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Blindspot Season 1 Finale

Blindspot EP Breaks Down That Finale Casualty, Weller's Shocking Discovery and What Season 2 Holds for Jane

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Monday’s Blindspot season finale. Read on at your own risk.

It seems like just days ago that Blindspot‘s Jane and Weller were finally rekindling their romance. Y’know, sharing multiple kisses in the locker room, exchanging giddy glances at the realization that they could finally be together — all of the usual, sickeningly cute TV-romance stuff.

Oh, wait. That’s because it was just days ago.

Of course, after Monday’s Season 1 finale, those sweet memories seem like a lifetime away, and the climactic hour seems to have dissolved any hope for a #Jeller romance.

During the episode, both Jane and Weller made the discovery that Jane is not, in fact, Taylor Shaw, and it infuriated Weller to know that the woman he thought was his long-lost childhood friend had been lying to him for weeks. (The jury is still out on which revelation was more shocking for Weller: the idea that Jane isn’t Taylor… or the fact that the real Taylor died at the hands of Weller’s own father years ago, and was buried as a child at one of the campsites where she and Weller used to spend childhood summers.)

After realizing that Jane’s identity is still a mystery, which likely makes her an accomplice to the conspiracy against himself and Mayfair, Weller decided to arrest Jane in the final moments of the hour. But by that point, Jane had already been through enough — most notably, killing Oscar via a scythe to the chest after he had tied her up in a dilapidated barn and threatened to wipe her memory again.

Oh, and Reed, Zapata and Patterson unlocked a whole USB drive’s worth of information about Orion and Daylight. (As if they weren’t hoarding enough secrets already.)

TVLine caught up with showrunner Martin Gero to discuss the eventful finale, including the reason behind Oscar’s demise, the ways in which Jane and Weller can possibly move forward in Season 2 and how scoring a 23rd episode allowed Season 1 to become even stronger.

TVLINE | There is a lot to unpack from this finale. Let’s start with Oscar’s death. Did that play out exactly the way you’d initially planned? Or did killing him off have anything to do with François Arnaud booking another show on NBC, Midnight, Texas?
No, in fact, because we killed him off, he could get another show on NBC. It worked out great for everybody. There was a 20 percent chance that we could have used him in Season 2, but as we started talking and had more concrete discussions about Season 2, we realized it didn’t make sense for him to continue in the early part of Season 2. We wanted to let him know as soon as possible so that he could do a pilot, and it just worked out amazingly well. NBC is crazy about him, we’re crazy about him. It’s great to keep him on the network.

Blindspot Season 1 FinaleTVLINE | A number of the casualties this season — Marcos, Tom Carter, Oscar — are people that have links to Jane’s past and can fill in some of the gaps in her memory. Why do you think the show is better served by killing off those ties to her past, instead of keeping them around to help her?
Well, we’re a show that likes killing people. [Laughs] The show has mortal jeopardy in it every week. Every week, they barely survive, and if you don’t kill people, those stakes diminish. If it’s a show where no one dies, it’s a show that’s less exciting to watch. As far as Jane’s connections to the past, what we have planned for her in Season 2 — it made the most sense to not have Oscar around for that. And the other thing is that this is the episode where she chooses. She’s been playing both sides, essentially, with one foot in the FBI world and one foot in Oscar’s world. After Mayfair’s death, she decides, “No more. I’m on the good guys’ side.” She wants to bring Oscar in. Her intention is not to kill Oscar, but Oscar’s not going to go quietly, and the fight obviously turns lethal.

TVLINE | And I imagine for you, as a showrunner, it would almost be too easy to bring in these people from Jane’s past and say, “Hey! Here are all the answers about who you really are!”
Yeah, we have to really limit [that]. Unfortunately, as storytellers, we have to keep the people that could potentially ruin the series in the span of a conversation at arm’s length.

TVLINE | We also learned in this episode that Jane is not Taylor, and it almost feels like we’ve reset the show — in other words, we’re back to having no idea who Jane is. Was that your intention?
It was, in a way. That’s not going to be a mystery next season. You’re going to find out exactly who she is in the first episode of next season, so it’s not like we needed that for additional mystery. It had more to do with Weller’s journey this season and his belief that this was all about Taylor Shaw and the relationship that he had with his father. We thought that was an incredibly emotional roller coaster ride for them. To start with him thinking that she’s Taylor Shaw and then have it all fall apart in the end — it’s just heartbreaking for him. And for Jane, she starts next season so much more vulnerable because she’s been lied to by the bad guys, as well.

TVLINE | Speaking of the Weller/Jane relationship, why is Weller so furious with her in the final moments of this episode, from your perspective?
She lied to him, you know? Had she not fabricated the memories of growing up together — Oscar gave her a bunch of photos and said, “Create memories out of these. They’ll bring Weller comfort.” And it did. And it also gave him certainty, to the point where he was second-guessing his father, right up until he digs up Taylor Shaw’s body. He knows she’s complicit in it. He doesn’t understand how little she’s complicit in it, but from his point of view, she lied to him about being Taylor Shaw, and therefore, she must be involved in somebody trying to really f—k up his life. He’s furious.

TVLINE | And given her arrest at the end of the episode, how will their relationship shift in Season 2?
You don’t want the audience to be way ahead of your characters, and the audience knows that Jane wasn’t really acting maliciously. Jane did most of these things under threat of them killing Weller. So their relationship is certainly under extraordinary duress, and it’s going to take some time to recover organically. Season 2 draws our most interesting relationship into a more interesting place, dramatically.

Blindspot Season 1 FinaleTVLINE | The information that Reed, Zapata and Patterson discover about Orion and Daylight — will that stay between the three of them?
They’re going to share that information immediately with Weller and, eventually, Jane. This year, Zapata had her stuff, Reed had his stuff, Mayfair had her stuff — none of them were really sharing information. They all had good reasons why not to share information, but at the beginning of next year, everybody’s going to start on the same page and move toward this common foe, which is finding the people that did this to Jane and to Mayfair and to Weller.

TVLINE | A few months back, you told me that you were grateful to have been given a 23rd episode, instead of having to pack the whole season into 22 episodes. Had you only been given 22 episodes, what would be different about these final episodes?
The last three episodes would have been exactly the same, actually. It was actually the middle episodes that allowed us to experiment with the form of the show, which turned out to be really successful. I’m incredibly proud of Episodes 21, 22 and 23. It’s really fun to have sat there a year ago and think, “This is what it’s going to be,” and then actually get to do that and have the math of the story work. But what I’m most excited about, especially as we go into Season 2, are the run of episodes like 17, 18 and 19 [from Season 1].

You have Episode 17, which was a very character-heavy episode. The case didn’t really come in until Act 3 — that was Patterson and David’s treasure hunt, and you got a whole bunch of scenes with the rest of the cast in their downtime, which turned into a Silence of the Lambs-type thriller. And then in Episode 18, you do a huge, hilarious heist episode with Rich Dot Com, which feels like a departure, but he was also very much responsible for Ali and Weller breaking up. And then in Episode 19, which is a very different episode, structurally, for network television — you have a very different story structure about a school shooting. Tonally, those three episodes are wildly different, but they all feel like the show, and for us as storytellers, that’s an exciting thing for us to see work on this show. That’s what that extra episode gave us — a little bit of breathing room to play around with the form of the show, which I think — I hope — turned out successfully.

Blindspot fans, what did you think of the season’s final episode? Grade the finale in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. George H. says:

    Was a very good season finale episode, at least in my opinion anyway.

    • Temperance says:

      I thought it was one the best finales of the year. I really approved of the team actually becoming a real team rather than just tenuous coworkers. All the members are very interesting characters in their own right – imperfect and a little broken, but still very compelling an sympathetic.

  2. Lady K says:

    So, I think I was happier for Weller arresting Jane not because she lied to him but because she killed OScar. I don’t like Weller and Jane together, even though it is obvious that is where the producers want to take this show. Jaime Alexander and Francois Arnaud had amazing chemistry and I would have liked to see Jane and OScar’s relationship play out over the course of Jane finding out who she is, why she agreed to be a part of this big conspiracy, and how they were going to resolve it. Oh well. At least Weller knows some of the truth now. Thought Sullivan Stapleton’s performance was the best part of the hour!

    • Ronin says:

      killing Oscar it was bad written .

    • Are you kidding? the acting is terrible in this show including that Aussie actor Stapleton. The only thing holding up this show was the whole Weller & Jane dynamic that she was his long lost childhood friend who he thought was killed by his father & now that its over its downhill & eventually cancellation.

      • Ella Jasper says:

        I don’t think he is a bad actor, I think it is him trying to hide the accent. Sometimes it is better to just let them talk the way they talk. I know it didn’t really fit into story line, but then hire an American actor.

    • gabs says:

      Does season 2 start this fall or next year??

    • Diana DeFeo says:

      I agree with you about not liking Jane and Weller together. I don’t like Weller because he’s a hothead, and now he’s a cad for getting Ally pregnant and having an on-going affair with Naz.I didn’t want to see Weller and Jane together before and now I don’t want to see him anywhere near Jane romantically. I’d like to see Jane meet someone new, someone more in line with the Francois Arnaud character, but not in the FBI or CIA, who will bring more normalcy into her life. Weller has too much baggage he’s carrying around where Jane is concerned. He was adamant that Jane was Taylor Shaw until he found out for sure that his father was a pedophile and responsible for little Taylor’s death. Weller then believed that Jane lied to him about who she was when it was Weller who made Jane believe that she was indeed Taylor. Weller should do the right thing and marry Ally and be a father to his baby. I’d love to see Jane pursue a new relationship as she continues to be one of the top agents in the FBI. I hope her brother Roman is with us and that the intrigue and mystery continues as we move along when Season 2 returns.

  3. Lala says:

    At least I wont have to watch this show next season… I jumped onto it when I realized François Arnaud was on it….I miss The Borgias so much.

  4. James D says:

    it was a solid finale but to be honest I’m a bit hesitant to really sink my teeth into this show. it started out so strong but the second half of the season was pretty weak IMO, it’s a problem with these kinds of shows where one mystery leads to another, and somebody more “powerful” is always behind someone else whose supposedly “in charge” it becomes convoluted and looses a lot of the character driven drama. I thought the second half began to fall into that troupe. I will watch because I like the cast, but they will have to bring it next season for me to be really invested. BTW what did he arrest her for, he had no grounds to do so, I’d be pissed too if I were him but she hadn’t broken any laws that he’d be aware of.

    • like it or not says:

      she lied to the FBI and used a fake alias and killing all those other guys from previous episodes

      • Ladydi says:

        Jane never lied to the FBI because Oscar told her she WAS Taylor Shaw. With the DNA evidence proving she was Taylor Jane believed this was who she is. She only killed the bad guys in previous episodes and if Oscar didn’t shoot Carter, Carter was going to kill Jane. Weller is distraught because of what he found out from his father as his father was dying and then finding and digging up the real Taylor’s remains, has him totally disillusioned, angry and sad. Now when he looks at Jane, he knows she’s NOT the Taylor Shaw he lost 25 years ago. His emotions are confused and angry. It’s going to make for a very interesting Season 2.

        • Tanya says:

          Agree. Not only that, but Weller kept PUSHING for her to be Taylor even when she insisted she did not remember – and even when there WAS an inconsistency in the DNA regarding where she was born. I don’t like Weller – he was “in love” with an idea and now that idea was wrong. He was not in love with JANE at all. I don’t like him.

          Fact is, Carter AND Mayflower are NOT good guys with all that
          Daylight stuff they did. Her own lover framed her.

          • Ladydi says:

            Mayfair was very much involved with Daylight and Orion and you’re right, she wasn’t a good guy. Kurt isn’t in love with Jane and if he met her as Jane, he wouldn’t have been in love with her. Kurt should have stayed with Allie, but now that he has found out that his dad killed Taylor Shaw, he’s arresting Jane without having a reason. What is she really guilty of. Kurt is taking out his anger on Jane now that he knows for sure that Taylor Shaw is dead. He’s angry over the fact that he took his father into his home and allowed him to be around Sawyer. He allowed himself to believe his dad and Jane is the one he’s taking his wrath out on because she ISN’T his beloved Taylor. It seems that Kurt has serious mental problems.

      • Lizzie says:

        How can she have lied to the FBI when she had no idea who she was?

        • Annie says:

          She said she was remembering fishing and camping – like flashes coming back to her. In his mind at the time he thinks she was lying the whole time. That she knew she wasn’t Taylor. Basically the arrest could be for fraud or messing with investigations or whatever. I imagine it will get cleared up pretty quickly.

    • redjane12 says:

      Agreed… It’s gotten less and less interesting… no wonder ratings are down… Needs a lot of improvement next season

  5. Kevin K says:

    I give it an A. I knew my money’s on Oscar to bite the dust and he deserves it. Don’t know if they’re going to continue watching Blindspot now that it’s moving to Wednesdays @ 8 next season.

  6. Tom Ddd says:

    Great Wrap Up, nice pile of WTF’s for us to ponder! ….. Sooo, PLEASE, can anyone explain to me about Jane’s tattoos which lead to crimes that were not yet conceived of when the tattoo was made? Several of the crimes were a few days, maybe weeks, from the perp thinking them up, but Janes tats were months old by then. AND her flying/piloting skills, foreign language skills, etc, had to have been preplanned to assist the FBI way ahead of time. So we know it’s not “Daylight” is it “Orion”?? Premonition on part of the tattoo artist? Nah! Future Peeking machine???

  7. Carol_R says:

    I don’t like Francois Arnaud as an actor. He had no chemistry with Jaime Alexander. I’m really glad that they killed Oscar off.

  8. Ashiana Dhanani says:


  9. Tricia says:

    I just want to give Weller a hug. A big one. Poor guy.

    • Lizzie says:

      That was pretty devastating all around for Weller. When they kept digging under the wooden fort and not finding a body, then I went right along on the emotional ride with him, okay maybe his Dad was innocent and all the years apart were wasted and then when he thought of the camping site and the sign for the Fort, I got a horrid sinking feeling in my stomach. When he was digging there, and then found the boot, so awful. And when he told Jane that he let his dad back into his life and let him be around Sawyer, that was so full of pain, it was really tough.

      • Tanya says:

        Weller did this all by himself. HE PUSHED for her to be Taylor, even with discrepancies in the DNA. He introduced her to his family, even. HE PUSHED. He wanted her to be Taylor even tho she has NO memory.

        I did not catch the full dialogue of what the father said, except that he killed Taylor. Was it an accident?

        • Julie says:

          He said she he didn’t mean to kill her but
          that she was so small meaning he was a pedophile and killed her because of his twisted sickness. That’s why Weller is so upset that he was around Sawyer.

  10. Amy Stephens says:

    Really want to see Weller & Jane work things out it was not rlly her fault

  11. Rick Katze says:

    Very good episode which answered some questions, raised more questions, and isn’t a D#$%^d cliffhanger which I think are stupid. Either you like the show and will watch it next year or you don’t..

  12. Wordsmith says:

    For the record, Oscar didn’t just take an ax to the chest – that was a through-and-through with a freaking scythe.

  13. Abraham G says:

    Love the whole season, great season finale. I been reading the comments and honestly don’t get how a lot off ppl got tripped about cutting out Oscar (Francois Arnuad) I’m not a big follower of actors more than a good story line and it seems like ppl follow him better than the actual story, I personally wasn’t ok with Jane and Oscar been together (some could disagree) but I think the producers are doing a great job on this! Amazing Sullivan Stapletons performance!

  14. Although I loved the finally over all, I do have one rather large complaint/comment/question – it ends with Jane arrested … for what? What is the charge?

    I mean, sure, there are a lot of things she COULD be arrested for, but Weller knows none of them. What is it HE thinks he can charge her with? Not being the person he believed she was? She never once claimed to be Taylor Shaw, Kurt told her that was who she was. So she said she remembered a few things – well, she had amnesia and then she is told she is Taylor Shaw and Kurt keeps trying to spark some memories so it is quite likely that she might start thinking she remembered something – memory is a funny thing at best and if you are told something over and over it becomes easy to start feeling like you remember it. Everything she said was vague and uncertain. Sure, WE know she was making it up, but Kurt has no way to know that.

    But even if he did know it for sure – so what? I can say I am Taylor Shaw – it’s a lie [especially since I’m a guy, not a woman, and Taylor Shaw is a fictional character] but it is not a crime unless I am trying to con someone with the claim. Jane did not make the claim nor did she try to be a part of anything – the FBI was responsible for her being involved. Kurt might suspect all sorts of things but the simple fact is that there is nothing that he knows which indicates a crime has been committed by her. At most, as it seemed in the beginning, she is a victim, not a perpetrator. He has nothing to charge her with.

    I can see it all now – takes her in and when that pesky issue of what she is guilty of comes up, he responds, “She is guilty of not being the person I believed she was and not knowing who she is.” Yep – other than that one glaring point, I loved the season finally.

    • Nat says:

      You’re right but he thinks she knows more than she is letting on. Remember that Oscar gave her those pictures so she could pretend to remember about the fishing trips. Weller at the moment thinks he is being played.

    • Ladydi says:

      Don’t forget the fact that Kurt took his dad in again and finally believed that his father had nothing to do with Taylor Shaw’s disappearance after years of hating his father. Kurt suspected his father of having something to do with Taylor’s disappearance. Then hearing his dad make his deathbed confession that he killed Taylor Shaw and naming the place where he buried her, totally crushed Kurt when he believed so deeply that Jane was Taylor. Knowing that Jane is not Taylor made Kurt furious because he doesn’t know who Jane Doe really is. Right now Kurt is angry, sad, disillusioned, disappointed and above all, he now knows that his little friend of 25 years ago is truly dead and his own father killed her. The big questions now are why did Mr. Weller kill this little girl, did he have some connection to Daylight and Orion, was he ordered to kill her and who issued the order for Mr. Weller to kill her. This is a very well written show and I for one, love the mystery behind all of it. I hope this answers some of your questions, at least I think what I’ve said covers it, but it’s only my opinion.

      • Barbara says:

        Yes, Ladydi!! I have been wondering that for such a long time?!!! Why did Weller’s father kill Taylor Shaw? And so, Weller digs up a small child’s body and assumes it’s Taylor Shaw. C’mon – this is the FBI, do the DNA and find out that no one knows who the small body belonged to. Perhaps Oscar planted the little bones there? That will be another little side mystery for them to solve. I still think Jane is going to end up actually being Taylor Shaw. Oh, summer will be agony waiting for the start of Season 2.

        • Kam says:

          They can’t easily determine whether the child’s body is Taylor Shaw’s though, since Oscar & Co swapped out the DNA is TS’s evidence box with Jane Doe’s…

        • Angel says:

          So Oscar tells her that she isn’t Taylor, Weller’s dad tells Weller that he killed Taylor, gives him the location and you don’t believe either of them? She was even buried with her rain boots and favorite doll. Also, Oscar had zero reason to lie to her since he was going to wipe her memory anyway. No chance she’s Taylor. The showrunner even says that we’re going to find out exactly who she is in the first episode of season 2. If she is Taylor, we wouldn’t need to find out who she is because we would already know who she is.

          • Ladydi says:

            I agree with you Angel. Jane is NOT Taylor Shaw. I’m sure Weller is going to have the bone and the boot of Taylor analyzed to see if they can get some DNA. She has been buried for a long time (25 yrs.), so it may be hard to get DNA, but with today’s technology, they could probably get DNA. Also Patterson told Weller that Jane Doe’s tooth revealed that she was born in Africa (that was another clue that Jane might NOT have been Taylor. Weller wanted her to be Taylor so badly that he wouldn’t accept the fact that the tooth showed she wasn’t born in the U.S. I’m wondering if (and I know this is far-fetched) Jane was made by taking DNA samples from Taylor Shaw? Did Weller’s dad have something to do with the lab that was making babies from DNA (of tissues, blood, bone marrow) etc? This could also be why Jane has the same scar on the back of neck as Taylor did. This is why I think “Daylight” and “Orion” were the code names for government cloning. I could be all wrong and I probably am because it’s hard to keep up with the twists and turns in each episode. Just when you think you’re on to something it changes. Very clever writing – the writers of this show are excellent. Oscar must have known all about where Jane came from, but now that link to her past is gone. Jane has to find Shepherd or Cade it would seem to me – and the mystery deepens. I can’t wait for Season 2.

          • Muzic Manaic says:

            You must admit that the team really wasn’t focusing on finding out where and who did this to Jane. the fact that she’s taylor shaw shouldn’t have satisfied them, they should’ve researched who did this to here, doesnt matter who she is.

            And I’m mad that they killed Oscar, i thought because of all the flashbacks she’s having she is gonna forgive him for killing Mayfair, i didn’t dream that Oscar was gonna die!

            And i still believe he’s gonna magically reappear.

        • Tanya says:

          I do not think Jane is Taylor due to the discrepancy in the DNA regarding where she HAD to have been born. Watch it again, listen to what is said early on. Kurt IS the one that pushed her to become Taylor, he wanted it to be so. indeed, he has NOTHING to charge her with – he’s a FOOL.

      • Lizzie says:

        I think Weller was more upset that his friend Taylor really was dead, and assigned that into the fury that Jane had been perceived to be Taylor. They are the ones who told her she was Taylor, she didn’t tell them that she was.

      • Julie says:

        Kurt’s dad killed Taylor because he was obviously a pedophile. He said it was an accident because she was too small. That’s why Kurt was so upset about letting his father around Sawyer again.

  15. Rose says:

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    but this article gives good understanding even.

  16. strapons says:

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  17. Ana says:

    Blindspot is such a well crafted show – I’m blown away and so grateful that the creator knows exactly what he’s doing and not redconning his way out of difficult situations. So rewarding to watch. And it makes me so excited for season 2. Knowing that the people creating this show have a plan and know what they’re doing.
    The finale was brilliant and heartbreaking. My heart went out for Kurt and Jane.
    It was so gratifying to see Jane choose what side she wanted to be on and basically deciding against her former self. The memory wipe allowed her to get away from whoever saved her life and from the bias that brought and instinctively choose what she believed is right. Nature vs nurture is brilliantly showcased in Blindspot. Having to kill Oscar as a consequence of her choice was heartbreaking but I’m not sorry Oscar is gone. He was so incredibly shady and untrustworthy, a tragic outcome was the only sensible outcome – even if it was unexpected.
    Kurt’s devestation at realizing that Jane isn’t Taylor was also heartbreaking. Seeing him arrest Jane without really knowing the truth about Jane’s involvement and her motivation for acting the way she did, was, again, heartbreaking. But I’m hopeful that they can rebuilt the trust between them. Albeit slowly. Jane might not know who she used to be but she knows who she wants to be – and getting to know Kurt played a major role in her decision, I think. That is a real foundation and I’m hoping Kurt will come to see that as well.
    I’m really excited for season 2. For the whole team to be working together to bring down Shepherd.

  18. Olivia says:

    This was an awesome episode and a great season finale. Blindspot is a very good show and reading its creator say that they know where they’re going and plan accordingly is SO refreshing.

    I also LOVE that Gero doesn’t tiptoe around what’s coming up like every other showrunner in the business. “You’ll have to watch to find out” “You’ll see!” “Sorry but I can’t reveal [minor element that they talk about like some major twist]”. Have some respect for your fans, people.

    No, this guy just tells the viewer what to expect when next season comes without detailing anything. But the general ideas? Yes, he does, and THAT makes me want to see the show even more. I was going to watch anyway, but the interview actually made me, as a viewer, feel like I’m not only some idiot who is mainly there to gulp down commercials, but someone who decided to give one weekly hour out of my time to this team.

    And what a team, this cast is awesome. Great performances from everyone all season but this finale was even better. Can we agree that Patterson is the MVP of the show outside of Jane & Weller? Haha :) She’s my favorite, her delivery is on point no matter what emotion she’s trying to convey, but her comedic skills are by far her strong point.
    See you in a few months, Blindspot. I can’t wait!

    • Kam says:

      Completely agree with everything you said here. And I’m guessing part of your gratitude stems from the frustration of watching Quantico season 1? :)

  19. Robin says:

    I must confess, I was pretty happy with Oscar dying. He just kinda annoyed me whenever he was on screen. That said, I feel bad for people who were enjoying his character. Personally, I thought he was going to stay around for AGES so this was a pleasant little surprise.

  20. Ms tHang says:

    Can we have less Patterson-centric episodes next season? The character is good as support but grating when made central.

    • Boom Bullet says:

      i agree something about her acting that makes me wanna punch my tv set especially when she gets all emotional

    • jenbird says:

      Respectfully disagree. I personally loved the Patterson-centric episodes. I think she’s an awesome character and that Ashley Johnson plays her perfectly.

      • klb4n6 says:

        I agree! Patterson is my favorite, I think she’s great and Ashley Johnson is wonderful at playing her. I’d like to see *more* Patterson-centric episodes. I still hate that they killed off David, even though the episodes dealing with her grief were some of the best of the series IMHO.

  21. ‘killing Oscar via an ax to the chest after he had taken her to a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere, tied her up and threatened to wipe her memory again’ Well you got one out of three right. First, it was a scythe to the chest not an axe. Second, Jane went to the dilapidated BARN in the middle of nowhere all on her own and is knocked out by Oscar after she entered. The rest is absolutly right though.

    • Tanya says:

      In a way, it was self defense since Jane was beginning to have a SELF and Oscar was going to erase it. I’m glad she killed him, tho I think when she turned around with the weapon it was kinda an accident. I’m glad he’s dead. She’d have had to kill him eventually, the way things were going.

      Keep in mind, all thru the season we are told that JANE is the one that came up with the entire plan to take down the Daylight people who, we can agree, were very bad. Sofia had to go on the run and even she helped to take down her lover.

  22. Ladydi says:

    Amazing series and awesome season finale. Great performances by Jamie and Sullivan Stapleton as well as Johnson, Brown and Esparza. I love the fact that finally we know Jane Doe is NOT Taylor Shaw. This leaves us with the mystery continuing into Season 2 and finding out about Daylight and Orion which Mayfair was up to her hips in. I’m happy that this series is focusing on the mystery and heavy action. Don’t want to see it turn into a soap opera type series. Looking forward to Season 2. I was sorry to see Francoise Arnaud get killed off. He played the mysterious Oscar so well.

  23. Angela says:

    Poor Weller. He needs to get more answers and find solace.

  24. Luis says:

    One of my favorite new series. A clever set-up, with a fascinating ongoing mystery surrounding a strong procedural. Very good performances from the two leads with a strong supporting cast. The twist of the father’s deathbed confession leading to Weller’s discovery of Taylor’s death was a real twist of the knife for Weller, and Stapleton played the anger at Jane’s betrayal perfectly. Jaimie Alexander was excellent throughout the season, following Jane’s confusing trip down the rabbit hole and her complicated relationships with the F.B.I. team. I’m glad the PTB behind the show don’t plan on keeping Jane’s identity a secret – I think it’s better having the hurdle to overcome and push on to learning more about Orion and Daylight and how they fit into the overall conspiracy at the heart of the show. R.I.P. Mayfair – I will miss Marianne Jean-Baptiste next season, though I understand why Mayfair had to die for the purpose of the overall story. I had the feeling going in to the finale that Oscar wasn’t going to make it out alive – it leaves the field clear for Jane and Weller to eventually get together. Overall a very strong rookie season; I’m looking forward to Season 2.

  25. Boom Bullet says:

    weller only suits one type of role … action, when it comes to showing emotion i just feel like punching him in the face for bad acting lol

  26. Geraldine Teller says:

    Was disappointed to learn that Jane wasn’t Taylor. I was also upset when Kurt arrested her.

  27. Tracy288 says:

    Just watched the finale and don’t feel I’m going to change my opinion about not watching next season. I just don’t care enough about any of them to want to.

  28. Big momma says:

    Season got better as it went on, only potential problem is having too many charcters, plots, whatever…starts to get confusing especially when most questions not answered. You can keep the mystery going without making your viewers continually having to say, hey wait a minute….who is that?
    We will keep watching in the fall, as long as the charcters and storylines have focus and don’t get more gimmicky.

  29. Amelia DiGiacomo says:

    I have never seen a finale that was equal to Blindspots’, episode 23. Beginning with the story itself, I thought it was unbelievable. Mr. Gero put it together in a way that was so satisfying &
    more realistic. He throws his heart & soul into his work; they are not just stories!
    I’m also a very big fan of Sullivan Stapleton’s work. His acting in the episode was perfect. He portrayed his pain & grief to the MAX! He made me believe that these things were real. I’ve already watched the show three times since last night, picking up on things that I missed the first time. Jamie was also good, but I cannot feel sorry for her right now. Her actions put her where she is now, & hopefully they can be resolved. I love Kurt & Jane together, but you can’t blame Kurt for his feelings.
    Congratulations on a perfect end to the season!

  30. kirads09 says:

    I love this show. LIke a female Jason Bourne. Been a great 1st season and can’t see them slowing down (don’t think they’ll suffer the proverbial sophomore slump – too many twists) I totally understand Weller’s anger at Jane right now. Hope he will come to find and understand Jane has been lied to and a pawn in whoever’s game every bit as much as him and the rest of the team. I think he is angry at his father and himself too. Can’t wait to see in S2 who she really is and what Orion really is/was. Patterson has become my surprise favorite of the cast.

  31. Aya Taliba Ayodike says:

    Because of the Africa teeth DNA, we knew there was a second possibility, but it was still very exciting to see the drama of it play out logically. i appreciated the sense of logic because so many tv shows just mess with the plot.

  32. This show had a lot of potential & as usual they messed it up,it started off strong, the clever plot between Jane & Weller,the tattoos leading to solving crimes really made up for the terrible acting from the aussie guy Stapleton, Jamie Alexander & Mayfair,the aussie guy cant even pull off a good american accent & emotions are completely off.Now the Weller & Jane dynamic is shot to pieces because Jane is not Taylor .The only thing left is those tattoos & why they exist!

  33. The acting in this show is below par.

  34. Tahoe Mike says:

    Can you please kill Weller in the first five minutes of next season? I don’t even know why I keep watching this show week after week, considering how much I hate every second that guy is on screen.

  35. Sabrina says:

    Great season finale. I’m looking forward to season 2 & I’m glad we won’t need to wait long to find out Jane’s real identity.

    • Ladydi says:

      Dying to find out Jane’s real identity. Wonder what Mayfair meant when she was dying and she said to Jane “I wish i could be there to see his face (meaning Kurt’s face) when he finds out WHAT you are). That struck me because she didn’t say WHO you are, she said WHAT you are. What could Mayfair have meant? Does anyone have any ideas?

  36. A D says:

    Most of the season was frustratingly bland, except for a few moments of plot rushed at the beginning and end but…

    That was a very fine finale. Keep it up more consistently in S2

  37. VegasGal72 says:

    I love this show and last night was crazy, at first I was kind of disappointed that Weller and Sarah didn’t find a body but once he did I was so sad. I really felt for Jane and the situation she is in. I don’t care about Oscar being killed off, I wasn’t that into him anyways. I am looking forward to season 2.

    • Lizzie says:

      I don’t care so much about Oscar on his own, but I do care about him because Jane had been in love with him in the other life, and because he knows everything, but now Jane can’t get any of that information from him. I get really stressed when they dribble out tiny bits of information to her, and she wants to know more but they won’t say, and then sources of that info get killed. I was panicked when he said he was going to wipe her memory again, and he seemed evil about it, like he was in charge. If Jane is the head of the mission, if all of it was her idea, why should Oscar get to choose how much to dose her, and if it really is so bad if she gets flashbacks of actual memory?

      • Ladydi says:

        Oscar also told Jane when they were in the barn and he was getting ready to dose her again, that Shepherd was their leader. I remember Oscar telling Jane that this mission was all her idea. Now we have to find out who Shepherd is (he could possibly be the guy running the mission because Jane volunteered for the memory wipe). The only other thing that gives Oscar control over Jane is that he was her handler. She did tell Oscar before the mission was put into play that she didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be her handler. JMO However, I do think Oscar really loved Jane but Oscar was right when he told her that their relationship was compromised. I am loving the mystery behind all of this..

  38. Good golly, what a finale! Something kept bothering me about Oscar. He just seemed a little to needy and lovestruck with Jane. Turns out he was also a screw up that almost got her killed by Kane and Oscar killed Marcos (the handsome bearded man.)

    Cannot wait to meet Spencer, the man in charge next season and learn more about this organization.

    September seems so far away….

  39. NolaNola says:

    In Strike Back Sullivan’s previous series on Cinemax they damn near killed off everybody and I mean everybody. Three acquaintances are left standing and his son.

  40. Meredith E. says:

    Was the Joey’s Pizza call a nod to “Alias”?

  41. Temperance says:

    I love this show, but there is one thing that drive me crazy: as much as I love scruff Stapleton, the FBI wouldn’t allow him to look like an unkempt beat at work. He’d have to tame the facial (and other) hair and it’s so ‘off’ it’s distracting. That scruff on vacation? Yup. But as the Head of the New York office of the FBI? Ah, no.

    • Julie says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Please have him shave the perpetual 5:00 shadow or at least have a cleaner looking beard that looks groomed.

  42. Joyce Hall says:

    My Grandson and I watch this together every week, we have enjoyed every episode!

  43. Muzic Manaic says:

    Why did Oscar have to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????

  44. James says:

    I wish Mayfair and Oscar could have stayed on the show I loved those to. Wish Oscar and Jane could have hit it off more

  45. Debbie Burke says:

    Love the show but the music is so loud the actors cannot be heard My Husband stopped watching because of this. Please turn the music down!!

    • Ladydi says:

      I agree – the background music is way too loud. At first I thought I was having hearing problems, but people have mentioned the loud background music making it hard to hear what the actors are saying. I do wish they’d turn it down.

  46. Nikita Ramrakhiani says:

    Who the hell is Sheperd?? I have a feeling he’s someone we know and is inside the FBI who will bwnwfit from weller becoming the head.. Any suggestion who it might be??

    • Ladydi says:

      Good question. I’ve been wondering who Shepherd is and I’m thinking that he could possibly be the FBI Director who picked Weller to head up the NYO. He didn’t seem to like Mayfair and told Weller that of all the candidates, no one was better qualified than Weller. If Weller refused, didn’t he say that Weller wouldn’t be allowed to stay with the FBI. He seemed too intent on putting Weller in Mayfair’s position. He also fired Jane. JMO and I’m probably wrong but that was the feeling I had when this guy showed up.

    • LisaM says:

      My guess is that Dr, Borden is Shepherd. As a psychiatrist he would know how tho use the memory erasing drugs. He also had inside info on all of the players, especially Weller- knowing that Taylor was a weak spot for him. And he was in the perfect position to keep tabs on Jane.

  47. James Kallaus says:

    I am addicted to Blindspot! I love this show. The characters are fantastic! I’m a dude and my favorites are absolutely Jane, Zapata, and Patterson. These ladies are all very attractive and of course bring their own attitudes. Weller and Reed and great characters as well. In the beginning of the show I thought that there might maybe be a better actor for Weller’s character, but now there is no one better for the part. Plus he’s Aussy!

    Episode 23 has left me wanting more, as any season finale should. I am filled with questions like what the heck is going to happen to Jane? Will she get a chance to explain her story? I know all of this is going to come out in the wash and I am so excited for season 2! Blindspot has quickly turned into my most favorite tv show of all time!

  48. Tanya says:

    Ah, it seems to me that Weller WANTED Jane to be Taylor and HE is the one who kept pushing it, taking her to his family, introducing her, etc. Jane SAID she didn’t know who she was – and she said it again in this last episode. Kurt is in love with an idea of Taylor – BUT NOT with Jane. There was a discrepancy from the get go with the DNA, it matched, but then it didn’t match, something was very off IF she was not born in Africa – and Kurt knew she wasn’t.

    Keep in mind also that as far as anyone DOING things to Jane – Jane is the one who planned the entire thing, including the erasing of her memory – and she planned this with them all due to there being something really bad about Daylight. Mayfair was thick involved in Daylight – she was NOT a good guy.

  49. I hate when writers make their characters act unrealistic. Weller cares for Jane even if he’s mad that she lied to him. They’re investigators for Pete’s sake. He would be all over the “What the hell?” instead of shut up turn around you’re under arrest. And she totally doesn’t even try. Dumb.

  50. Connie says:

    Final episode had me in shock. I feel sad for both Jane and Weller, I was hope they would of got together. Can’t wait Season 2.