Vampire Diaries Video: Candice King Shares 'Kinky' Idea for Stefan and Caroline, No Hope for 'Klaroline'

After a seventh season of magical pregnancies, broken engagements and dramatic reunions, Candice King is hoping for slightly more chill storylines on The Vampire Diaries this fall. (Yeah, good luck with that.)

Speaking to TVLine at The CW Upfront on Thursday, King — after acknowledging that her character will likely wrestle with her decision to send Alaric and the twins back to Dallas without her — offered up a truly wild idea for Stefan and Caroline’s next step as a couple: a “proper date!”

“I think they’ve had kind-of dates, but she was pregnant,” King said. “It was a very interesting start to a relationship for them. So maybe some normalcy. I think that would be kinky for them.”

But if you’re also hoping that Caroline will find time to check in with her ol’ pal Klaus, you might want to pull back on your expectations.

“They weren’t even together!” King said of this season’s big crossover moment between both halves of “Klaroline.” She added, “I have not seen Joseph [Morgan] in so long. … Everyone else has worked with him, and all we’ve done is a phone call. It’s just hilarious in the social media world. … I think it’s going to be more interesting for them to never be in the same room. … It would never work, ever.”

Hit PLAY on our interview with King above, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Do you agree?

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  1. marydspain says:

    We love Steroline! Can’t wait to see more of them in S8!

  2. Lou says:

    We love Klaroline

  3. LL says:

    Oh Candice, never change. Way to crush my Klaroline hopes and dreams again. I’ll hope against hope she’s wrong and that Klaroline will happen. However long it takes…

    • LL says:

      It’s also funny she said that she doesn’t think KC would ever work (which I obviously don’t agree with,) but in the past she also thought SC would work and your mileage will vary on that.
      Caroline invited Klaus to her graduation. If he was so awful, why?
      Caroline hooked up with Klaus. If he was so awful, why?
      Klaus saved Stefan’s life for her this season. If he’s so awful, why?
      She ran to him for safety this season. If he’s so awful, why?
      When the shows needed a crossover over bump, they went to Klaroline.
      When they wanted to hint at Klaus’ future, they went to Caroline.
      The characters have a lot more in common than she lets on and I’m positive this is not the end of Klaroline.

  4. Jess says:

    Caroline’s character has become such a disaster. I don’t even get her basic structure any more. I’d worry more about fixing that and less about her love life and maybe this next season won’t be quite as ugly as this one was.

  5. Cam says:

    Candice used to say there were no hope for even a Klaroline kiss in season 4 and look at what we got on season 5, I’m not really worried about her words, Julie said we’ll get more Klaroline next seasons so I’m trusting her more on that ^^

  6. gaby says:

    I love Candice!! #steroline

  7. Katy says:

    Love how she crushes Klaroline. She’s just honest. Appreciate it.

    • Elena says:

      That’s ok, Joseph kept this ship floating for ages. Klaus will get her eventually:)

      • Ari says:

        Klaus deserves better than Caroline. She’s become a pathetic character.

      • Stacy says:

        Keep dreaming

      • Jess says:

        Klaroline endgame. Candice frustrated that no matter how much acting or writing goes into steroline, it still just kill ratings and majority wants klaroline!!!

        • Trolle says:

          Ratings stay the same with KC as the phone call showed. Its just a bunch of rabid girls who want to self insert into a ship with Klaus who love Klaroline :) How wonderful! Women should have no agency! They can hate a man who’s bad and evil abused them and ruined their life and pursued them against their will all they want but he’ll get to them eventually! Because that’s what HE wants!! Truly wonderful.

  8. Sophie says:

    She obviously means that the epic brilliance of an actual shared Klaus and Caroline scene would never work on the nonsensical, boring and terrible written show that TVD has become.

  9. Elena says:

    It’s not about building lasting relationship – there is no drama in happy as Julie said. TVD desperately needs ratings and for that dangerous Klaroline always better than safe Steroline. Just obstacles for Steroline didn’t bring ratings in S07 and won’t do that in S08. Klaus gonna be her last

  10. Dan says:

    Dear lord just kill steroline they’re so damn boring and there’s zero chemistry

    • Pamela says:

      That’s 50% or more of real life couples, at least you have one relatable relationship on TV… minus the vampires, witches etc.

  11. Freya says:

    Actually what doesn’t work is Stefan & Caroline as a couple. That pairing has destroyed Caroline as a character. Perhaps Ms King should go on social media since the finale and read the distinct GA negative reaction to the type of character Caroline has now become since being coupled with Stefan.

    Personally I thought pairing Caroline with Klaus would have actually been interesting & added a nuance & a backbone back to Caroline that’s been missing for 2 seasons. I was on the fence about watching TVD Season 8 but if Steroline in all its boring misogyny is what is going to be its flag ship then frankly I have other shows to spend my time on.

    Also Candice was quite rude & derogatory in her comments towards a ship, Klaroline, and fan base, Klaroliners, that have raised her and TVD’s profile in the media far more than Steroline has this past season. There is a reason Klaroline comes up so much in social media, there’s a reason a single phone call lifted ratings & caused a social media frenzy, and generated entertainment media articles in spades, it’s because Klaroline resonateswith fans & many people love it because as a pairing the fans believe it could work & work well. At least Joseph Morgan is kind and gracious in commenting on Klaroline others could benefit from his example.

  12. Abbi Fortune says:

    “Normal would be kinky.” We want nothing more than for Stefan and Caroline to be happy and have a “normal” relationship. Candice never fails to express her love for Steroline! <3 Couldn't have asked for better scoop! :)

  13. Yaaass says:


  14. anny says:

    I love Candice so much. She’s never afraid of saying what she thinks but always in a polite way,I respect her so so much!And I agree with her too <3 We love her and Steroline so damn much!!

  15. Candice is amazing! And I think that if something bothers her she’ll always tell her mind. #STEROLINE <3

  16. Kc who says:

    Candice is honest at least, i love it, klaroline is over, its DEAD i dont know how to spell it to make it clear they are D E A D. STEROLINE IS THE REAL DEAL

  17. Proud SCER says:

    Candice speaks for all of us, they wouldnt work, shes not afraid to say what she thinks. Klaroline is over, i hope they never come back and the fact that candice doesnt ship it makes me so happy, we love steroline

  18. Sydd says:

    I love candice so much, she wouldnt settle down for such a trash, ayyy steroline all the freaking way! BRING STEROLINE ON

  19. Lola says:

    “{Klaroline} It would never work. Like ever.” Preach it, Candice!

  20. SassyAF28 says:

    so glad that candice hates klaroline just as much as the rest of us lol

  21. Sharon says:

    I can not sit through another season of Steroline. I can’t see how Stefan will even have time for Caroline let alone a proper date with all the Denzo drama.

    I also remember when Candice said in an interview if you have to work that hard for something is it even worth it, and that was about Steroline.

    Klaroline equals ratings. Its talked about in most articles I see.

  22. Lolip says:

    Klaroline brings ratings so Klaroline will come back, in the same way that Delena will. Actors dont write the show thankfully ;p

  23. Roni7 says:

    Normal dates with a good boy isn’t what you watch vampire show for. Get plenty of that in real life. TV show is for crazy ships like Klaroline or Damon/Bonnie/Enzo drama

    • Jess says:

      God, this so much. I don’t watch a television show for variations on domesticity because I’m an adult. Steroline is bad television and it has been for a while. Just let Caroline be one her own and have an actual productive storyline for once.

      • Roni7 says:

        Well then you might be too mature for TVD. Name me one lead female character on TVD that wasn’t involve in a relationship with a man who’s harmed her or her darlings? This show has always been about toxic love (romantic/toxic sibling love etc)

        • Jess says:

          Eh, TVD used to be a really good, kind of smart show. It’s become ugly in the last few seasons and part of the reason is this weird tween dynamic that they won’t swerve from. I’m not a shipper, I don’t care who gets with who, I just want the show and relationships to be interesting.

          • Roni7 says:

            Then why not bring in Klaroline? They may have more interesting relationship than Steroline which is pretty much recycled Stelena – good (sort of) girl and boy with his crazy brother causing mess around them.

  24. Kat says:

    YASSS Steroline forever. ❤️

  25. Belle says:

    Nothing, let me repeat that, NOTHING can make Steroline into something compelling or interesting to watch. With this ship in play ratings have dropped & dropped & dropped! The characters have no chemistry at all & as a pairing are a total snooze fest.

    One Klaroline phone call & ratings increased & media & social media went into a frenzy! Their appeal to the general audience is undeniable but continues to be denied or down played. It’s ridiculous.

    • Trolle says:

      Ratings didn’t increase a little with the phonecall sweety :) viewers dropped when Elena left anf mythology becsme uninteresting :) don’t make us endure shit because you have an abuse fetish :) The general population above the age of 15 loves cute, healthy, adorable, slowburn, well written ships :)

    • Trolle says:

      Ratings didn’t increase a little with the phonecall sweety :) viewers dropped when Elena left anf mythology becsme uninteresting :) don’t make us endure shit because you have an abuse fetish :) The general population above the age of 15 loves cute, healthy, adorable, slowburn, well written ships :)

  26. Pam says:

    I don’t really take what she said to heart. Because she is an actor first, and she needs to promote the show she is on. She can’t come out say she hates her current storyline. She has always made it known that she would pick Stefan over Klaus. Overall I think Klaus would be a better option, but I don’t write on the show. Stefan and Caroline have their moments, but at the end they are doomed because Caroline will never be Stefan’s first choice. Season 7 proved that to me at least, some fans say otherwise but we all have our own opinions.

  27. Lola says:

    I’m actually one of those rare viewers that love Steroline and Klaroline. As long as Caroline is happy then so am I.

  28. Stacey says:

    I love Klaroline and lucky for us Candice doesn’t write for the show. JoMo is a big fan of Klaroline, and I think JP will make it endgame. So no worries, she said the same thing season 5, and look what happened in the 100th episode.

  29. Stacey says:

    I wish that TO got a full season order and TVD got sidelined. I really can’t take watching Steroline again, especially with Care acting like a Stepford wife. Guess I’ll just ff those disgusting scenes.

  30. kar says:

    She chose to be a mother, she needs to go back to the kids

  31. TJR says:

    We love steroline!

  32. zed says:

    This is a publicity thing- the EPs are pushing Steroline big time- as Stefan is left without anything much since they carried on with Delena. So, they went for Steroline. But one truth remains- Klaroline brought ratings back, and Steroline- worst ratings for a series finale. Whatever.

  33. unni says:

    bitch is old and ugly,good luck finding another job when tvd ends

  34. Jess says:

    Caroline will never be what Elena was for Stefan, EVER! And Candice will never pull leading lady on TVD even if she’s coupled with one of Salvatores. It’s all about brothers and Bonnie now. Care only has future on TO but on TVD she’s a mess who slept with almost every leading guy and put man before kids who considered her to be their mother.

    • Trolle says:

      Well actually, Stefan is over Elena quite completely!!! You obviously stopped watching after s4 :)

      S5- he doesn’t remember Elena and is still attracted to Caroline and goes to get for comfort. The minute he remembers that Elena cheated on him with his brother, he leaves.

      S6- Elena doesn’t remember loving Damon, who they think has gone forever. Elena hates Damon and flirts with Stefan. Stefan goes to Caroline and has no interest in rekindling what he has with Eeyore. In fact, he tells Damon to fight for Elena. Elena is lying dead at his feet and he’s screaming for Caroline.

      Caroline didn’t leave kids for Stefan. Slut shaming her or implying she has to marry the father of children she was impregnated with against her will eben though loves someone else is frankly misogynistic fuck. But then again, you ship Klaroline.

    • Trolle says:

      Oh my :)
      S5- Stefan doesn’t remember anything and still is attracted to Caroline and goes to her after leaving the girl who he figures out cheated on him.
      S6- Elena hates Damon and doesn’t have half her memory. Stefan falls for Caroline and encourages DE to get back. He says that what he feels for Caroline is BETTER THAN TRUE LOVE.
      Way to be misogynistic!!!! Even when female characters are impregnated without their consent they should stay with the father of their kids :) dating the guy they love is equivalent to abandoning said kids :) WOW

  35. Terri says:

    Klaroline 4 Ever!! XD

  36. Lynne Tlfb says:

    Always & Forever…. Klaroline!! Rock & Roll:)

  37. Jec says:

    Ofcourse the only talk about Caroline will be her never ending love life. God help if she has a storyline NOT related to more boy drama. THAT WOULD BE SURPRISING