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Blindspot Season 1

Blindspot Boss Explains [Spoiler]'s Demise, Teases the Fallout From That Huge Episode-Ending Secret

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of Blindspot. Proceed with caution.

We hope you haven’t been getting too attached to any of Blindspot‘s major players. Judging by Monday’s episode, the show’s writers aren’t sentimental about keeping them around.

By the end of this week’s outing, our May Sweeps Scorecard racked up two more entries in the “Fatalities” section — and it wasn’t even the season finale!

The first casualty of Season 1’s penultimate episode? Bethany Mayfair, who spent the hour investigating the suspicious circumstances that got her ousted from the FBI and brought Sofia back into her life. After piecing together some of the murkier details — for example, the identity of who really killed Tom Carter — Mayfair believed she had gotten to the bottom of her mysterious arrest.

But when Mayfair arrived at an abandoned warehouse, expecting to come face-to-face with Oscar, she instead was met with Jane, who had also gone to the warehouse to tell Oscar their mission was off. Realizing that Jane was somehow involved in the conspiracy against her, Mayfair threatened Jane’s life — but before she could follow through, Oscar killed Mayfair with a bullet to the chest, leaving Jane furious at what he had just done.

But the hour’s most watercooler-worthy moment happened in the very final minutes, when Weller’s dad succumbed to his bad heart. As Bill became less and less lucid with Kurt at his bedside, he tearfully admitted to his son that he did kill Taylor Shaw — then passed away before he could explain further.

We talked with Blindspot creator Martin Gero about Monday’s eventful episode, including why it was the appropriate time to kill off Mayfair, how Weller will cope in the wake of his father’s revelation and the ongoing mystery about who Jane really is, if not Taylor Shaw.

TVLINE | You’ve said in our previous conversations that you essentially had all of Season 1 plotted out from the very beginning. So instead of asking when you decided to kill off Mayfair, I’ll ask why it was the right thing to do at this point in the season.
For us, ousting Mayfair from the FBI was always where we were going to go. Very early in the year, we had discussions in the year about what to do with that character after [she left the FBI]. We had a number of scenarios in place that just didn’t feel right, and I was certainly fighting the idea of killing her off. If you get into a situation where you can have Marianne Jean-Baptiste on your TV show, you should keep Marianne Jean-Baptiste on your TV show. [Laughs] But it became really clear to us that that would be the reason we were doing it, and the story [where she dies] made the most sense, emotionally, for Jane and for Weller. The tricky part about this is, we’re not just talking about where we end this season. We’re working on Season 2 right now, and Season 2 started with a long discussion about Season 3, because you have to tee up the next season. So, knowing what we wanted to do in Season 2, it just made the most sense that if we were going to kill a lead character, she was the one .

Blindspot Season 1TVLINE | What kind of ripple effect will her death have in the finale?
Mayfair’s death, and Weller’s father’s revelation, completely inform the entire finale. There’s no case [of the week], so to speak. It’s all about fallout.

TVLINE | What will Jane’s dynamic with Oscar be like in next week’s final episode? I can’t imagine they’ll ever go back to the way they were.
It shatters their relationship. Jane wants to bring Oscar to justice. It forces her to make a decision, finally, between the “her” of her past and the “her” of her present, and she chooses the good guys. We’re incredibly proud of what we were able to do in Episode 21, where every side mission that Oscar had given Jane ended up [framing Mayfair]. You realize, “Wow, every B-story in the last few episodes has been leading to this moment.” Hopefully that was a satisfying moment for people. And emotionally, fans might not get the resolution they’re expecting [in the finale], but they are going to get a resolution.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about what Weller’s dad revealed at the end of the episode. Given how much his relationship with Weller has progressed this season, why upend it with this big secret?
That’s been something we’ve been moving toward since the first few days of planning this season. You’re looking for those end-of-year big twists, and we feel like we’ve laid the groundwork for that. Because [Weller’s dad] is not exactly lucid, that’s something Weller’s going to struggle with in the next episode — trying to figure out if this was true or not, or if his father had just gone crazy. But for us, Taylor Shaw has been a real focal point of this season, and this will hopefully feel like, once and for all, we know what’s true. In fact, every conversation that we’ve written between him and his father — you could go back and rewatch them, and they’re even more satisfying when you know this.

TVLINE | But the idea that Weller’s dad killed Taylor means Jane isn’t Taylor. Will the finale delve into her true identity at all?
There’s a lot of new information. Like we did in Episode 21, we’re going to tie up a lot of loose ends and answer a lot of questions [in the finale]. And new questions will be asked. It’s a big episode.

Blindspot fans, what are your thoughts on Mayfair’s demise and Bill’s big secret? Hit the comments with your reactions to Monday’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shuna says:

    Hate the decision to kill office Mayfair…not sure I want to keep watching

    • M3rc_Nate says:

      I love it. Not only wasn’t she a good boss or person or Federal Agent, but the show established that actions have cone sequences and I LOVE that.

    • Viv says:

      Yeah, I’m out. This show has killed too many lesbians & her death is senseless. MJB is such a great talent; it seems foolish to waste her like this show did.

      • Mollymoo says:

        ? This show kills off characters (sort of major and minor) on a weekly basis. Did it bug you when they took out Mr. Corrupt CIA or this litany of others? It would have disengenuos to keep a character based on her demographics.

        • Normandy says:

          Do you read many comments on this board? So many people here lose their minds anytime someone dies on a show, and then they like to complain about demographics. If you made a show about the Titanic, some people here would flip out if anyone died.

      • Jim says:

        Her death is senseless? Have you even watched the show? And it had nothing to do with her being a lesbian.

    • jtrattray says:

      I’m not, I’m out. One, she was by far the best actress on the show. Two, I’m fed up watch the bury your gays trope and the poor treatment of people of colour. It’s disgusting.

      • sara says:

        I’m sorry but you don’t keep a character around just because they are gay. That’s dumb. The show isn’t making it a thing….but you sure are.

      • Jess says:

        For the love of all things righteous! They didn’t kill Mayfair because she was a woman, a POC, or a lesbian. This show is one of the most diverse on television. Of the 6 primary leads you have 4 women vs 2 men. 3 POCs. This show hasn’t been shy on pulling the plug on big players. And you can’t kill Kurt or Jane at this point. That leaves 3 women, 1 man and 3 POCS to choose from. You can’t demand diversity in casting, and then scream when it comes time to oust a beloved character from the show and they aren’t white, male, and hetero. In fact the only white, male, hetero character to oust was Kurt…and it’s his story as much as Jane’s. Mayfair makes the most sense from a story telling perspective…and that has nothing to do with her genetics or love interests. I am sad to see her go. I found her a compelling character, and a great addition to the team. But I think the fallout will make for good tv and I am all for that.

        • Mollymoo says:

          Yes! Exactly.

        • Leigh anne says:

          Thank you for speaking what I have been thinking every time someone freaks ou about a dead charachter that is also some kind of minority. Yea here character was great and we lost her, that should be what it is really about. The true mark of equality is when we stop looking at what boxes she checks to qualify how bad her death is and just see that yea her character was awesome and she is a great actor and it sucks for her to die but we are not the writers. We don’t know what story they have in line for next episode or next year so we have no right to complain about their choices.

          If you don’t like the way tv works…..where characters die then stop watching and definately don’t watch cop shows

          • Heidi says:

            The CW has been praised as the most LGBT friendly network. Of their shows currently on tv 6 have had female LGBT representation.
            LOT has bisexual Sara Lance, who died but magically came back to life. She is now romantically interested in a guy.
            Arrow has her ex girlfriend Nyssa. She is romantically interested in nobody at the moment and is mostly offscreen.
            The vampire diaries had lesbians Nora and Mary Louise, but they are both dead now.
            The 100 killed off lesbian Lexa, her lover Clarke is bisexual and still alive. Although she is most likely going to end up with the show’s male lead.
            Supernatural killed it’s only lesbian Charlie.
            Jane the virgin killed bisexual Rose and her lesbian lover Luisa has basically been off screen since.

            So, the CW currently has two bisexuals, and two offscreen lesbians. And they are still being praised for LGBT diversity. It isn’t just the CW that is like this. This is equality right? So for equality we should kill off half of the straight characters and half of the white characters on the show right?

          • So, if we look at the show’s main cast. There are 3 black characters and now one is dead. So we should kill 1/3 of every ethnicity for equality right? Well there is only one hispanic character, so we’ll spare her. But there are three white people. So let’s kill Kurt. Ok, now to LGBT. She made up 100% of the LGBT representation for the main cast. I guess that means we should kill all of the straight characters too, for equality right? Damn, now there are no characters left…

            Obviously I’m being ridiculous. But to suggest that the rate of lesbian characters dying is equality is also ridiculous.

        • Shows never kill of lesbians and POC because they are lesbians and POC, yet somehow they still die disproportionately. It isn’t an issue with one tv show, it is an issue with tv and film as a whole and ultimately society.

          There have been 17 lesbian/bi characters that have died so far this year. Which wouldn’t be an issue if there was 100s of lesbian/bi characters on tv, but there aren’t. On US/UK/AUS tv there were less than 40 lesbian/bi characters at the beginning of this year, most of the ones left have their lover killed (this year or last) which essentially ended their “lesbian storyline”. There have been more deaths in the past 4 1/2 months than the number of tv shows that have given lesbian/bi characters happy endings (15).

          I don’t want lesbian characters to be treated differently or never killed off. I would however like to turn on my tv and see myself represented and not know that the lesbian couple I am getting attached to isn’t going to end with one of them dying, because that is how the majority of them do right now. I just want lesbian/bi characters to be treated with a little more respect, it shouldn’t be that hard.

          I really like Blindspot and I will continue to watch it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed that another lesbian/bi character has died, especially a POC.

          • NightOwl says:

            I’m presently looking at the May Sweeps Scorecard. I don’t see the disproportion between lesbian/gay deaths that you mention. The issue may not be that there are more lesbian/gay deaths, rather, that those are the ones that are more noticed by you and perhaps others. Also, just because one “lesbian storyline” ends with the death of one of the characters involved, doesn’t mean another can’t begin. I guess that’s just the way I look at it.

          • Carol_R says:

            Lexa was killed off on “The 100” because the actress is now a regular on “Fear the Walking Dead” and she can’t film both shows. Killing Lexa off has led to a great storyline on “The 100”.

            She wasn’t on contract to “The 100” and she took a role on “Fear the Walking Dead” that probably paid a lot more and has a lot more visibility. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t gotten the role of Alicia on “Fear the Walking Dead”?

        • cej says:

          Very well said. Thank you!

          • cej says:

            Jess, Very well said. Thank you! (I couldn’t figure out how to edit my previous comment.)

        • Ioanna Pap says:

          Well said!

        • NightOwl says:

          Well said Jess!

        • Besos43 says:

          Yes, I am right there with you!! I lo ve the show!! I can’t wait forma the finales ando season 2!!

      • Teresa Thelin says:

        She was definitely the best actress in the cast. I will miss her.

    • Mollymoo says:

      Now see, I think your reaction is a testament to a good story / character development. Mayfair wasn’t a good person. She was part of a conspiracy to use illegal / shady means to carry out their own brand of perceived justice. And a group with same moral compass took her down. Mayfair today was seemingly a better person…and yet she showed she was willing to do what she had to to cover her past actions. In last nights episode she even said at some point that she wasn’t willing to come clean or let info out about their past because she knew it would mean over turned convictions. Now, did that require her death? No, not to most sane people…but Oscar is not one of those. He’s a man on a mission to expose a conspiracy and take done It’s players. He’s also a man that shows he’d do whatever it took to protect Jane and his mission. Viewers dislike the Oscar character because they see him as a shady, vigilante. They react as you do to Mayfair because she’s been built up as a tough, but dedicated member of the good guy team… And yet the whole premises of the show is that she’s just like Oscar…or was and is now fighting to protect that past from exposure.

      • Carol_R says:

        I don’t see Oscar really in the villain role. In both killing Thomas Carter and Mayfair I consider it self-defense. They were both trying to kill Jane. Mayfair actually had broken house arrest and could have been considered a fugitive at the time of her death. And I find it ironic that Mayfair had done to her the EXACT same thing that she did to numerous others (frame them for crimes).

        • Chris says:

          She didn’t frame them for crimes. She used evidence that would normally have been inadmissible in court under the “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” doctrine. Like, even if someone is 100% guilty of murder, and even if I have the truthful evidence that proves it, that evidence is inadmissible if I obtained it through an illegal act. They were laundering evidence that was obtained illegally by falsifying how they came about that evidence.

          Mind, that’s still bad; it’s just not the same as framing people, which implies that they didn’t do whatever bad thing they were on trial for.

  2. Nell says:

    Poor Mayfair..

  3. Jessica Lynn Valure says:

    I think it sucks they killed Mayfair but I’m sure they did it for a reason. What I really want to know if Taylor Shaw is dead then who the hell is Jane really and how come Oscars told her she was Taylor Shaw. Looking forward to the finale it’s gonna be good. I don’t know how Weller or the rest of the team are gonna do when they find out she’s been working against them.

    • jtrattray says:

      Somehow there are always reasons to kill women, especially women of colour.

      • Mollymoo says:

        Wondering if you said “there is always a reason to kill old, white men” when they took out her CIA counterpart….or if you had comments about all the other bodies wracked up in the show. Mayfair may have been shoot by Oscar but it was her ex-lover…another minority female, that seems to be behind the whole mess. Sll,characters should be treated with an even hand…that means all characters are fair game to be written out.

        • Nell says:

          Problem with that comment is that there are still plenty of old white men on tv. It’s rare enough to have gay women of color on tv, and if one dies, that’s it!

          • Kelly says:

            The problem with your argument is that gay women of color should get some kind of free pass. If we want equality…then it has to be equal. Her race and sexual preference shouldn’t even be a factor….it’s about her character and where her story was heading…period.

          • Mollymoo says:

            I think Kelly said all that needs to be – the issue here is a desire to see equal treatment of characters in programming – you can’t demand that and then complain when it’s given. Mayfair wasn’t axed because she was a black lesbian. It was about the character and her role in story. The fact that she happened to be played by an African America actress is irrelevant.

          • Jill says:

            If it’s about equal treatment, killing Mayfair means there are no LGBTQ characters on Blindspot, and no black women. It halves the number of black people and the number of women of colour. Ever seen the killing of a straight white man do that?

      • VegasGal72 says:

        Stop, just stop.

  4. MIGUELMONGE says:

    Great episode, can’t wait to see how the story all evolves. Will get to know who Jane really is…..

  5. Interesting how these showrunners always come up with the idea to kill the female characters on these shows. I’m not even going to comment on the fact that she was also a minority actress.

    • STOP-IT says:

      Did anyone complain when they killed Tom Carter? How about Weller’s dad? ENOUGH with pulling the race card. The show revolves around a female, how on Earth can you cry sexism?

      • Tom says:

        Ageism… all 3 are OLD!

        • STOP-IT says:


          I’m surprised no one has complained about another #BuryYourGays yet. It’s television, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch. It’s as simple as that.

          • STOP-IT says:

            And that wasn’t directed at you, it was directed at all the complainers.

          • GREG HOFFMAN says:

            I’ll watch the show if I feel like it, and complain about the plot, acting, actors, and anything else I feel like, if you don’t like my comments…don’t read them!

      • Mollymoo says:

        And it appears that the whole thing to take down Daylightit the third member of it….. a non-white, non-straight, non-male. :)

      • Jerri says:

        Was Patterson’s BF a minority character? Blindspot has killed off a number of “the good guys” already, only one or two were minority character. The others where predominantly white guys. What’s there to complain about? Had Mayfair was the only one killed, yeah, you’d have had a fair point. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill here otherwise.

  6. Jason says:

    I like Mayfair but it’s early enough in the show that I wouldn’t say she’s not expendable. Other than Weller and Jane, the only character who’s loss would seriously hurt things is Patterson. Especially considering she brings pretty much 99% of the levity to the show.

  7. Kat says:

    I thought her identity had been confirmed via DNA? And Oscar confirmed it? Am I misremembering that? I’m going to call bullcrap if she actually isn’t Taylor Shaw. A good twist is set up so you can see it coming when you go back and look again, it doesn’t come out of nowhere contradicting everything you’ve been told before. My guess (hope) is he was somehow involved in her disappearance and thus always felt responsible for her fate, whether he thought she was dead or just knew she was gone for good. Close to death and incoherent that guilt he felt from whatever his role was lead to him stating he killed her when that wasn’t literally what happened. Otherwise it’s going to feel like a cheap bait and switch that comes at the expense of logic.

    • Dadood Frumcheers says:

      No misremembering, you’re 100% correct. Unless Oscar somehow interfered with the DNA test and lied to Jane, she’s Taylor Shaw.

    • Chester says:

      Yes but she had something in her bones or blood that suggested she was born in Africa? And therefore not Taylor

      • Jim says:

        It had to do with some isotopes in he teeth that suggested she was raised in South Africa or something to that effect.

    • Catshadow says:

      Actually one test came back confirming she was Taylor Shaw but a different one said she was not. Oscar said she was Taylor but did not produce evidence to confirm it.

      • Kat says:

        I did forget that, but hasn’t she had a few flashes of memories that seem to confirm she’s Taylor? Like the fishing with Kurt and his dad thing? If she’s not Taylor then, what, there’s memory implanting technology? Whoever she is she just happened to have had a disturbingly similar childhood as Taylor? I just can’t see how any explanation isn’t going to be super convoluted if she’s really not Taylor.

        • Catshadow says:

          I believe that memory was planted by Oscar when he gave her pictures of Taylor’s childhood. She said she remembered to make Weller’s dad happy as he was in hospital dying.

      • herman1959 says:

        Yes, per the second test, Jane’s enzymes didn’t match Taylor’s.

      • NightOwl says:

        Oscar also asked Jane to look at the pictures of Taylor with Weller, and act as though she remembered those times. That really made me question…1. If she is Taylor, the pictures would most likely generate memories, like other things have done. 2. If she is Taylor, why would Oscar want her to “pretend she remembers”? She had no connection at all with those pictures of Taylor, which led me to believe she isn’t Taylor. Also, Jane had a memory of being at Taylor’s funeral (if I remember correctly). Maybe it wasn’t Taylor’s funeral now that I think about it, but Taylor’s death was brought up at it and ho Weller felt. When I saw that, I started wondering if that is when they hatched the plan to make him believe she is Taylor. So, I’ve had questions about if Jane really is Taylor for a while now.

    • John NYC says:

      DNA has to be compared to some other DNA for a match to be determined. So the Taylor Shaw sample was switched out with a “Jane Doe” sample. Look at all those people know: access to
      stored samples is easily possible. Heck given “Jane” was military there’d be samples already archived, not easy to get to but they recruited her right out of the teams….. people with a lot of access.

  8. Kevin K says:

    They better get rid of Oscar in next week’s season finale. Have a feeling Season 2 is about to take a turn for the worse (moving to Wednesdays @ 8). Also, the show should cast the new head of the FBI now that Mayfair is gone.

    • Alyse says:

      I think they will kill him off since the actor is the lead in a new fall show.

    • jtrattray says:

      I’m sure they have a straight white man lined up to replace MJB.

      • OlneyAve says:

        Give it a rest, please.

      • DirkDirty says:

        Whatever is it makes you feel so adamant that a Female of Both the LGBT & African American Communities deserves representation on a popular television series? There are 1.7% of the US population that identify as lesbian or gay, so only half or 0.85% that are Lesbians.
        Of those FEW women let’s say that 14.8% (African American US Population %) are African American Lesbians, OK? …. That gives a 0.1258% of the populous 20% of the Blindspot Main Character positions?!
        So, you desire / insist that 0.1258% of the US Population be represented constantly on Popular Primetime TV Shows!? What about the Handicapped, the Blind, the Poor, the Rich, the Ugly, the Left Handed Senior Citizens, the Red Heads, the Filipino Americans, the Chinese Restaurant Workers, the Dyslexic Allergy Ridden Meat Eating Retail Clerks of America?? Let’s include all of them and also throw in a Main Character who is somehow a fair mix of All of the above, wants a sex change and the right to marry 4 spouses! Will you be happy?
        With the Mayfair character you gotten enough high profile representation for decades. Meanwhile there are still a disproportionate number of LGBT persons for your viewing on TV shows of all types Go enjoy them and quit whining, it’s childish and unbecoming!

        • NightOwl says:

          Wow! Awesome response, and 100% spot on. I really liked the inclusion of “Left Handed Senior Citizens”. I’m sorry, but you forgot the red headed stepchildren. How could you? They should be represented also. You got the red heads, but you leave out the red headed step children? Sheesh. And the answer to your question “Will they be happy?”, the answer is NO.

      • Micheal says:

        Weller was named as head to replace Mayfair. The Director told Weller that he is the new head or he is out of the FBI.

      • VegasGal72 says:

        I sure hope so, I could use some more eye candy on the show!

  9. Mimi says:

    I thought that Oscar was a fraud, a liar, but when Mayfair old lover came to the warehouse, it set me back to maybe he’s not, and who is Jane again!!!!!, and don’t get me started on daylight🍺🍷

  10. Yogi says:

    Since you senselessly killed off Mayfair, even though I love all the characters, I don’t believe I will continue watching!

  11. kayell says:

    I wonder if they do polls about favourite characters to least fav characters. A lot of characters I couldn’t stand in some of my favourite shows ended up getting the axe – Tara in Buffy, Carter in Person of Interest, Mayfair in Blindspot, to name a few over the years. It can’t be a coicidence. I’m sure most people found Mayfair to be annoying as well? It was indeed a death that needed to happen

  12. Ana says:

    What if she’s a twin or something?

  13. Susan says:

    I am very upset that Oscar killed Mayfair. I really loved her, and I am furious, that her ex girlfriend, was in on it. She said she loved her, but that’s not love. I am going to miss Bethany Mayfair so much. I am also devasted, that Bill Weller, told his son, that Jane doe, is not Taylor shaw, because Bill really killed Taylor, when she was a kid. How could he do that? I love Jane doe, that I thought was really Taylor shaw. I am also upset, that Oscar, is going to try and wipe Jane Does memory out, all again. I hope she gets away from him. I hate Oscar. I am very devastated about the whole thing

    • Randy H says:

      The moment they decided to take mayfair off the show was the moment i stopped watching the show….I’d love to continue watching to see the direction the show is headed..but the writers directors of the show didn’t stop to realize the level of impact a character has in the viewers lives…especially mine…mayfair has played a great roll in my life since I started watching the series n I’m super proud of her regardless.

  14. Marni says:

    Now I’m really intrigued. I need to know what will happen to Jane and Kurt.

    • jtrattray says:

      Hopefully Kurt dies.

      • Soraya says:

        i soooo agree with you. that character bothers me way too much and am i the only one who thinks the guy who plays Kurt Weller is so stiff in his acting? or maybe am just crazy…

        • VegasGal72 says:

          I love Sullivan Stapleton. I think he comes off the way he does due to him being Australian and making sure he keeps with the American accent.

          • Chris says:

            OK, but that explanation seems equivalent to me to saying that he’s having trouble acting the part.

        • Chris says:

          You’re not crazy. I don’t particularly want his character killed off; but I’m not a fan of Stapleton’s acting.

  15. Vivolyn says:

    Still pissed Mayfair was killed…just don’t feel like justice. She died thinking Jane set her up when Jane was also setup. I hate that he played her and on her non memory sigh

  16. James D says:

    What?! I’m not sure the writers know which end is up any more. it is one twist after another, one mystery after another, and instead of coming off as a coherent adventure mystery it feels far more like throwing random things at the wall and seeing what sticks. it isn’t clever it is jarring and confusing and not in a good way. real shame because the first half of the season was so good. I will continue to watch because I really like the cast and half a smidgen of curiosity left to keep in it but Season two needs to be tighter and more coherent or I’m going to say bye bye. Sorry just my opinion.

  17. Vivolyn says:

    I’m guessing its now gonna be said just like the other babies they somehow got all sort of samples and made Jane Doe..after all she is bar coded etc.. Now how and where they got the real Taylor sample? From her mother? Father? Sigh I’ve so much questions and again still pissed! Really hate Oscar right now so damn trigger happy..couldn’t shoot her in her leg and answer their questions? Kmt!

    • Mollymoo says:

      Wasn’t the point to take down the people behind daylight. If Mayfair could expose the mission it puts the anti-daylight project in jeopardy. Oscar also has shown he’d go to extremes to protect Jane and, maybe more importantly, the anti-daylight mission. Shooting Mayfair in the leg would have been ridiculously out of character for this guy who clearly has a single focus, distorted sense of right and wrong and emotion based, reactionary decision making process.

  18. sammy says:

    Seriously if Jane or Weller doesnt kill Oscar I gonna scream. He mite be the love of her life or the whatever but he is hecticallu dodgy and has ZERO chemistry with Jane. Weller and Jane have more chemistry… Anyhoos… I think I knew Mayfair was gonna die for a while now but I thought it would be one of those ambiguous deaths and she comes back further down the road…

  19. Carole says:

    what is with the people who make these shows? fantastic first season and truly hooked but now cannot watch due to excessive camera movement. it is as if they can only afford one camera! maybe they think that it adds to the drama – it just makes us truly ill and as well can causing severe health problems in susceptible people.
    and that is before you get to them killing off characters before the show is truly established.

  20. Ana says:

    I just love Blindspot. It’s such a great example of what a show can be when the creator and writers have a clear vision from the start and know exactly what they’re doing. So rewarding to watch when one is able to truly trust the show runners. I appreciate it immensely that they’re talking season 3 when laying down season 2. Makes me look confidently into Blindspot’s future.
    I was really saddened by Mayfair’s death but as a fan I can understand why it had to happen and that’s all that matters to me. My heart broke into a million pieces for Jane when she kept saying over and over “I didn’t know”. I’ve been saying for a while know that I love Jane Doe gratify but I don’t know if I’d care for Taylor Shaw – or fr the woman she used to be before her mind wipe. Seeing her struggle with her former self and coming to embrace who she is now is really something I’ve been looking forward to seeing.
    I’m terrified and excited for what lies ahead with everything that was revealed last night and am hoping that Jane will not lose Kurt when the truth comes to light. So much of their relationship was based on the fact that Kurt was certain that he got Taylor back – and yet he interestingly keeps calling her Jane. He’s such a moral rock and the one person I trust 1000% on the show and I know there will be immense fallout when the truth (or part of it) will come to light. But I wanna believe that what they’ve built so far is strong enough to withstand said fallout.

  21. Teresa Jessie says:

    I loved her character, and hate they had to kill her off. I understand it though.

  22. Jim says:

    How awesome was it when the elevator opened up & Jane threw that guy across the hallway.

  23. Wendy says:

    Jane’s a clone.

    • Olivia says:

      Glad to see someone else think that. I was starting to think that it sounded too far-fetched as she’s an adult woman but I wouldn’t be surprised due to her background. Who knows what unsanctioned science happened during the last 3 decades in the military shadows. Kyle XY vibes haha.

    • Mollymoo says:

      I’d not be surprised – although I’d not be surprised to find out that she wasn’t too. :) I keep thinking that baby arriving just as Jane did has more to do with Jane’s story than we’ve seen so far.

    • Chris says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking for a long while now.

  24. OlneyAve says:

    I don’t understand how people can be so sensitive that they would watch 22 out of 23 episodes of a show and then stop watching because a character got killed off. You’ve already invested your time and energy into the experience, you can’t make it through at least one more episode? Lol

  25. Susan Couvillion says:

    I really didn’t think it was real that Mayfair was killed. Kept thinking it was some sort of dream sequence! That was shocking! Can’t wait for the Season Finale!!

  26. Rita Parker says:

    With the murder of Mayfair Jane is now an accessory to that murder. There’s no way around that. The loss of Mayfair is huge – Marianne Jean-Baptiste was amazing and it ruins the dynamic of the team. Beyond that if Jane is not Taylor Shaw the dynamic with Weller changes and it was their chemistry and the fact she could be Taylor that hooked me to the show. If the finale doesn’t do it for me, I’m done.

  27. SUE says:

    Love the show !!! It’s a refreshing change of pace from the “reality” shows (UGH!). Killing characters is a part of why I stay on the edge of my seat. My husband and I won’t miss an episode. Really dreading when the Blindspot is completely solved.

  28. Gee whiz – everyone going on about taking out a leading character – do any of you guys watch Games of Thrones – all the leading characters there get taken out – and the story still goes on strong…..I am sure the writers and producers have something pretty awesome lined up……cannot wait for more……

    • Normandy says:

      The thing is she’s not even a leading character. I’ve actually seen comments from people here who don’t want anything bad to ever happen to the main characters and they must always go home happy and safe.

  29. donna.weakely@central.areo says:

    I love this show, keep writing.

  30. Normandy says:

    Coming this fall to TV — Quota: The Series, produced by several TV Line commenters.

  31. mrsugbome says:

    Only here to read the comments :)

  32. Carol_R says:

    Mayfair needed to go. She was a longtime corrupt cop and just because in the last year or so she didn’t continue being corrupt didn’t erase all those years that she was. At the very least, Mayfair should have had the decency to resign, especially when she knew that every new case she was involved with would be tainted if it ever came out how corrupt she was.

    And while Oscar has sort of now been cast somewhat as a villain, both Thomas Carter and Mayfair’s death occurred because he was protecting Jane. They were both trying to kill Jane. Their deaths could be considered self-defense.

    I like Marianne Jean-Baptiste a lot as an actress, but if they wanted her long term on the show, then they shouldn’t have written her character to be a corrupt cop who’d been corrupt for years.

    Basically Mayfair had done to her the same thing she’d done to countless other people.

    The part that was surprising was the Weller’s dad did murder Taylor Shaw and Weller was right all those years. I’m guessing that Jane is a clone of Taylor Shaw that was somehow created, probably using the technology they just discovered in this episode, aged somehow, and probably created to be a super soldier.

    I’m wondering if Mayfair was involved in creating Jane though some of her past actions.

    • John NYC says:

      But the “tech” they discovered was just standard IVF: the “samples” from the parents easily being sperm and eggs. Then a surrogate mom and they’re in business.

      So my bet is a much more straightforward records swap. The people behind Jane have a lot of resources so messing with a dna database or stored sample should be doable. A lot more than some whiz bang cloning.

  33. KLR says:

    I didn’t think Mayfair was going to go out the way she did and at the time she did, but I thought she would probably bite the dust after last week’s episode. Really, since her whole life revolved around the FBI, what would she do, as a character, without that? Even if she could prove she didn’t kill Carter or Alexandra, she’s done plenty wrong. It would strain belief too far if she went back to the FBI after everything.

    I think the actress is great and I even liked Mayfair, as a character (except for her personal life). But, that just shows the power of perception. We got to see Mayfair as a noble leader who stood by her people long before we saw that she had a shady past. She was never a true villain because she evoked empathy from the start. It’s like the saying that every storybook villain is the hero of the story in his own mind.

    I do see another case, in her death, of the old trope of killing off gay TV characters. But, I’m 100% fine with that.

  34. PatriciaLee says:

    I liked watching Blindspot and the Mayfair character because I liked the actress in Without a Trace. I am not going to watch my saved recorded episodes, and I am not going to continue with the show. I am getting so tired of the Jane character having that frozen look with the inferred gasp, “Me? I’m somethingorother?” Without my Mayfair wading through all this doo, I’m out of here. I like Weller, but without Mayfair with him, the fun is gone.

  35. Alan says:

    Cloning is what this is about. “Jane” is a Clone of Taylor. Coming attractions when Weller says “Who are you”. Put 2 and 2 together…all those babies were cloned. “Jane” has no memory because the childhood never existed.

  36. David R Walch says:

    My husband and I have enjoyed the show but did not like how this past episode played out. How Jane is going to be able to face the team knowing what she did (Which had a hand in the murder to the death confession of the Father left us saying” What a depressing , bummer of a show. Could use a little levity (Especially in these sucky political times! Makes us not want to tune in anymore.

  37. Rbarn948 says:

    Any thoughts on the possibility of Sarah’s involvement in the accidental death of Taylor?

  38. Leslie says:

    Mayfair was akin to the tomato sauce of a good stew – she provided spice and tang and depth. I will miss her humanity and imperfections. I hope that the show finds another actor as capable as Marianne Jean-Baptiste to pick up the slack.

    Now it’s time to make dinner :-)

  39. GREG HOFFMAN says:

    Interesting premise, beautiful lead! tough as nails too…now that’s a super hero. Male star would never have taken this long on his previous series to get the girl…

  40. Maddie B says:

    I honestly don’t believe that people understand that it’s just a show!! Like come on!! Entertainment!! Nobody is asking you to comment on whether or not this is a racist or homophobic show?? And it’s not, nor was it implied?? This is literally crazy. All anybody ever does is get offended and it’s ridiculous. You watch TV to be entertained, not to criticize it!! This is a great show and I hope that it continues to be produced for quite a long time.. Now let’s get back to answering the question they ACTUALLY asked.. Does anyone know why Weller’s father would kill Taylor?? When he was mumbling it before he passed, he said something about her being so small.. What happened? Anyone else have an idea??

  41. Cres says:

    Great finale! !!! I’m gonna miss you mayfair by you came back to the show…

  42. Susan says:

    I loved Mayfair. I am very upset, that blind spot killed her. As far as Jane Doe, not being Taylor Shaw, that upset me too, because I loved Jane Doe with Weller, and now he’s furious at her, and had her arrested.

  43. Barbara Coy says:

    Do not think that it served the show well to kill Mayfair. Too many people have died that did not make sense. We need a few more ‘bright” spots in this show. Question: What happened to Kurt’s sister, Sarah?