Fall TV Preview
Empire Jamal Season 3

Empire Boss Previews Jamal's Season 3 'Recovery,' Future With D-Major, Freda

Will Jamal Lyon be singing the sound of silence when Empire returns for Season 3 this fall?

After all, when last we saw Jussie Smollett’s rising pop-star character in the Season 2 finale, he’d vowed to hang up his mic until his troubled family ended its cycle of violence and treachery — then made good on said promise by failing to perform at his father Lucious’ twisted nuptials to ex-fiancée Anika (who happened to be carrying Lucious’ grandbaby).

Showrunner Ilene Chaiken promises Jamal will “continue to dig in his heels” on that front. “The question now is, can Jamal also bring his brothers and his mother along with him on this stance, and say ‘This is no longer how we have to go about our lives and our business?'”

Empire Jamal Season 3Even more importantly, Chaiken says, Season 3 will be about “really examining the journey of Jamal’s recovery. In the finale, he comes out of the hospital after being shot, but he’s clearly not recovered physically, and certainly not psychically.”

Will that leave any room for his budding romance with mega-producer Derek/D-Major (Tobias Truvillion), who exploded in a homophobic rage and accused Jamal of making an unwanted advance when Lucious walked in on them in a tender moment?

“We think their story is really worth telling,” Chaiken teases. “[The angry outburst] that happened between D-Major and Jamal in the penultimate episode will be pretty hard to come back from. But it’s also very real. A lot of gay people know what that moment is about — as do a lot of people who aren’t gay. Some of the stories we tell are pretty melodramatic. I believe in all of them, but Jamal and D-Major’s is grounded in reality.”

What’ll it take to right the ‘ship? “If Jamal can forgive D-Major and understand him, and if D-Major wants to change and to find a way to live more honestly, then there’s hope there for a relationship,” the executive producer reasons. “They’re really interesting together and they have great chemistry. We plan to see more of them and explore the dynamic. We want to pay attention to the true details of what these moments mean.”

Empire Freda Season 3D-Major’s not the only one who’ll need to make amends with the middle Lyon son when Empire returns. His friend and duet partner Freda Gatz (Bre-Z) ended the finale behind bars after putting a bullet in Jamal (one she’d intended for Lucious).

“Freda will be in Season 3,” confirms Chaiken. “She’s part of our story. It’s not over. Jamal understand she’s a victim, but he still has to deal with the fact that she shot him. It was a hugely traumatizing event that she perpetrated on him. But he believes in her and in the mission of ending the cycle. So he’s going to have to do something about it.”

Are you already anticipating Season 3 of Empire? Any hopes for Jamal’s storyline? Sound off below!

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  1. NM says:

    Ugh. Can Lucious just get what’s coming to him? What he said was disgusting and I wish he did take that bullet and ended up paralysed that also lead to impotence.

  2. sladewilson says:

    Jussie’s the best musical talent on the show so having him sideline his talent makes no sense. The Empire writing staff will fix that quick. As for D-Major – find Jamal a new boyfriend who wants him or have him go bisexual. Maybe bring back Alicia Keys’ character for another arc….

  3. TVFan says:

    Any word on whether Carol returns for season three? She disappeared after Jamal was shot.

    • Tim says:

      They are horrible when it comes to giving the supporting cast their own story lines.

      • NM says:

        How? Carol has had more storylines this season than Andre and Rhonda combined. Alcoholism, abandoning her children, disappearing, strained relationships with her sisters, her recovery, getting in bed with a fed and exploring her back story with Lucious such as a relationship and helping him kill people. I’d say Carol has been explored quite well.

        • Nikke Williamson says:

          Carol… is a horrible actor. Her storyline was not needed and didn’t bring nothing to the show other than talk. What came out of her storyline. She is not needed on the show. Empire writers are all over the place.

  4. Ann Buckner says:

    I Lucio’s, jamal

  5. Ann Marie ottley says:

    What about anika and Andre wife, did both of them sent over the banister?

  6. Jamal needs to come back strong and continue singing we love his music and with Freda at his side..I want to know who got pushed off the balcony in the fight with anika and Andres wife Omg the suspense… Hurry up and bring season 3 back….empire is my drug I’m totally addicted

  7. Ariyona Cook says:

    Hi friends

  8. Donita says:

    Is Freda really gonna come back and if so what gonna happen with Lucius. Secondly did anika or Rhonda both fall this season was awesome. Awh one more thing how did he know that anika pushed Rhonda

    • Sunshine All Over Me says:

      Rhonda said Lucius always come to the house so he knew Rhonda was telling the truth. Lucius know how spiteful Anika can be. Andre put it together already but he didnt want so much attention on them. I think if Rhonda went over the balcony Andre is going to push Anika over. And probably go himself. I want Season 3 to hurry because this is my drug too. Lol

  9. Lil JuiceLady says:

    I love Empire so much ❤ also I wonder who fell 😌😂💯 Buhh I love empire also I love the main character’s in Empire ❤ 💘😌💯

  10. C. Payne says:

    I want Empire to explore down low brothers they exist, they have caused a lot of damage in the community. I applaud the writers on Empire for introducing the character D-Major.

  11. Melissa Gonsalves says:

    I loved the chemistry/scence between Jamal and Alicia. Although Iam not againt gays I struggle with watching Jamal with another man because even though gay doesnt have a prefrence it just doesnt look natural with Jamal the way it looked in the scenes with Alicia. Now that was something to watch over and over again. Empire is my favorite TV series and I watch every episode. Oh and Cookie is an all time natural and she makes that show genuine. I give Empire 5 Stars. Their so much different emotion that flies off with each scene that it keeps you at rhe edge of your seat and wanting more.

    • Jussie is gay in real life so I don’t understand how anyone can think him “acting” straight is more convincing! A little homphobic to say it “doesn’t look natural”. Anyway … roll on season 3 … Cant wait!

  12. clementine sanders says:

    I/we get it that not everyone is ready to come out, but I think there are more story lines to explore than this. It is reality and it is happening, but don’t waste too many minutes on this. How about Anika and Rhonda both go over the roof?

  13. Diane says:

    Yes I can’t wait, but if Jamal’s not singing it definitely will not be the same. I love to hear him sing. I would also love for him to get back with Michael.

    • Sunshine All Over Me says:

      I feel like Michael and Jamal have more chemistry than D- Major. I dont like him at all for Jamal.

    • nessa says:

      I dont really like Dmajor for jamal something about him just rubs me the wrong way,maybe it was the way he blew jamal off anyway as long as he’s happy it’s all good.and i can’t wait for the new season.

  14. lisa williams says:

    Freda Gatz and Jamal make a good couple went it comes to the music.She didnt mean to shot Jamal.Jamal is her truth friend that believe in her.Jamal you have to try to sing again.

    • Ann Marie ottley says:

      How you so sure is anika fell off cause i heard Rhonda bawl..n Jamal got shoot because he try to save his dad..carol has a part to play in this story line.

  15. lisa williams says:

    Anika is the one that fell off the roof.She did slit of crazy things by pushing cookie son wife down the stairs you cant blame her for doing it.Thats what she get.

    • Muffy says:

      It’s Rhonda who fell over.

      • Melissa Gonsalves says:

        Who fell over Anika or Rhonda? Anika needs to be the one to go over after all the evil stuff she has done. Rhonda was a good wife&person. Anika was a selfish witch who wanted everything.

  16. i wonder will laura and hakeem will ever get marry

  17. Freda did not shoot Jamal. She was shooting at Lucious. To perpetuate the story that she is responsible for Jamal’s shooting, then the producers should have made the shooting scene more ambiguous. Jamal got shot because he jumped in the path of the bullet. He’s the reason he got shot.

  18. Alicia Gray says:

    This show was a hot mess this year! :\

  19. Pegasis724 says:

    I read that the actor playing Jamal is not coming back next season so we will have to see and as far as Carol she is the reason Jamal got shot she should be back and pay for that

  20. Jennifer Davenport says:

    I can’t wait for season 3 looking forward I am truly an Empire fan

  21. Yvonne Ford says:

    It’s complicated but it’s going to be very interesting

  22. Prosha nunn says:

    Question: Will you ever do new auditions for empire. If so or not respond back please.. thank you

  23. Patsy says:

    I’m glad Freda Gatz is returning……
    She’s a great asset to Empire. I hope it come to light that Lucious killed her father. Freda is what she is because the streets was her family……so she had to be on her A game and DON’T except no b. s from no one. I really like her…..she brings spice to the show.

  24. Tia says:

    Derek and Jamal just do not have chemistry, like his other relationship. It’s not there. It feels uncomfortable watching them, not natural. Understand it’s a story line you want to explore, but it’s off. Freda’s character is complex, goes between being really hard but loves her music and respects Jamal. What Lucious is doing to her is wrong, mentally and emotionally. Leslie Uggams as Lucious’s mother I really like her in that role. She knows so much, and we never know what going to come out of her mouth. Don’t like the body guard guy…don’t know his name but he’s too pushy and a drunk.

    • Melissa Gonsalves says:

      I agree totaly with the fact that Jamal and D just do not feel right. In my comment I said that the scene with Jamal and Alicia was breath taking and the chemistry felt so real and when they sang together they were magical that i watch that scene over and over.

      • Bren Williams says:

        Exactly and people wanna brush that scene under the rug. we know that Jamal is gay but whether they like it or not, or however many doubts, that scene got WAY more life than the others. Still this day that was the most epic scene of the season.

    • Bren Williams says:

      I feel the same way about those particular guys too and I’m not even homophobic at all. But the guy who plays DMajor isn’t gay in real life. He’s married to a woman and he actually did an interview about it with his wife beside him and explained why he took on the role and how his wife was supportive of it. I’m going to watch it now.

  25. Lynne walsh says:

    Hello I’m a true empire fan. I love the show. But if you have Kim Kardashian replacing cookie the show will definitely suck. And if you replace luscious with kayne it will go down.boo who plz don’t replace them

    • Melissa Gonsalves says:

      What replacing Cookie and Lucious, oh no. I agree the show will definatly go down hill. I sure wont watch it anymore.

      • Sunshine All Over Me says:

        So sad to say. I love Empire and all of its characters but if Cookie angd Lucius gets replaced and Jamal is gone. Im out!!

      • Tawonga says:

        me too …I like Cookie and Luscious chemistry, it’s so natural…Empire is going to suck if u take them out… Kim Kardashian? pliz that girl she is all about looks and knows nothing about acting

        • Melissa Gonsalves says:

          Agreed. Kim Kardashian could never fill the shoes of Cookie

          • first of all, why would anybody believe this. whatever blog you got this from, just wanted you to view their page so they could get paid. Cookie is the mother of three adult children. There is no way that KK playing Cookie could even be conceivable. If they replaced TPH with another actress it surely would not be KK. She is too young. But what does it matter, TPH will not be replace.

  26. Lynn Powell says:

    Oh season 3 gonna come back with an epic jump right out the gate. We will have to see if both Anika and Rhonda fell or if one has been left hanging on literally during the off season. However the bomb dropped on Lucious in the finale about his half brother is going to be interesting to see played out
    Also Lucious’s Mom talk about crazzzzy that’s a whole other plot in itself! Then Cookie having her heart broke once again by Lucious due to his past can she over come him having to marry Anika whether she fell to her death ot not, so my family will be waiting for the season premiere, it can’t come back fast enough

    • Sunshine All Over Me says:

      And poor Hakeem … He was left at the altar. Laura was too hard on him. Shecshould have listened to what he had to say. ***Tears***

  27. eric lewis says:

    jamol should marry Freda gatz

  28. Sunshine All Over Me says:

    When is Season 3 for Empire? I am ready— my family and I tailgate every Wednesday for Empire!! Rush, rush.

  29. Veronica says:

    You have got to be kidding it’s a diet pill and no one wants to watch Kim kardashian take her place wth it won’t be empire without her that is ridiculous

  30. Tawonga Soko says:

    I love listening to Jamaal’s music, i even downloaded all the songs he sang in the show it helps me get to sleep and even cheers me down when i am low. who fell down the balcony? the suspense is killing me too. and why are u dropping Cookie she is a good actress, I love her flow…pliz don’t take her away….

  31. Lynn POWELL says:

    Anika needs to be the one who needs to fall, she is the one who pushed Rhonda down the stairs that caused her to lose her baby so she would be the one who had the first Lyons heir. Andre deserves a break some where, some time, he always gets left on the back burner because of his mental issues. Jamal needs to keep pushing forward to break his family cycled curse once and for all!! Hakeem needs to leave the woman alone and concentrate on his career. Lucious and Cookie’s need to finally get back on track with themselves and start making sounds ds like they did before Cookie took the fall for him and did 17 year in the Penn. As for Lucious’s FBI half brother he needs to just be handled and taken outo the picture like Bunny was. As for Lucious’s Mother, she needs to be sent far away to an insane asylum cause that woman is walked beyond crazy!!!! Bring Back Empire!! #WeCan’tWait

    • nessa says:

      seems like you got everything figured out I’m definitely with you on the Anika part the woan is cra….zy. I’m not on board with the whole lucious and cookie working together he doesn’t deserve her he should stay with crazy Anika

  32. Joan Small says:

    Let D-Major go because he is not ready to come out.

  33. Joan Small says:

    Freda needs to make amends and Jamal needs therapy.

  34. b ee says:

    You also need to keep Henson as the mother and guide. Kim can’t even spell jail and she could never be in the system. Leave real acting to the professional.

  35. dolyn katiyo says:

    empire is very great series..its a wanna follow up movie..looking forward to empire 3episodes.hope anika and rhonda will be back on empire 3..

  36. joy says:

    D major is d right one for jamol, their chemistry is right, wit time d major will b able to come out!

  37. adriainne says:

    i love u empire

  38. Wendy ndlazi says:

    I wish lucias and cookie can get back together

    • nessa says:

      not gonna happen lucious is ruthless and a liar he wasn’t even happy when he and cookie where made co CEOs meanwhile it was her money that started the company.

  39. Michelle R. says:

    I really wish Jamal could have a bisexual character cause his partners have either been too lame or just down right nasty like D-Major I really disliked how he treated Jamal wanting him behind closed doors but ashamed of him in public. Please bring a female in his triangle. As for Luscious I really hope he can become legit stop the gangsta life and he and cookie be a couple again……. Hakeem needs to find a nice girl that’s his speed to be with, that last one was too slow, and as for Andrae he just need to check hiself in a mental hospital for awhile to get his act together….😌

  40. Barbslimz says:

    I feel dat ders still hope for jamal lyon in season 3

  41. joyce cassidy says:

    I love jamal I think he is the whole show.He has a great voice and he is a great performer.\
    I think he is really sexy for a gay guy.! I just love him.

  42. Renae Wilson says:

    I’m mad as hell at the fact that Empire chose to allow Cookie to be rejected again by Lucious! I don’t think there is a woman on earth that will allow herself to be hurt so many times by the same man!!!

    Come on Lee Daniels—this is degrading to women!!! The only person willing to sacrifice herself for the family is Cookie!!!

  43. Aron says:

    a’m waiting s 3 but D mojar will not end good i think jamal should show up his stand on who he loves,absolutely michael, we don’t go agaist his homose.its natural no body can change that except GOD.

  44. abdimalig says:

    i want more celebrity on the show and something dramatic needs to happen to cookie or jamel because their the two main character’s that every person is attached two if you want to keep people engaged

  45. Beverly Haynes says:

    I would have loved for soarks to fly with Jamal and Freda. Even it was a temporary thing. Just to witness the pasdion between them because of a common love of music.

  46. Johnita says:

    I can’t wait to see season 3 yeeessss

  47. I love it but I really can’t wait til season 3 it’s going down

  48. Suelynne says:

    I am upset that y’all let boo boo kitty marry lucious. Why hurt cookies like that , I hated that story line end like that and to have Anika push Rhonda down the stairs and lost her baby was gross

  49. joy karen says:

    EMPIRE is very a fantastic show. Kudos to everyone–even the bit players. These comments are also interesting and insightful. BUT some of these comments below are so incorrectly written that it is very hard to understand the point that person is trying to make. Some are written with no periods; some never heard of agreement of subject and verb; and some just sound totally unschooled. Misspellings are fine because at least that person’s meaning is clear, but downright unclear writing is embarrassing.