Legends of Tomorrow Boss Talks About Team's Latest Loss, JSA Member's Intro

The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Legends of Tomorrow  finale.

In the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale, a big win was tempered by a bittersweet loss.

Unceremoniously deposited/ditched back in Star City of 2016 — albeit a few months later, meaning Sara heard from her dad the tragic news about Laurel — the team eventually regrouped and summoned Rip Hunter, so that they could complete their mission. And finish the job they did, vanquishing the immortal Vandal Savage not once but three times, and in three different eras.

Afterward, though, legends-of-tomorrow-hawkgirl-leaves the Legends were down another head, as Kendra aka Hawkgirl chose to start a new life (so to speak) with her rescued soul mate Carter. “It was one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever worked on, just because it was a whole new world for me,” says Ciara Renée, who largely worked in theater prior to the CW spinoff. “But it was really wonderful, because the cast and crew were behind me the whole way. I could write a whole book about how much I learned in one season.”

Plus, she notes with a smile, “I got the opportunity to fly! And to play a superheroine, where there aren’t nearly enough of them. It was a great experience, and I’m glad to have had it.”

Legends showrunner Marc Guggenheim spoke exclusively with TVLine about the decision to clip Hawkgirl’s wings, as well as share insight into the introduction of the DC Comics hero Hourman (Suits‘ Patrick J. Adams), who appeared in the finale and will continue on for a few episodes of Season 2.

TVLINE | What went into the decision regarding Kendra’s fate in the finale?
In the finale, as you know, Vandal Savage is killed and Kendra and Carter literally fly off into the sunset together. We got into the writers’ room to start work on Season 2, working up character journeys for each of the characters. We got to Kendra and we found ourselves a little stymied by how neat a bow we tied off her story with, to the point where it was like, “Now what?” It’s got such a definitive ending, and it’s such a graceful ending. We questioned, “How do we get her back on the team? What would be motivating her?” It felt like the ending of Season 1 was very much about her needing to take some time with Carter and with developing her new identity, and every time we talked about how to bring her back to the team, it felt truncated and rushed. That started to make us think, “Maybe we should let this character be on her own, off the ship for a while.” That’s ultimately what we decided to do.

TVLINE | Did special effects play any small part in the decision? You do have three people flying around….
No, not at all. In fact, truth be told, if visual effects factored into our decision ever, it would be an argument against writing someone off, because you invest time and money in developing the assets and the digi[tal] doubles and the costumes and everything to create any of these characters — whether they fly or they don’t. Whenever you only use a character for 16 episodes and then you move off from the character, it’s probably not the most cost-effective way of doing things.

TVLINE | Will we see Kendra and Carter at all in Season 2?
We don’t know. As with all things, if we have the right story, absolutely. If Ciara and Falk [Hentschel] are amenable and game… What’s really wonderful about this universe that we’ve built up [is] no one’s ever gone forever. I’ve been saying with respect to [Arrow’s] Laurel, dead is not goodbye. And alive and goodbye is not goodbye. It’s just a matter of those characters coming back around in an organic way, especially on Legends, where the conceit of the show has always been the ship itself is a revolving door. There can always be old faces returning and new faces being introduced. That’s part of the show.

TVLINE | How did you arrive legends-of-tomorrow-hourmanat the DC Comics character of Rex Tyler aka Hourman for Patrick J. Adams to play?
It was basically based upon a conversation I had with [DC Comics CCO] Geoff Johns, where we were talking about the variety of different characters Patrick could play. What’s cool about Patrick’s appearance is he’s not just appearing as Hourman but he’s also appearing as a member of the Justice Society of America. So for me, it was very much like, “OK, who’s a character that I associate with the JSA? Who can show up, say his name, and I go, ‘Ohhhh, JSA —that’s cool’?” Certainly, Hourman is a key member of the JSA, at least the version of the JSA that I hold near and dear.

TVLINE | Are you feeling like Season 2 will be another contained one-season arc? Is that the formula you’re liking?
[Legends] was always designed to be this hybrid, serialized/anthology show. We always said that each year would be its own distinct movie — almost to the point that you could give each season a subtitle. So we’ve got the same objective for next year and I think it’s really cool and exciting. It will have a very clear beginning, middle and end, much the same way Season 1 did. But it’ll be constructed a little bit differently, in so far as this first season was a pilot coming off of the Arrow/Flash crossover, so the villain was already set up. We weren’t able to roll things out with the mystery that we typically like to do on the shows. This will be a bit more of a cold start, which is exciting for us.

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  1. was that Hourman they just introduced us too —— the fan boy in me just died

    • ? says:

      When he said “My name is Rex Tyler, I’m a member of the Justice Society of America” the words “Holy Sh-t” involuntarily fell out of my mouth. The JSA next season, plus writing off the Hawkpeople who really weren’t working as characters? Awesome, just, awesome. My excitement level for this show just went from a “meh-I’ll-watch-it” to high!

      • Sil says:

        This^. I will definitely welcome Rex. Kendra and all her content was a turn off to me.

      • My reaction was to scream so loud I lost my voice.

        • Was I the only one who yelled, “Black Hawk down” when Kendra was shot down from the sky early in the episode? Yes, I am a sick puppy. Also, found myself humming, “Casper, the friendly ghost” when Savage was killed. The exit of Savage and the Hawks were almost like a dream come true. Don’t know who this Rex guy is, but I’ll be googling him later. See ya next season.

          • Luigi Sid says:

            yer a sick puppy but yea I agree with you and with Cordell (screamed like a girl…i´m a guy) also agree with “?” that I went..holy sh……. finally some cojones from the writers unlike Marvel who can’t seem to put avengers on Agents of Shield !! this should b interesting to say da least !!!

  2. rinaex says:

    Thank goodness. I couldn’t take another episode of her “acting”.

  3. NM says:

    That. Was. Awesome!

  4. Viscount says:

    Guggenheim is great as a show creator but as a showrunner he relies too much on “let’s kill off a character” as a means to try and create emotional content. Granted, he hasn’t done that much with LoT but he’s done it to death (lol) on Arrow. If he’d been running the X-Files Sculder wouldn’t have lasted more than two seasons.

  5. Amanda says:

    I didn’t expect Hourman at all!!! That was awesome and adding in the Justice Society since they can’t use Justice League. Will be cool to see who the other members are and see The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Martain Manhunter, and the others join with all those crossovers now possible. Really feels like my 90s Justice League cartoon is back. Will miss Kendra and Carter, but still trying to figure out hoe Snart comes back. Either we’ll find out next season or maybe The Flash finale if he’s the man in the mask.

    • Lisa says:

      While I would love for Snart to be in the mask, I can’t see it happening. Most Flash viewers do don’t watch Legends, so to them the reveal would probably be lame. A villain they haven’t seen since Christmas? It would be more like “wait..what” and not in a good way.

      It’s probably Earth-2 Harry, predictable but I can’t see any other option.

      But, I will be keeping an eye on the guest credits next week.

  6. Josh says:

    Is it me or do they keep using these excuses for female characters? “Oh we ran out of story” meanwhile Merlyn is still around.

    • Sarah says:

      To be fair she was a terrible actress. I completely agree that they need to do a better job with their female leads (Sara aside), but while I’m sure she’s a very nice person, the actress who played Kendra (and the actor who played carter) were weighing down the show.

      • Patrick says:

        Caity Lotz is amazing. Kendra’s portrayer really suffered in comparison.

        • Dj says:

          This is also what made KC look so bad as Black Canary. After having Caity play the role of Canary it was way to hard to follow that. Caity is one of the best things about DCtv universe.

          • Termy619 says:

            Agree, Caity is the only reason I’m watching this show.

          • kordus says:

            I’ll agree to that. Thought KC’s Black Siren, I think would give Caity a run for the money. If that had been where Laurel/ Black Canary had gotten too..

          • Michelle says:

            I think if Katie was Black Siren and then became the Black Canary, it would have worked better.

            But also, let’s be honest, Guggenheim’s favoritism would have always been there even with the changes. He just doesn’t have much respect for Black Canary.

          • kordus says:

            Well, Black Siren becoming Black Canary isn’t gonna happen. First off, Marc Guggenheim said in the interviews that KC was still going to be in the overall verse and added that she would be appearing “as crimefighter Black Siren from Earth2” That got twisted, instead of a hero we got an arch villain. Near as bad as Zoom. If the writers have set Black Siren SO evil there is no way she would ever become a hero. This again contrary to the comic where she IS A Hero and Memmber of JSA.
            Cheated out of the prefect canary again.

          • JC1 says:

            @kordus, Black Siren was never in the comics and was never part of the JSA. Black Siren, real name Donna Nance. appeared in a two-part episode of Justice League, where she was a member of the Justice Guild. That episode was, not coincidentally, written by Andrew Kreisberg.

          • kordus says:

            I am aware of that, You i can’t type it is Justice Guild Amaerica and when i said “comic” I also meant the animated world. The point i was trying to make was that the post interviews after BC were that KC would be around in the Arrowverse and he gave the imprssion that Black Siren would be a crimerfighter no arch villain. As for names, CW has never stuck to that or the Arrowverse would not have invent the Sara Lance – Canary thing.
            Just saying, impression we’re getting hero — hello villain.

          • JC1 says:

            kordus, I did some searching, and I can’t find any source where Marc Guggenheim said any such thing about Black Siren. Mind sharing your reference on that? All I can find is where he confirmed that she would be appearing on The Flash, but anything beyond that was the media drawing their own conclusions, not something he actually said.

    • Bwhit says:

      In this case I totally believe him. Kendra’s fate is tied to Savage, one had to die, there isn’t anything left story wise for her. The Hawks don’t work for this new arc, they were there solely because of savage.

    • Fanta says:

      I laughed out loud. I didn’t enjoy her acting but you’re totally right: Merlyn should be gone. They’ve overused that character and as much as I love JB, I can’t stand MM.

    • Card_D says:

      I’d be fine with bringing Vixen into the mix!

      • Carrie says:

        Yes! She’s awesome!

        • ChristianVA says:

          I LOVE the character of Vixen but her acting is on par with the Ciara Renee.

          What I didn’t like was that Hawkgirl got her butt handed to her in every episode. There was nothing “Warrior-like” about her whatsoever

          Watching Savage die now once, not twice but thrice made me clap hard as I was sucking him after episode 4.

          Berlanti and Co better be careful for The Flash next season. It seems like Central City will have Speedsters for everyone

    • JC1 says:

      I’m personally relieved that Kendra is gone – I have had my total fill of the Hawks and their predestined love and past lives romance. As for Laurel (who I am assuming you’re referring to), I’m personally of the opinion that she should have been cut from the show loooong before she actually was. However, you’re not wrong about Malcolm. I like JB, but Malcolm is the worst, and I’m getting so tired of them contorting the Arrow storylines, particularly Thea’s, to keep him on the show. If I had my way, she’d have killed him off this week.

      • Michelle says:

        Laurel I think should have been crossed over to LoT. Kendra was just bad.

        • JC1 says:

          For me personally, that would have ruined the show for me. I think as little of Katie Cassidy’s acting as a lot of you here do of Ciara Renee’s and I absolutely loathe the character. This is currently my favorite of the four superhero shows, even with its issues, and the last thing I want is Laurel ruining it for me.

    • drb999 says:

      They’re bring in a new female regular character in season two. So they’re shaping one female character for another.

      • ChrisDCTVfan says:

        Maybe if they bring Jesse Quick over to LoT, it solves two problems, adds a useful replacement for Kendra and seeing as she’s clearly got the speed force in her now it’ll ease the flood of speedsters for Flash season 3.

    • ChristianVA says:

      Nope not just you. I hear that a lot concerning female characters on other shows too if they are not the lead

      When but comes to male characters leaving “the guy wanted to try other things we wish him the best”

  7. Paige says:

    Doing the happy dance that Savage is dead and the Hawks are going into the sunset. They were a classic example of what works on page doesn’t work in execution. My heart broke when Mick went to see Snart in 2013. CW — please don’t make me wait until mid-October for the new season. September would be better.

  8. tutuche says:

    My Dream team for season 2:
    – Nyssa
    – Adam Strange
    – Rip Huntrer (with another actor)
    – An young Eobard Thrawn when he was a Flash’s Fan boy
    – Firestorm (Only for Victor garber) with his true power
    – Sarah Lance
    – Mister Terrific.
    – Deathstroke

  9. SOOOO happy Kendra and Carter (and Savage) are off. This was so painful to watch. I hope we get some more Snart sightings and more Sara.

    • ChristianVA says:

      I never cared that much for Captain Snark. He was over acting the entire time and got old pretty fast.

      My favorite actors are Caity Loltz, Victor Garber and Brandon Routh. The rest can go for all I care. I do miss Robbie Amell though

  10. jimmyu says:

    Now that we got Hourman, where’s Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern), Jay Garrick (real one, not Zoom), Sandman, Spectre, Doctor Fate, Doctor Mid-Nite and Star Man?

    • The comment Henry Allen made about Garrick being his mother’s maiden name not only opens up the possibility that Earth 2 Henry is that Earth’s real Jay Garrick but also that his 1940s ancestor is this Earth’s Jay Garrick

  11. Lisa says:

    So, we are only going to see Snart in the past every now and then??

    • Bwhit says:

      I just don’t see it working with him as this DC regular if they don’t ressurect him. The shows can’t just use him in flashbacks, it will get old really fast.

      • Lisa says:

        But he did an interview with EW and said how Snart be back will be explained in the finale. And all it was was a past version.

        But, you’re right. There has to be something else to it, especially with him being on Flash and potentially Arrow and Supergirl. I’ll just have to try and be patient and wait and see.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Hmm, thinking about what Grant Gustin said in my red carpet video this morning….

          • Bwhit says:

            I was thinking about that after I watched it. Granted I only got to watch 15 mins of the ep because the CW wasn’t working where I am but I saw that scene and thought this cannot be how they use him, it will get taxing.

        • It may have been we don’t know how Vandal’s defeat in 1958, 1975, and 2021 affected the future beyond 2021 that is now totally unmapped technically. So Snart may not have died in the newly created future timeline as explained in Flash with his time jumps and how Reverse Flash could still exist.

      • kordus says:

        I imagine that they will twist some rule of time travel that they like to invent and have him re-appear. Of course, any other instance where it could apply. It would be forbidden.. They have done stranger things in the CW. Weeks ago pretty much disinegrating Barry Allen before the eyes of everyone then magically popping him out of THE SPEED FORCE. The impression i got all through FLASH SEASON 1 was Speed Force was energy, now its a dimension????

  12. Hellas13 says:

    This show was such a failure. Done watching.

  13. Hellas13 says:

    I get CW has more rooms for shows but this was renewed?

  14. Blake Matthews says:

    I was hoping somehow Booster Gold would be the one who showed up, but the JSA is cool too!

    • Dj says:

      There are movie plans for Booster so tv cant touch him

      • drb999 says:

        I’ve read that Alan Scott is tied into the Green Lantern movie and won’t be used on the show. Not sure if that’s true though. I hope not because I’d love the Golden Age Green Lantern,

        • Guggenheim keeps saying the Green Lantern Properties are off limits this doesn’t ring true on a couple of levels. 1 The tv universe has been declared 100 % separate from the movie Universe and Flash is a core character in it and is the 4th movie following Batman v Superman in the movie universe. 2 They are now allowing use of the JSA which is the direct precursor to the JLA and have several other prominent DC figures already on the screen. 3 What better place to resurrect GLs image and popularity than the highly successful highly buzzed about DC TV universe.

          • And 4 there have been GL references everywhere on both Flash and Arrow

          • Dj says:

            They have to get approval to use the characters on the show. In the past with shows like Smallville and even cartoons WB has blocked tv from using characters. They have wanted to use Nightwing on Arrow, but they can’t get approval tomuse him. Look at what happended to the minor characters from Arrow who are going to have a huge role in Suicide Squad. They are all dead or

          • Dj says:

            Dead or missing. Having an easter egg with characters in it is easier to do, which is why Hal Jordan and Harley Quinn had one. To the viewers at home it was but they couldnt call her that She was named female inmate. GL could be a character that TV isn’t allowed to use

          • Hurding Katz says:

            “And 4 there have been GL references everywhere on both Flash and Arrow.”

            In the season’s first ARROW, in the first flashback sequence, the camera pans a flight jacket with a name patch that reads “Jordan.” (I remember, ’cause I’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop ever since.)

  15. Gail says:

    Was Carter a later reincarnation of the one who died in the first episode or did the first episode Carter not die? They said that Carter could not be reborn until Kendra died so if this was a later Carter there would need to be a later Kendra. What happened to her? Carter barely seemed to know Kendra but they went off together. Carter and Kendra could appear on Flash, Arrow, or Supergirl since they were left in 2016 and are still alive.

    • Gail says:

      And why could Mick visit Snark in the past but Sara could do they same with Laurel? Not to save her but just to see her. Perhaps they should have mentioned that they did get together but it happened off camera.

      • Patrick says:

        Mick could be trusted not to spill the beans about the future, and I suspect he’s the only person on the team that could be trusted like that. I’d trust Sara to obey the rules, except when her immediate family is in danger. She simply couldn’t be trusted not to impact the timeline.

      • Erik says:

        Mick was visiting snart. Sara wanted to prevent laurels death. Two totally different things.

      • kordus says:

        I’ll go beyond that. I still think the idea of saving Laurel should not be off the table. Sara insured her own fate then on Nada Parbat with Ra’s a, telling him where and when to find her after the shipwreck. I can only assume that this is the reason that she was even found. Maybe warning Laurel would save her, though probably someone else would dies. Then there is the whole Pilgram concept, the Time Masters seem to have no problem killing younger versions of people they want gone. Why not Dark? The impression i got after Snark died in the explosion at the Oculas was all bets were off the Time masters could not track and undo all the changes RIP was making. And who is defining what the time line should be? RIP? I should think that each Earth has its own time line. While we are talking about the Pilgram and Time lines.. Wouldn’t killing Savage in 1944 have instantly erased him from being at 1975 and 2166? Removal of Savage has changed the time line. When did he dissappear. Kendra and Carter have thier powers if Savage was removed from Egypt why do they have powers? Was Savage conquering the world part of the true time line?
        Questions to ponder…

  16. FG says:

    The thing is Kendra could have chosen to stay on with the team and we could have seen her grow. Hawkman was never really part of the series and so losing him again would not have been a great lost. The whole destiny love story weakened the show and should not have been brought up, nor should the show have brought him back. I’m disappinted that the creative powers could not think of a way of keeping her on the show and letting her be her own person, which she was before Carter came back.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree with you from a writing/creative POV. The actress simply wasn’t talented enough to continue. Scenes with her ground to an abrupt, jarring, halt. Creatively, something probably could have been worked out. I just doubt the actors could carry the load.

  17. Misti says:

    Argh! Even though I have my DVR set to record an extra minute, it still cut off early. I’m sure it was only a line or two, but can someone fill me in? The last thing I saw was the new wave rider showing up, and the guy coming out of it saying “don’t get on that ship”… someone (Mick, I think) replies “Who says?” … and that’s all I’ve got… :p

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Mine cut off, too. But re: “Says who?” he replied something a la “The Justice Society of America. And my name is Rex Tyler.”

    • Bwhit says:

      Had the opposite problem CW was out until 15 mins till the end… He said something about them all dying if they get on the ship (Waverider) because Mick told him and then says, ‘My name is Rex Tyler, I’m a member of the Justice Society of America’ after he pulled down his hood. Ended with them all looking at eachother like, what the?!?

  18. King says:

    Now hopefully Arrow writers will get rid of Malcolm Merlyn! Didn’t he ran out of use a long time ago yet he is still on the show!

  19. Dj says:

    The best thing about this is that the Hawks are gone. As for next season I do hope with the Justice Society being brought up that Jesse Quick is involved. That would be a great way to give her powers and not have to many speedsters on the Flash. I do wonder if Vixen has a role on this show the actress was at upfronts.

  20. ktc1986 says:

    They teased Hourman on social media back in January along with Red Tornado. I’m excited as hell for the JSA though, we already know via Constantine that Doctor Fate’s helmet is out there so we should get him too.

  21. Card_D says:

    “[A]lways designed to be this hybrid, serialized/anthology show.”

    So, their doing what Heroes was supposed to have done (and which probably would have saved it instead of 3 seasons limping along). Hoorah!

    As an aside, I’ve seen discussions online about Supergirl getting a significantly shortened season on the CW to allow for budget to continue producing the same level of effects. My thought is: why not just have all the DCU shows with maybe 16-18 episodes of more focused story and balanced budget?

  22. Rob says:

    I absolutely KNEW Patrick J. Adams was going to be Hourman. Awesome, awesome, awesome reveal and I can’t wait for what’s in store.

  23. You know who’s run out of story on these shows?

    1. Felicity
    2. Merlyn
    3. Quentin Lance

    You know who hasn’t run out of a good story if there was a good writer at the helm:

    1. Hawkman and Hawkgirl
    2. Laurel Lance-Black Canary
    3. Roy Harper(although that’ll be rectified in S5 of Arrow supposedly)

    • kordus says:

      I ABSOLUTLY AGREE. Quentin Lance is whishy washey, he’s quit the police. Are they really going to reinstate an admitted crossed cop? Even if he’s discressions were well meaning.. I don’t think so. Laurel on the other hand was just hitting her stride in my opinion.

  24. Kon says:

    The time-travel stuff is just getting out of hand. Too many scenarios of we can’t/shouldn’t do this but its allowed in ‘x’ scenario. So we have a guy coming from the future to prevent something from happening in the past in order to alter the future, yet again. Yet they’re not allowed to save Snart or Laurel because ‘reasons’, I mean every action they take in an alternate time will create ripples that will save or destroy people’s lives that wouldn’t otherwise be saved or destroyed.

    • Dj says:

      I thought the reason Rip gave to not saving Laurel was a good one.

    • ? says:

      To be clear: in the timeline as it originally happened, before Rip got involved, Dahrk would kill Laurel, Sara, and Quentin in the Star City conflict. Rip could take Sara out of the timeline and save her, with the added bonus that Quentin would live, and only Laurel would die. But nothing he did could save Laurel without at least Quentin and Sara dying, and probably many other people as well like Oliver or Diggle, etc. He couldn’t even take Laurel out of the timeline in Sara’s place. In a way that shows what a big hero Laurel was against Dahrk (of course dying by being frozen and stabbed with an arrow contradicts, that, but, hey). Of course, none of this ACTUALLY makes sense. Time travel can’t make sense when you really start to think about it and pick it apart. But as pseudo-explanations go, this was a pretty good one, and hey, at least they tried. The REAL reason Sara can’t save Laurel is because Katie Cassidy isn’t coming back to Arrow, lol.

      • kordus says:

        I disagree. Rip takes all three Sara, Laurel and Quentain. Convniently gaps them around the Damain Dark scenrio. He skipped time for Sara and the rest. Plus you saw the Pilgram murder a younger version of someone to remove them from the time line as well as try the same with the LOT team. Should work the same for dark. SARA choking a 5yr Damien..

  25. dancmh says:

    Things I was hoping for and didn’t get: 1. Sara becoming the Black Canary to honor her sister. 2. Booster Gold but I guess Ray’s already wearing the Big Lots Iron Man suit and mild super strength is a budget friendly power for Hourman 3. To find out Stein’s wife really wanted him out of the house because she’s got a piece on the side. 4. A finale that did’n’t contradict the rules about time travel established in episode 1 5. Vixen At least the Hawks are gone.

  26. joe says:

    The end of season 1 would have been a great place to some how introduce Supergirl to the CW Universe. I do, however, think that Legends had a great ending to its freshman season.

    • kordus says:

      The supergirl thing is interesting. But I think the interduction will be on Flash. They all ready crossed over this season with Grant guest starring on CBS. I would think though, that Supergirl is Earth3. CBS had Barry dimension jump to to meet her. And it certainly wasn’t Earth2 with Zoom running around. Had to be a third world. Course you go there CW barking down the Alien Path, next we will be seeing Hal Jordan and Carol Danver, Sinestro. One can HOPE..

      • kordus says:

        Another thought in my head. The promo comercial for Supergirl was showing Barry talking to her about knowing about Green Arrow, ect. ect. and Black Canary. I can’t remember if that was dialog from the CBS Supergirl/Flash cross over or a new teaser.. I’m seriously hoping it was a teaser. Why would Barry be asking her about dead people? Could mean Black Canary is back. Course Mighty Marc will no doubt trash that idea too. I can hope, least i can.

        • Erik says:

          It’s from the supergirl episode.

        • JC1 says:

          It’s dialogue from the crossover, in the scene where Barry and Kara first meet and he’s realizing he’s on another world.
          It can’t be a teaser because none of the shows have filmed anything for the upcoming season yet.

      • Joe says:

        All the super people on Earth-3 are villains.

    • Nellie says:

      Considering the deal for Supergirl was just done in the last two weeks, I don’t see how they could have done anything to set it up on shows airing this week. There just wasn’t time (and it’s not like any of the shows are currently filming).

  27. Carrie says:

    I’m sorry, but she needed to go. Worst character, terrible acting, and her constant relationship drama was very annoying. It just brought the show down.

  28. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was good. Glad Vandal Savage is done. Good Kendra and Carter had a good farewell to the team. Can’t wait to see two new members on the team next season! Happy Patrick is playing Hourman. Can’t wait to see more of his character and Justice Society of America in season 2!

  29. Joey Padron says:

    And it was good to see Snart in season finale. can’t wait to see him again in season 2!

  30. peterwdawson says:

    Once again a BS explanation for why they can’t save Laurel when killing Merlyn would be the obvious. I swear the DCCWverse only exists to try and make me hate John Barrowman…

    • JC1 says:

      I agree that it’s long past time for Merlyn to go, but I’m not sure what one has to do with the other.

      • peterwdawson says:

        Rip keeps insisting there’s no way to save Laurel, when Merlyn and Andy are the two biggest reasons Darhk escapes jail and gets his idol back. Offing Merlyn is the obvious go to, using time travel, to solve their problems, and all we get is vague lip service that no matter what they try it won’t work.

        • JC1 says:

          No, it won’t work, because they don’t want to bring Laurel back. But their reasons for not wanting to bring Laurel back, whatever they are, have nothing to do with whatever their reasons are for keeping Malcolm. That’s the point I’m making. They’re not going to bring Laurel back because they don’t want to, not because they couldn’t write her back in somehow if they did want to.

          • peterwdawson says:

            My point remains that they need to give it more lip service than just, “It doesn’t work.” There’s glaring ways to resolve the death, and if they don’t want it resolved, fine, but don’t just say, “It doesn’t work.”

          • JC1 says:

            Each to their own, I guess. I thought they handled it fine, and I honestly see no reason why they needed to take up more time than that on their own season finale to explain why they can’t bring back a character that’s not even on their show.

          • peterwdawson says:

            Because it’s a major character in the DCCWverse and when you have time travel that plays fast and loose with the rules, plus when there’s an obvious solution related to the death, you need to actually do the work or else it’s magic blood in Heroes all over again.

          • JC1 says:

            I don’t think she was that major. Black Canary may have been a big deal in the comics, but Laurel was never a major player in this ‘verse, IMO. We’re not going to agree on this. They don’t want to bring Laurel back, they provided an explanation why, they got on with their show. End of story. Personally, I care more that they didn’t provide any explanation at all about why they couldn’t save Havenrock from a nuclear strike than that their explanation of why they couldn’t save Laurel was inadequate.

          • peterwdawson says:

            Oh Havenrock was poorly handled as well for sure. The problem is they’re not taking the time to properly address major events and how it should affect characters. Tens of thousands dead in a nuclear strike on US soil? A main character’s sister in a family that just can’t catch a break when it comes to having a daughter killed off for the sake of a plot twist? Yeah death is ultimately cheap in fiction but maybe do a better job to make it clear these things matter. My sister dies, I’m absolutely using the time machine to find out what led up to her death to check for possibilities and not just taking a guy’s word for it, friend or not.

          • Dj says:

            How do we know killing Malcolm or Andy would save Laurel. Snart tried to change the past and keep his father from going to jail for stealing that diamond. Yeah he change history but he was only able to change why his dad went to jail, but his daddy still went to jail. So some how, some way Darhk would get out and kill Laurel. This is pretty much one of those fixed points in time that always comes up on doctor who.

          • peterwdawson says:

            Darhk had 2 real minions: Merlyn and Andy. It was Andy that got Darhk the damn jewel, and Merlyn who gathered up the idol in the first place. Given how much trouble both have caused, especially with one now dead, you need more lip service.

          • JC1 says:

            I don’t believe they killed her off just for the sake of a plot twist. They killed her off because, for whatever reasons, they are done with the character. And I think that there is no explanation that they could give that would satisfy Laurel fans, short of actually bringing her back which they are not going to do. Yes, there are dozens of ways they could write around it. I, for one, am not even a little interested in them taking up time in the finale to explain why all those reasons aren’t possible, when they can’t even explain why they couldn’t go back a day or so and save tens of thousands of people. Your mileage may vary.

          • peterwdawson says:

            They wrote themselves into a corner. They can’t waste time explaining it, but you can’t just have such a thing happen without proper setup. One of the dumbest moments in 24 was an American city getting nuked and not seeing much reaction to it later on the same damn day.

  31. Nellie says:

    This episode embodied everything about this show — lots of characters flailing around with idiot balls, a completely nonsensical plot line, horrendous acting from the Hawks and Vandal Savage … and also a perfect Captain Cold moment and then something completely awesome like Hourman. As much as I hate so much about this show, there’s always a few nuggets I adore, so I can’t quit the show. I need a support group for this!

  32. JC1 says:

    I thought it was a great finale. I got almost everything I wanted – Savage dead, Hawks gone. Mick and Ray make a great new team. Quentin and Sara’s scenes had me tearing up. Mick’s goodbye to Snart. Bring on season two!

  33. DD says:

    I really liked the finale, it made really good use of the ensemble, with each character having his moments.
    2 lines that must make it into Quotes of the Week: “Oh man, you got water on my boots” (it was all in the way Sarah said it), and best of all “Every time they do that, I get hungry for chicken” – Mick Rory sending off the Hawks perfectly!!
    And for Questions of the Week: Why wasn’t Ray upset at all about Laurel? He didn’t have to react the same as Sarah, but he did spend a year with her on Arrow…
    And when Rip thought he was going to crash the Waverider into the sun- wasn’t he basically stranding the Legends in 2021???
    I’m excited for Patrick J Adams…

    • JC1 says:

      Ray and Laurel barely interacted in season three. Other than their argument in Suicidal Tendancies, I don’t remember them ever having a conversation, or a scene together. I think it was more one of those “friends of friends” things with them, so, while Ray might be shocked at the news, I don’t see any reason that he would take it as a personal loss, except for how it affects his friends.
      I was wondering the same thing about them being stranded, but I suppose being stranded in the future is a small price to pay to save the world.

    • JC1 says:

      Oh. And yes, Mick’s chicken comment needs to make Quotes of the Week this week. :)

  34. lordofluck says:

    I have liked the season but for some reason really loved the finale.

  35. Here’s MY question–from WHAT Earth is the Justice Society? If they were in operation on Earth 1, then they would be well known. I’d love to see them from Earth 2 or Kara’s Earth, so that Jay Garrick, the real Jay Garrick, can be shown.

  36. mike says:

    They literally could not have picked a more obscure and lame member of the JSA. I had to google who he was. Of all the members of the JSA, they pick Hourman. Not Alan Scott, who would have been awesome but probably expensive with digi effects, not Wildcat, although they sorta almost did him on Arrow (what a waste that was) Power Girl would have been pretty easy-ish to do.

    so many other better options. Still, I’m just glad Sara is sticking around. Without her I don’t know that i’d watch. Well..i would..but I would always be looking for Sara.

  37. is season 2 we can see jay garrick and super man and……..

  38. Jennifer says:

    I love the Flash, Arrow & Legends, but sometimes I feel like I’m at a disadvantage. I’ve never read the comics or know all the backstories. I won’t insult anyone and ask if there’s a concise reference to look at (I may not have read the comics, but i know a lot who have). But if anyone has suggestions …

    • ? says:

      Justice Society of America by Geoff Johns. If it’s Hourman you want to know about and what source material they may be pulling from for next season.

      • Erik says:

        Except that’s not either of the hourmans that were really in johns’ two runs. Rex is the classic golden age version. Johns used Rick and the android way more.

  39. ChrisGa says:

    Despite the Hawks being one of my all-time favorite DC concepts, I’m not at all unhappy to see them go; poor execution and spotty acting never gave those two a chance. Also not sad to see Captain Cold exit; I like WM but that overripe performance of his was WAY off the range.

    As a whole, I’m actually surprised at how underwhelming I’ve found LoT to be. Love Routh, Garber and Lotz to bits but those are the only three keeping me from not giving up on it. Hope it improves in S2.

  40. Wendy says:

    Glad to see Hawkgirl and Hawkman go along with Savage; but they killed off 1 of the only 2 females in the cast and added another dude? Meh.

  41. Katy says:

    I love Patrick – he’s amazing on Suits. So I would watch if he were on the show to be honest. They need to revamp the core cast! NEW CHARACTERS. NEW LIFE. It’s a bit of a hit and miss show tbh.

  42. Katy says:

    They should bring Laurel and Vixen onto LoT!

    • kordus says:

      That would really be great. Sorta not gonna happen though.. Rip isn’t gonna let Sara take Laurel. I guess thier set on keeping her dead.

  43. When Firestorm turned that meteor into water I literally jumped off the couch and yelled yes. I’ve been waiting nearly 40 years to see that in action. Geek moment of my life. Firestorm is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU and I’m so excited to see them exploring his powers, I can’t wait to see him and Martian Manhunter together. Hourman showing up and saying I’m from the Justice Society of America was pretty awesome too. I do wonder if we won’t see the 40’s era hawks.

  44. Yvonne says:

    From the moment when Patrick was seen, I could not stop grinning.
    Damn, I’ve never so much longed for the new season of a series. I am sooo happy to Patrick :o) Patrick in a double “Suits & Legends …” what can there be better ???

  45. Nicole says:

    I would love to see more Firestorm villains like Crystal Frost, and bring back Tokamak. More Clarissa, please!!!