!

  34. Kathy Sullivan says:

    If the show truly has a chance of returning, then I can see why this ending could work. Some suggestions for ABC, move the show to another day, better time slot where it’s not pitted against other popular shows. This was the only show of it’s kind on TV right now, good drama, acting and awesome music. Be smart and bring our Nashville back!

  35. mina says:

    Well, life doesnt always have a happy ending. Im sure people who have passed, didnt have a chance to correct their wrongs or have closure, etc… I am sad (I wanted Avery and Juliette to live happily ever after) and shocked but, not mad at the ending (is realistic). I AM MAD BECAUSE IT GOT CANCELLED! Will i watch if it gets picked up by another network? Yes! But please dont suck!! The actors/actresses and music were great!!

  36. tammywhite116 says:

    I think it was the perfect ending to gets fans excited and riled up to rally to save Nashville. And WHEN this fantastic show is picked up by another very lucky network…They can gear up for one heck of SEASON 5 Premiere.

  37. Linda Larson says:

    BRING NASHVILLE BACK!!!!!! Don’t leave us hanging with the possible death of Juliette!

  38. Brooke says:

    Seriously??! What a terrible way to end such an amazing show. Soooooo disappointed.

  39. Andrew L says:

    So basically they’re trying to manipulate fans into ramping up “Save Our Show” efforts in the hopes that they can leverage that into keeping the show alive. That strikes me as both presumptuous and kind of sleazy.

  40. Cindy says:

    They made the right decision to leave it hanging –if everyone ends happy there would be no more story to be told. Please please please don’t end Nashville, not just because of the story line but the amazing music!! It one of the first shows that really highlights the great sounds of modern country music–as well as the fact that the music business is a hard road.

  41. J. Mckeon says:

    If there is a shot of it coming back, then I am ok with the ending. I love the show and hate that it went off. I do think they needed to add back more music but I really hope it returns somewhere.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Bring Back Nashville… I want to see the story continue. Wonderful music!! What will I do on Wednesday nights now?!

  43. Linda says:

    Please bring nCk Nashville I loved the music and the storylines and all
    Of the actors. It’s a shame it’s over

  44. Ron Benton says:

    Bring it back !

  45. Judy Davidson says:

    Would be delighted if another network would pick up Nashville as there are surely more stories to be written and told.

  46. Shari says:

    Shouldn’t have been cancelled in the first place! Can’t wait to see where it lands!

  47. Kim Floyd says:

    Nashville has been my favorite show since the beginning!!! Please bring this series back for all the many fans!!!

  48. Laurie hersh says:

    The ending with Juliette and Avery is a great one ONLY IF you plan on bringing back the show! Cannot believe it’s over! I made sure I was in front of that tv every wed and I never missed an episode! Shame on you for taking away my one guilty pleasure!

  49. Olga Banis says:

    Very disappointed with the ending they chose, unless they bring it back and Juliette is found and reunited with Javery!

  50. Peter Jones says:

    Cliffhanger is perfect as long as the show returns. Juliette got her Oscar nomination playing Patsy Cline, after all.

    But we love the show and will watch it wherever it reappears.

    Bring back Nashville!!

    • Michael B says:

      We know Juliette didn’t win the Oscar. Avery said it.

    • david says:

      Juliette dying in a plane crash just like Patsy Cline would have been a fine ending if they would have committed to it and let it play out right.

      I can’t really understand why it was canceled.
      I think the beauty of this series is that at any moment new country stars can be added and others killed off or phased out. The title of the series is the city not a character’s name. I personally can’t understand why the network would not have given the series a final 5th season. There are plenty of fans invested in this series. In my opinion it will be harder to launch a new drama than it would be to build on the fan base that already exists for “Nashville”. I would have liked to have seen some of the older country legends make appearances on the series. Some of my favorite moments of the show were when they paid tribute to George Jones and Little Jimmie Dickens. A guest appearance by Loretta Lynn or Willie Nelson (to name a few) would have been nice. The possibilities to include guest stars is endless. I hope the show continues somewhere else.