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The Voice Predictions: Who's Most Likely to Win Season 10?

There are a few different ways to predict who’ll win Season 10 of The Voice.

You could take a deep dive into the contestants’ iTunes sales results for Monday’s performance finale (always a solid predictive tool). You could check back over the last few months and see how many times each of the finalist cracked the iTunes Top 10, since sales from the entire season (including the Top 10 multiplier) factor into the cumulative vote tally. Or you could just ask yourself, “Which one’s on Team Blake?”

I kid! I kid! Blake doesn’t win every year! But dangit, he got Jake Worthington to the runner-up slot in Season 6, so you can’t discount his status as Big Coach on Campus.

Then again, there’s the question of “On whose behalf has executive producer Mark Burnett been sounding the trumpets since the season premiere?” (Oh, hi, Alisan!)

Let’s check out last night’s tallies — and add up the season’s worth of Top 10 finishes — for some clues:

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
1. Adam Wakefield — “Lonesome, Broken and Blue”
3. Hannah Huston — “Every Breath You Take”
4. Alisan Porter — “Somewhere” (from West Side Story)
5. Alisan Porter — “Down That Road”
6. Laith Al-Saadi — “Morning Light”
7. Hannah Huston — “I Call the Shots”
9. Adam Wakefield — “When I Call Your Name”
13. Laith Al-Saadi — “White Room”

Duet Rankings on iTunes (Duets Don’t Count in Voting, But Still an Indication of Popularity)
21. Alisan Porter & Christina Aguilera — “You’ve Got a Friend”
22. Laith Al-Saadi and Adam Levine — Abbey Road medley
42. Adam Wakefield and Blake Shelton — “The Conversation”
79. Hannah Huston and Pharrell Williams — “Brand New”

iTunes Top 10 Finishes During the Season
Adam Wakefield – “I’m Sorry” (Semifinals Week)
Adam Wakefield — “Love Has No Pride” (Top 9 Week)
Adam Wakefield – “Soulshine” (Top 12 Week)

Alisan Porter – “Desperado” (Semifinals Week)
Alisan Porter – “Let Him Fly” (Top 10 Week)
Alisan Porter – “Stone Cold” (Top 12 Week)

Hannah Huston – “When a Man Loves a Woman” (Semifinals Week)

Laith Al-Saadi – “One and Only” (Semifinals Week)
Laith Al-Saadi — “We’ve Got Tonight” (Top 9 Week)

First things first: Laith being the only artist without two songs in the Top 10 this week — along with the fact that he needed the Twitter Save during last week’s Semifinals — is a pretty clear indication that he’ll finish third or fourth at best in Season 10. Heck, even his coach on Monday night seemed to be giving him the old “You should be happy you made it this far, since you’re an acquired taste” speech.

Hannah, for her part, picked a great night for a sales surge — her No. 3 and No. 7 finishes put her in a three-way photo finish with Alisan and Adam — but her relatively soft sales earlier in the season (with only one Top 10 finish during the previous live shows) means she’ll probably come up short.

Ultimately, I predict it’s going to come down to Adam vs. Alisan. Adam’s No. 1 finish with his original track makes him mighty dangerous, but his second tune only made it to No. 9, and his low-rated duet may be an indication that viewers weren’t quite as enthusiastic about his body of work on Monday as they were about Alisan. The big question is whether Blake’s enthusiastic fandom flocked to Facebook and the Voice app to give Adam the kind of surge to carry him to the top.

While that is a very strong possibility, I think it’s more likely that Team Xtina’s Alisan — a contestant with an awesome set of pipes and a compelling, emotional backstory — will eke out the win and break the show’s “Girl Curse” (aka the streak of female coaches never having won during the prior nine seasons). It’s a narrative producers have been pushing since the premiere, and with Alisan’s potent one-two punch on the iTunes charts on Monday, combined with her trio of previous Top 10 finishes, she’s the one to beat.

Who do you think will and should win Season 10? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angelqings says:

    I hope Adam Wakefield wins. IMO, he is in a virtual tie with Alisan Porter but her constant “woe is me” sob stories turned me off of her a couple of weeks ago. And realistically, I think Adam is the one contestant who will actually go on to have a full fledged professional music career after tonight.

    • rockermom59 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Adam’s story is quite compelling too, having lost his brother to drug addiction and mental illness. He’s a winner in my eyes.

      • Carol Cristy says:

        I agree

        • Anna says:

          I agree too. I like Allison but am turned off by her sleazy stories. This is a talent competition, not a charity event. I hope Adam will win.

          • Jon says:

            Her “sleazy stories”? Heh, she’s not singing about a secret porn past. It’s not her fault that the producers, as usual, seized on a plot point for her and ran it into the ground.

            Objectively speaking, I like all four of these finalists (although I would have liked to see Bryan make it as well). Laith is an incredible musician and a good vocalist. Hannah is an excellent vocalist but is still learning the performance ropes. Adam is a great musician and vocalist, but last night, IMO, showed the limitations of his range.

            For me, that leaves Alisan — she’s a superb vocalist, I thought her self-penned original song was really good, and she had the best duet. She got my vote, and I hope she wins…

          • Kil says:

            She is the best

          • Elizabeth says:

            I love adam wakefield and I love hannah Huston and Laith if had to pick the winner i but definitely pick adam wakefield or laith as the winner they been my favorites since the blinds and the battles.

          • lori says:

            Disappointed in the voice it seems that popularity and youth win over talent.

    • Meme says:

      Can’t agree. This show is about the voice and Alisan’s voice ranks #1 above the rest. All 4 will hopefully have a music career regardless of who wins.

      • Ahi says:

        I concur

      • zensunni42 says:

        Yep. Alisan has “the voice” of this season, in my opinion. Not that I wouldn’t LOVE to see Laith take it… (His internet and app votes were always stronger than his itunes performance all season, frequently being called earlier than his itunes ranking would suggest.)

        • Kris says:

          I love alisan too. I love her voice and she’s a good story teller. I love all her music last night. I want her to win

      • Sherrin says:

        Porter is riding on sympathy votes and Christina’s style preferences/changes that were incorporated. Her voice makes me cringe most of the time…I did like her Janice Joplin rendition.

      • archie van de velde says:

        i think there was a lot of great talent this season , the four finalists are all winners imo however when Alisan sang her first song on this show she was the winner in my mind without hearing her back story.

      • MarTex says:

        Agreed. Super vocals for Alisan Porter.
        Works to stage like a pro. Tough choice all are great but she’s one notch above. Agree with previous comments about producers beating a dead horse on her story line.

    • I agree totally- Adam should be number 1!We all have crosses to bear – and it should come down to a sympathy win for Alison. She is a good singer but Adam is so deserving of the top place.

      • Carol Cristy says:

        Alison is good and I love her voice but everything she sings is the same style. I feel the same way about Laith. I like Adam & Hannah but Adam was more consistent and a great voice.

        • Jay says:

          Everything Adam sings sounds the same as well. There is NO denying that! Note I said “as well” I don’t need no mean comments back! LMFAO!!!!

          • Mark Holden says:

            Just my opinion, of course, but I hate Adam’s tinny tone. Very irritating. Alisan has a little of it, but is far superior to Adam. Give me Hannah or Laith’s beautiful tones anytime!

    • Carol Cristy says:

      I hope so because he has a great voice and he’s humble.

    • JM12 says:

      Nothing against Adam – for sure he’s talented. But last night put him back in “really good bar band singer” territory for me. Sorry :-)

    • I agree all the way!

    • maxdent01 says:

      Adam is by far the Best! But the EP is pushing Alisan, he wants her to MC his new MTV Hip Hop show.
      Adam has had his share of down and out, but he is not flaunting it like Alisan.
      With the EP for you that is at least worth 10,000 votes! Hint hint!

    • Dayna says:

      I agree totally with you. I also don’t believe a person who has already been in the spotlight should be allowed to compete on this show.

    • Mary Jo Bush says:

      but he doesn’t have anywhere near ‘the voice’ that alisan has. she deserves it hands down

    • Gma says:

      I totally agree… She is hoping for sympathy votes… & screams most of her songs-not welcoming at all. You’re an adult–stop feeling sorry for yourself because you are a Mom.
      ADAM or Hanna needs to win!!

  2. The Beach says:

    Hmmm. Adam, Alisan and Hannah all having three songs in the Top Ten makes for an interesting contest.

    • Dirt Road says:

      No matter who wins, there will be more people ticked-off because of it, than people who are happy about it. . . . .

      Some still want to think this is supposed to be an amateur contest, which it is not, and neither was Idol. . .

      Some are upset with the fact that Alisan has been somewhat favored by the producers or don’t like her back-story being used by the show for sensationalism.

      Some don’t like Country Music, or resent guys who play guitars. So the winner will maybe only get 29% of the actual vote. ..

      But all 4 of them get a boost in their future prospects, regardless.

      • Lizzie says:

        Somewhat favored? How about pushed and pushed as the eventual winner? Alisan and her background story got really old. Christina was her usual self in her “blow the speakers out” approach to having her contestants sing – it’s terrible. Alisan somehow didn’t oversing (much) on Somewhere last night – I love the song, and she sang it well. Her quieter songs were her best all season, and I would have liked to hear more of that part of her vocals.

      • Scott says:

        The Voice was picked correctly, I thought for sure that it was going to be between Alison and Adam. The part I didn’t like about the show was they bring their backstory in. Alison had the voice I don’t care what her struggles were or anyone else’s. I think Adam would of won if he sang some Travis Tritt. Lath was good and as a metal head from the 70’s and 80’s I really liked him. I myself could not stand Hannah, just for the fact I saw Adam Levine critique her and she gave him the dirtiest look (making of a Diva). I think that Bryan should of been in that man could sing. Mary Sarah trying to do old country was a joke. I really liked Paxton and Shalyah. But it was about the Voice and that is what it should be about. They should open it up to allow more than just ITunes, I don’t do apple period. It is a popularity contest if it wasn’t Hannah would of not been there long. But I do believe that Adam, Lath, and Bryan will be singing in the future and they will do good.

        So next season leave out the drama, and the backstories!! All that needed to be said that Adam has been singing in bars, Lath recorded a couple of Albums, and Alison was Curly Sue nothing us matters.

        That is my 2 cents

  3. Antonio Hall says:

    Hannah got to win and did you vote for her and buy her songs on itunes.

    • Kristie says:

      I did

    • The Beach says:

      I don’t buy anyone’s songs on iTunes anymore. I, like I’m sure many others, stream my music with Spotify and when I like a song, I add it to one of my playlists. This is why I don’t think iTunes rankings carry the weight they used to in these singing shows.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Christina, ever the spotlight hog, keeping the melody for herself on the duet with Alisan.

  5. Ami Roe says:

    First of all, I would like to commend Mr. Slezak for always writing with such truth and accuracy! I will miss your weekly recaps of “The Voice”. You are truly one of the most honest, respected and witty reviewers for tv news. I feel if “The Voice” is truly crowning the contestant who has been consistent with the best vocal performances this season, than Alisan Porter should be the winner. The other contestants are all amazing artists who will go on to do amazing things in their respected genres of music. “Blue Bayou” will go down as the best audition of all time. I also would like to note that Alisan is an awesome role model for showing that second chances are attainable with hard work and that artists can support one another in a singing competition. If you look at cumulative iTunes sales, Alison is the overall winner as well. Heres to all of them getting a music contract!

    • Ahi says:

      I concur with your statement. But we know rarely do people remain that unbiased.

      This season was so great I didn’t have a declared favourite, only because it was hard to pick just one and they weren’t all on one team to say that team whatever coach is the definite winner.

      To me Alisan won last night due to the fact that I enjoyed her performances last night more than anyone else. I guess we will see.

      I wish each of them the very best.

    • cesar says:

      I agree, Alisan was so much better last night… plus she has been consistent week by week.. since performance one she put so much passion… Don’t get me wrong…the rest are so amazing… (including Bryan Bautista) but based on the whole Season… there is no doubt ALisan deserves this one.

  6. Emma says:

    Methinks Adam will win (the contestant, not the coach, hah) and my reasoning is that the audience from that other show that got cancelled, I think it was called American Idol, will have migrated on over to The Voice and that is who they voted for 9 years straight on AI, so it stands to reason…

  7. sherri gardikis says:

    It would not surprise me if Hannah ( the dark horse ) Houston wins and she has a catchy name

  8. kenny says:

    Anybody but Alisan. I am sorry you had a rough life, but all of us have had rough times. And you have already produced a record, been on broadway? I thought this was for amateurs to get discovered. Please oh please anybody but you.

    • Jan says:

      I hope Alisan does win and more than likely she will. It’s pity that people have to be so judgemental of someone. Unless you have walked in her shoes maybe you should keep your pettiness to yourself!

      • William Richards says:

        So true. No shame in spreading your story to inspire others, as she did in her song.

        • MariaCo says:

          It’s THE VOICE and Adam Wakefield has the best of the four! Not being judgemental, just being brutally honest. If she wants to inspire people she can write a book!

          • Mitch says:

            Sorry but NO. Alisan is FAR more talented vocally than any of the four on that stage. She can out-sing any one of them and be on perfect pitch.

      • Lizzie says:

        I don’t think it is petty or judgmental to look at the life decisions that a person has made, when it is put out in front of us over and over again. If I had been an addict, I wouldn’t advertise it, but Alisan either chose to or was convinced to do so. I don’t want to hear their backstories as far as their personal sorrows go. I want to know something about them, but not every mistake that they made about illegal drug use.

    • Meme says:

      Rough life or not, past record or broadway performance or not, Alisan has the best VOICE, and this is what the show is about. If the producers allowed her to perform, who are you to question that?

    • Eurydice says:

      I’m not sure why you thin The Voice is for amateurs – there have been professionals competing ever since the first season.

      • Dirt Road says:

        Very true, Craig Wayne Boyd was far from an amateur and a number of people on these shows have been around the block in attempting a music career before the show, , ,

        Laith has already won in terms of getting huge recognition in the Blues Genre. Check-out the top 100 itunes sales in the Blues category and he has made an astounding impact in that market. Blues fans have been buying his songs like crazy and many are from an album he did before the show.

    • tru says:

      Oh I so agree with you…anybody but Alisan…PLEASE!!!

      • Jose Manuel Cartagena says:

        It seems that because she was an actor when little kid has given her some push, but I like Adam better.

    • Jaszy says:

      Hannah Huston deserves to win!
      But, though, it begrudges me to say this, I guess all of them deserve it in some way.
      They have all worked hard.

    • Christie says:

      ditto, and Alisan’s voice is annoying, has a terrible nasal tone.

  9. Me says:

    I’m hoping it’s between Adam and Hannah. They’re all talented and it seems the closest race the show has had. My vote for Hannah edged out the others mostly on likability, right or wrong. Allisan screamed through more than one performance IMO. Just personal preference at this point.

  10. Michael you have done a wonderful job over the years following American Idol and the Voice, so thank you for helping me “get up to speed” on both programs!

    However – you’ve been great over the years at picking out early frontrunners; but not so great at actually predicting the winners, so I have zero faith in your prediction based on actual history.

  11. Lisa Cutter says:

    Sorry but Alisan bores me. She only sings slow, overly emotional songs and seems to be an Adele wannabe. She just is not well-rounded. Adam Wakefield is a well-rounded artist. I cannot wait to buy his album and Laith’s album

    • I think Laith is a talented man with an awesome Voice and can whale on the guitar.. My vote goes with him.

      • Jana Bush says:

        This is a singing contest not an instrument contest. Yes, he is good on Guitar but that’s not a singing contest.

        • Idolhead Ed says:

          Laith is a guitar player who sings not a singer who plays guitar. Last season we had a singer who could really play guitar and she didn’t even make the final. Amy Vaschal anyone? Of course she got some weak guidance from Adam.

          It looks like,and should be, Alisan. Adam should be runner up. I think both will be more successful than any other Voice winner.

        • maxdent01 says:

          Joe Walsh has a so so voice, but man he can play that guitar. I think Laith should win if Adam doesn’t.
          1. Laith or Adam
          2. Hanna
          3. What’s name come in last.

      • I agree 100% with you..i like his singing and his picks to cover esp.In The White Room/Cream..Awesome!!!!!

      • debra l moore says:

        Yes I agree.people don’t seem to understand the talent this man has.he definitely deserves to win.he’s so versatile unlike the others

    • footwork61 says:

      They are all talented and we are all moved by different things, but I think both Adam and Laith, while extremely talented, are both kind of one-dimensional performers. Hannah is very good but I think she failed when she tried to be a blue-eyed soul singer. Alisan has mastered styles from Joni Mitchell to Aerosmith to Janice Joplin.
      I think part of the problem is that the artists are pushed to pull out all the stops in every performance. That was Shayla’s downfall.

    • sharon ottewell says:

      Alisan is too screechy Always mute the TV when she’s singing.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        If you put it on mute how do you know she was screechy.

      • Michael Porshe says:

        Alison’s screech actually hurts my inner ear and she seems to do it in every song she performs. She has a nice voice when she stays under the screech, but that one note she hits is a deal breaker for me.

    • maxdent01 says:

      What you said!!!

  12. Rich says:

    I agree that Alisan has a good voice, but I also think she did scream her way through too many songs. Also, I pull for those who have not previously had a professional career prior to the voice. Hard to believe she couldn’t use her Hollywood/Broadway contacts rather than The Voice to kick-off a vocal career. I vote for Adam or Hannah.

    • Meg says:

      If you read about Allison’s background, 9 or 10 tv shows, several movies, broadway, and 2 albums, she just seems like a professional and not appropriate for this show. Next Demi Lavato will try out for the Voice! Would just love to see Hannah win. Jordan last year was a great winner for this show, did not have a lot of professional experience like Allison. In an interview Adam said he doesn’t even think he wants a music career now after his experience on The Voice. I would love Hannah as no.1 and Laith as no. 2.

      • Ahi says:

        This doesn’t make any sense to me since if it applies to Alisan it should also apply to Laith, but you have no problem with him winning you say? I’m pretty sure I can recollect Adam or Pharell asking Laith for his past albums name and recommending we go buy them.

    • maxdent01 says:

      That is the reason Pharrell is going off the show. He will be a contestant next season!

  13. Adam has 12 songs on the Top 100 Country Songs! Something would stink over at NBC if Adam does not win tonight.

  14. Voice Fan says:

    I hope Adam Wakefield wins because he is destined to be a big country music star. Like Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbury he will sell more records than the other winners. But I would be happy if Hannah or Laith won as well. I don’t want to see Alisan Porter win because I am sick of her screaming instead of singing and bragging about being a mother and having eight years of sobriety. To a record company, a 34 year old recovering drug addict with two small children is a nightmare where a 20 year old singer/songwriter, guitar player and pianist with no baggage is a dream come true.

  15. Timmah says:

    Adam will win, and be forgotten as quickly as you can say “Craig Wayne Boyd”.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Craig Way Boyd hasn’t been forgotten. He opened for Rascal Flatts in Las Vegas, performed on the Grand Ole Opry and has been performing across the country since he won The Voice.

      • Timmah says:

        Oh sure, I bet he really packs them in at the local bar.

        • YL says:

          So bitter for someone’s success huh……lol..

          • Timmah says:

            Not bitter at all, just realistic. He was dropped by his label because no one bought his single. Not what I’d call a super successful winner.

      • Voice Fan says:

        Millions of fans bought Craig Wayne Boyd’s single Baby Has a Smile on Her Face and he broke a record by debuting number one on Billboard charts. He hired an attorney to get out of his contract. He said “it was about business.” Those contracts tie the artists up so that the record company makes all the money and the artists make little.

        • Vance V. says:

          True, as many have found-out PP Jr. has been trying to get out of the Idol contract for that reason – was assigned to some gigs where he was not paid even expenses per some things I read on it.

  16. I don’t think a great back story should come into play at all. I believe Alison has been set up to win for weeks now and the show shouldn’t do that, it should be about talent , not your past drug abuse ect. The chances of Alison using this opportunity as well as the others is not as likely with her three kids and past.

  17. Alisan all the way. Like Adam said, she is the Voice.

  18. Lu says:

    Hannah – wish should could pull it out – she has been great all season and with her coach leaving the voice would be a perfect send off… Go Hannah

  19. Russell Morgan says:

    The thing I look at (being a musician myself) is: !. Is the artist growing and improving during the course of the show? 2. Is the artist versatile? 3. Would you want to listen to an entire album of this person, or does all of the songs sound alike?

  20. Jill Herwig says:

    I really want Alisan porter to win she has been my winner from the beginning not her life story because she is the voice we been waiting for my hats go off for for Alisan .

  21. Jeremiah says:

    If Alisan win’s the show is rigged

  22. Vikki says:

    Laith is an awesome musician. His White Room cover was flat out amazing. I think it’s sad he’s getting kicked to the curb because of his guitar. Do great things Laith!!!

  23. Russell Morgan says:

    One other thing I would like to add from my earlier comments is that the name of the show is “The Voice”, not America’s got talent. Yes I did enjoy seeing Laith perform, but he was given to much credit for his guitar playing. There were better “singers” that were sent home. Laith is a great all-round performer but not “a great singer”….Alisan is a very good singer, but she did not show as much growth as Hannah or Adam…..In my option Hannah is the best over all “singer”. She has grown and is still growing. She has shown that she is versatile with her songs and styles and I believe has more to offer….As I stated earlier which artist could I listen to an entire album of, that would be Hannah!!! Alisan has a tendency to scream to much and I would soon tire of hearing that high pitch voice song after song…..I Hope Hannah Wins1 She has a great future ahead of her…I’m already a fan.

    • Jaszy says:

      I’m with you buddy on Hannah deserving to win! The girl has had the most amazing growth arc, even though she was fantastic in the beginning! She just kept getting better!
      I don’t think she’s going to win, but I hope people will remember her and she gets somewhere in the music business. She should not just perform only once or twice a year. She needs to make music her full-time career, she has the pipes, the charisma, everything. That would even give her more time to develop her craft and her performance skills on stage.
      The girl is a winner regardless of who actually wins. I have to keep telling myself that. It’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t win.
      But honestly, I just hope she doesn’t place 4th. That would be a travesty of utmost proportion!

  24. Jeffrey Pearl says:

    If The Voice restricted people who had SOME professional experience from it, the show would not nearly have been as good. The rules are established and like it or not we have the top 4 America selected. I personally was surprised that Adam made it to the top 4. He’s good, but there were a few others that did not make it that I thought were actually better. Laith came through by way of a save but he has always been one of my top 2. When he sticks to what he does best–that great growl and phenomenal guitar work he is fantastic! I was pleased that Hannah made it to the final 4 but her songs have not always been consistent enough to have gotten her there but I love her story and think she’s great! Alisan has been the absolute best of the bunch from her blind audition through the finale. Her original song reminded me of Bonnie Raitt. Her version of ‘Somewhere’ was the best I have heard since Barbra Streisand. I can’t say how the total vote will go, but Alisan absolutely deserves it.

  25. Brenda Smith says:

    I think Adam Wakefield should win he is ahead of her and has been ahead of her throughout most of the season. She is very talented but so is he and he has proved himself not only on the 100 itunes download but also on the I tune country charts. So he should be the winner.

  26. I am #TeamAlisan all the way. She’s a lot more original than Adam, who will get a recording contract anyway, I bet. I think she took chances b/c that’s what The Voice *should* be about, and I am really tired of Blake’s country singers taking the win season after season.

    And yes, Michael, thanks for your great reviewing. No more Idol, but The Voice will be back with Alicia (and Miley!) before you know it.

  27. Trevor says:

    Alison deserves to win tonight hands down! The other contestants did good through out the season but were not as diverse as Alison was. No one comes close to Alison’s voice and the show is called the voice point blank. We have had enough Country artists win in the past and it’s time for a female coach to win.

  28. Paulette says:

    If a professional not an ameteur wins I will quit watching & supporting The Voice. If they want a professional catagory, then separate them from the other contestants. It’s the same with sports, we don’t have minor league play against major league. It’s not right to have Alison competing against 16 year olds. I thought The Voice was about learning & getting better throughout the competition. That has not been what Alison has represented in season 10.

    • Trevor says:

      Technically all the contestants are amateurs. Even if they recorded or sold an album prior to coming on the voice is irrelevant. The voice does showcase most of the artist getting better throughout the show some do and some stay complacent. Alison has proven time and time again that she has grown and never settled from her blind audition. If anyone has watched the voice show they know anyone with a voice can try out and age doesn’t matter. So if you are worried about a 16 year old competing with a 30 or 40 year old then they need to come out with a new show called the voice teen addition.

      • Lizzie says:

        They meet the criteria to audition for the show if they haven’t had a record contract in two years, or whatever their rule is, but the contestants cannot escape their backgrounds of professional entertainment industry experience. If you have been on TV and on Broadway, I think it’s a stretch to call that person an amateur.

    • Dirt Road says:

      The Voice has been a second chance, third chance type of show from the very start, mixed with some 15/ 16 / 17 year-old amateurs that usually won some type of local talent show singing contests and got lucky enough to get chosen to try-out for The Voice. . .

      Through the shows history, and it has been in many countries around the world (try googling Best Voice Auditions Around The World) there have been contestants in their 30’s – 40’s – 50’s and even older in a couple cases, that have formally been full-time musicians or singers in bands of the past.

      It has often revealed and even highlighted the contestants past history in music and used the second-chance theme as their back-story. The Voice has never even advertised the show as an amateur hour, It’s just an entertainment talent show that ultimately becomes a popularity contest between genre’s of music, personality and who the most voters simply like.

      The whole “best singer” concept is purely a matter of perception and taste in music.

    • James says:

      Confused by some of these comments. The show would not nearly be as good. Laith also has been building upon a career and composing music prior to the show, why doesn’t he get any blame? It’s because Alisan is clearly a contender and overshadows most contestants in general.

      • Ahi says:

        I asked this same question. How can they be saying it isn’t fair to the other contestants and be giving name a work out but in the same breath say Laith should win? I guess I’m missing something.

        Really can not understand the bias against Alisan.

  29. wanda rogers says:

    I’m pulling for Adam Wakefield. While Alison is talented, she has had her time to shine. It’s time for Adam to shine.

  30. Peggy says:

    All three are winners, regardless of life stories. Hannah has really snuck up on me. She has had more growth and i like to see that. She sings twice a year? Amazing! Whoever wins will be deserving.

  31. Carol Cristy says:

    Adam Wakefield is my favorite. Laith and Alison already made and sold recordings prior to the show so I don’t see why they are in the competition.

  32. Jan Colman says:

    If Adam Wakefield wins the Voice–he will be the most boring winner ever on the Voice. The guy has a nice set of pipes and is easy on the eye but gets zero for audience connection and personality. Alisan is the total package. She is a Star.

  33. Texas Technoman says:

    Craig Wayne Boyd, the country / rock singer that won a few years ago was playing in a small supper club venue near me a month ago. Tickets $15…looks like his career sky rocketed!

  34. dj says:

    Sounds like a reasonable scenario. There was no Sawyer or Jordan this season, eve if they tried to make Alisan into one. So it will be interesting to see who pulls off the win. I will feel sorry for Christina if Alisan doesn’t win. She’s never had a better shot w2any of her other contestants.

  35. calif vetteman says:

    First, let me just say that the quality of the talent on this show is astounding. That plus the settings and back up music by the musicians and back ground singers is first rate.

    Coupled with the fact that Blake Adam the others make it fun to watch. They hare all having a good time and it shows. This is the first season I and watched this show and I am hooked

    Now having said that, even tho the level of talent is incredible I have to go with Alisan Porter. The first time I heard her, I thought wow! She has a voice that is as pure as Mama Cass or Karen Carpenter.

    Not to take anything away from any of the other contestants, she is my choice as the ‘Voice’.

    • Dirt Road says:

      Yes, the show has improved a lot since it’s inception — with better quality singers, a great band that is adaptable to many styles of music, a wider variety of music genre and usually high quality stage productions. So it is more entertaining to watch as a show,

      Now if they could have more songs by the contestants and less banter and silly questions by Carson Daly, and sugar reviews by the coaches, it could be much better yet.

  36. kevin w pirtle says:

    Adam Wakefield should win the voice 2016, I love country music and he’s definitely a great artist.

  37. Kathleen says:

    Alisan! !!

  38. ERICKA says:

    I honestly hope that laugh wins the voice he has worked hard and ki by to get where he is and the amount of talent he has is insane….so it’s laith all the way for me he is the true meaning of what the voice is all about..

  39. Mitch says:

    Alisan DESERVES it over Adam, because she’s simply far more talented. Bring it home, Mrs Porter! You absolutely SLAYED every week of this competition!

  40. Bassman says:

    It has to be Alison. She has it in the wrapper. One step further…The Best the VOICE has ever produced!!!!!! Ever!!

  41. sonyafun says:

    I want Alisan to win so bad because she is the best! She is the reason Ivw kept watching the show.

  42. sonyafun says:

    Alisan for the win.

  43. Debbie says:

    At first thought it is Adam but then you look at Hannah how she has really worked hard to come up in the ranks. And I do agree the “woe is me” is enough. Even though Allison is a great singer she does sing the same style every time. I would buy Adam’s music or Hannah’s. I feel it will be between Adam and Hannah just my opinion. Of course everyone else has a opinion also.

  44. Juniper says:

    Adam annoyed me to no end because he was too damn lazy and selfish to enunciate properly. I could barely understand him. What I enjoyed most about Hannah was watching her grow in confidence without losing her humility. Ditto for Laith, though his years of working and playing meant he had a lot of confidence already. Yeah, Alison’s sob story bothered me but you’d have to be crazy not to tap into all the recovery people out there; the whole thing is about second chances. When she sang Somewhere, I thought of Barbara Streisand–and I’m not even a fan–but it made me appreciate how Barbara could sing that song with such strength yet also such softness and gentleness. Alison doesn’t know how to do that. Also Alison’s covers were all so dated!! It was like she was twenty years older than she is. I don’t much care who “wins,” but I”d be annoyed if it is Adam. There wasn’t a drop of progression with him, Mr. Lazibones.

  45. katedfw says:

    All of these singers have been solid all season so I am good with whom ever wins. I think my personal favorite is Laith because is a rocker with great musical taste. I love the blues! My gut tells me it will be Alisan though.

  46. Dan Preston says:

    Hello from Canada. First of all I’d like to say that the top twelve on season ten of The Voice could’ve placed #1 on American Idol this year, hands down no question about it. Also I would conquer with everyone re: Alison Porter and she had her chance. Go Team Blake… Adam Wakefield !!!

  47. Mary says:

    Adam is #1, I hope he takes it all.