Castle Series Finale Ratings

Ratings: Castle Series Finale Delivers Season Highs

ABC’s Castle closed out its eight-season run on Monday with 7.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, rising 16 percent and two tenths week-to-week to deliver season highs. Versus its previous finale, Castle was down just 7 percent and a tenth.

TVLine readers gave the closure-y series ender an average grade of “B-,” while Season 8 as a whole merited a “C+.”

Opening ABC’s night, Dancing With the Stars (11.5 mil/1.8) ticked up.

Over on CBS, Mike & Molly’s final two episodes averaged 8 mil/1.5, down a tick from last week’s double pump. Its second half hour drew a season-high audience of 8.3 mil, but was down three tenths (1.6) from its previous finale. The Odd Couple (5.7 mil/1.3) was steady, while Person of Interest (5.3 mil/0.9) dipped week-to-week.

Elsewhere in the ratings:

NBC | The Voice (9.4 mil/2.1) and Blindspot (5.4 mil/1.3) were steady in the demo week-to-week, though the latter drew its smallest audience to date.

FOX | Gotham (3.8 mil/1.3) rose a tenth, Houdini & Doyle (2.5 mil/0.6) was steady.

THE CW | Reign (820K/0.3) and Jane the Virgin (950K/0.4) both ticked up, though the latter was down 23 percent and a tenth from its previous finale.

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  1. David says:

    Confused as to why Mike and Molly was cancelled and The Odd Couple gets another season. Hmmmm

    • Pedro says:

      Matthew Perry is a has-been. Melissa McCarthy is a film star. Also, Mike and Molly has been on much longer, so, everyone involved makes more money, as there are yearly increases.

    • Will says:

      Mike & Molly is not owned by CBS. The only revenue they receive is from ads/commercials aired during the show. Mike & Molly’s ratings, while OK, weren’t high enough for CBS to want another season. Warner Bros (the studio behind the series) would have benefited from another season, but CBS did not see the financial advantage of a 7th season.

    • Because Melissa McCarthy has become too expensive for CBS.

  2. Kevin K says:

    Really going to miss Castle. An amazing eight year run and great chemistry between Nathan Fillon and Stana Katic.

  3. A TV viewer says:

    Castle’s finale was just good enough for me not to hate the series as a whole, but it wasn’t good enough to change the fact that the entire Season 8 was terrible.

    • Coop says:

      Same here. I’ll just pretend Hollander’s Woods was the series finale. I’ll probably watch the first season and select early season episodes in reruns to get to feeling good about the series as a whole again.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed! Can’t believe those involved messed up the great story so much-I’m sad today because it’s not another “Castle Monday”…oh well, there’s always Fan Fiction, where we can see how Rick and Kate juggle family and life in general in their special way-that we all would have loved to watch!

  4. George H. says:

    Should have cut out that Caleb scene at the end. Didn’t add anything to the storyline. Was meant for season 9 if there was one, wasn’t needed for the series finale.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah the “alternate filmed ending” really should’ve encompassed everything after they got home from the precinct. We could’ve gotten a scene where they talked about how its all over and now they’re whole lives are in front of them and then segue into the flashforward scene. The Caleb scene was just another plot twist in an already cluttered episode.

    • Tiffany says:

      Leaving that scene in and cutting to an empty apartment and an apartment full of kids it could be left open to interpretation. They both died and the apartment was cleared out and sold or they both lived and went on to live happily ever after! That’s how I took it anyway.

    • KatsMom says:

      Agreed. There was no point in that plot twist once the show was canceled. If they really wanted to have Castle pose the question of why Caleb wasn’t disposed of in the furnace at the black ops building, then they should have had Kate respond that it was all part of the plan to draw Castle and Beckett’s hunt for LokSat out into the open, so LokSat could find out what they knew, who knew it, and remain in the shadows. She declares it’s really over, and then, flash forward.

    • George H. says:

      Would have been perfect if they had hugged in the station, Beckett leans in and says… “I’m pregnant” to Castle, then fades out then back into the flash forward scene.

      • grys03 says:

        Was noticeable that Castle, Martha & Alexis shared a season ending hug while Beckett watched from a distance.

  5. Nicky Whelan says:

    I loved Castle, I could not wait to come home and turn TV on so I did not miss a single word, it will be missed.

  6. ndixit says:

    Well at least Castle went out winning its time slot by tieing Blindspot in the demo and beating it in audience numbers. The ending was just enough for me to look back at the series fondly instead of regret. But honestly, couldn’t they have just made a Hollander’s Woods type ep? Or just cut out the final shooting and create a longer epilogue in its place? It would have been so easy to do.

  7. TvLover says:

    I agree, I think the semi – but totally off cliffhanger-y ending could have been cut, and left for a DVD special alternative ending ala Clue.
    And they could have, if the studio had given the editing department a heads up well in advance that they could stretched out the last thirty seconds to be better and would have been a fine wrap up for the series.
    But hey, for me I was fine that it ended with three little Castle babies, or better still kids.
    And Always.

  8. Pivoboozer says:

    Re the final scene:

    I interpreted the empty loft as a metaphor for the emptiness of death and what passed through their minds as they struggled to hang on to life, giving Beckett that last spurt of energy and clarity to dial 911 (or just hang on while a neighbor called — or maybe it was Rita who again showed up miraculously).

    For a moment, it seemed that the showrunners/writers were about to cheat fans so outraged by the thought of Beckett’s death and a Beckett-less season 9. But then, with the appearance of the loft cluttered with toys, full of light and life, three kids (proving the time traveler’s foreknowledge), and the seven-year time jump, I thought hmmm, Castle and Beckett willed this to happen; they hung on to fulfill their destiny.

    Thank you, director Rob Bowman. Thank you to spooked advertisers and syndication networks and those who knew death would kill DVD sales. Thank you to ABC/Disney executives who also saw the light, finally recognized what a fiasco they had created as of April 18, chose to end the chaos and bad press, and took the high road of providing a happy ending. And thanks to fellow fans for speaking out.

    Re season 8:

    Overall, I give it a C minus. There were some wonderful moments in a number of episodes, and I graded four episodes with an A or A minus. But there were also three episodes which earned an “F” — and I thought, if only my scale went lower. They were unwatchable. There were other episodes for which I had high hopes as I watched but which fell apart with long stretches of tedium. I kept looking at my watch. Overall, season 8 made me appreciate all the more the talent of Andrew Marlowe and company.

    Re kids’ names:

    Probably a topic for fan fiction, but I envision their daughter as “Renee”, which means “rebirth” or “reborn”. Twin sons: Andrew (for Marlowe) and James (for dad Jim). And, of course, all of them should have the same middle name … Beckett.

    • Robert G says:

      Pretty sure that Castle AND Beckett died. The flash forward combined with the dialogue from Season 1 were the proverbial “life flashing before your eyes” when one is in the throes of death. Had the show been renewed, I imagine that someone would have rescued Castle, while Beckett passed away. The next season would have begun some months after a period of mourning. Glad we didn’t have to see that. Castle and Beckett, R.I.P.

      • maregolden says:

        I agree that would have been the case if the show hadn’t been canceled, but I thought it was pretty clear that they both survived, hence the seven year time jump.

  9. I have every show of Castle, it has been the highlight of my TV watching. I am very sorry to see it go off the air, but I am pleased with the way it ended.

  10. maregolden says:

    I don’t cry at the end of TV shows usually, but the last episode of Castle caused me to tear up for two reasons. One, because for a minute I thought they were both going to die but then they showed them seven years later happy with three children, and two, because I knew I was never going to see another new Castle. Goodbye to one of my favorite shows of all time.

  11. Ken says:

    I do not understand writers, producers, and directors. Castle was going great until the wedding episode when he went missing – from then on it was pretty much downhill, except every once in a while they would have an episode like before “Castle Missing.”

    Back in the early 50s, there was a problem called Mr. & Mrs. North, based on a radio show. It featured a married couple involved. Mr. North was a mystery magazine publisher who thought he was a good amateur detective. He and his wife investigated various crimes and solved them before the police did.

    The cast of Castle was great and could handle drama and comedy. Why did the writers, producers, and directors think they had to go off in the direction they did.

    No not understand in Florida.

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    Last night’ Reign had the Mary/Bash scenes I’ve been waiting to see all season! Better late than never but what took so long? They spent nearly 2 season barely interacting after running away together in season 1. But last night the connection was back! And Bash offered to go to Scotland, which is EXACTLY what I wanted! But he’s leaving the show :(

  13. grys03 says:

    Finally got round to watching the finale.
    I have loved this show since day 1 – but man that was a mess. Loksat had to be the most boring, nonsensical, waste of space villain ever. & the big revealing moment was truly awful.
    Loved the concept of the ‘Greatest Detectives’ but to tie that to Loksat, even though there was no real connection made no sense.
    So sad to go out with a bad taste in my mouth.
    Castle will be missed.