Faking It Cancelled

Faking It Cancelled After 3 Seasons

Proving that broadcast networks aren’t the only ones dropping the ax this week, MTV has confirmed that Faking It will not continue beyond Season 3.

“My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television,” showrunner Carter Covington tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality. My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.”

Convington adds, “That will always be my sole regret: that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together. I never got to look inward at Karma and have her question her friendship and why it’s so intense and her affection for Amy. I’m sad that I won’t get chance to do that. I felt like fans really deserved that and I’m sad they won’t get that.”

Because MTV owns the property, Covington says he’s unable to shop it around to other networks, effectively killing all hope for a revival. That said, Covington promises to share what was still to come:

Faking It‘s season series finale airs Tuesday, May 17 (10:30/9:30c).

Are you bummed? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the series’ untimely end below.

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  1. Oran says:

    DAMN YOU MTV!!!! I’m so angry and sad right now! Faking It is the best show on MTV. It doesn’t deserve to be cancelled so soon!

  2. Jason says:

    Now I’m glad I decided not to watch it. There is nothing worse than a lack of closure. I know that sting all too well.

  3. Damn. This is such a unique show.
    Now, the only reason I have left to watch MTV is Scream. At least that’s something to look forward to.

  4. tam says:

    noooooooo. Best show on MTV

  5. byron says:

    Um, no.

    I really liked this show, I thought the characters and performances were really good, but I don’t understand how the creator can say that it focused on them regardless of their sexuality – that is exactly what it was about, nearly every line of dialogue was about that, always.

    I do agree that it would have been interesting to see further exploration of their motivations – that was one of the main reasons I watched – and I’ll miss this show. It is more biting and witty than most television.

    Of course, The Grinder was more clever than most television as well – apparently that sort of thing doesn’t matter anymore… :(

    • Amanda says:

      im going to miss this so much hopefully they will bring it back! i wanted more exploring with the characters in the future.

  6. Ram510 says:

    Well can they please give Awkward 1 more final season please

  7. Goldenvibefan says:


  8. Tim says:

    wow, i’m surprised!

  9. TJ says:

    ‘Faking it’ and ‘Awkward’ ending at the same time… looks like I can remove MTV from my favorites list…

  10. kiddo says:

    Covington had all the time in the world to make Karmy happens, instead he chose to draging the whole thing around

    • rinaex says:

      I don’t watch this show (just reading about all of the renewals/cancellations) but that jumped out at me as well. In three seasons there’s no reason that a relationship, if that was the actual intent, could not have been explored. The ratings weren’t that great last season either, so they should have already realized that they might not have all the time in the world to get into things.

    • Lauren says:

      Exactly, I think the show would have been better if they explored it. They could have ended up together or realized they were better as friends but they never gave us the opportunity to see it unfold. They only teased and teased till it was too late, now there will be no closure.

  11. Alex says:

    It went downhill from the beginning of the 2nd season on and by the 3rd it became literally unwatchable.

    • Olivia says:

      Pretty much. Also the arrogance of the dude is astounding. First, he had three seasons to move things forward if it really was his intention; now he’s gonna tweet how they would have lived happily ever after, after some grand epiphany or something so the fans can blame the network instead of his sorry self.
      Second: holy hubris man!
      “My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.”
      Like people have waited for Faking it to treat LGBT characters like human beings beyond their coming out stories. Duuuude, please. I watched Willow Rosenberg be just that like 15+ years ago. Granted, it was not common at the time, but Queer As Folk & The L Word ended way before we learned the very existence of this guy. More recently Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, PLL, OITNB, and many others (including some I don’t watch) didn’t wait for Faking It to make LGBT characters 3D.
      I don’t care much about the news itself (I’m actually surprised it even got a 3rd season to begin with, although it had a pretty decent premise and cast) but this guy’s comments are unbelievably narcissistic. Must be a friend of Murphy’s.

      • Alex says:

        Totally agree. The guy is lazy, and his arguments are just laughable. And the way he treated his characters was awful anyway. It was stereotype after stereotype, really.

        • dregj says:

          im beginning to get the impression there’s been some hardcore queer baiting with this show.Tease us endlessly with karmy but it was never going to happen?
          thanks for nothing

  12. Sandra says:

    I´m really sad about Faking It being cancelled. But honestly the danger of being cancelled was always there and they chose to keep doing storylines about Liam and Karma or Amy and Felix (and don´t get me wrong I love Felix, just not with Amy) instead of focusing in Karma and Amy and now everything is going to end in the air with no closure.

  13. Leo says:

    What the hell MTV? It’s not like you have super awesome pilots or shows waiting at your disposal. I smell deception and trickery. I mean this is a 30-mins comedy. So cruel!

    • Rissa says:

      I guess they’d rather us watch something like teen mom, teen mom og, catfish, or something else with crappy scripts and boring storylines that repeat over and over…. I mean yeah faking it kind of was back and forth, but at least it was I retesting and didn’t seem like the characters were actually “faking” their feelings when. They read their lines!!!!! Boooooooo MTV shame on you!

  14. datdudemurphy says:

    That’s garbage.
    Were the ratings that bad? It couldn’t have cost much to make.

    Maybe Hulu or Netflix can pick it up

  15. Jaclyn says:

    Completely devastated. Loved this show so much. Disappointed in no closure, but thankful we’re still going to be told what would have been. :(

  16. Peter says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( one of my fave shows ever

  17. Duuude. Faking It had many flaws, but honestly it was such a genuinely fun and explorative show – witty, boundary-pushing and, of course, all inclusive in a way hardly any shows have even attempted. I am truly sad to see it go, and even more so to realise Karma’s OBVIOUS bisexuality.

    Teen Mom has several seasons more than a genuinely decent show with unparalleled queer representation and exploration. Disappointing, MTV.

    • Faking It Fan says:

      This is one of the things I’m most upset about. Faking It was a really good show, truly unique, original and groundbreaking. But the decision makers at MTV seemed more interested in promoting shows like Teen Mom. Most of us can’t identify with teenage mothers, but we can identify with a lot of things from Faking It. The characters were scripted, but their situations were real for so many of us. I hope MTV reconsiders its decision one day, and brings this show back.

      • I agree with this 110%.. This was my favorite show ever, and it crossed barriers with sexuality and gender in regards to television. Teen Mom is so stupid and I don’t even know why it still is being watched.

  18. Faking It Fan says:

    Faking It is an awesome show, and an important one in promoting acceptance of many different people. I’m heartbroken that MTV decided to cancel it. But I feel like MTV did a haphazard job of promoting the show this season. You rarely ever saw commercials for it, and there wasn’t as much promotion on the MTV website. If MTV had put Faking It on at a decent hour (it aired at 9:30 or later for most Americans, which is pretty late when you have to work or go to school in the morning) and done a better job of promoting the show, the ratings would have been better, and the show probably would have been renewed for another season. MTV dropped the ball this season, and now they’ve broken our hearts.

  19. Daniel Armour says:

    And another show I like bites the dust. This definitely sucks.

  20. mrmcgee says:

    Aw, as exhausting as it can sometimes be, I really like this show!

  21. Isadora says:

    This is not fair, faking it is such an amazing show it deserves at least a final season 😡😡😡

  22. Gerri. says:

    How long till Gregg Sulkin finds a new gig. I suspect not long.

  23. LE says:

    No No No :(. I LOVE FAKING IT. ***CK U MTV.

  24. Chrissy says:

    Faking it is one of the best show on MTV. I am sad to see it being cancelled. The show faking it was perfect for all those people out there who need to see that its okay for their sexualities to be shown and go public with it. People need more shows like Faking It! I’ll tell you one thing nothing will ever be like Faking It!

  25. Kiki says:

    Really sad to see it go. I looked forward to watching it every week and never missed a show. Highly Disappointed it is ending!

  26. robandco says:

    I am shocked. I don’t follow cable ratings but this seems so out of the blue.
    Basically another show that won’t end whose fans are getting slapped Good-Wife style. Great.

  27. Allie says:

    They should have a movie to end the series. All fans vote yes to Faking IT movie to conclude the series!!

  28. Elijah Na says:

    I believe this show has a much deeper meaning and assistance to the generation if kids this world has now a days. It is so EXTREMELY important to let kids understand that they are not alone and that being different is okay. As well as finding yourself. Whether it be straight bisexuals Transgender or gay (etc). This show should continue and should be shown to people of any age that people are just people despite what their sexuality is. Or their label. This is a good learning experience for them and should be broadcasted for that reason alone.

  29. Hannah Lee says:

    This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me

    No how could they!!!
    It was…
    Karmy was the highlight of my week(life) :(
    There aren’t even enough words to describe my feelings right now.

  31. Dana says:

    I am disappointed that MTV has no sense of what’s good. That was the first show I know dealing with the real life issue of coming out and all what comes with it….fear, hearr-break, loss, fights, jealousy….. The owners are just stupid in my eyes….. sexist idiots. Homophobes for that matter…… rather bring useless stuff on the market with no meaning….. I WILL NEVER WATCH MTV AGAIN! NEVER IN MY LIFETIME! I WON’T ALLOW MY FUTURE FAMILY TO WATCH IT EITHER! YOU GUYS WILL LOSE ALOT!

  32. I really have learned to love this girls since i found out this show one week ago. Desolated that its gone so suddenly.

  33. Sabrina says:

    I’m very disappointed with this news. I enjoyed this show and will be sad to see it go.

  34. Tommy Threetone says:

    One of my faves. So many shows I liked were axed this week. Me sad. Awkward needs to wrap up and go already but this needed to stay.

  35. LeAna says:

    kind of upset with how MTV is ending up, first decided to cancel eye-candy now this, what’s next? Going to cancel Scream. I was excited for the remainder of this season of Faking It but now really bummed out

  36. Jericho says:

    Boooooooo. They gave Awkward 5 seasons (only 2 were decent). They could at least find Faking It 4.

  37. Anna says:

    I cannot believe it got cancelled, it is literally my favorite show right now, Amy and Karma are the perfect couple and I can’t believe we wont ever be able to see them give it a shot at a relationship, mtv really sucks and the only other show i watch now is catfish, but faking is better by far, damn it Please pick it up Netflix or Hulu, it will make tons of revenue for your streaming services!!!

  38. NOOOOO! LOVED Faking it. Wish it could get picked up by Netflix or somewhere that will appreciate how great it is!

  39. Karen says:

    This is so goddamn sad. I want to make a well thought out reply to this, but this is just too much.
    I really rooted for the characters, all of them. I really wanted Karmy to be endgame. I liked how the show was written, always entertaining for the full 20 minutes. It’s just too bad I don’t live in the States, so I can’t really contribute to the viewing numbers.

    I hope this gets magically renewed or bought up by another production company. This is just… devastating. One of the first shows I’ve really felt connected to.

  40. Jackie says:

    This is so sad making. Onwards to fanfic land!

  41. Faking it was the only show I watched on MTV, so now I can stop dealing with the adds for their stupid reality TV shows and other dumb shows! But also, if Carter intended to ever put Amy and Karma together, then maybe HE SHOULD HAVE NOT MADE AMY BISEXUAL! Because that made allot of people figure that he was doing what other shows do, which is, only have lesbian guest characters not main characters! And I mean, there isn’t a show on TV that has ever had a young woman who is a lesbian, who is also one of the lead characters or in most cases, even one of the main ones! They may be supporting cast members, but not one of the leads! Sure they had Emily on Pretty Little Liars, but a person who had never watched the show and didn’t know she was a lesbian, could have watch most episodes without ever realizing she was a lesbian! But you could always know the 3 straight girls were straight! Carter needed to make it clear that Amy was a lesbian, not keep playing around with it! Its his fault it tanked,not MTV or the viewers! Those who watched the first season and the second were queer people and friends, they didn’t want to see Amy comeback from her trip this season, and start dating a guy again! Its one thing to say she did it before because she wasn’t sure, but her trip could have been the perfect chance to have her finally say she knows she is a lesbian, that she found herself, as people like to say! But no, Carter instead kept her basically bisexual, without just coming out and saying it, he had her say she doesn’t like labels, bull snot! I frankly wander if Carter wasn’t just doing what they all do, queerbaiting the queer girls, for ratings! But apparently he isn’t as good at it as Jason Rothenberg, because even he knew not to put the girl who was supposed to be into girls mostly, at least, with guys all the time! And it wasn’t like he had problem with doing LGBTQ people period, because he had a totally gay guy on the show, who was front and center in every episode and having relationships too! It was just the idea of having a girl who didn’t love “sausages”, so like all shows with young people on it, the most they could give us is just another bisexual girl! Because there weren’t enough boy crazy people on the show, oh wait, they had two straight girls and at least one gay guy at all times! But apparently they needed all 3 girls to be boy crazy! If they had been truly planning on have Amy be a lesbian and for Karma to realize she was bisexual and in love with Amy, then I wish it could have continued, but the clearly wasn’t what they had planned! Or at least dumb bum Carter Covington didn’t seem to know how to at least give us more hints to it, BY LETTING AMY BE A LESBIAN, for one! That would have helped us to believe that he really planned on having Karma and Amy end up together! As always, a TV showrunner got it wrong again, surprise, NOT!

    • datdudemurphy says:

      Or…..they had a highschool girl who hadn’t “defined” herself.
      Gender fluid is a real thing.
      People don’t have to fit into your preconceived categories.

      • Chase says:

        I don’t think it was so much about Amy’s identity as it was about Karma’s lack of self reflection. I think it would’ve been cool if there was a therapist written in to the plot. Karm could’ve been seeing her as a result of the impact of her parents’ arrest, losing the house etc.. Then she could’ve had a retrospective look at why she reacts so passionately to situations w Amy.. It’s not like she had a friend to say: Hey, I’m not saying you’re this or that BUT your attachment is more than BFFs. Maybe you need to do some soul searching etc. Then at least we could’ve seen her working this out bc we certainly saw it playing out. I guess it was subconscious to Karma.. I would’ve had the Season 3 reunion of her really looking at that and expressing the emotion of their reunion. They had a falling out & bam! Amy’s got a new girl & Karm has Felix. And I can see how that could happen & set the stage for unfinished biz in Season 4. Or maybe even having Season 3 end w a confession by Karma. She could’ve confessed she realized that her feelings & attachment are more than platonic. Anyway, we’ll never know ….
        But I can say, MTV dropped the ball. They could’ve 86 that God awful teen mom show (It’s been on too long!) & figure out a way to re-market Faking It. Bc the audience is there. The writing & acting were pretty good. They should’ve recaptured the magic & audience.

    • Jay says:

      South of Nowhere is the only show I can think of with a true lesbian couple as the main characters, at least in the US. Spencer and Ashley are both lesbians on it. I’d definitely check it out if you liked Faking It. SoN is a drama, not too much comedy in it but I loved watching it when it was live. I don’t want to spoil it, but I’ll say I was satisfied with its series ending (albeit a little soon).

      Which is something I think everyone watching Faking It was hoping for. I thought for sure Karma and Amy would end up together at the end.

  42. ellen says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, IT IS THE BEST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faking it was the only show I watched on MTV, so now I can stop WATCHING MTV. So disappointed and devastated.

  43. eatyournuts says:

    NO! Faking It is my favorite show. So bummed and disappointed they decided to cancel :( I’d give anything to bring it back.

  44. Abbey Kampel says:

    Please someone pick this show up! My favorite show of all time. Great actors, likeable characters, witty dialogue, good plot.. it is the whole package. Perfect 30 min comedy that I looked forward to every week. MTV, you suck.

  45. lalalalala says:

    i can’t believe they are cancelling it ugh

  46. Silvia says:

    I love faking it was the only reason why I even tune into MTV. Only to watch that show! I feel like the karma and Amy situation is a kind of thing that all the bi sexual and lesbian women go through now a days….. At least mr. Convington will be decent enough to share what was to come later on. I still have hope that maybe Hulu or Netflix will pick up the show.

  47. Sarah says:

    This seamed like a nightmare when I read about it last night. I really enjoyed this show, the characters were so much fun to watch, and all the drama kept the suspense really in. :(

  48. Dj says:

    This really hurt. I’m sadden to hear this wonderful show is ending

  49. How can mtv do that to someone. Let them involved in the characters and then yank it away. At least let the writer finish with people have wanted all along. Amy and karma are meant to be together and shouldn’t have to just end without some sort of conclusion . Absolute rubbish is what this ending will be. I will not watch your network because of this abrupt ending to the show.