ABC Boss on Castle and Nashville Cuts, Shorter Breaks, the Future of #TGIT

Speaking to the press in her first Upfronts Week conference call since succeeding Paul Lee as the president of ABC Entertainment, Channing Dungey weighed in on the very recent decisions to end both Castle and Nashville.

Alluding to, among other things, how the former was set to move forward without leading lady Stana Katic, Dungey said, “The studios in each case were looking for the best creative and financial ways to make room [for new seasons]. They were definitely engaged in conversations [about how to] set them up for the best of success, should they get the order.” ABC meanwhile took stock of the ratings, their own financial situation and the new dramas in development, “and at the end of the day… the future for us did not necessarily lie in those shows.”

Among the other topics the ABC boss covered:

GOODBYE, LONG WINTER NAPS? | Dungey told TVLine, “We’re not doing as big a gap strategy as we may have done in the past,” with regards to benching shows such as Once Upon a Time and Grey’s Anatomy for multiple months at midseason. “There’s going to be certain shows that have slightly longer breaks, and certain ones that have very short breaks. I would prefer not to have big gaps, but this is the beginning of the evolution of this new strategy.”

A ‘DARKER’ S.H.I.E.L.D. | Moving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Tuesdays-at-10 slot will allow the series to “go a little bit edgier, a little darker, and take some risks,” Dungey said — though the later berth was more a result of wanting to establish a new two-hour comedy block on Tuesday, and not so much a desire to move S.H.I.E.L.D. As for ABC ever hosting other Marvel projects — the S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted didn’t make the cut for next season — Dungey said that coming off a recent meeting with Marvel publisher Dan Buckley, “We’re very excited about a few things we have in development,” with the eye on “[making] sure what we do next feels like it’s going to help expand both of our brands.”

#TGIT IN TRANSITION | With Scandal on hold until midseason, Dungey said “it made sense” to give a new drama — the real life-inspired Notorious (starring Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata) — in the cushy Thursdays-at-9 slot. (As for whether ABC’s Thursday slate will still be marketed as “#TGIT” with a non-Shondaland show in the mix, Dungey said it was too early to discuss marketing plans for the fall.) Wherefor art Shondaland’s Romeo & Juliet sequel series? Still Star-Crossed “was always intended to be a midseason show, because it’s a big, epic, sweeping period saga, and we wanted to make sure we had enough time to produce it in the way it needed to be produced,” Dungey explained, while holding The Catch for midseason, where it will again air out of the Grey’s Anatomy/Scandal combo, offers “consistency” for the viewer.

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  1. Hollie says:

    Hope they S4 is the final season for SHIELD soon, so that the writers can write it a good ending and not leave it with loose ends like Agent Carter.

    • ? says:

      With a serialized drama show like Nashville that has been on for four years and has nearly a hundred episodes, in this day and age, viewers expect it will be allowed to end with a conclusion. It’s a matter of the show’s legacy in the minds of its audience. Only a broadcast network wouldn’t do that for such a show. And then broadcast networks wonder why people don’t want to give their new shows a chance. Well, this is why. Behave yourselves if you want to build viewer loyalty.

      • Not all the blame is ABCs but some falls on the writers and Showrunners for not thinking a low rated show could get canceled

        • ? says:

          Fair enough. It IS possible that the head-of-network change made it hard for them to know what was going on with the renewal chances, or for the network to be able to tell them in time that they had to wrap it up. That explains how this COULD happen, but it still shouldn’t. A minor renewal shouldn’t have been too much to ask under these circumstances. If ABC fully owned the show I’m certain it would have happened, but since they don’t, they just don’t care. I wonder how much longer outside studios are going to keep selling to broadcast networks before they launch their own platforms. It’s not so hard anymore these days.

      • french5851 says:

        I totally agree. I hope Nashville finds a home elsewhere with a network that takes the loyalty of viewers seriously!

        • april-ann says:

          There is no way Castle and/or Nashville would have been cancelled if they were Shonda shows regardless of the ratings. I can’t help but think that’s who is behind these cancellations. ABC is clearly terrified of her and gives her whatever she wants. I will believe it even more when those time slots are ultimately taken over by more Shonda shows. They won’t do it right away, though.

          • c-mo says:

            Agree 100%

          • c-mo says:

            Totally agree with you! I’m sick of Shonda shows, they’re all the same angst and overplayed drama.

          • ppat says:

            Also sick of Shonda shows!

          • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

            I would be surprised if there is some Shonda conspiracy. SCANDAL faded fast and will probably end after the upcoming shortened pregnancy season. While I enjoy HTGAWM, its ratings have never measured up to its hype. Greys is a stable performer but with declining ratings and increasing costs, it can’t go on forever. Shonda is more hype than substance.

          • k20 says:

            Totally agree. ABC should stop with the Shonda saturation. I dislike all her shows; mostly because they are consistently, irritatingly pessimistic. Not to mention that this year they have an obvious political agenda as well. To not give Nashville a few episodes for a proper ending is just a slap in the face to fans. C’mon Netflix, pick up Nashville.

        • Cobra says:

          What viewer loyalty, though? “Nashville” has been bleeding viewers, almost since the beginning. The show was a bubble-show in season one as to whether or not it would get a renewal. Season 3 was a flat-out miracle. Season 4 basically only happened because it was nearing syndication package numbers.
          And I say this as someone who watched the first three seasons and hoped for renewals, but then gave up mid-season 4 because, let’s face, the writing just went downhill.
          I’m not saying this to criticize fans of the show. I know people out there still like it: but the numbers speak for themselves: It’s been averaging 4.22 million viewers in its fourth season. To cite “viewer loyalty” as a reason for the network to keep the show, you need better numbers. Place the blame where it belongs: on the writers who haven’t been writing a compelling enough show to keep viewers watching.

          • Helen Lyle says:

            This stinks!!! I’m so shocked because not only do I love the show and all its characters I’ve heard it is such a popular show. I’m so disappointed. There aren’t any good shows left to watch. The singing and talent is outstanding. So sad in Florida.

          • Maybe it’s time to replace the writers and not the show! #bringbacknashville

        • Kay says:

          Me too!!!!!

          • Carol says:

            I agree also! Nashville and Castle were my favorite series of all network programming. I think ABC has made a serious error in judgment and will see dwindling ratings in the future. Nashville had so much to offer not only in the way of acting talent but singing talent as well. It and Castle were among the few series that were suitable for family viewing. The only Shonda series I still follow is Grey’s Anatomy. I used to follow Scandal but it is so unrealistic in the amount of violence and torture that it has lost my interest. BIG MISTAKE ABC!!!!!

        • Richard Nieminen says:

          I’d quit watching all ABC programing if Nashville got on another network. No problem there. Only show on ABC that I watch.

        • Brenda says:

          I hope Nashville finds a new home soon and that all the fans follow them away from ABC.

      • Really would have deserved real ending after 4 years, not some quick fix with remaining only 2 eps :( Hopefully some other network will pick it up!!!

      • Pat says:

        I agree!

      • Rob Ross says:

        Well said, ABC needs better programming producer’s

    • kath says:

      It seems so strange to me that they cancelled Agent Carter, which was the better show, and left Agents of SHIELD, which seemed more like boys playing with their action figures than an adult TV show.

      • Redness says:

        To my eternal consternation, the ratings for Agent Carter were not good and slipped each week. I wish I knew why people weren’t watching it.

        That said, I still enjoy SHIELD and would like it to stay on the air. Preferably, with Bobbi and Hunter rejoining the team. And Lincoln going far, far away. Maybe to Maveth?

        • anon123 says:

          Is it too far fetched to hope that Netflix picks up Agent Carter?

          • JediKnight72 says:

            Hayley Atwell will be starring in the ABC drama “Conviction” this fall, so I doubt she would be available even if “Agent Carter” could find a new home. Having said that, anything is possible, but that fact makes it less likely.

        • Danielle says:

          I loved Agent Carter, but honestly couldn’t keep track of when it was on. The killer of shows is that giant gap they referred to. Remember when shows were on from September to May, with a short winter break? They didn’t start a show, then start another show in the same slot, then bring back the original show for 4 episodes, then go on Summer break, where they filled in with yet another show. It’s annoying.

    • Ben says:

      Look, season four could well be its last, but I’d rather it wasn’t! I agree about giving shows a proper chance to end, though. Lucky for us that Galavant really did suspect it had no chance of a season three. Nashville seems very unlikely to end with closure and Castle ended up with a tacked on ending. Thank goodness for POI, a show that I can watch feeling like I’m going to send up satisfied from the start!

  2. Mara says:

    Not buying it or her at all. Keeping the mess that is Quantico and getting rid of Nashville which made a ton of money for ABC with it’s music/tours etc. and new, very respected drama showrunners? And of course she greenlit her sister Merrin Dungey’s show. I am very disappointed in ABC in particular and broadcast in general, too shortsighted.

    • Evan says:

      The decision to renew Quantico was made way too early in the season by Dungey’s predecessor, or else I don’t think it would have been a slam dunk renewal as the show has gone wildly off the rails.

      • David4 says:

        No it wasn’t I asked Matt this the other day. He said Quantico was renewed 2.5 weeks after the new / current president was in place.

      • tvjunkie says:

        You’re assuming the show was ever on the rails. I saw enough in the first 5 or 6 episodes to decide it was never on the rails. It was a mess from the get go.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t believe ABC receives any money on the tours that these singers did. I love Nashville but lets face it, the ratings weren’t great and it probably is too expensive to produce. I will say I am not impress with this new Boss. The management skills seem to be lacking.

      • mike says:

        The Boss of ABC is Shonda Rhimes Shows which why shows like Castle and Nashville, Forvever are off the air! ABC is making all their drama’s into cheese filled daily soaps with horrible writing and relationship tension. People like a guilty a pleasure but when every show is the same the network loses! It seems like all the ABC Drama’s turned into one giant Shonda Show. They tweaked Castle and Nashville in soaps over the past two seasons. They now only have 3 shows, family comedies, sharks and dancers, and night time soaps. It has failure written all over it.

        • Koko Handy says:

          And none of the so-called comedies are even remotely charming. Occasionally funny in a snarky way, I guess, but charming shows for the family? Nope.

          • David4 says:

            We clearly aren’t watching the same comedies. What type of comedy shows do you watch?

          • Lora says:

            Well funny is subjective but I’m pretty sure Fresh Off the Boat, The Real O’Neals, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and black-ish are considered charming family shows.

        • Linda says:

          Soap Operas (daytime dramas) failed because the executives wouldn’t move them forward. When they got innovative, they lost the key people who made it that. This is coming from someone who researched soaps. What I see is happening is that they’re going for the less sophisticated storytelling to the broad humor. I really haven’t liked any comedy since King of Queens left the air for Two and One-Half Men.

          • c-mo says:

            Daytime dramas failed because women stopped watching them! The target audience for a soap opera (named as such because they were sponsored by detergent companies) was housewives. As years went on, women started working. Since we already have evening shows to watch or the kids have a million places to be and we don’t have the time, we never watched the recordings so we were months behind. And then we just forgot about them. After a while the soaps execs realized that their audiences were dwindling so they decided to become more like the evening shows, but that hasn’t worked out so well because who wants to watch the same stories that many hours in a day? I’m sure you did your research, Linda, however your research is just numbers, ask a few people why they actually stopped watching the show, I bet their answers will mirror mine. We stopped watching because we don’t have the time and the stories were all the same so we didn’t make the time. Network TV better pay attention because unless they can provide us with something fresh and new with good writing, we’re going to have better things to do with our limited time.

          • Actually, I can tell you why I stopped watching and it goes back to one person who I will not put in print. Most of the people I knew in research called them the soap killer. She had a hand in many shows disappearing. My reason for quitting also involved the fact that I WON’T wait for 6 years for a conclusion. That being said, Nathan Fillion is must one of hundreds who got his start there. Now if you really want me to sound off, ask me how I really felt about the remake of Buffy which happily never happened.

        • Richard Nieminen says:

          ABC is all best cancelled

      • big cheddar says:

        I don’t think ABC made any money off of Nashville’s music or tours. Even Empire is having problems generating money off of their music, and their S1 soundtrack was a #1 album.

      • Tiggs64 says:

        Totally agree, maybe she should think about going back to college and furthering her education so she can make better decisions that will stand on her own merit and not what Shonda Rhimes wants!

    • lorna says:

      This broad needs firing. Why did Paul leave?

    • Cobra says:

      It’s easy to disagree with TPTB when you dislike their decisions, but I’m sure you were cheering their decisions when they renewed Nashville for a third season, despite very low numbers.

  3. Gail says:

    Do shorter breaks mean reruns or weeks off for specials? I prefer shows to run continuously without a break rather than like the CW does with putting shows in reruns for weeks with maybe one or two new episodes a month in December, January, March, and April.

    • Gail says:

      There was no mention of any January series to replace Galavant and Agent Carter. Does that mean ABC will no longer offer fresh programming in January? If so bad move ABC. You really provided some great programming on cold winter nights.

      • Ray says:

        Speaking of winter gap programing–I wouldn’t mind another season of My Diet Is Better Than Yours which I found to be entertaining, unlike The Biggest Loser on NBC.

    • Mary says:

      I think that was part of the problem for some of these shows, especially Nashville. If the break is too long you risk loosing them to another show.

    • Mary says:

      I agree with you. I liked when they switched to the longer break format rather than have so many repeats mixed in with new shows. I think the new head is moving backwards.

      • Falcon says:

        Double agreed.

      • Benington says:

        I agree!. How about shorter seasons that run straight through and fill in the gaps with new more creative, intelligent shows.

      • Jackie says:

        I agree and disagree. I like having a bunch of new episodes at once, but I hate hate hate waiting 3 months (at best – network tv) for any new ones.

        Also, I think that over the years the lack of airing reruns has greatly diminished any chances for shows to find new watchers/audience. I remember back in the day if you missed an episode you could catch up in the summer – although not a problem with DVRs/online viewing now. You also didn’t have a ton of new shows on in the summer so you could pick up a new-to-you show in reruns and possibly find something you really loved. Now there are no reruns and heaven forbid if they don’t get the magic numbers after 1 or MAYBE 2 episodes, and it’s pulled. If you put the first two episodes of Seinfeld and Friends on the air today, they never would have made it.

    • Linda says:

      Actually I look forward to the mid-season cliff hangers. If you don’t like the way a story is going, it ends quickly and efficiently. British television does it all the time and it was time that the US moved that way.

  4. Kevin K says:

    Bad move putting Agents of SHIELD to Tuesdays @ 10 which is been a “black hole” for ABC even though Body of Proof (remember that show?) should have improved better as does Forever. The two hour comedy block on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is the boldest if not one of the boldest move I have ever seen.

  5. Dj says:

    I wish Disney would do what they did with Marvel movies and cut marvel ceo ike perlmutter out of having anything to do with the shows.

  6. april-ann says:

    While the long mid season breaks are frustrating, worse would be countless episodes of little more than time fillers. I could go for a shorter season though, with fewer and shorter breaks. It was time for Castle to end considering they fired their popular leading lady (???). Very foolish. I think even though Nashville hasn’t been good for two years, it was a mistake to cancel it. I admit I was really looking forward to seeing where the thirtysomething guys would take it. I don’t watch any Shonda shows and I won’t start now (can’t stand them), and since that appears all that’s left on ABC primetime, there’s no reason to watch other than a few Wed. night sitcoms.

    • Brandon Williams says:

      She was never fired she quit the show because of the money wasnt right so she didnt renew her contract

  7. TJ says:

    Oh good gracious she is a piece of work… the evolution of a new strategy holy buckets! Guess I shouldn’t get attached to any ABC shows any more huh?!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The evolution of a new midseason break strategy.

      • TJ says:

        Didn’t realize filling in breaks with new programming + viewers not liking big gaps or reruns in a new strategy..

        • Ben says:

          Did viewers not like it? I liked feeling like I was getting two short seasons that ran straight through instead of one season with a whole lot of gaps of a week here and there.

      • TJ says:

        And wasn’t referring to her mid-season strategy as my reason for not getting attached to any more ABC shows.

  8. chadcronin says:

    This new fall schedule is the beginning of the transition away from me watching this network regularly. I can’t even say I’m not watching out of spite due to Nashville. They just don’t have anything new that is interesting to me and I don’t respect networks that don’t work it out to have proper endings to shows

  9. Ella Jasper says:

    I’m not impressed with the new boss so far. Logic doesn’t cut it with me. They should have given Nashville a chance with the new producers. Castle would have been fine with just Castle. I still can’t believe they renewed Quantico, what a joke. I don’t know anyone that watches that show. Very disappointed in ABC right now. Speaking of Scandal, which I have quit watching because of how it just goes in circles, couldn’t they have shot around KW’s pregnancy? Hasn’t that been done a million times? Too bad the whole cast has to wait on her. Does the crew still get paid?

    • Damion Spinelli says:

      Finally, someone that agrees that Castle would have done just fine.
      You had Castle, Alexis, Hayley, Espo, and Ryan. All working at Castles firm. It would have been a good show.
      I just don’t think the powers that be have any idea on what to do with television anymore.

      • The appeal of the show for many was Castle and Beckett’s love story. Also, the stories this season were such a mixed bag. I could not depend on every episode to be good like in previous seasons.

        • David4 says:

          Well said Mr. President.

        • Jackie says:

          And the evolution of Alexis from smart, normal teenager to college student (I think?! who knows) to expert PI dressing like she’s 40 was just really weird and not successful in my book. There had to be better ways to write her character growing up. Even if I wouldn’t have cared if Beckett was in the show or not the next season, I couldn’t stomach more of NotAlexis and Hayley……although just Hayley and RealAlexis might have been okay.

      • Disappointed says:

        Fortunately the boss lady decided you would be in the minority and pulled the plug on Castle as the showrunners would have killed off Beckett to free up Castle, and in doing so turn the show into a tragedy that would have implications for reruns, who would want to watch the previous seasons when they knew that it was all for nothing. The creator always said it was about Castle AND Beckett, and people who bleat about “Well the show was called Castle” should do well to remember that.

      • Pamela says:

        I would have liked castle to continue myself IF Beckett wasn’t killed off, I thought the witness protection program would have been a good idea and then bring her back for the series finale.

      • Murica! says:

        I agree. Castle could have easily continued wihout Beckett. She has been a side character all season. She wasn’t even in every episode.

        • luv2cook says:

          Supposedly the reason for that was because Fillion and Stana didn’t get along at ALL any more.

          • Tara says:

            Actually the reason she wasn’t in every episode was due to her filming some movies which conflicted with her filming schedule for castle

    • S says:

      We are entitled to our own opinion, think Nashville would of been fine but Castle wouldn’t of made it! I blame this on the writers and the 2 leads. The writers were terrible this season! Now I don’t know what happened between Nathan and Stana but something definately did, I have never been a fan of his but I can say if they did a spin off of Beckett it would have been a bigger hit then Castle!

      • ndixit says:

        That’s all nonsense. I mean come on! I think Stana is a lovely actress but Nathan is a bigger star. That sort of comment has no basis in facts.

        • Disappointed says:

          But not necessarily as far as the Castle audience was concerned, I think too much was made of his “stardom” in the context the show, and TPTB obviously didn’t believe he could carry it off on his own. However I do agree that trying to continue the Castle theme with either of them solo would have struggled. It’s success was too dependent on them being together.

          • Murica! says:

            Give me a break. Castle would have been fine without Beckett. Shonda runs ABC. They are her puppets.

          • Disappointed says:

            Keep believing that, fortunately the people that matter didn’t have your faith that a Beckettless S9 was viable. Fillione might have a lot of fans, but as far as Castle goes so does Stana, and if Hawley had been allowed to kill her off as seemed likely it is hard to see many of those fans sticking around just to watch fillione with his super sleuth daughter and irritating new sidekick. At least this saves fillione the embarrassment of S9 being cancelled after just a few episodes like Of Kings and Prophets.

      • Lala says:

        Lol no it wouldn’t be bigger than Castle…not by a mile!!

    • Boiler says:

      I was all in with a Becketless Castle too since most of the others back. None of the new shows will do anything

  10. ann pad says:

    ABC should have renewed Castle and Nashville and got rid of those other boring shows they have.Mistake on ABC.

  11. Whatevah says:

    I really don’t see what the harm would have been to see what the new show runners could have done w/ Nashville. I get that it was probably pretty pricey w/ the actors it had, but to leave it like it is? Ugh…Plus just think of all the $$ they saved by cancelling all the shows they did cancel. I never liked the long breaks but I loved Galavant. So thank you Paul Lee for those 2 seasons. I did drop some shows because I just lost interest in them while waiting for them to return. One being Once Upon a Time. The other being Nashville. That was mostly because of the writing though. Nashville was too depressing, just like a country song.

  12. Doug says:

    ABC doesn’t need to worry about me for more than a half hour per week now that Nashville is gone. “Last Man Standing” is the only thing left that will get my attention.

  13. EM says:

    I dislike the months long gap of shows and wasn’t too thrilled when they went to that format but dislike reruns even more. I watch my favorites same or next day and DVR some others that I am interested in and watch those during the long breaks. While Scandal writers could use some extra time to get their act together, I’m afraid a midseason start may have many people not interested enough to come back. Can anyone remember when a new show has ever gotten the “cushy” 8PM time slot on Thursday on ABC?

  14. Nikki says:

    I already don’t like ABC’s decisions. Renewing The Catch and Quantico and canceling Nashville annoys me. Those shows get a 1.0 rating in S1. Let’s see how they do in season 4. I’m sure they’ll keep The Catch no matter what since its Shonda and she apparently runs half the network now.

  15. Georgina Perez says:

    You have made a huge mistake in cancelling Castle. Me and millions of other fans are extremely disappointed in the cancellation and in the way the cancellation was handled. You will be losing millions of viewers.

    • Disappointed says:

      But trying to carry on without Beckett, especially after having her succumb to her wounds during the hiatus, would probably have cost them millions too. Castle’s numbers were too low to cope with that sort of a hit, S8 ended with a live average of 1.1 for the demo and 6.2M audience, as against an average for S7 of 1.6/8.5M. The loss of fans who watched for the creator’s original premise of a writer and his muse solving crimes TOGETHER could have resulted in a fractional demo and maybe an audience of around 4M if they were lucky. I guess whatever forecasts ABC came up with didn’t seem worth the risk.

  16. Soo says:

    The way Ms. Dungey treated Stana Katic was horrendous. She should be fired immediately. There was no excuse to treat someone who has been a valued member of your organization in that manner. Shame on you Ms. Dungey. And Shame on Disney if you continue to employ her.

    • Boiler says:

      Totally agree and no one “official” is really calling her out on it. Miserable first few months for her

    • Lala says:

      People get fired all the time…get over it!

    • Chloe says:

      Well said, Soo!

      Lala, people do get fired all the time; you’re right. But firing someone because they deserve it is one thing. Firing someone without cause is another. And firing one of the stars of the show – a star who portrayed half of a beloved couple – is just plain stupid.

  17. keke says:

    bring back Castle in Nashville you guys always and shows that are good and keep that crap that you think is good on there bring it back I like Castle

  18. crbenker says:

    ABC Boss on Castle and Nashville Cuts – “ABC meanwhile took stock of the ratings, their own financial situation and the new dramas in development, “and at the end of the day… the future for us did not necessarily lie in those shows.”
    WTF??? So what exactly did she say?
    And –
    “I would prefer not to have big gaps, but this is the beginning of the evolution of this new strategy.”
    So that startegy is to LOSE viewers?
    This lady sounds like a real IDIOT!!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I’m sorry, what is unclear about her statement? “The ratings were bad, we’re not making money, and we have new shows we want to try. Our future is in new stuff, good bye old stuff.” This is not rocket science.

    • Lala says:

      What is so hard to understand, these networks aren’t charities….Nashville & Castle were past their used by dates, their ratings we bad and they were not making any money for the network. Cancellation was the logical next step clearly!
      And her new strategy might see shows pick up from their fall momentum without losing many viewers e.g Quantico, Scandal & HTGAWM dropped significantly after their long breaks. So the shorter breaks could be beneficial

    • c-mo says:

      Apparently it’s cheaper to cancel shows 2+ years old, bring on new ones and then repeat the cycle. No wonder network TV ratings are eroding so drastically, people refuse to invest the time in a show only yo have it unceremoniously cancelled because “the future for us did not lie in those shows”. The major exception to this rule is, unless it is a Shonda show…

  19. Boiler says:

    What a joke. If she truly took stock in ratings there are at least 2 or 3 shows that should also be gone. Perhaps Shonda really running ABC

  20. Eve says:

    Whatever. Why did they kill off Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time? It was completely unnecessary and didn’t push the story forward, as the creators suggested, one inch.

    • Gail says:

      Actually killing Robin Hood led to Regina spiting into good Regina and the Evil Queen so it did set up a good portion of next season. Whether you will like this story or not is a different question.

  21. ndixit says:

    At the end of the day, ABC treated Castle terribly. They should have made up their minds a month ago. A show that has lasted 8 seasons deserves better treatment. It would have given time to create a series finale episode instead of a tacked on flash forward. I don’t know what they were waiting for.

    • Mary says:

      Exactly! A show that lasted 8 seasons and has given a lot to the network deserved so much better! I could say it’s usual in ABC (remember Brothers & Sisters?), but f.e. Revenge’s showrunners knew in advance the show would end and were able to do a proper final episode. That’s all I wanted for my show, a proper final EPISODE! Snd imo it was way deserved:-(

  22. janice newton says:

    Not watching Quantico never have and never will!! I loved Revenge they took that off now about the only other two shows I watch Nashville and Castle they are gone ABC is becoming a big disappointment guess HGTV is going to get most of my viewing from this point on!!

  23. Linda says:

    Oh hum. Same old same old. Comedies aren’t what I remember and I don’t hold out much hope for anything new or good. Besides, I don’t think she has her finger on the pulse of America’s viewing. She may know only one area but there is people looking for the different.

  24. James D says:

    bring back Paul Lee he knew what he was doing

  25. Linda says:

    Okay — here’s my take on ABC programming. They need more creative ways of promoting their shows. They’re so intent on getting their ideas across, they don’t reach half of the potential audience. Case in point is Once Upon a Time. They’re moving it into classic English literature with Jekyll and Hyde. This is a 19th century villain and can open the door for much more but you know they’re use the “love stories” to promote the show next year.

  26. Patty Wadsack says:

    So disappointed at the cancellation of Nashville and Castle. Both are wonderful shows and I’ve looked forward to watching them each week. I’m especially sad to see Nashville go – Loved all the actors and actresses and especially the great music!! No other show like this one and I’ve sorry to see it go!!

  27. Walt Lodes says:

    Why put “creative” before “financial” it’s all about the “bucks” the public be damned. “Castle” was popular and whenever anything is embraced by the public some executive or creative consultant cannot, cannot resist messing with it; the way of the world, politics, entertainment, everything. ABC just made it easier to watch something else.

  28. Toni Marshall says:

    ABC really BAD call on cancelling Nashville – not every show has to hit the teen demographic or be about superheros, thrillers, dumb cheap laughs. Nashville was a good show that really had a breakout season this year – you will be sorry you ended these great storylines and killed these characters. If not for Shonda I wouldn’t be watching you anymore. You use to be better than NBC & CBS combines but now you don’t offer any real viewing gems.

  29. Eran says:

    Why does a network TV series *have* to run 22 episodes a season? Why can’t network take a page out of cable’s book and order 10-13 episode seasons? Start with 7 for instance, and if it performs well, give it a back-six?
    I just think of these excruciating breaks that are only there so a show could be stretched out September-May and can’t help but wonder how many more pilots that get passed on could turn into appointment television had there simply been more room on the schedule?
    Think back to the stellar, seven-episode first season of Scandal for instance. Content-wise, there could be an embarrassment of riches if a network were bold enough to explore such a strategy.

    • One word:syndication.netorks want to get shows to 88-100 episodes fast to make money and they can’t afford to have dozens and dozens of shows just to keep them all,st 13 episodes.Scsndal s201 was 7 episodes cause it premired in April ad they wanted it aired til mud Msy,

      • NJMark says:

        That’s only if it’s a network production. If they’re buying the show on the front-end, and get nothing in back-end syndication, they don’t care as much (though the production company DOES)..

      • Eran says:

        Admittedly asking out of ignorance here but why *is* syndication capped at 100 episodes? I know I could Google this but since we have the start of a conversation going…

        • 88-100 is just the norm for ” stripped”daily syndication.Hiwever shows with well over 100 episodes are or have been syndicated.

        • Gail says:

          I think making tons of money on syndicated shows applies mostly to 30 minute comedies. Hour long shows are syndicated but don’t make nearly as much money. They mostly air on cable and late night on weekends. Hour long shows make money through international sales. As international broadcast air weekly one season at a time, I think hour shows don’t need to reach 100 episodes to make money.

    • ScottJ says:

      The breaks are partly there because shows can’t be made fast enough. Some shows already need 8 to 10 days an episode, and even if they started filming now they’d be caught up by next February. That’s risky for the networks though as they could wind up with 12-15 unused episodes if a show is abruptly cancelled.

      Now if they did away with the season approach entirely there would be the freedom to address the actual problem properly. But right now it would create a big problem with the actor contracts.

  30. Barbara says:

    The writing ruined Castle. In the beginning it was excellent and they veered off to crazy
    topics – not fair to the cast at all.

  31. Ken Estes says:

    I can think of worst comedy shows that should be cancelled that aren’t funny, had enough of Voice (cancel it) keep Castle on. Your cancelling wrong show

  32. Mark says:

    TV Line can you please answer the one question that’s not been asked or answered yet if marvel most wanted isn’t coming to air — where does that leave Adrianne Palicki ( Bobbi Morse) and Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) for a return next season or is that it. Where they sacrificed for a show which will never see the light of day……

  33. Cathy Skaar says:

    Nashville and it’s loyal fan base, even if it wasn’t big enough for ABC, deserved a better sendoff than the cliffhanger we’ll be left with. I’m hesitant to invest in any new programming for this exact reason. I don’t watch any of the Shonda Rimes shows because I’m sick of her getting preferential treatment. Other than the one or two shows I’m already invested in, I’m done with ABC and NBC shows.

  34. kath says:

    It feels like ABC is moving away from me. With Castle, Agent Carter, Galavant and Nashville gone, the only ABC show I watch regularly is Once Upon a Time, and I dip into Grey’s Anatomy when I want to go slumming.
    Quantico and The Catch are both awful, and both renewed. I know Shonda Rhimes’ shows bring in viewers but I just can’t care.

  35. Nieceepooh says:

    REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!. Cancelling Nashville. This suck balls bad!! (Excuse my language). We have 11 season of the Kardashians and only 4 seasons of Nashville? What is this world coming to!!. Smh boooooo 😠😠

    • Nieceepooh says:

      And yes I know that is not the same network but still…this is just wack as wack can get.. I hope Nashville finds a new home ( hopefully on a channel I can watch and netflix or hulu.. don’t have that) and again booooooooo

  36. Susan says:

    You can show the ABC network that you don’t care for their programming decisions by not watching. That’s what we are doing – no more Castle, no more ABC on our TV~

  37. Bob Howie says:

    Castle effectively finished at the end of season 7, 8 was just a bit on the side.
    Instead of 20+ seasons perhaps they should go the Brit/European way and have 6-10 episode seasons, pack more in and end them each season so if it gets cancelled it got finished. I mean Les Revenants was brilliant, each season 10 episodes. The Returned (LR, US) cancelled after one season and it never got as far as the French one did and that was probably why it got cancelled, we that and it was rubbish.
    Although some shows have succeeded with long story arcs, it is dangerous if the show gets cancelled as fans are left hanging wondering what it was all about. Better the short, sharp dramas rather than ones that drag their heels and end up boring the pants off us.

  38. Jil Shelton says:

    I loved Castle but I am OK with it being canceled as I could not enjoy it with Stana Katic ~ Nashville was my Wednesday night go to show and now I am going to have to do without it. It was a great show for “getting away from it all.” I do not care for the Shield show or any shows like them. ALL of the sitcoms are boring and not that funny so I don’t waste my time watching them. I guess what this means is I will be watching less TV.

  39. maryjo says:

    the network probably wants another reality show that they pay cheaply so they can make more money. I dont see them taking the Kardashians down or any other reality show. You could leave Nashville up and running the network execs are ruining television maybe its good nobody will buy televisions and read more

  40. cindy l mcknight says:

    I think ABC is making a huge mistake! Castle and Nashville are two of my favorite shows! I guess I just won’t watch ABC!

  41. Wendy says:

    “Castle” was dying on the vine. Its ratings had become anemic. I think 8 seasons is very respectable, but everything has to end some time! IMO, it was time for this show to end. (No opinion on “Nashville” as I have never watched it.)

  42. Michael says:

    Whoever put her in charge made a decision similar to whoever put the captain of the Titanic in charge. She’ll run it into an ice berg and everyone will wonder how it happened. The loss of Castle, instead of transforming it, is just the first of many mistakes already evident.

  43. Paula Sims says:

    Why are you canceling Castle, I watch this show all the time, please bring it back. You are keeping all the smut and getting rid of a good family show

  44. Fran van Gelder says:

    Nashville is a good show with great potential if the writers would stop Turing it into a soap opera. Lots to be said about the biz. Sadly they’ve taken away the premise of a country music expo and got lazy

  45. Nashville, Agent Carter and The Muppets were the only things I watched on ABC. Nothing they’re talking about looks interesting, so I guess I’ll be watching commercials on other channels.

  46. Babygate says:

    It’s baffling to me that Nashville, with additional revenue streams from the music and concerts, was cancelled while The Catch, which hasn’t done that much better and it’s a brand new show, gets renewed. Not to mention the fact that Nashville is much better written.
    Also, Notorious is a huge miss for the TGIT line-up. Conviction would be a better fit. Better yet, salvage Drew from the reject pile and preserve the legacy of kick-a** women on Thursdays. Notorious is a complete disruption to the flow of TGIT.

  47. Marilyn Valley says:

    I am so very sad to see Nashville leave the Wednesday night ABC lineup.I was crushed to learn of its cancellation. I adore that show. Nashville has some of the most talented actors and performers today. I, too, hope another network picks it up in the very near future. In the article above, nothing was mentioned about why Nashville was getting the ax . What’s with that? I want to know why?

    • Mary jo says:

      So did Greys anatomy but they kept the show on they took some of the best characters off there ratings have been done for sometime so don’t say then bets of Nashville have been down the studios Bly keep what they want reality will end up in these spots

  48. Cathy says:

    I understand why people are upset, but Nashville barely got a renewal for this past season. The writing has been bad for awhile, and it has been bleeding viewers, too. I stopped watching it when I got tired of seeing Hayden throwing fits, and the drawing out of the romance. It’s a numbers game, and every renewal time, I read how people are going to stop watching whatever network their show was on. Well, how’s that working out? Your shows still get canceled, and why? Low ratings. I’m jaded after POI was treated like crap by CBS, so I have no expectations of shows staying on anymore.

  49. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    The Shondaland Broadcasting Co. is now in business.

  50. Janice Heys says:

    Nashville is a great show with pertinent
    and current story lines. Why cancel it?
    One of the better shows out there. You are crazy!#