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Grimm Finale Recap Season 5

Grimm Finale: EPs Talk [Spoiler]'s Death, Rosalee's Secret, [Spoiler]'s 'Complex' Return and More

Stick a sword in it — Renard, you wanna do the honors? — because Grimm is done for the season.

Friday’s two-hour finale saw the deaths of three players, including Meisner (sniff!), and some intriguing developments for various members of the Scooby Gang. Here’s a quick recap:

Hadrian’s Wall identified Bonaparte, a Zauberbiest who helped found Black Claw, as being the insurgent group’s top man on the ground in Portland. Meanwhile, at Renard’s mansion, Bonaparte used his powers to petrify Adalind briefly, then promised to hurt her children if she ever removed the engagement ring he put on her finger as yet another means of tying her to Renard.

Diana, too, wanted her folks to get back together and stay that way. So by using her toys, voodoo-doll fashion, she manipulated Adalind and the new mayor into a hot makeout session that nearly ended between the sheets. And when the little girl perceived Rachel as a threat to her folks’ reunion, she killed the campaign manager. Remotely. By suffocating/choking her with her own sheets.

Grimm Finale Season 5 SpoilersBlack Claw pulled a fast one on Hadrian’s Wall by leading Nick, Eve, Trubel away from headquarters long enough for the hate group to massacre everyone left behind. Meisner fought valiantly, but he was no match for Bonaparte’s Darth Vader-like death grip — though Renard was the one who finally shot his former ally, to put him out of his misery. “You are compassionate, and that’s dangerous for all of us,” a highly displeased Bonaparte informed the new mayor.

An enraged Nick confronted Renard at the police station, which led the two men to throw down in the captain’s office. Nick wound up arrested and transferred to the all-Black Claw north precinct, where Bonaparte made him a deal: Hand over a book of Grimm lineage — which was part of Monroe’s uncle’s stash — “and you can have your son back.”

Grimm Finale Recap Season 5 EveJust then, Eve and the gang descended upon the precinct, and a massive shootout followed. As the über Hexenbiest fought Bonaparte, she took a giant shard of glass to the gut and began to bleed out; Nick hurried her to the loft, then used the magic stick to heal her wound. Still, she had a violent seizure and then passed out, alarming everyone.

After Monroe, Truble and Rosalee arrived, Diana astral-projected herself into the loft and warned them — thanks to Adalind — that Black Claw was on its way to the fortified apartment. So everyone except for Nick climbed down into the tunnels to hide. That’s where it became clear that Juliette may be resurfacing in Eve’s psyche (“I feel a lot,” the assassin tearfully said to Trubel); that’s also where Rosalee chose a really inopportune moment to tell Monroe what she’d known for most of the episode: “I’m pregnant.” (P.S. He was overjoyed.)

Back upstairs, Nick fought off Black Claw henchmen (and applied the stick to himself when he got hurt) until only he, Bonaparte and Renard remained. The older man choked Nick like he did Meisner, and it appeared that this time, the former captain wasn’t going to interfere. But then Diana, via her doll, made Renard thrust a sword through the Black Claw boss — who she knew hurt her mother earlier in the episode — and Bonaparte fell to the ground, dead, while Nick and Renard stared at each other, dumbfounded.

Phew! For some insight on the supercharged, supersized finale, we turned to series co-creators/EPs David Greenwalt and James Kouf and star David Giuntoli. Read on to hear what they have to say about what’s next for the Scooby Gang.

TVLINE | The finale had three big fight scenes. Which was the hardest to pull off?
KOUF | They were pretty easy for us. We just told Bert [Barba, director] to do them. [Laughs]
GREENWALT | There is a moment of reckoning coming with Nick and the captain and lots of moments of reckoning for everybody.
KOUF | When we delivered the last few scripts, our producers’ hair caught fire.
GIUNTOLI | Relationships and fight scenes: Both of these things are kind of pains in the ass, but also very fun and worthwhile. It’s pretty fun as an actor to do that stuff. Because Nick often has to be so hurt and in such a dark place. When I’m fighting in a fight scene all day long — because it’s all day long — you just kind of do it. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I loved that Nick’s stove was used as a battering ram — twice!
KOUF | [Laughs] Kitchens are dangerous places.
GREENWALT | Whatever’s at hand!

Grimm Finale Recap Season 5 MeisnerTVLINE | Meisner dies in the finale. Why did you think now was a good time for him to go?
KOUF | Well, it was just reality. [Black Claw] tricked our people into leaving HW unguarded, or down a few men, and that’s what they were looking for: the opportunity to go in —
GREENWALT | — and wipe them out. Meisner happened to be there, so he got it.
KOUF | It was too much for even him.

TVLINE | Damien Puckler, who plays Meisner, has been with the show since Season 3. What was his reaction when he found out his character was being killed?
KOUF | We actually forgot.
GREENWALT | We forgot to let him know! He found out when he got the script.
KOUF | We were so busy writing the last two that we didn’t realize when he got the script.
GREENWALT | He got it before we thought he was gonna get it. He’s a tremendous guy. For one thing, he does all his own stunts. You hear people claim that, but he actually does it… He took it really well. We don’t know how, but we would hope that he’s not gone forever. But these things have to happen.

TVLINE | Is Hadrian’s Wall finished, or just depleted in Portland?
KOUF | Depleted in Portland.

TVLINE | So there are are other pockets of it that might be able to come in and help?
KOUF | Yes. But also, Black Claw isn’t doing too well in Portland now, either.

TVLINE | Bonaparte made Adalind wear a ring. Is that ring in play, moving into next season?
GREENWALT | Oh yeah.
KOUF| Everything’s still in play. It’s kind of a new world. There has been so much damage done to both sidesm and with what the stick does, it opens up other doors to what the hell is going on in our world.
GIUNTOLI | Can we give a little shout-out to the actor, Shaun Toub? He’s just brilliant.

TVLINE | Did the trimming of the episode order affect how you’re approaching story for next season?
KOUF | We don’t actually know what we’re going to get yet.
GREENWALT | We’re assured of 13, which is more than half the season. There may or may not be more episodes. It may or may not be the last season. These are things we don’t yet know. We’re certainly thinking of arcs for next year, and then [the episode order] will determine how long it takes to do that.

TVLINE | Will the premiere pick up right where the finale leaves off?
KOUF | Yeah.
GREENWALT | That’s the plan. Right at that very moment: What happens next?
KOUF | There are too many unanswered moments to jump ahead.

Grimm Finale Recap Season 5TVLINE | Fans have been wanting Rosalee to get pregnant for a long time. Why is now the right time?
GREENWALT | It seemed like a great contrast. She says, “What kind of world is this going to be?” So you have this contrast of this pure love and this horror that’s happening all around them and to people who are like them. So it’s a moment of confidence in one another. Plus, it was really touching. It was a moving, little emotional arc-ette to have in these last couple of episodes.
GIUNTOLI | Rosalee’s going to have a baby. The fans are going to get what they want. Kids are cute, but infants, you don’t want to work with. I want to be the only person soiling myself on set all day.

TVLINE | Eve showing signs of Juliette returning: What can you tell me about what’s really going on?
GREENWALT | Well, the feelings have come back.
KOUF | The stick opened up part of her. There are unintended consequences to the use of that stick. So, just like everything else.
GREENWALT | There’s part of her that was dead, that she had killed, that they had killed. Suddenly it was awakened. And because she’s a Hexenbiest, it had a super effect. So we’ll have to see what happens with the Eve side of her personality and now having all these feelings, which is going to include a lot of guilt. It’ll be complex.

Grimm Finale Recap Season 5 EveTVLINE | Nick only gets a glimpse of what’s going on with Eve, but what do you think will be his reaction when he considers that Juliette — or part of her — might be back?
I think there’s going to have to be a major come-to-Jesus moment, or a dozen of those. Because she did so many terrible things to me and my family, but you have to remember: Juliette did all of these things under the influence of a power that happened to her as a side effect of something she was doing to try to help me. How did it happen? She turned into Adalind, and it was for the benefit of Nick.

…Will she remember? Will she hear about what happened? Or does she know? And what does she feel? Look, if people weren’t literally storming my place of residence as she came to, [Nick’s reaction] would’ve happened right there. But 50 stuntmen who were hired to die were breaking into my apartment, so what are you gonna do?

TVLINE | Did you continue the scene, to shoot what happens immediately after the cliffhanger?
GIUNTOLI | We have not shot the next part of the cliffhanger… We also didn’t quite know how it was going to end. We shot alternate endings. There was a take where Renard still had the sword in his hand, there was a take where he throws it down… There’s a kiss. We shot that — in Sasha’s dreams! [Laughs]

…I think [the end of the episode] respects the audience. It could have been a cliffhanger with me being shot on the ground and then, ooh!, I come to. The stick was in my pocket! We’ve done that before. There’s only so many ways this can go with the captain and Nick. Either we get into a huge melee, or the captain tries to somehow recruit me to his side. I don’t see how else it could go. I’m not going to say, “Let’s deal with this later.”

It was pretty cool. Nick got to be a big old hero again. It had been a little while. When Nick closes the tunnel door and I’m like, “I got this!,” that’s kinda badass.

What did you think of Grimm‘s season finale? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments with your additional thoughts. 

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  1. milton thomas says:

    Best frickin finale ever! 2 hours wasn’t enough!

    • onionthe says:


    • Murica! says:

      Agreed! The finale was amazing. I hope they order more episodes and make it a full season. This show is amazing and none of the new show look interesting. Grimm is one of the best shows on tv right now.

    • grys03 says:

      & the body count!!!
      82nd police station, Nick’s place, 521 Summer, HW, Hank’s place, the Spice Shop, Nick’s police station & random other places…
      That’s going to be a season’s worth of TV just explaining wtf happened in Portland on that night.
      I got the feeling that even though Nick attacked Renard with feeling there was also a ‘they might lead me to Adalind & Kelly’ type of thing going on.
      Hank & Wu were great, Rosalee was her typical very strong self. I’m hoping they don’t prolong the conflicted Eve/Juliette or the potential love triangle.
      Munroe was awesome – he’s at his best when defending friends, Rosalee & now a baby blutbad or a mix…
      Bring on the next season!

  2. Grimm is the best show on television right now. I hate it how it’s so unfairly treated on NBC, being pushed aside by their unoriginal (not that they’re all bad, but not original) spin-offs.

    • DL says:

      Grimm’s had consistent decent ratings, and considering there will be a 13+ episode season 6, I’d say they’ve treated the show fairly well. Most shows don’t make it that far.
      And depending on how their fall schedule does, Grimm could still have its episode order bumped up. Its production values seem relatively affordable, and it’s now earning syndication dollars. 13 episodes (for now) doesn’t mean the show is kaput.

      • queensgirl says:

        “13 episodes (for now) doesn’t mean the show is kaput.”

        No, but it’s not exactly a promising sign.

        • uncleruckus90 says:

          I find it worrying, as well. You never know with these network executives and their reasoning. They don’t care about the viewers, only profits if we’re going to be real. It’s been said that the shows leading into Grimm and after Grimm don’t have ratings anywhere as high as Grimm’s-i.e. people tune in just to view Grimm and then tune out. It seems like the network might then write off that Friday time slot as a loss even with Grimm’s high ratings and just stick something cheaper to produce in there, like some news-type program (e.g. another version of Dateline or something) to save money. That’s the reason they stick popular shows in certain spots, hoping it will raise the ratings of the shows leading into and after it-when that doesn’t work, they could just pull the plug on that show even if it’s popular. If that is their reasoning, they should just move Grimm to another night instead of punishing it, and us the viewers, for the other bad shows surrounding it.

      • BillyBobJohnson says:

        Executives at NBC will have to decide fairly early next season whether they get the back nine and whether it’s the last season. The producers need lots of prep time to end it properly.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Loved Monroe’s reaction to hearing Rosalee’s news! I teared up a bit.

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh Meisner :-(

    • TvPeong says:

      Can they use the stick to bring him back?

      • a says:

        YES why didn’t they? at least trubel should have thought of it since she knew of the stick. i actually totally thought that was going to happen. she would remember the stick and go get it. i thought that was the point of showing her.

        • Chris Coburn says:

          They don’t realize you can heal the dead? Everyone who had been healed at that point was just injured. {Had anyone besides Monroe been healed at that point? I can’t recall, since I’m half asleep at the moment.} Nick’s healing happened after that, and even he might not have been dead. He could have just been “mostly dead.”

          • a says:

            true. but does it stop trying? i often see people attempting to save someone already dead in tv or movies. and it takes someone else forcefully telling them that the person’s gone.

          • Jennifer says:

            Until the healing of Eve, Monroe had been the only one “healed”. I understand their awe and skepticism, especially since they had not done it since Monroe. After Nick is healed, I’m sure their doubts are extinguished. Now, does it last forever?

          • emrys le roux says:

            If Jesus brought back st Lazarus and that stick is part of Jesus’s cross I don’t see why it’s not possible to stick in a slice of resurrection storyline.

        • adi says:

          Me too, i thought they take meisner and heal him

      • George Britten says:

        They’re in a huge panic, they healed eve then got attacked, there wasn’t time to heal Misner. Maybe next series they’ll go back and try it.

      • That’s what I’m hoping for.

    • uncleruckus90 says:

      I feel sorry for Damien Puckler losing his job. The guy has really had a hard time in showbiz. He gave a candid interview two years ago and it was heartbreaking. One of the things he said was that he was worried with Grimm that he could be out of a job at any time and then when I read the producers saying they forgot to tell him Meisner would be killed off and that he only saw it when he got the script, I got really mad. Hopefully they do find a way to bring him back.

      In the interview, he was talking about how hard he has to work to get a part and last minute disappointments where he’d think he had a part for it to fall apart at the last minute. He lived in a car (for five years, I believe he said) and then a trailer, and at the time of that interview from two years ago, he was living in a small rented house with his brother and a couple of pets. You just assume these actors are all living well but not necessarily. He said he made $8,000 an episode for Grimm but you know that’s not what you end up with after taxes and all that gets taken out and he said he really is a struggling actor. He was so honest about everything-I really wanted to cry by the time I got to the end of it. I see he’s working on another project (per IMDB) so I hope things work out well for him.

      • Lauren says:

        I’d love to see Damien Puckler in Marvel.

      • BillyBobJohnson says:

        Unfortunately, that is the story for most actors. Normally at the point he was, they give it up and move on.

      • I agree 100% with you. I read that interview too. I loved his character and was very upset to see him go (and I’m very angry with Renard).

      • AlexK says:

        Greenwalt and Kouf gave a classic illustration of why they’re bad showrunners in the flippant frat boy ‘wasn’t that funny’ retelling how they forgot to tell Damien he was losing his job and letting him find out at the last minute by reading the script. this explains why relationships on the show tend to be inconsistent along with the wandering plot lines and 180 character shifts – they’re so hyped on themselves they have little concern for others or just basic character development. the actors are too good for this – they’ve regularly held the show up under back writing and illogical plot shifts.

    • Ben Anderson says:

      Yes I felt the same way. I thought they were going to find a faint heartbeat and Nick was going to take him to the stick.

    • smonkz says:

      I did a binge watch from start to last season, wonder why every one suddenly got braindead as to why Juliette turned hexenbeast(sp?). She never would have felt the power she came to like had she not sacrificed herself for the grimm, which I don’t like very much because he justs dumps her for the __ adalind. I’d like to see more justice for Juliette, maybe she gets to put adalind to death, the real troubemaker who started the whole thing. Is it just me that feels this way?agree

      • Norm says:

        You are so not alone. I’m all for justiceforJuliette. It was complete bullcrap how they did her character. It was an insult to so many fans…which is why many just stopped watching. It’s like all the people that she sacrificed so much for just traded her in for Adalind…because she had Nick’s kid…which she wouldn’t have gotten if she wasn’t trying to destroy him for the royals.

  5. KB says:

    It was great but please don’t put Nick and Eve/Juliette back together that just doesn’t work….So happy for Rosalee

    • Rachel says:

      Ditto about nick and eve/adalind

    • Penny says:

      Unfortunately they will. The Grimm social media accounts promote Bitsie and David’s real life relationship (which is creepy/unprofessional) as well as the Eve/Julliette character ALL the time, and I realized that the writing is on the wall. I’m not, nor have I ever been, interested in their relationship drama. I’m not here for Nick reuniting with his mother’s murderer…who will, undoubtedly, be absolved of her many crimes. It’s utter crap because Wesen have never been written as lacking ‘free will’ or the inability to control their actions. The writers will likely retcon because David/Bitisie are apparently a package deal. Doesn’t matter that the majority of the audience has complained that the character/relationship felt awkward since season one…

      • Penny says:

        To clarify, I don’t mean that their relationship isn creepy/unprofessional, but the show’s social media account fixation.

      • Marc says:

        I’ve always wondered what was it about the actress/ Juliette’s character the writers found so intriguing why they continue to keep her around despite the fact that she’s the weakest link on the show since day one and it we only tonight I found out that Bitsie and David are a real life couple and I had that aha moment. Yup, feels like a package deal. Too bad really since Juliette is the worst but it’s almost certain that they’ll end up together. Meanwhile RIP Meisner.

      • Naomi says:

        I am frustrated to no end that they keep featuring Bitsie front and center of the show. There are so many interesting characters (and MUCH better actors) who have to cede airtime to Juliette/Eve. Even if Bitsie and David are a package deal, one would imagine the writers would want the storylines to be compelling and good. Do the writers really find Juliette and Nick/Juliette compelling? I feel like I am missing something here. But then again, these are the same writers who dream up things like lawyers going to work with babies and giving a mayoral candidate an instant family to help him win an election, only to bring out the family after the race is won. Makes zero sense. The writers need to step away from the computer and understand how the real world works. They also need to know how to identify and showcase the actual talent on their show.

        • wanda says:

          Real world ? GRIMM. LOL Anyway, I think that Renard was chosen by Black Claw as he is a Royal(in part by blood). I think the instant family idea is not just for human politics, but for Wessen politics as well.(Look at us, we have family values as well! ) As for Nick/Juliette story line, every hero needs a true love, to pine for. Nick will probably end up fighting alone (like his mother did) and Adalind will raise the kids in hiding somewhere.

        • Marci says:

          I agree. Bitsie is a meh actress who has made Juliette a very boring character; I’ve never liked her. Even Eve, as badass as she is, isn’t very interesting. It’s too bad Bitsie and David are a couple of real life; otherwise, they could have killed off Juliette and kept her dead. Now, we have to possibly look forward to having Nick and Juliette a couple again?

          Thank goodness for Rosalee and Monroe–they’re ALWAYS interesting. Given how sadistic writers and showrunners can be, I just hope they don’t do anything to menace the pregnancy or baby once it arrives.

        • Oscar says:

          Please read several comments above yours about how G&K are bad showrunners. If Juliette is such a boring character, and Eve such an underused one, most of the blame lies on the show makers. They’re the ones who ultimately can make or break a character. An actor can try as hard as possible, but even they can’t overcome a badly written script.

      • igniting says:

        Cool cool. How do you feel about the whitewashing of rape, considering there’s a rapist in a relationship with her rape victim on the show and that ish is swept under the rug??? But, you know, that Juliette, man. She got whitewashed the most, right?????? /sarcasm.

        • Cal says:

          Lol. That person did not defend or even bring up Adalind. Pointing out Adalind’s flaws does not, in any way shape or form, make Juliette a good character or Bitsie a good actress. You totally failed in whatever you were trying to accomplish because when you look at Juliette’s actions (cheating on Nick, cold-blooded murder of his neighbors and mother, destroying his family history ) they are 10x worse than anyone else…especially since she had been in a relationship with him (vs Adalind who was an enemy because he helped steal her powers/her child). You can vilify other characters all you want, but at the end of the day Juliette sucks and brings the show down.

          • Nic says:

            i have no idea, why oh why, do the writers think the audience is so stupid..From the moment they brought back Juliette,i knew that this Eve thing was just a front.And Excuse.Sooner or later with time..They were going to bring Juliette back..Which is bad..
            I love Adalind..Although she has done some bad things.That in no way compares to the things Juliette has done.And it makes no sense.Because Adalind is also a Hexen beast and she did not do half the things Juliette has done when she became one.Which means Juliette is down right bad to the bone.
            Juliette tried to kill Nick..And she caused the death of Nick’s mother..What is with this feelings bs..Excuse me Writers..What the Heck.
            Juliette and Nick have no Chemistry..Whatsoever on the Show.
            The camera does not pick up anything..Neither do i..Watching
            So tired of seeing her over and over..all the time..More than Adalind. Who is supposed to be there much more..that she has to be..
            Now they are pushing Adalind aside to make a come back romance with Bitsie/Juliette/Eve..With Nick..Ah the tragedy ..the foolishness..Never cease..
            I actually see much more warmth and so much more of a better relationship between Nick and Adalind.They are more fun to watch as well..Adalind character is wonderfully played.

          • Marie says:

            But a lot of Adilind’s bad actions was because Capt Renard and to some extent her mother before she was killed put her up to a lot of it especially the first two seasons. After that she acted on her own accord.

        • Norm says:

          I am 100% in agreement. Adalind has been attacking Nick and company for years…as a hexenbeist and as human. Yet, all of her BS is completely glossed over because she had a baby. Let’s just completely forget how that baby was conceived. The hypocrisy of the hilarious to me. Juliette was taken over and corrupted by hexenbeist powers…powers that she would’ve never been infected by if she wasn’t trying to undo another one of Adalind’s little “gifts”.

      • uncleruckus90 says:

        I HATED Juliette for the longest time, and hated her with Nick. Then for some strange reason when I thought she was dead, I wanted her back and back with Nick. Then she came back and started annoying me again. I think the problem with Bitsie is that she hardly moves her lips or changes her facial expressions when doing her parts and it’s distracting. Even playing robotic Eve, she was just too lifeless. Also, and I know she can’t help this, but I HATE the way her eyebrows are so close to her eyes!

        • Oscar says:

          I think she has a bit of a cross-eye. That might be what bothered you about her. As Eve, she wears these wigs that tend to distract you from seeing her eyes, which is probably why viewers accept her more than Juliette. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just the only one bothered by her eyes :-)

    • SayNay says:

      Yeah, I’m not excited at all for a Nick/Juliette(Eve) romantic reunion. Their relationship was so awkward the first 4 seasons. Even though David and Bitsie are together in real life, they have no chemistry together on screen. I’ll just have to skip over those scenes next season.

    • onionthe says:

      Yeah, don;t want Nick back with her. I like NIck and Adalind together.

      • tvjunkie says:

        yep, nothing like putting a rapist and her victim together

        • GrimmLover says:

          Please explain to me where Adalind RAPED Nick? I must have missed that episode… Adalind never raped Nick. She never forced herself on Nick. What she did do was manipulate and deceive him into thinking she was Juilette. U really need to go back and watch that episode again because u are delusional. The sex was consensual. So please stop with the Adalind raped Nick bit because it is inaccurate and tired. Is that the best defense u have for Juilette? Juilette did faaarrrrr worse things than Adalind ever did in all 5 seasons!!! There is no coming back from getting a mans mother murdered!

          • tvjunkie says:

            what you’re describing is basically rape. it was not consensual with Adalind. tricking someone is pretty much the same thing. plus she stole his powers in the process. rape does not have to be all physical it can be mental and emotional as well and you can’t tell me there weren’t mental and emotional scares of rape that came about from what Adalind did and it affected juliet as well

          • tvjunkie says:

            You’re also right there is no coming back from getting a mans mother murdered and that blame lies squarely on Adalind’s head. She is the reason Juliet became a hexenbeast, which lead to Nick’s mother’s death. Ultimately Adalind caused her death.

          • Ron G. says:

            Yup, couldn’t agree more.. Plus as the old saying goes…”you can’t rape the willing”!! 😅

          • NDFan says:

            You actually just described rape in your first couple of sentences. People seem to think rape is only about physical force…and that’s not the case. Rape occurs when a person does not consent to sexual intercourse, whether it’s by force, coercion, manipulation, etc. Nick did not consent to sex with Adalind. He consented to sex with Juliette. So no, the sex between Nick and Adalind was in no way consensual. It actually disturbs me that you say that it was. I understand at the end of the day it’s a fantasy show… But it’s still wierd to just gloss over what actually happened.

          • Oscar says:

            Thank you tvjunkie and NDFan :-)

      • Butter says:

        Same.. Nick and Adalind have more chemistry! I never cared for the relationship between Njck and Juliette!

      • uncleruckus90 says:

        I don’t think Nick has any chemistry with Adalind nor Juliette. Yet both Adalind and Juliette both had plenty of chemistry with Renard. Maybe the problem is Nick/David. I think he’s really cute but don’t find him sexy. Now Sasha/Renard is SEXY. Maybe it’s the little bit of bad boy women like to see in men. I’ve seen Nick described as a badazz but I don’t see him that way at all. I’d like to see him chop off some heads more often and use more tools like Troubel. Also, I’d like to see what a Grimm looks like to a Wesen (from their point of view). I know they say it’s in the eyes, but I picture the Wesen looking at a Grimm and seeing a flaming skull for some reason-like some type of Grim reaper figure come to take them out. I’d love to see a Wesen look at Nick and see that-that would make it understandable for them to feel instant fear when they see a Grimm.

        • KatsMom says:

          I don’t find Sasha/Renard sexy at all. And, given that Bitsie is dating David in real life, I have a hard time believing she doesn’t find him attractive. I just think their real life chemistry prevents on screen chemistry. I see quite a bit of chemistry between Nick and Adalind, more than I ever saw between Nick and Juliette anyway. But, that’s all subjective.

          As to why all the wesen are immediately scared of Nick when they learn he’s a Grimm, I think they’ve explained that a big part of the fear comes from wesen growing up hearing stories about Grimms killing family members. I think of it as being like the news covering a serial killer who witnesses have only given vague details about, rather than a clear description. You wind up in a room with that killer and notice that vague identifying characteristic you’ve been hearing about, and you’re probably going to be terrified too.

    • Tori says:

      I disagree. It’s more awkward for Nick to be with Adalind. We forget the Nick also killed Adalind’s mother and Adalind was super evil. Nick and Juliette/Eve deserve a real chance. Talk about the new power couple. Wow!

      • Cee says:

        Um, Nick’s mom killed Adalind’s mom. But if he had killed her, that would be awkward if they were together … just like it would be awkward (and disgusting and senseless) if Nick was with the person who killed his mom – Juliette!!!

        • Chris Coburn says:

          Not really. iirc, Juliette didn’t actually kill Nick’s mother herself. Yes, she set her up, and the end result was mother Kelly’s death, but Juliette just contacted Nick’s mother so the Royals could get a hold of Diana. I don’t know if the Royals agents killed Nick’s mother because she was a Grimm, or because she wouldn’t give Diana up, but that was their decision to do, not Juliette’s.

          • Sonya says:

            Distinction without a difference. Wu can control his non born Wessen side but Julliette couldn’t. Even for the love of Nick. She’s has cheated on him repeatedly, set up his mother’s dead, tried to kill Adlaind because she was pregnant. Great step mommy

          • Nic says:

            Actually, Juliette participated in the death of Nick’s mother.So she is an accessory to the crime.She cannot skate on the bone of her a** and get out of that none sense free..Without any consequences.And she tried to kill Nick.Juliette is boring and has no chemistry with Nick.
            Adalind was a Hexen beast long before Juliette..Yet she never tired to kill Nick or his Mother.. while she did certainly have the motive/s and would be justified since they stole her child.Juliette is no way better than Adalind.
            She is in fact worse. Juliette of all people should have not taken a role in setting up the murder or participated in Nick’s Mother’s death knowing that she did have a long relationship with him, and knew his mother herself.She even went and slept with the Renard even when she became a Hexen beast.
            The writers..the Network and Show runners lied..And the intention always was to bring Juliette back under the rouse of playing Eve.
            Because they decided in time..People will accept Juliette back..But they are wrong..Most people do not even love the character Juliette..The character is cold..unfeeling and has no emotions..Never did ..I cannot even blame this on her being Eve..For she was always like that in the

          • Nic says:

            Actually, Juliette participated in the death of Nick’s mother.So she is an accessory to the crime.She cannot skate on the bone of her a**and get out of that none sense free..Without any consequences.And she tried to kill Nick.Juliette is boring and has no chemistry with Nick.
            Adalind was a Hexen beast long before Juliette..Yet she never tired to kill Nick or his Mother.. while she did certainly have the motive/s and would be justified since they stole her child.Juliette is no way better than Adalind.
            She is in fact worse. Juliette of all people should have not taken a role in setting up the murder or participated in Nick’s Mother’s death knowing that she did have a long relationship with him, and knew his mother herself.She even went and slept with the Renard even when she became a Hexen beast.
            The writers..the Network and Show runners lied..And the intention always was to bring Juliette back under the rouse of playing Eve.
            Because they decided in time..People will accept Juliette back..But they are wrong..Most people do not even love the character Juliette..The character is cold..unfeeling and has no emotions..Never did ..I cannot even blame this on her being Eve..For she was always like that in the

          • tvjunkie says:

            In addition to raping Nick, Adalind started the whole ball rolling that made Juliet into a hexenbeast, so really Adalind is ultimately responsible for Nick’s mother’s death. If Adalind hadn’t raped Nick to steal his Grimm powers then Juliet never would have done what she did that turned her into a hexenbeast. It really is all Adalind’s fault.

      • Norm says:

        Juliette and Nick really do deserve a real chance at happiness. I hope that they get it. Adalind and Nick can co-parent, but they do not belong together.

      • uncleruckus90 says:

        They’ve completely rewritten Adalind. I hate seeing her with Nick, baby or no baby. Are we supposed to forget all those super evil things she did?

    • Sarah says:

      I really agree with you!!!

    • So right re N/A instead of N/J

    • I agree with this so much. In the show, it’s much more fun with Adelind and Nick together.

    • Renard Prather says:

      They got me when Eve became Juliette again. My first thoughts were What about Adeline? Will Nick have to choose between the two?

  6. The Kaibosh says:

    WereWu ripping into the Black Claw cops was both awesome and funny.

  7. chloe says:

    aside from meisner dying, that was a GREAT finale!

  8. D says:

    Well, I’ll miss Meisner, but if it’s between him and the gang…well I’m just glad it’s not a core player. I would have been fine with it being Eve/Juliette, but after last seasons cliffhanger, it would have felt false to kill her again. That being said, please don’t completely bring Juliette back, Eve has been so much more entertaining! And honestly I’m not really in the mood for a complete love triangle, or quadrangle if we include Sean.

    • Chris Coburn says:

      I actually thought that, with the seizure, Eve was dead, and Juliette alive.

      A: The wooden “stick”, which I believe is meant to have come from the Cross of Jesus, has healing powers. {Among other, unknown, properties.}

      B: It healed both Monroe and Nick. But neither of them were MADE, so the stick wouldn’t have done anything to their natures.

      C: Eve/Juliette wasn’t born a Hexenbiest, so the “stick” healed the abnormality, returning her to her human persona.

      Which leads me to the question of, “If Wu is hurt enough to have the stick used on him, would Neander-Wu vanish?”

      And when Nick healed, I was expecting him to zombify again. Can he still do that, though? I can’t recall the last time he did, so maybe he’s not able to do it anymore?

      • Alichat says:

        I had the same thought!! When she began seizing, I thought that was the Hexenbiest in her dying, because as you said she was made. She is Juliette again. She was not born a Hexenbiest. Monroe was born Wesen, Nick was born a Grimm. The piece of wood healed the wesen in her….so to speak. I also expected Nick to zombify again when the guy shot him in the chest. I actually kind of miss that happening to him. And his super hearing. That seems to have disappeared.

  9. John Corbae says:

    For once, I could vote “Awesome” and mean it. It would have been a nice touch if at the very end, Renard looked quizzical, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Wasn’t me.” (no spoilers).

  10. Penny says:

    They keep Juliette, the worst character on the show, but kill the amazing Meisner?! With ill-conceived decisions like that, it’s no surprise that the show only received 13 episodes. Guess it’s time to remove the show from my DVR.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Your loss. I never understood the stupidity of abandoning a good show with lots of great characters all because of 1 actor you don’t like. You never really were a fan if you can’t get past that.

    • Jake says:

      And more importantly, stop posting about a show you hate.

  11. Wow! Great season finale with lots of options. Juliette is back (no way that Hexenbiest Eve survived the stick).

    • Tori says:

      I hope Eve survived. She’s so powerful. It would be cool if we had both Juliette and Eve, not just Juliette.

      • a says:

        agreed… how can they lose such a powerful ally?

        but then bonaparte, the only one who could beat her, is dead.

        i don’t see diana filling in as a complete ally yet, she still has too many whims and there’s the romance thing too. if she killed rachel for being with renard would she kill nick for being with adalind?? or did nick’s mum raising her mean the difference or is it becase adalind asked her.

        • tvjunkie says:

          how do you know he was the only one who could beat her? can you see the future? given this was just 1 small part of black claw you’re making a pretty big assumption based on no facts.

        • tvjunkie says:

          You don’t think Diana could snap her like a twig? Seems to me that Diana is the most powerful on the show, I mean she can be miles away from someone an kill them.

          • a says:

            the keyword is ALLY.
            she’s powerful but unstable. she can do ANY creepy whim she wants. we saw her craziness. who can stop what she wants to do? she will help when she WANTS to.

          • tvjunkie says:

            A, you need to stop drunk posting, your reply to me made zero sense. Please sober up and post in clear English.

        • Jacob denness says:

          What about Kelly I rather think when he gets his power he should be abell to give his big sister a run for her money

        • Chris Coburn says:

          Didn’t Meisner say something to the effect of, “Bonaparte is ONE OF the founderS of Black Claw.”? Maybe the other founders are just as powerful.

      • sounds like she will still be eve and juliette but have all her emotions, powers,
        and regrets

  12. Marc says:

    I’m sorry but Bitsie Tulloch’s acting is horrible. I have tried to come to terms with it since the writers keep insisting on keeping her but it’s so glaringly obvious that her skills are not on par with her peers. The scene where she told Trubel that she’s feeling everything was terrible to the point of embarrassing.

  13. Randy Mc says:

    Had me on edge of my seat, hated to lose Meisner, but.. Ready to hibernate till Season 6. Awesome job Everyone!

  14. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness! I was on the edge of my seat shaking the entire episode. So awesome. I can’t wait for season 6.

    • Randy Mc says:

      Well said!

    • Gaby says:

      Yeah! Me too…what a great show .I love how they make it work, almost with no plot holes…except the zombie Nick that never shows up. Eve-juliette out. Wu is one fun and real character, love how he control his wesen powers now. THE BEST couple of course :Monroe and Rosalee.Adalind should get both of her kids and protect them, Nick with a baby….I don’t love it but it is the father-driven part in him that makes him stronger.I love Trubel because she is always honest and always Kick-ass! The magic stick I think it have to be the spear that kill Jesus, but it would be better if they come out with something else to explain, because the show is for everyone, and it would alienate some viewers.

  15. Marie says:

    Enjoyed the Finale very much!!

  16. Steven says:

    I absolutely loved that the writers turned the horror convention on its head. Instead of the hero turning his back on the enemy, only to get attacked from behind by the monster he thought was dead, it was the monster who got taken out by the hero he thought was dead. Watching Nick get back up while the Black Claw assassin was on the phone was brilliant. Well done!

  17. JP says:

    Sad to see Meisner go, but overall awesome
    Epsiode. If this shortened season happens to be the last one, let Nick go full Grimm. Make Trubel a series regular. But I think NBC (contrary to opinion) is playing it smart. Grimm holds it own on Friday night so if the other shows suck, they can order more and it’s well past the 100 episode mark so more licensing money. just don’t cancel the show without a proper series finale (doubtful to happen since Sean Hayes is executive producer and he’s done a ton for NBC)

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Yah, I really wanted Meisner and Adalind to get together. They had heart and chemistry, together. The husband roots for Nick and Adalind.

  18. Debbie says:

    It was a good finale. As for next season, Renard could play it off as having saved Nick by choice and drop the charges pending against him for the fight in the squad room as a good faith gesture. As mayor, he can’t remain police Captain anymore and could appoint Nick or Hank to the job. Juliette is no longer a hexenbeast, as the stick cured her completely. That way the show can get back to doing what it does best, solving each monster of the week crime as it pops up. There’s still enough room left over to deal with the whole Nick/Juliette/Adalind, Renard thing and Rosalee and Monroe becoming parents. Besides Renard and Adalind are going to have their hands full with the very powerful Diana.

    • Chris Coburn says:

      Yeah. Nothing actually says Sean went full Black Claw anyway. “Oh, I was just infiltrating them to take the whole organization down.” “But you decimated the Portland chapter of HW and killed Meisner.” “We all have to do things we don’t like from time to time. I needed them to think I was on their side. Plus, Bonaparte would have killed me otherwise.”

      Yeah. Not a likely scenario, is it?

  19. andrea says:

    This was the best episode I hope NBC does not cancel this show I will boycott them I like the whole juliette/eve/adalind triangle part of me wants nick and adalind the other part wants juliette. I know alot of people don’t like her but I do.

  20. Sonya says:

    Ok, so Adalind can control her Hexenbeast side. Yes, she did horrible things but she owned up to them & said that the Wessen part of her only amps up her negative side but she still has free will. But Eve set up Nick’s mother’ death & still wants baby Kelly dead. How will that reunion work? Adalind through Diana saved Nick. I can’t stand the thought of Julliette/Nick’s reunion. Bitsie has no acting chops, she was better as Eve because Eve felt nothing.

    • Michael says:

      If the hexenbeist amps up the negative in proportion to power, then infinite power=infinite negativity hence Juliettes lack of self control compared to adalinds.

      • Sonya says:

        Wu can control his powers. Julliette said she like being a Hexenbeast. That she finally found her place in the world. Adlaind doesn’t want to be a Hexenbeast. Never liked it and didn’t like her mother that much either.
        Even the very powerful black woman Hexenbeast controlled herself.

        • Norm says:

          She and Adalind were born as hexenbeist and were raised by other hexenbeists who could teach them how to control themselves. Wu is a new wesen, but he is not a hexenbeist. These powers were literally thrusted on Juliette. She did not know how to control them on understand them. Even Adalind said how these powers corrupt people and alter how they think. Juliette was completely corrupted by these powers. That is why her actions were so crazy and out of her control.

    • igniting says:

      She was also born a hexenbiest instead of made one. That probably makes a difference. But hey, I don’t care because the fact that Adalind could control that ish and still raped two men is far worse than someone who couldn’t control it all and going full on psychopath.

      • Carla Krae says:


      • Nic says:

        Igniting–Saying Adalind raped Nick is stupid.So then the same could be said of Juliette/Eve sleeping with Renard’s lady friend..When she became Renard. So did Juliette raped her as well?
        Cause Juliette/Eve did have control and did have her senses and yet she did what she did.
        What your saying makes no sense.
        Juliette/Eve is no better than Adalind.
        In fact she is worse.
        At least Adalind did not kill Nick’s Mother..Nor did she try to kill Nick..and his friends.
        So if your saying Adalind is a rapist then so is Juliette..lmao
        Which is ridiculous.

        • mooshki says:

          Nope, Juliette didn’t have sex with that woman. They clearly did that very deliberately. As Renard, she couldn’t “get it up.”

          • Sonya says:

            The lady friend took over and they had sex. She said it wasn’t the same when she & the real Renard had sex again. Renard looked at her las though he didn’t know what she was talking about. As if he’s always good in bed. Lol

          • Chris Coburn says:

            This reply is actually to Sonya’s reply to this post, but there’s not an option to reply to her post.

            Eve, as Renard, said while in bed with Rachel, “This has never happened to me before.” Which led me to believe that while she was able to transform into Renard, sexual relations didn’t actually take place because “Renard” couldn’t “rise to the occasion.”

            So, yes, Rachel attempted to have sex with “Renard” but was unable to.

      • Sonya says:

        Julliette: cheated on Nick repeatedly, tries to kill Nick, tries to get Diana taken by the royals, sets up Nick’s mother’s death, rapes Renard’s girlfriend, attempts to kill Adlaind because she is pregnant with Kelly.

        Wu controls his not born a Wessen self. Juliette said she wanted to be a Hexenbeast. Found her place in the world.

        • mooshki says:

          She didn’t rape Renard’s girlfriend. They made out but “he” couldn’t consummate.

          • Chris Coburn says:

            Plus? Rachel is the one who started the “make-out” session. Eve didn’t realize Rachel and Renard were together to start with.

          • Naomi says:

            Actually, I believe that they did have sex. Just off-screen. Right before that scene of Eve-nard and Rachel in bed cut off, renard said he wanted to talk about black claws’ plans for him she said something about having another go in bed first. And in the following episode, when eve met with Nick in the car, she told him that she slept with Rachel.

        • scott says:

          wu is not a wessen or a hexenbeast

      • Carm says:

        A lot of people, including you do not seem to know the definition of rape. I suggest a dictionary

      • Mai says:

        Totally agree. I get that people find Juliette annoying or whatever, but the internet hate on her is just obsessive. Let it go, people, and just enjoy the show, majority of which is still entertaining. I thought this season’s finale was the best one Grimm has done so far. And if Season 6 is the last, I hope Nick does get a happy ending with Juliette and that they finally get married, going against the whole idea that Grimms, or any major hero on a show, need to go solo. As for Adalind, I found her better as a sorta villain. Rewriting Adalind and Juliette’s original storyline to make Adalind fit with better Nick, made it seem like retconning. I liked Juliette and am enjoying Eve, so I wouldn’t mind a good-Juliette/Eve mixed character.

        • Mai says:

          oops, was agreeing to “Igniting’s” post starting with “She was also born a hexenbiest instead of made one.”

    • tvjunkie says:

      Actually Adalind is responsible for Nick’s death. If Adalind hadn’t raped Nick to steal his powers then Juliet never would have become a hexenbeast in the first place. So really Adalind is the reason Nick’s mother is dead.

      • tvjunkie says:

        I missed “mother’s” in that first sentence, but the point remains, Nick’s mother is dead because of what Adalind did.

        • GrimmLover says:

          Man are u crazy or what?!! Are u really trying to pin Kellys death on Adalind? When Juilette is the one that contacted her, lured her to the house and stood upstairs while she was brutally beaten and beheaded? But yeah its Adalind fault. U sound like a fool. Juilette got Nicks mother killed, was about to kill Nick, almost made Nick kill Monroe, attacked Rosalee, had sex with Kenneth the man who killed Nicks mother Kelly, had sex with Renard, and burned down the Grimm family trailer. And all for what, becoming a freaking hexenbiest? Something that she could have overcome and learned to live with. As a matter of fax there was a potion made for her to suppress the Beast so she could live a normal productive life but she REFUSED to take it. She admitted she like being the villain. So there is NO redemption for her. The things Adalind did were trivial compared to the horrors of evil Juillette. Adalind never raped nick. He wanted it because he thought it was Juilette. Yes he was tricked but he was not forced.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Your really are and idiot aren’t you. It’s pretty simple, Adalind is the reason Juliet became an unstable hexenbeast. If Adalind hadn’t raped Nick and stole his powers then Juliet never would have become a hexenbeast while helping him get them back. If Juliet never became an unstable hexenbeast then Nick’s mom would be alive. Only and idiot can’t follow simple cause and effect logic. Are you an idiot? Adalind set the ball rolling that caused Nick’s mother’s death PERIOD.

          • NDFan says:

            Please, PLEASE, look up the definition of rape! It is NOT only about force. My goodness.

          • Marianne says:

            I’d just say it was both their faults. Adalind and Juliette are crazy in their own way. The similarity between them is partially obvious. They both had their time hurting and loving Nick. But what really hits me is that they both REALLY love Nick. And I’m pretty sure he loves them both. It’s going to be interesting if Juliette comes back and Adalind will have to confront him again. It’s going to be thrillingly interesting to see who Nick will choose.

      • Sonya says:

        Then no one has free will. Doesn’t make sense. By your logic, Nick killed his own mother by becoming a Grimm. Lol

        Julliette wanted to be a Hexenbeast. Spurned all the help Nick tried to provide and turned on him.

        Julliette went into Nick’s email and lured his mother back. There is no way of washing that away. Unless the last 2 seasons were a dream. Ugh

      • Naomi says:

        How about Kelly being responsible for her own death? If she had not kidnapped Adalind’s child, adalind would not have slept with Nick at all. Or maybe, it is Catherine schade who is the one who is responsible for Kelly’s death. If she had not given birth to Adalind, adalind would never have given birth to Diana and would never have slept with Nick to take his powers away and juliette would not have turned into a hexenbiest and lured Kelly to her death. It was all Adalind’s mom’s fault!

        Come on, everyone needs to take responsibility for what they’ve done.

        • Oscar says:

          Kelly didn’t kidnap Adalind’s child. It was a ploy, probably planned by Renard to maintain the safety of the child. The Royals would think the Resistance has the child and spend their resources hunting the Resistance, when in reality the baby was safe with Kelly.

  21. Nick says:

    I love Bitsie and David together, on and off screen. Grimm is a great show however they write it is ok with me.

    • Tracey says:

      I agree – I love Bitsie’s quirkiness, she’s wonderful. I re-watch all the episodes each summer – and I”m looking forward to watching her & Nick as a couple. My favorite part is when she took out a wesen who attacked an old friend whom she just found out was wesen. Loved it!!!

  22. Samantha says:

    I’m loving Diana right now. She isn’t playing….no one is getting away with messing with her family & surviving .

  23. Tori says:

    The episode was awesome! I’m so curios what’s going to happen. I hope that the captain and Diana switch sides and team up with HW. That would be amazing.

  24. Srobinson says:

    So so awesome, hope NBC realizes that there are a lot of people that are tired of reality shows and just want to escape into a show that’s fun not necessarily real and ask for more than just 13 episodes next season.

  25. Maureen says:

    I was hoping Juliet and nick get back together and she still has her power. Meisner needs to come back I liked him. I was holding my breath watching the show , raising my hands up in the air at some points and even WTF came out a couple of times, luckily I was watching it by myself. I had to record it so my husband can watch it when he comes home this weekend, I can wait to watch it again with him.

  26. Saysay says:

    Great show minus the whole Eve/Juliette part. Juliiette is the worse, terrible character and actress. Please kill her off once and for all!!!!!!

  27. James D says:

    Wow that was seriously intense. it was two hours of nonstop action and suspense, very well done. definitely a lot of questions for next season. will the Stick have altered Nick in some way like it did when it was Zombie Nick? Juliette being partly back will surely make things complicated for all involved. How will it end with Renard? I can’t wait for next season. by the by I didn’t think Misner was a major character, but still sad he’s gone.

  28. Nick Ferris says:

    Wow one of the best season finale’s I’ve ever seen for any show. Great action throughout and should start where we just left off. Plus everybody is in different areas so I can’t wait to see how everyone meets up again.

  29. PatriciaLee says:

    They forgot to let him know, but he got the script before they were going to tell him. It sounds like Damien/Meisner came out ahead.

  30. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Yasss this is how you END a crazyass season!! Loved it and soooo happy Rosalee and Monroe having a little wesen baby!😊
    RIP Misner😞

  31. Grace says:

    I hope Trouble will stay with the show(Grim). She’s one of the hi-light of the show.

  32. Pam says:

    Not happy w Meisner dieing he was perfect running HW…. As for Eve getting Juliette feelings back Really writers how original, must have taken hours of deliberating over that! Yeah! So because Bitsie and David date off screen we all must suffer, it didn’t work w Vampire diaries and here we go w Grimm… Nadalind work well together they deserve a chance for there son, and they luv one another if they had a shot, why wreck a good thing… as for the seed of chucky well she needs some serious direction lol.. Yeah Rosalee, Awesome Wu for kicking butt!! I have followed this show and bought the DVDs, and still don’t see why w some better writing u couldn’t keep this going as long as Vampire Diaries or even Super Natural, and those brothers have been to hell and back so many times they must have a secret hand shake for god sakes, and u writers are struggling… Maybe listen to yer fans who show up every Friday and buy the series…

    • tvjunkie says:

      I’m assuming with the name Pam, that your a woman so it’s funny that you support rape. Adalind is a raped and you want her with her victim? She is also the reason Juliet became a hexenbeast and there for also the reason Nick’s mother is dead. It makes no sense Nick and Adalind are together after she did both those things to Nick. I mean it might be Nick’s son, but he;s still a rape baby.

  33. Karen says:

    I loved the episode Grimm never disappoints. However, l want Mesiner back we need him to defeat Black Claw.

  34. would have been more awesome if nick turned to his zombie like form in the last fight killing them with only his hands

  35. me says:

    “Kids are cute, but infants, you don’t want to work with.”

    Really?? Diana ain’t cute… but baby Kelly is.

  36. Suzanne says:

    We have to have another whole season. There is so many things that need answers and this show is so fun. It’s the best on TV in my opinion and all my friends love it to. We talk about it and speculate. Awesome.

  37. me says:

    Also is Monroe/Rosalee’s baby going to something different too? Because Monroe was healed by the stick. That affect his sperm somehow?
    Or was the baby conceived before that? Right before Monroe left on that trip?

  38. jack Lindh says:

    Love the story line, love the characters. Looking forward to season six, and I hope it’s a full 22 episodes.

  39. Christine Samara says:

    Parts of the ending were so STAR WARS Return of the Jedi. Sort of disappointing from the writers.

  40. PatriciaLee says:

    The “Juliette” moment was cool! My vet is back?

  41. Kim Jenkins says:

    I never get enough of grimm and I watch the reruns over and over! It’s quite entertaining! One of my most favorite shows! I love the twist and turns!!

  42. Sharon Kirby says:

    Love love love love this show and l hope Juliet returns. Too bad they didn’t keep Meissner. I have seen every single episode. I am a Grimmet for as long as it airs. Hopefully more episodes will be added. By the way Hank is the man I love his swag and confidence.

  43. Just Me says:

    I prefer Eve. I have never cared for Juliette. I have never seen warmth in the character, and I see no chemistry between Juliette and Nick. I just couldn’t relate to them as a couple. I dread that couple being foisted on us again. Chemistry between Adalind and Nick? Loads. I have enjoyed watching the development of that relationship this season. The two hours sped by too fast!

  44. Gail says:

    When is next season’s date, can’t wait! Please don’t cancel. When Grimm first started, I didn’t want to watch it, but I got hooked.

  45. I can’t wait for the return of Grimm I love this show .Their our always medically shows, loves, comedy shows, etc. The Grimm is great you never know what’s going to happen next I just love the series.

  46. Ifeanyi from Nigeria says:

    I love this show!!!! I would suggest that the stick should give a Grimm some more powers.. At least boost his Grimm powers up a bit, like Superior mind control, stronger will power, stamina… Just saying… I would also like Nick and Adeline to get back together.. To the producers.. You guys are doing a fantastic job.. Keep it up..

  47. Dr. Mark Lynch says:

    It was an awesome finish to a great season. One of the best shows on TV and I am sure these idiots will cancel it in the near future just like they cancel all the good shows and leave these meaningless sitcoms on the air. I see no end to the possibilities of this show and my hope is that it will run many seasons forward.

  48. Lori Steele says:

    I voted very good. I would have put awesome but I just didn’t like Meisner leaving the show at all. That was definitely disturbing but not in a good way.

    I also didn’t want Juliette back. If Adalind can’t be with Meisner (as I’d hoped at the beginning of the season) then I wanted her to be with Nick or for him to travel on alone for a while. Wu was great as always.

  49. Syr says:

    So will Rosalee’s and Monroe’s Baby be a Fuchsbad or a Blutbau? :)
    If it’s door nr. 1, please be careful not to pronounce it like Fußbad, which is a bath for feet. :)

  50. helenmay says:

    can’t wait for season 6!