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The 100 Season Finale: Eliza Taylor Teases Clarke's Reunion With [Spoiler]

Thursday’s season finale of The 100 (The CW, 9/8c) sends Clarke to Downtown Vancouver the City of Light, where she’ll attempt to destroy ALIE once and for all — encountering a very familiar face in the process.

“I think people have seen photos online and know already that Alycia [Debnam Carey] is coming back for the season finale,” Eliza Taylor tells TVLine of Lexa’s long-awaited return. “It’s just a matter of how and in what capacity. Shooting downtown in Vancouver, there was no way we weren’t going to get found out. So I can’t say anything about how it happens or how much we see of her, but I think people are going to be happy.”

Read on for more of Taylor’s finale teases, her thoughts about life after Lexa and why she has new respect for the casts of Arrow and The Flash.

TVLINE | Before we talk about the finale, I’m still squirming thinking about Abby stabbing Clarke last week. That was intense.
That’s a very hard thing to do in the moment, to personalize being stabbed by your mother. But Paige and I are very close friends, so I worked with a feeling of “My friend is working against me,” and I guess that translated to “My mom is turning against me… and she’s about to hang herself!” … I thought it was super awesome when she was like, “I’m not doing this, Clarke. You are.”

TVLINE | Honestly, I didn’t think Clarke would be able to hold out, but she did.
And isn’t that terrifying? She was like, “As much as I love you, lady who gave birth to me, I’m not giving up this password.” Clarke is all for the greater good.

TVLINE | Clarke has been faced with some tough decisions in the past, but this one was on another level. Do you see this as yet another turning point for her?
I absolutely do. God, what hasn’t she been through at this point? It’s crazy. I do wonder if she’s treading a line. … She wants to get this A.I. into a human so that Lexa can sort of appear and be her again. So is this just Clarke wanting to get her love back, or is she really trying to save the world? I like that people don’t quite know, and I don’t either. As an actor, it’s a very interesting role to be playing.

TVLINE | Most of your three seasons have been filmed in the woods or on a sound stage. Did you feel like a fish out of water filming in downtown Vancouver?
It was honestly so strange for me. I have newfound respect for people on The Flash and Arrow who are downtown every day. When you’re doing big stunts in a city center, people pay attention. We had people taking photos of us and yelling at us from their office windows. In a matter of an hour, we had 20 to 30 fans who brought banners and signs and photos for us to sign. I was like, “Oh my God, this is actually kind of a popular show!” We’ve been in the forest this whole time, so we didn’t think people would just give up their day to talk to us. It was like being at Comic-Con a little bit.

TVLINE | Have you bugged [showrunner] Jason Rothenberg to find out what’s coming up for Clarke in Season 4?
You know, I have, but it’s so hard to get an answer out of him. One thing I do love about him, though, is that he keeps me guessing the same way he keeps the audience guessing. He’s so vague about what’s going to happen, but you can see in his eyes that he has a master plan. So it’s frustrating, but also great, because I know we’re going to shoot something great. … I just wish I knew what it was.

TVLINE | Since it sounds like the finale will offer Clarke some closure with Lexa, do you hope to see her find love again soon?
It’s so hard for me to say. When someone you love passes away, it takes years for you to feel like yourself again. I kind of want to stay true to that, as an ode to Lexa and what they were to each other. I don’t think Clarke had ever experienced a love like that before. In a lot of ways — selfishly, as Eliza — I’d love for her to be happy and get it on with someone new, but I think Lexa was Clarke’s love, and it’s probably going to take a long time for that to not hurt. And in true The 100 fashion, there are much more important things to worry about right now. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how you’re going to survive.

Your hopes for The 100 finale, and Season 4 while we’re at it? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Mike says:

    Clarke and Lexa were great to watch but I wholeheartedly reject this notion that Lexa was Clarke’s OTP. Just No.

    • Katy says:

      Oh I dunno they seemed like they were “IT” but I dont think anyone has a OTP to be honest. Its like in real life, someone you love dies they wouldn’t want you to stay sad and alone forever.

      • Shane says:

        I agree. They could relate to each other in a way that no one else could. Although short lived their romance was unique and epic. I don’t see Clarke getting another love interest that lives up to Lexa.

    • Dina says:

      She was though, like that one person for Clarke. But since t100 doesn’t do happiness, that person is…gone. And like some other person commented, like in real life, she’ll end up moving on to someone who somewhat fills the void in her heart but will never be what LEXA was/is to her.

    • Shane says:

      I agree. They could relate to each other in a way that no one else could. Although short lived their romance was unique and epic. I don’t see Clarke getting another love interest that lives up to Lexa.

  2. NM says:

    I liked Lexa, but I don’t miss her. Hoping for Clarke to find love again once she gets closure so we can move past Lexa.

    • Lhili says:

      I agree. Lexa wasn’t needed in season 3, she just distracted us from the real plot, which was annoying. I’m glad she’s gone because it’s ways better, and if Clarke is just going to mope around every time she has a thought about her, I’ll extremely dislike the show.

      • twin63 says:

        The real plot? Since season 2 Skaikru and the Grounder clans learning how to share this world they all live in and negotiating the terms in which they want to do that very much is the real plot. I know some believe this show should be only about one side of the story, but that would be not only boring but also hugely problematic in my book. I mean, think about it: If this were a show about the historical colonialization of the USA instead of a fictionalized version set in a post-apocalyptic USA… would anyone really be arguing that said show should stick to focusing only/almost only on the colonizers’ pov instead of that of the colonized because it’s the “real” story? I hope not.

        • Wishbone says:

          Yeah. They need both. S1 was okayish start, but no surprise s2 was when they found their groove for real. S3 some Polis stuff was boring or strange like all the slaughtering of the Polis characters after Lexa was dead. But lots of Arkadia was boring or made no sense too. To me anyway. They took turns holding the doofcus ball. I hope Roan survives and s4 has better writing for grounders and sky people.

      • CM says:

        So everyone else gets morn for their lost love, but Clarke?

        • Ken says:

          To some fans Clarke is a prop. She is likeable and worthy of their support only if she does, acts, says what they want her to. If it makes sense or not doesn’t matter. They’ll praise her to the high heavens in one moment, then bash and act like she’s the worst human being ever in the next. Coincidentally, their opinions change depending on who she shares her scenes with. So like lots of female leads to some fans she’s only a self-insert or an extension of someone else they stan for. I’ve seen this happen so often on so many shows.

          • DCL33 says:

            Heteronormative FTW! -_-

          • Shane says:

            It’s sad. Lexa was shot and killed in front of Clarke only like 7 days ago in-show and people want Clarke to just “move on”. But Bell and Jasper can take a season to grieve their girlfriends in unhealthy ways. Totally fair.

        • Zippy says:

          Amen! I mean seriously, she doesn’t even get to mourn the death of her true love. And It doesn’t matter if you are Bellarke or Clexa, they loved eachother. Theres no question about it, and Clarke should be given the opportunity to mourn the loss of Lexa.

      • Tehezi says:

        I just hope that they will keep open ending for lexa so that in case ADC is available she can come back and do that role. Its a sci-fi show so I believe they will find a decent way to keep the lexa character available for the show if they want. Lexa was the most interesting character of the show and I am still continuing this show only to see her in the finale. Otherwise, I am bored of watching the mass murderer bellamy-pike and their nonsense redemption story. I still dont understand why this two bellamy-pike character still alive after doing all those things.

      • Dina says:

        The real plot is skaikru vs. Grounders and everyone trying to survive under the conflicting ways of life e.g Grounder politics. Grounder politics governed by a comander, a commander enhanced by an A.I…
        LEXA was that commander.
        What show r u watching???
        I know sometimes it can seem like the 100 is pure kill for shock value but LEXA even fits into that category. So what r u talking about.
        Skaikru isn’t even all that interesting to watch.

      • Alys says:

        The real plot is skaikru vs. Grounders and everyone trying to survive under the conflicting ways of life e.g Grounder politics. Grounder politics governed by a comander, a commander enhanced by an A.I…
        LEXA was that commander.
        What show r u watching???
        I know sometimes it can seem like the 100 is pure kill for shock value but LEXA even fits into that category. So what r u talking about.
        Skaikru isn’t even all that interesting to watch.

      • Shane says:

        Lexa was one of the few good things about this season. Not a fan of episode 5 or 6 but that has nothing do with Lexa and everything to do with the writers poor choices this season. The Bellamy and Pike storyline was toxic and the Emmerson stuff? That was just plain pointless. But Lexa was great in 2, 3 and 7 and she saved 4. The CoL with the chipped zombies was a bore and most of the sci-fi this season didn’t make much sense and wasn’t consistent.

        Killing Lexa, Lincoln and, effectively Polis has pushed me away from the show I once loved. I won’t be tuning in for season 4. If they brought Lexa back and promised to get things back on track I would give the show a second chance but as it stands there’s nothing to keep me watching. I enjoyed the show way more for the grounders than the sky people who get away with everything including cold-blooded murder and yet are still called “heroes” by the writers.

      • Jojo says:

        Clexa fands disagree

  3. Luli says:

    Ahhhh im not ready for this reunion, that’s going to last for only an ep!!

  4. Annie says:

    I hope there is closure with Lexa just for the fandom AND the show’s sake. As much as I appreciate the representation Lexa offered, this season was pretty awful until the second half of it, and I think that was due to Clarke being useless and isolated for so long. And the fandom of course has been a nightmare. I just want to enjoy the show again without seeing hate and bullying and pettiness everywhere I turn online.
    And I’m not worried about Eliza saying Lexa was her one true love – she said that about Finn in interviews too back when he died. And honestly, how long did she even know Lexa? Maybe a month, total? I’ve always struggled with a lot of ships on this show because I don’t think a deep “true” love is realistic in a matter of weeks.

    • Tehezi says:

      and thats why the rating point in second half was 0.4 and season lowest while episode 6 of season 3 had 0.6. If its so interesting then it would be more than 0.6 I guess but unfortunately the rating was higher when lexa was there.

      They had very bad plot from the beginning of season 3. The only interesting thing was the lexa’s part for me.

      • Annie says:

        Well a lot of people don’t agree that Lexa was the only good part of the show – fans that have loved the show since season 1 have many other reasons to watch. And did you miss the news where 3×13 matched the season high with ratings?

        • James says:

          Um, it didn’t. Every episode before 3×08 (AKA the episode after Lexa died) had higher ratings. 3×13 just had the highest ratings for the post-Lexa death episodes (3×08-3×15). Then the finale with Lexa beat 3×13’s ratings.

  5. twin63 says:

    I appreciate her honesty about a lot of things and I also respect that she is nevertheless still under contract and all, but I’m… not at all convinced Jason Rothenberg has a masterplan. After the way this season played out, I’m not even convinced he had a masterplan for season 3. The writing has been all over the place for every single character and often literally the only thing that saved on ep was a strong performance by one or more castmember(s).

    And way too much time was spent on the writing trying way too hard to be like a poor man’s version of Game of Thrones. What they don’t get is that randomly killing off, torturing and abusing characters doesn’t make them a network tv version of GoT. It makes them a show riddled with issues tied to gratuitous violence and who, of their characters (in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, etc), is affected by it and who isn’t.

    As for Clarke, I hope the writers move away from paying so much attention to show she dates anyway. I mean, I respect all the relationships she had so far, but the writers pander so much to the “shipper” fans with both the writing and the promotion. Although I highly respect Eliza Taylor for her stance in this, saying the character shouldn’t move on quickly after she lost someone she truly loved. That’s one of my pet peeves with shows and especially CW shows that are so often all about “ships”, even when they claim they aren’t. The characters are constantly pushed from one “ship” into the next, regardless of how unrealistic that is and how much it devalues their past writing, past relationships they’ve created.

    After everything she’s been through I can’t see Clarke suddenly being open to be with anyone romantically again in season 4 unless there is a big time jump. But if there isn’t… I really hope they listen to Eliza Taylor and give her character time to properly digest what she went through, mourn, and maybe the writers could finally spend some time on her building friendship with other females on the show. That’s one of the weirdest things about The 100 too. They have so many great female characters, but they very, very rarely spend time on developing relationships between them instead of them and various males. I’d like some focus on Clarke – Octavia – Raven and what their respective dynamics are like and will be like in the future.

  6. Sophia says:

    I’m so happy this finale will close the chapter on Lexa/Polis etc. It’s no wonder critics gave up after episode 3 or 4 when all they did was focus on Lexa and Clarke was barely in the background making “worried” faces. Unsurprisingly she FINALLY had things to do once Lexa died. The episode with the delinquents banding together were so good. They are the essence of the show people tuned in for in season 1 and the first part of season 2.

    I think season 4 is going to be really promising with them all together again like season 1. And Eliza is right, Clarke deserves to be loved, and finally she’ll be able to explore her feelings for Bellamy. They made it clear he’s in love with her, now let’s make it louder and clearer she’s in love with him, writers! She already needs him, she just has to realize how deep.

    • A.K. says:

      “Gave up”? Those few episodes had the best ratings of the season. Where people really gave up was when the show devolved into gratituous torture porn and pushed this really uncomfortable colonization rhetoric on everyone.

      Can’t Clarke just sit and mourn for once? They’ve made it pretty clear that Clarke doesn’t even want to think about another person for a while, and maybe one day they’ll let the poor girl sit and properly grieve instead of making her suck it up because “she has to”.

      Eliza’s made it pretty clear throughout the interviews since 3.07 that Lexa was The One. Losing that, as young as she is, bites.

    • DCL33 says:

      I mean, have to ask if I am watching the same show you are, because no where have they shown that Bellamy loves Clarke. There has been zero indication of any kind of a romantic feelings between the two. He came to Earth after he show Jaha to protect his sister. While he was in charge of the kids, he had sex with probably just about every female there, in mean time he was responsible for the death of few hundred people cause he was selfish and didnt want Ark to know they are alive, tortured few people. Thats season 1 and I have seen zero romantic interaction between them. In season 2 I saw zero romantic interactions between them. He went into Mt. Weather to weaken them or something like that, mostly to protect his sister. Season 3 was… well whatever it has been thus far. He murder few hundred people, handcuffed Clarke and dragged her to Pike, while he was blaming her for everything and yelled at her. I guess if you are into kink, handcuffing could be interpreted as some sort of sexual interaction between them. Then there was Octavia beating the crap out of him… and bunch of other stuff where he killed few more people. And yet I still have seen zero proof that there has been any kind of romantic feeling or interactions between them. I get it that there is a norm for hetero lead couple, and I get it that they are together in the book(s) but I watch the show and I see nothing of sort in the show.
      But yeah, him almost killing her, handcuffing her and almost killing her again (remember Pike is trigger happy person), blaming her for him turning into a mass murdered is sure proof that he is so in love with her :) :) :)

      • Shane says:

        Yeah, they had a great friendship going in season 2 but I never saw anything romantic between them either. After what Bellamy did this season I don’t see how she can even say “I trust you”. She shouldn’t even be able to look at him.

      • ? says:

        Bellamy’s totally in love with Clarke. He just doesn’t realize it yet. If you don’t see that on screen I’m shocked. Clarke has a deep appreciation for Bellamy, but she doesn’t love him. Not yet. It could develop.

        • DCL33 says:

          Yeah I can totally see how deeply in love he is with her. I also show my gf how much in love with her I am by treating her like crap and blaming her for every thing I do wrong, oh and by wanting to kill her. It’s like reverting back to the kindergarten days when a boy expresses his love for the girl by pulling her hair and punching her and calling her names… If he is in love with her, I hope she never returns the feeling because no one deserves to be in a relationship with abuser and someone who makes you feel like crap. But I guess, he is a man, she is a woman, so heteronormative dictates that they MUST end up together -_-

    • Uh... What? says:

      Um… Are we watching the same show? I doubt it. This is hilariously tone deaf… And considering Bellamy had a hand in killing the loves of both his sister & Clarke I sincerely hope that they aren’t going for romance with him… Honestly I don’t know why they kept him alive as he’s both portrayed by a terrible actor and Finn did far less and died for it.

      • DCL33 says:

        I actually think Bob Morley is doing an amazing job portraying Bellamy. Cant blame him for needing to work with what he is given. Lets be honest, season 3 is so f-ed up its laughable. While 1st 2 season were focused on characters and their development, season 3 lacks that. Season 3 is all about plot, the more shocking the better, the more gore it got the better Rothenberg thought he was. They dropped the ball on characters and focused entirely on becoming Game of Thrones kid show.

      • Emily says:

        Wow…didn’t expect to see this much hate on the comments – especially in regards to Lexa. I think the reason why people really enjoyed the “clexa” ship (i hate that word but whatever) was not only because of the two amazing actresses who portrayed them, but because of how they reflected each other. Clarke brought out the softer/kinder side in lexa while Lexa made Clarke realize her leadership qualities and capabilities. Not to mention it’s nice to see lesbian couples in TV since we are portrayed so little. They had so much on screen chemistry that it was hard not to enjoy the scenes with them together.

        I honestly really liked the take on the earlier part of S3 where it was kind of separated between Clarke/Polis/Lexa and the rest of Sky Crew in Arcadia with the rise of Pike. The latter part is where it started to get stupid. Once Lexa died and they went on this whole journey to find Luna it became the biggest waste of time. We spent like two episodes getting to know Luna and her crew for literally no reason because they ended up in the same place they were before!

        I think the whole AI concept was really cool at first but now I feel like JRoth doesn’t even know wtf he’s doing with that concept anymore. Not to mention they’ve killed off literally every character who was interesting! First Lexa, then Lincoln (both the most infuriating deaths on TV ever) then Titus and King Roan and Ontari in one sweep. It just seems like a waste of time to introduce all of these characters and then not explore them or kill them off.

        I have high hopes for the season finale though and from what Eliza has been saying it sounds like we will be left in good spirits for season 4. It’s going to hurt my heart if we have to watch Lexa die AGAIN in the city of light, but it will be nice to have some new (and final) scenes with them together.

    • Shane says:

      Where do you get your facts? The Polis parts of the early episodes were the only ones getting praised by critics. The Pike and Bellamy storyline in Arkadia was the one that was massively hated by fans and critics alike. It was awful and stained the rest of the show.

      Also, I’d love to know how people can so easily overlook what Bellamy did this season and still root for him and Clarke to get together. I loved Bell in season 2 but I can’t stand what they did to his character this season nor the way that they are now completely glossing over it like it was no big deal. I also don’t care for the way the writers try and compare what he did to what Clarke did at Mt Weather. They are in no way the same.

  7. Lisa says:

    there are much more important things to worry about right now. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how you’re going to survive.That was Lexa before she met Clarke after she lost Costia.But that changed after Clarke told her “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving” i guess Clarke changed her mindset after she lost Lexa

  8. May says:

    Is it just me or does this sound like even the actors gave up on making sense of the AI plot?

  9. Dina says:

    All the thanks to Eliza for appreciating Clarke’s relationship with LEXA. The major worry is always that their love would be invalidated or something like that.
    On another note I’m gonna cry like a baby when I see LEXA tomorrow. I’m gonna cry and cry.
    Just let “I love you’s” be exchanged. Let LEXA comfort Clarke and make sure she knows she has nothing to be sorry about!

  10. James says:

    They ruined the show the minute they killed off the interesting grounders (Lexa, Lincoln, even Titus) and replaced their screen time with bland arkers and a one dimensional cartoon villain in Ontari. Bad choices all around this season but ruining the grounders was the worst thing they could’ve done.

  11. ? says:

    With all the things Clarke has done, I have no doubt in my mind she would have held her tongue even if Alie had Abby kill herself right in front of her.

  12. Radha says:

    This article is BS. Eliza is just trying to keep certain angry people happy with this garbage that Lexa was IT for Clarke. She loved Finn too–which I also wasn’t a fan of–but now they’re retconning it so that Lexa was her One! True! Love! Not cool. You don’t just erase an entire relationship, have her NOT grieve over the guy properly and then she falls for Lexa in a blink of an eye and now she’s saying Clarke will never get over it? Well if that is what’s in store for Clarke’s storyline in the future, this incessant moping over Lexa (and not also Finn), then I guess I’ll just have to FF her scenes when she’s not with someone else. I am not here for that crap.

    Lexa was cool, but she was focused on too much for just being a guest star and it took away major screen time from other characters. The idea that Clarke is going to forever mourn Lexa is unacceptable to me. And because the writers are catering to the group angry over Lexa’s fate, that seems to be what we’re gonna get.

    • James says:

      Finn and Clarke had broken up long before he died because he was a douche who cheated on Raven to be with her. Did you forget that? The reason he died was because he murdered a bunch of innocent grounders. Clarke was disgusted by him. Not that difficult to believe she’d move on from him 4 months later.

      And yes she needs time to grieve for Lexa because she hasn’t done so yet. Are you saying Bellamy, Jasper and Octavia are allowed to grieve but Clarke isn’t? That’s pretty gross…

      • Annie says:

        4 months later? No. In the show timeline, Clarke kissed Lexa mere DAYS after she told Finn she loved him and had to kill him. And after Finn died. Eliza DID give interviews saying Finn was Clarke’s one true love and that it would be hard for her to get over him. And I find it odd that the same people who complain about Clarke constantly being tortured and unhappy are the same ones who don’t want her to ever find another love.

        • twin63 says:

          You’re trying way too hard to make this Finn/Lexa comparison work when it really doesn’t work well at all. And I say this as someone who wasn’t as particularly invested in either pairing with Clarke as many fans are. But the reality is that Lexa initiated a kiss with Clarke in season 2, not the other way around, and although Clarke didn’t push Lexa away immediately she did make it clear to her that she wasn’t ready to be with anyone. Then Clarke spent months away from everyone after Mount Weather and it wasn’t until however much time she spent in Polis (the timeline for this show is so messy) that she and Lexa kissed again, this time initiated by Clarke, and slept together.

          I mean, I think most viewers would agree that the writers still rushed Clarke/Lexa this season and I’d bet good money most of their fans would have been very happy if the story had played out over the entire season instead of being wrapped up by episode 7, but we also all know why that happened. At the end of the day the only one viewers – whether they liked the Clarke/Lexa pairing or not – have to blame is Jason Rothenberg. He was the one who knew full well he’d have to wrap Clarke/Lexa up either way at a certain point because Debnam-Carey would have to leave for Mexico to film FTWD and he was the one who made the decision to still go for letting them fall in love, kiss and sleep together and who then made the decision to kill Lexa off literally minutes after they’d gotten together.

          So yeah. Pretty easy for me to understand why fans are not too crazy about another rushed attempt at giving Clarke a love story, again regardless of whether they liked her with Lexa or not. Nothing weirds me out more than some fans already happily planning who and when she should sleep and fall in love with next. Give the gal a break. Let her grieve, let her figure out what she wants beyond serving “her people” all the time. But much will likely depend on whether or not season 4 will be the last.

        • James says:

          Lexa initiated the kiss. NOT Clarke and soon after she put a stop to it, stepped back and told Lexa that she was not yet ready. What’s wrong with that? Then the three month time jump happened between season 2 and 3 so by the time Lexa and Clarke kiss again in 3×07 it’s been around four months since Finn had died. That’s a pretty great amount of time in this universe. And at that point she and Lexa had gone through quite a lot of bonding moments in the two seasons. I think it’s completely believable.

          Also, I don’t want Clarke to be alone forever but every season takes place in such a short amount of time, you’re damn right I want Clarke alone for a good amount of time. She has not grieved at all this season and she needs to do that before properly moving on to someone else. If Bellamy, Jasper and Octavia are allowed to grieve then why isn’t Clarke? Please, answer me this.

      • Radha says:

        Gross? Really, James? I’m not saying that Clarke can’t grieve, but they claimed that Finn was her great love as well–and she STILL loved him despite what he had done. That never changed, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so devastated over mercy killing him. Or did YOU forget that? She was broken afterwards and then suddenly.. LEXA!! And the LEXA show started and Clarke was abruptly over Finn. Which I call BS on. They rushed the “Clexa relationship” in order to have representation. But I always say if you are going to do representation, do it WELL. Do it RIGHT. Don’t just shove it into the same season she lost her first love, have it not develop properly, have Lexa betray her and then in season 3 I’m supposed to believe that it was this great epic love she can’t get over. BS. I was so happy when they showed she was bisexual, but not if they’re going to rush a relationship when there needed to be TONS of trust regained over Lexa’s betrayal. Not that much time is passing storyline wise– and yeah, there was a time jump between season 2 and 3, but that was after Lexa’s betrayal and Clarke going on the run. She didn’t spend time with Lexa during that time jump to “fall in love”. So I will never believe that their love is epic. It was rushed. It was just as badly written and her and Finn. End of story.
        Eliza is saying this crap now because of the fallout over Lexa’s stupidly written death. That’s all this is. Damage control. Don’t have me sit through an entire season of her and Finn’s toxic pairing and then tell me she didn’t love him truly and deeply. She did. I just was never on board with that pairing either.

  13. Lorraine O'Brien says:

    Thought it was good I just wish lexa would come back they were in love and too bad Jasper became nuts

  14. Carole Ellis says:

    Read Eliza comments as the seasons pass by. She killed Finn and she said he was her true love. Lexa dies instead of her ( the first time) and her virtual self dies because of Clarke. Jason said she was falling in love. Due to the backlash she says Lexa was her love. As this is CW there is no way she won’t fall for someone else. Remember this is only 6 or 7 months from when they dropped. This is what is so unbelievable: Clarke would be a basket case and no way could she fall in love and lose those loves in the violent manner and move on so fast. Lexa said her killing Finn would dtay with her forever: I think not. However, they might move really slowly with Clarke now and give the romance to the other characters. Had there not been a backlash Clarke would probably be falling in love with Bellamy in the first episodes of season 4.

  15. Jojo says:

    I hope Clarke goes back to the city of light and save Lexa because everyone wants Lexa and clarke (Clexa) back. Please Jason Rothenburg, bring back Alycia for season 4 and beyond that. I KNOW that everyone that LOVES the show wants Lexa (Alycia) back.