Awkward Season 6

Awkward EPs on Life Beyond Season 5: 'Most of the Cast Is Interested'

UPDATE: Read our Awkward Season 5 finale recap here.

If you’re not sure whether to approach Tuesday’s one-hour Awkward (MTV, 10/9c) as a season or series finale, there’s a good reason for that: It’s a little bit of both.

“We always thought it should feel like the ending of a chapter,” executive producer Mike Chessler tells TVLine of the episode. “We really wanted this finale to have pivotal moments for all of the characters, most importantly for Matty and Jenna, since that’s the central relationship of the show. It does feel complete in its own way.”

As for the likelihood of a sixth season, executive producer Chris Alberghini says the decision is MTV’s to make.

“We as the showrunners certainly believe there are plenty more stories left to tell, and we’re excited about the potential to do so,” he explains. “But we don’t control the fate of the show. It’s just a matter of MTV deciding what fits into their schedule next year and how many shows they’re going to have. We’re certainly interested, and most of the cast is interested.”

And what might a sixth season look like, you ask?

“It would be a very different,” Chessler notes. “We’d jump ahead in time again, and there have been conversations about having it in a different city with a different feel. The reason I said this episode is the close of one chapter is because, if there were to be another chapter, it would be a very different phase of [the characters’ lives]. We’d really turn the show on its ear.”

Awkward fans, how are you feeling on the eve of (what could be) Awkward‘s final hour? Do you hope we get to see this “different phase” in Season 6? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. Novat says:

    Kill it. The show has been in a dovetail the last few seasons. The characters have been in a holding pattern in order to satisfy the plot. Sadie has barely grown as a character, Matty is a mess, Tamara is still Tamara and Jenna has become a bore. Jake seems to be the only one who has changed and he’s devolved.

  2. Ian says:

    I’ve actually really enjoyed this season. It’s felt like there was a real creative new grounding happened, like everything had a reason and felt organic, unlike past seasons that were just plot device after plot device and wacky for wacky’s sake. They toned Tamara down a bit, for example, and it’s allowed for the showing of just how realistically unprepared she is for adulthood, and how she’s starting to realize she doesn’t want to be as shallow as she’s always been. And Jenna and Matty have had the best moments they’ve ever had this season. Really mature, real stuff.
    I wonder if this is all a result of the change of showrunners or whatever it was that happened bts. Huh.
    But for what the show is now, it definitely deserves do come back for another season as the show it should have always been. And if this season ends with the main pair together, they better not break them up again. The whole point of a 6th season would be to finally explore Jenna and Matty in a lasting relationship.

    • Melissa Hernandez says:

      I completely agree

    • Erika says:

      Agree 100%

    • hellz says:

      OMG, i totally agree. I’m 100% into the idea that there would a 6th season that showed Matty and Jenna in an loyal and lasting relationship that evolved through the season. MTV PLEASE!!

      • Leah Ryan says:

        100% agree^

      • Keith says:

        Matty and Jenna’s relationship is a central theme from the Pilot through the end of season 5. Jenna and Matty’s relationship grows by letting the other go. discovering a piece their other relationships are missing something that Matty and Jenna feel when together. Once they have found themselves, they should discover the trust, honesty, and love between them is what makes their relationship so special.

        Like Matty says in the end of season 5… . I want you to chose you.. In the end we alway find each other. I would like to season 6 be when they find themselves — with each other.

      • Giovanni Drayton says:

        I agree Season 6…should lead with an open possibility of Jenna and Matty finally being gun totogether….Maybe Jake and Tamara being a duo but I dont know that is kind of iffffy….Now Sadie and Serguro should end with a family; for some reason I want to see them in a different light….Lissa on the other hand become a different person who finds how to juggle being a christian with flaws. I would love to see Lacey graduate from college. Most def see Ally adopt Sadie.. We need season 6 to see the wedding for Jenna and Matty to end…..pleassssse MTV !!!! I know you want to find out just as much qd we do….

    • nishka says:


    • Madeline Roller says:

      AMEN!! Could not have said that any better even if I tried!!👍

    • Rachel says:

      Well said. I completely agree. I had been wondering how they were going to do the show after college, and I think they nailed it. I would love to see season 6. Hopefully mtv gives awkward the chance it deserves.

    • Valerie says:

      I also totally agree! :D

    • samrawit says:

      i think the story should end at season 3

    • Gracie Price says:

      Completely agreed

    • lacie says:

      This is so true Tamara has grown to an adulut (well half way) and if they end maddy and jenna again its going to get totally c razy and nobody wants that t happen. Everything has been going well so why end it???

    • Pallavi says:

      Totally agree with this…we would want to see season 6 with Matty and Jenna ending up together for good not in a supposedly assuming way…

    • Cat says:


  3. Jake says:

    Bring it back for a long time jump to mid twenties. Show how far they’ve come and do flashbacks to show the progression. People in their twenties definitely still have awkward lives.

    • Myla says:

      We definitely do & we are still finding our way 🙌 Show is relatable in many aspects for MANY different age groups. From Jenna all the way to the trial and tribulations Lacie has TO over come as a once teenage mother.

  4. Mellerz says:

    YES!!!!! Please give us more awkward, mtv! I’m not ready to let go of this series yet. I wanna know what happens with all of the characters!

  5. Ram510 says:

    I would like to see 1 more final season to see them them in young adulthood. I feel there is plenty story left to tell

  6. DonJuansRecklessDaughter says:

    Please put this show out of its misery. It’s a shell of its former self ever since creator Lauren Iungerich left after season 3. It really should have ended there. As much as I enjoy a lot of these characters, nothing the new showrunners have done lately has justified its existence (they also made 90210 unwatchable when they took over).

    Especially since the far superior Faking It was canceled, it’s baffling this show is still around (I know I know ratings blah blah). I was such a huge advocate for this show in its early days that it’s hard for me watch such a fall from grace, so I apologize for being such a grump. But this talented cast deserves better. It’s about time we let them prove it.

  7. K says:

    I would love to have another season. Even if its the last season. Please give us what we want. A satisfying season. Less drama. A season where we see everybody has changed and grown.

  8. JV says:

    Please put this show to rest. This series has gone seriously downhill ever since creator Lauren Iungerich left. This season has been painful to watch. I was a strong fan of this show for Seasons 1-3, but since then the interest is lost. It is surprising to me that MTV cancelled Faking It, a truly groundbreaking series that certainly had more to tell. The cast of Awkward is certainly talented, let them evolve to new roles where they can expand their respective careers.

    • George Hunt says:

      We’ve all got different perceptions, and mine are mostly opposite of yours. Which isn’t to say that I think you’re “wrong,” just to state the obvious that opinions vary. I think Awkward improved, although I’m only on season 5 right now, but I did think that season 4 was the best of the first 4. And as for Faking It, that show has a great cast and fantastic potential, but it seems to be aimed at an audience with an average IQ of 80 and little to no life experience. It’s gone severely downhill, and I couldn’t continue watching it this spring because it everything was so stiff and over-scripted and obvious. Very badly produced. In any given episode I saw numerous flaws in editing, wooden characters that bear no resemblance to real-life humans, and increasingly cheesy dialog. Everything about it became predictable and boring, and yet they have so much potential to be ground-breaking.

      But now, other shows have rocketed past Faking It and have broken ground more effectively, most notably The Fosters with its realistic portrayal of adolescent boys falling in love with each other and facing the repercussions of being “different” — just as an example of what I see as superior in that show. Granted, it’s a drama and Faking It is a sitcom, so perhaps it’s not a fair comparison. But still… it’s hard to believe that Faking It’s actors haven’t protested the stupidity of the scripts from this season. It even looks like they cut the budget for it in some ways, because the production values have declined. I’m opinionated, and welcome criticism of my opinions, so have at it if you think I’m FOS.

  9. Caitlin says:

    Yes we need more Awkward on Mtv we need to see the characters grow more! It can’t just end

  10. Elyse says:

    Can we just get one season to see Jenna and Matty together and HAPPY for more than a month?

  11. Poppy says:

    Of course I would love more Awkward, but I would always be happy if tomorrow night’s episode is the finale. I just wouldn’t want the show to come back if they are going to be the same dead horse.

  12. Wooster182 says:

    Sounds like the plan would be to write Matty and Jenna off and focus on the side characters. I’m ok with that. Their back and forth has really bogged down this season.

  13. shan says:

    Please make more seasons or a new spin-off series!! This cast is amazing and who wouldn’t love to see how they all continue developing these characters into their twenties!? Adolescence has nothing on the awkwardness that accompanies early adulthood! Just look at how successful HIMYM was, except this would be with a cast of characters the audience is already invested in. Tie-in Jenna’s blooming writing career and she could be this generation’s Carrie Bradshaw (okay okay, nobody could ever compete with Carrie and becoming a fashionista isn’t necessarily in Jenna’s foreseeable future, but you get the idea). Some of the most successful shows on television have been about a group of friends muddling together through those basic but morbidly embarrassing moments of real life (Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers), which is the entire premise of Awkward! Let these awesome characters (and the talented cast who plays them!) get to grow up into adults so that they can be appreciated by a much wider demographic and therefore fan base.

    • Brittany says:

      I totally agree with the spin off idea! If you’re going to cancel awkward then just do a spin off but i don’t think it should be cancelled! I loved this season so much! I feel like all of the characters evolved and sadie definitely has so much more growing to do. This season ended so beautifully i would love to see what happened next season…did jenna go back to wycof? What happened with luke? Did matty and jenna find their way back to each other? Do tamara and her rich boo find each other again? Luke there’s so many more stories that can be told! Im so here for it! I hope mtv really brings this show back. Im not a fan of any of their other scripted shows, hope they return!

      • Brittany says:

        I forgot to mention the whole jake going to NY thing! Like do him and tamara rekindle something? Does jake find his calling in producing? Does lyssa become like this huge youtube type of star like the possibilities are so endless!! Hope mtv isnt like abc family turned freeform and actually listens to what the fans really want and bring the show back!

  14. johanna garcia leyva says:

    OMG i hope they keep the show going i love it so much that i just cant get enough and i cant wait till the finally make a season 6 i’m very intrigued on how everyone’s life will be changing and what the challenges and new things they will be phasing i defiantly think and hope MTV keeps the show going and that the producers keep on making more seasons of the show.

  15. Sabrina says:

    I have enjoyed this show throughout the five seasons however I think it should come to an end. I definitely could not take another season of back & forth between Jenna & Matty.

  16. Nikki says:

    I really love the show they should totally make a season 6
    This is the best tv show I’ve watched in a long time I love all the characters.

    • Alex says:

      100%agree! !!!! I love these charakters and want to see them more growing and see how the relationship between Matty and Jenna is going on. There are definatly more awkward Stories to tell !!!! Greetings from a German Fan <3

  17. Bayley says:

    Honestly I would be insanely happy if there were another season but I can’t take any more back and forth from Matty and Jenna seriously are they gonna get together or not but besides that I feel Jenna as a character bow is not as exciting and putting her back with Luke wasn’t the best idea either maybe if we got another good season instead of what their feeding us now it would be great consider skipping to their late twenties when their settled down

  18. Cara says:

    Please bring it back!!! I love this show!!! I honestly could watch all the seasons again!!!

  19. Brit says:

    Awkward NEEDS to continue. I would love to see them grow more and where they would be after they graduate college. Jenna and Matty better end up together in this season finale !!

  20. Marni says:

    I want a season 6 MTV.
    Just like Gossip Girl.

  21. Azerty says:

    If they renew it then drop Matty. I have nothing against him and nothing against the actor but the Matty / Jenna relationship drag it down. Every season it is the same thing: they both date other people but they both want to be together, they do get together and then something breaks them up. Please please please a season 6, without any Matty drama would be well deserved.

  22. cristybird says:

    I would only take a season six if Beau came back, I think that’s unlikely since he’s had some other roles pop up but Jenna and Matty exploring how to work out awkward relationship things would be interesting but only if they stay together, I don’t think anyone wants any more back and forth…been there and done that way too much. It’s much more interesting to see how people grow together.

  23. Sasha says:

    Bring it back so I can see Jenna and Matty finally have the RIGHT timing as adults!!!!! That’s all I ask. Maybe have them be a family.

    • Tay says:

      I was thinking Jenna could find out she was pregnant after her and Matty hook up at the camp and then they get married and make it work like her mom and dad did. But still pursuing their careers and life little awkward moments.

  24. meli says:

    I would LOVE if MTV picked Awkward back up. I’m not ready to see this show go :( I wish they’d let yo of some of those boring reality TV shows that nobody cares about. This show is so unique. ❤ if not MTV, is it possible to move it to another channel? Or even maybe picked up by Netflix or CW seed? OR EVEN A SUMMER SHOW IDC, I JUST WANT TO SEE IT 😢

  25. Time jump to right before college ends and they are trying to find jobs, deal with finals, partying and such. Something realistic. The majority of viewers are in this age group so it will relate to us more. Then continue with them in the real world. It’s like hbo’s Girls meets Boy meets world. Perfection. If you end the show with Matty and Jenna not together, then I wasted 5 years of my life watching this show.

  26. Irene says:

    This is so sad! I loved this show… It has become repetitive though, and these big changes threw the show off track. I used to love the wittiness that the show has lost… If you bring back a 6th season, that needs to come back. So sad I loved this show

  27. Nikki gural says:

    have season 6 or you’re rude and ruin my life and whoever says not to have it clearly has 2 brain cells and a lack of interest on a good show.

  28. RMH says:

    More! More! More! I feel like I’ve grown with this show and just having it end without letting us know for sure if it’s the last episode ever is heartbreaking. I love this show and its cast so much!

  29. D says:

    I am certainly not ready for this show to end. I neeeed a season 6. I feel like there’s more Jenna and Matty story to tell and I would love to see them finally work out perfectly.

  30. Sydney says:

    Bring it back for season 6 MTV I love this show so much we need to see what happens to them!! Awkward is life (:

  31. LoveIt says:

    I love AWKWARD!! I would love for the show to continue! I’ve been a faithful watcher since the beginning!!

  32. Dalton says:

    Another season!!!! I love the show and I think there is so much more to see and tell

  33. dawndiez says:

    This is the best show on air. It’s a feel good show. I’m 34 and still obsessed and all I can do is beg that mtv makes another season

  34. Krysten says:

    Keep going! I want to see where Matty and Jenna end up, (hopefully together!) I love this show, and have since the first episode aired.

  35. Raeanna says:

    Yeses!!!! Please season 6 !!

  36. S says:

    Yes!!! Please one more season to show mid 20s to show howntheybhave grown! That’s a good way to end it!

  37. Shanna Baker says:

    I wanna see awkward season six. Like maybe where Jenna and matty go? How she tells Luke and what goes on with every one else

  38. James Alderman says:

    MTV bring awkward back

  39. Johnna says:

    Yes! Please bring it back! I love awkward so much.. I really would love to see what happens to Matty and Jenna.. Just like everyone says, their early adult life! That is what EVERYONE wants to see! Where they end up, marriage? Baby? WHAT HAPPENS?!

  40. Amanda says:

    One more season I agree with another time jump to early or mid twenties. I like this show more than faking it honestly. So I hope it comes back for another season and hope to see all the characters return with somewhat stability but drama as well!

  41. Jennifer says:

    Keep going we want to see more!! We need to keep this show on as long as possible like the producer said thers! Plenty morebstories to tell!!

  42. Kanisha says:


  43. Ashley says:

    I think the show should continue with another 1 or 2 seasons with the characters in their early twenties transitioning from college into the real world. That would be interesting to see. But I cannot take another season of back and forth between Matty and Jenna I’m tired of their relationship being the main focus of the show. Either they’re together or their not but I’d rather get to know the other characters more and see all of them evolve including an evolving relationship between Matty and Jenna

  44. Mary schaefer says:

    I love watching Awkward and I’m upset on how it ended. I’ve watched it since it started and I’m always been hoping for Matty and Jenna to be together! I love those two! Yes we all have our ups and downs but I think those two should be together and that’s it!!! 🙂 I’m hoping another season comes on and soon!!!

  45. angelic says:

    Please bring it back i want to see were it goes with jenna and matty. I just love this show so much please dont let this be the end .

  46. No it cant end Jenna needs to end her and luke and be with masty and get married luke ruined everything and needs to leave it cant be over at all

  47. Jb says:

    Keep the show going its so intense it keeps the views wanting more with the endings, and it is just an awsome show, the tv show has been on for how many years now? And you want to cut it now when highschools over and now there going to college? Thats when things get the best they need to keep it and keep the seasons going if they can keep comming up with more to the stories i say let them and the people who dont like it can stop watching it? For those who do watch it, love it and want more, we all want to see what happens next with the character, i mean every show has its episodes we love and hate, you have the negative comments and negative views and people who are going to hate it but you cant please everyone but for those who want more give them more to look forward to! I hope theres more seaons to go!!
    SO cant wait to see what goes on, i love you guys!

  48. Angeline says:

    Bring it Back Give Us The End We Deserve Matty and Jenna Been Thru Hell and Back their story deserve to be told we waited to long, to end like this would suck woul be horrible the most horrible thing mtv could possibly do! MTV RENEW AWKWARD THIS SHOW DESERVES IT REAL END! A time jump where we get to see where matty, jenna and everyone else have stepped into the Adult life!!!! Give us that!!!

  49. Jennifer says:

    I really really love season finale today may 24 but I really want more this shows been so go and it going to be sad to see it go al away I’m a huge fan I’ve been with it sence episode 1 season 1 and I know there’s more people out there that don’t want to see it all go away

  50. cassie says:

    Awkward must live!
    I have never related so much to a show. Me and my boyfriend met and started dating in highschool and we went through a lot of bumpy roads, but there is no one out there for me but him. 8 years and counting and we loved getting 30 minutes each tuesday to watch even though we secretly knew jenna and matty would always find a way like we have. Awkward has really given us a little light that true love like that does exsist( i know its made up for the show) but they always made it feel so real. With all the crap they play on tv now a days it was nice to watch a show that was real about life and high school and growing up. And not which celeb is fighting with another. Or having their 5th baby with their 5th baby daddy. I would love to see where jenna and mattys future take them.

    I know i found my “matty” and i hope everyone does someday

    • Molly says:

      I totally agree!! This show and Matty and Jenna’s relationship feels real and I have a relationship like that, as well. This show is emotional for me because I am a senior heading into the next chapter of my life and I think alot of people relate to this show.