Supernatural Names New Showrunners as Jeremy Carver Moves to Frequency

Supernatural will be heading into Season 12 with new leadership.

TVLine has learned that showrunner Jeremy Carver will step down at the conclusion of the current 11th season to focus on his new CW thriller Frequency, which earlier this week was ordered to series. He will be succeeded by the new co-showrunning team of Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb.

Singer has been with Supernatural since Season 1 as an exec producer, director and occasional writer. Dabb joined the series in Season 4, working his way up from writer/story editor to co-executive producer. Carver, meanwhile, began as a script writer on Supernatural in Season 3. He left following Season 5 to work on Syfy’s Being Human, only to return in Season 8 as showrunner.

Supernatural was renewed for Season 12 back in March.

Carver’s new series, Frequency — dubbed a reimagining of the 2000 sci-fi film — centers on a female police detective (The Flash‘s Peyton List) who discovers she is able to speak via a ham radio with her estranged father (also a detective) who died in 1996. They forge a new relationship while working together on an unresolved murder case, but unintended consequences of the ‘butterfly effect’ wreak havoc in the present day.

What do you think about the behind-the-scenes switcheroo? Let us know in the comments, why don’t you.

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  1. chadcronin says:

    Sounds like the show will be in good hands. I really want the show to make it to 15 seasons at least.

    • cec says:

      have watched supernatural from the very beginning. absolutely love this show. havent always enjoyed choices that were made, i.e. bobby’s death, but still here. hope be watching as long as the show lasts

    • Pat says:

      I could not agree with you, more. For some reason I would love to see this show go on forever but I am not sure if all the actors would feel this way. With God having made his appearance already, I just do not know where they will be able to go after next season.

      • firstcoyote says:

        While I understand that you’d like to see SPN go on forever I am really hoping it doesn’t. Marvel and DC have expressed strong interest In Jensen Ackles (Dean) for roles in their perspective ‘verses. He’s been considered for past roles but was unable to do them because of the show.

        As much as I love Dean SPN is showing its age. I’m hoping S12 is it.

        • Andi says:

          No one is forcing Jensen to stay. He and Jared keep signing the contacts to keep it going and turning down everything else. If this is what he wants to do, you should respect his choice.

        • Linda says:

          If you think he’d rather do movies, then he shouldn’t keep renewing/signing a contract for Supernatural.

          • Harvey says:

            Well it can definitely be loyalty and attachment, plus the care for all the workers. But if the show ends at a good note, all the people might be able to move on…11 years is too long to leave easily.
            I’d love to see even more seasons of it so I am happy with both things.

          • Debbie W says:

            Success as a movie actor isn’t a guarantee, the show is. It’s not that easy, it’s a very hard decision for either of them to make.

        • Tina says:

          Only that, according to Jensen’s own words, HE chose to keep playing Dean instead of doing a Marvel or DC movie. And that’s why fans should respect his choice and stop bitching about lost opportunities and how the show is ruining his career (not that you said anything, but after Asylum16, I’ve seen it around the internet and mostly twitter)

          • Jessica says:

            I definitely don’t think Supernatural is running any of their careers they like doing what they are doing and Supernatural is still awesome if anything it’s making their careers better it’s not like they haven’t been in any movies

        • Daniel says:

          This fandom is FOREVER… and the $$$ you get from 10, 12… 13 years as a series regular is good. He knows its not going to last forever so he’s going to enjoy while he can… but hes not going to milk it if the story isnt there for him. He’s a big boy… he’ll make the decision. Theres PLENTY of marvel properties… they’ll wait for him when the time comes.

    • Cory says:

      I really really want it to end with s13. I mean you can’t get more perfect than that given the show’s title. Also it’s been pretty darn good lately and there is just no way it can go indefinitely without having another travesty like seasons 6 and 7. And they’ve done God now so better end it while it’s riding on a creative high.

    • L. Nolan says:

      Judging by season 12, I don’t know. They need Jeremy back

      • chadcronin says:

        I think the show works when they keep it simple and they got interesting things to battle. I love monster of the week stuff. I think the finale setup some interesting arcs for next year

  2. ? says:

    I was really upset to read this . . . until I saw it was being handed over to Robert Singer. Don’t know if these two have ever been showrunners before so no guarantees, but after this much time I bet they know how to run THIS show, at least.

    • ? says:

      Then again they also promoted Sera Gamble from within, and we all saw how that worked out.

      • jen says:

        Yeah, I’m worried. Singer’s ideas aren’t always good ones, and worse, when they are bad he doesn’t listen to other writers (or anyone really). Singer gets his way, even if that way is straight down the toilet. I wouldn’t be worried if I knew he would actually LISTEN to other people when he has an idea that isn’t good. When you do, other people can catch your missteps and make everything stronger overall. You NEED that skill to be a good showrunner but it doesn’t look like he has it.

        • guesty says:

          TBH, I could say all that about Jeremy Carver, and he’s had the show for five unfortunate seasons.

        • Gruest says:

          I’m not sure how I feel about the new showrunners, but I’m honestly ecstatic that Jeremy Carver is leaving.

      • At least she was way better than Jeremy Carver.

    • Bob Singer has kind of been a co show runner since the beginning. And officially at least 2 season I know of, including this one.

    • I’m just glad they get rid of carver. He ruined Sam’s character for me for a long time. s11 has only just started to make me like him again, after s8-s9 made me hate him.

      • San Summer says:

        Why did season 9 make you hate Sam?

        • Jim Jathers says:

          Sam’s my fav brother, owing to the fact that, while Dean can be loveable, Dean’s basically a total duck! ;) I hated how the writers wrote Sam in some of Season 9. He seemed so “whiny”. That said, he had some stuff to whine about, what with Dean being his usually blunt-headed, “It’s my way or the highway” douchey self. Speaking of Dean, I recently rewatched the show – his put-on “gruff” voice actually REALLY did my head in during much of Season 9 (I kept thinking, “We need all three of that cr*p!” lol). But seriously, it was SO over-done by Jenson in S9. I much prefer how Dean sounded in the first couple seasons. His voice is mostly annoying after that – just super annoying in S9 for me lol.

          Season 8 had some mistakes in it – thanks to Carver – but it gave me some new hope also. Season 9 practically destroyed that hope, and Season 10 murdered the hell out of that hope, dug it up post-burial, then murdered the hell out of it some more.

          And most folks don’t seem to have had Carver’s usual tricks register in their heads, yet, with regard to Season 11. Throw in God and God’s sister and “Lucifer” – and everybody goes nuts!!! It DOESN’T equal a great season, simply by including these characters – sorry folks, but it doesn’t!
          Even the much touted “Baby” had that ultra terrible (and anti-Kripke’s Supernatural) Joyriding Scene, with that appallingly moronic music in it. But bigger annoyance, and more to the point – HOW many FILLER episodes IN A ROW lol!?!? OMG! It had about NINE filler episodes in a row at one point, if memory serves! HOW does THAT create the feeling that there’s some HUGE “doom” awaiting the world!?!? LOL – the answer is IT DOESN’T – it destroys drama. It’s anti-drama.
          I stopped watching after the episode where they featured God’s sister and Lucifer again, and decided that appalling character of Crowley’s mother (and the terrible actress who played her) was, in fact, still in the show, as the character wasn’t dead after all! : o @
          I’m sure she’s a lovely person. But. She. Can’t. Act. Lol! And the character was just not interesting.

          Wasn’t it Andrew Dabb and Carver who were responsible for okaying the idiotic and totally implausible death of Charlie – simply to (lazily) motivate Dean to go ape-bananas – when a hundred other things could have achieved this? I’ve no faith in these new Showrunners. If Carver had left after Season 9, maybe the integrity of the show’s story could have been saved. But Season 10 destroyed it far too fully for anything but a serious Ret-Con to be able to fix it.

          My hope is that they’ll be enough decent usuable material, when they’re all done with this show, for somebody to be able to do a super good Fan Edit of the seasons which follow Season 5. If not, I might have to give it a try myself. It needs to be done, to rectify all the mistakes.

  3. A. D. says:

    Still in good Hands!

  4. Sarah says:

    Why is this homophobic Singer is still on the show?And now showrunner?Just unacceptable in 2016

    • Linda says:

      Why do you think he’s homophobic? Because he hasn’t put Dean and Cas together? GET OVER IT, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

      • Jae says:

        Are you kidding? Have you paid attention? I’m not talking about Destiel, I’m talking about respecting women and lgbtq on the show. Get over your damn self, Linda.

        • Andi says:

          We literally have a bisexual God now in an episode Singer himself directed. He’s not homophobic just because he hasn’t made your ship happen do get over yourself, Jae.

          • Jae says:

            Ah right… Because we had that bi-god and gay couple while Singer was in charge. Oh, right, we didn’t, it was after Singer was taken off as Producer that we got that. But make it about a make believe ship so you don’t have to make a real argument.

          • jen says:

            dude, they’re talking about Charlie. The other writers were crystal clear how strongly they opposed it and what a bad idea it was, but Singer pushed hard for it almost singlehandedly AND GOT HIS WAY. And when people were angry and wanted to talk to him about the problems with ‘kill your lesbians’ he handwaved them and (again) didn’t want to listen. Because of that he’s got a bad rep. If he’s not willing to back off and listen to other people when they say one of his ideas are bad (especially when EVERYBODY says one of his ideas are bad) he shouldn’t be showrunning. He’s not going to be taking advantage of the talent he has if he’s not willing to listen to anybody but himself.

          • Paul says:

            Charlie didn’t die because she was a lesbian. She died because people on this show die. Frequently. Being homosexual isn’t and shouldn’t be a “get out of death free” card for a character.

          • Jim Jathers says:

            NO, Paul! Charlie died because of extremely lazy writing at best. Somebody with an even less savoury agenda at worst.

            Charlie “died” for the sole purpose of pushing Dean into going ape-bananas – something which a hundred other better written ideas could have done! ;)

            – Let’s have the boys take this guy with super strong tendons and ligaments back to “The Bunker” fully conscious, and without a bar over his head, so that he’ll know how to find it again.
            – Let’s have the boys chain said “villain” up by only ONE limb.
            – Let’s totally ignore the “chicken and egg” total idiotic impossibility of him using “super strong tendons and ligaments” to tear, snap and rip his VERY SAME “super strong ligaments and tendons” in order that he can “break free” and flee the bunker – only to return later to trash and torch the place. OH – and KILL CHARLIE
            ..With his ONE arm.
            ..When she won the frickin’ WAR OF OZ.
            ..And has TWO arms.
            ..One of which could easily be used to briefly knock One-Arm’s head back – while the other punches his Adam’s Apple, seperating it, and causing him to die instantly.
            ..Let’s ignore that fact she fought and won in a war.
            ..Let’s ignore her major advantage in a fist fight with this guy.
            ..Let’s kill Charlie – and if the fans don’t like it, we’ll encourage other fans to call them “Not Real Fans” and “Haters” all over the internet.
            …We’ll be fine.
            ..And most folks who started watching the show since it first began airing having given up on it now anyway.
            ..Let’s make BAD TV.

          • Justin Heraty-Plant says:

            I have to say that I was rather amazed & disappointed when Charlie was killed, such a popular character, why!! Although this is Supernatural, so she could come back i suppose, hello God 😂😉.

        • Kris says:

          We just had a pair of gay hunters. How is that homophobic?

          • Jae says:

            Because Singer was only a consultant this year. We don’t get that sort of thing when he’s in charge.

          • jen says:

            yeah, people have been commenting about that, about all the representation SPN has had lately and how it coincided EXACTLY with Singer taking a step back

  5. Yay, Andrew Dabb! His episodes have been really good. #Trust

  6. I hope Robert Singer is in name only. He’s really tone deaf to many issues. Dabb has been running SPN on his own since February. Perhaps Bob will focus on the business side (like getting directors in) and let Dabb focus on story.

    • sarahjay55 says:

      That would be ideal… but I won’t hold my breath. More Bucklemming, too, no doubt.

      • Linda says:

        Those two are the worst.

        • Jim Jathers says:

          Yeah, I’m not sold on it either lol. This show started dying when Carver was made Showrunner. Continued dying more in Season 9. And died on its behind in Season 10 – totally. Season 11 has been pure desperation – Let’s bring back Lucifer. Let’s have God. Let’s say God has a sister.

          It’s really been pitiful. Folks who doubt it, really ought to go back and rewatch S6-S11 a few times. It’s plain to see. There have been a few great ideas under Carver’s run – but they’ve been executed terribly – and (most importantly) not followed up on enough. The Bunker was a GREAT opportunity to take the show in new directions. Re-establish the Men Of Letters, albeit, as a new “skeleton” crew – Sam, Dean, Charlie, Garth, Kevin. But Noooooo! They had to give us the suckfest they have! Because they were too scared to “take a chance”. Were fearful of all the folks who fawn over Sam and Dean crying because the brothers were no longer constantly Emo over each other. And didn’t want to allow the characters of the brothers to develop!

          I think they forgot that this show started because Kripke took a chance!

    • Jae says:

      Please just keep Singer out of the story!

  7. Mary S says:

    After the fiasco that transpired with the advent of new showrunners on Castle, I hope these two new showrunners have been properly vetted!! It’s a terrible thing to bring new people (and, yes, I know they’ve been around the show for a while) into power on a popular and successful series. They often think they can change it and nobody will notice. WE NOTICE!!!
    IF the time ever comes that there is an indication that they are taking it in a different direction than the one fans have come to love and expect, GET RID OF THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!
    If the Absent Brain Cells network had only had a brain among them, maybe that travesty would not have occurred and we would still have the Castle premise which kept us all as loyal fans through 7 seasons…S8 was a train wreck from the first episode and went downhill from there. I watched every week hoping that it would get back on track, but the addition of the LokSat situation and that new woman tolled the death knell for my favorite show.
    At this point I do not trust new showrunners to respect the environment of the show; they often think “We’ll fix this and make it better.” — BUT, if a show is successful, as Castle was, as Supernatural is, IT AIN’T BROKE,DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!!!

  8. Chris says:

    I’m not big on Singer, but Dabb’s episodes are usually very strong. Singer went from executive producer to consulting producer this season, so hopefully he remains secondary to Dabb in terms of decision making.

  9. Andrew Hass says:

    I can understand Jeremy Carver wanting to do other stuff and so i wish him well.Plus maybe he knows he’s done everything on Supernatural that he can.As for Supernatural, a change is good for a show because everyone has a different POV.

  10. Jae says:

    Ugh, Robert Singer is a stifling force on the show. I hope Dabb (one of the best show writers) is able to keep his crap show direction down. This is seriously bad news.

  11. Joanna Camacho says:

    Carver should stay with supernatural. Best place to be . Sorry to say but the show being human …. well not so good. As you can tell .Hence Caverns returns to SPN smh but honestly it really best place to be. .Just a thought

  12. American says:

    I don’t usually like shows with female character as the lead, they end up boring me after a season.

  13. Arthur says:

    Fantastic news about Andrew Dabb. Terrible news about Robert Singer. I was hoping he’d be stepping down soon, and taking his wife with him – Buckner and Lemming write some really terrible episodes.

  14. David Adams says:

    Please, for the love of Chuck, just let Supernatural end. There comes a time when a show just runs out of story, and Carver has done a good job of stretching out the story-arc of the show over his tenure as showrunner, but I honestly do not understand how Season 12 will be any good. How can it possibly follow this season’s storyline? If we are going to get a Season 12, I sincerely hope it is a shortened season that ends the show. Please. Please. Please. I love the show, but I also recognize that it needs to just END.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I’ve never understood this selfish point of view. If you don’t like Supernatural anymore, stop watching. But wanting it cancelled and taken away from the fans who love it is just selfish.

      • Cory says:

        And that’s a selfish opinion. If someone wants a show to end while they still love it they have every right to express said opinion. It is not selfish to not want a favorite story to become crap.

        • alistaircrane says:

          You missed the point entirely.

        • e. says:

          There are so many shows where I stopped watching because I felt the creativity had run out and I was done with them – The last episode of West Wing I watched was the last one Aaron Sorkin wrote. Virtually every season of Supernatural has ended on a perfectly fine series finale note. If you are ready watch the end of this season as such. I’m going to stick to this ride because the show is primarily about the two leads and the two leads are still there.

    • Gruest says:

      See, I honestly think that under new direction, SPN could be better. I know a lot of people rag on seasons 6 and 7, but I feel they at least had good potential. Carver, on the other hand, has pretty much wrecked the show since he became showrunner, and I’m hoping that with someone like Dabb, that can be reversed.

    • m says:

      No, if YOU think the show has run it course it’s just your opinion, for an 11 year old show it’s still the top 4 of the network, and probably if it stays long enough will surpass Arrow, if YOU think this storylines can be top, well it’s time for YOU to move on, pretend this season finale was the series finale, and that’s it, not because YOU don’t enjoyed or belive it needs to end, means the mayority of fans want that.

  15. Yay for Dabb (woohoo); no comment about Singer (meh)

  16. Happy to hear the show is being passed into the hands of two people who KNOW the show and the characters and have done great things with the show in the past. Carver was great, but since he chose to step down, at least I’m happy with the choice and I feel like the show is in good hands.

  17. Jeremy Carver wrote many of my all time favorite episodes.(Including Mystery Spot and The Point of No Return, which usually make my top 5 all time episodes) BUT he was also show runner during the catastrophe that was Season 8. And while there have been several great episodes during the last 3 seasons, it the overall season storylines have been disappointing at best and rage inducing at their worst. And the quality control has been nonexistent. There have been SOOO many past-storyline-killing continuity errors that I want to scream just thinking about them.

    Warning Rant ahead:
    While he may not have a choice in the worst two offenders (writers). As show runner, he should have at least put a kibosh letting a rogue reaper being the reason they could now stroll into Purgatory when they spent all of Season 6 trying to find it, even though if all Crowley had needed was a reaper I’m pretty sure he could have found one to torture into letting him in. At least with the cage, they gave us Rowena and the book neither of which was around season 5. It was weak but it was something. Unlike with the vessels that again was ALL of season 5 trying to get Sam and Dean to say yes, because vessels were very specific. Now just about anyone can say yes, even an angel possessing someone else. No reason. So why the off didn’t Lucifer do that season 5. Surely fighting the sister of God requires THE vessel if fighting Michael did.

    But by far for me the worst thing he oversaw was the travesty that was Sam’s storyline in S8. After 7 seasons of dying and selling there souls for one another and no end of other things. All of sudden, Sam just assumes Dean is dead because he disappeared (even though Cas was there and he can pop in and out) and says oh well and settles down with an annoying vet. We still don’t know what happened in the months leading up to his hitting a dog and Carver didn’t seem to care or about much of anything to do with Sam through many, many of the episodes. He did give us Sacrifice, which was awesome, but didn’t it even come close to undoing the damage to Sam’s storyline.
    Sorry Rant over to whomever bothered to stick around :D

    All of this is to say. I will missing his writing, even he has just written one episode this season. But as a show runner of Supernatural I won’t miss him at all.

    • Gruest says:

      I agree with absolutely all of this. Jeremy Carver, as the headwriter, does have more power than the other writers in what ends up in the show, and handles overall decisions. And he did a really poor job, in my opinion. To be honest, it got so bad, that I stopped watching midway through season 10. Now, I do keep up with it. I know everything that’s happened. But certain things (*cough cough* Amara) are so horrible that I refuse to watch it until I know what the outcome is, because if it’s not great, I’m not wasting my time.

      I love this show, and I love the characters, but man management has really ruined the past couple seasons for me. Here’s hoping a regime change will bring about a better season.

    • Jim Jathers says:

      Me either, Kelly. I agree with yourself and the guest, Kelly. You don’t have to apologize, and you’re not ranting – you’re simply pointing out the big flaws in this show. ;) The inconsistencies, and wrong kind of “serious writing” is one of the things that bugs me too. Like the guest, I hated Season 10. I couldn’t bring myself to rewatch it all when I had my last rewatch. It was awful writing! And yes, Carver – if he really was the “Show Runner” – should have seen to it that the writing quality kept up to a high standard. I wonder if he was being micro-managed by the Network in any way or something? I dunno! I’m not making excuses for the guy, you understand. I’m just wondering. I don’t know the guy haha. For me, I’d say Supernatural under Carver’s leadership felt like Soapernatural…and not in a good way.

      Killing Charlie – the way they did it – that just destroyed all plausibility of everything the whole show. A writing mismanagement like that – unforgivable!!! I also don’t like how they’ve “done humour” under Carver either, for the most part – in particular, during Season 11 and 10. Crowley’s “orgy” and the priest/abuser “joke” – REALLY “writers”? Really? I’m not religious, it was just totally out of place writing. It was forced. And it was like they were trying (very hard) to appeal to the younger “now” generations, and today’s idiotic 21st Sucktury sensibilities, and be “hip”. Please! They destroyed Baby with that asinine joy-riding nonsense, and Wannabecool cruptastic “music”. I watched this show since it first transmitted, but it is SO over, and has been for some time. Personally, Kelly, I’m looking forward to seeing Fan Edits/Cuts of the show appearing in the near future. And I’m heavily inclined to have a go at recutting it myself..

  18. I like most of Dabb’s episode. then again I liked Carver’s episodes and look how he turned out as a showrunner. Yuck to Robert Singer as co-showrunner, let’s hope he has nothing to do with the writing, his wife is the WORSE writer in the history of Supernatural.

  19. This is my wishlist for Andrew Dabb.
    Either remove Buckner and Eugene-Leming from the staff or never ever let them write a mytharc episode or kill off a beloved character. Charlie’s death was lazy writing at best. Sure it made Dean a rage machine, but he’d been one all season. And regardless killing off a extremely popular LGBT female character for no other reason (and it such an incredibly stupid way) but to motivate the white male straight characters is not exactly knowing your viewing audience. Don’t get my wrong. I’ve been gutted by death’s on the show and still thought the episodes were fantastic. But this just felt like, “Oh we haven’t killed anyone beloved in awhile. Let’s kill Charlie.” Don’t get my wrong I’m not a fan of making any character too precious in die (well except for Sam and Dean), but now we have 4 white male character who are seemingly unable to die. Feel like if you need a shocking death than it really should be Castiel or Crowley. (as much as I like Misha and Mark-although I love Felicia Day so…..)

    I personally am done with angel and Castiel storyline, but I know some still like it so I feel bad. So I wish for a spinoff. No? Ah well? I can live with that. Just make a better storyline for him. Though Castiel feels played out to me without different people to interact with except I’ll admit when they do that I just want to get back to Sam and Dean. But the main thing I want from Cas is for him to stop repeating Sam’s storylines. Sam goes with Ruby,lets out Lucifer. Sam has to win back Dean’s trust, Castiel ….. Sam goes a little crazy, Cas goes a lot crazy. And now Sam was Lucifer’s vessel. Cas is Lucifer’s EFFING vessel. Seriously? There are other that are all pale repeat of much better storylines with Sam. At the beginning of S8, I thought okay Sam and Castiel can bond which makes sense since the have SOOO much in common. But no, one conversation and he’s back exclusively talking to Dean.

    Which brings me to the next wish. I adored Sam and Dean heart to heart’s but Dean also have heart to heart’s with many, many other people. PLEASE continue to make this more balanced. It’s been better but there is definitely room for improvement. Such as this season I hope to God he has a chance talk to God. He’s and Chuck had several illuminating convos in the past. Surely now that he’s God, Sam will feel like unburdening. Like telling him happened before he hit the dog.

    • “This is my wishlist for Andrew Dabb.
      Either remove Buckner and Eugene-Leming from the staff or never ever let them write a mytharc episode or kill off a beloved character. ”
      Robert Singer is also co-showrunner. Eugenie Ross-Leming is his wife and he’s the one who wanted Charlie dead. That part of the wishlist is never coming true.

      • I read that in the comments of this article several times now, but I never read anything about Bob Singer being behind the decision to kill Charlie. His wife is one of the writers of that episode but she’s also killed Kevin and many other characters. Where did someone say he was the one pushing for her death? Can you please link the article or tell me the title?

    • Jim Jathers says:

      Buckner and Eugene-Leming DO suck most heinously. Fan Edit, folks! Get Fan Editing this show! Let’s make this show how it OUGHT to be! =))) Let’s just cut out all the pointless junk, and make it right. A good “last ep” for Charlie might have been her going off to Oz with Dorothy…

      We can never totally make things how they SHOULD have been made – Charlie, Kevin, and Garth as Men/Women Of Letters, based at The Bunker with Sam and Dean, with Bobby contacting them from Heaven via some Men Of Letters spell/contraption to offer advice/just chat with the guys from time to time, perhaps. But we can still improve upon what they gave us! Massively…

      Folks have phenominal power to edit things professionally at home these days. There’s no need for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s one of the few good things about the times we’re living in. I think if more people do this with modern tv shows and movies, it will FORCE the “professional” writers, working within the business of TV or Movie production to take a look at themselves, and potentially HUGELY step up their game….

      And imho, this REALLY needs to happen, because modern Entertainment SUCKS. Seriously, I mean, most TV Shows, Movies, and Music of the 21st Century just blows! And even the good stuff isn’t equal to older productions in terms of quality. Shaky-cam must die, for one thing – it’s been 23 YEARS since NYPD Blue – and STILL they’re CAUGHT ON the idiotic “style” of Lazyca…I mean, “Hand Held Camera “Work””…To say nothing of how writing quality has gone down the tubes, across the board.

  20. jen says:

    oh no, anybody but Singer. He was the dude who insisted Charlie had to die when like literally everyone else said it was a terrible idea. We still haven’t recovered the numbers of fans we lost due to that. When people tried to tell him how big a screw up that was, he just got pissed fans were upset. If he had handled himself better, people would have gotten over it much sooner and we wouldn’t have lost so many people. As it is, people were celebrating when it looked like he wasn’t going to be an executive producer any more. This is bad news. I hope they try and focus more on the announcement of Dabb so people don’t start talking like the show is doomed before Singer/Dabb even have a chance to show what they can do

  21. susan dyck says:

    so you didn’t say who is replacing Jeremy Carver

  22. Anne says:

    I’m sorry to see car Carver go. Hopefully the two of them can carry-on. As to Jensen sticking around instead of going into movies, Jensen and Jared make good money. And they make a hell of a lot of money going to these conventions and selling their photos and autographs. So I guess they’re doing pretty fine right now. And Jensen is still young, he’s only 37.

  23. Singer’s been co-showrunning this show since the beginning except this season so that’s pretty much business as usual.
    As for Dabb, the consensus on IMDb was that he was next in line for the showrunner gig. The writing was on the wall when he rather than Carver was credited for writing the upcoming season’s finale. I hope to see the two of them at Comic Con this summer!

  24. zee says:

    my hope for supernatural season 12 : just pack ‘chuck’ and all his angel to outer space or something .. seriously, they lost a lot of potential story because this god and angels crap. so many supernatural story around the world they can write but yeah lets write about god who thinking like mere human, overemotional angels, or god sister .. what next .. god need vacay and let lucy rules the world or something ..
    just because supernatural has zillion loyal fans, it doesnt mean the writers can lazily around, viewers have brain ..

    • m says:

      That is your opinion! I’ve heard so many others rating because they dislike the MoW episode like you suggest so…

  25. Carlos says:

    I am glad Singer’s back. He’s been on the show since the very beginning; and it is important to have someone who remembers what happened on seasons 1-3 (since Dabb wasn’t around then). I am not gonna lie, Dabb’s good, but I don’t think he’s the best. I’m a little scared, because he’s not as good as Carver, and he’s not as good as Sera Gamble when it comes to script writing. Robbie Thompson would have been the perfect showrunner. After watching “Don’t Call Me Shurley” (the best episode in the whole series, IMO), I don’t wanna see the show go downhill..

  26. Devi swathy says:

    I am totally obsessed with this show. My kind request is just don’t end this show for atleast a few years.hates off to supernatural team for making an awsome show

  27. Terri Warner says:

    SUPERNATURAL is and will be a cult classic and will be watched for a long time to come. Mr. Ackles and Mr. Padalecki and all the actors are doing a superb job of keeping us captivated and wanting more. Their devotion to the show shows a bigger devotion to their fans. Thank you all.

  28. Emily says:

    So the Nepotism duo is here to stay as well and Dean will do nothing next season while SuperSam thrives. Great news. Great. /s
    This is ridiculous. Hopefully, next season is the last one. And this is coming from a fan who has been with the show with years and has loved it very much until now.

  29. I 💖super natural.

  30. I love supernatural.💜

  31. witchysway says:

    Not a good idea guys,, you should stick with what works and supernatural works. And frankly frequency sounds boring!!!

  32. witchysway says:

    Not a good idea guys.. You need to stick with what works and supernatural is working just fine. And frankly frequency is boring I didn’t like the movie and odds are I will not like the series.

  33. Jill Ammons says:

    I am so glad they are going to at least have another season.

  34. Nics says:

    Will they drop the angel storyline and make it all about the brothers and demons again? That would be great!!!

    • I love the whole angels and demons and the darkness. Personally, I find the guys just hunting MOTW boring. I have been watching since the beginning and this is still my favorite show.

  35. Aundria Premo says:

    I’m sure it’ll be great! The reins have been turned over to two highly skilled professionals who’ve been on the Supernatural ship for quite some time! They know our show, know our fandom, & I trust completely in their vision… Thanks, Mr. Carver & best of luck on your next adventure!! <3 #SPNFAMILY

  36. Trevor says:

    Oh Just show us god and amara’s parents and be done with it. Where are the parents?

  37. Timothy Gravelle says:

    Supernatural is by far my all time favorite series!!! And from leaving and returning the show to me never lost no interest to me!! So I’m sure him leaving again will not hurt!! I’m very sure Mr. Singer and mr. Dabb have got this !!! So to end I look very much forward to season 12 I can’t wait good luck guys ..!!!

  38. Sharon Hamilton says:

    Watched supernatural sense begging. An have all the series on dvd. Except. Season. 11 but will have it as soon as I can get. Love to watch over. An over. They. Are my guys. Please keep this show. Alive. We love it an all our people

  39. I would sooo much love for supernatural last for eternity!!! I would be heart broken. I do wish jeffrey dead Morgan would make a appearance for his fans and the shows fans. Also, more appearances of Bobby. I really miss him on the show.

  40. Ella says:

    That…is worrying. I love Rob Singer but the last time we had a showrunner change we got season 7.

  41. Carlos says:

    Leaving Supernatural to work on something new usually doesn’t end well for the former showrunner. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kripke, but Revolution was clearly a failure, Time sounds interesting, but I don’t how it’s gonna go. Sera Gamble left, and now..what is she doing? Jeremy Carver is gonna work on something called Frequency, which won’t be as successful and profitable as Supernatural. Dabb seems like a cool guy, but I’m not a fan of the idea of him running the show…I’m gonna pray he doesn’t ruin it.

  42. Nona Yourbiz says:

    I love this show, however, I do have to wonder where they go next, and for how long. Bobby is dead, Garth is a werewolf (which I find interesting as you are born into being a werewolf, you can’t be bitten), so we may not see him again. Once the whole Heaven/Hell, Amara/Chuck thing is over, what is left? The angels will go back upstairs, the demons downstairs, and me, in the middle, sitting on my bed typing random thoughts. However, we probably will continue to see Rowena and Crawley (Fargus), but to what capacity will remain to be seen. Also, I really would like to see Sam and Dean marry and have kids. Especially Sam.

    • San Summer says:

      “Garth is a werewolf (which I find interesting as you are born into being a werewolf, you can’t be bitten)”

      I think you might be confusing some other show with Supernatural. On Supernatural, you get turned into a werewolf if you are bitten by one. You can also be born as a werewolf.

  43. Jim Jathers says:

    A few (ok lot) of thoughts and feelings…
    The main problem this show has, is that they won’t let the show “change” (I mean, this is how they see it in their eyes). This ISN’T just a show about Sam and Dean – and I think its producers and writers have forgot this. During Season 1 – yes – it was “two brothers…trying to find their father…”…We knew this…And their father showed up in a few episodes. But he was also pivotal to the show. Then came in Bobby. He also became pivotal in the show…

    Then they killed off Bobby. It sucked! Oh boy, did it suck!…but on rewatch, it was actually done kinda well, dramatically speaking. When the show REALLY started to take a huge downward/not progressing turn, was under Carver’s leadership. Yes Seasons 6&7 were far from perfect. The Leviathan sea-sawed, and were terrifying one minute, and comical the next – which was weird, considering the fact they were supposed to be older than Lucifer…

    They’ve done the same things in subsequent Seasons – an older (and supposedly more powerful) “big bad” than Lucifer, who only featured (sometimes only spoken of) in 12 episodes or less of the Season. This is how you destroy dramatic build up, and take away the “power” and threat of the enemy, and the supposed seriousness of the Season’s plot arc. It’s BAD writing…

    People say “PEOPLE DIE ON THIS SHOW…” and such. People DIED in the first FIVE Seasons cause it was the Apocalypse! And this is why and where the show REALLY started going wrong – continuing to kill off Sam and Dean’s “closest” AFTER the Apocalypse – stunting and preventing THEIR and THE SHOW’S development…

    Think about it for a second…Sam and Dean have ALWAYS had close contacts around, John, Bobby, Ellen and Jo, Ash, Rufus…And always some kind of “home base”. They ended up getting Garth after Bobby died. They got Kevin. They got Charlie. THEN they even got The Bunker and the Men Of Letters legacy – THIS was the best move under Carver’s run. But then he had to pointlessly allow or orchestrate the killing of these characters or write them out (Garth). Put the boys back on their own again. And give VERY little expansion to the Men Of Letters story – the one that MATTERED. Not the “past times” story – the PRESENT story. Nothing wrong with showing a little history, but in 50 something episodes, they REALLY NEEDED to deliver a more substantial PRESENT TIME Men Of Letters story expansion…

    Why even BOTHER bringing in the Men Of Letters story, if THIS is what they were going to do?! Lol! Just bad writing! They’ve been trying to keep Sam and Dean the same as they were in the the Apocalypse. And it’s totally transparent! This is where MOST shows go wrong – trying to keep main characters from developing or changing very much, in case the fans who have the hots for said characters are put off, and move on…

    And it’s DESTROYED this show. People are raving here (and elsewhere) about Season 11 – but HOW MANY stand alone episodes have their been IN SPITE of the FACT that we were AGAIN hit over the head with “How devasting, dangerous, and insanely powerful this Seasons Big Bad is…and what complete sh…Sam and Dean and the world are in!…”. WHERE have we HEARD THIS BEFORE?..Hmmmmm…Let me think….LOL!…

    CROWLEY could have been a character leaning even more so on the “good” side. But they even managed to screw THAT up! Making his whole story since the end of Season 8 ridiculously convoluted, and basically a total mess. AND FOR WHAT purpose? SUPPOSED humour! Like they did with DEMON DEAN at the start of Season 10 (smh)! This show has (often) under Carver’s run, not recognised when HUMOUR is something to play for, and when it is NOT. This show is meant to be mostly serious, with comedic episodes/the odd moment or two of levity. The writing has been WAY off balance for this show, on that score, for SEASONS and SEASONS now. But it’s been WAY WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE under Carver…

    Here’s to that FAN EDIT which is gonna fix all of this, after this show is done with! Because there are good ideas/things that happened/episodes SINCE Season 5. And it would be a shame to lose them. But this show needs a proper “tying up”. And it needs to end with its credibility intact – which CAN’T happen with Charlie’s death included as canon. It just isn’t possible, due to the ridiculous and totally implausible way they killed her. Canon ENDED during THAT episode. And the show was DESTROYED. I think a nice “last time to see Charlie” would be her going off to Oz with Dorothy, personally. Can’t think of a way to edit in anything beyond that, yet. I think I’m going to make it one of missions to Re-Cut this show….

    Season 1-5 weren’t PERFECT, I know! That scene in the Motel room in Fallen Idols, where Sam and Dean have their emotion conversation, and Sam tells Dean it’s not gonna work and he’s being a schmuck – and the camera operator filming the scene APPEARS TO HAVE TAKEN SPEED/HAS THE DT’s springs instantly to mind LOL (that was completely inappropriate shaky-cam work, and totally strips an emotional scene of immersion and impact = bad production standards). But they were the way better than than last few Seasons. And this show deserves to have stayed at a high standard. Not every Season needs to be 23 episodes. It needs to be long enough to tell a good story (Season 3 is only 15, if you discount Ghostfacers – I don’t hate the episode – it was just appallingly placed in the viewing order of the Season, taking away build up and dramatic impact for the Season). Speaking of which – they got rid of the Ghostfacers – in a very depressing manner – too…
    More proof the current runners of the show totally lost the plot. Nobody likes a Donald Downer… ;D

  44. Shirlene says:

    Love all the supernatural and will watch forever. The people that continue on the show are smart looking at shows past where people leave for “the next big thing ” only to find garbage. Being an actor is a temp job no matter what the position so ride the golden script to the last THE END. If the rest of the staff are smart they are investing along the way because another opportunity like this might never come around again. Ask some people from CSI, Friends, Seinfeld, MASH, how many people were knocking down their doors. Season 19 IDK I’ll be watching guys, thanks for a great break from reality.

  45. Thank God! Happy and relieved the boys are in good hands with Andrew, and Bob of course. As for Jeremy, good riddance.

  46. L. Nolan says:

    Supernatural has had 11 seasons of awesome! Then came season 120when someone got their hands on a bucket of suck and poured it all over the show. if this is a new writer, fire him!

    • Actually, I felt that s12 was a huge improvement on Carver’s years. Carver’s ideas made me lose most of my interest in Castiel and Crowley by the way he woobified them.

      I didn’t even get interested in Rowena until s12