General Hospital 2016 Nurses Ball

General Hospital EP Promises a Big Nurses Ball Wedding, a Nasty Catfight and a Surprising Jason/Elizabeth Twist

At General Hospital‘s annual Nurses Ball, “there’s always lots of little surprises,” executive producer Frank Valentini tells TVLine. And, since this year’s variety show is kicking off tomorrow (ABC, 3/2c), he’s revealing what a few of them are. For instance…

The volatile combination of “Elizabeth’s burgeoning feelings for Franco” and the enmity between the formerly-psychotic artist and Liz’s ex, Jason, has an unexpected side effect that Liason fans will love (and JaSam fans will hate). “That conflict,” says the showrunner, “pulls Liz back into Jason’s life and his world.”

Meanwhile, the custody battle between Mafia don Sonny and his latest babymama, Ava, finally pushes the Mafioso’s moll, Carly, over the edge. Yep, “Carly will get into it with Ava in a big way,” Valentini previews. Might we get a good, old-fashioned catfight? “You just might. The tension’s been boiling, so it’ll be fun to watch them square off.”

In other developments, “there’s lots of shenanigans” in store for prince Nikolas and Hayden, the bride he once tried to have rubbed out. “There’s also a reversal in the War of the Roses [battle] between them,” Valentini says.

Brad and Lucas may or may not get married, but if they don’t, it won’t be because another surprise wife throws a monkey wrench into the proceedings. Brad’s ex, “Rosalie, was just an impediment,” the boss explains. “Everybody really wants to see these two guys get married.”

As for the acts on top, Valentini hates to play favorites, but… “Little Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) delivers a powerhouse performance,” he teases. “She has a duet with an established fan favorite that’s pretty phenomenal.”

Who do you think she’ll be singing with? Are you excited that Liz will be back in Jason’s orbit, or are you strictly Team JaSam? Hit the comments!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I just hope it’s better than last years. That was terrible :-) And I’m one who doesn’t give a crap about the Liason / JaSam fans non-stop bickering but I have to admit that line cracked me up.

  2. They better not put Jason with Liz or that will tank GH

    • Ella pederson says:

      He won’t be paired with Liz just in her life bc Franco bring around Jake

    • Dude says:

      I think the number of times they’ve toyed with it and haven’t pulled the trigger on it proves that they’re not that invested in the coupling. However, this is a soap so, they’ll probably get together eventually.

    • Jamie says:

      Ratings are already tanking. JaSam being the reunited heroic guardians of PC is not helping the way so many swore it would. No worries for JaSam fans though, guarantee Jason just says he is worried about her and nothing more.

      • Chris says:

        Actually ratings for GH were up two weeks ago and it was the only daytime soap to gain in viewers!

        • Jamie says:

          The ‘up’ is statistically insignificant. These are minor bounces that still keep GH unattractive to advertisers.. the ratings (up or down) cannot be attributed to a single couple so the idea that JaSam is the reason for any minor inflation is as absurd as the idea that Liason can cause them to bottom out. The show needs to pull itself together all around.

        • Lolli says:

          Last week was down over 200K viewers from last year.

      • emm119 says:

        Ummmm ratings have been up, so not sure where you got the info that ratings were down.

        I don’t hate Liz and hope her story turns around.

        • Jamie says:

          Again.. the slight upward wobble in the ratings is NOT STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT…especially since there has not been steady week over week rise. Do youvreally think a 2.10 is awesome? Sure it is better than a 2.07 but not in any meaningful way.

          • Rating being up is significant to any soap, it means they are on the right track, GH has been doing better then they were when they were bleeding with all time lows. Which is good, 2.10 is better than 2.07. it will take time to get into the awesome range, but I am sure GH is happy they going up instead of down. i don’t beleve one couple is responsible, the whole cast is, but the fact is they are doing better over all then they were with all time lows. Slow build but still headed in the right direction.

          • me says:

            The ratings are down almost 250 THOUSAND people since LAST YEAR. That STINKS people, stop trying to spin it.

          • Spining it, we were in all time lows last year, we were almost canceled, Ron was fired, how is that spining it, they have had an increase, that is good, not bad, nobdy has been fired and we have had no all time lows. of course it will take time to get back, but still doing better than all time lows. no spins just the truth. You can’t expect to make up 22 weeks of all times lows in a few weeks, ratings report says GH had a good week, no matter what they had last year, you have to start somewhere.

          • Jamie says:

            WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???? THE RATINGS ARE DOWN FROM LAST YEAR (when RC was fired, etc). They had a minor gain from LAST WEEK but are down nearly a quarter million viewers from last year.

        • Ratings are based on the show as a whole and not just a specific fandom. It basically means that the storyline last year were better than this year making people to tune in.

    • Shsh says:

      That’s funny lol I mean the facts are that whenever they’re together the ratings actually GO UP and the start to fall when the put Jason and Sam together but whatever keep believing what u want to

      • Jamie says:

        You realize you just contradicted yourself, right? And again… fact check yourself before youvstart givi g JaSam credit for climbing ratings… their big sex scene still had lower overall ratings than the same day the year prior. Now*I* recognize this is not the fault of a single pairing, but if you want fo jump and take credit for the itty bitty bobbles UP, than you must accept blame for the downturns as well. The REAL FACTS are that no one couple has that much power over the rating… but “whatever keep believing what u want to” [sic]

    • Judy says:

      Yea like those big ratings JaProp is pulling? DOWN 200K since last year and we got a lie.. Lol
      They’re not called ja1.6 for nothing sport

      • Jamie says:

        Wrong. This time last year Liason were together. Guess what ratings were HIGHER. Check it out for yourself. The ratings are up over LAST WEEK but DOWN from last year at this time. I guess JaSam does not increase ratings.

    • No it wouldn’t. It will make you angry but GH will survive

      • Kathy Doherty says:

        I am a fairly new viewer of this show and have never commented on a soap before! Anyway, my question is about Nicholas Cassidine and his “accident”. I am guessing and hoping that he faked his own death, due to his financial difficulties and issues with Hayden. I also hear that will be played by another actor temporarily, so that supports my theory..Any thoughts?

    • Van says:

      I agree, Why are they still trying to put Liz with Jason. please leave Sam/Jason alone!!!!!

      • Benji says:

        Leave San and Jason alone for frig sake..Ratings may have been higher previously because viewers were waiting for Elizabeth and Jason to crumble when his memory returned..The two of them had 1/3 the chemistry that Sam and Jason have. Are there any other couples to rely on?

  3. Suzanna says:

    Love Jason and Liz but at this point a little leary in what FV deems as Liason fans liking and JaSam fans hating. Really hate that these execs keep pushing this Fan War the way they have. Will wait and see how it plays out before deciding on how I feel about it. Just hope the writers can do the story justice.

  4. Jo says:

    Um…..Jizam needs to die. For the love of god….can Liz PLEASE get her own storyline that’s away from Jasam? It didn’t work in 2006. Worked even less in 2012. And was an absolute abomination in 2014-2016. Stop inserting her where she doesn’t belong. Dear god….it’s not even a real triangle. *face palm*

  5. Mel says:

    So this fan war’s going to get even uglier, huh? Didn’t think that was possible but it looks like that’s exactly what Frank wants. These people have no clue what’s good for the show. Frank and Varni gotta go. Bring back Wendy Riche!

  6. Mel says:

    If this is the better story Becky signed on for, I just may tune out for good. No one wants to see Liz in Jasam’s orbit. Not Jasam fans. Certainly not Liz fans. Please free Liz. Hell, free us all from their bad storytelling!

  7. Sarah says:

    I always love seeing the cast sing n dance so I’m looking forward to the Nurses Ball!!! Also it sounds like there will be some great drama added!!!

  8. effword says:

    I have been uninterested in GH and the Nurses Ball this year. While I know this is probably just a way to draw in Liason fans & boost ratings, I am intrigued! I love the Becky Herbst & Billy Miller effect and their chemistry will certainly draw me in! But I need Liz to stay strong and not move backwards!

  9. Fran says:

    I’m not even a Jasam or Liason fan but please can we move on from Liz/Jason already? Just a break would be nice. I’m very surprised on how much I like Liz/Franco. Must be the actors.

    Now give me some Kiki/Dillon. Love them!! :-)

  10. Anna says:

    Holy crap, can they let Liz break away from Jason? Last time she was caught up with them, Sam burned her house down and didn’t even apologize. Liz and Jake were fantastic together, but once again, they made Liz the sidechick in the Jason and Sam show, and it got old SO FAST. #freeliz

  11. Maria says:

    I love Liz and Jason and I am hoping that at some Point they will get together for ever.

    • No way, there is no chemistry between Liz and Jason.

      • Jamie says:

        Eh, bs. There was fantastic chemistry between Rebecca Herbst and Billy Miller, but Jason/Sam fans are so loud and crazy that TPTB will just put them together to appease them, no matter who the actors are. They need to get Liz away from all that Jason and Sam crap. This triangle is so boring after all these years. They need to let it go.

  12. JCPrime1 says:

    The disgusting Nikolas/Hayden grossmance will never end. Sigh.

  13. shelly says:

    I can see liz & sam fighting over hot guys griffin or curtis, but over Jason, ridiculous. The loser in that fan war is whomever is stuck with Billy Miller. He’s a good actor, but on GH he’s just been bored and boring.

    Curtis is a huge hit with fans, wish the writers would notice and stop dumping him with Hayden.

  14. Ellie Vazquez says:

    Redeem Liz give her a life of her own, a new man that no one in GH has been involved with 😠 OMG, WTF 😠😡😠

  15. Patti says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if she could sing with Sabrina :-)

  16. viola says:

    Good lord, no wonder they are stuck in 3rd & sinking. This has been a May sweeps flop & nothing there is remotely appealing.

  17. Debbie says:

    Upset it’s crazy keep lunatic Liz out of Jason’s life let jasam be happy for a change. It is such bull…..😣

  18. rnbabes says:

    To see Jason and Liz become friends ok. Please don’t put her in that mess you call Jasam. She has been under the bus for that sorry couple to many time. That B burned her home down caused Jake to hit. Let that sorry couple stand on it’s own.

    • Tatianna says:

      The only one responsible for Jake being hit was Elizabeth. She was so wrapped up in playing the wronged woman she couldn’t see that her kid was spiraling out of control. Sam apologized for burning Liz’s house down, but what did you want the concussed woman to do freeze to death? Seems kinda hateful to call Sam names when she was just trying to survive.

  19. Caroline says:

    I love Elizabeth and Jason together. LOVE.

  20. Becca says:

    I do not want to see Jason back in Liz’s orbit. I only want to see Jason and Sam together! Please do not mess with a good , I mean great thing!

  21. Judy says:

    JaProp did what they always do and that is TANK RATINGS so now Frank will again use Liason fans to bring them up. We ain’t falling for it. You want that crap couple it’s up the THEIR fans to watch. Since this happens EVERYTIME and we’re hip to the agenda let the ja1.6 fans give you your ratings. Oh wait they never do. Bwwwaaah. Lol

  22. LizWebberFan says:

    Franco and Liz have emerged as a potentially great couple. Their scenes together have been the best thing about GH lately. I hope the writers plan on putting them together.

  23. Asia says:

    I see that giving up GH wasn’t a mistake. How many times can they rehash the same stuff over and over again?

  24. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    I am so tired of Sam & Jason and I am concerned that the show could go back to the Sony/Carly/Jason/Sam show again. I want to wretch every time I see Carly on the screen and the producers trying to have her connect with another new character. Franco, Kiki, Nina, just haven’t worked…how much more time is going to be wasted on those godawful characters. Hayden & Nic…ugh…bring back Britt….Britt was a multi-dimensional villain played by a capable actress. I would love to see Jason ad Liz as a supercouple..

    • mara says:

      exactly how i feel. i do love all of those characters but want a different direction for them. agree with the supercouple. hayden was not a great character for longevity. too bad she wasn’t cast as sarah. cant invest in her. it was amazing how britt was made likable.

    • Shurice says:

      Stop it, Jason belong with Sam and not the hoe Liz. For God shake she slept with her husband brother and lie about who’s her baby daddy. Get a life

      • Livvie says:

        Are you for real? SAM slept with her MOTHER’S husband while her mother had cancer. You need a realty check

        • Q says:

          Lmao, right? I swear all of the Sam stans love selectively forgetting all of the horrible crap that she’s pulled just so they can feel better about crapping on Liz.

        • Tatianna says:

          You need a reality check. Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t care that she slept with Alexis’ husband in that sense. She and Alexis were mother and daughter for a hot minute where as Elizabeth has known Nik and Lucky for years. There was so much history there that makes what Elizabeth did worse, whereas Sam and Alexis had a history of hate.

      • Pamela mitchell says:

        Didn’t Sam sleep with brothers….last time I checked….Sonny and Ric they are brother….

    • shurice says:

      Then maybe you should watch something else 😂

    • Jacob Harris says:

      I agree 100%. I quit watching because of those four characters. I am only watching this week because of the Nurse’s Ball. Low and behold Carly breaks into Ava’s hotel room and goes right to a little jump drive with secrets on it. Someone tell me. Who would keep self incriminating evidence on any kind of recording device? What makes the show unwatchable is that the same list of characters you named commit crimes and then act holier than everyone else and always end up on the winning end. I hope I can make it through the end of the Nurses Ball this week. But, it’s not looking good.

  25. lisa says:

    will believe it when i see it. regardless i’m so sick of Liz getting thrown under the bus for jason and sam stories. if they are going to do Liason again please pull from their history when they first met. The wind, motorcycle rides, the red glass, Liz being rebellious with him…those things. The lying stuff is sooo annoying.

  26. ELISA says:

    been a fan for over 30 years. enjoyed Sam. enjoyed Liz. somehow throughout the years these two have lost their character voices. i really liked the con Sam. she was fabulous when she first arrived in town. i also wish we would see more of the old Liz. i enjoyed the friendship she used to have with Sonny. her painting. i liked how she intertwined with the mob stuff. had always wished they could stop this fan war between liz and sam. its annoying bc the two would be great on screen as friends. jason gets several loves. liz has two. sam gets only jason? time for that to change and make everything more dramatic. would love for Liason to finally get a real story that connects to their past when they first began after Liz lost Lucky and Carly and Sonny broke Jason’s heart. so much history to play off of!

    • grazelled says:

      Liz has had several loves except TPTB keep ruining them for her. They even created Ewen for her which was romantic before RC had him go nutty when he came on board. Liz has been paired with Lucky several times her best was with young Lucky, Jason, Zander, Nic, Ewen, Ric.

  27. anna says:

    could really enjoy a Liz and Franco pairing with a very jealous jason. would love for him to remember their past just as these two get close. its about time liz saves jason’s life or he saves hers. :)

    • shurice says:

      Nope Jason don’t love liz and nerve will and he’s not jealous of franco crazy ass. Really don’t lie the role that Liz play always putting herself in other life. How about focus on your kids and not Jason life

  28. krissy says:

    at one time i was into jason and sam, but after the “i will kill you” line, that was too much for me as a woman. i enjoyed jason and Liz too, but honestly I’d take anyone over the jason and sam pairing after that. its just not right.

  29. Ash says:

    Ratings are tanking and are worse than then when Liz and Jason were together. So that argument doesn’t hold up.

    I think Miller/Herbst have amazing chemistry. Jason or not, I follow chemistry not the names of the charaters. People seem to only want this Jason with Sam because he’s Jason. They don’t have any onscreen chemistry IMO and they don’t work.
    Whether they pair Jason and Liz or not. I don’t think this Jason works with Sam.

    • regina says:

      What show are you wasn’t not GH Liz do not have any chemistry with this Jason

    • i am sorry but that does not hold up, when Jason and liz were together GH were having all time lows, that is why RC was fired because the ratings were so bad. i don’t blame one couple but the whole show was bad, it was not better in ratings when liz and Jason were together.

  30. Just do not kill Lucas.

  31. Louisemaria Nobile says:

    I’m strictly for Jason and Sam to get their family going.
    Jason and Liz is boring and she tells and keeps to many lies.

  32. regina says:

    I am so tried of Liz and Jason back and forth let it be move on. Let him be with his son and that’s it.if she wants to be with someone else hell let her .Jasam need to live there life with Danny

  33. Peggy says:

    Strictly Sam and Jason

  34. Kelly says:

    This article is such bull! Come on! And the comments prove once again that this fan war needs to end! We all love GH no one wants it cancelled! But at some point people need to sit back and realize that the show is not only jasam or Liason they are not the only characters on GH! These boycotts, these horrible vile tweets are starting to get really nasty! Let’s face it jasam is here and it’s not going anywhere! Liz lied! No way is there going to be Liason. Now can they redeem Liz by putting her with Nikolas or bring back lucky? Not that difficult! Watch this won’t even pan out! This is baiting as its finest!

    • Jamie Byrd says:

      Yes Liz lied and Sam hurt Jake but Jason went back to her but yet you act like was Liz did is worst but what Sam did was worst but they got back together. No couple last forever in a soap so I will never give hope on liason

  35. Ricki says:

    Well, thanks Frank! Glad to know that I won’t miss anything if I tune out from here forward. Emma is adorbs, but she won’t offset the fact that Ava needs to go, Liz fans stuck between waching Liz getting hit with another Jiz tease and Frodd propping, and i have no interest in War of the Roses with Nayden after knowing Nik had her shot! Maybe the summer might have something to tune back in for.

  36. Alisa Martin says:

    Yes. I feel if he really delves in to his feelings . His love for Liz runs deep..A great past History.They sacrificed their relationship, because of his lifestyle,and the danger to the children. IF HE HAS CHANGED HE IS MORE SUITED TO LIZ….

  37. Brett says:

    We all know they’re killing Lucas off, a character that is gay, engaged to a gay man of an ethnic minority and one of the few characters who works at the hospital yet this regime thinks he needs to be killed off and crappy characters like Kiki, Franco, Hayden etc get to stay. Lucas has so much fresh original storyline potential, but no, they kill him. This show needs a whole new writing team and EP stat.

  38. Pamela says:

    They have a child together and have always been friends so they need to get back to the friendship they have always had.

  39. Jamie Byrd says:

    It funny how a show constantly diss my fave character (Liz) and my #1 tv OTP (Liason even though they don’t get much of a chance been down with them since I was 9 years old I will be 26 this fall) but yet when the ratings drops they want to throw us a bone. Part of me don’t want to watch because this show had chewed us up and spit us out so many time. They diss a whole fanbase for years and now they asking us to comeback. I know the saying you can’t make everyone happy but that don’t mean you should shit on them either. While the other part of me that has been riding with them for damn near 17 years though the up and downs want to watch hoping that the writers can fix this and give us more. Liason was more then just Jake or a romance they had a bond and a strong friendship for 17 years. If watching mean we will get more scenes and good moment of them a friendship that they use to have I might watch but it has to more then just a scene or just for a small storyline or every blue moon scene. Now if this storyline lead to Liason back together I’ll do the dance of Joy for 3 moons but I’m not going to hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon just hope/let that happen someday.

  40. Jacarsonfan says:

    The shows ratings are tanking because of bitter angry petty fans NOT watching the show. No one seems to understand everyone can’t be satisfied with s/l or happy becuz there will always be others $itching N complaining abt your happiness… It will NEVER be one particular couple completely influencing the entire show rating. It’s more about the body these “fan wars” get stale, tiresome and make community interacting unbearable! And show runners “appearing” to play to ANY of it benefits no one. Especially we the fans. Liz and Jasam need a nice long break from each other seriously so we ALL can get bck to appreciating our beloveds again ~rant over~

  41. Barbara Plotkin says:

    I’m for team Jasam. Please don’t ruin Matthew Cohen or Michael Easton. (I don’t want him back in the cereal aisle !) At 82 yrs old , I still love those two actors.

  42. Melita Pitts says:

    I don’t want Elizabeth with Jason again!!! As much as she lied to him,I thought she was going to be humiliated during the Nurse’s Ball!!!! That’s what I want to see!!!!

  43. Sheila Byler says:

    No Jason Elizabeth yes Jason and Sam don’t want to see Jason with Elizabeth

  44. GH have been doing great in the ratings,but believe me the JaSam fans will turn Jiz off,we are sick of this!If they cannot find someone for Liz than they can for Sam!They managed to get threw 2015 with Liz on the front burner, and they lost fans that they will not recover, and they may not recover again if they throw Liz back into JaSam orbit.Just saying because since Liz has been nothing but a side chick,fans are getting sick of it!Actually I think KeMo should leave GH!

  45. Charity says:

    Seriously im sick of liz always trying to come between sam an jason leave them alone already liz has been doing this for years its old already

  46. Allison says:

    I really can’t stand Jason and Sam as a couple. I hope there will be some fun at the Nurses’ Ball mixed in with all the drama.

    • Sam all the way says:

      You mush be mad, because you don’t have a man of your own and you must be a lier like Liz. Lbs

      • Q says:

        Lolz, Allison just says she doesn’t like a fictional couple, and you take that to indicate that she must be a liar? And also feel the need to trash a character that she didn’t even mention in her comment?
        Holy crap, Sam fans are insane.

  47. TV Gord says:

    “There’s always…surprises.” “There’s lots of shenanigans.”

    A writer should know it’s, “There ARE…”, not, “There is…” No wonder there’s so much bad grammar on TV. Frank, Frank, Frank…

    Sorry. It’s a pet peeve.

  48. Shurice says:

    Let Jason and Sam be happy and keep that witch Liz out of there life. It’s time for jasam to enjoy being back together. If they mass this up in will stop watching for sure. We all waited along time for Jason and Sam to get back together

  49. Connie says:

    Jason loves Sam and the only reason they would have a conversation is because of thier Son Jake I would not want my Son around Franco either

  50. I’m JaSam fan. Please do not split up Jason and Sam, we had enough of seeing Lizbitch with Jason. In any case if Jason and Sam are no longer together I will stop watching for good.