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Person of Interest Recap: Just Shoot Me

Sarah Shahi returned to CBS’ Person of Interest for the fourth episode of Season 5, setting the stage for classic Shaw badassery… some softer(-ish!) moments between her and Root… and then two instances of jaw-dropping bloodshed.But was all not quite as it seemed?

Seeing as Shaw has killed six Samaritan guards in the past nine months, we open with Greer having a chip implanted into the base of her skull, as part of a plan to tame her into a usable asset. When a one-on-one with Lambert has dissatisfactory results, she is penciled in for another implant — but she faked being drugged, muscles her way past the guards and gets away via an unattended boat. Once back in New York, she swings by a pharmacy to borrow the phone and make a call that basically announces to both Samaritan (and The Machine, if she is alive) her location. Shaw fends off most of the arriving Samaritan toughs, but one gets the drop on her is about to go for the kill when he himself is felled — by Root. Cue a “not very friendly homecoming.”

After Root performs on-the-fly removal of the chip (in a moving, “caked-with-rat crap” subway car), Shaw is brought to Root’s digs, where the team is divided about whether she can be trusted, given what Martine once said and the duration of her captivity. When Shaw’s abrupt attitude toward Harold’s failure to look for her sends the men packing, Root assures her, “I never stopped looking for you.” Root goes to “thank” Shaw for saving her life back at the Stock Exchange, but Shaw isn’t in the right mindset… until a few hours later, when she can’t sleep, and shares with Root her skepticism that they’ll both make it out of this alive. That leads to 60-plus seconds of two alpha females swapping “the lead” as they finally consummate their long-simmering feelings, with Shaw ultimately lifting Root upon onto a table, sending plates flying and crashing, blouse buttons popping… and so on. The coupling is followed by some pillow talk, in which Root shares her more fervent-than-ever desire to turn Samaritan into an Atari, as punishment all the pain it has caused her love.

Later, Shaw makes a ballsy play to “take the fight to Samaritan,” by drawing out some of their goons and even nabbing Greer in the process. They take the Samaritan honcho to the basement of a church (“the best place to hide from a god”), where they discover in his arm an implanted USB drive. On it, Harold believes, is “kill switch” code that undo The Machine’s evil twin. But in “actuality,” Greer taunts Shaw, their ruse is going exactly as planned — that the implanted USB was her idea, that she was allowed to escape, that the “kill switch” is in fact a beacon to alert Samaritan to The Machine’s whereabouts. Greer assures Shaw that the blood will be on her hands when she murders “all of her friends,” words that agitate her until she puts a bullet in the old man’s bean.

Later, walking the city with John, Shaw confesses the circumstances under which she killed Greer, and he senses she is not herself. John suggests that have a coffee and talk things out, but Shaw instead is compelled to shoot him in cold blood — and she does. Then, with Samaritan goons on her tail, Shaw is pulled to safety by Root. Shaw cops to killing Reese, and then opens up about how during the worst of her captivity, Root was her “safe place,” the thought she would turn to to stay cool.

“But not anymore,” Shaw adds. “I can’t control myself… The only thing I can control is this,” she says as she turns her gun on her own head, and ends her life.

Or… not.

Because as the hour ends, we realize that almost all of the above merely took place in Shaw’s mind, as the Samaritan techs took her through a simulation, hoping that she would lead them to The Machine’s location. (The “good” news? This time, she took an extra hour to “kill” Greer.) But now, Greer orders her to be put her it again… for a 6,742nd time.

What did you think of the episode “6,741”?

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  1. Did anyone else have the episode slightly spoiled by promos for tomorrow’s episode being shown midway through the episode tonight, and therefore giving away that Reese wasn’t actually shot? Was that really necessary CBS?

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      With the way they scheduled it, I don’t think CBS really cares. But at least they are broadcasting the episodes at all. Fun fact – the episode was shown in Canada on Sunday night for some wacko reason.

      • That’s because CTV’s Monday schedule was full with the Castle finale plus Gotham & Blindspot. I believe Castle was moved over from CTV2 this week (just for the finale) because POI aired on Monday last week.
        To make things weirder – tonight’s POI episode airs tomorrow night, as CTV has the two-hour SHIELD finale and Flash.
        Wacko reason? I guess you can say that. Ha!

    • Mariana Trench says:

      CBS doesn’t care about this show anymore, hence is burning it off 2x/week. So them showing tomorrow night’s promo in the middle of tonight’s ep is typical, but sad. Guess we need to be glad that at least they’re giving us an ending.

  2. ScrubsGuy says:

    My favorite details – Shaw has “killed” Greer and sacrificed herself 6,741 times and she has never broke. His dry “uplifting” was exquisite. Also, the Root and Shaw scenes were…well, I didn’t think something like that could be broadcast on CBS and pretty sure they’re going for broke in the final season. Amazing episode.

  3. TvPeong says:

    I’m so tired on Samaritan always winning. Can Team machine start winning now?

  4. Hellas13 says:

    Ending was way too obvious.

  5. Why says:

    Only 13 episodes left and they waste one on the most irritating dramatic device of all time. I don;t care how well written it is, “it was all a dream” or variations thereof are intensely annoying.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed. I was disappointed in this episode. Hopefully they’ll pick up the pace and get on with things now.

    • KCC says:

      I liked it. If and when Shaw gets back to the team we’ll have a much better understanding of what she went through. Much better than a line or two of exposition. After seeing the next episode we now can see that Harold is running simulations between the Machine and Samaritan mirroring Shaw is going through.

      • garrett says:

        Fully agree. It is taking months to break Shaw. Moreover, we will not really know if she is broken, when Samaritan actually does release her.

  6. 1idpete says:

    It was great to have Shaw (virtually) back in action but it was apparent early that none of the events were real and I’m disappointed that a well-worn plot device was used for an entire episode when there are so few remaining.

  7. Eric H says:

    As nice as it was to see Shaw kicking butt again, having the episode being a dream/simulation sequence did kind of ruin it. With so few episodes left, it just felt like they didn’t really advance the story like they should have done.

    • MC says:

      I think they needed some kind of believable explanation for how Shaw could be MIA for so many months. The idea of endless simulations was a good way to address the issue while still preserving a realistic timeline. It may not have been the freshest approach, but it was a good one imo.

  8. Wesley says:

    I thought the episode was terrific. At first I didn’t like that it all took place in Samaritan induced fantasy, and for a couple of reasons I still don’t. However, I actually think that what they did, with regards to Shaw’s inner-self, couldn’t have been dealt with as effectively as they were in the way it was done.

    The love scene I wish had been real, disappointed that the first time we see them like that it was all in Shaw’s induced mind. That said, the ending scene between Root and Shaw spoke more poignantly to there connection and love for one another that it far usurped whatever 70 second love scene they could cook up. I’d still like to see them reunite for real, though. Hopefully that happens.

    Which leads me to the most disappointing aspect of the reveal. Shaw is most definitely NOT back! She’s still a captive and time’s running down on the series. All the hype lead us to believe that Shaw was coming back to the team. Majorly disappointed in that.

    Matt Webb Mitovich, I don’t know if you read the comments, but if you do, can you tell me how many episodes Sarah is going to be in this season? Even though she’s not with the team, is she actually back on the show as a regular from now on? I don’t know if you know the answer, but if someone does, you’re the likely suspect. Thanks in advance!

    • MC says:

      Sarah and Amy are two of the best actresses on tv imo. Riveting stuff. It’s must-see tv when they play prominent roles in the same episode. POI will be sorely missed by its ardent fans, including me.

    • Isa says:

      Sarah will not be in todays episode (ep 5×05) but she’s in every single episode afterwards.

      • Wesley says:

        Okay, wow! Thanks. That’s great news. I was worried that they would just hold her out until the last couple of episodes. Hopefully she reunites with Team Machine sooner rather than later.

    • Alissa says:

      She is back as a regular I’m sure. Based on her Instagram pics, she was filming in the subway with Reese and finch and fusco well into December. Also in the promo there are some snippets of her that weren’t in this episode so there is more to come!

  9. I liked kickass Shaw and the Root/Shaw moments but I hated the episode. I knew it wasn’r real and I was so pissed when it turned out Shaw was still with Samaritan.

  10. Sela Musselwhite says:

    I totally missed the episode! Crap I didn’t know it was coming on Monday! I’m so mad at my self! Cause the app won’t automatically sign into my wifi! So I have to wait a week!

    • MC says:

      It’s a great episode, if you enjoy it with an open mind. It’s worth noting that Shaw is much more impulsive in this episode than she would normally be. I won’t say more than that because you haven’t seen it yet.

  11. Shelly says:

    Since when does POI do sex scenes? It was okay but this show has never been about that. One of the main reasons I watch. That and the it was all a dream thing killed it for me. Only thing I did like was that Shaw hasn’t broke down.

    • Toya says:

      I thought the same thing when I saw the promo for this season a few weeks ago. This show doesn’t do much with romance and sex scenes. My memory of past seasons is sketchy, but all that comes to mind in terms of “sex scenes” is John in bed with his girlfriend in flashback scenes, and lots of sexual tension between him and Zoe whenever she appears.

  12. Lynn Jonas says:

    WHY did Root and Shaw have the LGBT scene? This totally made us lose interest in POI. The scene made us sick to our stomach. WHAT has that got to do with the show? CBS just wanting to bring in LGBT??? So sick of it being pushed down our ‘straight’ throats. We’ll look for something else to watch. You folks that thought it was so great, maybe all the rest of the episode but not that part!!

    • TracyWashburn says:

      Grow up. If u HAD really been watching the show you knew this was coming. No one will miss u if you don’t watch anymore.

      Great episode. I watch on DVR, so I never see commercials. Plus OKC/GS game was serious. I really thought she killed Greer and Reese.

      • Kat says:

        Tracy, why do you have to be so snarky to Lynn about the sex scene? She has a right to her opinion just like you do. Why must we always be so mean to those who have a different view from others??? BTW, I agree with you Lynn.

    • Z says:

      Are you a troll or a legitimate doofus?

    • Kate says:

      It is so… satisfying to here straight people complain about “the LGBT” being shoved down their throats.

      To paraphrase something I’ve read, why do straight people think they can whine about gay people throwing their sexuality in their faces when almost every waking second of every minute of every day of our lives as queer people is filled with heterosexual romance media and heteronormativity?

    • Zerb says:

      Our “straight throats” have been subjected to straight romances on television for our entire lives. The way I see it….the rational, open minded, and human way of seeing it is that since gay people are just as relevant as us, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with gay characters also existing. After all, the world doesn’t only revolve around just us straight people, nor should it. Welcome to 2016.

      • CG says:

        Agree, the lesbian sex scene was gratuitous and not relevant to the storyline…and that they hooked up could’ve been implied rather than shown. I thought this show was supposed to be about using technology for good and thwarting evil plots. Taking down Samaritan and exposing dirty cops and politicians.

      • MC says:

        The furor over that one scene makes no sense to me. CBS slotted these final episodes in the 10 PM hour for a reason. It’s not the family four, folks. I want the writers to be as creative as possible. I don’t want the same formula to be repeated week after week. I like this type of episode because it stretches the story and characters in different directions while maintaining believability. Sex is a part of life and therefore it’s fair game for any episode. There are other shows on tv where gay characters are front and center. I’m not sure why this one ep of POI is the target of such fury when they have mostly avoided these scenes.

      • Diane Nummy says:

        We are all God’s children! How about the Golden Rule? Does anyone even remember it or know what it is? Too sad.

    • Toya says:

      My issue with the sex scene lay more with it not being canon to the show than anything else. It just seemed gratuitous and unnecessary, and completely out of place in this show in particular.

    • CG says:

      Agree, the lesbian sex scene was gratuitous and not relevant to the storyline…and that they hooked up could’ve been implied rather than shown. I thought this show was supposed to be about using technology for good and thwarting evil plots. Taking down Samaritan and exposing dirty cops and politicians.

      • Annie says:

        Did you whine any of the MANY times John had a romantic scene with Jessica or the cop shrink or (bless her heart) Carter? Just stop.

    • Annie says:

      Who’s “us”? Speak for yourself. That was the best part of the episode to me. Do you think LGBT people sit around rolling their eyes and whining about having het sex “pushed down [their] throats”? Grow up.

    • Alissa says:

      How is including a lesbian couple (one that has been in the works for two seasons now) shoving it down your throat? You do know that lesbians exist in real life right? Idk how you didn’t see this coming with all the innuendo that’s been included in the past two seasons with them.

    • jdprague says:

      This is more about the far left liberal progressive agenda than hollywood’s love of lgbt. Tear down traditional family values so that big government can step in and rule every aspect of our lives. All you liberal useful idiots may live to regret your support of all this crap.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. The show was always somewhat family friendly. For 5 seasons they had established sex scenes as implied but not shown. So putting in a lesbian sex scene in at this point seems out of character for the show and just seems like pushing an agenda. I’m guessing that this move would have been too risky if they planned to have a 6th season.

    • DM Casey says:

      1000 per cent agree with you!

    • Elaine says:

      Agreed Lynn! Turned it off to never watch again. Had nothing to do with style is show but LGBT agenda.

  13. GeeGee says:

    Love this show.. just wish we could of started watching it sooner. LOVE BAD ROBOT!

  14. Thelia Jeffery says:

    Why did you have to show those women making love? I really loved your show and excited when came back on. That was nor necessary to make me like it even more, it was SICK, matter of fact my husband left the room and went to bed when that crap started.

  15. Cat says:

    I am sick of the Samaritan and the Root plot lines. This show was a whole lot better when it was Finch, Reese, Shaw and the 2 detectives and Elias. Why in hell Root was EVER introduced is beyond me…she just came in and stole the machine from Finch. And in the season where Shaw was taken by Samaritan, she told Root flat out (and forcefully) that she DID NOT want a “relationship” with her. Horrible waste of a final season episode!

  16. Erik says:

    Wonderful episode! There was no other way we could have ever learned so much about Shaw and I, as a Shaw fan, was really happy. We got to delve into her psyche and see how fiercely loyal she is, and how she functions. She can’t say “I love you” to Root, but she’ll shoot herself in the end over and over rather than kill Root. She didn’t question the lack of Fusco because she knew that she’d give his identity away if she asked about him. It was a great hour of TV that showed us how resilient Shaw is. I’m excited to have her back with the team, for real this time.

  17. Paki says:

    I agree with those who dislike dream sequence episodes. As much as I love watching Person of Interest, I feel like I wasted about an hour of my life watching this. Now I’ll be wondering (from now on), is this one also a dream?

  18. mary says:

    I was beside myself. What were they thinking? They could have skipped the popping buttons…I was looking for the characters that we fell in love with…to come out fighting and shooting to even the score with the bads guys and then walk off into the sunset. So disappointed. Love Shaw, my favorite…but they portrayed her as a wacko and that wiped out the great character she played in all the seasons leading up to the end. Big mistake

  19. Cate53 says:

    Excellent episode and Sarah Shahi was so great in it. I think I guessed it was a dream/simulation about the time she shot Greer and definitely when she shot Reese but it was still very effective – and pretty dark! Samaritan and the operatives led by Greer really are despicable! Still, at least Shaw is alive.

  20. Cathy Green says:

    Good thing the show is concluding, as this episode really jumped the shark with the “just a hallucination” ending. Reminiscent of the “just all a bad dream” from Dallas. C’mon, writers, you could’ve done better than this!

  21. lisa Cardoza says:

    Mrs Sarah Shahi is just a wonderful actress! I’m totally intrigued with the show, now more than ever!

  22. HAP says:

    I have to say that I was pissed when I realized that this whole show was somewhat of a hallucination. But it is great to have the magnificent Sarah Shahi back on the show.

  23. Teresa Smith says:

    Used to be I couldn’t wait to get home to watch Person of Interest…all I can say now is I am thankful my grandchildren weren’t here during last nights episode! They would certainly have gotten a sex education from a show that used to be safe to have on when they were visiting. There are ways to make innuendoes so the audience gets the point about an issue, example would be Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” when Janet Leigh got murdered…we knew it was happening when all we saw pretty much was the shock on her face and blood going down the drain…WE GOT THE POINT! Hey CBS HELLOOOOO…NOT ALL OF US ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH SEX ACTS ON T.V.! IF PEOPLE WANT THAT TYPE OF THING THEY CAN RENT A DVD! Even if it was a “virtual reality” scene, that’s does not help with those of us who actually care what little eyes are seeing on t.v…and yes, when my grandchildren visit they are up until 10, so before someone decides to chime in as to why they are up it’s because when they are here it means they have no school the next day. Also CBS does a great job with shows like Big Bang Theory. There’s LOTS of innuendoes WITHOUT actually having to view it! Yes, we have the choice to turn the channel when stuff like this happens, however, by the time one realizes it’s ‘time to turn’ our eyeballs still feel like they need to be washed to remove the image that caused us to want to turn the channel in the first place!

  24. Sharon Monteith says:

    I am sick of gay life crammed into every show and commercial. I won’t watch this base , devilish show again.

  25. I'm in the Matrix hurr durr says:

    If they get to the end of this show and say the whole thing was a simulation… Hopefully they got that nonsense out of the way with this waste of an episode. FYI writers, twists of this nature are disrespectful to your audience. Don’t do it again. No, not even if you think you’ve come come up with a clever and original take on it. I can guarantee you haven’t.

  26. Jeffrey J Klima says:

    I turned it off when the lesbian scene started and will never turn it on again. Very disappointing. I let the others from last season pass but this was too much and I’m fed up. Very disappointed in Jim caviezel for being associated with such a show.

  27. Vocaliser says:

    What the heck was that all about? My family and I LOVE POI but we were totally disappointed that CBS and the producers felt that they had to use this great show to push their lgbt agenda down our throats. As much as we love the show we feel that you went too far this time and regretfully we will no longer be watching POI.

  28. Nonni says:

    I used to love this show. Now I feel I’m being mind-f***ed in this episode. I consider myself warned.

  29. Moe Fullerton says:

    Gratuitous, yes. Distasteful, perhaps. Necessary, absolutely!

    Knowing what we know now – that it was an illusion – serves to remind us that Samaritan is trying to make an asset out of Shaw. Therefore, Samaritan is infusing Shaw with the ruthlessness to do whatever is necessary to gain information.

    The “it’s all a dream” device honked me off at first until I thought about how what was revealed not only tied up some loose ends from previous plot lines, but also laid out a framework for the challenges Shaw and the rest of Team Machine will face after she is properly re-introduced.

  30. JCPrime1 says:

    As a long time Root/Shaw fan, I hated this episode with a passion. Talk about baiting your fans.

  31. Dane Muhlig says:

    SHAME ON YOU Jim Caviezel. You represent Jesus in the Passion and now star in a show with lesbian gay sex! WHAT A MAJOR HYPOCRITE YOU ARE!

    • Senff says:

      How does it feel living in the 1950s?

    • Eric says:

      Dude, i wonder, after all the flirting between these two – what do you expected?
      And after kiss in the elevator what did you think? “these two has two be really good friends”??

    • Guest says:

      Come on, be reasonable. Did Person of Interest start this way? Were those 2 girls even there from the beginning? POI started as an excellent story, and has morphed into a very badly-written nightmare of a show. Not Jim Caviezel’s fault. And as one of the 2 most important characters I highly doubt that his contract allows for him to just walk away if he wants to. He has to fulfill contract obligations.

  32. Sharyn garrity says:

    Wow! Sarah’s performance is award winning. She was so touching and still in command. I cried when Amy showed so much pain with just her face filled with tears. They are the best and most beautiful couple on TV. Love you two

  33. Lissa Landrus says:

    Like this show but I will say I watched the LAST one that I will be watching last night due to the fact you had to do a LGBT scene! It was discusting! This was a good show without having to add this!!

  34. Eric says:

    I seriously don’t understand, what is your trouble, people??
    There were so many innuendos between these two during previous seasons, this scene was obviously coming. After all, what you guys were thinking after that KISS in the elevator? That they “must be really good friends”?? :D

  35. Diane Nummy says:

    BEST SHOW ON TV CURRENTLY. Devastated that is has been dc’d. Why? I adore all the characters, even Bear. I can’t wait for each program each week.

  36. Susan Scott says:

    I don’t see any reason for the sex scene between Shaw and root. If that is how the show is going to be then count me out. I love the show but was very disappointed with that.

  37. Pat says:

    Lesbian scene was awful – I turned the channel. Giving it another chance this week because I like Cavaziel but if more lesbianism, I’m done

    • Eric says:

      What year are you living at? 1950?
      And by the way, writers confirmed that Root and Shaw have been sleeping since 3×6 episode, you just was not watching properly

  38. DM Casey says:

    This really interesting show has been ruined now by the lesbian kissing and now this sex scene. Believe it or not, most of us out here do not buy into the ‘perversion is great’ mantra. Very surprised Jim Caviezel agreed to being part of this in any way. How we wish he had taken a stand and refused to do the show if lesbianism was introduced into the production. There is no way they would have done it if he had stood by his values. Now we cannot share the show with others……sad.

    • Eric says:

      What the fuc* is wrong with you people?
      LGBT people exist, every third-fourth person belongs to LGBT community. More than one of your friends or relatives is LGBT, even if hiding. Will that make you love them less?
      You wonder why they are fighting for their rights, the answer is: because of morons like you.

      • AJ says:

        Very well said, Eric.

        What the hell is wrong with homophobic people? The show is somehow promoting a LGBT Liberal agenda because of a single scene?! It’s just an episode with two people who happen to be same sex sharing a passionate moment. This (in the homophobes minds) somehow translates to “Family Values” being attacked, big scary government coming to mind control them, and more hate and bile than any sane person can understand. They don’t realise this belief system is all paranoid delusion, and gay people are just normal people too.

        Apparently it’s OK with the kneecaps being shot off, and torture, explosions and death, but very perturbing to see two girls (or boys) kissing. Grow the hell up, folks.

        Loved the ep, The actors were great. Going to be very sad when it ends..

        To all the gay bashers, I’m straight, BTW. But I don’t run away screaming when I see two guys holding hands. It’s called being an educated adult, and their love lives are none of my (or your) damn concern.

  39. ipcurious says:

    Used to be a good show until the lesbian porn, they know kids watch this stuff right? “There was a lot of sucking” sick twisted trash. I won’t watch any more of it and hope Jim comes back to Christ and gets out of this satanic smut.

  40. Mango Tango says:

    Was super sickened by the gratuitous lesbo scene. Made me stop watching and hope to never see it again.