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Chicago Fire Recap

Chicago Fire Boss on 'Dawsey's' Future, Severide's Love Life, Jimmy vs. Boden

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Chicago Fire finale

Chicago Fire‘s Season 4 finale on Tuesday night gave fans reason to rejoice and fear for the worst.

The good news — for “Dawsey” shippers, at least: After rejecting the temptations of his political consultant, Casey showed up at Dawson’s door, seemingly cementing their future. But how will he feel about raising a child together now that Dawson has officially become Louie’s foster parent?

As for the bad news, sorta-couple Severide and Stella Kidd get it on while, unbeknownst to them, her unhinged, knife-wielding ex-husband, Grant, sat in the next room. Elsewhere, Jimmy went after boss Boden for his brother’s recent death.

Below, executive producer Matt Olmstead previews Dawson and Casey’s next step, Severide’s “knock-down, drag-out fight” and Jimmy’s “tenuous” job security.

TVLINE | Where does Casey and Dawson’s relationship stand now?
They’re on solid footing. We obviously had played “Will they?/Won’t they?” and “Are they?/Aren’t they?” and we didn’t want to have it become tiresome. So we wanted to put them back together. It was the subject of some fierce debate in the writers’ room in terms of, in the Chicago Fire Recapfinale, does he respond to the little bit of catnip that the political consultant has laid out for him, or does he go back to Dawson? To have him go back and knock on the door was really heartwarming in the midst of a lot of other stuff that’s pretty heavy. They’ve been through the wringer, emotionally. It just felt like it was the right time to bring them back as a couple, firmly, because they’re really the heartbeat of the show, and also to give this storyline to Dawson, where she’s pursuing trying to care full-time for this kid.

Obviously, going forward, there’s complications for that kind of situation. Who are the birth parents, what do they want, when do they want it? So there’s conflicts forthcoming, but it doesn’t break the resolve that she has to be a parent and the resolve that they have as a couple, which was a real choice, like I mentioned. We definitely explored both versions – does he go up and see the new political consultant, who’s whispering in his ear and saying all the right things? Or does he go back? As the heartbeat of the show, we didn’t want to really cleave that [relationship] in half permanently, because if we had, there’s really no going back.

TVLINE | What is Casey’s stance on Dawson fostering Louie? Is he going to be more involved in that?
He’s going to be more involved, because before he was a little flatfooted and said, “I can’t help out.” So in principle, [now] he is saying, “Yeah, I’m in.” But when the rubber meets the road, and you’re dealing with real complications, that’ll be the true test — when he’s actually faced with the reality of what it’s like to try and foster and, ultimately, adopt a kid whose birth parent may have had a drug problem. Also, by knocking on her door, he’s kind of rejected [the possibility of] seeing if he could ascend politically. He’s honoring what he said at the outset, which is, “I’m a firefighter first and alderman second.” And now he’s an alderman third, really. He is a boyfriend first, firefighter second and alderman third.

Chicago Fire RecapTVLINE | Stella and Severide have been heating up, but her ex is a real issue for them. What does their future look like?
It’s promising, and based on what we’ve seen, these characters are really kind of made for each other. There’s real chemistry. We want to explore that. It’s just a matter of when it can be explored, because we want to play that this complication from her ex is a real complication. It’s a knockdown, drag-out fight between Severide and Grant, and you can probably guess who wins. But in doing so, it complicates the interaction with Kidd, because there’s some blame in terms of, “Why was this guy here? And what am I getting drawn into?” They have to take a break from each other, and he has to go on his little walkabout without her. But throughout that, there is a real sense of, hopefully, longing to see these two back together. When we do it, we’ll do it right.

TVLINE | Severide’s had his fair share of love interests over the course of the show. Do you want to keep him open to different relationships, or might there be one person with whom you’d eventually like him to settle down?
It’s just always a matter of, if we find somebody who he really clicks with, we would explore that as a relationship, and it so happens that there’s a real chemistry [with Kidd]. So we’re not thinking, “Well, that’s not his M.O., so we’ve got to kick her to the curb, so he can keep on being a playboy.” We take it on a case-by-case basis. So we’ll see when we finally get them together what it’s like.

TVLINE | Jimmy’s gotten himself into a tricky situation with Boden. How would you categorize his position at the firehouse?
It’s tenuous, because if there was the equivalent of a death match between two characters going into next season, it’s between Jimmy and Boden. Jimmy is convinced that Boden was negligent and led to the death of Jimmy’s brother. [He] is going to go to any length to try and get Boden’s job. Boden, though sympathetic to Jimmy, isn’t just going to roll over because of Jimmy’s pain. It comes down to one of them has got to go.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Claire says:

    So Jimmy is out, Dawsey is fine, Severide is going to fight Stella’s ex. Boring.

    I wish they had just kept Severide a playboy, all the chemistry they say is there seems forced.

    • ? says:

      Jimmy’s such a bad actor I just can’t care. I think tonight’s the first time I even learned his name. I really hope he’s off the show forever.

    • Jason Smith says:

      I agree with you. The end was boring. A knife wielding ex boyfriend, really?? We all know Severide is going to kick his ass.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        It surely wasn’t the most exciting season finale’ was it. It was very predictable all the way through.

      • gabby says:

        yeah severide got mad one time it was no happy sorry gratt needs help crazy guy kelly is going to kill him or kick his ASSSSS

    • VS says:

      Better get used to Stella. I just read that she has been added as a regular for the next season. (Because they think that there is all kinds of Chemistry between them) I don’t see that either. I wish they could bring Shea back! (Like a new person, who was her sister, or cousin, or whatever!) I know that will never happen, but she was my favorite. And really good with Severide! It took him a whole season to get over her…..

  2. Cassie says:

    Casey has always bent over backwards to make Dawson happy and she never seems to never give an inch when she is fighting to get her way. Even though nothing changed this season, I still wanted Casey and Dawson to get together in the end because I thought they truly loved each other. My problem is learning that Boden asked his firefighters to write a letter to those they loved most and Dawson never did that until Louie came along. Am I the only one who is bothered by that?

    • Bwhit says:

      My goodness I so agree with you. I’m happy they stayed intact because I can’t stand the back and forth and these two are obviously the end game. How many overtures did Casey have to make? He got her the DCFS meeting, he took a verbal beating from Antonio and asked her to move back in and she keeps saying ‘you don’t want this’ ummm yes he obviously does. Just because he needed a minute when she sprung it on him does not equal him being unsupportive. Hopefully they do something next season where she realizes everything he’s done for this relationship.

      • Yolo says:

        Agree with both comments! Gabby is so babyish and selfish. No grip on reality. Everyone must bow down to her. Everyone must help her. I do not like her character at all. Casey deserves better.

        • FrankieStarr says:

          Agree with all of you, it’s always me, me, me with her and what she wants. I’ve felt all season too much Dawson.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Dawson is incredibly selfish, always has been. And while I’m glad Casey didn’t get involved with his Consultant, Dawson treats him like sh*t and he deserves better. I hate seeing him as her doormat.

      • Lexi says:

        You said it perfectly!!! Dawson is an irritating twit. The Jimmy story is very similar to Mills story…. and please stop the Alderman storyline

        • Jason Smith says:

          The politics sure is boring and the writers reuse storylines. How often to we have to see 51 in jeopardy of being closed down and Boden losing his job.

    • Aeol says:

      That’s not entirely accurate. Chief didn’t ask them to write the letters until after Jimmy’s brother died. Dawson’s case was still up in the air.

    • Ana says:

      I was definitely bothered by that as well. To me it felt like, with the Louie storyline, Dawson pretty much said to Casey that it doesn’t matter to her whether he’s with her or not, she’s gonna go ahead. Louie takes first place and nothing and no one else matters. And while Louie is an adorable child and I get her urge and even need to take care of him, there was no part of her that tried to make it work with Casey. He de facto didn’t matter. And that is just cold. Especially since Casey always bends over backwards to make it work with Dawson. Do you remember how she reacted to his suggestion of getting married? That said a lot.
      I don’t know. This relationship is rather unbalanced imo.

      • Mary says:

        I see it as the opposite. She is going after what she wants and needs and not letting a Man change her position. Casey wasn’t ready or willing to foster a child but she was. She followed her dream not his so as I see it, if her and Casey were meant to be it would work out. It is possible to love someone without losing yourself.

    • I think because everybody around Dawson is treating he too soft and Casey always willing to make compromises, so she’s taking their support for granted.

  3. mike says:

    Don’t want to loose Steven McQueen.

  4. Bwhit says:

    Just drop the Alderman thing by next season please!!! I’m still annoyed with Dawson and more so after this ep when Casey said ‘I have a solution, just move back in with me’ then Dawson with her ‘you don’t want this’ um obviously he does Gabby! I’m glad he didn’t get with the consultant because I don’t care for her but next season I beg these writers to not have Casey be her doormat… C’mon. Jimmy can’t leave, please. I thought something more dramatic would happen with Severide/Stella/the ex.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hahaha we practically said the exact same thing :-) :-)

      • Bwhit says:

        Lol! I guess it’s good they just stayed together so I didn’t have to see another angsty breakup/makeup but forgive me if I’m not doing backflips that everything came up Gabby :). I will say I’m excited to see Casey be involved with this kid because there are sure to be some cute moments ahead. Maybe they will have fostering make her see that there is more then her way.

  5. gemini says:

    This house cant keep two paramedics can it cause jimmy is gonna are they just gonna keep a revolving door on the second medic it might get tiring soon

  6. James D says:

    haven’t even read the interview yet, but I got to vent a little bit so please excuse the mini rant. Dawson has to go she doesn’t think about jack she just does whatever and expects everyone to fall in line and the rest of the crew enables her it is insufferable, and then they write Casey to look like the bad guy because he exercises a little rational logic and doesn’t want to rush into things especially with a little kid on the line, but in the end he kowtows to Dawson for the billionth time. I used to love Dawson and Dawsey but these writers have turned a character quirk that was halfway charming in the beginning of the series into an infuriating flaw that has made said character into a completely unlikable person that at this point I don’t care what happens too her. rant over. the rest of the episode was alright but this show is kind of starting to regurgitate the same thing over and over. I really hope they bring in some new writers next season.

  7. Jill says:

    Am I the only one who dislikes Stella? She & Severide have chemistry?!?! Really? I don’t find her to have any chemistry with the cast, especially Severide.
    And if Casey had gone to the hotel room, I was done with the show. It’s ridiculous to keep them going back & forth with the relationship.

    • No you are not the only one who dislikes Stella! She is annoying as hell and very pushy. I dislike all her idea’s to “improve” Molly’s. She almost got the bar burned down because of that stupid ice machine. Severide can do better she has a nutcase for an ex husband who will try to kill her and Severide. She has to much drama going on with her! Give Severide. someone worthy of him!

    • Sharon says:

      Can’t stand her and never liked her from day one. She pictures me as someone who only cares about herself (sorry to sound so bitchy) but maybe Grant will go after her with the knife and that will be the end of her. Her and Severide don’t have the chemistry for a long term relationship. And yes if Casey had gone to be with the consultant that would have end my watching this show (and I love this show) he, Gabby & Louie would make an adorable family (and I the only one that thinks this little guy who plays Louis is not is the cutest ever) I just want to jump thru the TV and hug him-his expressions are priceless!!!

    • Jeannie Cutlip says:

      I am not a fan of Stella either. I do not think they have chemistry.

  8. They rushed this adoption storyline thing in all of what 3 episodes..too much. writers are all over the place

    • Nancy says:

      They totally rushed it but that is classic CF for you. I love many things about the show but sometimes they rush storylines and sometimes they draw them out too long.

    • Bwhit says:

      He’s not adopted yet…. Dawson is his foster mom, I’m guessing a parent we didn’t know about will come out of the woodwork clean and ready to take him. This will be heartbreaking for Dawson and Casey because they made themselves a little family, that’s my prediction.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Either that or all next season will be about the adoption with the end result being Dawson and Casey finally getting married. But one of them will have to make a job change in order for that to happen and I swear to god if it’s Casey I’ll be so mad. Ugh, hate it already, LOL!!! But I still think that Dawson might end up back on ambo. Both of them being firefighter’s might be a problem for them becoming permanent parents of Louie. It’s time for Dawson to step up for once.

        • Bwhit says:

          She could go back to ambo and I’d be fine with that, If parenting Louie is what she wants them she needs to budge somewhere. I also want Boden and Jimmy mend fences and he ends up back on truck. I really liked the addition of his character but this family thing feels like Mills all over.

          • Darky says:

            Dawson will never budge. She didn’t even agree to move to Engine 51 to be able to marry Casey and you expect her to quit firefighting and go back to ambo? Monica Raymund will never agree to that! She is so proud of her idea of making Gabby a firefighter. She repeats in every interview that she has found Dawson’s identity…Besides, she loves the comfort of working under Casey’s command. She can leave the shift whenever she needs and her Lieutenant will let her – no questions asked. Because, as Olmstead said, Casey is a boyfriend first and firefighter second. Do you think she’d have such a freedom elsewhere? Nope!

  9. Sally McLinn says:

    I agree about Severide and Stella. Perfect couple. I’m so scared for her though, the husband is a wacko….did she divorce him? She should get a restraining order.
    Love that Dawson is a foster mom. I’m loving Chicago Fire more.

  10. Yoko says:

    I hope Severide and Stella stick. Much more like able than “Dawsey”. Hopefully once her crazy husband gets arrested, things will look up. I would love to see more Trudy and Mouch interactions next season, and to see Chief and his wife more. I am tired of Dawson and her bratty behavior. I like Jimmy. I think he is hurt and wants answers.

  11. J says:

    Casey use 2 b a tough guy (b4 he became alderman) Dawson breaks all the protocols and nobody say’s S__t. Wish chillie was back….

  12. liame says:

    I really Love Dawson, her character is strong, wise and independent, not some baby doll character who bows down to some man just because it’s what’s expected of her. Dawson has stood by Casey in so many ways that seems so irrelevant to some. She’s a good women and a great character worth watching.

    • Nancy says:

      I like her too although she can be too stubborn at times. I think the fact that she and Casey don’t agree about everything makes them interesting and a fun couple to watch.

    • Darky says:

      You don’t like when a female character bows down to a man (and I get it) but somehow it’s okay that Casey keeps jumping the loops to make Dawson;s dreams come true. We saw the same thing when she suddenly decided to become a firefighter. And now with this fostering thing. It’s like a one-way road with Dawsey. Gabbydoesn’t even bother to discuss her ideas with her BF. She dictates and always gets what she wants. All the rules are bent for her. And in the end, the writers make Casey look unsupportive, though without his interference Dawson would have never gotten Louie…Her character is too fickle and self-centered. I really wish she’d have to deal with Louie and his parents – when they appear – on her own, like she said she would. She said she’d do it alone but in fact the whole 51 was involved…
      I am glad that Brett at least reminded her that it was her idea for Casey to run for Alderman.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Well said!!!

      • FrankieStarr says:

        Agree 100%. There’s strong women and there’s Dawson who has to have her way all of the time and is selfish.

      • Julian Bobb says:

        Could not agree more!!! Casey brought up marriage to her, and she said with there schedules and responsibilities, she’s happy with where they are. And then Gabby falls head over heals for a kid she has a connection to, and then wants Casey to be OK with it? And he pointed out the SAME reasoning Gabby gave him. And then he caves. Ugh. Be a man, and stand by your position. It’s why I hate this relationship.

        The whole thing is inaccurate. The fact she’s still sleeping with him, while working under him. The fact she got to adopt a kid, with no prior parenting experience, in less than 3 weeks in completely unbelievable. The DCFS woman said it takes 4-6 months to become a foster parent.

        This is why Fire is third behind P.D. and Med, and will probably be the fourth favorite after Chicago Law kicks off. This show has become more drama, and less about the actual authenticity of the CFD.

  13. Rebs says:

    I really enjoyed the finale. The only thing missing was a touch on Otis’ story line. I feel like that was really left as a loose end,

  14. They can call “Dawsey” the heartbeat of the show all they want, but it’s the reason I stopped watching on a regular basis. Cannot stand her character. Too bad because this was one of my favorites. I read the recaps just to keep up on the characters I do care about.

  15. Mara says:

    Casey has been the committed one — seems like everybody forgets he asked Dawson to marry him and she said no, let’s keep things like they are and then went and changed everything by wanting to adopt Louie. She is incredibly selfish and Casey is a saint for putting up with her!

  16. Betty Scott says:

    Don’t see the Severide/Kidd ‘chemistry’ at all, and it’s just ANOTHER in-house hook up. Don’t these people have actual lives outside in the real world? Dawson uses Casey as a doormat; he’s always the one who has to concede. She wanted to be a firefighter and then they could’t be together because she wanted to stay at 51. Seems like it’s always about what she wants. The Borelli storyline doesn’t make sense. He took a demotion of sorts when he went to ambo. His brother’s chief is saying he can come over there. You would think he’d just do that, right? Instead he’s going to stay at 51 and go after Boden? Dumb.

  17. Cas says:

    I liked Jimmy but I thought they ruined his storyline. We all know he is leaving now. Dawson is real dumb and needy. Remember season 1 when she was so in love with Casey and didn’t have him? And now she has had him for years and could care less. Also, hate Severide and Stella. Mostly can’t stand Stella.

  18. Lola says:

    This season overall has been 50/50 for me. I don’t mind new people, but it’s just been way too many recently and some of the storylines…don’t even get me started. Casey and Dawson feel so forced. They are just not good for each other. They are never on the same page about anything and they both really do not truly support each other.

    Wonder if the writers/TPTB consider Dawson/Severide together??

    • Darky says:

      Oh my gosh! Please, don’t give the CF writers any ideas about Dawson/Severide hook-up! That would totally ruin Sevasey friendship! And even though there was practically a drought in the bromance department this season, I do hope TPTB will come to their senses and remember that Casey/Severide dynamic was the core of the show from the very beginning. They should realise just how sick and tired we are of the never-ending Dawsey drama an especially Dawson being the centre of Chicago universe. I miss the greatness of S1 and part of S2 (before MR decided that Dawson should be a FF)

  19. marje says:

    I am sick of Dawson .

    • Darky says:

      You’re not alone! I just wish Ms.Gelman would tell Matt Olmstead how many viewers cannnot stand Dawson next time she interviews him!

      • Chloe says:

        Agreed! I was really hoping she wouldn’t make it out of the burning building. I’m tired of her “me, me, me” attitude, her treating Casey like dirt & yet all of 51 acts like she should be canonized.

        And would someone please tell me who’s going to take care of this kid while she does a 24 hour shift? If she going to hang him on a hook in the closet until she gets back??

  20. sandie says:

    why doesn’t this house have an upstairs so the guys can slide down the pole?

  21. Mandy says:

    Gabby was so unfair to Casey when the episode first began, she was rude and basically shutting him out when he did nothing wrong. Gabby is lucky Casey came back given the way she treated him.

    I hope this relationship lasts for Severide, tired of him being a ladies man.

    Jimmy is being a jerk, I used to like him but he is completely wrong with Boden.

  22. deborah neal says:

    a great show

  23. cathy says:

    I was sad to see it end for the season, but it ended as a nail biter, so now I will look forward to next season. Oh and I love Severide

  24. Monda says:

    Really do not like Severide with Stella. Thought Severide would pursue April (Chicago med).

  25. Nancy says:

    Severide flirts too good to be attached. I just don’t like him jumping bed with every one of them. He Is myfavorite so his storyline is most important to me. I prayed that Casey was knocking on Dawson’s door at the end. I would like that relationship to last. If not, I want Casey to dump her. BORED with Mouch and Otis.LOVE HERRMANN So much. Slyvie is so sweet, I hope she stays. Can’t wait for next season!

  26. Bill says:

    Jimmy will lose, he is a poor actor. And lose Dawson!! Casey does everything to keep things together and she is so bull headed. Now motherhood is kicking her biological clock.
    Severide is great and kick ass.

  27. Anonymous says:

    ((robinsonbuckler @ yahoo . com)) is a wonderful spell caster. Very trustworthy, he just restored my marriage

  28. Lila T Cox says:

    What ever happened to Severide’s wife? If I recall correctly he sent her home to FL to deal with her family problem.

  29. Very Special Agent says:

    It would be nice to have ONE season where Dawson seems to have a clue what she really wants…

  30. Penny murdaugh says:

    Keep Dawson & Casey together, preferably married. Their on again off again relationship is tiresome.

    Severide is a born playboy.

    Get rid of Jimmy.

  31. LeDare says:

    Kelly should get back with April from Chicago Med. I wanted to know more about their past. He’s going to take her illness hard.

  32. Lauren says:

    Oh come on. There is NO way Casey would’ve ever cheated on Dawson. I know they were in a murky place but there was no doubt in my mind that he was at Gabby’s door. If Casey had gone up to the political adviser’s door it would have been character assassination.
    I really wish they hadn’t done this with Boden and Jimmy, I love Jimmy as part of the crew and I wanted them to explore Sylie and him. I hope they reconsider and keep Steven R. McQueen as a regular, I love him.

  33. Brady Howard says:

    I’m am a retired firefighter and I love Chicago Fire! I love the emotion that the show brings. Every week new situations come and fire up your interests. They keep it very real. I have fond memories every week while watching the program.

  34. janice says:

    Get rid of the chief please.

  35. Alyson says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments in which they state Casey could do better than Gaby.
    Dawson is single-minded and selfish and stubborn and yet still gets everything she wants and more. Since day1 the programme has revolved very much around her and I believe it needs freshening up.
    Casey deserves better and realistically, this would be a good exit for her.
    Dawson to leave!