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empire season 2 finale

Empire Boss Talks Finale Cliffhanger, OMG Wedding and Season 3 Plans

Talk about putting the craziest possible spin on Empire‘s weeks-long promo promise that “a Lyon will fall!”

Wednesday’s Season 2 finale ended with Rhonda channeling her inner Cookie and going into full street-brawl mode vs “Pearl-Clutching Debutante” (aka Boo Boo Kitty) (aka Fake-Ass Lena Horne) (aka Becky With the Blonde Wig) (aka Anika Calhoun) — and one or both (but probably not neither) tumbling off a 30-story balcony.

Oh yes, it turns out if this were a game of Clue, the final answer would’ve been “Anika on the Staircase With Her Louboutins!” The woman carrying Hakeem’s baby admitted mid-scuffle that Rhonda was correct in believing she’d assaulted her during December’s winter finale and caused her to lose her baby with Hakeem’s brother Andre. And she didn’t seem the least bit sheepish about it, either!

The eruption of violence between the women was a fitting end to the most horrific nuptials since Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding.

Oh, c’mon, you didn’t think Hakeem would actually wind up putting a ring on it with Laura, did you? (Not that he didn’t try!)

Just as Laura came down the aisle — here’s hoping she had a bottomless mimosa beforehand! — Anika got served with a subpoena to testify against Lucious by a woman disguised as a cater waiter. Cookie and Anika’s old cohort Shyne Johnson (who scored an invite as the Lyons attempted to buy his silence about Lucious’ murder of three rival dealers plus a fourth contract killing back in the day) popped someone in the face. And Laura and her family fled the scene — most likely forever.

As the family tried to figure out a plan to save Lucious from the Feds (led by Tariq the Freak), there seemed to be only one solid solution: So Lucious and Anika got married (by Andre) — as Cookie (who’d considered giving it another try with her ex) made her tearful exit. “I did not save this bitch’s life so she could ruin mine!” Cookie screamed, referencing the fact that she’d talked Anika off a suicidal ledge earlier in the hour. And you know our heroine was devastated, seeing that she didn’t even twerk or slap her own booty on her way out the door.

As the newlyweds headed back down the aisle, Lucious told Anika he knew she’d pushed his daughter-in-law — prompting her balcony reverie that led to the fateful fight. Meanwhile, Tariq showed up and got in Lucious’ face, prompting his mother Leah to ask, “Dwight, what’s your half-brother doing here?” What in the actual what? Yep, it turns out not only did a young Lucious witness his father’s murder at the hand of the man who raised Tariq, but he also heard the guy’s revelation that Lucious’ father was Tariq’s biological daddy, too!

Left at the altar, unable to get out a single note, was Jamal, who’d come home from the hospital promising to put his career on hold ’til his family ended their violent, crazy ways. Lucious managed to get him back into music-making mode with D-Major (not an entendre, necessarily) by visiting Freda in jail, truthfully noting “I never laid a finger on your daddy” (that was just his thugs), promising to pay for her legal defense and getting her to spit a sick rap on his cellular device. But methinks the balcony antics, subpoena serving and Tariq revelations might send Jamal back to his vow of (musical) silence.

Below, showrunner Ilene Chaiken breaks down the major moments of Season 2, Episode 18 — weighing in on Anika and Rhonda’s fate, Lucious and Cookie’s rift and Jamal and Hakeem’s futures following their family’s worst night ever.

TVLINE | Let’s dive right into that cliffhanger of Anika and Rhonda’s brutal fight on the balcony. Was it always supposed to come down to that moment? And did you feel like the most surprising twist might be to have Rhonda’s stairway assailant turn out to be the primary suspect – rather than some last-minute twist?
We always knew that it was Anika who pushed Rhonda. And we were aware how many viewers were dead certain that it was Anika who pushed Rhonda. But we did talk about whether it could be somebody else. There are certainly other characters in Empire who could have been culprits, given all the agendas and motives, and we could’ve done that just for the sake of defying audience expectations. [Laughs] But in the end, we wanted to tell the story we believed in and that we thought was the most earned, the most real and the most justifiable. And frankly, when you get deep into defying audience expectations, you can get all twisted up, sometimes to the point where it would have been less surprising if it were somebody other than Anika — as you suggested.

TVLINE | I actually howled when Anika spat out, “You’re damn right I did it, you bitch!”
It was loads of fun to create the scene — and I have to give Lee Daniels a lot of the credit for it. We went back and forth over where exactly the show, this season, and that particular storyline should end. Lee, with his love of heightened drama and classic soaps, really, really wanted to go there [to the fight sequence], and in the end, I’m glad we did. There’s some great scripted dialogue on our show, but that scene itself was very sparely written. It’s quite possible the only scripted line in it was Andre’s “No!” Rhonda and Anika just went at it!

TVLINE | Is one or both of them going to die?
I certainly know the answer to that question, but for the purposes of our conversation, what I’ll say is it sure as hell looks that way. All we have to go on right now is the sound of that scream and the look on Andre’s face — and that, to me, says somebody went over that railing. And it would be ludicrous to say that would be a survivable fall! [Laughs] We talked about how high up they are – and we agreed it was somewhere around 30 stories. Assuming one of those ladies went over, she’s in for it.

TVLINE | Andre already lost his baby: Would you really kill his wife? On the other hand, Anika just married Lucious – which is kind of delicious. Complicating matters, you’ve had both Kaitlin Doubleday and Grace Gealey in the cast since the very beginning — there has to be an attachment to both of them…
We ponder all of those things. We talk about what would be the best and most delicious story to tell in the next season. But we love both of these characters and both of these actresses — and it’s hard to think about losing either one of them. In this instance, there’s no character motivation to consider: One of them is simply going to win the fight, and the other is likely to be gone. It’s in the hands of the gods, and whoever survives is going to have quite a story.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the wedding. Hakeem and Laura never felt like endgame, but the Lucious-Anika vow exchange was a whopper. How did you come to that moment?
You certainly got inside the heads of the Empire writers. We’ve known since the beginning of the season that there was going to be a wedding, that it would probably be the finale, and that Laura would leave Hakeem at the altar. That was the place we were going, and we knew we wanted someone else to get married in Hakeem’s place – probably Lucious. We could imagine him looking around and saying, “I spent all this money, I want someone getting married!” This finale — while it has a bunch of big moments — really sets the table for Season 3. We wanted to do the kind of finale where we move all the pieces around on the chessboard and leave them in that precipitous moment. It became clear at a certain point that there was a really compelling reason for Lucious to marry Anika.

TVLINE | Earlier in the hour, when Anika is threatening to commit suicide to avoid testifying, I’m wondering if that was just manipulation on her part or…
Oh yes. That was manipulation. Anika is wily — and that was her way to get sympathy from the Lyons. And she got them just where she wanted them. We may have underestimated her. Anika’s survival instincts are ferocious, but she doesn’t play the long game. She’s not on a level with the Lyons — or certainly with Lucious — when it comes to long-term strategy, but she’s really scrappy. I wouldn’t ever count her out.

TVLINE | Why was the Lucious-Anika marriage too much for Cookie? She knows he doesn’t really love her.
It’s too much for her because she was ready to have happiness. She and Lucious went through so much together – and although in our first season they hooked up and had that love connection, I don’t think there was ever a moment where Cookie believed they’d [reunite]. But in this moment, she was ready — and he was, too — to make a clean start. Cookie is someone who fundamentally believes if you start with deceit, that relationship is not gonna go well. Nobody was cheating on anybody here, though. They love one another, the path was clear, and all of the sudden, yet another thing from Lucious’ past and the mistakes he made got in the way. And I’m with Cookie on this one: This is it. She’s done. She’s finished being hurt by Lucious.

TVLINE | The finale’s other big bombshell: Lucious and Tariq are half-brothers. Is Tariq Season 3’s Big Bad?
We introduced two characters recently who’ll be really important in Season 3. One is Tariq, who’ll be Lucious’ big adversary. And the other is Shyne, who will be a really central character in that same story.

TVLINE | So let’s talk Hakeem, who couldn’t have ended the season on a worse note.
Hakeem is going to be messed up. He suffered humiliation after humiliation over the course of Season 2. He really made a noble effort to be a better man, and he did grow up some, but everything he tried ultimately came back at him. His failures were public. So, first and foremost, Hakeem needs to regain his dignity, and hip-hop is going to play a big part of that. Given who Hakeem is, though, you can expect him to get into some trouble. He also has a baby on the way.

TVLINE | As long as Anika doesn’t…
He has a baby on the way. And his father just married his baby mama.

TVLINE | Hakeem and Laura are done-done, right?
She closed the door in his face — hard.

TVLINE | Jamal’s vow not to make music ’til the Lyons end this cycle of violence was noble, but part of me wanted to say, “Oh honey, do you know your family?” After the wedding, when Lucious demanded “Sing!”, nothing came out of Jamal’s mouth. Was that symbolic?
That was very symbolic and very much indicative of where we’re going with Jamal. He said that and he means it.

What did you think of the Empire Season 2 finale? Grade it in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    Horrible finale
    This Feds storyline makes zero sense
    I thought who pushed Rhonda was supposed to be surprising… It wasn’t
    Annika is a totally different character

    • Julie says:

      i thought is was fantastic!

    • Rosie40blue says:

      I agree Al. Sad that such excellent acting has to deal with poor writers. The first season had the A team of writers. I don’t know who wrote the second season, but “yawn”.

      • Pam says:

        I totally agree. Everything about the show has become preposterous. They seem to have jumped the shark and it was only season 2!

  2. laurelnev says:

    We all know Rhonda is MUCH more expendable than Anika, so if someone went over, I know who I’d put my money on. And it’s never “all on paper” with Lucious the slime. Poor Cookie never gets her happy ending. She’s the Regina of Empire! I DO hope Tariq can prove to be some sort of throne usurper, as I’m tired of seeing King Lucious never suffer any consequences. But I must admit…that ending felt a little cheap and tropey for Lee Daniels. Hope this show recovers from the sophmore slump and we finally get to see Lucious suffering.

    • Who fill anika or Rhonda

    • NM says:

      I definitely think Rhonda fell. The show runner stated twice that Hakeem has “a baby on the way”, which is future text. Also, I feel that Anika’s storyline could play out well for a third season with taking Lucious for his money, running away with the baby, blackmailing the Lyons into getting what she wants for protection, etc, etc. There’s definitely a lot to be used here to make Anika quite the adversary for the Lyon family.

      • laurelnev says:

        Although it would be A LOT more interesting story wise if Anika fell, Rhonda has always kind of been window decoration, and the show would hardly miss her, so I think we pretty much know. But can you imagine the impact it would have if it were Anika? Lucious would be all over Cookie to take it up where they left off, but she’d be all “I said I’m DONE!” Hakeem would go full pout, having lost his fiance and baby mama all at once. Etc, etc. But Andre’s face seemed to say who fell.

        • Sky says:

          Yes girl I agree with you but if Anita dies the Feds will probably think Lucious got Anika killed in lieu of her possible testimony and he may go down for it (karma) or will they both survive but Anita miscarries from the scuffle…..

          • cece says:

            Yes ,i think Anita should loose baby one for betraying rhonna and trying to use family for her gain she went about it the wrong way

          • Tammie G. says:

            I agree but the storyline would be interesting if Anika dies. The FED’s would definitely believe that Lucious had something to do with it.. This could tie in Lucious half brother surfacing and I am sure there is something in the past between the two that needs to be esposed…

      • Tammie G. says:

        I hope not because Anika needs to pay for what shes done to Rhonda. She needs to reap what she’s sown.!!

    • Again Lucious has suffered his whole life, and his half brother and Mother make him suffer all the time! Ease up! Anika, is the biggest threat! She is such a schemer whose to say she didn’t manipulate the whole mess! Let’s hope both girls survive!clever writing could keep this show a hit for years , make staff happy, and actors, and singers so that next year show won’t drag and every week we are on the edge of our seats and cannot wait to get home to see it. Just saying

      • Rosie40blue says:

        Great angle Sandie.. Maybe you should write for the show… Someone has to come and save this show. The acting is great, but your scenario and creating a situation where Anika manipulated this entire mess is brilliant!!! The actual writers of season 2 would never be able to pull it off. Bring back who ever wrote season 1~~~ or hire Sandie or Alex! Just sayin’

      • Cee Jae says:

        I honestly feel that Rhonda will be hanging on to the ledge, and Andre will have to do something to Anika in order to save his wife.

  3. Bryan says:

    Finally, the finale. And with that, goodbye Empire. Season 1 was good, season 2 was a mess.

  4. Joe Joe says:

    Don’t want Rhonda to die…if it’s anyone, hope it’s crazy Anika!

    • Joka says:

      I am w u… i dnt want Rhonda 2 die.. i hope Anika went tumbling to her death

    • QUAN MillS says:

      I don’t want either of them to die, honestly, I love them both.

    • Wanda Bonner says:

      They’re both going over the “Ledge”

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I say it’s Anika that drama queen bitch……she should’ve jump the first time, but Cookie saved her. I like Rhonda I hope she DID push her over the ledge!!!!

    • Rosie40blue says:

      I don’t want Rhonda to die either. She is great! Anika sucks she is such a waste. No real personality at all. Who comes from “old money” and is dying to be accepted by “new money”? It would make sense if she came from nothing… SMH or… If her dad were behind all of this and attempting to take over Empire to get back at Lucious the entire time, that would be a great story…

  5. Dude says:

    So, we’re lead to believe that Rhonda was pushed down the stairs and lost her baby AND got pushed over a 30 story balcony and died in the span of a few episodes? Geez. What the hell did Rhinda do to these people?

    • NM says:

      What annoys me more about Rhonda being pushed is dragging out the “who did it?”, when it was quite obvious is was Anika and the cast and writers twisting it otherwise. It was a stupid storyline, with an even worse payoff. This show just needs to have Anika push the baby out and then kill her off.

      • Annie says:

        Empire doesn’t do suspense well. It’s one of the reasons why the first three episodes of this season did not work. We knew that the Feds didn’t have a case, so everything that happened was pointless. It’s also one of the reasons why they will lose a lot of viewers over the hiatus.

    • Alex says:

      I don’t know, but maybe the reason is that she’s white? But it’s just awful that they choose to kill off a female character. Anika and Rhonda were the only interesting female characters in this mess, and now that one of them (or both) dies, the show is really done for me, because now it’ll be Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, and I really already full of her.

      • Rosie40blue says:

        Are you nuts? How did you go to race? I love all of the characters in this “mess”.Since when is Anika interesting? Rhonda is great! But Anika??? What ever dude.

      • Ivo says:

        Are you serious? The only good female character on the show is Cookie, everybody knows that!!! And the race thing here is ridiculous!

    • Cornelius Hardy says:

      I believe no one fell off the balcony but I think ankina would most likely be going into labor.her water breaks and she is going to need medical attention as quickly as possible to save her baby

  6. sladewilson says:

    Crazy finale. I want Rhonda to win the fight but I already know the juicier storyline is Anika’s. Hakeem and Jamal are going to be hell to deal with next season and I don’t even want to know how much hell Cookie is going to unleash….

  7. Eric7740 says:

    She just answered the cliffhanger! Anika lives, Rhonda dies!
    She said Hakeem “has a baby on the way”
    No need to wait till September! Thanks for ruining it!!!

    • Jboss24 says:

      Hakeem has also been with Laura though. So the ‘baby on the way’ comment could be implying that Laura is also pregnant with Hakeem’s child. It’s probably wishful thinking but its still possible lol.

  8. Shaw says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t feel bad for cookie at all. She stupid enough to keep falling for the DAMN okey doke that luscious a** be spwooning out of his tired a** mouth. I think I’m over this show. Why is it that this one man can get away with soooo much stuff. And say what he wants to his own family and their right back in his face two minutes later.

    • Kilo28 says:

      Because he’s rich and powerful. You’d be surprised how much s*** rich people can get away with because of there money and connections

  9. cclewis says:

    I really think it would of received a better rating if they showed who fell. I think they made it to seem Rhonda got pushed but I feel that is what they want us to think. I believe that Anika went over and Rhonda tried to catch her. “A Lyon will Fall”…Rhonda already fell down the stairs….then Anika’s attempted suicides….she wanted to die. Now, there is no witness for the Grand Jury and Lucious gets off again. Laura and Hakeem will get eloped without anyone.

  10. Steve says:

    Did they take tease the Who Pushed Rhonda mystery for half the season for it just to be who literally everyone thought it was?

    Oh how this show has fallen

  11. China Pulce says:

    I am very disappointed in the way the season ended, I was so praying that Lucious & Cookie would have gotten married. I also look forward to season 3 cause I truly hope Boo Boo Kitty fell and Rhonda and Andre can finally get on with their lives. I

  12. Gabrielle Marie Martin says:

    I actually feel bad for Cookie. Smdh. Anika……….Lucious………..epic fail if you ask me. I do feel for Hakeem cant catch a break for nothing. Jamal, I dont know. Poor Andre this might just send him on over the edge if Rhonda did fall. Season 3 ? I dont know if I can take it…..

  13. pamua says:

    She says someone probably went over the rail and it is not a survivable fall…but going over the rail doesn’t necessarily mean falling, if whoever fell over is still grasping at something, the fact that Andre has just arrived, may just mean he is there to pull the victim back. Thoughts ?

  14. NM says:

    Not that I’m encouraging the death of a pregnant woman, but it would be good karma for Anika to go over the railing and lose the baby, as well as her life. Also, Rhonda is already responsible for one death (Uncle Vernon), so it would be great to see her add another notch in her belt.

  15. Peter Retep says:

    Uhh!! The cliffhanger at the end!!! Can’t wait to Season 3.

  16. Mercedes says:

    Bring empire back soon ……..

  17. Alex The Great says:

    I GOT IT! So remember when the grandmother was saying that one of you three if not all of you has a killer instinct. Well that is what is going to be the tipping point in this cliffhanger! BINGO. There is a chance that no one did fall but is in fact hanging from the rail, because wait for it …. you hear the scream at the end but it was a steady scream like someone was stationary (hanging) and if someone was currently falling and screaming then the scream would quickly distance itself from the camera. With all that said Andre just came to the scene, he is a strong man and we already know from past episodes that he is the one that got his grandfather’s “killer instinct. My money is on the circumstance that Anika is the one that goes over the rail and is hanging on while Andre rushes to grab her and while he is trying to pull her back Rhonda is in his ear yelling at him that Anika just admitted to pushing her down the stairs while Anika struggles to plea with Andre he sees the devil in her eyes trying to persuade him and he drops her. The couple Andre and Rhonda play the story that Anika jumped off the ledge since she had already tried and failed to do it earlier in this episode. No one would believe Rhonda that Anika pushed her down the stairs, but Andre would know and that’s the only person that matters at this point. This would wipe a lot of the slate clean for more growth of season 3, because I don’t know if it was just me the whole FBI investigation, Shine, Tariq revealing who he is, the grandmother’s whole ordeal, and just all of it is way to much to keep track of and feels like a HUGE MESS! This would solve and untangle a lot of the problems. Also with the death of Anika it would strike a closer bond with Lucious and Andre where that relationship has diminished; for the reason of that Lucious know’s that Anika did in fact push Rhonda down the steps and both men would come to the conclusion that each other know now since both men are good at figuring out when someone knows something. So there you go there’s my 2 cents.

    • NM says:

      I hope this turns out to be true.

    • Sky says:

      Man you are very observant and after reading I think you gave a spoiler! That outcome would make a lot of sense and it’s like payback/redemption for Andre and Rhonda they really have been the most honest out of everyone on the show despite that accident…..but I put my $ on your guess.

    • Sandy says:

      YES, I follow this logic and I stated down below that I think its Andre. I also think Anika never stopped being thirsty for Lucious and I think Lucious also had, and will continue to have Anika’s desperate hands involved in him controlling the Empire. Lucious persuaded and probably paid Anika to push Rhonda because Lusious never wanted a bi-racial grandchild or anyone white for that matter near or in his Empire.

      • K says:

        I don’t agree with the fact that Lucious paid her, otherwise the dialogue of him telling her he knew would have never happened

    • Muffy says:

      Rhonda serves no purpose unlike Anika who’s pregnant and just married Lucious.

      • Nancy says:

        Rhonda does serve a purpose. Jamal and Cookie’s are two halves of one heart. She loves all her children but Jamal is her heart. Hakeem is Luscious’s favorite, his one perfect son, the one he wants to make in his own image but Andre is their left over son, they love him but isn’t that important to them. All he has is Rhonda to stand by him. Plus they are the only normal like couple on the show. So they give the show balance.

    • Jboss24 says:

      Dang I really hope the writers of this show read your comment and seriously consider using it for next season because this would be amazing if it were to be true. It would be just what the show needs to rectify itself of the horrible mess it made this season.

    • I really hope this happens, great analysis! You should be a writer. I want Rhonda and Andre to be happy again.

    • Rosie40blue says:

      Alex the great! you should write for the show. Because I am so disappointed with the writing for the entire second season. But your scenario would be awesome! A show with such excellent acting deserves an excellent writer! Kudos!!!

    • Cali says:

      I like your ideas but when I re-watched the episode, I paid close attention to the balcony scene with Rhonda and Anika fighting and Andre coming up on them and unfortunately one of the screams does trail off like someone was pushed/fell over the side of the railing and went tumbling down 30 stories to their death. I’m hoping that both didn’t fall because that whole dynamic would be of Rhonda, Andre and Lucious knowing that Anika pushed Rhonda which resulted in her losing their child, would be far more suspenseful than having Anika at the bottom of the hotel. The angst and deceit that would follow could be epic. Anika could become even more devious and underhanded than she is now. I believe that she and Shine set up that whole mess with the Feds. Think about it, When Lucious went to Anika’s townhouse to visit her, unannounced, towards the end of her discussion with him, Anika brought up the whole Feds thing. Why would she do that? I think she has been plotting against Lucious and Cookie and the entire Lyon family from the get go. I also think she either went to Shine Johnson or that she and Shine went to the Feds to try and get the goods on Lucious. Shine obviously pissed off, much like Bunky was, because he feels that Lucious “left him behind” (an obvious ode to Bunky who said the same to Lucious before Lucious put a bullet into his eye & brain).I just think it is too coincidental for Anika to be pulled into the Feds to talk about Empire/Lucious now that Tariq is looking into him/them. As for Rhonda & Andre, it could really bring their relationship closer as Andre plots with Rhonda to take over Empire. I also think with Tariq revealing that he and Lucious are half brothers also brings in an angle that will cause a lot of issues for Lucious. There could be at some point in S3 a showdown between Lucious, Shine & Tariq whereby Lucious kills Shine because Shine has a gun on Tariq and since Lucious is always about family, taking out Shine wouldn’t be a problem. That would also make Tariq indebted to Lucious for saving his life. I’m sure that TPTB at the FBI don’t know that Tariq and Lucious are related. If they did, Tariq would not be working the case. As for Cookie and Lucious, she is very upset and angry at him now for marrying Anika. However I think deep down inside she still loves Lucious like she always has and that she will somehow put it away for now so that she can continue to work at Empire with him. Cookie is going to think that Anika somehow managed to pull this whole thing off and is going to work the back channels to prove that she engineered this whole mess. Once she has enough evidence to go to Lucious to prove that Anika pushed Rhonda, went to the Feds and that she has been behind all of this to take down the Empire, then Lucious will set it up with Thirsty to make sure that Anika is “handled”. Before he handles her he has to make sure that he has Tariq on his side and like I said what better way then to have him indebted to him for saving his life. Anika is a very dangerous person. Almost as dangeous as Frank Gathers with the exception that she won’t resort to cannibalism like Gathers did. Also lets not forget about Freda sitting in prison. Lucious told Jamal that he was paying for Freda’s legal representation. Who wants to bet that he somehow manages to get Freda some type of reduced sentence and that she will be back at Empire making him music and a whole lot of money when she and Jamal team up to record their album. Lucious is also going to do something to Carol, you watch. He won’t forget that what she did by telling Freda he was behind Gather’s death resulted in Jamal taking a bullet and almost losing him. She may be Cookie’s sister but what she did even though she was drunk is going to be looked at as betraying the hand that feeds her and he will make sure that she pays in some way.

      So there will be a lot of loose ends to tie up at the beginning of S3 of Empire. That much is a given. How they tie them up is anyone’s guess.

    • Gina says:

      Now that sound right to me

    • Tressi Downs says:

      You should be writing for Empire! Truly! I would DEFINITELY watch”

  18. waterbaby87 says:

    really Empire? all these good shockers in these story lines and Anika was the one who pushed Rhonda! I really thought they would come better than that. EVERYone expected Anika, and so did I, but it would have been better if it was NOT Anika who pushed her. I’m not sure if I will be watching the next season….

  19. k.scott says:

    Just waiting on season3..😊😊

  20. Shan v says:

    I was expecting a huge finale, especially because we have to wait until the fall! I love the show but season 2 was scattered

  21. misfit toys says:

    So…I wonder if there was a pre-nup. Heh.

    • Rosie40blue says:

      They really could have mentioned that. It would have been more interesting. Now, if Lucious goes to jail or anything happens to him. Anika will have everything…hmmm

      • Tressi Downs says:

        Not really. Cause if you recall Luscious suggested that they had already had their paperwork in order before they broke up. That’s why they we’re able to go ahead & get married so quickly. Pretty sure there’s a pre-nump in there somewhere.

  22. Marissa De los reyes says:

    It was very sad when Jamal got shot and we thought he was going to die, but once I saw the season finale I was happy because Jamal was alive. 😇
    I am really wanting to see the season 3, Who falls?, Who dies?, I want to see it really bad.

  23. Tanisha says:

    It was really dissapointing that who pushed Rhonda was who everyone thought it was in the first place. Anika. I was actually hoping shed be innocent plus I thought her being the culprit was waayy to obvious was hoping for a waay better surprise ending. As for Hakeem and Laura that was just pointless then. Along with the whole Fed story. Luscious marrying Anika terrible ending. I hope season 3 will be waay better.

    • sunshine says:

      they showed Anika in the house when she was looking at baby’s room and that is when she pushed her down the stairs,, that has been known, but I think it will not be anika who dies. bad ending.

  24. Tashai Starr says:

    That Bitch Anika got madddd Game. One way or another don’t underestimate Grace Kelly better yet The new joan crawford….There must be a better ending for Hakeem. Talk about Dysfumctional. Black Family

  25. Sky says:

    I’ve had probably the best OMG moments on Season 2 finale of Empire. Bit we all know Anita is going to survive either testify, blackmail or kill Luscious so she and the baby inherit EVERYTHING! COOKIE SAID IT THE BEST ” You always wanted to be one of us, Right a Lyon”….So Please don’t take to long bringing it to your viewers on Season 3!

  26. AJ says:

    Poor story line…no clear connections…poor execution…would have been more exciting to see both ladies going over the balcony. Based on the interview, sounds as if Laura is pregnant. At this rate, it’s unfortunate but Empire may have run its course.

  27. Im happy jamal didn’t die n please let him come back next season. IM highly upset about cookie i really wanted her and lucious to get married but then again that would be to fairy tail. Im not a fan of anika she is terrible n sad to say i hope she gets pushed over…..

  28. Ruby says:

    I really hope Anika dies. After what she admitted to doing to Rhonda. She doesn’t deserve to be a mom. The writers cant do that to Andre, having him lose hisia child and now possibly his wife. That would be so messed up

  29. Sandy says:

    NEITHER RHONDA OR ANIKA FELL! That is what the writers want you to believe so you can continue to ponder until Fall. For the entire season we have scene turn after turn in this story line. Daniels is not going to kill off either one of them. The following will occur, Cookie in a jealous, violent rage would have returned to the wedding to kill off Anika; albeit pushing her over the balcony or – gun style- holding the pistol to her stomach, enlisting that scream (even though we don’t hear a gun shot – its tv; writers do stuff like that all the time you know) or a really good shocker would be if it’s Rhonda’s mentally unstable husband coming to kill her because she is not a God fearing woman and she thinks he is weak. I think its the later because he was way too cool and quiet in the entire finally and Rhonda told him to step it up and use what Lucius gave him -his cunning malicious wit to take his family down. I think his character is going to explode with rage, be really manipulative, get the “Empire” for himself, and rule it with an Iron Mike; having Granny right by his side – dictating and co-signing everything! Yes Gawhd…that would be epic. If the writers see this, I want my cut of the check :-)

  30. Teyana farris says:

    Could had put more asitement going to the end but can’t wait on season 3 love empire i love cookie thats my girl and they family that is part of huslow and flow movie this is part of empire to cause they start their music their to they own they own business and call it empire i puting it all together

  31. N says:

    I’m finished with the show, season 1 was great but it feels like there’s been no progression at all during season 2. For Example, Lucious and Jamal are at odds, make peace, at odds again, one takes a bullet for the other, seems peaceful then the relationship seems to be frosty again. The exact same formula can apply to Lucious and Cookie. The show just seems to go in a loop. Also, am I the only one who thought everything set up in the first half of the season, like Hakeem running Empire with Camilla by his side, was thrown out the door as if new writers were brought in. I was excited to seem Hakeem in charge and the show just kinda burned the story-line off in the first 3 episodes back with lackluster results, why? And of course, in the end, Anika really did push Rhonda down the stairs. Seriously, I would have taken anyone over Anika, even if it didn’t make much sense like say Lucious mother, it would make no sense, but better than Anika. Its just lazy writing, which is so frustrating because the show was so good in season 1.

  32. NNCY says:

    Did I miss something before I tuned in or something because the beginning of this episode doesn’t match the ending of the last episode. How did they handle mamma crazy with the press outside the hospital and what did the doctors say to Cookie and Lusious in the hospital waiting room.

    • Rusty says:

      I was wondering the same thing too, they did it with the cakes in episode 16 ending and now with the reporters outside in episode 17 ending, i taught she was gonna say she is the mother to Dwight/Lucious but they just killed the scene, Empire is so crappy now!

    • suzi says:

      Didn’t Lucious whisper to his mother something about It was a good thing Thirsty stopped you before you ran your mouth? Weak way to cover it…

      • Rosie40blue says:

        @ Suzi, yep he said that and I agree it was weak. And Rusty WTH happened to those cakes? Is someone Hallucinating? I just don’t get why these writers won’t fully develop anything they introduce. I know we don’t develop everything because we can always go back and make changes creating OMG moments. But developing nothing? That just creates chaos…

  33. Steve says:

    So Laura, who in the scene before was so in love with Jamal, gave up on Jamal that quick, huh. Also, how did Lucious’s mother, whose been in a home for god knows how long, instantly recognize Tariq, whose last name she was not told, at first glance as Lucious’s half brother, that was kind of odd. Finally, when I first saw Jamal in a wheel chair my first though was What a cliche it would be if he was paralyzed, so i’m glad they didn’t go that route, but is there really going to be no lasting consequences to the shooting?

  34. Nancy says:

    In season 3 hakeem and laura needs to get back to gether asap and get married

  35. Phillis says:

    I love empire the writers are great the cast are amazing they always leave you wanting more i always set my alarm so I don’t miss i love empire who wouldnt!

  36. NNCY says:

    For me Rhonda is like Mellie Grant on Scandal. She is that gansta wife that rides for her husband till the end and she completes Andre’s character on the show. She is the one that is on his side always. Jamal is Cookie’s heart, she loves them all but her and Jamal are two sides to one heart! Hakeem is Lusious’s hopes and dreams, his perfect son that he wants in his image! They love Andre but not enough so all he has firmly on his side at all times and in all things is Rhonda. They make a gangsta team. Plus they have the only working marriage on the show so Empire needs that to be realistic.

  37. Sherisse says:

    Really and truly i don’t want rhonda or anika die and make season 3 better than 2 at least let someone have a happy ending in the next season

  38. Bernita Anderson says:

    I love empire I wish I could be Cookie long lost sister. I really, really love Empire it’s my night time entertainment on Wednesday night.

  39. Rita says:

    The finale that’s all I can say um

  40. Dolorosa Castro says:

    BooBoo Kitty most go

  41. This season just seemed to be a lot plot-twist gimmicks in order to get trending on twitter, there was never a flow in the story line. ln season one the story flowed like dominos lined up next to each other until the finale where they fell beautifully, this season was just random big moments combined with unecessary moments that made zero sense, they were grasping a lot.

    Sounds like Rhonda yelling at the end, and I do agree with everyone that Anika is a villain with a fleshed out story line they should use that to their advantage instead of introducing new randoms with ulterior motives. Sick of the drama of the past and the writers bringing in ppl who don’t add anything. NO MORE FREDA! Focus on what you have right now writers, the Lion family unit is their secret weapon to making the show great again.

    • Anna says:

      Preach. Two great examples last week ending with Jamal getting shot, and Lucious’ mother about to tell all to the press. That is juicy stuff, so why open up this week’s episode with Jamal being healed off screen, and a weak excuse of Thirsty keeping Grandma from talking. I think that we need to face the fact that Empire is just about the shock moments, and they have no intention of being a real soap, and telling intertwined stories.

  42. Also if it is Rhonda that survives her character has gotten way more interesting, there is a level of darkness within her now she is capable of more because she lost her child Anika only maintained her relevance . If the writers are smart about it and brainstorm and keep her to fully flesh out her characters potential that would be an interesting test instead of going for the easy route and killing her because Anika is the villain and they actually went to the trouble of her character development, I think Rhonda’s potential is just getting started. Anika was only relevant because she pushed Rhonda and got pregnant, we were done with her at the end of S1.

    • Rosie40blue says:

      Alejandra I agree. I never need to see Boo Boo Kitty again. She could have sat out season two and we would not have cared. Rhonda is a G. She is ride or die and I love her character…

  43. Muffy says:

    Anika living would make more sense, but Empire never makes sense. Her marrying Lucious and having Hakeem’s baby is very soapy and it works on a Soap about insane families like all Soap Operas. Rhonda has no exciting storylines other than killing Vernon. Dre can move on. Hurt but can move on. Why was JHud with the Empire cast at the upfronts? She was the lady who Andre was attracted to in S1.

  44. Wanda Bonner says:

    Ohhh, He’ll no “Cookie” is down but not out! The 3 best candidates to bring an haire for The Lyons is gone! Cookie ain’t going no where… she’ll be their to pickup the pieces.

  45. Alex says:

    1) You can’t kill off a pregnant woman on Fox.
    2) Why they didn’t kill Rhonda straight away in the mid-season? Does it make sense that they always use the same person for a cliffhanger.
    3) Why it is always a woman that has to suffer?

  46. Ogar Felix says:

    In one word “AWESOME”, you guys are good, if I may ask, when is season 3 popping up?

  47. Donnie Cooper says:

    What the hell it shoild havr bern cookies that marries her ex that eould have been a better fit because of all the time she spent away from her kids for her ex bring back stability to the family where was cookies sister carol blabber mouth at id she coming on season 3to cause hell or is it cookie wher os the death part coild have been a two hour finale fox.

  48. Erma says:

    This was a bad ending. I’m tired of watching Cookie get the short end of the stick.What ever happen to happy endings. This episode showed nothing but chaos. The producers are projecting black people as never rising above the ghetto. I know this is not true to life for I’v e had personal dealings famous people in the entertainment world . I’m done with Empire.

  49. Anna says:

    It makes no sense to center cliffhangers on two characters who the writers wasted all season. These two should be central characters, but they are not.

    Anika marrying Lucious should be used to build up some juicy storylines, especially with Anika inserting herself at Empire, but the producers don’t think like this, so it would not be a surprise if she dies.

  50. Etta says:

    Reading on what’s said about Hakeem having a baby on the way after how his season ends says to my that Anika didn’t fall but Rhonda did.