Nashville Cancelled Connie Britton Reaction

Connie Britton Reacts to Nashville Cancellation: 'I Am Forever Changed'

Rayna Jaymes may never tour again, thanks to Nashville‘s recent cancellation, but Connie Britton wants fans to know that the ABC series’ place in her heart “is deep and permanent.”

On Thursday, ABC chose not to renew the country-music drama for a fifth season. The actress recently posted a note to her Instagram account, thanking the drama’s cast, crew and fans of the country-music drama for their support over the show’s run.

“I’d just like to say it’s been my honor to be a part of this world, to live in it and breathe it in and try to replicate it,” Britton wrote.

She also seemed to reference Nashville‘s missteps, such as the current, polarizing Maddie-emancipation storyline. “Sometimes we were more successful than others. But the place of Nashville in my heart is deep and permanent,” she wrote. “And I am forever changed for the better.”

On a related note, Lionsgate TV — which produced Nashville with ABC Studios — tweeted on Friday that it was “working hard” to find a new home for the series.You can read Britton’s message in full below:

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  1. Phillip says:

    I really, really hope that Nashville can find a new home. I love this show so much.

    • french5851 says:

      ditto!! I love the series and was so looking forward to the future of Gunner, Avery and Scarlet. I also would love to see Deacon and Rayna make some music…. keeping my fingers crossed!!!

      • Amy says:

        Me too! Love this show. (Even with it’s flaws…the wonderful cast made even the bad writing compelling for me to watch.)
        It was the last of the only 3 shows I’ve watched in the past several years and the other two ended this year too (Downton Abbey & Idol.). :((
        It was the ONLY show on ABC I watch, NOTHING else in it’s line-up has interested me in years. It really says a lot that dopey drivel that is “The Bachelor” has survived all this time, that old and so so tired Grey’s Anatomy has survived (I stopped after Season 1, yawn..)….and Nashville with the BEST ensemble cast on TV I can recall (other than Downton), with such a unique premise that hadn’t been done before, in a town that has grown in popularity, due to a music scene that has grown in popularity….gets cancelled?!! And the writers don’t seem to be able to write to the rich potential the characters, setting & actors afforded them? Shameful ABC. Suck it.
        I PRAY, SOMEONE picks it up, be it Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, CMT, I don’t care!! And then hopefully runners & writers with BRAINS and something above a grade school mentality are at the helm…because some of the shallow cliche’d treatments of the “gay vs. bigots” stereotypes, and constant half-baked storylines that went no where….a 3rd grader couldn’t get away with in creative writing class.
        Rant done. For now…
        NOT done Tweeting other stations to PICK UP NASHVILLE, Y’ALL!!!!!

        • Mike C says:

          Amy – What you said, except I also watched Agent Carter and Castle. I will not miss Castle. It was time for it to bow out. So, no ABC.

        • Anna says:

          Yes I soo agree with almost every word you said, Amy! Next to Downton it was the best. Wish Gray’s Anatomy had been cancelled years ago. Definitely time for Castle to go. Can’t think of anything else ABC offers that’s worth watching. I hope Nashville finds a place so I can learn what happens next! Have to wonder if there’s a chance Juliette survived!

          • Charlene says:

            Yes please someone should take the opportunity to pic this up. Great story lines and great cliff hangers. Shame on you abc

      • Since the wedding I have waited more Deyna music side and now it may never happen :( Plus I really would want to know what new showrunners had planned for next season!

    • ? says:

      I thought this was an ABC Studios show. I’m so happy right now to hear it at least has a chance.

    • Charlene Blackwell says:

      I’m once again furious with the abc tv broadcast of not renewing the show. This is what happened with ‘Dallas’ on TNT. I’ve never watched that channel again. Over a year now. Leave us with major cliff hangers and just end a show. What’s wrong with y’all. (Abc)

      • Mel says:

        I totally agree!! Nashville was awesome and my favorite TV show. I hate ABC for just cancelling shows on a whim. How Grey’s Anatomy has survived all of these years is beyond me. It doesn’t make sense!! And I loved Dallas too. That was a terrible way to end the show. Ugh.

    • Beth Froehling says:

      Me, too! I love this show and am so sad it has been cancelled. Please find a new home!!!

    • Tia Collins says:

      I agree completely This is the best show on tv. I pray they find a new home very soon. I don’t know what I will/would watch in place of it. Not a very smart move for abc.

  2. bobbi6484 says:

    I am really hoping that Lionsgate is successful in finding another home for this show. It is the only show centered in the country music/Nashville world and I don’t want to lose it. Time will tell, I guess.

  3. Boiler says:

    Although I have seen nothing official a few commenters on other sites have suggested that Tennessee’s recent enactment of “anti-gay” laws may have played a part in this. Also Hayden going back into treatment for post partum depression may have played a part. If these are true fans of the show who would support the actors’ positions would likely want to know that. It could also take some of the heat off ABC who made what appears to be a misguided decision. I know this is all hearsay but thought I would ask. This sort of goes along with my request, at least, to ask some tough questions next week.

    • Sarah96 says:

      I’ve heard about that too and if one of the main lead is in treatment again, I don’t see how they could continue with season 5 without her appearing… the network would have to kill her off or record less episodes to see if she could come back again. It’s hard with this problem she’s facing..hopefully she will get better.
      The anti-gay law seems like a possibility too especially with the cast expressing there displeasure about the subject.
      I don’t think the network is the only place to blame with certain shows cancellations..some storylines and choices also make certain fans to stop watching every week and the ratting’s were bad through all the season, in the end it’s always a combination of factors that get a show cancelled.
      If Nashville can get “adopted” to another network than I’m happy for the fans.

      • Nikki says:

        If its that Hayden needs time for treatment they could have brought the show back midseason for 13 episodes (or less) to properly wrap up and give an ending.

        • Martina says:

          Your comment makes me wish they had up arrows on comments on this site. After ppl invest 4 years in show, the least a network could do is allow a 13 ep or ‘special movie’ to wrap up loose ends. Networks have struggled lately with new shows (sweeping statement) but I now don’t bother watching new shows until I see what the ratings are like because I’ve been let down so much in the past.

        • Nasonya says:

          I think I would feel better with a solid conclusion as well. I was shocked to hear it was ending with so many new twist going on.

    • So, Hayden Pantierre, the person, and not just the character she plays, is suffering from PPD? I hope she starts feeling better soon, regardless of the fate of the show. But I do hope that the show finds a home somewhere else so that new show runners and writers can place Maddie, Cash and Layla in the Waitress Protection Program.

    • I love the show and hope that it finds a new home but I would hardly call ABC’s decision to cancel “misguided”. And the decision came down to the bottom line as none of the possibilities you address would have been or should have been deal-breakers. The show has tanked in the ratings; although ABC is struggling across the board, Nashville is an aging show and thus would have likely been that much more expensive to renew. The decision to cancel a show is rarely a misguided one, even if we few fans aren’t happy about it.

      • Boiler says:

        The reason I say it is misguided is that they have kept shows that are performing equal to or worse than Nashville. The fact that it is aging but performing steadily should be a positive and not a negative. ABC has cancelled the only 2 shows it had that performed better before the hiatus than after although Castle was going to be totally different. Many of their shows are nose diving. As to cost, Nashville contributes millions to the cost for advertising and hopefully the new showrunners would have eliminated some of the characters to help. Also to say what I suggest as possible reasons could be very real as much of the show is taped in Nashville. So I don’t agree that they were not deal breakers. If the actors no longer felt that this was a state they wanted to work in that basically ends the show. I guess basically I would really like to start hearing why from networks since to fans some of these decisions make no sense. Nashville happens to be one of the bigger ones, and now Mysteries of Laura.

        • Boiler says:

          Sorry I should have said AFTER the hiatus

        • Pedro says:

          The shows with equal performance probably cost a lot less. From the fifth season of a show on the Studio stops partially paying for costs and the network takes over all expenses. Everyone gets a pay bump year after year, especially a show that has name TV actors like this one.

    • Dude says:

      I think Hayden returning to treatment was a reaction to the cancellation not what caused it. It’s cancellation was a ratings decision. It’s an expensive show that films on location and the ratings were not making it worthwhile.

      • Ryan says:

        Filming on location actually is what has kept it alive as long as it has. TN has HUGE tax breaks for this show, far greater than if it was in CA or NY.

  4. DJ Doena says:

    What kind of music do you usually have here?
    Oh, we got both kinds. We got Country and(!) Western.

  5. Suzanne Brown says:

    I can’t believe Nashville has been canceled. We watch little tv but have been glued to this program ever since we saw Scarlets sing ‘shine’ at the Grand ‘of Opry’. So much inspiration to young artists, so much admiration and enjoyment for those of us who really don’t share the talent but love to hear; it’s educational for family drifts but yet collusive betterments. What on earth could the collaborators be thinking. So much talent in one show? This is bizarre. Completely bizarre. How can they they wrap up four years of story lines so quickly. It’s going to be unreality cap. Ruin the years we followed and heartfelt situations with characters. Remind me to never watch anything these producers produce. We may just enjoy it and had it scratched whimsically like viewers never cared at all. You are so wrong. Never watch a show with your base on it sg as in for fear it’s good, I get into it but all off a sudden ‘ oh scrap that how about this concept

    • Michelle A says:

      I’d feel pretty certain the finale has already been filmed? So no wrap up at all… Why I would have been happy with a partial final season for them to give the series an awesome finale.

  6. chadcronin says:

    There really is hardly any shows that are worth keeping. This is definitely one of them. Such an Amazing cast. Stories can be changed. Whoever picks this up is going to be in my good graces. I don’t get behind many shows but this one really is unique and needs to stick around!

  7. Spignejr says:

    Maybe Connie can turn back up in American Horror Story!

  8. Nikki says:

    Sad to see Nashville go even if some of the stories were getting a bit much (mainly Maddie). Connie is always gracious. The entire cast always seems so appreciative of fans and kind. I wish them all the best and hope they get really great roles next.

    • The Beach says:

      Nashville kind of reminds me of Scandal. What started out so good developed story lines/characters in the last couple of seasons that became completely unrealistic or unlikable and /or tired and boring. Layla, Cash and her father, Maddie’s emancipation thread and several others were just bad. Poor Deacon’s character has had more ups and downs than a yoyo. But the most damaging was Hayden’s extended absence. I understand her need to seek treatment and I applaud her for doing so but from the show’s standpoint, Juliette had always had near equal importance with Rayna. This seemed to leave the writers scrambling, unsuccessfully, to come up with other story lines, often with unappealing characters.

  9. Ian says:

    This show better get picked up somewhere else. That’s all I’ve got to say. This cast is far too talented.

  10. Suzanne Brown says:

    Revulted. May I never invest my wonderment, enjoyment and as an upper class recovered alcoholic but with amazing children connecting to this program invest ourselves in silly tv which is all it is apparently. No regard for any powers that be that cancel such a joy full enjoyment of talent entertained in life’s realastics. After this? How can you ever invest in characters so evolved then producers snap the fingers ‘oh were bored of this one…….how about we do a horror’ cheap nasty etc. ..

  11. Suzanne Brown says:

    I don’t know how to ‘get into’ a program when the powers that be click their fingers and decide that that the story lines they del oped, designed to invoke our patronage, and it has been a beautiful pleasure watching Nashville and done what they desired and now? In its finest hour? Oh please go film the wonderment of classless talentless plastic surgery, fame only paid for Kardashians. YOU SCREWED UP PEOPLE. The only rating from KAr d’s Asians are those thinking how hilariously sick they are. Take a poll from the real people if your not afraid.

  12. H says:

    Do we think CMT will pick up a scripted drama??

  13. Cynthia Bethea says:

    It’s a shame Nashville is being cancelled. It was such a grand compilation of actors, talent and music I have every seen. It gave artists an opportunity to get their music out there and brought the viewers an appreciation of country music. It was virtually the only show I watch, and without it I may cancel (or at least will reduce) my cable. Sure hope u find another station to pick up the series.

  14. Leslie albritton says:

    Please please don’t cancel Nashville!! I love the show and everyone on it!! Keep it ur new upcoming shows look really stupid!! Why do u always cancel the good shows😡😡😡😡😡😡🎉

  15. SJA says:

    Maybe now Connie could be Penny’s Mother on Big Bang Theory.

  16. Sue says:

    ABC has a long history of cancelling shows we love….Boston Legal, Life on Mars, DirtySexyMoney and now Nashville. All quality shows with loyal following.
    It does not pay to get invested in their programming unless realty tv is your thing.

  17. Sharon says:

    I love this show I hope it gets picked up by someone else . A side from empire which I love too there aren’t any music drams on

  18. Nancy Ilene says:

    Sign the petition to save Nashvilie search Nashville

  19. Liz985 says:

    Pilot was fantastic. First year was overall pretty good. But Season 2 onward – it lost it’s way. Sorry to see it go because it had so much potential, but it couldn’t seem to course-correct and that’s a shame.

  20. Frances says:

    Nashville is my favorite show. Want it to get home on another network. Show deserves another chance.

  21. Carol C says:

    Very classy woman! Hope the show does find a new home (and storylines).

  22. I do hope they can find a new avenue for distribution. With the added revenue streams from the music and the concert tours, it seems like it would be a decent investment. The writers are going to have to figure out a better way to deal with Hayden’s continued absences, though. It doesn’t seem like her issues are under control.

  23. Sherry Rasmussen says:

    Think I am just going to watch netflix and hulu plus cause as far as I’m concerned the networks might as well turn off the lights and close up shop. Nothing worth watching anymore and if they do get something good on and the audience likes it you can just bet it will be cancelled like Nashville and Downton Abbey. Sorry but this viewer has left the building.

  24. What about moving it to cable, maybe the Country Music Channel?

  25. Mary says:

    I can’t believe they would do this – there are so few quality shows on network tv. Just one more reason to watch cable.

  26. Jess says:

    Maybe Netflix will be the new home. I really want this to come back. I loved this show. Please please take over Netflix.

  27. Max says:

    I’d watch another season of Nashville on another network if they trimmed the cast. There was just too much going on. But if not, then I vote for Connie Britton returning to AHS in some capacity.

  28. Paul says:

    Nashville needs another season(or more)… it is such a shame the way it was treated. I hope another network gives it a shot!

  29. Leah says:

    It sucks when a great show like Nashville gets cancelled. I am so sick of reality TV that I could barf. When some good series start hooking you to watch they just up and cancel them. Can’t believe they would toss this one! Maybe ABC should rethink or maybe another network can take this show! Keep it on the air!

  30. Sandra Joe says:

    Love this show. Please don’t cancel. I only started liking country music because of this show.

  31. Rosey Quinn says:

    I cannot believe this series is over…grrrr. Its my favorite show and had many nail biting story line which kept everyone in place Wed. to Wed. HUGE loss for primetime!!!!!

  32. K says:

    Please find a new home for this show. It is fantastic. Yeah a few of the story lines were off this year but it happens. The core is there. Just get back to it!!!!!

  33. Janine says:

    I am very upset that they cancelled Nashville. This was a very good series. Now I understand why people don’t start watching series just for this reason. Very sad!!!!!

  34. Jeannie says:

    I read that the ratings were good as ever and I hope they wrap it up and don’t leave us hanging with Deacon, Rayna and Maddie. Get rid of Cash and Frankie for good, if the show isn’t going to be picked up by another network!! But I really hope it is picked up, not being ugly but Juliette is not the only one holding the show together, there were so many good storylines, I was glad when she came back on but so many things out there keeping us glued to out sets!! Hopefully it will get picked up, keeping my fingers crossed, I am a big Nashville enthusiast, both on set and off, heading to Nashville in June, hope to see all of the cast there!!

  35. jamie says:

    Nashville should move to CBS that is where all the good programing is. Wonder who made this stupid decision to cancel!

  36. Tammy says:

    I am shocked !!! One of the best shows on and now they want to cancel !! I absolutely love the show and all its cast … Please find a home for Nashville !!!

  37. vick says:

    My favorite show. Great cast, great story lines. Hopefully they will find a new home

  38. P Riley says:

    It never fails, when I become addicted to a show, it gets canceled. I hope they find a new home for Nashville because it really is an amazing show.

  39. N C J says:

    Enjoyed the talent and music and went to one of the concerts (on tour this spring). Personally believe ratings would have been strong had the writers stuck with music themes and performances rather than resorting to what became distasteful–inept writing to the point the it must have been extremely difficult for the cast to perform.

  40. NYOKA says:

    Nashville my favorite TV show. I looked forward to it weekly. So disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Karen says:

    Best show on tv, different than most shows. Hope some other station picks it up.

  42. jim says:

    The sow was to be about Country Music and Nashville. No wonder it was cacelled, they changed it to unbelievable soap opera scenarios and took the music away. I quit watching as soon as the started making a ridiculous soap opera

  43. Deanna says:

    Wish it could stay on. I have only been watching the show for about a year & a half. It’s something the family can watch & everyone in joy. I wish it could stay on.

  44. Sue says:

    I know so many who watch Nashville. Hope another station picks them up

  45. Paul Skonieczny says:

    Please ! Lions gate find Nashville a new home. It was such a great show for everyone

  46. Grethel reed says:

    I so hope they can find a new home for Nashville I love this show and I love Nashville Tenn. I will miss the show and the actors I always looked forward to Wednesday night

  47. Susan says:

    Nashville is a really well written show with a superb cast. I can’t believe that ABC chose to cancel this amazing show.

  48. theresa says:

    I dvr nashville every wk and am sad to see it go. I really hope a new network would pick this show up. I feel you go by ratings and wonder if the ratings r low because many people dvr now a days. It seems like every good tv show gets cancelled.

  49. I’m sorry to see Nashville has been cancelled, I LOVE this show ! I’ve been watching it from the beginning & still watch re-runs. The actor’s are all fabulous !! I never knew Hayden had so much talent. Avery is HOT & nice to look at…lol I hope the producers change their mind & return my FAVORITE show.

  50. Dianne says:

    I am sooooo disappointed with this news about Nashville – my VERY favorite tv show. This show has so much talent and has been done in a decent manner. I hope that another network will pick this show up and continue the series. I almost feel a personal loss, just sad.

    • Sharon Guedea says:

      I really liked Nashville it had very story lines and the cast was brilliant every time I like a show that makes me feel good about myself in life ABC CBS NBC always take them off please consider on bringing it back on for all the fans who have enjoyed the music and the storylines