Doubt Series Order CBS

CBS Orders Katherine Heigl's Legal Drama Doubt to Series

Former TV doctor Katherine Heigl is lawyering up, now that CBS has ordered to series her new drama Doubt.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum stars as a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm who starts to fall for a charismatic client (Rescue Me’s Steven Pasquale)… who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.

The cast also includes Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black), Dulé Hill (Psych), Dreama Walker (The Good Wife), Elliott Gould (Ray Donovan) and Kobi Libii (Madam Secretary).

If you’re feeling deja vu, yes, Doubt was originally developed a year ago, starring KaDee Strickland (Private Practice) and Teddy Sears (The Flash), prior to undergoing a retooling.

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  1. Concerned says:

    I’m sorry but she is just so unlikeable why do people keep putting her in shows? Learn your lesson! Also the premise of this seems flimsy, like a bad lifetime movie. Don’t see this lasting

    • ABG says:

      I think she need to prove she’s a good actress before she gets a leading role on a show that will last.

      Put her on some show as a supporting character and try to rebuild her career from there.

      • David4 The Best Insider Ever!!!!!111!!! There is only one true 'Insider'!!! says:

        Wasn’t that her role on Grey’s and she was fired for being a horrible person?

        • Maarten says:

          Yeah, she complained about crappy material (which it was), defended a gay co-worker against a bigot (and the bigot was the one who got hired back, not her!) and apologized for and explained the things she did wrong. How evil she must be. Sigh.

    • Dennis says:

      If you don’t like her, then don’t comment and don’t watch the show, but also please don’t form an opinion before the show has even aired. I love Laverne Cox and am actually excited to see her!!

      • Shay says:

        Thank you for this comment. Don’t understand why people waste their time on someone they don’t like and judge a show without watching at least the pilot. Glad she’s back and the cast is great

        • Dennis says:


        • Larc says:

          Agree about the cast… except maybe Elliott Gould, a champion of 2-dimensional acting.

        • Nick says:

          Amen!!!! Why waste your energy on someone you hate for doing something nearly a decade ago?! Plus, most these people were probably huge fans the first few seasons of Grey’s. Get over it!

          • S. says:

            Something she did a decade ago? She’s been consistently awful to work with for *years*. Crews ought to be able to get restraining orders to keep her mom away. As for why people are spending energy on this, she’s taking up real estate on a television show being like this. That’s someone else that could’ve had that job or some other show that could’ve been put in its spot. It impacts all of us that she’s not learning any lesson and yet continues to get hired. I feel bad because that cast has people in it I like, and I can’t stand to watch it to support them. As for not judging it before it’s on, here’s a thought, you’re judging it too if you’re positive about it. You don’t know any more than anyone else. If judging it is wrong, you gotta stop too. The word “judge” doesn’t just have a negative meaning.

          • It would be a waste of resources to put her in a show as the lead. She can’t carry it. Guarantee this show won’t have a long run. She’s just not that good.

    • Shay says:

      Maybe because she’s not unlikeable and the tabloïds said fake things about her. Grey’s drama was not just Katherine but also Shonda (who don’t like people who said no to her… she had problems not just with Katherine but some others actors from the cast) Btw she’s still friends with some of the cast of Greys and have a good relationship with his costar’s movies like Gérard, Josh, Eric, Ashton. ..

      • Dennis says:

        Thank you for bringing this up! I have liked Katherine since Roswell and have watched everything she is in, and I find her to be refreshing and very likeable. Just because she spoke her mind several times and is opinionated doesn’t mean she’s Lucifer for crying out loud! When plenty of people in the business refuse to defend sexism and gay slurs , she defended her co-star on Grey’s and also defends animal rights. The woman is anything but boring and it’s not like she’s a drug addict or had been in the need for a drunk driving or anything illegal. She spoke her mind on a few issues in the past and she then apologized because she didn’t realize she was pushing the wrong buttons. I think people are always out to get her and I don’t see why. Also, she is not the only person in this show, so give it a chance!

        • Dennis says:

          has been in the news* not “need”

        • Shar says:

          I agree. She had the nerve to publicly complain about her character’s development and paid the price of going against Ms Rhimes. It makes a nice change from the constant a**kissing that goes on with all of the current residents of Shondland. I find it hard to believe that none of the actors have issues with the way their characters are going. Of course a steady job does silence a lot of complaints.

          • Trevor says:

            I guess none of you has ever heard the maxim “Don’t flippingwell bite the hands that feed you,” huh?

          • wild_child says:

            What Katherine did was insult the writers. She could have quietly gone behind the scenes and have a conversation addressing her concerns(actors who have a good rapport with the writers do it all the time) but she didn’t do that. What she did was publicly shame them and say the quality of their writing was not Emmy worthy. I really don’t understand why anyone is excusing that.

            Not only that but she has a history of not getting along with her castmates. Their was the whole Knocked Up fiasco in which she insulted the writing and before that there was Roswell in which she reportedly has issues with cast members there. She was doing well and her ego got the better of her and her nightmare of a mother manager only added fuel to the fire. Her issues extend far beyond Shonda so don’t blame her.

    • Lala says:

      I hope CBS has done their homework. State of Affairs was not a bad series but I suspect the KH factor played a big part in it’s demise.

      • MMD says:

        I think it is more an issue with KH and her mother/manager on any given show and their dealings with mgmt.

        I gave State of Affairs a try but decided that Madam Secretary was a far superior show so SoA got the axe. KH didn’t figure in my decision at all.

    • Dude says:

      I know right? Like, she made two comments 10 years ago that I didn’t like so obviously she should live in a hole for the rest of her life and never work again.

    • Sarah says:

      I thought Heigl did a great job carrying the show State of Affairs (the cast was excellent, writing was uneven though), and enjoyed the last couple of movies I saw with her in. So I’m looking forward to the show. However, I’d prefer to see a second season of Limitless!

      Not sure why people read gossip and then hate people regardless of their work or talent and feel the need to troll and spew–wouldn’t it be a better use of time to focus on what you do like?

  2. Kevin K says:

    Don’t know if Heigl’s new series Doubt is going to be 100x worse than her last series State of Affairs.

  3. Ed says:

    I personally am glad she’s back on tv. I’m definitely gonna check it out

  4. Sarahii says:

    Plot sounds more like a mini-series/movie.

    Would have preferred KaDee Strickland and Teddy Sears tbh.

  5. Phillip says:

    Happy for Katherine Heigl. Hopefully this one sticks. Sounds good. Like the actors in it.

  6. Dennis says:

    I love her. So excited for this show!

  7. Bob says:

    If CBS cancels Limitless for this POS then that network is dead to me.

    • Kim says:

      CBS isn’t the only network that cancels great shows, ABC cancelled Nashville which was a shock. TNT has cancelled Rizzoli N’ Isles even though the ratings have been great. TNTs reasoning, they’re shows that are a little moremore hard core and appeal to 18-49 yr olds, no matter what the ratings show, SAD ALL ABOUT $$$

    • ^^This^^ Limitless is fantastic and has the charm and scope to be a serious cult classic.

      • Sarah says:

        Agreed, I’m bummed about Nashville leaving despite it’s rocky 4th season. Heartbroken if I don’t get another season with Brian Finch and the FBI HQ! Heard that the producers are shopping Limitless around to other networks, so that can’t be good.

        Am okay with Rizzoli et al going, figure it’s the choice of the stars to move on after so many years.

    • jenna says:

      add me to the list of people who want another season of limitless! I agree this premise doesn’t seem very original or exciting

    • clintbrew says:

      i hope limitless doesnt get canceled i but seeing cbs has ordered a bunch of new shows it looks they are running out of room for it

    • Aysh says:

      If they do then some other network will buy it…I think the Limitless fan bas is just too huge for them to cancel and it would be silly to do so.

    • Jericho says:

      I agree here. I will say that I said something similar about limitless and POINT though. And look how that turned out. Limitless was the only me show that I refused to miss this season. Time will tell… CBS hasn’t had a good track record with me on these “star” vehicle shows lately.

    • Dude says:

      You do understand that if Limitless gets cancelled, it has nothing to do with this right? Shows don’t get cancelled for other shows. That’s not how it works.

    • Lexi says:


  8. Kim says:

    Love Katherine Heigl, this show sounds great, hope it’s a success

  9. George H. says:

    Will have to wait and see if it makes it past one season. She kind of ruined her career with all that Grey’s Anatomy drama.

  10. subwaysurfer says:

    Bye-bye limitless

  11. R says:

    Sundays at 9pm?

  12. dan says:

    Less than one full season will air, guaranteed. Nobody can stand her, nobody wants to watch her. Give Stana Katic a new job and leave Heigl in the unemployment line.

    • Shay says:

      Talk for you. A lot of people like her and are happy she’s back. Will never understand the amont of hate toward her. She apologized publiciy and à lot of actors mainly m’en (but it’s ok for them) did worst things than her and I don’t see the hate toward them again and again
      If you don’t like her it’s your right but don’t talk for everyone and don’t waste your time on an article about her

      • Eric H says:

        People are allowed to give their opinions, even on stuff they don’t like so don’t act like a moderator around here.

        • Dennis says:

          Yes that’s true– but also you all act like you personally know Katherine when you don’t. Don’t judge a new show before it has even aired and say that you won’t watch it, and hope it fails, that’s just immature and childish. Give it a chance, or don’t, but don’t bash an actress when she hasn’t personally wronged you, it’s insincere and just wrong.

        • murley says:

          Isn’t that all Katherine Heigel ever did?

      • Dennis says:

        Thank you!!
        CBS is not stupid. They would not hire her if they thought she was a liability. Her co-stars had only great things to say about her on State of Affairs.
        I hope this new show does amazing so all the haters just move on and expend their energy on something that matters, not this woman’s career.

  13. Steven says:

    Heigl is A deal breaker. Won’t watch
    The name of the series is confusing when there was a famous play & movie by that name. Esp when networks are doing so many reboots. Congrats to Cox but maybe someone can cast a transgender actor to play a cisgender role. She definitely could ‘pass” so why does she always have to be cast as Trans? Yes it’s progress for the Trans community but it’s like gay men only being cast in gay roles

  14. Ew says:

    I won’t watch anything with KHo so this is an instant nope.

  15. Analog says:

    Possibly in The Good Wife timeslot?

  16. Liz says:

    This seems like another Reckless, which was canceled very quickly as well. Hoping that they keep Limitless!

  17. Ralph says:

    Yeah, TNT gets rid of all the good stuff if it doesn’t “meet their demo”. Will NEVER forgive them for Dallas (at least without giving it a proper finale).

  18. Bianca says:

    This is too bad, Kadee Strickland is so much better than her.

  19. Ralph says:

    Back on the topic of this show….I “Doubt” it will do very well…..

  20. michael says:

    Ladies and Gentelmen the first cancelled show of the year.

  21. Shay says:

    Hi haters why you waste your time on an article about someone you hate? Don’t watch it’s easy even if you judge à show without watching at least the pilot.
    Katherine apologized more than once. She did a mistake like everyone else. She’s human. A lot of actors did and said lot of worst things and don’t receive all this hate (mainly men *roll eyes*) I think she’s a good actress. And the cast is pretty good. Look forward to see the show. If it’s good I’ll watch it and if not I’ll stop but at least I don’t judge without watching or listening tabloid. Because for her greys drama Shonda is a Huge part of the problem not just with Katherine but a part of the cast who left (last one is Patrick)

    • Dennis says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Thank you, so glad there are sensible people out there.

    • :-) says:

      I was in agreement with you until you went after Shonda. She has nothing to do with the conversation. KH has a new. We watch or don’t watch based on the show. These women parted company long ago. They are entitled to their individual success. One is not dependent on the other any longer. Leave Shonda out of your argument and it will be a stronger argument.

    • Lala says:

      It’s not just the Shonda drama…there’s also the Knocked up movie fiasco. She claimed the movie should have never done so well because of it’s sexist undertone. And she never apologized for that. Judd Apatow is still waiting for that apology.

      • Maarten says:

        She did express regret about what she did. Though I don’t even see why she should. She was right.

  22. Dani says:

    This, Chicago Justice, and Conviction. Lawyer shows seem to be have become more popular than usual for next season. I guess HTGAWM and American Crime Story really brought in the fad. I know lawyer shows have always been popular but nowadays its become more popular than police procedural shows.

  23. N says:

    Yay! I miss her

  24. cuius says:

    You should have referred to Steven Pasquale’s “Almost There” – he’s lead and EP – not going to set the world on fire, but it’s better than a lot of current shows

  25. It’s unfortunate that petty, off-screen drama has stopped her from finding success, post-Grey’s. I’d watch anything with her and I’m looking forward to this.

  26. Pamela J says:

    Hmm isn’t the plot of falling for someone who might be guilty similar to her other show that was cancelled regarding her “dead” husband?

  27. S. says:

    Yesss! I am happy! I have been frequently looking for updates about this ever since Katherine Heigl joined the project. I hope it is a good show.

  28. Bella says:

    She’s an excellent actress. The rest of the cast sounds interesting, too. Networks are pretty quick to cancel, though, without giving new shows much chance to build an audience.

  29. James R. says:

    I’ll watch for Dule Hill.

  30. Geo says:

    You know, I was just hoping that network tv would come up with something fresh, like a show about a lawyer. Now, maybe they’ll get really creative and come up with a show about a doctor, or maybe a cop…

  31. Sally McLinn says:

    WTH? Katherine Heigl is still trying to get back into TV?

  32. blech says:

    Don’t like her won’t watch.

  33. Celina says:


  34. I like Katherine but I’m wary about any new shows until we know if Limitless has been renewed.

  35. Margo Elle says:

    These comments speak for themselves. People don’t like meanness, and many, many people have said she is difficult and they don’t want to work for/with her. No one cares about her anymore.

    • Joel says:

      But you’re wrong. Because she got hired by CBS. Les Moonves does not mess around, he would never allow her to be hired for his network if he didn’t think she was worthy of a role. I guarantee you he called NBC and asked how she was on State of Affairs, because that’s how network executives work, they trade behind-the-scenes info. If she was hell to work with on State of Affairs (which she wasn’t), believe me she would not have been cast on a CBS show, a network that is VERY picky about its shows and leads.

      Second of all, people DO care about her, like the above people who have commented that they are excited she’s back on TV. Please stop being a hater, Katherine is a great actress and CBS knows it!

      • S. says:

        That in no way shape or form means she’s easy to work with. This man’s hired David Caruso. He’s dealt with Charlie Sheen off the wagon for years. All it means is he’s handled difficult on a level where he’s not scared of Heigl’s drama. How would you know if she was hell to work with on State of Affairs or not? Either you work on the show or you’re one of her people trying to post fake info (really sounds like the latter, you’re a little too into promoting her in a certain kind of way…work at her agency or something?). Otherwise you don’t know. Now her reputation would indicate she probably was a diva, and her press on that show certainly featured interviews where she proved she had no change of heart on her behavior. I’m gonna go with Shonda and Judd Apatow’s take on her. Even if Heigl did act completely professionally, I’d be shocked if her mom reigned it in what with producing State of Affairs with Heigl. More likely that just made her mom worse.

    • Sammi Lee says:

      So, you are speaking for everyone now? Sorry, Margo, I suggest you get real–you aren’t speaking for me and others judging by other comments. You don’t like or “care” for her–yet here you are, making snotty, mean girl comments like your life depends on it. So, what type of person does that make you? Not a particularly nice one in my book. Speak for yourself, you are not speaking for the world at large…SMDH

  36. wow says:

    It’s funny how KaDee Strickland is married to her ex Jason Behr

    • Kate says:

      I guess they tend to go for/get cast for the same type of role. Smart, sexy, strong careerwomen…so completely normal for the business…

  37. Abe Froman says:

    I’m seeing more kitty litter commercials in Heigl’s future… just sayin’.

  38. Natalie says:

    This explains the apology tour she was on a month ago. Now it makes perfect sense!

  39. Polly says:

    yeeeeeaah. it’s gonna bomb. very badly.

  40. Rjrtist says:

    No more cat commercials for Heigl.

  41. MostExcellent says:

    I understand that, for whatever reason, there’s a few TV execs who think she can make them some money, but you would think at some point that they would figure out that no matter how hard they try, they’re never going to make Katherine Heigl a thing. That ship has sailed. She’s a supporting character at best at this point.

  42. Solari says:

    Anything with Katherine Heigl is totally doomed. She’s unlikable and an awful actor. She must have some sort of magic over these Hollywood execs. They pick this over Sarah Shahi who is funny, sexy, and a great actor? Ugh. Now that Supergirl and Person of Interest are off CBS, I have no other reasons to watch the channel.

  43. Fail. They replaced KaDee Strickland with Heigl? Expect to cancel that show after a season, if that. Heigl still has an employable Q rating? She is not watchable. Good luck.

  44. Maarten says:

    Happy to have Katherine on TV again. Forgive and forget, people! How many times does she have to say she’s sorry?

  45. Lulu says:

    It will be a BOMB. Nobody cares for her anymore.