The Voice: Season 10's Best Performances From Battles to Semis

And then there were four.

Yet while The Voice Season 10’s finale (tonight at 8/7c and Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC) will find Alisan Porter, Adam Wakefield, Laith Al-Saadi and Hannah Huston duking it out for all the marbles, they’re not the only contestants who made this season saaaaang.

From Mike Schiavo’s beautiful Blind Audition to those fellas who crushed a James Brown tune in the Battle Rounds, we’ve reviewed the dozens of performances from the Feb. 29 premiere all the way through last week’s semifinals and winnowed it down to a list of the 16 best. (OK, it’s not a nice, round number, but even the most cynical singing-competition recapper is allowed to give out the occasional extra gold star, no?)

Fret not, every member of the final four has at least one entry on the list — this is a damn solid group, it cannot be denied — so there’s something for everyone in this little musical pupu platter.

Oh, and speaking of which, we reserve the right to update this gallery Tuesday morning — should any of our finalists’ overworked, broken-down, thoroughly exhausted pipes manage to croak out one or two more gems.

Check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to get our Top 16 countdown, then hit the comments with your picks!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Troll says:

    I see they gave Hannah Huston – that over-done to death, stalker song of– – Every Breath You Take —by the Police.

    Not a good song for her to do at all, absolutely kills her outside-longshot chance to win the show. This is an outrage!!! the stalker song has no business even being in this by a female vocalist, someone should call the Reality Show Police!!.

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah, it is over-done, but I have no doubts that she will do well with it. We already established that she isn’t winning, no matter how much we want her to. I have to prepare for it.
      I just wish they could’ve chosen their own songs since it is finale week. Nobody should be telling them what to sing at this point. They should be able to choose. If she chose it, then…
      But I will be wishing her the best from TN and I just hope she doesn’t come in 4th place. She’s too good for 4th. Hannah Huston is good enough for the win but nobody will beat that WGWG Adam. Alisan only has a slight chance of beating him.

      • Troll says:

        Well, she did do well on it with the change-up style. But she was stuck into that lame coach-contestant song & Dance with Pharrell, and her personal song really went nowhere IMO. So either Alison or Adam wins, as expected. Production really wants Xtina/Alison to grab the prize, thus another “Prime” spot for them at the end, in the singers rotation.

        Anyway, don’t care who wins, so season is complete for me, no worries.

  2. Jan says:

    I think Alison Porter is Wonderful !She should Win ! Now I’m an old lady but if I should ever run into Adam Levine I would personally kick his discussing ass, I am so sick of him interuting Blake all the time ! Blake is to nice to say to much, he has class ! Adam should keep his mouth shut ! Just saying

    • bigjohnj1965 says:

      Are you serious? Blake and Adam are best friends! Their comical interaction is one of the reasons the show is so popular!

    • paula leary says:

      I totally agree. I was flabbergasted by his statement as who should win. Keep your frigging mouth shut. Your ditching all other contestants by your comment.

  3. Bev says:

    Her outfit was disgusting

  4. SJeckrs says:

    Tell Allison to get rid of the Hooker outfits and be a LADY!!

    • Troll says:

      ever watch some of coach Christina’s music video’s ? Such as “Dirty” ? Alison’s outfit was tame comparatively.

  5. Donna Jeanne says:

    Allison Porter sounds like Alvin and Chipmunks….I do not care for her voice at all. I hope she does not win but this show, I can see the judges trying to sway the public but I am not buying.

    • Jan Ramer says:

      I agree nm to my favorite and agree with choices of outfits

    • Toba7 says:

      Yes! She sounds like a chipmunk. Why oh why is she considered so great?

    • scarlett says:

      Alisan should not even be on the show. She’s had a lot of professional training and it hasn’t been fair to the rest of the contestants. I don’t care for her at all. Adam is natural talent.

  6. linda Humphries says:

    I don’t think laith al-Saad should be allowed to be on the show. He has been in the music business & has music recorded already. He’s so far ahead of everyone else that its not fair to them

    • Jaszy says:

      A lot of the contestants who have been on this show have already been in the music business for some time. They’ve just never gotten their big breaks. Laith deserves this as much as anyone else. We can’t deny talent when we see it just because some of these contestants have already “had a chance in the business.”

      • Troll says:

        that’s true that many contestants from all seasons of The Voice are already in, or have been – in the business before the show. .

        That;s how the show is built, around 2nd chances, those only on the fringes of the business so far, coupled with the college student music major, a few teen “finds” and some with a big back-story. Idol also had people that had already been signed once, like Carly Smithson, Lambert was in music theater, Lee DeWyze had 2 albums on CD Baby before the show, etc. Fradiani had toured with his band, had an album out and had already been on AGT a couple years before he won Idol.

        These are not amateur shows. Some amateurs get on the shows, but the talent shows are not limited to such.

        • This season on Idol La’Porsha was actually an exception: the sort of contestant we want to believe AI was all about, or was about originally, the pure amateur. Olivia Rox has toured internationally with her father, saxaphonist Warren Hill; Dalton had been in a boy band, etc etc. (I remember Kristen Baldwin’s joke back during S7 recaps on Idolatry about “Amish idol”.)

          The thing I appreciate about the final 4 this year is that they are not kids – no 16 year olds this time around. Nothing against a talented 16 yr old and not that these contestants are old by any means but there’s something to be said for maturity and seasoning.

      • Brenda Holtz says:

        I love him,he makes that guitar sing

  7. Marcia Hartman says:

    GoING to miss Christina wish she would stay as coach, and Alison has a beautiful voice and her song she wrote is beautiful

  8. Kevin Rudisill says:

    I agree with Blake 100%. The show is called THE VOICE not THE INSTRAMENTAL. Laith is only in the Final Four because he plays a MEAN GUITAR !!! The 4 that went home last week are a lot better singers than Laith. It is a shame to because like I said the show is called THE VOICE not THE INSTRAMENTAL !!!!!!

    • Woodmeister says:

      So…no one should play any instruments. In fact everyone should sing acapella without a band and absolutely no back up singers. And if it’s just the “voice” then perhaps we shouldn’t even see what these singers look like because that might cause undue influence in voting.

      Personally I like Laith’s singing and the type of music he sings….the guitar is just a very welcome bonus.

      • Troll says:

        Laith adds a good dimension to the show, there’s already plenty of boring ballads and crooner songs — a little hot guitar work is good,

  9. Sharon says:

    WOW….:..:FREAKIN’ WOW!!!!
    Tears in my eyes!!!!!!!

  10. Anne says:

    I think it is rigged. Why would Alisan be the last singer when all season she wasn’t. It is like the voice wants her to win. Very disappointed with the exec. And with Miley joining next year I am done with the show

    • kevstar says:

      Shouldn’t everyone get the pimp slot once in awhile? She has never been last, so why shouldn’t she get the chance? Miley knows the business and was a good mentor. I’m glad you’re done with the show. That means we won’t ever have to see you here. Good riddance!

  11. danin says:

    Definitely think Hannah singing Unaware should have made this list & Alisan singing River.

    • I would switch Stone Cold from this list for River, definitely, and keep Let Him Fly. Those are my two favorites of Alisan’s perfs this season. And I might have dropped Blue Bayou tbh, (I may be the only Alisan fan here who isn’t as crazy about Blue Bayou? I wasn’t a fan of that one.)

      I definitely would add Bryan’s “1 + 1” – I know this is Slezak’s list but man oh man, the HOTNESS….Damn I already miss Bryan, even though I know he’s out there continuing to pursue his career and best of luck to him. (With him gone I’m finding that the only ones I care about now are the ladies.)

  12. Karen says:

    WOW!!!! How do you choose just one???!!! They were all GREAT!!!
    I kept saying how in the world do choose one? And then, Alison came out & sang “Somewhere” from Westside Story. She had me in tears

  13. KIm Rosso says:

    I have to agree with you Troll with them giving Hannah the stalker song. They are all winners but Alisan Porter takes the cake in my book. She sang her heart out all season but tonight she had me crying. She sang my 2 all time favorite so out of this world! Congrats, Alisan! You Made It!!!

  14. KIm Rosso says:

    I felt bad that Hannah had to sing the creepy stalker song, but did a great job. I was actually crying tonight because Alisan Porter sang 2 of my favorite songs like an angel. They are all winners! But Alisan has come along way both as a singer and as a person. Alisan you made it! Congrats!!!!!

  15. mibellabela says:

    I strongly believe Emily Keeners Yellow Brick Road audition and Lilac Wine should be on this list. Her rendition of Jeff Buckleys Lilac Wine was exquisite! She is a well around artist and songwriter with incredible talent at only the age of 17 with years ahead of her to develop her talent further. I am sure we have not heard the last of her.

  16. Hope says:

    Think Alisan is Great and should win .