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The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

The Blacklist's Ryan Eggold Talks That Finale Surprise, Shares Spinoff Details (and He's Taking Title Suggestions!)

Warning: The following post contains major spoilers for the Season 3 finale of The Blacklist. If you have yet to watch the episode, turn back now.

Step aside, Jon Snow. Your resurrection is yesterday’s news.

Confirming what many fans of The Blacklist have suspected since the pivotal April 14 episode, in which Liz Keen died from complications during childbirth, Thursday’s Season 3 finale revealed that Megan Boone’s protagonist is, in fact, alive — and Tom has been in on it the whole time.

Picking up where last week’s installment left off, the season ender found Red using every resource in his arsenal to track down and kill Alexander Kirk, the man responsible for ruining Liz and Tom’s wedding day, and subsequently ending Liz’s life.

But just as Red closed in on his longtime nemesis, Tom completely upended Red’s plan for revenge. With the help of Mr. Kaplan — who Red was devastated to learn had betrayed him — Tom and baby Agnes hopped on a plane to Cuba, where they met up with a very-much-alive Liz.

Of course, even when she’s hundreds of miles away from Red, Liz isn’t out of danger. (Is she ever?) In the episode’s final moments, Tom returned to Liz’s apartment, expecting to see his fiancée there… only to discover that she was gone, seemingly taken by force — a result of Alexander Kirk’s henchmen tailing Tom and Agnes all the way to Cuba. (D’oh!)

Meanwhile, Red and Mr. Kaplan boarded their own flight to Cuba — knowing full well that they’re working on borrowed time to rescue Tom, Liz and Agnes from Kirk’s clutches — which gave Red’s traitor an opportunity to explain the hows and whys of Liz’s faked death. But upon arriving at Liz’s home in Cuba, hoping to take down Kirk and his associates, Red and Mr. Kaplan discovered the same unfortunate scene that Tom saw earlier: broken glass everywhere, clear signs of struggle and all signs pointing to Liz’s abduction. (By that point, Tom and Agnes had also been taken by one of Kirk’s men, after he and Tom tussled in the apartment.)

The good news? Even though Red, Tom and Mr. Kaplan have no idea where Liz is, the home audience learned that (A) she’s alive, and (B) Kirk had taken her to an undisclosed location, where he dropped a major bombshell: Though he currently calls himself Alexander Kirk, his real name is Constantine Rostov — and he’s Liz’s father.

It should also be noted that, despite Liz’s mysterious whereabouts at the end of the finale, TVLine has confirmed that Boone will return as a series regular in the NBC drama’s fourth season this fall.

We’ll give all of that a second to sink in.

You good? Good.

TVLine caught up with Ryan Eggold, the man behind Tom Keen, to unpack the eventful episodes that capped Season 3, especially the twisty season closer. Plus, Eggold dished as much as he could about the forthcoming Blacklist spinoff, Redemption — including a potential title change.

TVLINE | Walk me through what these last few episodes were like on your end. Were you told from the get-go that Liz’s death was faked, or was her death — and resurrection — something you only learned when reading the scripts?
The dissemination of information was very chaotic at first. [Laughs] I heard from Megan first. She came up to me and was like, “I’m dead.” And I said, “What?” and she said, “Yeah. I’m dead on the show.” And I basically said, “What? What are you talking about? We can’t do the show without you. There’s no way we’re going to kill you.” And then we got the scripts, and everybody was like, “What?! Is this real? Is this happening?” Of course, we all thought there was some way to turn it around.

The writers really didn’t want to tell us that she was going to come back, but I had so many questions, in terms of how to play certain scenes, and what knowledge I had and didn’t have. There were certain scenes that didn’t go far enough. I was like, “Jesus, if my wife just died, I would be more upset than this. I’d be breaking something or punching somebody or drinking myself into a stupor.” And finally, [series creator] Jon [Bokenkamp] was like, “All right, look, she’s not dead, man.” [Laughs] And he told me the plan and why Tom was underreacting, because he’s orchestrating this plan. And I was like, “Huzzah!”

The Blacklist Season 3 FinaleTVLINE | Had you suspected all along that she was going to come back, given Liz’s importance to the show?
Oh, yeah. Let me preface this statement by saying I’m glad Megan’s on the show, because the show revolves around her, and that’s what’s interesting about it. But it was interesting to remove the centerpiece from the show. You create this big, black hole, this void of where Liz was, and it pulls all the other characters closer to the center and stretches them in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. Like, didn’t Aram and Samar share a joint in the car [during the funeral]? Things like that, you wouldn’t otherwise get unless you threw the show into chaos. I do like the tilt that it put on the show, but in the long term, The Blacklist without Megan — I don’t know what that is. I’m glad that she’s back.

TVLINE | And at the same time, you got to play Tom as an even bigger part of the story, especially with the introduction of Scottie.
Unrelated to Megan’s death, we were trying to introduce Famke [Janssen]’s character and start this spinoff. We wanted to create that world a little bit, and then we really explored it in last week’s episode, which was our pilot episode for the new series. That has been tremendously fun. I couldn’t be happier to work with Famke. She’s incredibly talented and wonderfully sweet and down-to-earth, and the ideas that we have for next year on the spinoff are really fun.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the spinoff a little bit. At what point in the year did discussions for a spinoff begin, and when were you brought in as a potential star of that show?
You know, this Tom Keen spinoff thing was a whisper I heard a long time ago. I want to say end of Season 1 or beginning of Season 2 — I mean, a long time ago. And then it never really happened, so I just thought it was a rumor or a desire without anything behind it. And then about halfway through Season 3, it started to get very real. They started to say, “Let’s get a script, and let’s get serious about it.” And suddenly, there were ideas happening and casting decisions. And then I got the script, and I’ve really been pleasantly surprised at every turn. Not because I didn’t have faith in the writers, because they’re fantastic, but it’s hard to do a spinoff. It’s easy for it to either be a carbon copy or stale. But they’ve really done this great job of incorporating what’s wonderful about The Blacklist and adding a lot of new elements to make it its own show.

We’re going to get into this political bent. Scottie’s hiring spies like myself to influence governments, and [there are] empires rising and falling and the behind-the-scenes of that. I think that’s really timely, with Bernie Sanders and the concentration of wealth at the top, and corporations having all the power and influence on politics. If we get into a dramatized version of that world, where we are spies operating with those 1-percenters, that’s a really fun world that people want to see right now.

The Blacklist Season 3TVLINE | There’s already a huge difference between The Blacklist and The Blacklist: Redemption in that we already know Tom’s relationship to Scottie, and Liz and Red’s relationship is still very much a mystery. Have the producers filled you in on other distinctions, in terms of the tone of the spinoff and how it might be executed in a different way from the original series?
Yeah, they definitely have. It’s still early, and it’s still developing in that we’re discovering the tone as we go. When we saw the backdoor pilot, it was very educational for all of us to see what we had created. Once you actually see it, you can say, “Oh, here’s an idea — it should be this instead of this.”

TVLINE | In Seasons 2 and 3 of The Blacklist, we’ve learned bits and pieces about Tom’s childhood and his lack of real parents. Were you shocked to learn that Scottie was his mom, or did you anticipate that that might be their relationship?
For me, I really liked that difference between The Blacklist and the new Redemption series — that on Day 1, we answer it. We say, “This is their relationship.” And now the question becomes, “What is the past?” Tom was an orphan, and he was taken in from the streets and trained to be an assassin. So why did that happen, and how did he get there? And why did this woman give up on him or abandon him? Was she forced to? Why does she not know who he is now — or does she really? Is she pretending? When is Tom going to tell her what he knows? And then, of course, is she really his mother? Is that part of some elaborate game that Red is playing? That’s a lot of questions. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Aside from the spinoff, can we expect to see you in Season 4 of The Blacklist, given how this finale ends?
Yeah, Tom will definitely be in a number of the beginning episodes — or so I’m told — in Season 4. It will partly be to send us down the trajectory of this new series, and for the characters, we’ll find out what happens between Tom and Liz and what happens with this baby girl they both share. What is the future of that? We’re going to deal with that in the beginning of Season 4 and then make our way to a brand-new series.

TVLINE | Any parting thoughts?
Well, I want to say one thing, but I don’t want to get yelled at. [Laughs] It’s not an exciting secret. It’s… yeah. I want to take a poll. I want to ask the audience something. But I don’t know if I should.

TVLINE | I think you should go for it.
You know what? I’ll go for it. I just want to ask how people feel about the title — Redemption. Do they love it, or do they hate it? And if they hate it, give us a better one.

TVLINE | I’m definitely going to include this in our Q&A, and I have a feeling you’ll get so many responses.
We will get a ton of responses. I have no doubt. Just put a note saying, “Nothing offensive, and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.” They can hurt my feelings but not other people’s. I don’t mind. I’ve got thick skin.

That’s a wrap on Season 3, Blacklist fans. What did you think of the finale? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with all of your thoughts — including spinoff title suggestions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. niloofar says:

    of course, she’s alive.

  2. NM says:

    Damn. I can’t stand Liz. I wish she stayed gone.

    • David4 says:

      I agree. I think everyone knew this would be the case, but still disappointing. I would try to watch the show again if she really stayed dead.

      • NM says:

        Exactly. She needs to go. They need to explore this show elsewhere.

        • Ben says:

          Where? The show is about Liz.

          • DGGordon says:

            Thank you Ben! Exactly right! How can you have a show without her or Red? And, I am so glad that Tom and Agnes reunited with her in the finale. This makes my heart smile!

          • AJ says:

            Exactly! Others here don’t seem to get that. lol

          • holdonny says:

            Correction: It’s about Raymond Reddington – or more accurately – a James Spader vehicle. Liz is only here because of Red’s creepy obsession with her, even if he turns out to be her father. Many fans here love that creepiness. That’s why they *think* this show is *clever*. LOL. I enjoy it for what it is. Will watch the spinoff.

          • SAM says:

            I get that the show started about her but the focus could be moved off her. In the past few weeks, the show has been far more interesting with her dead than alive.

          • GambitGrey says:

            Uh Red is not the father. Andrew Kirk is. They said it at the end of the finale.

      • Don’t like it…don’t watch it. Very simple. You just want to bitch.

    • donholley77 says:

      For those of you that really believed Liz was dead & Megan left the show, how ya feeling now?? I feel great to not be fooled!

    • donholley77 says:

      Did you really believe they’d really kill her off!!??

      • holdonny says:

        You need to get over it donholley77. Makes you so pathetic. :)

      • Murica! says:

        Noone believed it. It was very predictable. It knew she was alive and I knew mr. Kaplan planned her fake death with the doctor.

        • Olivia says:

          Same. I still haven’t watched the last few eps, only watched the one where Red’s going down the hallucination hole and I hated the tone and atmosphere. Then knowing that Megan wouldn’t return until S4 I stuck to recaps. I’ll probably watch them before S4 starts if I find the strength to endure a few hours of “ugh”. The perspective of getting Liz back soon after should help.
          And although I don’t know how it played out on screen, I’m skeptical about the father link in the recap. She might have been born with the guy’s name but I’m still holding out hope that she’s biologically Red’s.

        • JEN says:

          Why is everyone calling Mrs. Kaplan, “Mr.”?

    • Tracy288 says:

      I don’t mind the character Liz – I just wish they could find a better actress to fill the role.

      • Butter says:

        I agree.. I watched this first 2 seasons of this show but gave up because I really couldn’t stand the actor playing Liz!

        • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

          And yet you’re still here.

          • holdonny says:

            Welcome_Back_Liz??? You know she was never gone, right? LOL.

          • drhenning says:

            that’s what I find funny with posters who don’t like one of the stars of the show.. You can’t have BlackList without Liz.. I happen to like Megan Boone.. OTOH, this is certainly a Spader vehicle so I can see those who only watch for Spader which is a mistake.. The fact that she stayed in credits the whole time was a pretty good clue it was a fake.. I thought so at the time and also figured at the time who did it when the body was whisked away.. I’m surprised that Red didn’t know the plot of “Amok Time”…

          • Butter says:

            Yes because the show is great so if we don’t like the actor we just read the recaps ok? That’s why I’m still here.

          • BlueNote says:

            I love the Liz character and the actress. She does a great job. What is wrong with you people? Do you just like to bitch?

          • Without Liz, we would have never met all the rest of the characters…Her FBI friends..all the story lines..ALL of the action that revolve her. We would have been watching an entirely different type of show. I love this show, and hope it runs for 15 seasons.

        • Jerri says:

          I totally disagree. I think Megan is great in the part.

          • TV Gord says:

            I agree with you! I love this show beyond all reason, and I knew Liz would be back, but I was on pins and needles until I saw it for myself last night! Megan is fantastic in the role, and in fact, the entire ensemble cast is stellar, in my opinion.

            I’m looking forward to seeing how they weave the tale that takes Tom away from Liz and to the spinoff, although part of me wishes they weren’t doing a second show. I like this cast as it is right now!

        • Joe Guenther says:

          When Reds ex-wife was getting mutilated every week I was absolutely turned off the second time. The first time was when NBC split up the first season and than brought it back after the Stupidbowl. I was three episodes behind and still don’t understand how Tom is a spy or leaves his wife to have his own show. Is there a site that will bring me up to speed? my dog peabody at optimum dot net

        • Victoria says:

          I love Megan I think she is great as agent keen

      • Jerri says:

        She is the better actress. And beautiful to boot.

    • Hellas13 says:

      There is no show without Elizabeth. If you don’t like her there are other things on at that time.

      • Barb Christianson says:

        She is the show. Her and Red and his little cast of characters. I love the other FBI agents too. I like all the cast but can live without Tom. He’s a distraction to the Liz and Red story. I’m happy he’s spinning off and out of the Blacklist.

      • holdonny says:

        James Spader IS the show. ;)

  3. Kat says:

    I’m not crazy about the pilot. Can’t stand Femke. She can’t hold a candle to Red and she’s not old enough to be Tom’s mother. I like Tom in the supporting role but not so much as the lead character in a spinoff. Sounds like an epic fail to me. I’m not planning on watching it.

  4. EJ says:

    Yawn. How predictable of them. They should have kept her dead.

    • Butter says:

      And you can’t compare this to the epic resurrection of Jon Snow please!!!

      • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

        And who is doing the comparing? Two different shows, same end result. Nobody believed John Snow would stay dead just like the majority of people believed no way was Liz dead because she is the anchor for the show. The only difference is GoT had to keep us in the dark for the 9 months between seasons (and did a bang up job of that) while Blacklist only had to keep the secret for a month or so. It makes no sense comparing GoT with the Blacklist. One show has a $10 million dollar budget for every epeisode and the freedom to have sets all around the world with a story line (at least initially) based on an amazing series of books by GRRT who is around to write an occasional episode and to have his opinions listened to; to one with all the budgetary restrictions (not to mention suits looking down their throats every day of shooting) that a basic cable network has. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. That does not compute. (Can’t wait to see Ramsay Bolton die — slowly and very painfully and publicly and under the direction of Sansa Stark.) Can hardly wait for Sunday!

  5. PatriciaLee says:

    I like the title Redemption because it indicates characters who will make lives better, A title indicates to me the mood of the show, the promise to the fans. I do want a series where victims do not become bullies or victimizers because millions of viewers have risen above such backgrounds in positive ways. This sounds like a series that could incorporate showing positive changes through positive choices.

    • Msholland says:


    • B says:

      I agree and just have to ask, given the victims/victimizers line–is that a shot at The Good Wife? If not, it should be.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Blacklist: Redemption may be an appropriate title, but it just feels a tad generic.
      After watching their planted pilot, I was convinced that the show was going to be named Blacklist: Gray Matters or something similar, given that it’s the name of the shady special division of Halcyon that Tom will presumably be joining.

      • Mr Wiggly says:

        HEY Wordsmith, Blacklist: Gray Matters is an excellent idea for the name of the spinoff, i hadn’t thought of that. i hope the PTB at NBC use your choice.

        • TV Gord says:

          I think Matters isn’t a strong enough word. It’s like Family Matters.

          I like Grey Areas! There are many of those in political intrigue!

      • Sarahliz says:

        That’s what I thought they were going to call it! So much better!!

  6. Matuse says:

    The show was so good with her dead, itcwas a bummer to see her back. Maybe Red will kill her for fooling him.

  7. Kidshiva says:

    Not surprised, but delighted. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    • Msholland says:

      Why all the hate for Liz?! and the spinoff?

      • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

        I’m betting most of the criticism is coming from one or two people using different names for their posts. Most of the rest of the stuff is just trolling. Complaining about the character returning to the show who was the whole reason for the show in the first place is just ridiculous. Red without Lizzie is never gonna happen (except maybe in a series finale, but I’m betting Red is the one who would ultimately die (he better give up his secret before that).

        I don’t have a suggestion for a name, but I will say fans of Blacklist will check out the Redemption show no matter what it’s called. We are familiar with Tom and we’ve seen his struggles to become a good man, or his version thereof. Whether they stay with it will entirely depend upon having a believable reason for why Tom isn’t with Liz and Agnes. It would be nice if the writers came up with some other reason for Tom staying away from them other than “If I return to them, they’ll be killed and it’ll be my fault” kinda thing. That’s just used way too much in shows right now .. almost as bad as “This has to be our secret. We can’t tell my wife/husband/boss to protect them”. Something new writers of Hollywood PLEASE.

        • Oh God, I’m so glad you’re here.

        • Barb Christianson says:

          I agree.

        • wild_child says:

          So because people don’t like Liz’s character there is some conspiracy by one or two posters posting as several different people? I don’t think you even believe that. I actually don’t mind Liz but Megan has long been disliked by a sizeable number of the audience. From what I’ve gathered a lot of it has to do with her acting ability or lack thereof, Red’s creepy obsession with her and too much focus on her character. Again, I have no issue with Liz or Megan but I’m just posting in a snapshot what I’ve multiple people posting on different websites since the first season.

    • Jerri says:


  8. Alex67 says:

    Oh great she’s back….why do we need her back!!!!!

  9. Greg J says:

    This show just gets better and better with each episode. Kudos to all!

  10. datdudemurphy says:

    That’s BS…..
    I’m glad she’s back, but BS that this guy is her father…..

  11. Msholland says:

    Ok with “Redemption”. Looking forward to it. So… No big “Blacklist” happy family for Tom, Liz and baby. Bummer. What’s up with Red and his obsession with Liz?

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Maybe saving her was his redemption, leading to Tom’s turn around by association.

    • Gospino says:

      I really don’t see how Tom, Liz, and Agnes could expect to live happily at this point. There’s no drama in that. Who knows if all of them will even still be alive at the end of the series. I thought they were going to kill Tom at a few points during the run of the show so far, but they must not have wanted to lose the character/actor.

      I don’t think that Red is Liz’s father. He saved her life when she was a child, and that act altered his own life in a huge way. We’ll see eventually!

  12. Linda says:

    I really liked the Blacklist finale…I am glad that Liz is not dead…love her! Also happy that Ressler didn’t kill Reddington…love James Spader! I am so happy it is coming back in the Fall…I don’t think I will watch the spinoff. As far as a name for the spinoff…don’t like the fact that you are using Blacklist in the title and Redemption doesn’t seem to pop!!! I am not a fan of spinoffs anyway…but good luck!!

    • Jerri says:


    • Barb Christianson says:

      I’m not big on a spinoff or the character of Tom. I always thought he’d be killed off but now he’s a spinoff. I wasn’t crazy about the finale. I’m glad Liz is back and alive but I hate this new guy being her Dad. Red is her dad. I saw that when he thought she died and he was losing the granddaughter as well. Great acting James Spader. I hate that Tom took up so much time in the finale. Get on with the Blacklist and lose this spinoff and Tom.

      • Penny says:

        Completely agree! OVER Tom Keen and thought the finale would wrap up his character so he could go to the spinoff and now it looks like we’re stuck with him for the beginning of season 4. Not impressed

  13. Susan Dix says:

    Love Ryan Eggold! And of course The Blacklist…..glad he’s getting a series….but do like the chemistry between Tom and Liz….. don’t want that to end! New title sounds fine to me! Keep up the good work!

    • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

      I agree Susan. Initially I wasn’t a fan of Ryan’s … I’d never seen the actor before that I could remember, and of course, his character initially was a bit of a d*ck. As we’ve gotten to get to know him, his love for Liz and Agnes, the moral changes he seems to have made (certainly he’s not saint, but he seems to be trying), I’ve become a fan. He does a great job of projecting his love for Lizzie [it’s in the eyes, people, it’s in his eyes … good job Ryan]. Best of luck to him and the new series.

      • Lori says:

        I like Ryan and “Tom”. I will definitely watch the new show but will miss Tom & Liz together. I’m glad Liz is back.

      • I just binged watched all three seasons. By the end of season three, I became a huge Lizzie/Tom shipper. I’m not looking forward to them breaking up while he goes on to his own show. SPOILER MAYBE… I read an article that says it was revealed that Hargrave is Lizzie’s mother. I don’t recall that. If so, Tom is her brother and that might explain Red’s efforts to prevent the marriage.

  14. DGGordon says:

    I loved the finale! I am so happy Liz is back. It just makes the show for me, and without her I would have passed on season 4 and the spin off. Those who wanted her to stay gone are not true Blacklist fans. I also like the spin off title Redemption.. I hope the characters crossover into each others shows. I like Liz, Tom, and Agnes as a unit. It will be so go to have twice as much Blacklist each week in the Fall, even though both shows will have their own flavors. Great ending for all the characters and congratulations on a season finale that this TRUE BLACKLIST FAN found amazing!!

    • Gospino says:

      Redemption is currently scheduled to air midseason, not in the fall. Unless things change, it’ll be a long wait.

    • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

      I agree DG. Now that you mention it, using the Redemption title would make for a good reason for crossover characters. I hope they do that … not every episode of course, but occasionally. It would really keep the Blacklist fans coming back for more.

      Looking forward to both shows.

    • GambitGrey says:

      I agree. Although I hope Liz will guest star in one episode of the spinoff.

  15. donholley77 says:

    To all the Liz haters: Did you really believe they’d kill her off, or Just wish it?! The show is about her relationship with Red & his connection to her! Without it, there is no BLACKLIST!! And MB’s acting has improved over the 3 seasons!!

  16. Kamie Bolding says:

    Excellent Name.

  17. Sam says:

    Suggestion for the name of the spinoff: “The Blacklist: The Pursuit”

  18. Dawn says:

    So I’m still confused on Red’s relationship to Lizzie. IS he her father? Glad she’s back. Don’t one if there’s a need for a spinoff, just add to this plotline.

  19. Dawn says:

    So I’m still confused on Red’s relationship to Lizzie. IS he her father? Glad she’s back. Don’t know if there’s a need for a spinoff, just add to this plotline.

  20. Jorge 2.0 says:

    @RebeccaIannucci – thanks for the useless GoT (Game of Thrones) spoiler!!! Added nothing to the article, but took away from the reveal on GoT from me & others, so again, thanks!… you might want to consider removing it so that you don’t get too many thank you’s in the inbox.

    It was horribly obvious Liz was coming back vs your GoT spoiler… but at least you got your “witty” one liner, we’re all so impressed!

    Also, the show was better without her & would have been better even still if we had discovered she really was gone.

    Blacklist: Redemption only really works of they’re redeeming people who are actually ‘on’ the list, yes? Is that really going to be the crux, showing sociopaths the error of their ways? If so, I’m not interested; if not, change the name.

    • Jesus GOT was two weeks ago. What spoiler?
      No, it was horribly obvious that Snow was coming back. Many of us were pulling for Blacklist to have some deep integrity and keep Liz dead. I like Megan, she is a good actress but, to watch Red go completely nihilistic would have been wonderful.

    • Lynn says:

      For goodness sake, the GoT reveal was 2 weeks ago. If you haven’t watched by now, sorry but it’s your own fault. This isn’t the only article that’s referenced it, it’s everywhere! I can see articles having to be careful for a day or two but after that, sorry you’re on your own.

    • Gospino says:

      Lol, show me that rock you were living under that you think Jon Snow being alive is a spoiler. Sometimes I too would like to shut out the world around me for a bit. Seeing that the episode aired well over a week ago, there was no spoiler. :)

  21. Hellas13 says:

    What “surprises”?

  22. mama murph says:


  23. Jane says:

    Love the finale, love the twist, love that Tom’s been a part of it all along. Love the pilot and LOVE Famke. I think Redemption is a good title and seems to fit the tone of the pilot and the characters. The only thing I HATE about the spinoff is that it’s only coming on 2017.

  24. stina says:

    Did the writer even watch the episode? Tom was knocked out and presumably taken with Agnes and Liz……
    Mr. Kaplan and Red discussed the details of Liz’s “death” while en route to Cuba…

  25. Gospino says:

    I’m not surprised by the number of nasty comments here so far. It’s still a shame, though.

    I was about 99% sure that Liz was alive, but I didn’t know that Tom knew. That was interesting. Liz being alive was fairly obvious from a story standpoint, seeing that her arc is unresolved. I’m happy about her being around–I’ve missed her over the last few episodes.

    Anyway, I like Redemption as the title. And I don’t get why one poster above says that the title works only if the blacklisters are getting redeemed. First, it’s not likely that many or most would even want redemption, so it would be a weird premise. Second, why can’t the redeemed people be characters other than blacklisters? Or it could be just one character who is redeemed. Lots of ways that could go.

    So many exciting new shows are being held back for midseason, Redemption being just one of them.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      If you referred to my post, your concept of “…be characters other than blacklisters…or it could be just one…Lots of ways…” is right on. It is not meant it to be cast in stone, but a fluid concept, imho.

  26. Steve Hart says:

    Have watched a lot of tv in my short 66 years. Lol. Have never missed an episode of Blacklist. I can say this is the best program I have ever watched. The writers are fantastic. James Spader is phenomenal as are the rest of the cast. Great job.

  27. Jim says:

    When Elizabeth was buried I had hope the show would return to it’s original promise. Now I’ve given up hope. Such a waste of James Spader’s talents.

  28. Sherri says:

    I want Tom to stay on the show and have a happy family with Liz and the baby. I thinks it’s always been what the audience wanted. Tom and his mother should come out in the open, obviously there’s going to be complications but his mother now reunited with her son and having a granddaughter might help keep the baby safe. Get creative as you always have. Make season 4 the best to come!

    • Penny says:

      I’m assuming you are watching a different show than me or the audience. You might be one of the very few I’ve heard that likes Tom or Tom/Liz pairing. Hell Megan Boone doesn’t even like them together. Her words were something along the lines of “them being together is an insult to intelligent women everywhere”. The back half of season 3 dumbed down every character to make Tom suddenly like able for a spinoff. IMO – he should have actually died in season 1 like he was supposed to.

  29. Jericho says:

    I guess I am in the minority. I was happy Liz was dead. The show has been far far better since her departure. I am extremely disappointed that they did what was expected instead of being original.

    • Welcome_Back_Liz says:

      Red and Liz = The show. It wouldn’t operate without one or the other. As Red said in the show, he was cutting off his involvement with the FBI when he thought Liz was gone. Without the FBI’s involvement with Red, there is no Blacklist. That being said, James Spader is an amazing actor. I would watch any show he’s on (freakin’ loved him in Boston Legal).

      To all the negative types out there, it’s easily solved. Just don’t watch it anymore.

      • holdonny says:

        Did not miss Liz at all. Of course she wasn’t dead. Predictable and uninspired. Red/James Spader IS the show. Would not survive without him. Not Liz, though. To *me* she is simply peripheral. Show was fine without her. Enjoyed them more. :)

  30. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was good. Happy Liz is alive! Sad her reunion with Tom and their daughter was cut short with Kirk’s men finding them. Shocked Kirk is Liz’s real dad! Glad Tom will be in some episodes of next season. I’ll miss him on The Blacklist.

    • Mary says:

      Callnew spinoff simply The White List
      How many man claims to be Liz’s father ?
      Red killed the first one in a hospital bed.

      • CM says:

        The man Red killed in the hospital bed was Liz’s adoptive father – the man Red placed her with as a child.

  31. Redemption… Used already with the Evil Dead movie franchise! And keeping Blacklist in the title makes it sound like a continuance, not a different show altogether!

    Try these – The New List or The Redlist!

  32. Evan Shaw says:

    Liz is immature nasty selfish superficial not smart nor competent an ingrate So why does anyone give a hoot about her let alone risk their life for her. It doesn’t make sense. Red is an amazing character. Spider a fabulous actor. He has driven th entire show and made everyone else believable on his shoulders alone. Liz should have stayed dead. Seriously.

  33. J C Head says:

    Redemption might be a good title IF the series incorporates that concept in the episodes. Otherwise, better pick another title.

  34. Okieboy says:

    I think Red Reddington is/ used to be Katarina Rostova and I think he/she is Liz’s mother

    Let that roll around in your head for a while…

  35. Anne says:

    While I was pretty sure they didn’t kill her, I was waiting for comfirmation of it before resuming my watching of the show. Now that she’s back, I’ll be catching up!

  36. Jerri says:

    Extremely cleaver season ender. So happy that Megan is back. What great writing and acting. Can’t wait for season 4.

  37. Jerri says:

    Extremely cleaver season ender. So happy that Megan is back. What great writing and acting. Can’t wait for season 4.

  38. Eneida Barbosa says:

    How about Deep Cover, The Executioners or Espionage,

  39. Jerri says:

    So glad that Liz is alive. The show would not be the same without her. Great writers and actors. Can’t wait for season 4.

  40. Karen Davis says:

    I liked the finale, but I’m confused. We can’t figure out why Alexander Kirk was siphoning off his own blood. Did we miss something there? So . . . since Liz didn’t *really* kill her father, was that a memory that Red had installed inside Liz? Why? And what is Red’s relationship to Liz’ father? Were they adversaries for Liz’ mother? And what about the fulcrum (remember that?)??? Did Red take the fulcrum from Alexander Kirk, then start the fire but realize that Liz was in the closet holding her bunny, so he went in to rescue her . . . only to alter her memory and then give her to some neutral, kindly man who raised her as his own? And why did Red keep Liz/Masha and her mother away from the father/grandfather? And what about Red’s ex and their daughter? I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be like Lemony Snickett’s “Unfortunate Events,” which never even tried to tie up all the weird loose ends. As for my opinion on the title of the spin-off (“BL: Redemption”), I think that confuses me, too. Whose “redemption”? And, I must say, I *like* the fact that Red–the master of all elaborate schemes–was fooled so well. But I don’t believe he will kill Mr. Kaplan (Kate)–or, at least, I hope he doesn’t, because she is an intriguing character, and it seems as if there is quite a long, fascinating history she has with Red.

    Aughhhhh!!!! It’s going to be a long, long summer!!!!

    • Kris says:

      Don’t remember enough about the scene to know if he was siphoning off his blood or getting a transfusion, but my guess is he needs the baby (and now Liz) for some remedy to a condition he has, which explains why he was going to kidnap Agnes.

    • resabi says:

      Pretty sure he was getting dialysis and that he needs Liz for her kidney.

  41. Archie says:

    Red is the only reason I watched the show. Liz has been annoying from the very start. I won’t watch next season now that the disappointment of Liz’ survival has sunk in. I wanted some episodes where James Spader could be let loose of the albatross around his neck. He was turning the FBI unit into a criminal enterprise and that storyline would have been fascinating. Now all we have to look forward to is more of the ‘Liz is stupid and incompetent and ungrateful’ storyline. That is why many of the commenters want Liz gone.

  42. Lynne Pope says:

    I never believed she was dead….if they really wanted to let her die they would have done it the last episode. the ones without her were pretty boring.. We needed the tension and love hate she and Red have. I must have missed something because it got really messy feeling and not sharp. I feel like I was robbed somehow of satisfaction, some brilliant close. Sorry writers but The Good Wife did a better job of a good ending. Even with the spin off…things have been faltering lately. yawn. so disappointing.

  43. Bhuvana says:

    For the spin off it would be nice if there is frequent cross over between these two shows .. that way we wont get to miss the TOM LIZ relationship ever

  44. Marci says:

    I’m glad liz is alive and will be back on season 4. I would eventually like for the show to reveal why red is so involved in liz’s life. Obviosly, he loves liz dearly but from season 3’s finale supposely he’s not her father. So, what is he to her??

    • Nitechick says:

      Her Mother. In the only known picture of Liz with her mother – the mother’s face is obscured. It’s the only plausible explanation of their relationship.

    • chocolatfrog says:

      I bet Red is the biological father. Kirk is her “official dad” married to her mom.

  45. Terry Arnold says:

    I didn’t think Liz was truly dead! Regarding the new name: I don’t care for the name “Redemption” for the spin-off. Although I’m sure a lot of thought has gone into selecting that name. Have you considered possibly calling it “Rebuttal”? Just a thought.

    The Blacklist is my favorite TV program. I thought writers this season did a spectacular job!!

  46. dee says:

    New series name; ‘Tom Keen’ That’s it. That’s all we need and we will watch!

  47. dee says:

    Don’t you remember liz’s grandfather saying to Red, ” so now you rhink you feel like I do?” Red must be the father. Also, Tom is adorable but he is no James Spader. I don’t think I could get into the spinoff as much as the original But if they combined the two every week I would love that. Another hour of Red and Tom. Also liz brings out that softer side of Red at the end of every episode, which is why we need her

  48. CJ says:

    We love the name, “Blacklist; Redemption.” Hated the characters they used until they all pulled together last week. We will absolutely watch!

    • CJ says:

      Have to correct that we all hated the characters at first except for Tom Keen – seriously he is the best character of the show.

  49. janice westbury says:

    We all had the Liz and Kaplan thing figured out from the beginning. I am still not convinced that Kirk is her father. My main concern with next season is the baby. It pretty much ruined the second half of this season. What will they do with Agnes?

  50. Arianne says:


    Also I will literally die if (and most likely when, since this spinoff thing is happening) Tom just completely leaves The Blacklist. I love the character and while I would love a whole show dedicated to Tom I can’t stand the thought of him not being on the main show! I was starting to really love his relationships with the other characters on the show, since he didn’t really interact with them prior to Liz’s death. (Aram & Tom forevzzzzzz)