The Voice Recap: Did the Right Artist Win? Plus: Season 10 Finale Awards!

The Voice Season 10 finale kicked off on a note stranger than Justin Bieber attempting to cover Aretha Franklin.

Country quartet Little Big Town opened the two-hour telecast with a Gospel-tinged jam produced by pop-R&B mastermind Pharrell Williams. CeeLo Green and finalist Hannah Huston recreated “Crazy” — with backing from a mariachi band. There was an entire segment devoted to Christina Aguilera’s love of Snapchat. (Shouldn’t advertorial segments be labeled accordingly?) And wackier still, over the course of 120 minutes, nobody made any mention of fallen standouts Tamar Davis, Emily Keener or Joe Maye. (Ugh.)

Eventually, though, things settled into a more predictable groove – especially a “Voice Confessional” segment midway through the show that felt like it was designed to narrow the audience’s expectations of who might win from four finalists down to two. Consider the coaches’ last comments about their respective artists:

Blake on Adam Wakefield: “He’s done everything he can do to survive and still be a musician, and to see this happen for him at this point in his life, it would just be extra special.” (Alrighty, that sounded pretty optimistic!)

Christina on Alisan Porter: “I truly believe that she is the definition of The Voice. I want to imagine her taking the title and being able to celebrate that with her kids.” (Yep, sounds like Alisan’s still got a shot at the whole enchilada!)

Adam on Laith Al-Saadi: “Laith, I’m proud of you. Congratulations, we’re in the finale. As far as what happens from now on, I think this would just be a bonus if you were to win.” (Ummm… wasn’t it a bit premature to hand the bearded dude a box of Rice-a-Roni as consolation prize?)

Pharrell on Hannah Huston: “I love Hannah. It’s been amazing to watch her go from the Blind Audition all the way to the finale. I hope she wins. But she already won.” (Uff da… that was lovely, right up to the “It was an honor just to be nominated” denouement!)

Was executive producer Mark Burnett throwing us a curveball? Nope — dude doesn’t play that way!

Let’s get to the results —followed by your regularly scheduled Season 10 Finale Awards!

Fourth Place
Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)

Third Place
Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell)

Second Place
Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)

The Voice Season 10 Winner
Alisan Porter (Team Xtina)

Yes, as it was written by Mark Burnett in the season premiere, so it came to pass in the season’s final moments. Which is not to say Alisan didn’t deserve it: Hers was the strongest overall body of work in Season 10, and her win is a rare triumph for a genre-leaping artist who could just as easily go country as she could wind up belting show tunes.

Now, let’s hand out some prizes from one of the more underwhelming season-enders in Voice history…

I’ll admit it: I never have high hopes for anybody tackling Adele songs in any context. But Hannah Huston’s “Bring Back” performance of “When We Were Young” — along with Bryan Bautista, Caity Peters and Brian Nhira — was stunning, stirring and all the other positive adjectives starting with “s” and ending with “ing.” If the solo thing doesn’t work out for these four, maybe they should consider going the Fifth Harmony route and seeing what they can do together?

Was anyone really jonesing so hard for a faithful rendition of Little Big Town’s “One of Those Days” that the backup chorus couldn’t have been replaced by the bulk of Season 10’s Top 24?

I loved how Alisan didn’t hog the big, showy notes during her excellent “Bring Back” performance of Heart’s “Straight On,” allowing Ryan Quinn, Paxton Ingram and Kata Hay to have their own moments in the sun.

Look, I’ve grown rather fond of Blake Shelton over the past 10 seasons… but the lyrics to “She’s Got a Way With Words” were less eloquent than Christina Milian reporting from the Sprint Skybox.

Sia’s performance of the delectable “Cheap Thrills” was a spectacular showcase for her frequent collaborator, Dance Moms‘ Maddie Ziegler. I just wonder if the suits at NBC realized the teenager is about to make her debut as a judge on Fox’s upcoming juniors-oriented edition of So You Think You Can Dance.

Yikes. That “goofy” package about Adam Levine “failing upwards in the music business” — in which his father questioned his intelligence and Blake Shelton mocked the Maroon 5 frontman’s back tattoo — felt a little too vicious given the lack of LOLs it produced, no?

How ill was Owen Danoff feeling that he couldn’t join Laith Al-Saadi, Katie Basden and Shalyah Fearing for their pretty rendition of “Georgia on My Mind”? (And how come the powers that be couldn’t have edited Owen from the pre-performance package to make the whole thing less awkward?)

Jennifer Nettles (remember when she judged ABC’s Duets!) and Alisan Porter blended beautifully on “Unlove You,” but I wish the show’s producers had pushed them to occasionally glance each other’s way to bring a little warmth to their enviable technical proficiency.

All night long, we were promised a duet between “two of the biggest voices of this generation,” but Ariana Grande’s half-backing-track “Into You” left Christina Aguilera silently waiting in the wings. “Dangerous Woman” finally delivered a little bit of holleration-off, but it ended just as it was starting to get good.

What did you think of The Voice Season 10 finale? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analythinker says:

    Adam (Wakefield) fought hard, but the producers (or Christina?) are determined that it’s time a female coach wins. Christina didn’t even look surprised.

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      She looked surprised to me.
      She looked ready to have a heart attack.
      Alisan fought hard too, don’t undermine the fight she put up in spite.

      • Smokey says:

        I thought Xtina looked very surprised, or at least crazy jubilant that Alisan won… I thought the finish was predictable, right down to how each one placed in the final vote. I would guess that it was a close vote between Alisan and Adam. ….

        One other thing … the group number with Hannah, Bryan, Paxton and the other girl … was absolute perfection in a group song. Amazingly well-done.

        • Anna Swan says:

          Right. Rigged

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            I smell a whiner.

          • Amira says:

            My feeling exactly.

          • usvoter3 says:

            Katie, it’s not whining, it’s commenting on how we feel about the show, and we should be able to make comments without being termed whiners. People make remarks about the Blake effect, too, but I don’t think it has worked since Blake has not had a singer win since 2014. Adam was the best male singer on his team that I can remember, and given that Alison Porter has had an album and the producers showed so much favoritism, the result is not what it should have been because the producers seem to have predetermined winners.

          • usvoter3 says:

            Anna, if the show is rigged, that would be a scandal, but I agree that the producers too often manipulate the public through the creation of certain stories, and the show is titled The Voice. Producers, if contestants have not been successful, it could be because the show does not give equal treatment, and the public does not like feeling like their votes are being wasted. Favoritism is not right to the other contestants, either, and it’s not good television, it’s wasting the time of people who want to win.

          • Diane says:

            Completely rigged.Could tell weeks ago who was going to win.Most boring season ever.Will no longer watch.

        • Cagney says:

          I agree about how outstanding that group number was but Paxton was not in that group. It was Brian Nyira (sp?). Paxton was in Alison’s group.

      • analythinker says:

        I beg to differ. I attribute Alisan’s success to the huge coverage in the media of her blind audition. It got hundreds of thousands shares (maybe millions, idk), enough for people to remember her & think “this girl is good, I’mma vote for her”, solely based on Blue Bayou.

        • JM12 says:

          And so what? If her blind audition hadn’t been so good, it wouldn’t have gotten those shares.

        • Collin says:

          I have to agree with analythinker here. Alisan most definitely got the most “air time” of any contestant this year. Along with that how often did we hear about how a female coach has never won. ALOT! Alisan and the female coach bit was the storyline all year. This year seemed scripted from the beginning.

          With that being said… So were the past couple seasons. At least by having a pre determined winner. It seems to me that this is the road the voice wants to go down. Have a shark from the beginning. Then have under dogs try to run them down. Maybe it draws better ratings this way. I really don’t know. That’s just my take on it. I guess I would be more upset if I thought Alisan didn’t deserve to win it. The truth is I thought any of those 4 and even a couple more would’ve been more than deserving. I thought it was a very stellar year. I wasn’t a fan of Alisan but there was no denying her talent. But I also understand the frustration of some about how this show is produced. I also am getting sick of being swayed on how to vote. Because that’s what I feel the voice is trying to do. Did it help Alisan win? I have no clue. But I’m guessing it didn’t hurt her chances!

          I also think it’s funny how people are getting defensive about others bringing this up. Judging by many comments over the past week. If Adam would’ve won. Many would’ve been screaming about the “Blake Effect”! And I would guarantee it would’ve been the majority of the people defending Alisan tonight. Funny how that works huh! We all have our favorites I guess…

          • dlraetz says:

            Monday’s ratings were down almost 4 million year to year. They’re better off without a predetermined winner

          • usvoter3 says:

            I agree, and Blake has not won since 2014.

          • Eileen says:

            Quit blaming the producers. You can think for yourself and vote accordingly, can’t you? It’s not that deep. Alisan won fair and square.

          • Jenny says:

            I agree with your comments! Show was completely rigged.

          • Cldahlman says:

            There was certainly very little suspense leading up to the announcement of the winner both this year and last year. Every one of those four contestants knew it and probably knew exactly the order they were in the final vote. I am mostly tired of the ‘back-drop’ stories, sure say it once – okay – it’s a hook, but then give it up – we don’t have to hear about it week after week after week. Alisan was good, and deserved the win because she did have the most popular overall body of work – and if they do multiply the top 10 votes, then, it’s easy to see that she outpaced everyone else pretty darn fast. Which brings us to Hannah Huston. By the end of the season, she was absolutely phenomenal, and it’s sad that because it took her time to get there, she was already so far behind there was no catching up. I found myself wishing she’d found herself a lot sooner.

          • davmon says:

            Collin, I agree this has seemed scripted like the past two. I really did not feel Alisan had the best overall body of work. She was 4th or 5th. Laith, Adam, Hannah, and Bryan were all much more consistent. Not to say she did not have a few of the best outings with Bayou and River….Blake Effect? well, that is the term I have used 3 or 4 times; so I ‘fess up. But I did not find it particularly bothersome this season. I think with a solid candidate in Adam, his devotees were not as concerned about pushing a less-deserving Mary into the finale. Adam had a real chance; and was more deserving than Alisan IMO. But the last two nights belonged to Laith and Hannah in MHO.

          • Lou Grimes says:

            I think the fans would have been happy for Adam & Blake, Because Blake has not had a winner since 2014. AND HE HAD A GOOD SINGER THIS YEAR. Look what happen. I could say more but what is done is done.

        • Meme says:

          And that performance alone would have won it for her … she is that amazing! Again, America got it right and the right artist won The Voice!

        • Jon says:

          So all of us who enjoyed Alisan’s Blind Audition (8 million views on YT so far), liked her subsequent performances and voted for her to win are just mindless automatons, controlled by The Voice’s producers, too stupid to make up our own minds?

          Okay, thanks. And I’ll assume that all of you who didn’t vote for her are brilliant, free-thinking music scholars…

          • Lizzie says:

            I only enjoyed a few of Alisan’s performances, including Stone Cold and by far the best Let Him Fly. She both did and did not do the best service to Somewhere. I went and listened to the original cast recording, and to Barbra Streisand’s performance of Somewhere, and both women were far better singers than Alisan. Overall, I’m kind of sick of her already,and she hasn’t even recorded her album yet. Good news is that The Voice winners don’t make much of a splash in the industry, so perhaps she will go away. She and Christina were fairly sickening in their bonding and part-time motherhood talk, all season long. Looked like there was zero bonding with Jennifer Nettles, who is normally a warm and generous performer on stage. There is an unpleasant noise in Alisan’s belting, where it goes weirdly thin and airy at the point where it should be glorious and it is not.

            Adam Wakefield will have the bigger and longer recording career.

          • Collin says:

            Jon. No that isn’t what I think. You have every right to like who you like. I have no issues with that. I honestly think that Alisan would have had plenty of supporters to do well. What I have an issue with is contestants being pre determined winners. I.E. Adam saying so very early on. Also a contestant getting more air time than any other contestant. Or a contestant getting premium singing slots in the majority of the voting rounds. They even made it very clear that a female coach has never won. The odds were certainly in Alisans favor. It’s a unfair advantage. IMO It’s been this way for the last 3 seasons and a few before that. I almost felt bad for not voting for her! But, like you, I know what I like and what I don’t like and I vote accordingly. I’m not saying they manipulated everyone. Of course that’s not true. I just think everyone should have a equal opportunity to win and no one should get special treatment.

          • davmon says:

            Yep, I noted that Adam was more likely to hype her when she had oversung, as if to confuse our hearing and keep her on the anointed path. I do believe the perm coaches, Adam & Blake are in on these producer decisions. They felt bad about no female coaches winning in 9. So wanted to fix that. And no female singers winning in a while. So fix that too. They filtered through the prospects and ID’d her and gave her the prime slot for Bayou, just as they did Sawyer with Man of Constant…and Jordan with Chandelier…I loved Sawyer; but to hear coaches, he never had a bad turn. Same with Mr. Vienna Boys’ Choir last time. All three were usually good. Indeed, Saw & Jor were usually VERY good. But Ali was very good maybe one in three times–and gave us too much caterwauling. She did not hold up to the hype as well as the previous two. No matter. The fix was in….I would say that Bryan and Tamar struck me as the most talented this season. She lost out in the Lives; and he faded a bit before coming on strong late. But the final four were all very good; and except for Ali, had been very consistent for weeks. I am happy that we got to hear so much good stuff out of Hannah and Laith these last two nights. So I am really not bothered by the result. Twas a good season.

          • usvoter3 says:

            Jon, the favoritism can influence people who are indifferent. The producers are bringing politics into it, and if she could have won on the merits of her singing, the show didn’t need to push the narrative of getting a female coach to win. If Christina is the coach with the best singer, she doesn’t need to use her gender to get people to vote for her singers.

        • Amira says:

          Agree with hou. At fhe end her voice was shrill.

        • Voice Fan says:

          After thinking about no coach but Christina saying her contestant would win, I had to wonder if NBC does fix the votes and all the coaches and contestants knew the fix was in so Christina could take the win before she leaves the Voice for good to be replaced by younger female divas. Adam Levine kept saying Alisan was going to win and how he loves to be right and Pharrell and Blake did not praise Alisan much but praised Adam and Laith. No one looked surprised when Alisan won. Alisan and Christina, who are both actresses, looked like they were “acting” surprised and their happy dance for the cameras seemed to be choreographed. NBC never gives us the numbers of votes so no one knows what votes they really got. It is also suspicious that Hannah got in as number three ahead of Laith and Mary Sarah when both of them were higher on I-Tunes throughout the season than Hannah. It looked suspicious that all four coaches got a contestant in the finale when the I Tunes chart showed Adam, Alisan, Laith and Mary Sarah as the front runners.

        • IMHO that is why Mary Sarah went so deep in the competition, she as riding the “where the Boys are ” wave

      • JM12 says:

        Wow – reading the comments all the way to the bottom is disheartening. It’s fine for people to want a different winner; we all have our favorites. But to be SO bitter that another singer won is just stupid. They can ALL sing. They ALL deserve success. It just happens that one got the most votes. And don’t blame “the producers.” They showcased the singer who seemed most likely to win. But they themselves didn’t MAKE her win. She had to go out and earn those votes every week.

        • Jaszy says:

          You should just save your breath. They are not going to hear you.
          I didn’t really want Alisan to win either, I wanted the beautifully talented Hannah Huston to take it all.
          But I’m not bitter about it. But that’s because I’m used to having my favorites lose all the time. But I don’t think anything is rigged.
          These people below…smh…

        • scott says:

          Cmon, you can’t really think there isn’t rigging going on

        • usvoter3 says:

          The favoritism for certain singers from the producers is disappointing. People who voted this time were influenced.

      • Jon says:

        Thank you. Xtina was clearly stunned, and I don’t blame her. I voted for Alisan, and even *I* assumed that Blake’s massive fanbase would give Adam the win. (Not that Adam isn’t very talented and worthy, because he is.)

        Happy for Alisan, and loved how loose and fun she was throughout the finale. She clearly had a great time with her “Bring Back” crew, and her freakout with Xtina at the end (and joy at celebrating with her kids) was super sweet. (Also, I don’t know why they always make the winner sing a victory song — Alisan was obviously too overcome with emotion to make it through.) Congrats to Alisan and Christina!

        • Ken says:

          Yes! Exactly. Even Alisan seemed like she couldn’t believe it, with all the pandemonium going on, the confetti, the families hugging, when she was handed the mic she said something like “You want me to sing?” At that point she probably realized (had she not done so already) her song, or her talent isn’t the point. She’s simply “programming” to fill the :30 or :45 they had to pad out for their network rejoin. It may as well have been a track of fart noises for all it matters.

          And I don’t know how anybody can accuse the show producers of “rigging” anything. Once the live playoff shows start, the east coast itunes votes start showing up, and then, overnight, all the itunes votes. That makes it pretty hard to manipulate the numbers, since at that point you’re dealing with monetary transactions, so you can’t record a sale if it didn’t actually occur.

          I’m fairly sure that Apple and Comcast don’t want to deal with federal criminal investigations, just to artificially pump up the sales for a few hundred thousand pop recordings. You can bet Yahoo and Google would be waiting for this to occur too.

          Really guys, it’s just a silly reality TV show.

      • usvoter3 says:

        Alisan Porter was good, but it was not right to the other contestants to call her the winner multiple times and to make such a point of a female coach not winning until now. Producers, these things are making people stop watching the show, and some people will not purchase her music just because the show had so much favoritism.

    • Ron says:

      I love Adam. And had he won he would’ve been a worthy winner. However, like Kimmy Moores said, whether you intended to or not, your words undermine Alisan and her win, even though she was just as much of a worthy winner as Adam would’ve been. And I totally thought Christina looked surprised; clearly we saw two different things. To me, Christina’s reaction read that she was all but convinced that middle America had voted for Blake/Adam to win, plus the fact that Adam made it to #1 on iTunes, and was expecting an upset win for Alisan.

      • JM12 says:

        THIS. Thanks for your comments, Ron, I agree with all. Totally ok for people to wish your guy won, but no need to bash Alisan.

        • analythinker says:

          Did I bash her? I didn’t even mention her.

          • AmyWH says:

            How is suggesting the show is rigged and xtina faked her surprise NOT a bash? It’s insinuating Alisan couldn’t possibly have won on her own merits.

      • analythinker says:

        I should have rephrased. Christina did “look” surprised, but not enough to convince me. I actually did not want Adam to win and it’d sure be nice to have someone other than Blake or Adam (Levine) winning again just to balance the scale out. But the whole season was set so that Alisan could win, so regardless of whether or not she’s worthy, I’m not a fan of “manipulation” of any kind. So pardon me for sounding undermining, I’m just jaded with the producers.

        • If you aren’t a fan of manipulation, why on earth are you watching a reality show competition? Almost every season has seen its fair share of manipulation…and last year’s Jordan hype was above and beyond anything that occurred this season.

          • analythinker says:

            Can I not still enjoy the singing? That’s what I watch the show for.

          • Kimmy Moores says:

            This is how I approach each season:
            Someone will get more attention than deserved
            Someone will get less than deserved
            Someone will get a lot of attention and potentially may or may not deserve.

            All I do with regard to my favorite is hope they continue to slay regardless of whether or not there is attention. Though, if they’re getting it I pray they maintain being worthy of praise.
            Though sometimes I deviate.

        • kevstar says:

          The producers can’t get you to vote the way they want you to. If you look at yesterday’s poll of who will win and who SHOULD win, Alison topped BOTH polls.
          For example, it’s assumed Hillary will win the nomination, but Bernie Sanders voters stick by him and he continues to draw huge crowds. Proof that people make up their own minds. Okay, enough politics, I’m happy Alison son.

          • scott says:

            We are in lockstep. Producers may not totally rig the results, or maybe they do. But they definitely manipulate. When I come home for lunch my girlfriend is watching Days of our Lives and it seems at least once or twice in one hour, there’s a voice promo. And who’s the featured contestant? Take a guess. And that goes for any Voice promo. So…yeah

          • scott says:

            No, but they can pimp and suggest who the ‘star’ is

        • kevstar says:

          The producers can’t get you to vote the way they want you to. If you look at yesterday’s poll of who will win and who SHOULD win, Alison topped BOTH polls.
          For example, it’s assumed Hillary will win the nomination, but Bernie Sanders voters stick by him and he continues to draw huge crowds. Proof that people make up their own minds. Okay, enough politics, I’m happy Alison won.

          • kevstar says:

            Sorry about the double post. I corrected the last word and they showed both.

          • Collin says:

            Kevstar… You go ahead and keep pushing your political ideals. That’s exactly what this board is for!

          • Jenny says:

            Downloading the artist’s songs also counts in the voting and you think it isn’t rigged?

        • scott says:

          We are in lockstep. Producers may not totally rig the results, or maybe they do. But they definitely manipulate. When I come home for lunch my girlfriend is watching Days of our Lives and it seems at least once or twice in one hour, there’s a voice promo. And who’s the featured contestant? Take a guess. And that goes for any Voice promo. So…yeah

      • Collin says:

        I do think Alisans win is questionable. They used every trick in the book to get people to vote for her. I’m not saying it’s Alisans fault. I’m not saying she didn’t have the vocal ability to win. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve most of the support she got all year. What I’m saying is she had a unfair advantage. By which I mean… She got more air time then anyone else. She got premium performance slots the majority of the voting rounds. They made it very clear that a female coach has never won. It wasn’t fair to the other contestants. I almost felt bad for not voting for her because they were pouring it on so think. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. But, IMO, it was the worst I’ve ever seen. Especially when they made this season seem like it was about a coach. They have never done that. It should be about the contestants. I’ve said the same thing about the last 3 seasons. And I was even a Sawyer fan. For some reason they feel the need to try to produce their winner. And judging by ratings it might be costing them viewers. For me. I will continue to watch the voice because I tend to like multiple contestants each season and I know what to expect. It’s just to bad it has to be this way. Because under the right circumstances I would’ve been fine with Alisan winning. I do wish her luck in her future endeavors. Just as I do the others.

      • Mohit says:

        I’d go for Adam for the top 2 people.

      • Lou Grimes says:

        ITune’s dont mean anything on The Voice anymore so next season dont buy ITunes anymore. Didnt mean anything this season so why would it mean anything next seasom.

        • Adam Wakefield only started becoming noticed or doing real well, when it was 3 weeks to go in the competition. Alisan as true to herself throughout the WHOLE competition. Even though ITunes is not the only indicator used, if you take all of Alisan’s renditions and all of Adam’s renditions, Alisan WINS hands down, almost doubling Adam

          • Lou Grimes says:

            So why was she on the voice? made a movie,album. where did that take her. i thought the voice was for new comers, guess i was wrong sorry… but (I) dont think she can sing to much screaming….just sayin.

          • The competition is called The Voice, then why did Laith Al Saadi and Adam Wakefield ALWAYS need a guitar to keep rhythm, I wonder what they would sound like Accopella.

    • Anna Swan says:

      Rigged. Unfair from day one. She draws viewers to the show. Use psychology to control the people. She was way an advantage over the other contestant. Curly Sue, she had her moment. Wife, mother with kids, So what?

      • Katie Killjoy says:

        We’ve got a whiner.
        Don’t make it upset you guys they’re sensitive…
        Actually…make it upset. I’m in a good mood.

      • Max says:

        The Voice is “rigged” in that way aka ringers every year. She was pegged the winner from day one

        • JM12 says:

          Umm . . .maybe pegged a winner because she is good?

          • analythinker says:

            She IS good! My problem is with the whole show. I want a fair advantage for every contestant since the beginning. No sob story repeat for every chance they get (not talking about the contestants, but Carson, or perhaps even the coaches), no saddling “lesser contestants” with terrible song choices (Paxton, etc), fair performance order (pick from a hat for once), these kinds of stuff. It affects the mind, whether people admit it or not.

      • scott says:

        I have never agreed with so many posts about this show ever. I’ve been saying this since about season 4. But that doesn’t mean we cant have our favorite contestants and hope they are still around another week. Now that I see the manipulation, I just enjoy the ride for as long at it lasts.

        • davmon says:

          Good point. I agree. I was crazy about Mia Z, Sawyer, & Koryn; i still follow their careers. Sure, Mia left at 12, Koryn made 4, and Saw made 1. But The Voice gave us the chance to make their acquaintance. Same last season with Darius, Amy, & Madi. And this time with Tamar, Bryan, Laith, Hannah, & Adam. I have really enjoyed these artists. And am grateful for the enjoyment they have brought me and others.

      • Meme says:

        All other things aside, she had THE VOICE!

    • DonnaD says:

      Well considering all the times the Producers rigged the show against Christina (especially in the voice instant save department) I think we can let this slide. Also, Alisan was very deserving of this win and was talented enough to achieve the win on her own so why not just accept that?

    • scott says:

      Me agrees with you. I kinda think Adams spirit changed a few weeks ago and I have a feeling the producers had a little chat with him and his performances seemed not to reflect the same fire in earlier weeks. It started with Journeys Lights. But yes, I’m convinced we are watching pro wrestling of singing. There is so much manipulation behind the scenes. My suggestion, pick a contestant who you can relate to, enjoy their artistry and cross your fingers you get to see them another week. This season, I really liked three of the four finalists. Not the norm for me.

      • davmon says:

        Yeah, 3 of 4 is great even when listening to radio. And we really got to hear several great pieces by Laith & Hannah over two nights. So I am stoked. To heck with who “won”; I subscribe to the “they all won” school.

    • Terry Sirmans says:

      she threatened to leave if she didn’t win

    • usvoter3 says:

      I agree that the winner seemed predetermined. Producers, this is a reason people stop watching and ratings decrease, and we would like for all the contestants to be considered good enough to win.

      • davmon says:

        And hey! One more time–KATHERINE HO!!!!!!! 2 chairs turned, she won her battle, and lost in the Knockout. AND WE NEVER SAW HER ONCE!!!! Montaged all 3 times. If you producers do this garbage, then you deserve to have a rumor started that K-Ho rebuffed the advances of one of you–which caused the virulent editing reaction….And another rumor that she was the most talented person of the season….Why not?…How could we possibly know?

    • jr. says:

      Glad Alisan won. I stopped watching this show right about the time Americaln Idol ended. Seemed this Voice season was way too long.

    • Voice Fan says:

      I just researched the Voice winners of every season and found out that ten of Blake Shelton’s singers either won or were the runner-up. They weren’t all country singers either.
      Team Blake winners and runnerups:
      Season 1: Dia Frampton, pop folk, runnerup.
      Season 2: Jermaine Paul, R & B, winner.
      Season 3: Cassadee Pope, pop, winner.
      Season 3: Terry McDermott, pop, runnerup.
      Season 4: Danielle Bradberry, country, winner.
      Season 6: Jake Worthington, country, runnerup.
      Season 7: Craig Wayne Boyd, country, winner.
      Season 8: Meghan Lindsey, blues, runnerup.
      Season 9: Emily Roberts, country, runnerup.
      Season 10: Adam Wakefield, country, runnerup.

      • Don says:

        Cassadee won after Blake started having her do country songs, while Meghan was more of a blues-country singer similar to Adam. McDermott was very much a classic rocker. I don’t think he did a Pop song all season.

      • davmon says:

        Good research. That is telling that the Blake Effect, as I call it, is a really strong factor. I remember they kept showing CWB and his infant son and the mom; but he did not really live with them. Just make up a sob story and stick to it. Got him across the finish line along with a gospel song or two. And Meghan was patchy like Alisan; did not deserve to make the finals. Barrett last season was 3rd ahead of Jeffery. Emily did not deserve top 10; then came on strong late and seemed more deserving–but #2 was high. Adam was the real deal though.

        • usvoter3 says:

          It could just be that the contestants were good. The Blake effect, if there is one, has not stopped the producers from being able to influence the results, and Blake’s singers do not benefit from the producers’ favoritism of certain contestants.

        • Voice Fan says:

          Another problem I have with the Voice is that Carson Daley continually promotes the contestants win as a win for the coaches. He also uses the wins to stoke the rivalry between coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Carson kicked off Season 8 by pointing out that Blake’s underdog (Craig Wayne Boyd) beat three of Adam’s singers in the Season 7 finale and Blake said, “Yes, Adam had three chances to win and he even screwed that up.” And after every season, Daley prompts a verbal spat between Adam and Blake over who won the most. It shouldn’t be the coach’s win. It should be the contestant’s win but the contestant who won is not even mentioned unless they come back and sing their latest single. Even in the finale funny montage on the coaches, Adam was poked fun at for having a winning streak and showed his winners and then a losing streak and showed Blake’s winners. Even when Pharrell and Usher’s singers won, Daley still talked about Blake winning four times and Adam three. It gets to the point that the Voice seems to be a contest between Blake and Adam and the other coaches and contestants are irrelevant. This may influence singers to choose or not choose Adam and Bake. I noticed this season Adam Levine didn’t talk about winning, continually said Christina’s singer was going to win and teamed up with Christina in bashing Blake. Christina seemed to be bitter against Blake this season. Could it be because he tried to get his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani to come back this season as the fifth coach and Christina wanted to be the only female coach on the Voice with Shakira and Gwen only stand-ins while she was off that season having babies or promoting her career. Gwen seemed to be the darling of last year’s season with her designer outfits and hairdos and her selfie tweets trying to sell the look to female viewers. This year Christina tried to imitate Gwen in the fashion and hair department by just Glen win tweeting selfies saying do you want this look even going so far to wear the same hairdo as Gwen to the point that I thought it was Gwen sitting in the coach’s chair. However, Gwen’s outfits were classy and sophisticated, not tacky and obscene like Christina’s sleazy outfits baring her implants until they looked like two cantaloupe attached to her chest. At least Gwen’s cleavage is real and not the focus of the outfit. Daley’s promotion of the coaches as the winners and losers makes me wonder if viewers may vote against a singer they love because they can’t stand their coach or for a singer they hate because they want a certain coach to win. This may hurt a good singers chance of winning. I didn’t care for Cee Lo, Christina or Adam Levine but I loved many of their singers and I voted for them, not the coach. I’m a fan of Blake’s and buy his albums but I don’t vote for all of his singers. I vote for the singer who sings my kind of music no matter who is their coach.

    • j hendrix says:

      I agree completely. I believe it was rigged. They always planned for Alisan to win. I have been a loyal viewer since the beginning, but no more.

    • Dorothy says:

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    • Adam’s contributions only became bigger than life in the last 2 weeks of the competition. Alisan has been a beast through the entire competition. And the voting for the championship is a culmination of the entire season votes, not just the past weeks

  2. Kimmy Moores says:

    Awesome because WE BEAT THE SOUTH.
    And Xtina got a win.
    BUUUUUUUT most importantly:

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m calling set up on this season, Adam was in the #1 slot since itunes voting opened. Alisan was so inconsistent. In 10 seasons this is the first year I’ve disagreed.

    • Forever504 says:

      Matt was #1 on itunes on final night in season 7 and Craig still won what are you talking about

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      Like a show involved with voting would risk the colossal lawsuit if they were outed.
      They’ve thoroughly expressed they DO NOT manipulate voting results.
      Otherwise Judith Hill would have won.

      • OhMy says:

        Lawsuit? PR nightmare, but lawsuit?

        • Kimmy Moores says:

          Potentially if someone wanted.
          They wrongfully crowned a winner after guaranteeing untainted results.
          I’d sue if I were 2nd place.

          • OhMy says:

            Contestants sign everything. Not saying it was rigged, of course,

          • Smokey says:

            My understanding, from what I have read over time regarding these type of shows, is that there are regulations at sometimes both State and Federal levels that pertain to any type of fraudulent practices in these shows in counting votes……………………….

            Laws applied can be from false advertising to more serious charges of fraud, using FCC regulated phone or communications lines to commit fraud, if there is any type of cash or equivalent rewards to win a show like this. There are huge fines involved and could possibly result in criminal charges if pinned upon certain individuals………………

            while I don’t know exactly about how The Voice handles the results totals, usually it is done through an outside company that is impartial as to who wins or loses, and not the producers or show insiders.

      • scott says:

        Uhhh, they can’t say yes we rig things, now can they

    • Jaszy says:

      Just because he was number one doesn’t mean he gets more votes than Alisan. All of them placed in the top 10, therefore their votes were all multiplied.
      Not to mention that Alisan has had many of her performances in the top 10 of iTunes as much as Adam.
      Not to mention the online voting from the site and the app w/Facebook votes.
      I mean, duh…
      I really thought it was going to be Adam. I’m so glad it wasn’t.
      I still wish Hannah had taken it!

      • Smokey says:

        I don’t know Alisan’s total itunes sales over the course of the show, but do know they have been very strong from the start……

        She also has millions of youtube views since the start of the show , seen some clips of her in the past visiting with Randy Jackson, singing with Adam Lambert and she is well connected now in the music field. ….

        She won’t be quickly forgotten like some former early Voice winners, she will likely get plenty of work if she has time for it.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      In 10 seasons this is the first time you’ve disagreed? This might be the first time I’ve agreed. I mean, you were rooting for Danielle Bradberry, Craig Wayne Boyd and Jermaine Paul?

      • Smokey says:

        Whatever happened to Jermaine Paul?? I haven’t heard anything about him for years. Wasn’t he a backup singer for a big name female diva at one time??

      • JM12 says:

        Also my first time agreeing with the winner! Can’t call it rigged when the best singer won. If the producers did push hard for her to win, maybe it’s b/c they – like me – were tired of the best singer often not winning. . . .

      • kevstar says:

        What won for CW was the acapella gospel song. That was a moment like Fantasia singing Hush, Little Baby ( Don’t You Cry) Sorry, I can’t think of the actual name of the song. Or the moment Kelly Clarkson did Aretha on Idol. The moment I knew they’d win.

    • Ron says:

      Ranking #1 on iTunes most certainly doesn’t mean a win. Adam’s other song peaked at #9. Alisan’s songs peaked at #4 and #5. Mathematically (in this case, the mean) and consistently, that is better than Adam reaching 1 and 9. And, as others have said, this is your first disagreement with the winner??? It’s okay if you disagree with this outcome. But if you haven’t disagreed with other outcomes from other seasons, then I have to question your tastes. (Seriously, you didn’t disagree with Jermaine Paul winning??? And that’s just one example.)

    • Scott Bryan says:

      Itunes do not say it all. Matt McAndrew and Dia Frampton were both number 1 on finale night (the 2 i remember right now) and they didnt win. People tend to forget that alot of people vote online as well.

  4. Derby says:

    Was anyone truly surprised? LOL Good for Alisan; maybe she’ll break the Voice obscurity curse.

  5. Jaszy says:

    I’m happy that Alisan won. I for sure thought it was going to be Adam.
    Though I wish the winner was Hannah, – like I’ve said a million times – I am pleased that she didn’t place 4th. I knew she was going to win, but there wasn’t something deep down in side that hoped that she would. But it’s okay. She’ll do well, she just has to perform more now. No more going back to performing only once or twice a year.
    Hannah, it’s time for you to call the shots…that was lame, I know.

    • Jaszy says:

      I meant that I knew Hannah “wasn’t going to win.” ….made a typo from typing so fast…

    • Bubbles Pink says:

      I’m glad Alisan won over Adam, I also thought he was going to win. But Hannah is still my favorite and I’m disappointed she didn’t win, I didn’t think she would but I hoped there would be a shocking result lol. This could actually end up being better for her though, instead of being locked into a contract with a record label that wouldn’t promote her, she might get a contract and who knows, maybe Pharrell will produce it. ;)

  6. Bompton says:

    Christina and Ariana together slayed my entire existence.

    • OhMy says:

      (You have some mighty low standards then)

      • TeamXtina says:

        This and her duet with Alisan is all we’ve had from Christina in years so we take what we can get…

        But they absolutely slayed and everyone make sure to buy Dangerous Woman on iTunes.

    • JM12 says:

      I think it was a substitute for the Xtina-Whitney hologram duet! Did you happen to catch that earlier in the week? The hologram was lame but Xtina KILLED IT.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS ALISAN!!! So happy for her!!

  8. Rod Anthony says:

    Alisan deserves it. This is a great season, overall!

  9. dj says:

    I didn’t get to watch, but I’m glad the girl curse is broken.

  10. J.A. Evans says:

    The fix was on, to give Xtina a win on her way out I knew from the start because that is all they talked about. Sorry Adam that you fell victim to the FIX.

  11. Kimmy Moores says:

    Watch all the haters claim it was rigged.

  12. Timmah says:

    I really thought Adam had it in the bag, but I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. Well deserved win for Alisan!

  13. John says:

    The voice has rammed Alisan down my throat as the preferred winner since day one. Just as Jordan was seemingly anointed the winner of the previous year she was anointed before the first ballot had been cast. If this type of situation continues it could be the last time I watch the voice.

    • Jaszy says:

      Everybody thought Christina Grimmie was going to win in season 6, yet she ended up placing 3rd, behind Jake Worthington of all people.
      Nothing is rigged. If that were the case, Christina Grimmie would’ve won like most people were predicting.

      • Collin says:

        Jaszy. I’ve seen this same comment from you before. It’s not true. Josh Kaufman was the favorite that season. Even Adam said he just lost the winner when he lost him in the knockouts. He was a frequent leader in iTunes downloads. He was a favorite of many of the people I talked to. Sounds like someone is still sour over Christina not winning! Just because you liked her doesn’t mean everyone did. For the record I think Christina was one of the most overrated contestants of all time! I mean she was so good that she landed a fashion consulting job with the voice. Wow what a singer! But then again she was a female contestant. So she got the shaft right?

        • Jaszy says:

          According to the blogs I read and the predictions sites I saw, it is true. I have proof that many sites I’ve been on predicted her as the winner. Are those sites lying? And Adam could’ve said that to anybody. Doesn’t mean that Josh became the winner because Adam said he was going to be. Christina Grimmie also had many of her performances in the iTunes top 10. She was a favorite of many people I talked to.
          Of course I’m still sour over her not winning. What, do you want me to say I’m not?
          I thought she was the best vocalist that season.
          Like you say what I think is my opinion, it’s your opinion if you think she’s over-rated.
          Okay, and? She has still had a better career than Josh Kaufman. Where the hell is he at?
          Christina Grimmie is a fantastic singer.
          Of course, she got the shaft.
          I’m not denying anything that you’re suggesting. So your efforts to make me back down are futile.
          Why do you insist on arguing with me? You know I’m going to have my opinions and they will not change regardless of what you say.
          Yes, I will forever say that Christina Grimmie was robbed of the season 6 win.
          I will forever say that WGWGs have won too much on Idol and the Voice.
          You should get over it and quit trolling me. You seem to be looking for an argument all the time with me. I wasn’t even talking to you.
          So there’s no reason for your condescending and sarcastic manner.

        • Jaszy says:

          I’m commenting again to you on what you said to me below regarding my reply to Russ’s post.
          I stand by what I have said. I have never done any politicking. Last time I checked, I’ve never engaged in political activity. This is not an election. This is not a campaign. I’ve not made any political speeches.
          Don’t twist my words. Yes, I have said that WGWGs win all the time.
          Okay, what are you trying to prove?
          I’ve never denied Alisan’s talent. She is extremely talented. I can still acknowledge her vocal talent and not really like her all that much. I just thought Hannah was better, which is why I rooted for Hannah. In the competition realm, yes, I want the females to win. What’s so wrong about that?
          In my personal life, I LOVE listening to white men. David Gray is like one of my all-time favorite artists, not to mention James Blunt, James Morrison, Gavin DeGraw, etc. Also, I love rock music. I have I don’t know how many albums from rock bands which are comprised of white male artists who play guitar.
          Do you really think I’d waste hundreds of dollars on music from white men if I were sexist and racist? I’m a black girl for goodness sake. I was ridiculed all throughout my childhood for listening to “white people music.” Everybody I was around listened to R&B, rap, hip hop, genres which I’m not all that into. But me, I was listening to country, rock, folk, pop, classical music, etc.
          So again, I’m not against white men. I’m just against them winning too much on these types of shows. That is all. I do not hate WGWGs. You’ve got me all wrong.

          And if you’ve read my other posts on this particular blog I already mentioned that I thought Adam was going to win. I thought that because I know how these shows play out. And really, he DID almost win. He came 2nd place. And many people on here, not just me, predicted that he would win too.

          • Collin says:

            First off politicing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the general politics of America or any other nation/Tribe ect. It can mean expressing ones thoughts on any particular idea or subject. That’s how I look at it anyways. I just wanted explain where I was coming from on that. Because you have been politicing your thoughts on WGWG and wanting a female to win! If that’s how you view politicing, I understand where you were coming from. I just thought Russ made his point clear. BTW it was clear on what he meant. He didn’t mention anything about “general politics”. I.E. Elections, candidates, campaigns or speeches!
            I’m not twisting your words. I’ve only repeated what you’ve said. You have said its time for a girl to win. You did say that you didn’t like Alisan but if she won u would be happy that a girl won! What’s wrong with that? It’s sexist. I ask this question to u again. What makes you better than the people who vote for WGWG “all the time”? You clearly have a problem with that kind of voting! TBC

          • Collin says:

            I’m glad you admitted to saying WGWG win all the time. What am I trying to prove? That your wrong. They don’t win all the time! Alisan just won! We’ve already gone over the statistics so I’ll end that there. What absolutely floored me was when you said you voted for Sawyer! So you’re against WGWG winning to much but you vote for them? That’s like wiping before you poop! It doesn’t make sense! I have no problem with your thoughts on Alisans voice or why u like Hannah better. I like Hannah too. You want girls to win in the competition. What’s wrong with that? Again that’s sexist! You go on to say you like listening to white men in your personal life and you ask do I think you would waste money on them if you were sexist or racist.. No I don’t. I’ve never said u were racist. But I do think u are sexist when it comes to these competitions. I don’t think I’ve said you hate WGWG. But if I did, I’m sorry, I missed spoke. The only reason I brought up the thing with Adam was I tried to tell you it wasn’t a sure thing that he was going to win. You disagreed. I don’t care about what other people thought. That was between me and u!
            Again if you’re shooting for equality on this show you’re going about it the wrong way. Equality means looking at each contestant as equal to the next. No matter there gender or race.

        • Jaszy says:

          Your words: “You have said its time for a girl to win. You did say that you didn’t like Alisan but if she won u would be happy that a girl won! ”
          My response – When have I ever denied saying that? Never! I’ve shouted it from the rooftops. A girl hasn’t won in four seasons. That’s why I said that! There’s nothing wrong with me saying that. I’m not sexist at all. If you feel that I am, then so be it. You can’t prove that I am sexist.

          Your words: “What makes you better than the people who vote for WGWG “all the time”? You clearly have a problem with that kind of voting!”
          My response : I have never said that I thought that I was better than anybody. I would never think that. I resent the fact that you have said that.
          And I haven’t even said anything directly distasteful about the people who vote for WGWGs. But I HAVE repeatedly said that WGWGs win all the time. You ARE twisting my words.

          Your words: “I’m glad you admitted to saying WGWG win all the time. What am I trying to prove? That your wrong. They don’t win all the time!”
          My RESPONSE: What is there to admit? I have ALWAYS said that WGWGs win all the time. I have never denied that. And I’ve always said that WGWGs win too much on Idol AND the Voice. You just keep talking about the Voice. You don’t seem to realize that when I first made that comment, I included American Idol as well. And with that in mind, WGWGs DO win too much. Yes, Alisan just won. But I was making the argument BEFORE she was declared the winner. And really, it’s just one season. Just because she won doesn’t make my argument null and void. And guess what, if the next three seasons all end in WGWG winners, yes, I will still argue that they win all the time.

          Your words: “What absolutely floored me was when you said you voted for Sawyer! So you’re against WGWG winning to much but you vote for them? That’s like wiping before you poop!”
          My response: Yes, I voted for Sawyer! I’m proud that I voted for Sawyer. Again, you’re only taking half of what I say and then twisting it to suit your argument.
          I said that they win “too much”. My saying that doesn’t mean that I don’t like when ANY of them win.
          Sawyer, I thought, rightfully deserved the win. On other seasons of the Voice and numerous seasons of Idol, I don’t think some of the WGWGs who have won deserved to win.

          Your words: “You want girls to win in the competition. What’s wrong with that? Again that’s sexist!”
          How is that sexist with me wanting there to be GIRL POWER? If girls won as much as the guys in these competitions, then I wouldn’t be having this argument! It’s striking to me that you can’t see where I’m coming from. Men are favored over women in these types of competitions. They are always going to have the advantage. Like I’ve said before: equal representation. That doesn’t mean I’m sexist.

          Your words: ” I don’t think I’ve said you hate WGWG.”
          My response: You did say it. You’ve said it quite a few times actually. And other times, your words to me suggest that you do think I hate them.

          Your words: “Again if you’re shooting for equality on this show you’re going about it the wrong way. Equality means looking at each contestant as equal to the next. No matter there gender or race.”
          My response: I didn’t say equality, I said “equal representation”. Which means that females win as much as the boys. It might seem ridiculous to you, but it makes absolute sense to me…and is my opinion after all.

          I’ve always tried to have conversation with you in a respectful tone. Yet you always reply in such a condescending, hateful tone, which I do not appreciate.
          If you don’t agree with what I say, then that’s one thing. But making it seem like I’m an idiot to think the way I do with your comments of derision, that’s not right.
          Good day to you.

      • usvoter3 says:

        The producers and Christina influenced the votes. The singers on Blake’s team don’t get the benefit of the favoritism from the producers like Christina’s contestant did and Adam’s did in fall 2015.

    • Katie Killjoy says:

      This is the 3rd time it has happened and you’re still here.
      I think you’ve already made up your mind and just denying the truth.

    • kevstar says:

      Please make this true. So we won’t have to put up with your whining.

  14. Y.Pena says:

    Think Bryan Batista should have been in finals.

  15. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’d have been happy with any outcome other than Adam. When Laith and Hannah fell on the battle field, I was sweating those final seconds, but I’m really glad the right person won. Alison deserved this win. I like it when these shows end well.

    • I Scold Beer says:

      Adam was the best musician, but Allison has the best voice. Could of gone either way.
      Regardless, they both will make a nice living singing for their supper.

  16. Jaszy says:

    Who cares that Christina was the winning coach?!! This is supposed to be about the contestants not about bragging rights for the coaches.
    Yes, it is pleasing at a female coach has finally won, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.
    I’m just glad we have a female winner for the first time in 4 seasons.

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      Who said we can’t be happy for both?
      I’m stoked Xtina got a win, but I’m happier Alisan won.
      See? It’s called multitasking ^_^

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, you can be happy for both. But everyone has been talking about how a female coach should win, not how a female contestant should win again. Alisan won, not Christina. I think Alisan could’ve pulled it off with any of the other coaches.

  17. Jamie says:

    Did the right artist win?? No. The producers inexplicable pick one. The screamer who wouldn’t stop telling everyone to vote for her because she’s a mom won. Not the best singer, but certainly the one the producers wanted to win. Go figure.

    • Jaszy says:

      A lot of people kept voting for Nick because of his sob story as well. It’s just that in the end, Alisan has the talent to back up her sob story.
      But honestly, I never voted for Alisan. I couldn’t get behind her that much.
      She does have a great voice, I can see why she won. But Hannah was more exciting for me…

  18. Yes. So happy (and a little surprised) that Alisan won!!!

  19. TexasBrigade says:

    Not that she wasn’t deserving but its clear the producers gamed the system to make sure Alison won

    • Jaszy says:

      Like they did with Craig Wayne Boyd?…
      Like they did with Danielle Bradberry?…
      Like they did with Jordan Smith?…
      …seriously, I didn’t really want Alisan to win either (Hannah SLAYS) but I don’t think it was rigged just because she’s been the front-runner.
      There are going to be front-runners every season. They don’t always win.
      Alisan deservedly won. I’m not mad about that.
      But nothing is rigged. The production can’t tell America who to vote for.
      Sure, they can hint or steer people in the direction of particular contestants; in the end, it comes down to America.

      • scott says:

        Maybe rigged is too harsh of a word. But psychological manipulation is definitely in full practice here. If pimping and back stories are completely off the table from the get go, there very well could have been a different winner. And that goes for every season of ever competition show. Let us just hear the damn contestants sing. Enough with sympathy pandering bs. I’m more than willing to bet it sways at least 20% if not more of the vote.

    • Jaszy says:

      Oh, I forgot about Sawyer…was that rigged too?
      Smh at these conspiracy theories about rigged competitions.

      • Russ says:

        So Jaszy since a woman won and not a WGWG. What will you be politicing for next season?

        • Jaszy says:

          I’ve never done any politicking. I still prefer girl singers over male singers so I will still be rooting for another deserving female to win.
          Most of the seasons that WGWGs won, they haven’t been as deserving in my opinion. I felt that there were better singers that ended up losing..and yes by “better” singers, I mean “female”…sue me…

          • Collin says:

            You haven’t done any politicing? What?!!! That’s exactly what you’ve done all year! You’ve repeatedly said vote for a girl to win, especially Hannah. You’ve criticized voters for voting for “WGWG” all the time. You’ve gone as far as saying you didn’t like Alisan but you are happy a girl won. What do you call it then? I call it politicing and sexist. Furthermore how are you any better then all the people who consistently vote for guys? If you are shooting for equality. You are going about it the wrong way! But please bring back the girl power and WGWG hatred next year! Maybe even bring some more irrational material with you!

          • Collin says:

            PS… I thought you said Adam was going to win? I almost didn’t even watch tonight because you were so sure! Or was that just reverse psychology?

          • Russ says:

            Not going to sue you. I might feel sorry for you, but will not sue you. A couple weeks back you posted when you say WGWG, you actually mean WG. You come oh so very close to accusing the majority of voters of being racist and sexist with who they chose to vote for. Yet you openly admit that skin color and sex factors in to who you think everyone should vote for. As long as is it not a WG, and preferably female you will be happy. Talent seems a distant third on your list of who to vote for. Yes you wanted Hannah to win, and yes I also thought she was the best of the four remaining artist. But if you took Hannah’s talent and put it in a WGs body, you would have said he was a lesser talent and hated him. Probably even condemned the back story of all those cute kids cheering for him. I would have voted for him. I have no doubt that you will be full on girl power this fall. I also have no doubt that at some point you will narrow your girl power to BGs only. Have a fun summer Jaszy, I look forward to seeing you again this fall.

        • Jaszy says:

          Why would you feel sorry for me? There’s nothing to feel sorry for.
          I’ve said I wanted equal representation for both genders MAINLY and then race.
          That hasn’t occurred, which is why I had the issue in the first place.
          Talent seems a distant third on my list? I don’t think so.
          When have I ever denied that I prefer female singers? Never.
          Don’t come at me, honey. I voted for Sawyer every single week 2 seasons ago because I thought he was the best talent there.
          When I vote for somebody, it’s because I like them.
          I’ve also condemned the back stories of female contestants in the past, for example Kree Harrison on season 12 of Idol. I thought she was looking for sympathy votes when she told of her horrific past with losing her parents. This was RIGHT before the finale.
          Yet, she never mentioned it in the weeks before. Come on now, that is pandering for sympathy!
          You said I would condemn the back story of all the cute kids voting for him…that doesn’t even make sense. Why would I condemn the cute kids. I was only condemning Nick because it seemed as if he was exploiting his kid to get votes. If you don’t agree with that, so be it. But I’m not the only one who has thought that. And really, it doesn’t make anybody wrong for thinking that.
          Of course I will be full on girl power next season! Woo hoo!
          And about your comment saying I will narrow my girl power to BGs only, how wrong you are. I have over 800 CDS. Over half of them are from white female artists. I can name the BG albums I have on one hand.
          I like what I like. No one is going to tell me otherwise.

      • scott says:

        Yes, him too

  20. Rodney Cammarata says:

    Awesome coaches and contestants. Best year ever. Allison Porter is The Voice. Can’t wait hear the new songs from all four stars.

  21. Sad panda says:

    Did anyone else see pharrell leave the stage early?

  22. David says:

    This could be the last time I watch this show. Basically . . . Fraud. A setup. For what? Why? NBC has a problem. With the new “judges” on for the next season. Time to move on.

  23. Paula says:

    Laith? #4 should have been the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jon birss says:

    yes Alison has THE VOICE but I still think Adam is a more well
    rounded musician, a true star. who gives it everything … and he entertains me and draws me into his music …Adam is #1 to me, but my comments do not detract from Alison’s amazing talent

  25. Go Nyle says:

    I haven’t watched a single episode & could predict the winner. Seems that happens every season. Can’t believe people still watching this show with no surprises

  26. paulr070856 says:

    First, all four finalists “should have” won. They’re all supremely talented and I foresee all of them beginning a fabulous chapter in their musical careers. I’m glad that Alisan won. Her singing gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. She was fabulous! That’s not to take away from any of the other three because they were also very talented and worthy. This could be the best season of the Voice because of the talent that didn’t make the final four and because of the talent that did.

    Congratulations, Alisan Porter! I shed a tear for every one you shed tonight! Happy tears!

  27. Cliff Shaw says:

    2 of the best voices didn’t make the final.

  28. Davey says:

    I hope next season the producers stop telling us who is going to win from day one. I still don’t know how Matt McAndrew lost–because of one bad song choice? I think Hannah Huston should continue because I’d love to see her in person.

    • Jaszy says:

      Season 7 turned out to be one of the worst seasons ever. My favorite people ended up leaving early in the live shows. I don’t even think I watched that finale.
      Last season also turned out really bad, in my opinion. I could not stand Jordan Smith…at all. Nothing about him was appealing. I stopped watching that season when there was only a few weeks left. I didn’t even think about watching the finale. The only promising contestant that season was Emily Ann and even she wasn’t that great.

      This season ended well, I guess. But I really wanted Hannah Huston to take that crown.

  29. Suzanne MacMillan says:

    Wonderfully talented artists but no one stood out, nothing unique, different, or surprising.

  30. Melanie M says:

    I didn’t vote for Alisan-Adam and Laith were my favorites all season (along with the too-early exit of Ryan Quinn) but I can’t be upset about the outcome. All four finalists were deserving and Alisan has a great voice. Hope she goes more to the bluesy or folksy side than rock on her album.

    And can someone please sign Bryan Batista to a record deal? Awesome voice plus the sexiest man I have seen on ten seasons of this show

  31. jan barron says:

    Adam Wakefield,should of been the voice. He worked really hard, & was so great !

  32. Angie_Overrated says:

    My god, it looks like the Bernie Bros have infiltrated The Voice. I haven’t seen this many allegations of unfounded conspiracy theories on this particular show.

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      They won’t let the woman have her moment.
      Can they not piece together that these shows have more to lose by manipulating votes than to allow an unpopular winner?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        There was a whole congressional inquiry on this very topic back in the day with Quiz Show. They’re not going to rig these results. I’d bet shows like Survivor do attempt to influence an outcome by choosing challenges that favor or disadvantage certain competitors, but on a show like The Voice? Forget it.

        • MC says:

          The votes cannot be misrepresented, but there are plenty of ways to influence the outcome. It is actually more likely that the Voice winner would be influenced due to the potential marketability of the winner whereas Survivor is strictly for entertainment. The methods of influencing the winner include plum pimp spots in the performance order, better production values while the “chosen one” is performing, comments from all judges that make the winner seem inevitable and seem to imply that the votes are irrelevant, song selection is sometimes a mysterious process that seems to favor some singers much more than others, the dreaded sob story, etc). I really think Survivor, by contrast, is a fairly pure competition because they have “losers” return to compete in future shows. They will bring competitors back as a result of polling the audience for their favorites. Footnote (Disclaimer): I had no dog in this fight (or season of The Voice). I wasn’t very excited about anyone in the top four, although I love Laith’s authenticity.

          • MC says:

            The most recent winner of Survivor was Michelle. Was she a favorite of producers? She was in the background almost the entire season. Was she a favorite of fans? Lordy, check out the chat boards for the answer to that one. The vast majority think she was very underserving. How did she win? She outlasted everyone, in part, because her team won challenges and avoided many of the tribal councils. She played the “social” game well and did not offend anyone. She won a key challenge near the end of the show. She was a boring and unpopular winner, but there was nothing anyone could do about it. She won, fair and square. It was actually a great endorsement for the fairness of the show.

      • Collin says:

        If they have so much to lose then why do they keep doing it. By giving Alisan more air time, constantly repeating a female coach has never won, that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ve been doing it for years. Even if it was unintentional or even if they were promoting the best, it doesn’t matter. Manipulating votes is exactly what they’ve been doing! BTW. I’m sure Alisan is enjoying her moment. I highly doubt she’s been reading this board tonight.

        • Kimmy Moores says:

          Influencing voter outcome and outright manipulating/changing the votes is an entirely different thing.
          These shows can lead a horse to water but cannot make them drink.
          This should be obvious.

          • Collin says:

            Fair enough. Let’s use influencing instead of manipulation. And you’re right. Nobody forced anybody to vote a certain way. At least not that I’m aware of. My whole point of this is how they influenced voting by declaring Alisan the winner very early on. They influenced voting by giving Alisan the most air time all year. They influenced voting by repeatedly making it very clear that a female coach has never won. Now did Alisan have the talent to win? Absolutely. But she got a unfair advantage over the rest of them. It’s been going on, particularly in the past couple seasons. I’ve been making this same argument over the past 3 years and I was a fan of Sawyers. And it just keeps getting worse IMO. Never before have they made the show about a coach. But they did on a weekly basis this year.

          • MC says:

            Collin- You have hit the nail on its head. ITA.

    • Smokey says:

      No matter who won, it would have caused conspiracy allegations about how someone other than the accusers favorite pony, won the prize by manipulation,,, producer fraud or coaches blind but faithful followers. ………………………

      . actually, winning a show like this is a great personal accomplishment for the artist…… even though they may not always be a high-demand known star afterward…’s something they will always be able to treasure and looks pretty good to event planning committees who need to book singers for their events.

  33. Deb says:

    I did not watch! Faithful Fan but did not like the anointing of Alison before competition over!

  34. cb says:

    Personally. I think Alison should have been disqualified right at the start. She’s a seasoned professional who even says she grew up in show business. The internet shows a ton of her performances over the years.
    Playing her “Mom and career” card…her addiction card…heart string pulling gimmicks.
    Is she talented? Of course, although I think she shrieks her high notes.
    I think the title of “the Voice” does not belong to a seasoned professional.
    Hanna, Laithe, Adam…true contestants on the Voice. Anyone one of them should have won.

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      Jermaine Paul was a backup singer for Alicia Keys
      Tessanne is HUGE in Jamaica.
      Cassadee Pope had a semi-popular band prior to the show
      Javier Colon was signed to Capital Records and produced 2 albums with them
      Mary Sarah and Nick Hagelin had contracts prior to.
      Spare me the complaints. Plenty of contestants have been in the business and had their successes and still were on the show.

    • Jaszy says:

      I really hate calling someone an idiot, so I won’t…but really, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
      Nearly half of the contestants who have ever been on this show HAVE HAD PAST CAREERS IN MUSIC!
      Doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve second chances.
      Carson has always talked about the Voice being a show for new artists and for artists who have never gotten their big breaks.
      Get over it.
      Alisan deserved to be there just as much as Hannah Huston just as much as Laith just as much as Adam W.

      • usvoter3 says:

        The difference is producer promotion, and none of the others had it near as much as Alisan Porter. The favoritism is the reason people are commenting on her.

        • akillesheel says:

          I didn’t see nearly as much salt here or anywhere when Sawyer and Jordan won, and they were pimped much harder than Alisan.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The show encourages seasoned professionals to audition. They want them to, actually. It’s the reason the quality on this show is light years better than American Idol was.

    • akillesheel says:

      The Voice has never hid that a lot of the contestants have had music careers in the past. Get over it.

    • Collin says:

      CB. Your comment just doesn’t make sense. Have you watched the show before?

  35. Bruce Berube says:

    Is it just a coincidence that all four coaches had a player in the finale? Again? Doubt it. I’m glad Alisan won but surely Hannah has a better voice AND stage presence. I thought that Adam was good but not amazing. The upside is that Hannah will not be encumbered by “The Voice” contract obligations so she can work with Pharrell, who has surely already signed her, and sell some music. And remember, MOST of the “American Votes” come from little girls and their cell phones.

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah, being bound by a contract can be a bad thing, but I was still hoping that Hannah could just be called the “winner.” It would’ve still been good to hear.
      But oh, well…I still have high hopes that she will make it somehow.
      She just has to believe in herself more. The girl’s got the goods, she’s the total package.

    • Ani says:

      I wonder about that! Who would these “little girls” be voting for with their cell phones?? Laith would be a grandfather figure, Alisan’s a mother (old), Hannah’s a teacher (old) and Adam is ancient to those teeny boppers too. It was grammas and country folk doing all that voting.

  36. Voice Fan says:

    I am very disappointed that Adam Wakefield didn’t win but I know Blake and Phiral will see Adam gets a recording contract. Phiral told him last night he was about to get a record contract so I believe Phiral thought Adam should win and he may even sign him. Phiral is producing Little Big Band, a country blue grass group, so he produces all genres. I wouldn’t say the show is rigged but I know the show producers were pushing a female coach and female artist, who are both mothers, to win. First Female Coach wins Voice and Curly Sue Wins is more news making than Blake Wins Again, Cowboy Wins Again. From the time she auditioned for the show, Alisan got more publicity because she was Curly Sue and had sang on Broadway. Alisan always got the prime spots on the show and Adam Levine kept saying she was going to win, which disgusted me because he should have told Laith he should win.

  37. Joan Waters says:

    Everyone knows it was fixed and that Adam Wakefield won. As stated they didn’t act surprised.
    Adam always beat her out on Itunes charts. After last year Season 9 I thought they had quit fixing the show, but they had to let Christina win. I never watched it until 8 thru 10 so I guess I’ll be out again. I don’t like dishonesty.

  38. Linda Cappitti says:

    Adam Wakefield 4th
    Hannah Huston 3rd
    Laith Al-Saadi 2nd
    Alisan Portor 1st

    (I Know it’s called “The Voice”.
    Magnificent records come with great musical instruments.

  39. analythinker says:

    Surprised on how many people misinterpret my comment. Alisan is my #2 pick after Hannah but I knew the latter wouldn’t win, so I actually did want Alisan to win as I couldn’t get into Adam’s performance all season. I also didn’t say the votes were rigged, but to repeat myself, my problem is with the whole show. I want a fair advantage for every contestant since the beginning. No sob story repeat for every chance they get (not talking about the contestants, but Carson, or perhaps even the coaches), no saddling “lesser contestants” with terrible song choices (Paxton, etc), fair performance order (pick from a hat for once), these kinds of stuff. It affects the mind, whether people admit it or not. This is in general, not just this season. I still think it would be an entertaining show, if not more entertaining, because the element of surprise is there.

    • Collin says:

      I am to. Could you imagine if Adam would’ve won? All these strong Alisan supporters would’ve been going on about the Blake effect! Put I guess that’s ok to talk about.

  40. danin says:

    Look,Alisan clearly won. She did have it in the bag like Jordin did&like Sawyer did from the very beginning. The voting public including many people I know from diverse backgrounds were astounded by Alisan from day one. I loved 3 of the songs she sang. River,Bayou& Let Him Fly. I am not into gymnastic vocals a la Christina,Mariah,Ariande..for me those songs blow. But alooooot of people love that stuff. Hannah is my girl& I voted for her every week. Despite the over used song selection. I just fell in love w/her on Unaware& wanted to see her hit that place again. I loved her fresh reaction during her Blinds critique. Oddly enough, she didn’t exhibit that adorable side of her to us after that. But obviously did to Pharrell in rehearsals. Plus,oddly enough the 2 YouTube’s she had on line prior to The Voice clearly put her in singer-song writer lane.Interestingly,Pharrell probably didn’t want her competing w/Alisan&even Adam in that genre. She also had/has a soulful strength to her voice to go down the R&B path. It was a good season overall w/4 interesting singers. And I loved Adam W. singing Stevie Winwood for his group song..not that it was great. Hannah’s group won that one&I’m not an Adele fan. What I discovered was that clearly Adam W. should have been taking on more songs in the Steve Winwood tone. He sounds very much like him.

  41. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    I’m . . . SO EXCITED!!! ALISAN PORTER WON THE VOICE!!! She fought so hard!!! I’m literally cried and almost jumped off my bed when Carson called her name, lol. Hannah in my opinion should have been the runner up. I mean Adams amazing, he’s so good, but I felt more sincerity and passion in Hannah’s performances, plus she overcame some NASTY obstacles, bad song choices despite a few good ones, always being labeled bitchy due to her faces, and the fact that she had to duet with pharrell and ceelo all in 2 nights lol. Laith deserves this carrer, he has been an amazing artist and I expect to see him very big very soon. Now let me get to the main point, I understand PIMPAGE, I understand unfair advantages, I even understand sad back stories. HOWEVER, in the past 9 seasons either Adam or Blake had a contestant that had at least one of those things, and a majority of them won the voice. But when XTINA finally gets a frontrunners who’s been consistent, everyone calls it unfair and undeserving? Like WTH? Why? Massive applause for ALISAN to overcome a contestant who had a strong following in country, had Blake the king of multipliers, is a male, has a great voice, but can even pull off lackluster performances but still get high praised meanwhile ALISAN who gives an outstanding performance is called unfair. Like can a woman ever have an easy time unless your not country. That is all

    • Jaszy says:

      I never once saw Hannah as “bitchy”. Who would think that? The girl seems so sweet. Yeah, she makes faces…but that’s because she knows how to make fun of herself. She’s a very humorous self-deprecating character.
      Yeah the Cee-Lo duet was a bummer, everybody else got better duet partners. But really, she sounded AMAZING on the song.

      • akillesheel says:

        I swear this label just gets applied to every blonde woman on this show. Xtina, Mary Sarah, and now Hannah? There’s just no basis for it.

      • Because in multiple social networking platforms I’ve seen people call her overconfident and too full off her self due to her faces. Thats not who she is and that mad me so irritated.

        • MC says:

          Agreed. Hannah comes across as a very down to earth person. There is a “personality” contest that some fans love to perpetuate and it often involves tearing down women on these talent shows.

  42. Chrys says:

    I think that Laith had a better stage presence and a better voice. His voice is phenomenon and the guitar! Wow!

  43. Just Me says:

    With four worthy finalists, it is a certainty that a lot of people will be disappointed that their choice did not win. I have loved Alisan since the blinds and hoped she would win, but I was prepared for an Adam win. If only I could understand more of the lyrics when he sings. Hannah grew and grew and grew. She is great and if given opportunities will continue to grow. I would have been happy if she had won. And Laith? I could listen to his music all night. There were some really good ones who didn’t make it to the final. I was pleased with this season! I hope to hear more from several of this year’s contestants.

  44. Suspicious says:

    I don’t think it’s fair when the coaches tell America who to vote for. They know they carry a lot of weight. The one’s they wanted to go through whether they sound good or not they said America vote them through. And the black people are so nervous because they don’t stand a chance to win.

  45. Judd says:

    How she made top 4 is crazy. To think she somehow won is mind boggling. There were way better singers then her. I call for an investigation.

    • Kimmy Moores says:

      I don’t want anyone calling for an investigation when they can’t even differentiate ‘then’ and ‘than’.
      Can’t even get grammar together so I doubt your ears are any more in check.

      • Collin says:

        Congrats! You caught him on a grammatical error! Didn’t realize we were being graded on grammer! You must be running outta things to say. Yes I realize I spelled grammar wrong. Keep up the good work!

        • Kimmy Moores says:

          Collin, I never run out of things to say honey.
          More specifically, I never run out of shade. If you want this argument in your life please bring it big boy/girl/thing ;)

          • Collin says:

            Kimmy the bad a** ladies and gentlemen! Kimmys so awesome she knows more about grammer then anyone! Say Kimmy… Why do you spend so much time on here? Aren’t you to busy suing someone/something? Have a nice day honey! :)

  46. looking4thecountrylife says:

    Alisan Porter is a lovely singer, and I’m glad a woman coach finally won, however I really wanted Laith Al-Saadi to win. He’s the only one I’d pay $$ to see. He was ALWAYS good and compelling; he held his own with Joe Walsh. I didn’t think that Alisan Porter held her own with Jennifer Nettles.

    • Ani says:

      Hard to hold your own with Jennifer Nettles, I think! Alisan might have a pretty decent career singing country, though. Her best efforts–Desperado, Blue Bayou, even her original song–have a country vibe.

      • MC says:

        This is just an opinion, but I think Alisan would be more authentic in the country genre. It’s one of the things I loved about Angie Kielhauer. The rootsy appeal of country blues. I’ll be following both of them, although I actually prefer Angie’s lower register and her overall tone.

  47. Kimmy Moores says:

    The only recount I’m demanding is the one where Nick Hagelin got in over Ryan Quinn.
    What the fresh hell? That man sounds Godly in his group performance.

  48. Suspicious says:

    I don’t think it’s fair when the coaches tell America who to vote for. They know they carry a lot of weight. The one’s they wanted to go through it didn’t matter if they were their coach or not, they said America vote them through. And the black people are so nervous because they don’t stand a chance to win.

  49. Stephanie says:


  50. Things did not turn out the way that I voted so that’s disappointing. But they were all good