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The Catch Finale: Mireille Enos on Ben's Bold Move, Alice's Maddening Mistake

A number of characters got themselves caught during The Catch‘s Season 1 finale – but only one remained in peril as the two-hour installment came to a close.

Indeed, while Mireille Enos’ Alice and Peter Krause’s Ben prepared to flee the country together, Alice’s decision to return home for her personal belongings led to their plan melting away like a stick of butter in Ina Garten’s skillet.

There, FBI agents apprehended Alice on charges of stealing the Maria Kreyn painting that figured so prominently into the pilot episode. But before you could say “Book ‘er, Danno,” Ben swooped in and took the fall, trading dreams of lounging by poolside bars for a reality of sitting behind bars. (Do I need to even mention Margot was behind all this?)

In other news, Margot briefly spent time in custody — thanks to Alice planting a tracking device during their final “therapy” session (wonder if her HMO will still cover that?) — but got sprung by her formidable mama Sybil. The tables were turned, however, when Sybil wound up getting caught trying to swipe a rich family’s fortune with counterfeit cash in the midst of a fancy wedding that brought all of the show’s major players together.

Margot, though, sly fox that she is, absconded with the real cash, while Alice escaped Rhys’ clutches and Ben (having avoided getting bumped off by Sybil) proposed marriage to our redheaded investigator. And if it weren’t for that priceless work of art, he might’ve gotten away with it! (It helps if you read that last sentence in the voice of a Scooby-Doo villain.)

Below, Enos discusses the “comedy of errors” vibe of the finale, the decision her character made that left her “so mad,” and the reason she thinks Season 2 will improve upon the #TGIT drama’s first 10 episodes.

TVLINE | What did you think when you read the script and saw Ben and Rhys were being mistaken as a romantic couple?
It was such a comedy of errors, and totally hilarious. [Laughs.] Neither of those two boys have ever played a part of a gay couple before. This is a show that has asked them to both do some dramatic turns, but that part of the story allowed them to be comedians, and it was wonderful, delightful.

TVLINE | Talk me through your scenes with John Simm as Rhys – where the threat literally comes home to Alice.
John Simm is a delight to work with. His work is so alive and in the flow. There haven’t been a lot of scenes, except for with Peter [Krause] where Alice gets to talk and listen and be still. So you put the two of us in a room and John is doing such relaxed work that it makes it even more scary. He’s charming and comfortable in that room, and Alice is obviously in danger. So, yes, Alice is a toughie and a rebel, she’s not easily cowed. Which let me walk the line between what I showed him and then her private moments, where she’s picking out that purse in her closet. That allows us to see what’s really going on with her.

TVLINE | Rhys and Margot’s mother — this formidable woman — also comes into the picture in the finale. What was it like having Alice dive into the pool with these larger-than-life baddies?
She’s not doing it alone. She has Ben by her side and Agent Dao and Val and her team with her. But it’s a funny collision because the worlds are so different in color. You’ve got these broad British characters up against these American girl detectives. And putting it in the setting of a wedding makes it work. It’s all slightly heightened with gowns and music playing and Elvy [Yost] is up there singing on the bandstand. In some ways, we were laughing as we shot it, because while the language is different, it felt like we’d stepped into a Shakespeare play because of the size of it and the expanse of these characters coming together. It was a wonderfully fun last episode to shoot. Wearing gowns, dancing in ballrooms, moving money out of vaults, and passing each other in the kitchen. There were scenes where we felt like we were in Clue, actually.

TVLINE | Walk us through Ben’s proposal to Alice. Where does she go in this moment. She’s been duped in such a profound way, but now she’s putting her trust in this man who perpetrated the fraud.
The moment in Episode 8 where she walks in and sees him, she’s already in it. So at this point, she’s already on the other side of the betrayal. Not that she’s expecting to be proposed to again, but she’s with him. And in that moment of knowing this is the man she wants to be with, standing at a wedding in her gown, working together with him… it makes sense.

Given their circumstances this season, they didn’t get many chances to work together. But there was a brief moment in Episode 6 where they do the bracelet heist together. She meets him in the van and it lasts 30 seconds, but it’s such a charged, wonderful scene. They’re crazy about each other, they love what they do, and they’re in action. These people are excellent in their jobs, and both of them love the thrill of the catch. So when we find them again in Episode 10, once again engaged in the thrill of a job together and digging each other, when he asks her to marry him, it’s a total no-brainer. It’s, “Of course, you’re the one person in the world for me.”

TVLINE | But then she goes home and grabs her luggage… What did you think when you read the script and realized this would be the downfall of Alice and Ben’s plan?
I was so mad at Alice for going back to the house! “You can’t possibly make the same mistake twice! Get on the plane and buy clothes in Turks and Caicos or wherever you’re going!” I was so mad at her! But it’s so great, of course, because it allows for the ultimate sacrifice that Ben makes for her.

TVLINE | How is Ben going to get out of this pickle?
I think I’ve got to bust him out! There’s got to be some kind of prison break, right? [Laughs]

TVLINE | But what does Season 2 look like? Alice talking to Ben through plexiglass?
Pete and I are constantly jockeying for these two people just to get to run around together, like Hart to Hart. Just let us be together. And Al is like, we have to keep you apart. It’s the two of you against the world. I have a feeling there’ll be lots more obstacles thrown in our way.

TVLINE | Last question: Your show was on the bubble, but scored a Season 2 renewal. Where would you like to see The Catch go in Season 2?
The start of the show had kind of a funny beginning, with a pilot being shot, then reconceived. I feel like all of us have been finding our way and having some wonderful successes, then other moments where we were still trying to discover what the show wants to be. If we hadn’t gotten a Season 2, I would’ve felt disappointed about the missed opportunity. We have a wonderful group of people, a wonderful writer and a genre that has not been played with on television. Season 2 will be about a fresh start, time on our hands, and looking at Season 1 and figuring out the tones that were really working, and letting fall away the things that were less interesting. It’ll be great!

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  1. NM says:

    Snoozefest. Should have been cancelled.

    • Pamela says:

      It was only given another season because of shonda. Not fair to the other shows that were cancelled that didn’t have a big name show runner.

    • Gospino says:

      I’ve enjoyed this show in general. Also, it amuses me when people complain about a young show being given a second season. They’re often the same people who complain when their “pet” show doesn’t get renewed. So if it’s a show they like, it obviously deserves more time. But if it’s one of similar longevity that they don’t care for (yet of course still comment about lol) and that is given more time, it should have instead gone on the junk heap. Mmm hmm. Sure.

    • mimipolka says:

      Agreed. Boring

    • Eran says:

      It wasn’t. Effin’ deal with it.

  2. Patty says:

    Really like the show but sorry to say I won’t watch any more series
    on a regular basis anymore it seems like they put a good show out and just as we get
    used to watching it they cancel it, just like Nashville

    • Gospino says:

      Nashville was on for four seasons! That’s a good run. It wasn’t as if the show made it five episodes, then vanished. Do you really mean that it took you four years to get used to watching Nashville?

      Also, it’s people who don’t watch who cause cancellations. Why not just watch, enjoy shows for as long as they last, and move on to new ones when it’s time?

  3. Sam says:

    As soon as a snooty bitch with a snooty British accent is added to any show I quickly lose interest. They totally ruin the show for me these types are just that irritating. This show had way too many.

    • CurlyGirly says:

      But it was Ms. Patmore! Let me guess, you didn’t watch Downton Abbey either, since you think all brits are “snooty”.

    • Zoe says:

      “Snooty”? I think you might be forgetting the sheer number of accents we have in the UK, especially in England and Scotland (although your ignorant response suggests you’re a little uneducated, so you probably think it’s all just one big country).

  4. Megs says:

    While I love seeing Mireille Enos in such a different role after enjoying her so much in The Killing, there’s something about this show’s vibe/theme/pacing that loses me. I would only watch the episodes on streaming websites after I’d already caught up with my favorites, and some weeks not at all. It certainly didn’t hook me and I’ll probably be just as sporadic about watching it next season. Such a bummer, because I’m usually a basic b%*#@ sucker for Shondaland.

  5. Annabella says:

    When I first saw a preview of this show I laughed and said no way. I decided to watch the first episode and was hooked! I like the characters and the plot is good to. I am glad there will be a season 2, but I have a feeling some characters will disappear and Some will be replaced or whatever the focus groups tell them to change. Guess we will see next season.

  6. christopher bee says:

    Please let there be more of Simm and Krause scenes, comedic delight.

  7. Wilma Flintstone says:

    The only reason I watch this is because of Mireille. That’s it. The rest is nauseating. Why does Shonda insist on making her female characters appear incapable of controlling themselves around men and making such stupid decisions. The trademark of a Shonda show should be that frozen half smile that I see on all of her characters….before they erupt in tears and kill someone that is. The writing on this show is typical stupid Shonda. In the end she says goodbye to the agent and she will do her job for her and in the next scene the agent and her are in the same room again and she is arrested…then her fiancé who stole everything from her and her company and framed her for it fessed up. Jeezus. Its like 10 year old girls with raging hormones write this crap.

    • Patrick says:

      Shonda markets “lady porn” to middle aged women longing for the ideal man. Ideal as the women imagined when the women were late teens and early 20s. Its escapism for women. Men liked 2.5 Men because it showed a rich, aging, lothario who had lots of fun, with no real responsibilities, that had sex with lots of women. Many women (and some men) decried it. Ditto with Shondaland shows. It shows otherwise powerful, capable women turning to mush around some idealized version of a man who is willing to chuck his great life for some woman.

  8. ChicagoDan says:

    I gave up at three episodes – ME wasn’t enough and, in fact, because it’s ME, was hard to take a supposed brilliant investigator getting duped by a clown con artists. Was hoping that after renewal, they’d shift focus to more case of week – not that she’s be in awe of this dude. Creators rethink this during hiatus. Plus the ratings bombed last night – so I’m not alone here

  9. Chrys says:

    I have really liked The Catch from the beginning but I think it has gotten better with every episode. The Season 1 finale was fantastic. I love the constant twists and turns and the characters are so good. I’m really looking forward to Season 2!

  10. Patty Walker says:

    I failed to record the last hour if the catch. will there be a rerun? I HOPE SO.

  11. Michael Ludgood says:

    I love this show, the cast and the story. Can’t wait for next season. Televsion is fickle these days and you can tell from the first few episodes whether it will work or not. I knew Rush Hour wasn’t going to last as well as some of the others. Television now is like a casino you win some or you lose some. And it’s just television

  12. Patsy ALLEN says:

    This is a really good show. We love all t h e twists and turns. Especially love “Alice”. She’s not your run of the mill actress, she puts a new and fun spin on things. Her smile is,contagious !PLEASED PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW.

  13. Ladorn says:

    I didn’t really like the show in the beginning but I felt that it got a lot better as time went on. But in the finale, the fact that Alice is suppose to be this brilliant investigator wants to run away with Ben and Rhys completely forgetting that they murdered people. That makes no sense and seems so out of character for her.

  14. Angel says:

    Ben’s sacrificing his freedom and his identity to save Alice from this mess was such a beautiful gesture.
    Now, like Mireille said there, I hope Alice will bust him out, hopefully by teaming up with Rhys (and maybe Reggie), since they’re the only ones who seem to still care about Ben (still have a little bit of hope for Margot helping since she snitched on Alice, not Ben, she could’ve but she didn’t, so maybe she’ll try to help him out once she realizes Alice is not the one who’ll go to jail. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking *sighs*), that’s actually the only option they have, otherwise he’ll go to jail for 10 years!

  15. Larry says:

    Glad got season 2 great show

  16. mimipolka says:

    Watched all episodes, its the same cat chases rat. I’ll watch s2 because i have no other shows to watch.

  17. Norma says:

    I watched the pilot of HTGAWM, and thought it was good, but not enough to keep me interested. I never missed any episodes of the first two seasons of Scandal, but eventually in the third season I just stopped watching. So The Catch has Peter Krause, and for some reason I’ll watch him in anything. From Sports Night to Six Feet Under and Parenthood, he’s a joy to watch. Never mind that this particular show is sexy and witty, the cast is outstanding.

  18. Terribly boring. I won’t be coming back for Season 2. A finale should not be worse than its season.

  19. Linda Jenkins says:

    Good “campy” fun! At end of finale it was anybody’s guess as to who was conning who-love this show

  20. Eran says:

    It seems that so many of you are just allergic to light-hearted fun. This is a show to be watched with a couple of glasses of wine in your system and to be enjoyed for the 42 min, adventure that it is.

  21. margaret says:

    I have seen all kind of movie but none with this kind of sense of humour and setting. So original. Gunning for s2 like now.

  22. Nikki Taddeo says:

    This is an absolutely amazing show – I love it. Gorgeous actors – brilliant story line – love it!!!!!

  23. Annie says:

    To be honest, I only watched the show since I was intrigued by its ads which I came upon while watching another series. I haven’t regretted it though. The series has a novel idea, about thieves . . . it’s fascinating, fast-paced & keeps one pleasantly on edge. The show has a talented cast with the exception of Thomas Delgado and Maria Dudek. Although Mr Delgado’s performance can be tolerated, I can’t say the same thing for Ms Dudek. I’m trying to be constructive here but when she mouths her lines it’s so distracting that only her lips seems to move. They should recast another actress for the role, similar to Ashley Johnson (who plays Patterson) in the Blindspot TV series.

  24. Taonga says:

    I think its such a fantastic serie and i really really wana c season 2 i lterally hc chills