The 100 Recap

The 100 Season Finale Recap: Who Didn't Survive the Fight Against ALIE?

Clarke ordered up a whopping flame with a side order of chip(s) on The 100‘s third season finale — and the brave li’l Commander of Death got exactly what she paid for.

The artist formerly known as Wanheda took a trip to the City of Light (formerly known as Downtown Vancouver) on Thursday, where she encountered a few familiar faces. But none were more important than Lexa, who appeared as if from nowhere to save her beloved from a swarm of ALIE’s goons. (Side note: I don’t care if we all knew the “Clexa” reunion was coming; I still gasped when that damn queen showed up, swords a-swingin’.)

The ladies also bumped into the likes of Jaha and Jasper during their hunt for ALIE’s kill switch, but thanks to an outside assist from Raven, Clarke was able to sidestep the battle and head directly to ALIE’s lair, where she came face-to-face with both the evil A.I. and her creator! (It was kind of like that cheat in Mario Bros. 3 where you got to jump straight to end of the game, but in this case, Mario is a gorgeous blonde.)

ALIE tried to prevent Clarke from hitting the kill switch by sharing the world’s most uncomfortable bedtime story: Once upon a time, there were a dozen nuclear facilities just waiting to blow, should the kill switch be engaged. “In less than six months,” the story goes, “96 percent of the earth’s surface will be uninhabitable, even for those born in space.” It was a twisted tale with an even more twisted ending: Clarke chose to hit the switch! (And was I the only one not comforted by her “We’ll figure something out, we always do” speech?)

Meanwhile, in “reality”: Bellamy and Pike attempted to stave off an angry army of chippies (that’s what I’m calling them, OK?), all the while suppressing Octavia’s thirst for revenge, and Murphy scrubbed in to help Abby keep Clarke’s blood supply stable. All seemed to be OK when Clarke hit the kill switch, as even the chippiest of chippies immediately came to their senses — yes, that includes Jasper — so I think it’s safe to finally close the book on this seas…

Oh my God, Octavia just killed Pike. Blackout. What?!

The 100 fans, we have a lot to talk about: Did the finale live up to its hype? Did Clarke’s reunion with Lexa provide any closure? And what do you make of Octavia’s final blow? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. NM says:

    I’m glad this season has wrapped up. I did enjoy it, but felt like they skipped their sophomore slump and backtracked to have one. This ALIE plot line could have been better, but still had some good mythology.
    I am hoping next season explores some peace amongst Sky Crew and The Grounders and leaving it there. I hope to see further clans and maybe some exposure to what is outside ‘Tondoc’ AKA Washington and having their explore what else is out there in America.

    • M3rc_Nate says:

      It does feel like they really setup the “Ice nation” and then never showed us much, I imagine they did that for next season. We don’t know much about them, we have had minimal interaction with them and the new “King” of the Ice nation isn’t a nobody actor that you just get for a few episodes.

    • ? says:

      Oh, Clarke. Always having to choose whether or not to flip a genocide switch. Compare that with the naive teenage girl the others all called “Princess” in the first season, lol. That’s what I call character development! I fully expected her to end this season with the chip in her head (maybe nightblood is only needed to survive the bonding process, not once it’s bonded) and being hailed as Commander of all the Grounders & the Ark, but I guess if they do that now they’ll lose too important a source of conflict for stories moving forward. Shocked Jaha had almost no role and survived the episode. Loved Octavia just running Pike through like that. Some sins just don’t wash out and she knew there just needed to be an end to it, for better or worse, so she does it and doesn’t even look back. Messy but honest action, just like people do in emotionally charged situations. Can’t wait for season 4!

    • jlamar011 says:

      i feel the only direction is to get off the planet. there is no way they are reaching 7 nuclear plants to fix them.. nor would they know how to. Going off planet would be to far fetched. im worried about the direction of the show. now.

  2. Lindsey says:

    That was anti-climactic. I guess I expected more from the finale. The Octavia ending was weird. And I am going to miss the Clarke/Lexa dynamic, having that back even for a few minutes reminded me how powerful they were together. This episode just felt rushed and incomplete.

  3. Michelle says:

    Really fantastic finale. I’m shocked no one I cared about died. Great acting all around. Sucks we gotta wait til 2017 to see S4. But we did it this season, so we’ll be fine. Curious to see how the gang pulls off saving the world. But I’m excited for the ride.

    I made sure to give it a good rating before some of the crazies come on here and deliberately give it a low rating…

    • Andy Swift says:

      I guess Jason decided to give our hearts a break.

    • Kanel says:

      Enough with the Lesbo stuff. Cheap, gratuitous and predictable. Ugh.

      Some creative moments: Liked the electrocution idea. Heart pumping by hand.

      Some ridiculous: Building climbers. Not standing at the window to push the building climbers off…no, let’s do this the really hard way. City of light is overcast on the day of shooting…Bwaaaaa! And shouldn’t the trees have some leaves? And Lexa’s back with full batman garb.–eyeball roll.

      Need more Bellamy, Octavia, Abby and Raven. Less Pike (thank you O) and Jaha.

      On the whole this season was too overblown (crucifixions, really), too disconnected, and too cheap. Stop trying to be Star Wars.

      • Matt says:

        You sound like you’re on drugs

      • FR says:

        If you don’t want to watch “lesbo stuff”, maybe don’t watch a TV show with a lesbian protagonist. (Ok I admit she’s bi but she hasn’t been with a guy in two years)

      • DCL33 says:

        Your homophobia is showing.

      • Cait says:

        First of all, they’re both strong leaders who know the difficulties in making tough decisions to protect/save ‘their people’. They’re a lot alike and have lost people close to them and were better when together. That’s what the show tried portraying when they put them together (not because they had labeled themselves but because of the personality of the other). Also, this is supposed to be in the future; a dystopian series. Obviously there wouldn’t be people afraid to have same-gender relations. There isn’t even Christianity anymore. I admit the building climbing was too odd and impossible, even with the chip taking away their pain and fear. However, they didn’t think about pushing them down because they wanted to try and keep them alive to the best of their ability (you know, since they’re only being manipulated). The City of Light isn’t actually a city of light… it’s more symbolic because it’s a place with no worries, pain, fear, sadness, etc. in a recreation of the past before the blast. The weather fit the situation perfectly. Lexa’s clothing was great and appropriate for the grounder culture. Not a stupid superhero comic. If you look around outside, there’re a lot of trees planted for decoration that won’t have many leaves yet, or they fall off in a season called winter. Heard of it? There was enough Bellamy and Octavia in the season finale. The one that should’ve been focused on was Clarke since everything/everyone relied on her to save the day yet again. I agree with the Abby [and Murphy] part. I’d say the beginning of the season could’ve been better, and there could’ve been at least 20 episodes like there’s supposed to be, but overall, this season was great and the 4th will be even better.

        • Gaiawolf says:

          No no. We really shouldn’t be focusing too much on Clarke when there are much more interesting, and deeper, characters around.

          • Sawyer says:

            who is more interesting than Clarke? Clarke is the biggest bad ass on television, other than Lexa.

      • I agree with all the ‘gay’ stuff being rammed into the viewers vision… like all of the sudden EVERY show has to have gay characters if for no other reason then ratings.. to include everyone… it’s idiotic.

        • CL says:

          Gay people don’t exist in real life right? They shouldn’t be on TV AT ALL!

        • Matt says:

          This is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It makes sense that they would have lgbt characters just from a plot perspective. Especially on the ark where they had population control. The 100 will always be very positive towards the “gay” stuff because there is no right or wrong when it comes to it. It’s all about survival. And, again, they’re telling a story. They’re not forcing you to agree or not. Politics on the show regarding that matter have NEVER even been brought up. Why don’t you just stop watching the show. Seems easier to me. Also, not all shows have lgbt characters. Just because a few do doesn’t mean they’re shoving it down your throat all of a sudden. Find the ones that aren’t.

        • Rod Olin says:

          Gay stuff….kind of like we are stuck looking at douchebag bro stuff…. you’re idiotic “cowboysdude”

      • Jami says:

        hey were you chipped and forced to watch Season 3? You know we have free will, you didn’t have to watch the show. I always find it amazing some people will watch a show and complain about it. Don’t watch it. The Lesbo stuff was probably the best written Lesbo stuff written for television. Hell of love story.

  4. xomar says:

    That was a really underwhelming finale. It ended so abruptly? And the writing was just… not that good.
    Let’s just say I’m glad this mess of a season is over, hopefully thee writers room learned from their mistakes a day go back to their roots and explore the delinquent dynamic.

  5. Jobless says:

    I’m guessing that this was their backup ending. I bet they had something else prepared in case this episode turned out to be their series finale. Remember, they shot the entire season before the CW decided to give them a Season 4.

    • lola says:

      They dont need a backup ending…… lots of shows end in cliffhangers, this was what they always intended to show. It why people are ot always happy when their series are cancelled with a cliffhanger.

      • Steph says:

        They’ve officially stated that they filmed two different endings

        • Dmac says:

          One where Jasper died and the one when he lived.

          • Kenny says:

            Not Jasper, Pike. Michael Beach shot a pilot recently that has now been picked up and ordered to series by the network. If Fox had passed on “Pitch”, he would have been free to continue playing Pike on this show. But since Fox did pick up the pilot, he’ll move on to that show and PIke had to be written out.

  6. Liz says:

    The finale seemed less like a wrap up to season 3 and more like a set up to season 4.
    Glad this season has come to a close. I know season 3 can always be a bit rocky but this was the rockiest. Too much time spent on the Clarke and Lexa storyline in Polis and not on the characters we’ve loved from the beginning in Arcadia. I’m Team Delinquents all the way and felt they got pushed to the side.
    Hoping the writers realize they can’t tell a 22 episode story in only 16 episodes. Everything always seems so rushed. And as much as a like quick storytelling so I don’t lose interest, it has to be done right. This season was a bit all over the place.
    Excited to see what season 4 holds. Will definitely be interesting to see the fall out of the finale.

    • Litz says:

      Personally I loved the Polis/Grounders/Lexa parts. I loved the glimpses of a society after the Apocalypse and I wanted to see so much more.

      In essence I’s say I agree with you. They tried too much, too fast and I think they would have been much better served stretching the Polis part into the whole of season 3 and letting events breathe, and then with what’s been sprinkled through there, launch into the meaty part of the CoL/AI story in season 4.

    • F.R says:

      I was kinda bored with the whole storyline with Lexa struggling to maintain her authority and respect,
      but I really liked that one episode where she dueled with Roan.

    • Same, i hated the Clexa crap that dragged down half the season I’m here for the delinquents

    • Kenny says:

      You can’t expect a show like this to spend all it’s time on a group of teenagers. It’s not or shouldn’t reduce itself to a scifi version of Lord of the Flies with some romance thrown in for the shippers. That may have worked in season 1 to get them renewed, but they never would have gotten praise for season 2 and another renewal if they didn’t expand their canvas and started exploring the huge sandbox they’ve set up as their playing fifeld. The rest of Arkadia, the adults, and the Grounders are vital to the show staying on air, imo. Season 3 had a lot of issues, but finally letting us see Polis, introducing the Ice Nation, etc weren’t among them.

  7. Litz says:

    Honestly, it just felt so damn weak compared to the two other finales. Eyebrow raising pacing coupled with some glaring plot holes that made a lot of the season completely unnecessary. And then that ending. No, utterly weak.

    And I like Bellamy when he’s written properly, but I hate how they just give him a pass. He basically gets to say “My bad. I’ll think about what I did.” and boom. Forgiven for the massacre and everything else. No damn consequences. Meanwhile, Octavia kills Pike, a justifiable homicide against a man who’s did worse than Bellamy because let’s face it, he would have gotten the same damn treatment as Bellamy did, and you just know that in season 4 she’ gonna be vilified for it.

    You know, the show gets a lot of praise for how it makes women the center of things, they make the big decisions, and that’s justified! But it loses all of that because said women always get berated for doing what was the right thing. Go on, go back and count how many times Clarke gets attacked by her “friends” and how many times she says “I’m sorry” when if it had been a guy doing what she did, they’d all be praising him or going “You did what you had to.” And she doesn’t stand up for herself, at all. Just sits there like a verbal punching bag.

    I’m genuinely sick of the double standard here.

    • fiona says:

      They dont always villify the women. however i do agree that this epi was lacking a lot. was expecting more. i zoned out so much during this epi

    • FR says:

      Just because it didn’t end with tragedy doesn’t mean it was weak. I, for one, am glad that nobody I cared about died.

    • Lexa didn’t even get a redemption for her dirty deeds in s2 and somehow every1 managed to not only forgive her but call her a hero

      • Litz says:

        But she did? I honestly don’t know if we’ve been watching the same show if you can say that with a straight face.She spent every episode up until she died trying to make up for it. Protecting Clarke, protecting the Arkers, literary going against the faith of her entire people when she said “Blood must not have blood”, all for the sake of Clarke and the Arkers.

        And then she knelt before Clarke, swearing an oath that it would not happen again, that their people was one and the same now. And that wasn’t Lexa asking for forgiveness. That was Lexa saying I won’t let this happen again, and I know you don’t trust that but I’ll prove it. Which she went on to do. (And that? That was like George W. Bush back when he was President kneeling before the Iraqi government, swearing to protect them.)

        Hey, if they give Bellamy a true redemption arc next season I’m all for it. Give us him struggeling, give us him seeking out real penance. But what they’ve been trying to shove down our throats right now? It’s pure crap and it’s not only a disservice to the show, but a damn disservice to Bellamy and the character he developed in season 2.

    • Jacob denness says:

      I would point out your missing out octavea stabbed pike when they still needed him and because of that they lost ground against the enemy witch they would have had if she had just waited

  8. Midnight says:

    Have to give it an A just for Octavia stabbing Pike and then dropping the mic.

    • kordus says:

      Yes.. She wasn’t going to let it go. Bellamy, Clarke, Kain, they knew she was going to take him out. If she didn’t Indra certainly would have at the first free opportunity. either way he was gonna die. Wonder how peeved Indra’s gonna be that she didn’t get to off him. Guess she’ll have to be satisfied with cutting him up earlier.
      Was stupid of Octavia to wound him for revenge, it jeopardized everyone.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t see how cutting Pike and nearly getting him killed jeopardized anyone. It’s not like he was needed to pull ALIE’s kill switch. He was just one guy who maybe slowed a few chipped people down and by wounding him instead of outright killing she still allowed him to slow some of the chipped people down.

        • aatki says:

          She cut him, and let the 3 chipped try to kill him. Bellamy had to come in and go against his own wishes of not killing them and shot them. Pike also saved Octavia later in the the main room battle. She would be dead if she succeeded in getting him killed in the first room.

  9. michael says:

    They really must have a story for season 4.

  10. Hollie says:

    Honestly, I was expecting to be angry and sad after the finale, but that episode was so bad. Everything about it was just…weird.
    It was such a fail.

  11. Honestly these comments. A lot of you do appear really entitled to what you expect out of a season finale. Ill admit it ended abruptly because of the shooting and the way we saw Jasper and his has been rumored that they shot another scene where he ate a bullet but was cut out. Im just glad the 100 doesnt deal with cliches as they are the worst in finales. I really did not want a walking dead like cliff hanger. ‘If a cliffhanger isnt necessary and it is in-between seasons, dont use it! I did enjoy season 3 especially when Jahas story line connected with everybody at Camp Jaha and then they moved to Polis. We finally met the original commander and like I have said before to trust in the writers more than berrate and take them for granted, we saw Lexa end off like a true warrior which was (DOnt deny it) planned before they shot lexa’s bullet death.

    • SCD says:

      Doesn’t deal with cliches? What show are you watching?

    • DCL33 says:

      I really loved 1st 2 season, season 3 has been crap. The plot holes and stuff that didnt make any sense was just overbearing. You could sweep entire 3rd season plot holes into Grand canyon and there would still be room left. Not to mention finale was so badly edited and ADR… no comment on that. But I wonder, are we watching the same show? Cause the 100 is a walking cliche.

  12. T.M. says:

    I have so many questions that I hope they resolve next season.. mainly involving what ALIE was doing. I was doing research for a book two years ago that dealt with unmanned NPPs and unless ALIE was smart enough (which I bet she was) there had to have been a crew that kept them running until now… but she said her drones JUST saw it four months ago… and if that is the case wouldn’t the meltdowns in the reactors have occurred a little under 100 years ago? I know they have fail safes that can manage for a few weeks or months if needed be… but technically what she is saying should have potentially already happened? Is it in her system? Was she too busy making the code for those perfect eyebrows? (Seriously that eyebrow game is strong) *shrug* OH WELL. See ya next season.

    • Cheryl says:

      Reply to TM. I do not think it has been an entire century. Also, Ali (as a being of an image inside the mind of her subject, or victim, ) needed an actual “human being” to be able to function and carry out the rest of her program. She may have been in a sleep mode until discovered.

      • Gabrielle says:

        The show itself says it’s been 97 years since the nuclear apocalypse. Unattended, all those nuclear reactors would have melted down within a WEEK. This plot idea makes no sense.

        • Cait says:

          You sure about that? Radiation takes a long time to die down. Do your research. Some places to start: Japan and Russia.

          • aatki says:

            If we look at Japan, the meltdown almost happened very soon after the disaster. The nuclear radiation has been slowly spreading through the oceans. We are currently 3 years later, with no human intervention it would be much worse already let alone 97 years later. It could just be a lie she was telling, the best way ALIE could think of to try to sway Clarke.

    • 12274640jacob says:

      Yea with all those nucklar reactors isn’t it just a matter of flipping a thuwe switches to get them to shut down and be ok

      • kordus says:

        No, mostly they need to have a constant supply of coolant pumped through to stabilize the reaction. Stopping the coolant would cause the reactor to exponetially rise in tempeature until it lead to a core breach and explostion. SO they would have blown long age with no one to attend them. Unless there are people attending them in which case they would manually override any autofuction that ALie would initiate. Either way, they blow up or remain stable.

        • T.M. says:

          THANK YOU. I thought I was going crazy. I know Nuclear Power Plants have failsafes but they only cover a few weeks. Without someone to care for them this would have already happened. I am wondering if they are going to borrow the “children of the atom” from fallout 4 or something like that… or

        • Jacob denness says:

          I do now all that really my thinking was if they’ve held this long it’s going to be easy to sort them out but all in all I think we can agree its kind of a week thing for season 4

          • T.M. says:

            I’ve decided from here on in to just shrug and if there is a plot hole just go “a wizard did it”

        • ? says:

          I’m going to give them some leeway because the nuclear apocalypse didn’t happen to our society the way it is today, it happened in the future with future technology. So these are future nuclear power plants melting down with design contingencies based on future technology. We don’t have the technology they needed to survive on the Ark or practice eugenics like they did to evolve into humans who can tolerate radiation, we don’t have the technology to build computer chips that interface with brains, etc. And they flub the science on the show plenty already, I mean, it’s not like you can simply transfuse blood from another person into you without accommodating for blood type, right? So let’s just go with it. The bigger problem is that if the reactors even started to melt down, they would be unable to even get anywhere near them to shut them down anyway.

          • aatki says:

            If it was a future technology nuclear plant it would have a different name, like thermonuclear or something. We do have technology for brain chips, it’s called singularity and it is not to far in our future to be unbelievable. Also, it wasn’t a blood transfusion, the blood was being run through her system, they are just swapping blood. This is a future technology but the idea was used in Mount weather. The swap the blood and get there own back. There is also the nightblood to think about. The nightblood stopped pumping when the blood starting coming into her system, hence the pumping of her heart. The modified blood is probably what made it okay in Clarke’s system. So, they did kinda take blood type into consideration.

  13. Cheryl says:

    I was wondering what would have happened had everyone taken the chip? The machine capable of capturing the souls of those who died. Wouldn’t Lexie have been discovered. ? Maybe not seen as a threat at the time of her death. And the City of Light would not have lasted forever since actually it was a large floating computer.
    I think Clark did the right thing in view of this and regarding memories and free thinking.
    However, I hope they come back to show how Clark managed the Earths fate, and how everyone survives after the lasting impressions of Ali.

  14. Julie says:

    Question- if Lexa (and I assume other commanders?) were in the City of Light that whole time, then why couldn’t they go meet up with Becky and take Allie down earlier?

    • Landon says:

      Probably because the flame had never been integrated into the city of light until Clarke showed up. Since Lexa’s spirit (as well as the other commanders’s) we inside the flame, they couldn’t have entered the city of light until someone who ascended had taken the chip.

    • ? says:

      They were part of the Flame, not ALIE’s City of Light. They entered the City when Clarke did because she brought the Flame in with her. Lexa (or more accurately some part of her that remains with the Flame after death) came out of the Flame into the City to help Clarke. The Flame is some kind of AI that supplements and advises the person it’s in (in their dreams apparently) but isn’t personified like ALIE was. So either the Flame sent Lexa or Clarke unconsciously cried out for help and it sent Lexa on its own. The other Commanders presumably could have come too, but CW budgets.

      • Julie says:

        Thanks guys!

      • jazzyt2u says:

        LOL I love your last sentence. Budgets are a B… LMAO

      • Zaphkyel says:

        And, of course, Lexa was emotionally-triggering for Clarke. Any other previous commander would not have been able to get through to her or give her an incentive to continue and complete her quest. To be honest, I kept hoping Anya would pop in too, but I figured it was impossible because budgets.

  15. Shawn Allen says:

    Didn’t really care for the A.L.I.E arc at all, was insane but I guess it made for something to carry the season. The finale was nothing really great, no impact for me. I am curious to see where S4 goes given everything that has happened.

  16. Dee says:

    Going to Lost Girl for a better ending because that’s when you know your show is doing something wrong. Sorry but that was a horrible way for clarke to get closure. Oh and way to send Elizabeth to get viewer’s to watch the*clexa* romantic scene. Honestly it did not make a difference you can feel the “i love you” force to get people drawn in for the last episode. It just didn’t feel natural at all.

  17. Not enough Raven to much Lexa otherwise pretty good

  18. Defjam says:

    Long live Lexa. that was awesome…and i had no problems with Octavia killing pike at the end…Octavia was a broken lady when Pike executed Lincoln…

  19. Dan says:

    Whine, whine, all you critics, if you don’t like the way they did it, write your own show and do it the way you want.
    Then you to will be whined about in the comments at TVline.
    I liked the finale of the season, loved it when Lexa appeared to rescue Clark, I was on the edge of my seat most of the show.

    • Jami says:

      I loved it. Season 3 it was great, because of Clarke and Lexa . I love Bellamy. Bellamy is no different then he was in S1. Bellamy needs Clarke, and Clarke needs Bellamy working together, having each others back. Great show looking forward to season 4. I am hoping to see a return of Lexa. May we Meet Again Januay 2017.

  20. CurlyGirly says:

    Season finale was AWESOME, so great to see Lexa again. All Hail Heda!! Glad the ALIE storyline is over, didn’t care for it. And I’m glad that Octavia killed Pike, he was reprehensible, and in my eyes, non-redeemable. And I guess we know what the plot for next season will be!

  21. Ethan Dalton says:

    The ending was far too abrupt: Octavia killing Pike then just cutting to black…that’s not the ending to a season. Pike needed to die, but it was as if Jason Rothenberg only realised that with 30 seconds left. He’d left himslef too much story to cover in the finale, and didn’t do it justice.,

  22. kirads09 says:

    It was a fantastic season finale. Abby and Kane (aka Mom and Dad of the whole crew and my personal favorite ship) are still alive and presume together. I think Alie was lying about the nuclear reactors just to stall Clarke as Becca said. I really hope so. Or will next season be all about the mtrying to find a way to GO BACK INTO THE SKY – before it is too late. I kept yelling at my TV “just flip the darn switch already Clarke” before time is up. Took her long enough to wrestle with that. This show has gone places I never expected, but have enjoyed it since day one. And Lexa was epic.

  23. Kenny says:

    Not impressed by it, didn’t even feel like a season finale to me, but then the whole season has been pretty lackluster, imo. The writing for the AI story was all over the place from the beginning and I guess they were at least consistent with that until the end. I’m just glad it’s over now. It dragged the show down a lot during the second half of the season especially for me. Didn’t help that ALIE was nothing but a mustache-twirling, but overall pretty dumb villain.

    Pike had it coming so I can’t say I’m sad about what happened to him in any way. It’s worth mentioning though that they totally would have kept him on the show if Michael Beach’s new pilot didn’t get picked up. That just about sums up another one of the show’s major problems this year. They killed off almost their entire group of Grounder characters, most of them for no reason other than “shock” and trying to be a CW version of Game of Thrones, but would have bend over backwards to keep Pike alive and Bellamy has yet to face any actual consequences for what he’s done too. The plot armour is strong and way too obvious in the writing for those two and Jasper. Back in seasons 1 and 2 other main characters had to die for less than murdering 299 Grounder sent to protect them in their sleep and even after that both Pike and Bellamy happily kept on killing people. I have no issue with either one of them as character, I just like my shows to be consistent in their writing and plot armour tends to get on my nerves real quick. But now that they had to go for the ending in which Pike did die, maybe they’ll stop acting like Ocativa and the others have to handwave Bellamy’s actions about 1 day after his last murder too.

    I’m glad Kane and Abby survived. I guess whether we’ll see Indra and Roan again will depend on whether the actors will be available next season or if other projects take precedence for them. I guess it’s no coincidence that the flame didn’t have to be destroyed in order to get red fo ALIE and that’s an understandable decision from the writers’ POV. I wouldn’t nail that door absolutely shut either if I were them. It was nice to see Lexa again and if ADC doesn’t mind coming back once or twice a season for a guest stint, the flame and her assurance that she’ll always be with Clarke work as a setup. I’d take it if they can come up with anything along those lines. The Commander was easily one of the most interesting characters this season. Even more so since they completely wasted the Ice Queen, Ontari and Luna and two of those three are now dead anyway.

    All in all the writers seriously need to step up their game again next season. I’m willing to give this show another shot, but season 3 was a massive disappointment on so many levels after a strong second year that raised a lot of expectations they failed to meet.

  24. Emily says:

    Does anyone think that Lexa could come back? I mean they left the finale pretty open ended considering they didn’t really show her dying – just jumping into the crowd of people to save Clarke. Not to mention Clarke still had the flame after she woke up. I just hope this wasn’t truly the end for the Clexa story line because it’s been a bunch of bullshit since 3×7. First they killed Lexa off in the dumbest way possible RIGHT after her and Clarke finally made love. Then they decided to queer bait us yet again with pictures and behind the scenes footage of ADC coming back for the finale. And then what do we get? A rushed FIVE MINUTES out of the 45 minute long finale.

    Don’t get me wrong, I thought the scenes with Alycia and Eliza were really beautiful. They got to embrace each other more than they had the entire second and third season in just those short five minutes and you could really feel how much they loved each other. But still, it felt rushed and I’m willing to bet they only threw Lexa in there to gain ratings because she really had no point in the story besides helping Clarke find the kill switch (which she clearly could have done on her own).

    I just feel like this whole season was rushed and the finale really showed that. Instead of going off the storyline of the grounders and sky crew becoming united in a coalition and really diving into the ice nation and the other clans – they sloppily killed off one of the best characters on the show (let alone all of TV) just to create this whole AI storyline halfway through the season. I feel as if the AI concept definitely need more than just half a season to develop. It could have been such a cool concept had they given themselves more time to dive into it.

    I did appreciate that Octavia got to kill Pike – I think that was symbolic to the whole “blood must have blood” grounder culture that she was trying to be a part of since season 2, not to mention redemption for Lincoln’s death which was also uncalled for. I’m not sure how I feel about ALIE telling Clarke that the reason for the CoL was to yet again protect the human race from extinction because apparently the planet will not be inhabitable in the next six months. If that were the case why didn’t she tell any of them that in the first place instead of just manipulating Jaha and the rest of the crew?

    This is turning into a rant lmao but I was inspired to throw my two cents in after reading everyone else’s comments. The only really great part of the finale was the five minutes between Clexa but other than that it really didn’t give me any interest in coming back for S4.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t see how they can bring Lexa back. Her fight in the City of Light was just a memory of her downloaded by the chip and with ALIE 1 destroyed and ALIE 2 without a new nightblood host even her memory can’t come back now.

  25. Freda Jackson says:

    It was good, because Lexa came back briefly! Yes, I waited mostly for this reunion with Clark! It was a ” Xena” killing
    Moment for Lexa, that was Awesome! We knew Clark would be the one to fix this!

  26. Mipsch says:

    So the only death was Pike? Interesting. A scene was shot where Jasper caps himself in grief. I guess he survives again!

  27. arianeb says:

    Why are so many comments down on this show? This has been the best season of one of the best shows on TV. 16 total episodes and at least 8 felt like they could have been season finales they were so intense and action packed.
    Too many “critically acclaimed” shows spin their wheels through most of their season, and don’t pay off until the end (I’m looking at you TWD and GoT), while The 100 had some huge moments all season long.
    The only weakness of the show this season was that its non-stop plot didn’t slow down for proper character development: Bellamy’s actions this season often felt way out of character, and Monty being forced to kill his own mother to save his friends would have mattered more if we knew their relationship better.
    This actual season finale was not the best episode (how fracking long does it take to pull a kill switch Clarke?), but it wrapped up the season very well and set up some potential badness in season 4 which I’m looking forward to.

  28. Kathryn says:

    I want the 100 to return in September or October and I want bellarke now is been 3 years it’s time they better be together in season 4 and the end of the show and it ends with Bellamy and Clarke get married

    • Jacob denness says:

      Lovely idea. Also what does a grounder wedding asherly look like

    • aatki says:

      I know right, I’m rooting for these two also and then the love for Legal came spilling out so I doubt it will happen in the next season. Maybe, Bellamy will disclose his feelings for her though finally.

  29. Kathryn says:

    I want the 100 to return in September or October and I want bellarke now is been 3 years it’s time they better be together in season 4 and the end of the show and it ends with Bellamy and Clarke get married . They are the endgame I want them together now i

  30. Kathryn says:

    Bellarke need to be together now

  31. Riya Rana says:

    I, for one, am incredibly relieved that no one I loved died this season finale, but there is always next season. I thought the finale was a little underwhleming, but I am glad it did not end with Clarke having to commit mass murder as it usually does. Our poor, brave girl needs a break. This time she got to save the world without scarificing her soul. Thank you writer people for giving our hearts a break.
    Season 3 was a roller coaster with a lot of highs and lows. It had some of the strongest episodes throughout the series, but also some of the weakest. One of them being how they treated Bellamy’s character development, but I’m glad they had him acknowledge that what he did was wrong. His redempetion arc is probably going to become more apparent in season 4. He will have to answer to the remaining Grounders about his role and resonsbility in the massacre. Don’t get wrong, I still love Bellamy Blake. He is still one of my favorite characters on the show besides Clarke, Raven, Murphy, Kane, and King Roan. I just felt that they sacrificed his character to further acclereate the conflict between the Grounders and Arkers. This is not to say that I had any problems with having Bellamy go to his darkest and lowest place, but they needed to do a better job at explaining or showing his motivations to the audience. I understand that his decisions had a lot to do with his previous experiences with the Grounders (largerly all of them being almost negative), but it still does not excuse what he did and he has to be the one living with it. And one of the ways this is going to happen is to see Octavia paying the price for his actions. It’s going to kill him.

    However, even at its weakest, the 100 still left me glued to my seat and waiting to see what happened next. That is a hard thing to accomplish.Hopefully, they can take whatever feedback and criticism they received this season and make a better season 4.

  32. Sabrina says:

    I don’t think I’ll be watching next season as I have not enjoyed this season. I’ll probably just read the first few episodes’ recaps to see whether it’s worth watching again in season 4.

  33. So Happy says:

    I hope too that they do more with Ice Nation! This season finale was sooo good!
    Can’t wait for next season :0)

  34. Lorin bal says:

    I only like Lexa and Clarke together again…..that’s it!

  35. Sarah says:

    The finale was boring, but honestly I wasn’t hoping for much after such a horrible season. They took what used to be pretty great characters and they dragged them all through the mud to fit the plot. They made Bellamy a mass murdering zealot because of a random insta-girlfriend. They made Monty condone that mass murder because his Mom was a crazy zealot too. And in the end everyone shrugs it off even though it got Lincoln killed because they’re kind of sorry and everyone else should think that’s good enough penance. On top of that poor Raven just exhausts me to watch, I’m starting to think she won’t get any rest from all the torture and relentless work without sleep to save everyone, until they kill her. And the rest of the show was literally just Jasper and Clarke crying about their dead girlfriends as if their pain matters more than everyone else’s pain. I hope next season gets back the halfway decent characterization of season 1 and 2.

  36. Jayden says:

    I hope Octavia has the most brutal death for killing pike hated her since season 1

  37. Arpy says:

    Omg!! I’m in love with the movie can’t wait on Thursdays to watch I’m so excited to find out wants going to happen next

  38. Dawne says:

    The finale was OK.
    I have to admit… though, in the first season, I couldn’t stand Murphy (I remember thinking “Hope they kill off this character – he is an annoying pain in the a**) he kind of won me over in season 2 and has grown on me. I think he’s one of the best characters on the show now. He brings a comedic (and at times, “voice of reason”) element to the scenes… kind of echoes what the viewer thinks and would say in the same situation. To me, he offers some real-world relatable somehow, relieves some of the tension and brings me some laughs. I’m glad the writers allowed this actor to more fully develop his Murph character.

    Still wondering… Where the heck is Indra?? Really missed her in the finale. She belonged in it, imo. And Roan? Looking forward to more from him… Hoping they develop him more as well. Guess we’ll find out what happens to him in S4?

    Also won’t be too disappointed if more happens between Bellamy and Clarke… Abby & Kane as well.

  39. Chelsea says:

    Closure?…There can’t b closure for what happened to lexa… She came back for only 5 minutes..

  40. TM says:

    Seems like everyone totally missed Jasper’s perverse smile at the end. Allie is in there, or someone. I am so surprised no one picked up on that. Or maybe I made it up.

    • Violet says:

      I actually saw that made me think: “thats the smile of someone who’s ready to kill themselves”. It had a sort of a sad look to it, which is why I didn’t think Allie was back. Besides, I really doubt they want to deal with Allie again in season 4. She’s def a done deal. I really got tired of it. I heard that there were 2 version of Jaspers ending. That he was gonna blow his brains out, which goes along with what I thought my smile meant. This must be the second version, where he doesnt kill himself.

    • Dawne says:

      Definitely saw it! I had the same thought about Jasper & ALIE…

      Just unpleasant that we will be waiting until Spring 2017. Drat!

  41. Lisa says:

    OMG Lexa ❤️❤️

  42. Dale Bennett says:

    Great series its just a shame that Clarke irritates the hell out of me.

  43. Ashley says:

    I liked it ok. Clarke needs to grow a pair or the writers do. No one that had seen Alies damage would’ve debated for 5 minutes about whether or not to throw the kill switch. Especially since we can assume Raven told Clarke about how she almost had it but was too slow and then it was gone. Clarke knew the chipped were coming and she was on borrowed time. You run in…have a quick quick Creator talk….then throw the switch! As soon as Alie showed up….no talking! Throw the switch! Cause who knew what Alie was going to do??? It’s unrealistic to expect Clarke had this angel on one shoulder, devil on the other, moment going on. Any normal person in real life would’ve bolted in and….yep….thrown the switch!

  44. All the questions and problems with fixed with the nailbiting finish to season 3. Obviously now season 4 will be a little tricky since everyone has to travel to every country in the world fixing nuclear stations lol. I want to know where Indra was in this episode and also I pray for season 4 to have ALIE in it, just not that red dress anymore, maybe a black one :D

  45. Sawyer says:

    Clarke and Lexa were brilliantly written IMO. The best love story I have seen on television in years. When Lexa came flying out of nowhere to save Clarke was bad ass.No denying the chemistry between Eliza and Alycia. I had to go back and watch the finale, because everything was happening so fast. I loved the part where Clarke tells Bellamy we didn’t save the world. I also loved it when Clarke told Lexa she loved her. I don’t think we will be seeing Clarke and Bellamy love story. the best part Octavia revenge and walking away in slow motion and the looks on Clarke and Bellamy’s face, totally in shock watching Octavia murder Pike. I have heard some good and bad comments in regards to season 3. I will have to say, nothing compares S2. I loved season 3 The show runners gave us a magnificent love story (Romeo &Juliet) in this case Juliet and Juliet. The EP brought back Lexa to fight one more battle and it was kick ass .I can’t wait for season 4 as Lexa said our fight is not over. The need to get there asses to Nasa or Nevada unless they find the Lost City of Atlantas. I would really love to see them back in space searching for another planet to inhabit.

  46. JD7 says:

    This could have been a really really really great episode. But UNFORTUNATELY, it was left to the hands and mind of probably the only one writer of the show WHO DEFINATELY BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT CANNOT WRITE IF HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!

    First of all, let me say that the music Mr. Adams wrote was FANTASTIC for the season finale!

    All the events leading to this season finale, were so lucking imagination. In a few words, all the episodes (the way the story was taken) after episode 12 could be easily narrated in one episode.….. for example, episode 13 was totally redundant. It can be watched in fast forward. And because ALIE1 knew were Luna’s humble aboad was, she could have easily sent a crap load of chipped grounders/arkers to get a hold of the remaining 100 right then and there or just have them wait on the shore when Clarke and her posse returned killed them all and take the flame for some personal time with it. Oooorrr since Jasper was chipped he could have offed them himself and take the flame to ALIE1! CASE CLOSED! Ooooor if he wanted to make a really action packed episode, he could have staged a great battle on the rig! But NO IMAGINATION AND/OR CREATIVE WORTHINESS!

    And talk about the character of Luna…… no offense to the actress playing her, but the way she was “introduced” and how she interacted with the others was HORRIBLE!

    And what is that with those that didn’t want to shallow the chip…. They had to be tortured or blackmailed to take it? Just hold them down, hold their nose, open their mouth and shove it in! The commotion for the sake of commotion is LUCK OF IMAGINATION and AUTHENTICITY! But a real skillful writer/creator would know that already… especially when one of his characters is so ruthless, cruel and evil that stops at nothing. So deduction number one: Jrot DOES NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND HIS CHARACTERS EVEN IF THEY BIT HIM IN THE ARSE! Which leads to another deduction: That all the rest of the writers, who are of some value, are subject to the inadequacy and egocentricity of their boss.

    Proof of stupidity: In the scene where Alie 1 talks to Jaha in 25:20 of episode 14, she says “Claire Griffin… “ WWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Who the f@k is Claire Griffin man!?!? Oooooooohh did you mean Clarke Griffin!?!?!?!?!? And that MONUMENTAL BLUNTER made it through the final cut of the episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip hip HORRIBLEEEE for Jrot!!! Episode 14? Just another piece of garbage in the pile of the remaining season 3, Jrot style! CASE CLOSED!

    P.S. Claire Griffin could very well be the predecessor of Clarke in a prequel of THE 100…… but that is a story that Jrot could not come up with even if it starred at him right in the eyes down on its knees, screaming and begging to be written…..

    Episode 15? Same load of crap! ALIE1 already knew where the flame was, who had it, where they were and still she let them live and get to her!?!?!?!? CASE CLOSED!
    Aaaaaand nooow!! Episode 16! The final screw up of the once quite good show called THE 100. He even tries to make Pike, that insane-psychotic-Nazi fascist look good FOR CRYING OUT LOUD in a perverse and insane pillow talk with his main bitch Bellamy!!

    He had one last chance to have his two FINE AND WORTHY BEYOND WORDS, LEADING LADIES…. And what he does!?!?!? He uses them like toilet paper and throws them in the trash! These two girls as actors and characters, tried… really tried so very hard to “save” that last episode… Instead of staging the final, legendary battle between good and evil Inception-Matrix style, he made/wrote a tasteless flat cake! The scene when Lexa appears I cannot deny it, it was GOOD! And the parts were Abby with Murphy did the medical stuff was good as well. But that was all!

    After that, instead of focusing in their quest of finding the kill switch and before of course (with bits and bytes of the SECONDARY Polis battle) and their interaction with each other, fighting side by side with blades and witts, he gives them FOUR AND A HALF LAOUSY MINUTES SCREEN TIME from 18:40 to 23:28!!!! And then from 25:04… there comes the time when the 3 words come out of Clarke’s mouth in such a way and scene where it has no meaning, no weight, no sense, NO NOTHING AT ALL…. It is the precise moment when Jrot FLUSHES THE TOILET!! Hip hip EXTRA HORIBLEEEEE for Jrot!!! And Lexa’s response!?!?!? That is the time when he puts down the toilet seat!!! And that is when the episode ends on 28:12. All the rest is a desperate, unsuccessful, dragged from the hair attempt to draw one final last breath for the show.


  47. John Creasy says:

    How does Octavia justify killing pike?! He saved her life and that would cancel any blood for blood vengeance bs. She has no honor and all the tears and “I’m sorry’s” that she’s probably going to be saying next season won’t restore it. This is the second strong Black male killed off by a psychotic white girl brat. The 100 is truly anti strong Black male characters. I won’t be watching season 4. I hope Octavia dies face down in the mud by someone connected to Pike.

  48. firegod says:

    I’m looking forward to season 4. I’m disappointed this season should’ve had more than 20 episodes. Its too short 😈👿💩💩💩💩💩

  49. Olayinka adeyemi says:

    I’m not happy because finn is not there.

  50. Carpe Cerevici says:

    I honestly haven’t decided if I’m going to continue watching or not. I know characters have to die sometimes. However hackishly killing off a main character like Linkoln is BS! I just read an interview with him asking us to not boycott the show.

    However, I just can’t support a piece of trash Like jason rothenberg! I’m Done!!