Fall TV Preview
Fall TV Schedule 2017

Fall TV Schedule 2016: What's on When? And Versus What?

It’s never too early to start planning your viewing habits for the fall TV season (and get a jump on any new DVR conflicts!), so TVLine as is tradition presents this day-by-day, hour-by-hour grid of the primetime schedules for each network.

NBCFoxABCCBS and The CW unveiled their game plans for fall and midseason at this year’s Upfronts presentations in New York. (Click the aforementioned network names for details.)

• Brand-new programming for the 2016-17 TV season is in RED.

• Midseason launches for each network are listed beneath the grid.

TV Schedule 2016 FallFOR MIDSEASON: NBC’s The Blacklist: Redemption, The Carmichael Show, Celebrity Apprentice, Chicago Justice, Emerald City, Great News, Grimm, Marlon, Midnight Texas, Powerless, Shades of Blue, Taken and Trial & Error…. FOX‘s 24: Legacy, APB, Bones, Making History, The Mick, Prison Break, Shots Fired and Sleepy Hollow…. ABC‘s American Crime, The Catch, Downward Dog, Imaginary Mary, Scandal, Still Star-Crossed, Time After Time and When We Rise…. CBSThe Amazing Race, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Doubt, Training Day and Undercover BossTHE CW‘s The 100, iZombie, The Originals, Riverdale and Reign.

Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. Lisa says:

    You heard that guys. Wven though castle is cancelled, it is there onnthe schudule until abc announces their new schedule.

  2. :-) says:

    I love this grid! I’m looking forward to the updates

  3. Mike says:

    The first cancellation of the season will be The Good Place. Sorry I know a lot of people like Kirsten Bell. Im not one of those people

  4. Jennifer says:

    I guess Code Black & Beyond Borders DOA, given it’s coming down to the wire? Sad. I like those shows.

    • dan says:

      According to an article on Deadline.com over the weekend, both Code Black and Beyond Borders are likely coming back. Even The Odd Couple may be back (it is doing better than expected in current season). Rush Hour likely cancelled. Limitless was still considered 50-50 and was being shopped to other networks.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks Dan. I hadn’t seen the article. I know a while back this site said that CBS was “planning” to renew most of their freshman shows, but i hadn’t seen anything past that. I hope they do get the green light – I really like them.

      • Bonita says:

        I hope Code Black comes back. I really like that show!

    • Courtney Larson says:

      Code Black & Beyond Borders were both renewed, Rush Hour wasn’t. As for Limitless, still no word that I’ve seen. And I believe that it’s the only new show that hasn’t been decided on as of yet on CBS. But, there’s still a few days left for them to make the decision.

  5. Joel Maurice says:

    I love that on ABC Tuesday at 10 it just says some unlucky show…. so true

    • AMG says:

      Forever’s luckier than the other shows that have aired there in recent years. It had a Live+Same-Day audience of 4-5 million people and a Live+7-Day audience of 7 million. It also had an 1.1 Live+Same-Day adults 18-49 demo and a 1.7 Live+7-Day A18-49 demo. (To compare, the Live+Same-Day ratings were very similar to American Crime, and the Live+7-Day ratings were par for ABC’s ENTIRE Tuesday night lineup.) Forever was among the top 10 broadcast network shows that showed a large increase in the 18-49 demo between Live+Same-Day and C3 AND among the top 20 network shows that showed a large increase in the same demo between C3 and C7. It was one of one four shows to be listed in both rankings. Forever earned a full-season order because of both its performance in the time slot–an increased audience of 70% over the previous season’s airings–and its DVR viewing–an addition of 3 million viewers weekly.

      And those numbers are a whole lot better than Killer Women’s, Lucky 7’s, Mind Games’, Wicked City’s, and Of Kings and Prophets’. The only reason that Forever was cancelled was because it’s owned by WB and not ABC Studios.

    • Bonita says:

      Have you seen or heard anything about Scandal on ABC? I have come to really like the program but I can’t seen to fund it in the schedule. Know anything??

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I really don’t get the splitting up Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. That makes no sense to me as it worked really well. But that aside, I love this grid, it’s so helpful, can’t wait to see the finished product :-)

  7. Bryan says:

    I really loved th trailer of This Is Us and The Good Place. Seeing the former’s competition, I feel like it has a real shot unlike The Good Place who has to battle Greys and TBBT

  8. MrScreenAddict says:

    Is it just me or are the networks holding an unusually high number of their new shows for midseason? Only FOX and NBC have announced their schedules so far, but they’re both only premiering three new shows in the fall and holding a whopping nine each for midseason. I thought fall was usually pretty front-loaded with new material and the only stuff held for midseason was typically fare the network wasn’t as confident in. Should we be worried about the sheer amount of programming that’s being delayed until 2017?

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think the past few years that has changed and the networks have started holding back some of their stronger new series for midseason.

  9. sarah31733 says:

    The ABC Tuesday at 10pm “Some unlucky show” made me snort coffee through my nose!! So true!!!

  10. Boiler says:

    With the bloodbath this year and what I thought were some awful decisions this grid is more about what not on here than some of the “crap” that will be

  11. Sarah says:

    Am I missing bobs burgers???

  12. Carl Harris says:

    No mention of NBC Thursday Night Football starting in November. Those shows will have to split their seasons, like CBS is doing the early part of the Fall Season with their shows.

    NBC: Why moved “The Blacklist” to Thursday nights at 10:00 pm? That show is going against The NFL on CBS and on ABC: “How to Get away with Murder”. Also, Why moved “Chicago Med” from Tuesday night to Thursday Nights at 9:00 pm? I’m not a fan of “Blindspot”, but why moved that show to Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm? Can’t handle CBS Monday Night Show at 10:00 pm and whatever ABC is going to put in the Former “Castle” time slot?

    NBC: “The Voice” may lose a lot of viewers, because of Miley Cyrus!!!! I’m 1 of those viewers. Love Alicia Keys as a Mentor!!!!

  13. Mark says:

    So is limitless season 2 dead then

  14. It looks like I’m going to be doing a lot less TV watching come this fall with some of my favorites gone.

    Books, remember me?!

  15. bobbi6484 says:

    About when does “midseason” start?

  16. Gabrielle says:

    What happened to “Charity Case” with Courteney Cox on FOX?

  17. Christy says:

    Hahahaha. I just noticed you wrote “Some Unlucky Show” as the placeholder for ABC Tuesday at 10pm. So very true!!

  18. Jane says:

    What is NBC doing. It’s got a gazillion Chicago-whatever shows throughout the week and yet it’s benching Blacklist Redemption to mid season? when its pilot already aired to good ratings and it is actually NOT from the Chicago family?

  19. Brian Anderson says:


    • Susan says:

      I totally agree!! Bring back The Family!! The show is great and now since Adam is back, how can ABC cancel!!!??

  20. einat162 says:

    ABC’s “time after time” looks so awful… I swear when watching the teaser trailer the guy’s mustache looked as if it was about to fall off! After cancelling Forever this show seem to be rubbing salt on a open wound. #SaveForever

  21. Demitri says:

    There’s nothing to watch on TV (might give Lethal Weapon a try).
    ABC should have kept Forever, I miss that show.

  22. Norial Ben Tovim says:

    I wish someone brings Forever back .

    • chistosa says:

      Absolutely agree. Forever was well acted and an interesting premise. And who doesn’t love Judd Hirsch?

  23. Robyn says:

    I feel like there is nothing interesting on TV anymore, its all remakes (of great shows that ran for a few years in 80’s and 90’s & no longer relevant), reality shows, or shows that are trying realy hard to be edgy (sex and violence). Can they Renew FOREVER ?

  24. Jeff's Condom says:

    Just renew Forever already.

  25. CK says:

    FOR MIDSEASON: NBC’s: Emerald City

    Hmm… Where have I read that before? ;)

  26. ncmacasl says:

    ABC posted their schedule. please update this. Thanks!!

  27. Ray says:

    This looks to be the weakest and most disappointing crop of new fall shows in quite some time.

  28. Mia says:

    When does fall season start in US for TV? Even Google won’t tell me., geez

  29. Angela Naffziger says:

    Thank goodness for Halmark channel. All shows I like just got cancelled and left very little to pick from.

  30. Carl Harris says:

    What happen to Sunday shows at 7:00 pm?

    Why these usual mid-season shows: ABC: “The Bachelor” and NBC: “The Biggest Loser” aren’t group with the mid-season shows?

  31. Bill Clinton says:

    God cannot abc you doomed shield at 10 pm duck you move it back to 9

  32. Cris says:

    Worst TV line-up I’ve ever seen. Maybe four or five shows to watch. a lot of someone’s are asleep at the wheel.

  33. Leanne says:

    don’t see castle on fall grid? Quantico better be better than the boring last season, yawn..i only stuck with it to (yawn) see how it ended. 2 broke girls still there and they cancelled grandfather. 2bg would be ok if it didn’t sound like they were screaming. that’s what turned me off.

  34. ninergrl6 says:

    Just realized that (as of right now) the only nights I watch anything *other* than the CW are Sunday and Friday.

  35. Mary says:

    Nice that you’ve put Supergirl in red and black.

    I’m disappointed that iZombie has been put off to mid-season. I was counting on watching it after The Flash since Agents of Shield has been moved to a later time.

  36. wrstlgirl says:

    OMG Wednesday at 8:00….Blindspot, Arrow, Survivor, I hope to god I don’t like Lethal Weapon, LOL!!!

  37. Does this mean no fall cycle of the amazing race?

    • Kevin K says:

      There’s going to be one cycle of Amazing Race come mid-season but I have a feeling the MacGyver reboot won’t last that long and it may be one of CBS’ biggest flops.

  38. jp says:

    Very Clever with the supergirl in both red and black!

  39. Lorena says:

    NCIS LA, im not sure, im thinking about passing OUAT and Quantico

    Supergirl, Man with a plan, TBBT, Conviction Scorpion, thinking about Timeless

    NCIS, SHIELD, The flash, Fresh off the boat,Bull

    SVU, Code Black, Arrow if it gets good again, Frequency maybe, Modern Familym designated survivor, Chicago pd

    Bones, TBBT, Great indoors, Legends, Chicago med,

    Blue bloods, Grimm, Hawaii 5-0, The exorcist

    • Lorena says:

      And missing Switched at birth, unreal, project runway, americas next top model, masterchef

      • WingsStef says:

        Cable is mentioned separately. America’s Top Model is moving to VH1. Not sure about Master Chef. I haven’t watched it in a while but didn’t it use to air in the summer?

  40. LORI MCCLAIN says:

    What about Heartbeat?

  41. williamkwebdesign says:

    Supergirl’s ever-other-color made me grin.

  42. Kevin K says:

    The 10 pm Monday night time slot is going to be tough – Scorpion (CBS), Conviction (ABC) and Timeless (NBC). My money’s on Timeless and it’s the only new series I’m looking forward to in the Fall.

  43. grimmette says:

    Why Zoo is not listed as a midseason launches?

  44. Mark says:

    I like the grid and have made a copy of it for reference. Thank you. Do you have a list of summer shows? I can’t find one.

  45. Amber Nieves says:

    NBC channel, Is stupid of changing the Chicago Med to Thursday instead of keeping it on Tuesday night. NBC should’ve put This is us show on Thursday nights instead of putting it on the Chicago Med time slot on Tuesday’s nights instead. Cause original time slot Chicago Med was on Tuesdays in Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on Wednesday but now they put Chicago Med on Thursday instead of Tuesday nights.

  46. Amber Nieves says:

    NBC channel, Is stupid of changing the Chicago Med to Thursday instead of keeping it on Tuesday night. NBC should’ve put This is us show on Thursday nights instead of putting it on the Chicago Med time slot on Tuesday’s nights instead.

  47. Lisa Clark says:

    Why does anyone get invested any shows anymore generally they last one season and are canceled when are the networks going understand people are tired have Getting involved in a show just to see it gone the next season!

  48. Jerry F Ricketts says:

    Castle was light and always had good puzzles to solve but also had the human and relational side of life. Too much unrelatable content in the programs for fall (except some of the medical shows and Big Bang and reality shows like The Voice). Need more shows like Parenthood< Blue Bloods, etc.

  49. Kelly says:

    The only problem I have is they moved Supernatural to Thursday against my favorite New Show Notorious. uggh same time too.

  50. Phun says:

    Nice to see SUPERGIRL in black/red for Monday. LOL Only show I will see that night. :)