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The Originals Recap

The Originals EP Talks Klaus' 'Definitive Loss,' Hayley's Season 4 Journey

After three consecutive weeks of major deaths, The Originals went surprisingly easy on its core characters during Friday’s season finale. Of course, the conventional definition of “easy” doesn’t necessarily match up with the Mikaelsons’.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci about the episode’s biggest twists — and what they could mean for Season 4 — but first, a quick recap:

After revealing his undead status to the Mikaelsons — and murking every last Strix member — Marcel gave Elijah and Kol his one-of-a-kind love bite; as if that wasn’t bad enough, Freya was also poisoned. A desperate Hayley woke a still-hexed Rebekah from her slumber in an attempt to quell Marcel’s rage, but the irreversible damage had already been done.

Freya was able to prolong the gang’s collective existence by transporting their souls to one of them fancy alternate planes and tethering their lives to Klaus, who went on trial for his many, many, many (just assume this goes on for a few more pages) sins. Given that his jury was literally full of his enemies, it should come as no surprise that he ended up with Papa Tunde’s blade embedded within him by the end of the mistrial.

Season 3 came to a close with Hayley and Hope carting their caravan of bodies out of New Orleans in search of a cure. And now, it’s time for some answers…

TVLINE | Is it at all accurate to call Marcel the Big Bad of Season 4?
I definitely think it’s not accurate. Marcel is furious that Davina was so callously put to the side in favor of “Always and Forever,” and when he confronted the Mikaelsons about it, they killed him. And if he hadn’t taken that serum, he’d just be dead, so he has a perfectly valid point. It’s also important to note that Marcel was the King of New Orleans prior to the beginning of this series, and he ruled over a very factious city — there were humans, the werewolves had been expelled and the witches were being held in subjugation. Now, Marcel is going to find himself as the most powerful creature in all the land; the werewolves are still pretty much a non-factor, the humans are down and scared, and the witches have lost their connection to the ancestors. It’s going to be a very different landscape, but it’s still Marcel Gerard. He’s done what he’s done, and how he’ll have to figure out how to live with himself and rule New Orleans. He’s not possessed or evil or a monster by any stretch.

The Originals RecapVery soon after the end of our finale, because the Elijah line of vampires won’t drop dead, Marcel is bound to figure out that Elijah is still alive. And when he does that, he’ll think, “Maybe Kol’s not dead either. Or Freya.” All he has as collateral is the long-suffering body of his sire, who’s entombed in an undisclosed place. There are a lot of rich, interesting things to play with moving forward. But the question is: Is this family permanently destroyed, and is Marcel going to be their enemy forever?

TVLINE | I assume Hayley won’t be able to save everyone on her own. Who might she turn to for help?
There were hints in the finale of what Hayley’s next move is going to be. I don’t want to say too much, but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that Hayley will look to find a way — either by using her own vampire power or by using a witch — to try to communicate with [everyone in the dream world]. She has a giant puzzle to figure out in order to cure everyone, and given that they’re dying from a wolf bite, I think you can guess who she might turn to.

TVLINE | Given the hectic nature of the episode, do you foresee a time jump next season?
It’s almost mandatory that there be some sort of time jump. This is a definitive loss on the part of the Mikaelsons. The prophecy predicted they would fall, and they fell. There’s no easy way out of the situation they’re in. Hayley and Marcel are both going to have to start from scratch as he decides how he’s going to deal all these new vampires in town. There’s going to be a lot of story to tell, but I think we’ve painted ourselves into an unbelievable corner, and it’s going to be great fun to get out of this situation.

TVLINE | Vincent is our only non-comatose character in New Orleans who might pose a threat to Marcel, should conflict arise. Will we see them at odds?
The great thing about Vincent is that he’s his own man. We’ve seen him stand up to the Mikaelsons, and we saw him recognize the courage and beauty of Cami. He has friends who are police officers, and he has witches he’s sworn to protect. He has a strong moral compass, and I think if Marcel stepped out of line further, becoming the kind of king he was when we met him in Season 1, Vincent would step up and have something to say about that. It could also be best for New Orleans if he tries to find peace, and if that’s the case, he’ll be able to do that.

TVLINE | Lastly, just out of curiosity: What do you think Hope’s first word(s) will be?
[Laughs] I can’t imagine. One question is: Are we, as an audience, going to get to see those first words? If there’s a time jump, maybe not. But given everything that’s happened, and how the Mikaelson family has been so completely deconstructed, Hope is left with no one but Hayley. I’m sure her first word will be “mama.” It’s the person who’s taking care of her right now, it’s got to be “mama.”

Your thoughts on The Originals‘ season ender? Hopes for 2017? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Pam says:

    I really don’t like the writers on TO, but I do give them props on how to tell a story. This season finale was great! Now let’s all wait till 2017 for season 4.

  2. mike says:

    they have do a time jump to keep in sync with the Vampire Dairies

    • Ari says:

      I hope they jump to the point that Hope is no longer a child. Kind of like a Connor Angel goes to Quartoth kind of time jump.

      • FatherOctavian says:

        I don’t want Hope to be too old, since I think there’s rich storytelling possibilities that come from seeing a child raised by the Mikaelsons. But I do think a 4 or 5 year old doesn’t give you much more storytelling wise, so I’m kind of hoping for a longer time jump than the TVD time jump. Maybe six or seven years.

    • Annie says:

      No more vampire diaries please. That needs to be over!! They need to focus on the originals and bring back Cani and Davian and all the originals back. Marcel needs to know the Claus never said ok to his siblings sending dabina away. If y’all don’t remember, he told them over the phone to find another way.

    • Liz says:

      The time jump will at least be three years. So they will be on track with TVD. They also said Hope will be older because they plan on using her in a storyline for season 4.

      • Isabella says:

        I’m hoping they’ll let Hope meet Caroline’s kids. All 3 have magic so that would be interesting to see. Especially when they’re around 5 years old. It would also be a great way to merge both shows and end TVD,

        • Ari says:

          You mean the kids Caroline abandoned so she could have Stefan? Don’t think you can consider them her kids anymore.

          • WTF? do you even see TVD? Alaric said to Caroline that him and the girls will always be her family… And she loves Stefan so she can have him as much as she can have the girls, plus if Caroline loves and is there for Alaric’s kids she is they’re mother! It’s all about love!

          • Misti says:

            Caroline didn’t abandon her kids for Stefan. If anything, she chose Stefan over Alaric, but that choice has nothing whatsoever to do with her children. Saying otherwise is akin to saying that children of divorced parents have been abandoned, and AS a child in that category, I call BS. Staying in a loveless marriage “for the children” is a far more anguishing situation for said children.

          • Rayan says:

            Caroline didn’t abandon those kids
            Sarah’s right

      • Eazy says:

        Who do you think Hayley is going to get help from?

        • edyn says:

          Hayley will get help from the wolves obviously since she has no where to go, but she may also need a witch. They may know a witch or else Hope. Hope is a combination of everything. Who will teach her witchcraft? It just may be TVD.

    • Annie says:

      No more vampire diaries please. That needs to be over!! They need to focus on the originals and bring back Cami and Davina, and all the originals back. Marcel needs to know the Clause never said ok to his siblings sending davina away. If y’all don’t remember, he told them over the phone to find another way. Clause has changed and the family needs to be reunited, including marcel

      • agevey says:

        If u don’t like TVD, then just don’t watch it, problem solved! But don’t say it should be taken away bc they need to focus more on TO, it’s not as if there is only so much story to go around & TVD is hogging it all, they do each have their own writers…& besides, some of us still like TVD very much!! Also, saying everyone on TO needs to be reunited as one big family is kinda contradicting what u actually want, if everything were sunshine & rainbows for them, then there’d be no show or story to tell!

        • rea says:

          hell yeah! TVD is not going anywhere.. youre right friend if she dont like TVD then dont watch it!

        • dd says:

          I have stopped watching TVD since season 6 ended. And I definitely do not want TVD in TO. They are two different shows and should be kept separate.

        • jordana says:

          i know. If you don’t like a show fine. But why make a big deal about wanting it cancelled when it’s clear that other people enjoy it? The existence of TVD doesn’t affect the Originals.

        • Adriana says:

          Thank you I read her comment and almost cursed her out

      • lep424 says:

        They can’t cancel TVD. 1. It’s a great show 2. The Originals are synced with TVD

        • Shauna says:

          I agree and tvd is based on books.we need them both and i hope they tire then back together more and mostly bc bonnie is strong witch now coming from a long line of witches. And tyler a long tine pf were wolves

      • andrea says:

        I love you so much because you said that,😀

    • Sebastian says:

      They don’t “have” to do a time jump to keep in sync with The Vampire Diaries, but they do have to do a time jump if they want to keep most of the family a member of the main cast.

      The reason why I say that about The Vampire Diaries is because there isn’t some rule that they have to be occurring in the same year to have cameos/crossovers (as shown by the last quarter of both shows) because most of both casts are supposed to be vampires – creatures that don’t age. None of them have to show signs of aging or things like that to make the story fit, they only need to have an appropriate reason storywise to be there.

    • Bwhit says:

      I hope they do something by November/December that has Hayley show up at her wits end with an older Hope asking them to help. Not because it would be good for TVD, just because I want to see Hayley and her family before January lol. TVD obviously deserves a fall time slot because it is the mother ship and I wouldn’t know and love TO without it, I just selfishly want it to incorporate its counterpart before midseason because I want to see them sometime in the fall.

      • Cindy says:

        I also think TVD should come back for another season, I wouldn’t love The Originals either if not for TVD.. And I could never get tired of seeing Ian Somerhalders face.. :)

      • Hoping hope,as proclaimed by her granny ll prove to the means of cure of her own family. I actually want hope in action in season 4 where she fix her father as well as his sire bond which is broken….

      • Toy says:

        That could be why it’s returning mid season, TO will make cameos in TVD….it would be awesome if the cure(s) for TO has something to do with the ancient thing Enzo and Damon are dealing with 😮

  3. Carlos says:

    I believe that they could of contact there mother and there aunt. The two of them were the most powerful witches, and the could of over power the assestors, and they would of destroy Lucian long time ago, and they could destroy Marcel. Now is up to hope to bring them back. Ok let see what happens in season 4

  4. Wooster182 says:

    I’m hoping Jason Dohring has a bigger presence next year.

  5. Stacey says:

    Interesting set-up! Maybe Hayley will go to MF for help! Sad we have to wait to at least January to find out what happens. I’m expecting a 3 year time jump in the premiere to set up crossovers!

    • Kayla says:

      Stacy I was just thanking the same thing haha I thank she should go to MF and help out stefan an the others there in a big mess also that would be a perfect season this fall since 2017 is far way.

      • Stacey says:

        I agree Kayla! Maybe the twins would be able to siphon out the werewolf venom and poison from Kol, Elijah, and Freya respectively. Plus it would be nice to see rlc PT and PW interact!

        • Stacey… I really like your creative thinking… i really hope they do a crossover… and i hope the TVD cast —twins may be able to help the Michaelsons family !!

          • Stacey says:

            Thank you! I just saw something on my Twitter feed from CMD. He said that the premeire will be 3 years in the future and there will be more crossovers, so maybe they will go this route. Excited to see a slightly older Hope, she’s so cute!

        • erhigga says:

          you are damn right about the cast twins siphoning the super werewolf venom from kol and Elijah but I can’t stop to think if that would actually heal them given the fact that Klaus blood couldn’t heal finn

      • Who is MF…. ??? It sucks that we have to wait until Fall or Winter to see The Vampire Diaries and The Originals…. Cant wait.. simply love both of the shows…. it never fails to amuse me… Hats off to all the writers and directors for making amazing shows !!

  6. Katie says:

    What a finale! I was on a roller coaster of emotions: I felt bad for the Mikalesons while at the same time they kind of had it coming, Marcel I’m disgusted with right this second because he just did what Klaus & Co have been doing for over a millennia, I thought “right on!” when Vincent told Marcel off and basically threatened him if he stepped over the line and it sucked when Will got bit, Loved, loved it! Now we have to wait until next year to see what happens. This is gonna be a long and tedious wait, that’s for damn sure! Well, guess I’m going to go back to reading more this fall! :)

  7. Missy says:

    We know there’s a time jump because Klaus still isn’t out and about in New Orleans in 3 years. Usually people go to Klaus for wolf bites, but I guess Hayley doesn’t free him. He’d still be linked to his siblings, but would be around. I think she gets the 7 packs to give their venom to make a cure for Elijah and Kol. She’ll need a witch. Too bad Bonnie doesn’t have her magic. That would make a great crossover to get people excited for the next season.

  8. "A" says:

    I wonder if season four could take place anywhere in the US.
    Hayley took Hope along with Freya, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah away from New Orleans.
    ( only Marcel, Vincent, and Klaus remain in NOLA )

    I also I wonder if Hayley ( and Hope ) might return to Mystic Falls and from Oct thru Dec will work on bringing the Mikaelson’s back from there with Stefan, Bonnie, and Tyler’s help.

    • Jess says:

      Why would they help her? I mean Tyler would in no way wish her well, or want to resurrect the Originals. Stefan has enough on his plate with the Denzo issues, but might help because Klaus helped him, but throw in the link between his girlfriend and Klaus, he might also be happy to let that lie. Bonnie? Why on earth would she help the deceitful Hayley resurrect the Originals?
      TO fans have been vocal about keeping the shows apart. But now it might benefit TO its ok?
      Season 4 looks Hayley heavy, good luck with that.

      • gift says:

        jess I don’t think Stefan is that insecure about Klaus feelings for Caroline. Despite all u should recognize that Stefan is very loyal and he nd Klaus re some what friends. He will definitely help if he is called to help. One other thing u need to know bonnie is on board if her friends re on board. it’s might just be the mikaelson that can help save damon and Enzo. Hayley is strong nd she is now part of the now nd forever family.

    • Jason says:

      We know Haley doesn’t go to Mystic Falls because Caroline travels to New Orleans 3 years later, completely unaware of any of this. Matt would have likely told her about their arrival. I think the time jump will bring them up to Vampire Diaries continuity.

      • Missy says:

        It’s pretty funny, but you are totally right. The only way they could work it is if it takes Hayley three years to finally end up there without any progress…otherwise why go at all if she’s handling it on her own? I mean we know Klaus isn’t around in 3 years, so obviously she’s struggling.

      • Ro says:

        It’s entirely possible she went to mystic falls initially only to discover the people she had a connection with there (Tyler, and sort of Stephen from this year’s crossover) are in the wind and Mystic Falls is a Vampire Free Zone. She might have gone looking for Bonnie but she was in hiding where no witch could locate her. Given their history it is unlikely she would have reached out to Caroline and so she almost certainly would have no idea about Caroline being the mother of Siphons.

        I am almost certain that she did go to Mystic Falls to look for help first thing and then found there was no one there to help her and then moved on.

        Now that Stephen, Caroline, and Bonnie have resurfaced, with a lot of the armory’s junk available to them, there is a good chance Haley shows up in the fall for help. She, being a hybrid, is quite possibly one of the few things strong enough out there to help physically stop a crazy Damon and Enzo.

  9. Lilly J says:

    Hope is 2 years old. She already had her first word. She just wasnt on screen enough for us to actually hear her talk.

  10. Bwhit says:

    That was awesome and so far the best finale I’ve seen this season. Hayley found that family she always longed for and is now going to fight to save them. I love that it ended like every other season… Klaus talking to Hope. I can’t believe they are benching this show until midseason but at least it lives for another chapter.

  11. Janie Garcia says:

    Per asonpvery talented actors and keeps you on your toes love the saying always and forever family and it has beautiful backgrounds of New Orleans makes me want to go over to New Orleans and when I do go over to New Orleans I just love it . I hope someday I get to meet one of them in person . Haley reminds me of my five year old granddaughter with her eyes beautiful and Elijah oh my God and his suit he can be a real mean bad and still look so innocent and good Nicholas well I’m sorry you can not have the originals without Nicholas .Kol has a good role the love of the little brother.

    • gift says:

      you re so right each original might be crazy in their own way but when it comes down to danger and who to choose they all end up picking their family. I mean it’s beautiful. let’s take kol for instance, giving his history, I thought with his rage he would be the one who betrays his family. That didn’t happen, rather he took his anger on that witch instead of Freya nd Elijah. Even Fin who is alway joining hands with their mother to kill them, finally got to understand always nd forever.

  12. Bari says:

    I thought “The Originals” finale was quite harsh~however, given the season harsh was expected. I do wish for a bit of a time jump, so Hope can play a bigger role, possibly with powers even, that said I’m just not ready for the show to end. So whatever the 4th season brings I will watch and hope it leads to season 5.

  13. Liza says:

    The scenes with Klaus and Hope made my heart melt!!! This was a terrific episode. I hope it comes back as soon as possible in January. I am expecting a three-year time jump to justify the comment to Caroline that Klaus has not been seen for three years. I think it would be awesome if 5 year old Hope saves her family.

  14. Amanda Willis says:

    Never did i think Vampire Diaries could be one up’d but sure enough it in fact has! (don’t get me wrong, i watch both shows religiously… I’m fact I haven’t missed a single episode of either) Hats off to the CW for yet another kick ass series leaving all their fans dying for more. Cannot wait to see what lies ahead this coming fall. It cannot get here fast enough!

    P. S. Throw us a friggin bone here and leak some upcoming deets. :)

  15. Karen says:

    The originals can’t go off the air!!! The talk about the vampire diaries being cancelled after season 8 is horrible in itself, now the originals is possibly leaving? My 2 favorite shows just can not be gone…..

    • Amanda Willis says:

      What’s this you speak of!?!? I seriously doubt CW is crazy enough to let either one of these shows walk. I have read some articles of VD being on its final season but I just cannot accept. Especially The Originals! I will seriously toss CW to the wind if this is so.

  16. agevey says:

    It was a great finale, but I couldn’t say that it was awesome, bc it’s not awesome to me that the whole family practically is in coffins or a permanent state of slumber! My dream for season 4 would be that some big problem would arise, which would force Marcel to wake Klaus & relinquish all of his new powers over to him, by the same means in which he came across them…or simply that his guilty conscience ate at him until he was just willing to give up his powers to Klaus & put him back in control! I mean, NO ONE does terrifying authority like Joseph Morgan after all, & there has been an entire show scripted to prove it!! ;)

  17. Draz Ekiel says:

    Kind of lame really, Marcel is way worse than the originals.. He ruled the city with an iron fist.Wolves were exiled and cursed to only be human on the fullmoon..Witches were banned from doign majic unless he asked them to do it.. and vampires pretty much done whatever they wanted to.including killing human’s left right and center. The human’s certainly didn’t like it as was apparent from the council of the human faction..

    Klaus freed the wolves, freed the witches, freed Davina, got the vampires to lose their iron grip and banished many from the quarter. On top of that Klaus and the originals pretty much always drink from blood bags, and occasionaly from peoples wrists without killing them. and yet they are the bad guys ?

    Even Vincent said at the end that Marcel was just as bad if not it’s not just me :)

    Marcel is just a bad character with ridiculous writing imo..a vampire his age shouldn’t even be able to land a punch on one Klaus or Elijah’s age, unless they let him land it. the sooner he dies the better.

    • gift says:

      Draz u re so correct. Nick only kills those who cross him or put his family in danger which he hadn’t done in a while. can u imagine after all devina did to him he just let it go. That is unlike klaus. yet they still claims he is evil. I don’t think so. Marcel have been looking for ways to betray the originals a long long time ago he just didn’t have the power then. He keeps lying to himself that he is avenging Devina, that is so not true.

    • Mads says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! Plus, Marcel tries to justify it by saying he gave them a choice and Elijah killed him in cold blood – Marcel was threatening the whole family and had already taken the serum! Marcel and his dramatics are boring, I wish he has died at the end of the last episode.
      The only good thing was seeing Rebekah back and telling Marcel off, but I didn’t like the way her only defence was that they are family and she couldn’t defend what they had done.

      • gift says:

        well Rebekah always knew her family would do anything to protect them even if it means going too far. she didn’t want to seem inconsiderate or heartless supporting her family in front of marcel. she also very much care about him. But u knw all these wouldn’t be an issue if Elijah just destroyed the white Oak bullet when they got it back but his judgment is always clouded. klaus on the other hand would have destroyed it even if someone he loves told him not to. That’s why he is always considered as the bad guy. It is said Elijah is always looking out for klaus, yes but I also think he also needs klaus to give focus and reason not to go crazy.

  18. Dale Edmunds says:

    The Originals, and The Vampire diaries, are my only two shows I never ever and Please never take them off the air it would be awful, my life would be ruined, please keep them on, I love these series, I have no desire to see any other show, so keep them on. Thank you, Dale Edmunds

  19. Jim says:

    Onviously the whole premise of vampires is out there, but, ebtertaining. One (of many) thing(s) that makes no sense is, even with the serum, Marcel’s “rebirth” after his heart was torn out. Kind of difficult to reanimate something or someone who can be “killed” without a heart. Odd, too, that vampires have traditionally been portrayed as already beong dead, so, what roke does a heart really play? I also disagree with Marcel NOT being THE bad huy. His chatacter has been shasy, u trustworthy and conniving since his introduction to the series…so, basically, sonce yhe beginning. And Klaus has been demonized even when, on close review, someone else is the real demon. Marcel’s chatacter has always been the, “Oh, poor, me. I have to be second fiddle to’my father’ (Klaus)’ chatacter”. I loathe his pathetic character.

  20. K G says:

    I am very disappointed that the whole clan has been left impaired. They are the show. Marcel and Vincent are just extras. Unless the story is picked up in the future with Haley and Hope reuniting with the family, it won’t survive.

  21. So Marcel got pissed and put Klaus on trial mainly because he sacrificed Davina for his family. Hmmmm. I’d do the same thing, and I suspect every single vampire at that trial wouldn’t just stand back and let their families perish just so Davina could live. Am I missing something here? Is Marcel’s devotion to Davina rivaling his devotion to his fellow vampires? Looks like it. If I’m a vampire, I wouldn’t let a witch stand between me and my family’s survival, so who should really be on trial, Klaus, or Marcel for expecting a witch’s life to come before vampires?

    • Missy says:

      That was Rebekah’s point, that Klaus did what they would have done too. I think Marcel was fed up with everything and how he’s been left out of the family he was supposed to be part of. Davina’s death with the nail in the coffin (no pun intended.)

    • gift says:

      exactly! Marcel never loved the mikaelson, he just put up with them because he had no choice. klaus has always considered him family nd he betrayed klaus claiming some stupid revenge. There was a reason klaus wanted to keep Rebekah away from ma

  22. Julie says:

    Oh God why wait until 2017. This is one of the best series on TV and they don’t have a spot until mid season??? Why? Come on CW I hardly watch anything you have. Only the Vampire Dairies and The Originals. If you don’t bring the Originals in at the beginning it’s just not fair. Its an awesome series love it!!

    • Karoline says:

      Do what I did, send an email to CW and CBS (which owns CW), and ask them to change their schedule. I know it’s not much, but if you get the word around, Mayne it can.

  23. Alice Clark says:

    I’m curious the Vampire Diaries had a three year jump and cross over with the originals, so why are Rick/ Jo/ Caroline girls older then hope now??

  24. Elizabeth says:

    What about Alaric twins they can cyphon the magic away. That’s what Kai did in season 6 went he got bit by Tyler .

  25. Julian says:

    The writers wasted the opportunity to get rid off of Marcel last episode. Now we are going to watch the same we watched back in season 1 with Marcel being “the king” of NOLA.

  26. Sterling Britton says:

    I love this show, and can’t wait to see season 4.. It ended like it started as always exciting, action and suspense

  27. Veradine Oliver says:

    Had me in tears, was really heart wrenching. Can’t wait for season 4.

  28. lamar smith says:

    Its the greatest season movie in all time. I cant love it anymore. Its just fabulous. Great work. Two thumbs UP. Looking forward to season 4. Cant wait.

  29. Cindy says:

    I love The Originals and I am sad that the season is over. I can’t wait for season 4.. Always and Forever Baby!!!

  30. luv2cook says:

    Seriously bitter over here that this show is not coming back until next January. Excellent season finale though.

  31. Sanne says:

    I can’t believe we have to wait till 2017 ;(

  32. Monica says:

    Can’t believe they are benching a show like The Originals versus their “new line up”. Superhero saturation. If the actors need time off understandable, but to bench a show with mature story telling & an outstanding, diverse cast?! b/c time slots issues… This show deserves its spot in the schedule, but at least we get a season 4. If people found this season “boring” i hope the writers & Julie Plec use this time then to regroup; set the bar even higher.

  33. anonymous says:

    absolutely hate what they are doing
    I get that they were supposed to fall, but Marcel of all people?
    + why does someone have to be stronger than the originals. it would have been way better if it was someone else who maybe got the powers temporarily or used an enormous amount of power that later killed them…but they were able to, again temporarily, fulfil the prophecy.

    idiot writers.
    even bigger idiot cw showrunners that have moved season 4 to 2017 release. IDIOTSO!

  34. Shauna says:

    This show is amazing i just wish they wouls add the other people from varmpire daries where this all spin off from. Maybe its bonnie she will turn to help for

  35. zed says:

    Very good finale! So, season 4 is about finding the Cure-sounds so familiar!
    Hayley’s loyalty cos of Hope to Mikaelsons understood, but how about her loyalty to her Crescent wolves and her role as their Queen?
    Cure- Elena’s blood! Bonnie helping them as a resurrected super-witch (the writers soo owe us fans to make Bonnie a SuperWitch!!!!!) would be a nice touch actually!! And there you have a great crossover whatever happens with both TVD and TO the next season they return.

    • APA says:

      Maybe Bonnie comes to NOLA to get Vincent’s help restoring her powers & fixing Denzo. Also, can Bonnie’s mommy vamp who is actually married to JoMo irl show up on TO or TVD again just so we can see married ppl magic chemistry on the screen? We got about 4 seconds of that this season with Paul/Phoebe love during the crossover…maybe the cure is the 7 venoms plus the doppelgänger blood? Are we happy or sad that nobody has mentioned the word doppelgänger in so long?
      Finally, the scary evil thing that took Enzo was a bit reminiscent of what took our beloved Katherine in the 100th ep of TVD. Elena can’t come back until Bonnie dies, but Katherine can. How much fun would it be to see Katherine making mischief in NOLA with TOs? My money is on them just turning Bonnie into a vamp if her witch powers are gone just to bring Elena back. I’d suggest Alaric find a new lady from TO but they killed them all off unless he wants Freya. 😒 Sorry. 4am ramble.

  36. om jha says:

    I think Hope will make everything right.
    OR; the seven wolfs coven might help.
    Season 4 waiting for u.

  37. Darin Price says:

    Do you think that Hope could hold the key to the cure? After-all, she could be a witch-werewolf-vampire hybrid. She is an enigma.

    • omoatiku says:

      yea am sure Hope will be d hope for her family and am sure she wont be a baby in season 4

    • Missy says:

      Then why didn’t she save them right away. All she can do is give blood at her age. They showed her perform magic- to stop the car with Cami last season- but she doesn’t know spells and she can’t read. We know Hayley isn’t able to do anything for them for at least 3 years because Klaus still isn’t around when Caroline goes to New Orleans.

  38. omoatiku says:

    i just wish season 4 can start right away mehn dont know how i will cope with d long wait…… i love u guyzzzz

  39. MICHAEL LINDER says:

    Never seen a show that made its main characters so weak. This was my last season watching it because how can I get into the show when Klaus is the main bad and gets his butt kicked every week. He was supposed to be the most powerful creation of them all and I have never seen him represent that power in a compelling or forceful way.

    • Lola says:

      While I appreciate the show and that irony, it’s also my biggest issue with it as well. JP has this stupid story of letting others somehow overpower Klaus. This was the bad ass that had the vamps on TVD running scared by his name way before we ever saw him. Now suddenly he’s being turned into this powerless wimp that watches action from afar. That’s not saying he’s completely unstoppable but it should be damn near impossible to do so. The Klaus character still can grow without relinquishing his power. Being strong doesn’t mean you have to be cold. It’s like they think Klaus showing feelings or something weakens him. I feel like Julie doesn’t respect the two things. So what if he loves his family/child. Even more reason to keep him bad ass and not tolerant of traitors. Marcel can kick freaking rocks because I would not sacrafice my family for that teenage tart. One who need I remind constantly trying to take Klaus down. She broke his freaking sire for her own selfish reasons. You better believe if the choice was to save Marcel and Josh vs. the Mikaelsons, for damn sure whiney Davina would’ve let the family die without question. The Mikaelsons owed her nothing.

      • Lisa Brown says:

        This was so so sad I cried and can believe they did this to them the mikaelsons wasn’t all good but they helped everybody …. even all them snakes Marcel and Vincent ,Davina they made Klaus weak as cat shit on this season and I want the bad ass back he was helpless running from everybody Klaus never ran from no one so…. I hope they make it right on the next season even Rebecca make her back the bad girl she was…Elijah and Freya, kol couldn’t do all what they had going on…. so now I hope Haley go to mf and get help cause everybody old the mikaelsons

      • gift says:

        you re forgetting devina fell in love with one of the mikaelson brothers ( kol ). yes she might let his brothers burn but not kol, she already made that clear when she brought him back to life. kol on the other hand would not let his family die. We’ve seen occasions where he is furious with them but still manage to help nd save them.

  40. kate says:

    Well from TVD we know that they are gone for at least three years. I was thinking longer if they want to age Hope up more than being a four and a half year old and like Vincent is the only character that would also be aging. I guess I missed the hints but I’m presuming Tyler from this interview who could hide the bodies since he seems to be the go to for that now.

  41. Hurl says:

    How many episodes?

  42. judy says:

    Take off Arrow…its so boring now…keep the originals

  43. Jeanique Louis says:

    Why must I wait all the way 2017 to continue this story that has been created in my mind! Epic finale and episodes leading toward the finale. This show calls to me, I just love it!!!!!

  44. Sharon says:

    I thought it was a pretty good season ender and I hate that there will be such a long wait till season 4.

    I think Marcel will become super paranoid was he realizes Kol and Elijah are still alive. I can’t imagine who will help Hayley. All she knows are some wolves. Stefan and Caroline are probably the only other people that care about Klaus.

  45. kate says:

    I cried so hard I hate ending I hope the family lives it’s my fav show I wish I could meet them and tell them how much they changed my life about my owe family thank u cast of the originals

  46. Bob Wood says:

    I think the writers have a pretty big challenge on their hands for SN 4, first, what ever they had planned for SN 4 will now have to be condensed to only 10 episodes instead of the usual 22 since the show will now be a Mid-season show. Second the other problem will be how would they do any cross overs with TVD especially if SN 8 of TVD is the last. If the do a cross over it would have to be a time jump with only a few minutes in the beginning of TVD because both these shows won’t be airing back to back anymore so anything that happens on TVD for a cross over will have to also happen on the Originals but how since the Originals 10 story episode won’t start until Mid when TVD are on a break.

  47. in my point of view and as the best fan of the Originals . i would say that “hope” ‘s blood might be the cure for Marcel’s bite . cuz the baby has got power from every supernatural creatures in that series. lets see what ll happen

    • Missy says:

      They tried that on Cami and it didn’t work.

      • Bwhit says:

        But Cami wasn’t a Mikaelson…. That could be why it didn’t work, she can heal her family perhaps.

    • gift says:

      That’s true. that’s why when she was born the ancestors wanted her dead. Maybe the reason Hopes blood didn’t work on cami was be cos her powers aren’t grown yet or Maybe she had to be the one to want to heal u before it works. Some how hope’s powers isn’t showing yet. But one thing is for sure she will be very powerful.

  48. Season finale was great, you really could se how much Klaus loves Elijan and Elijahs love for Klaus is impossible to expain. But to wait 8 month for season 4 is way tooo long, wa all know that Julie P favores the vampire diaries but why dosen´t she use her brain and think that theres a chans that the Originals might lose lots of fans. Just take a look at the serie Beaty and the beast.. they had a brake for a year, and lots of fans didnt bother to see the new season. Only Game of thrones can have such long breakes.

    It broke my heart to se the brothers so hurt, when klaus said ” I can´t do this without you, Eliah” omg a part of me died.

    I love my Elijah and hope Jullie changes ger mind, so we dont have to waith 8 months.. I really hope Klaus is okay!! She makes the Original brothers seem so weak!! This is the originals show, not the marcellus show..

    I´m thinking about getting me a coffin and sleep for 8 months like Damon did!! what the hell are we suppose to do now??

    So sad and heartbreaking..

    (sorry if my spelling is incorect)

    • Diane Hicks says:

      I hate the break too. I don’t want less I want more. it’s my favorite show. I buy the series and watch them again and again.

  49. Clair says:

    I have enjoyed watching the evolution of the Mikaelson’s since we first were introduce to Elijah in Vampire Diaries. Always siding with his soulless and merciless brother Nicklaus who is the big bad insecure brother, yet extremely loving of his family. His philosophy..” I can dagger my sibs, but no one else had better lay hands on them”. It’s been fun and entertaining watching Nicklaus evolve. As far as Hope and time jumping I agree that they not make her too old, 6 or 7 as has been suggested. I think her first word should be daddy.
    The story lines have been almost predicable.. yet ya have to love the twist the writers come up with to throw you off. I think they do a very good job, and I have enjoyed the actors as well, they play their parts extremely well. It should be some good entertainment watching Marcel, Vincent, and the French Quarters change while the Mikaelson’s rest a bit.
    Waiting in anticipation.

  50. Elena says:

    Great finale, strong but without any unnecessary kills. Plus potential for crossovers – siphon babies can solve all TO problems