The Flash Video: Jesse L. Martin Warns of Emotional Finale, 'A Lot of Tears'

It’s going to be a “rough,” emotional night featuring “a lot of tears” when The Flash brings Season 2 to a close this Tuesday at 8/7c.

Speaking with TVLine at The CW’s Upfront event red carpet, Jesse L. Martin previews Team Flash’s reaction to Henry Allen’s death, and what Joe could possibly say to ease Barry’s pain over losing his father. (This is where I remind you that in Ask Ausiello’s recent Facebook Live chat, Carlos Valdes aka Cisco summed up the finale with the three words “huge,” “crying” and “event.”)

Martin also weighs in on the introduction of Joe’s son Wally and his possible powers, as well as teases the “ridiculously” surprising reveal of The Man in the Iron Mask, being held captive by Zoom.

Press play above to hear everything Martin has to say.

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  1. The Man in the Iron mask is Barry Allen played by John Wesley Shipp

    • clintbrew says:

      it’s jay garrick played by John Wesley Shipp who is henry allen’s dad who ages slow due to him being a speedster hunter zolomon did say it compilcated

    • Michael Raymond says:

      Thats what I have been thinking all along!!!!

  2. Mo says:

    Jesse is so great at getting me hyped without telling me anything, haha. Love him, but I wish Flash would make us and Barry cry less lol.

  3. ToyCannon says:

    If they kill off Joe West, I will no longer be watching.

  4. justsomeguy says:

    There’s so much hype surrounding this reveal that it can’t possibly live up to it. I’m so psyched for Tuesday.

  5. Mary says:

    I think it’s Leonard Snart. One because Wentworth Miller is supposed to continue on in the Berlantiverse despite what happened on LoT, and they can’t just pluck him from anywhere in the timeline or it would mess things up. Two because someone’s family would have had to take in young Hunter Zoloman after his father murdered his mother, and on Earth 2 Snart was identified as Mayor, which means he’s a good guy. The mask would be needed as Barry showed when Zoom was chasing him that pictures of his parents, we saw how that affected him.

  6. D.BECK says:

    I’ve got 2 guesses:
    1.) It’s Max Mercury… u know the speedster that trains Bart/Impulse. Only for TV purposes, He’ll be called Max Garrick, Henry’s twin brother… Barry’s uncle. AND
    2.) Henry has been in the mask the entire time… the one Zoom killed is a spy (i.e. Everyman) in order to break Barry’s spirit, so much so that Barry would give up the Speed Force to Zoom forever

  7. Ram510 says:

    And that’s the part that’s getting a little over used for me. They don’t have to have every major episode have a tear fest in it. Why don’t they try adding in more action instead of soapy, dramatic cry scenes. We get it, the cast is talented and can bring the emotions, let’s move on now

    • thenotflash390 says:

      UM EXACTLY, to be honest they make them cry too much, and I get it.. for ratings or whatever, but the characters need to develop through experience and actual events instead of so much talking and heart to hearts. Black Siren should have come in way earlier, it seems random. Definitely need more action.

    • Charles g says:

      do you know how ridiculously expensive action pieces are? these shows are on such a tight budget, you have to create the drama because the costs are so much lower over a 22 episode season.

  8. Kaihaku says:

    Here’s hoping the man in the mask is Captain Cold, somehow escaped from his penultimate appearance on Legends of Tomorrow.

  9. manfredw says:

    It’s gonna be barry’s mom…

  10. Carl Byrd says:

    I think the man in the iron mask is Barry Allen from the future. Remember when Gideon had the front page that said Flash Missing?

  11. Ray says:

    I love the Captain Cold theory. Zoom could have been fast enough to save him. I’m a little shaky why he would but I’m grasping at straws that the Captain Cold from Legends returns.

  12. Lily says:

    I have to strenuously OBJECT to Barry taking an entire season to get over this death. That would be detrimental to the show and they’ve drifted too far in that direction this season as it is. This show is supposed to be happy and sunny, and I’m really getting fearful that the writers have completely lost hold of what made it fun in the first place. Barry is supposed to love and enjoy being a superhero, and the show is supposed to have joy in it, not just tears. Mopey Barry is NOT a good look on him and he’s been that way too much this season. Bring back Season 1, happy Barry. They have to do that somehow- don’t lose sight of the joy the show is supposed to have, or we’re headed into Arrow Season 3 territory. Barry is NOT supposed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’s not that kind of hero, he’s the opposite. I’m worried they’ve already forgotten that, because why would they kill his dad in such an unnecessarily grim fashion? What’s he supposed to get out of that? Misery? And why would you want him to be miserable? Please re-think this, Flash writers. You have time. Don’t go in this direction, he should be like he was on Supergirl and in Season 1. This is supposed to be the fun, sunny, happy, lighthearted show. That’s why people liked it. Don’t forget that.

  13. Kate says:

    The man in the Iron Mask will only be shocking if it’s a woman.

  14. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview with Jesse. Can’t wait to watch season finale tomorrow night!

  15. Gaia says:

    There’s a lot of people here complaining about how much crying, sadness, etc. are in the show and how it’s overdone. I have to wonder if any of you have followed The Flash comics, specifically Barry Allen…they are not sunshine and rainbows…

  16. valkylion says:

    Its Joe’s son Wally West thats in the iron mask!!! Look at the hands,,,,,,

  17. acurat says:

    Joe should not be too happy… he probably will die as they run out of characters to kill in the next couple of years. Unless they kill Katlyn or Cisco first (very doubtful). Then again, Jay Garrick is the guy in the mask to be revealed this week – probably John Wesley Shipp (90s CBS flash).