Stana Katic Castle Cancelled

Castle Cancelled: Stana Katic Pens Note to Fans, and Other Cast Reactions

Castle leading lady Stana Katic busted out the series’ go-to adverb — “Always” — in a handwritten note to fans, cast and crew, in the wake of the news that the ABC drama had been cancelled.

“Your devotion to this show has carried us for these unforgettable eight seasons,” wrote Katic, who would not have been part of any Season 9. “I will always be grateful.”

The news of Castle‘s end, announced amid a busy Thursday of pre-Upfront renewals and cancellations (…and cancellations), came as a small shock, if only because ABC Studios had spent the previous week or so locking down Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever and other cast for a possible Season 9. (Like Katic, Tamala Jones aka M.E. Lanie Parrish had not been invited back.)

As reported in April by TVLine, the Castle showrunners prepared an alternate final sequence for Monday’s season finale that will offer a better sense of closure than the original Season 8 cliffhanger ending.

In addition to Katic’s misssive, Jon Huertas, who plays Esposito, reacted with a series of tweets that said:

It was a good run but Castle is done. I’ve processed the end of living an eight-year dream — now I must thank those who have made that dream possible. You! The Castle fans. My fellow cast mates, the amazing Seamus Dever, Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Tamala Jones, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan. As well as the talented Toks Olagundoye, Penny Johnson Jerald, Sunkrish Bala, Arye Gross. Hollywood’s not an easy town. As a cast and crew, we were all very lucky to have the right chemistry, love and support to create a wonderful show that had success in a landscape of network TV where long runs are like unicorns. So thank you to the fans for giving me my own personal unicorn!

Seamus Dever (Ryan) posted to Instagram a cast photo, while Molly Quinn shared on Twitter, “Castle was a cornerstone of my life. A safe environment to learn. Thank you, ABC, for giving a carrottop kid of 14 an amazing start.”

Toks Olagundoye, who joined the cast for Season 8 as private eye Hayley, tweeted, “It’s been a blast, a pleasure and an honor! One of the most fun and fulfilling years of my entire life! I am SO grateful for it ALL.”

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  1. Mary says:

    Stana: Classy Lady
    Love her

    • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

      You’ve got that right. Strange there is nothing from Nathan. I imagine his PR agent is having trouble coming up with a diplomatic release that he will co-sign to. I’m not sure who the bigger brat is, him or Molly. Shlimazl!

      • Netscape says:

        It’s got to stink for Fillion to realize he was not good enough on his own. Especially with him declaring he wanted the show to continue for years to come… That must hurt his ego. Ouch!

        • S8fan says:


        • bw says:

          He’s will probably lay low for now. His plan to star without Stana blew up in his face.

        • Stacy says:

          Fillion has headlined plenty of stuff. This show though, despite being called Castle, was very much built on TWO leads. This show is a romance that happens to solve crimes. The ratings are sinking after 8 seasons, too. It’s just life.

          • The problem also is ABC. They skipped the show a lot in the last half for whatever reason. This show ran pretty much weekly every other year but not this year. That’s the reason abc’s rating are going down. They are getting as bad as some of the other networks.

          • Robert says:

            One good explanation for dropping ratings was, they kept using the same storylines over and over and dropped 80% or more of character development on the show.

            Becket would have something happen and would keep it secret from Castle *to protect him*

            Castle would have something happen and would keep it secret from becket *to protect her*

            They would make up and promise to not keep secrets any more…

            Rinse and repeat….

            and there was so many things they set up for potential great story lines and they just let them sink

            Castle disappearing, Castle becoming a PI, Becket as FBI, Becket running for office, for a few seasons Alexis was interested in forensics, they basically stopped developing any one after Castle and Becket hooked up and went to basic repetitive characters stories.

          • Trudy Cosby says:

            It was the writers that couldn’t be more creative… that is why the ratings went down season 8 was terriblethry should got Beckett pregnant took the storyline a different way.
            Why bring loksat in .. I still love the show always will but it could different with better writers

        • DuniaMartínez says:

          When he said “to continue for years” he nailed his coffin as a classy man. Even w/ S9 wasn’t gonna be “for years” it was very presumptuous.

          • Edmond says:

            There was nothing wrong with the show CASTLE up until the end of season 7 and totally ran it into the ground.

        • Mike M says:

          The realization that he ended up playing a major part in killing his own show by ousting her has got to hurt even more. So they both now “die” together, which means we get what we deserve, a #CaskettCaskett

          • Nathan Fillion didn’t oust anyone. He had nothing whatsoever to do with it, and it’s really crappy that so many people are trying to blame him & come down on him when he is such a great person, and he was as much a victim in this as everyone else. You need to put the blame where it belongs, on ABC. They were they ones that wanted to cut the budget and fire Stana Katic, and it was a hugely stupid move.

          • Runnion Laurie says:

            They didn’t die. They jumped to years later and had kids running around.

        • Lisa says:

          Do you know NF was paid around 20 million dollars over the course of Castle’s 173 episodes?

          100k per ep for the first five seasons, a bump for seasons 6 and 7, and another bump for season 8.

          I’m pretty sure his “ego” is fine. ;)

          • Mike M says:

            Hilarious… man with known huge ego then earns $20 million. First – the money has tripled that ego the last 8 years – everyone can see it. He doesn’t even see the need to stay trim any more – in his mind he’s too big a star for it to matter. Second – the money leads to a sense of total power that he “owns” the show. And in the end it backfires insanely badly. Thirdly – after it’s all over, 2/3 of all he tweets is all about himself. Yeah his ego is just “fine”. Money can’t buy you credibility, good public understanding, nor common sense. In fact it is far more likely to distance you from each one.

      • Cl says:

        Ur a real jerk! Guarantee U Nathan will have by far the biggest future!

        • Mary says:

          Time will tell. But it was unrealistic to think the show could continue with her.

        • Cathy says:

          Please do not call anyone on this board names; part of why people come on here is because TVLine promotes discussions in a respectful manner. Doing otherwise demeans everyone.

          • Steve says:

            Finally! Somebody who promotes having a respectful dialog rather than the loud, obnoxious “I can yell louder than you” rants that are overtaking virtually all outlets today. Way to go Cathy!

        • His may be a bigger financial future, but I guarantee you hers will be the face recognized by the institution in years to come. Plus she is clearly the classier of the two, always recognizing its the fans that brung you to the dance. He will be a comic con comic book class clown millionaire and more power to him, but he is his biggest fan.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I honestly think that this is the last that we will hear of Stana Katic, at least in any meaningful way. Generally Hollywood is not kind to women as they age and even though I think that she is a good actress she doesn’t have the kind of name recognition that would allow her to overcome the age discrimination that is rampant in the entertainment industry a la Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, etc. I hope that I am wrong as I enjoy her work, but expecting otherwise I think is wishful thinking.

          • Emily Richards says:

            I actually met both of them while they were filming the show. They filmed an episode at my work, and due to my position, I was able to talk to them.

            Fillion was one of the nicest/down to earth out of all the people I’ve met. He actually took interest in me and my job, and it felt more like a friendly convo, vs an awkward talk between a celeb and nobody.

            Stana on the other hand, felt annoyed and stuck up. She was distant and didn’t seem to want to be there. Of course, maybe she just didn’t like working on the show by that point. Maybe she was having a bad day. Who knows.

            But they filmed for multiple days, and she always seemed on edge with crew.

          • majma15 says:

            Interesting. What episode did they filmed at your work place?

          • S8fan says:

            Emily Richards: I guess different experiences in different occasions.
            I was with a group of fans in old downtown LA where the show was filming on location. After the trailers arrived, Stana arrived in a van with other crew members. Nathan came in an suv driven by someone. People called Stana’s name from across the street, she turned and waved. Nathan kept walking.
            After about 15 minutes , Stana came back and walked towards the crowd, said hello, asked how everyone was doing and felt sorry people had been out in the heat (early August). She signed every piece of paper shoved in her direction and asked for the names, took photos with every cell phone people gave her to use.
            Afterwards, everyone in that crowd were in awe of her. Very humble, down to earth and man, is she beautiful!

      • shutuprob says:

        Since Stana’s firing from the show pretty much validated the rumors that Fillion and Katic’s working relationship had so deteriorated that he was the one who got her fired, I’m willing to bet that he’s stunned that his ploy — or, more generously (and possibly more true), the showrunners’ mistakenly deciding that they had to pick a side when they didn’t — backfired and cost *everybody* their jobs.
        To look at it another way, ABC cancelled all of their several one-hour bubble shows — Castle, Nashville, The Family (okay, that one didn’t rise to Bubble) and Agent Carter (on the bubble due to Marvel synergy more than anything). Of the four, Castle had enough of both the popularity and the ratings to go one more season, even at a reduced episode count for one final victory lap. They had even delayed the decision on whether to renew Castle or not from last Friday to TBD because they were continuing to renegotiate contracts for Seamus Dever, signed last Saturday, and John Huertas, signed on Wednesday — so ABC was clearly very interested in bringing the show back, but they cancelled the show anyway the very next day after Huertas signed back on.
        I have to think that the continued backlash that the show was getting over Stana’s firing in the comments sections everywhere pertaining to Dever and Huertas signing new contracts or pertaining to Castle in general means that ABC *finally* got the message that the show was not going to survive the cliffhanger version of the ending of next Monday’s season (now series) finale, in which Beckett was clearly slated to die. If that’s the case, it really wasn’t fair of ABC to have strung along Dever and Huertas and every other actor not playing the title character for this long.
        But at least they made the decision to cancel the show rather than embarrass themselves like CBS did with the Fleischman-less final half-season of Northern Exposure, like Fox did with the Cuddhy-less final season of House and like, err, ABC did with the wife-less final season of MacMillan & Wife (retitled MacMillan).
        Nevertheless, this is going to go down in television history as a great example of how to avert a disastrously bad decision at the very last second. Fillion needs to thank ABC for saving his career via cancelling his — and Stana’s — show when they *finally* realized that it was *also* Stana’s show. He’s now going to be able to go onto other shows knowing that, regardless of whose fault it was for the deterioration of co-stars’ personal and professional relationships, at the very least the *professional* relationship *has* to be mended for the sake of everybody involved in the show, period.

        • Allie says:

          Well said.

          • Mike M says:

            In fact – extremely well said. Covers every single aspect better than any staff writer anywhere has. So great to have so much to say – come here, read the cursory blurb of the “expert”, and find almost every point I could want to say all laid out so well. The one thing I want to add is just personal recent reflection on the two stars outside the show. Fillion was on Talking Dead not long ago. To me he came over very self important and rather pompous. Stana sits somewhere, and rather than type a few nice words into a keyboard, she writes them out by hand and post a picture of the note instead. It won’t ever change the show for me as I feel lucky I’m someone that can distance characters from the actors that play them, but that pretty much sums up the different feelings I’m left with about the people involved here… just strikes me as so obvious the very different… (what’s a nice way to put it?..) approaches to their craft.

        • majma15 says:

          Too many newspapers (LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today ), trades (Variety, THR, ), and magazines (TV Guide, Forbes), and other social media sites, skewered ABC for making the decision to fire Stana. Like so many fans, the opinions of those critics also commented on how silly the Castle character had become , and what they felt were poor storylines. The reason the show was so successful in the past was the relationship and chemistry between Nathan and Stana. It deteriorated over the years on film, particularly on Fillion’s part. The joy between them was no longer there. Taking this into account, plus polling indicating 83-87% of viewers wouldn’t watch the show without Beckett, the execs saved all involved from producing a show doomed to tank. The campaign to Save Beckett, No Caskett, No Castle was the straw that tipped the scales..Castle is an international hit. Future money earned from syndication of the show here in the US and worldwide, would also have dried out. People wouldn’t watch a syndicated series knowing that the loving relationship between Beckett and Castle ended when Beckett was shot to death. Surely, ABC will consider Nathan, and other cast members, for future shows on their network. Best Wishes the cast & crew of Castle. Thanks for the memories!

          • Susan Smith says:

            Mamjma yes Exactly this!

          • Manuel Schuster says:

            Very good analysis. Greetings from Cologne, Germany by Manuel Schuster

          • David4 says:

            There was polling? haha

          • Audrey says:

            David4: yes. It was on The Hollywood Reporter, I believe.

          • S. says:

            You really didn’t need a poll. Just look at ratings every time it was a Stana-less episode. People bailed in droves and that was with every expectation of seeing her again the following week. I don’t think people were thrilled about watching 13 eps of sad, maybe vengeful Castle. The only way it works is if she’s in witness protection or something and he knows and decides to give up everything to join her–but then what of Alexis and Martha? It’s just hard to fathom what they’d have done with this story. I’d have watched but not happily. Just in a ’til the wheels fall off’ kinda way for closure. I did, however, break up with Grey’s years ago so it’s possible to do either. The George/Izzie situation was all I could take after the hot mess of Izzie/Denny and her somehow not losing her license entirely.

          • I don’t expect to see Stana on TV anymore. Aside from CASTLE most of her work has been in art films. And the end of this series likely has soured her on the medium. She and her husband will probably spend more time in Europe where she is genuinely loved and respected. I’d expect them to do films that they self-produce and in which she’s the star. I know i’ll be keeping an eye out.
            As for Nathan, a lot depends on how good his PR people handle the hot mess that was the end of CASTLE. If it lands on the show-runners and ABC, he should be working again soon. On the other hand if he comes off as a spoiled brat, he may get fewer opportunities. Though I’m not a fan of his, I really enjoyed his work especially in the first six seasons of CASTLE. Especially this scene….

        • Lea says:

          You are exactly right! Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just glad that everyone came to their senses and hope that the alternate ending is one that is befitting of the series. You just don’t drop half of what makes a show a success and hope everything will be okay. At the end of the day, you have to be able to separate your working relationship from the personal one sometimes to benefit your career. Other stars have done so and it has served them very well.

        • Right on the money. NF clearly drove her away, unfortunately the Caskett scenes suffered all through Season 8, with the most boring marriage I’ve seen, funny since Beckett specifically said she was afraid their marriage would become boring (Season 6). I just can’t understand why NF didn’t like her, she was so dedicated he even said so in many interviews. Was it because she pumped the show every chance she got, every interview, GMA appearance, Kimmel show etc, she pumped “Castle” where Fillion pumped himself and a 12 year old cancelled show or his comic book stuff. Who was the bigger star? No question. The one who will “always” be remembered as to why the show got cancelled.

          • jj says:

            That was my issue also. He doesn’t seem to have his heart in Castle. All he wants to talk about is Firefly.

        • emily says:

          you know nothing jon snow. nathan had nothing to do with stana and tamala getting fired.

        • Lisa says:

          There is a lot wrong here. First thing being they didn’t fire SK, they couldn’t meet her salary demands so she wasn’t re-signed. It was actually touch and go LAST season with her, but the producer credit, a raise, and time off during the season brought her back. Also the contracts were renegotiated with the production company, not ABC directly.

          Second, when the head of ABC, Paul Lee, was fired in Feb. it was essentially the end of Castle, as he was a huge fan and advocate for the show.

          The only real mistake made was the announcement that Jones and Katic wouldn’t be returning as it brought about unnecessary backlash against NF, as if he had ANY control over this decision, and ABC.

          Also why do you call SK “Stana” like you know her, but us “Fillion” when referring to NF? It’s actually a little creepy.

          • LR says:

            They actually did essentially fire her. Also I would love to know where you saw the salary info you mentioned because from the research I have done that has not shown up anyplace.
            As for last season I can understand hesitation if she had any to come sign on since Marlow and Miller had left. I do find it funny how you don’t mention that there are people out there that have worked on that set that have pointed the ownership to him for causing some of the issues. He was the one that had it in his contract that he and her only work 2 days an ep together for season 8.
            Also it would stand to reason that the detour in how they pretty much committed a destruction of Beckett this season she would have more free time since they were not using her in the story.
            I’m not one side or the other but to me your statement has quite a few holes in it.

          • Angie K says:

            If they couldn’t meet her salary demands then ABC would have said something along those lines instead of saying she and Tamala weren’t asked back for “budget reasons” and that she wasn’t even approached about possibly re-upping for S9 and copped it left right and centre from the fans. Was Tamala also asking for too much too?

          • @ Angie K, there is virtually no difference between not meeting salary demands and saying it is for budget reasons, since they would have to have enough in the budget to be able to meet salary demands. Saying it was for budget reasons is just a more diplomatic way of saying it.

      • Mike Q says:

        Molly? What’s she done to be lumped into this mess?

        • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

          Umm, how about the quote “Nathan Fillion is Castle”? Totally discounting Stana’s enormous contribution to the show.

          • rowan77 says:

            That’s not what she did. All she did was say that Nathan plays the title character and supported the idea of the show continuing even without Stana. You people read into things because you weren’t getting your way at attacked an actress who didn’t deserve your animosity.

          • LR says:

            Rowan77 if you want to get technical Beckett is a Castle therefor she was just as important as him. She tweets and puts things out without thought at times. She actually posted something today that after responses she got she deleted it. It happens quite frequently. I did not go after any cast or crew but if you think about it her actions along with Toks and Nathan’s those first few days were pretty childish overall. They made it worse for themselves.

      • S. says:

        He’s been “laying low” for a few days though, well before cancellation. As far as he knew, it was a go for S9 I bet. He was letting his agent handle the arrangements which seemed to be set and he just went on vacation. I’m sure he’s been told, but I assume someone’s being paid to craft a thing that he’ll be well aware is gonna go viral. No way does he not take his time to plan it, esp, with the bad PR post Stana-firing.

      • DuniaMartínez says:

        Fillion has tweeted three messages. I was very disappointed and appaled. It could have been a memorable good bye and instead was totally self-centered (“Directors, I have time”), like mocking around. Didn’t even mentioned the crew, or names his so recalled friends Dever and Jon. Plus, all the comments he got were mostly Firefly related. People calling him Captain.
        For me this is the top of the cake: he was, indeed, a hurte ego…. No need no end thinks like that. He could have say sth endearing and leaving in a high notr, but apparently he does not care. I doubt if he did care for his character (not his being in the show) at all…
        Marlow is back from exhile. Miller and Sullivan both said lovely things.
        Of course Stana has to comment. We were all waiting for it. Is the end of her show! since eventually has not been any episode not to say season without her. A fan even tweeted that he was sure it was gonna be a penned noted…and he was wright… not surprise at all, is very Stana.
        I don’t get people who is talking about crew and cast no getting along with her. There are plenty of Pics, Tweets, notes from crew, cast, and guest stars members stating clearly the opposite. You can check it on Instagram,Tw or Fb. If you are going to put dirt in someones name, please, bring a substantial FACT to support it. She does not deserve it.

        • Karen Jones says:

          He wrote a letter thanking Stana directly, but people dismissed it as “Too PR” or “not emotional enough”…For him I thought it was quite gushing, & any more than that & it would have been deemed insincere anyway. He also then thanked “all” the “men & women” that worked on the show. Stana has yet to say anything about Nathan.

          His last two Tweets were just trying to make light of a difficult situation/disappointment.

          • Karen Jones says:

            And to add, Nathan has a reputation for being easy to work with & kind in Hollywood. So where is the proof he is a jerk & egomaniac except unsubstantiated rumors & unverifiable “sources”?

            I don’t believe either Fillion or Katic are what they are made out to be in tabloids, & most of the drama between them is created by the fans who have this odd obsession with one of them getting more credit for the show. They were both important & necessary for its success, imo.

      • He responded but sounded like a baby in my opinion. If he hadn’t gotten to big for his britches things might not have gone south IMO

    • Cassfan says:

      Exactly. And some people still wonder why she is so loved by fans.

      • Patrick says:

        She may be loved by fans. She doesn’t seem to be beloved by people that work with her. So I hope you enjoyed watching her on castle. You probably won’t see much more of her unless you live very close to a art-house movie theater.

        • lurker says:

          About not being beloved by people who work with her. How do you know that? About not seeing her too much without a certain living location. So what? Things some people want to watch and see do not depend on their living location.

        • bw says:

          Obviously you don’t keep up with all the comments from the crew, cast and guest stars who love her.

          • Susan Smith says:

            Patrick Stana is well loved and respected by cast,crew,guest stars and of course the Creators of Castle who loved her dedication and hard work to make Kate Beckett live up to their vision. She has several movies ready for release.The longest anyone ELSE on that show has lasted before Castle was 3 seasons.Both on long lasting soap operas.Bit roles in movies.Stana will do great.She us very talented has a wide range so she can take many different kind of roles.Talking crap about someone is so…frat boy

        • Mary says:

          “She doesn´t seem to be beloved by people tah work with her”?! It´s a joke, right? And one with a very bad taste! You really need to keep up with things – haven´t you seen how most of her colleagues reacted when she was fired?! Even PJJ, who has been out for a year, stated how shocked she was!

          • Manuel Schuster says:

            Agree completley. I have Never she was not Respected. See Most of the Tweets

        • Cathy says:

          I doubt that very much, and have only seen two people be disrespectful from the show, everyone else has been very complimentary. It takes two to tango when it comes to bad relationships, and to fully blame Stana is wrong. She’s been graceful since the firing was announced, and Nathan has yet to release a statement. As the supposed star of the show, he should be team lead, and should have released something by now. Denigrating her talent, which she has shown for 8 seasons, is just wrong.

          • Angel De Ponte says:

            She spread the lies about what was going on. She will go into the sunset . Bhai ye

          • LR says:

            Angel unless u actually have proof of that I would not even put it out there. At this point there is a boat load more pointing in NF’s way right now.

        • DuniaMartínez says:

          Please… just checked her Social Nets. They are plenty of messages from crew, coworkers and guest stars PRAISING HER and HER JOB. Rob Bowman loves her, so Rob Hanning and I could keep going.
          You are sided w/ Nathan, i got that, but don’t say things that you can’t support when the reputation os someone is at stake. It is disrespectful and unprofessional

        • LR says:

          Patrick you would be wrong on all of your assumptions. Plus if you head over to trigger a trailer was put out for one of her projects.

          • LR says:

            Twitter not trigger. Autocorrect sigh.

          • Joni says:

            From what I have seen of Stana Katic, she has been consistenlty genuine in her speech, tone, demenaor, whether during interviews or those momments when she was just out having a normal outing, that was captured on filem, and people are asking her for autographs and such. You get a feeling about people, and there is nothing that leads me to belive that Stana was/is anything other than dignified, kind, welcoming, and gracious. She will most definitely be doing something on screen soon, if she chooses. Rare talent, such as hers, and the type of person she has displayed herself to be, comes from the core of a person, regardless of acting. You better believe she has the fan base that she does, because she is who she is, a great actress and person to boot. I can’t wait to see what she does next!!!

          • LR says:

            you have managed to say better what I have been trying to get across to peeps for the 3 weeks. She has never presented herself as being anything other than genuine. Personally that’s part of the reason I like her. She isn’t a in your face kinda person and her business never ends up in the news. There was a trailer put up on YouTube for one of her projects yesterday. Looks pretty good to me can’t wait to see it come this fall provided it is released where I live.

    • MattySi says:

      She should have written this when it was announced she wouldnt be back for a season 9. It’s a little late Katic, the show was cancelled because of you

      • Just one thing says:

        If she was fired, how is it her fault that the network went in a different direction?

        • Alicia says:

          I heard she was not invited back, not her fault!

        • Sarah Tinch says:

          Interesting comment. Read where Stana was fired…and then it was announced later that Castle was not going to continue into season 9. Thus, it’s not Stana’s fault that the show did not continue. Maybe the producers/backers of the show realized that the show would not rate as well without Stana. The show was based around Stana & Fillion.

      • Angie K says:

        Have you not read anything?? She wasn’t asked back, it wasn’t her choice and she did thank comment on the show at the time. ABC made the decision not to renew the show.

      • Mary says:

        No the show was cancelled by ABC and they fired her. She did pen a nice statement when she was LET GO, so the only one without class is the head of ABC and Nat. Nice try in blaming one who is totally blameless.

      • Mary says:

        And you should keep up with things – so you´d know when it was official she wouldn´t be back she actually thanked the fans. And the show wasn´t cancelled BECAUSE of her, but because ABC handled the whole very but very poorly.

      • AM68 says:

        She was fired from the show- it wasn’t her choice to leave. So what exactly is her fault??

        • lurker says:

          Judging by some comments her fault is that she exists.

        • Brooke says:

          She wasn’t fired her contract with ABC ran out about 9 months ago and it was just time to end the show on a good note. The ratings had fallen since the 7th season. I personally thought the last couple seasons some of the episodes were not very interesting and Beckett was not in a few episodes so it ran it’s course. I love the show, I am sorry to see it go. Castle is one of my favorite shows of all time! I will miss it!

      • FY GG says:

        MattySi Ms Katic wasn’t asked for season 9, so it’s not her fault. Check her twitter, she even twitted on her last day of filming: “End of an era #LikeAnEmptyBottleofPerfume #Discontinued” referring I beli
        eve to this fact.

        • MattySi says:

          She was half this show. It wasn’t about Castle, it was about Castle and Beckett, so for her to be fired something had to have happened.

          Either way though, I don’t feel the timing of that note was appropriate. It had been announced a while ago she wouldnt be returning if there was a season 9. She posted that message on Twitter about being discontinued and now a hand written note that she wrote for no reason. She could’ve typed it. She’s just going to throw it away anyway.
          Not classy, she got her just desserts.

      • Cathy says:

        Not sure why you are saying that; ABC announced her firing due to budgetary cuts; whether that is true or due to the animosity between her and Filion, the writing was on the wall the moment the news was released. And she already released a statement regarding this when the announcement was made. Not her fault ABC decided to cancel the show.

      • april-ann says:

        I like her but I agree she should not have sent this out. We heard from her when it was announced she was not returning. Since she was not going to be part of a new season anyway, there was no need whatsoever for this.

        • Mary says:

          Oh yes, there was! One thing is thanking the fans when you know you won’t be back – another thing is when a show you were a big part of ending and acknowledging it! She was there for 8 seasons, of course she would thank everyone! I would be disappointed had she not done it! This just shows what a classy lady she is!:-)

          • LR says:

            Bingo! Your right totally goes back to class.

          • Chloe says:

            Completely agree!

          • Mike M says:

            Ha yes totally Mary :-) But even better – she wasn’t just a part of the show for 8 seasons – she was a part of the show for EVERY season. The “letting go” had no meaning whatsoever in the end (at least to the show). So she was in fact she with it to the very end. Even more importantly – the show has been cancelled and it has not even ended yet… last episode still to air. So in fact there is no point to argue… she just wrote a very classy, thoughtful note because her existing show just got cancelled. And she’s not allowed? Wow, it’s not hard to see how these crazy anti Stana rumors get perpetuated on and on is it.

          • lurker says:

            Well, Ruben Santiago (Capt Montgomery) twitted about Castle after cancellation news and his character was killed long ago (season 3). It’s about the good taste and class.

        • Joni says:

          Sure it was, because regardless of her return or not, the finality of the show ending affects her as well, because this show has been a part of her life for 8 years. If you have worked someplace for eight years, it isn’t easy to simply let go, unless you are unfeeling. Most people carry things with them, and I am sure Stana was speaking from an overall perspective and reflecting back. Sometimes things are over analyzed, instead of appreciating the message. I thought it was a nice gesture, and I am sure that was the onl intent. I hope everyone does well in their future projects.

      • Joni says:

        The logic used is incorrect. The show realized that it could not have survie without her, which is a direct implication of how loved her character was by many. There is no conceivalbe way that Castle can or could have operated without either of the two main characters. They both bring something indiviual and collective to the table. I am so glad they are canceling, rather than attempting to save something that would not have worked, because people do not tune in to see just “Castle,” right, wrong, or indifferent. Real fans tune in to see both characters. Trust me, I have not watched all this time because the homicide cases were so jar dropping; however, it is the witty banter, humor, fun, love, loyalty, and friendship that was forged between these two characters, that made this show unique and special to watch. They are all very talented in their own right, and regardless of why the show is cancelling, we have been fortunate as fans to be entertained by a great cast!!!

      • RecoveringCastleaddict says:

        Oh dear MattySi I’m wondering if you’ve ever watched the show. And you certainly don’t know Ms K. She’s the ‘Real Deal’ by the way. Just ask ‘Most’ of the cast and ‘All’ the crew.

    • Angie K says:

      So true!

    • ursula says:

      yep…me too.

    • shirley says:

      Yes she is.
      Too bad ABC did not realize that.
      We fans already knew.
      Will miss the old show. The season up to 8.
      This was one I will nver forget.
      Got my tapes,l DVD’s and books.
      How many shows have a book written about the characters.
      Much the best thing going for a very long time. Allowed the fans to communicate and have something in common.

  2. crimibird says:

    I only ever come on Castle stories for the comments and I’m too early for them. Anyway. It was about time Castle was done tbh.

    • Angela says:

      LOL. Maybe the QUAT stories next season?

    • Beth says:

      Same! It’s quite fun watching everyone bash NF and make up stories about him and then proceed to tell everyone who says something bad about SK to stop “Making stuff up”

    • A fan of TV says:

      Same. The only people with more drama to sell than the show’s warring leads are the show’s warring fans. Watching Fillion and Katic supporters blame each other for all this is just too much fun for someone with no horse in the race.

  3. DV NOVA says:

    Waking up on the East Coast. Once again, I find Fillion’s silence both deafening and disappointing. First on the call sheet, last to respond.

    • Well, he’s probably not happy about it. He was hoping it would keep going.

      • jj says:

        Big blow to his overgrow ego. I liked him during the early stages of Castle but as time went go it became clear he was more into living in the past of Firefly rather than concentrating on promoting Castle. And he must have gained at least 30lbs since the start of the series.

        • Sarah Tinch says:

          I did notice that Filion had gained weight. I would have STOPPED watching the show if it had continued without Beckett (Stana). The show would not have been the same.

        • DCL33 says:

          He really did bloat out didn’t he? But man oh man, canceling the show after they made such a big deal how it will continue without her and him being the prettiest, most important princess on the show, that had to sting that viewer backlash showed him how he is not the sh*t he thought he was. Fragile ego :) It kinda makes me giggle.

          • Audrey says:

            I’m not even giggling about it. I’m outright laughing about it. As soon as he *almost* gets what he had wanted — a show all about him “for years to come” — it gets cancelled. Someone should document all of these events. It’s historical. Hahaha

        • Chloe says:

          If gaining weight makes you a bad person, then this country must be chock-full of bad people. Maybe he couldn’t help it; some people gain weight no matter how little they eat & are unable to lose it.

        • Deb B says:

          It did seem to me that season 8 he had lost some and looked pretty good. It is sad to think that there is so much strife over this. I love the show, enjoyed every episode, and would have given it a shot even without Beckett, before deciding to quit it. I’m sorry its over.

  4. Preacher Book says:

    Actually thankful for the cancellation. Save me from feeling guilty about NOT watching it without Beckett the next year. Agent Carter cancellation also hurt.

  5. Linda says:

    As always, Stana has displayed the class I have come to expect from her. Best of luck and future successes to all the Castle cast. I trust we will see them again on our home screens. Soon I hope.

  6. majma15 says:

    Stana Katic has always risen above what was going on, and remained dignified right until the end of Castle. I loved her remarks, as well as, that of Jon Huertas. Quite frankly, I think the remaining cast and crew of Castle were in shock when the news broke. It seemed they believed the show would literally go on. One writer, Zach Cannon, is getting married today and said it was mind-blowing to get word he lost his job a day before his wedding. Rob Kyker tweeted he went from hiatus to unemployment in one day. That is the saddest part of this whole fiasco, knowing that hundreds of people find themselves without a job and now have to scramble to find one. There are no winners in this cancellation. Hopefully, there are many lessons to be learned and they will be noted. Best Wishes to everyone at Castle! Thank you TV Line for fantastic coverage of this show throughout the years!

    • crimibird says:

      I work in the TV industry and honestly while it’s hard damn work and it always sucks to lost a steady gig… there is almost always work available, especially if you live somewhere like LA in the US or Manchester here in the UK. Qualified and experienced set-workers are always appreciated and required. They will probably all be back in jobs by the end of the hiatus. Writers may take longer, but again, there are nearly always gigs, maybe just not as long term (I’m a production assistant)

    • Alichat says:

      Sadly, that’s typical in the television world today. If there’s even a shred of hope the show will continue, then ‘we will be renewed’ is the message that is conveyed to the writers and crew. In this case, I feel like the belief was if the remaining cast reupped, they would be renewed. It’s really a disservice that studios do to their crew because they want to keep the writers and crew they have. But it’s also the nature of the business. At least they got 8 seasons, and weren’t told they were cancelled right before the Christmas party (Firefly). It would have been nice if they’d announced the cancellation when they announced the news about Tamala and Stana, but it’s not common that a show will know this is their final season with any nice amount of lead time.

  7. George H. says:

    Hate to say it because I love the show so much, but I am happy they cancelled it. It has run it’s course, and frankly, I don’t see how Castle could work without Stana since Caskett was such a big part of the storyline.

  8. Leigh says:

    I will miss my Mondays. Thank you to the cast and crew who made the last eight years bright and fun. May you have nothing but the best in all your future endeavors. And Matt – thank you for always bringing us the Castle news.

  9. AB says:

    Best show ever!! I will always love them. #Caskett #Always

  10. Phillip says:

    Love Stana! But good riddance to Castle. The produces and network basically treated her like she was nothing and expendable this past month. She and Kate deserved way better.

    • Lisa says:

      I’ll never understand this. Miller and Marlowe basically gave her the entire first five seasons. Turned Castle into a buffoon sidekick mostly, even though it was technically HIS show. But some how SK’s fans feel put upon?

      Ms. Katic should be thankful that NF’s ego was such that he let it last as long as it did.

      And FYI there were many, many rumors that around the middle of S1 SK began acting more like a diva on the set but since Marlowe was so obsessed with her nothing was done.

      I’m also disappointed they even announced she wouldn’t be back when the show was 90% going to be cancelled anyway. But I suppose making SK a martyr, even though SHE was unlikely to sign on for S9 anyway, was the way they chose to go.

      Love Castle, own every ep of S1 thru S5 will enjoy watching them plus my favorite ep “Time of Our Lives”.

      Thanks for the memories.

      • Alichat says:

        I think they feel put upon because of how all of it was handled. It was disrespectful. And whomever decided to do that fed into the rumors that Nathan is the diva and not Stana, or that Stana is the one who is put-upon. They should have announced that Tamala and Stana aren’t returning as the decision to renew is announced. I also agree that Nathan’s character had become rather bumbling more than not, which I found frustrating. In the beginning, Castle’s goofiness was endearing, but he was still smart and the one that found the key to turning the case. But lately, he’d become the guy who spends an entire episode trying to prove a guy is some kind of enhanced superhero.

      • Allie says:

        If Castle is “HIS” show, please show me the DVD covers, the season posters, the tag line, that ONLY mentions HIM. And he only became a buffoon sidekick these past two seasons, when he demanded more time be spent on his character. He tried to turn Castle into Nathan.
        If the show was 90% going to be cancelled, why were all the major media outlets (TVLine included) up to yesterday, saying Castle was a lock to come back and called this cancellation a “Shocker”?
        ABC let the news of Stana and Tamala being released out because they wanted the fan response to measure interest in this season 9 “concept”. They got what they asked for. I’m pretty sure if the network/studio wanted any kind of positive press to get to a season 9, they would have at all cost avoided any leak about Stana not being part of it.
        IF Stana did act the diva in season 1, it’s obvious she learned from that and went on to become a very well respected and admired coworker.

        • sharminina says:

          I completely agree with you.the channel just waited and watched the reactions of the fans and that leak of Stana not being a part of season 9 just devastated the show.And how could we forget the showrunners?!They are the worst.They turned a light comic filled crime drama into a dark messed up show :(

        • Andrea says:

          I would bet large amounts of money that ABC was never one to leak the information about the dismissals. ABC may be stupid sometimes, but they are not that stupid. That information came from the person/camp that benefited most from the leak. And that was not ABC.

          • Allie says:

            Judging from the official announcement and that of a few actors on the show, nobody seemed overly concerned this meant the end of Castle.They really had it in their heads, oh, it may make “some” people mad and not watch, but we will keep all the NF fans…What they didn’t expect was even majority of those who still cared to watch him were pledging to jump ship with no Beckett. From the moment Stana appeared on screen it became “Their” show, not his. He obviously never got that, or maybe he did and that’s why all this animosity.

        • Audrey says:

          How are the info leaked when you get a statement/comment from both involved parties (Katic AND abc)? ABC wants the news out to test the water.

      • Mary says:

        Are you part of the cast and privy to this information about what went on behind the scene or just speculating about gossip you heard. Why is it the Women always gets the blunt of nasty remarks. The show was based on both characters. It lasted eight years and it was unrealistic to think it could survive without her.

      • bw says:

        It’s been proven many times that the blind item about Stana being a diva were actually about another show all together. That never happened on Castle. Nathan’s Diva moment was published on many sites when he didn’t show up for work one day and shut down production as a protest since he only wanted a 4 day work week. That diva moment cost the studio a lot of money.

        Also Nathan has actually been quoted as saying Castle was a comedy and he liked playing the slapstick, goofy character. That was probably one of the reasons for tension between Nathan and Stana.. He was seldom serious. In an interview he said he wanted to say his lines and go to the next scene. She was very serious with her work, wanting the best possible take with the nuances the director expected.. Totally different acting styles.

        • Susan Smith says:

          She’s the very talented,serious actress who takes her art to heart.He is an actor who can act serious and dramatic and be quite good yet he is really a comedic actor who they wasted with the recent frat boy,slapstick comedy.She is going to win an emmy or maybe an academy award someday.He will fall on his feet and go on.I wish them both lots of success and happiness. That goes to the rest of the cast and crew too.And thank you TV Line for helping me get through this difficult season and ending of the Castle story

    • Everyone sign the contract in time she was every time the last they had to wit for her because she was not sure she want’s to do the 8 season. She was not fired she wanted to quit she has two movie in making so the Castle was to birring for her. She was the one who said if a everything is said about the caracter there is no reason to continuing it’s not about art after that it’s about money and she chooses art, after that she made 3 more season of Castle

      • LR says:

        She was essentially fired and in no way was it her choice to not come back. Those movies you mentioned are all completed and were after last seasons hiatus.

  11. Allie says:

    Total class, once again reminding ABC of their horrible decision. I will support Stana in all future projects.

  12. Cassfan says:

    And Castle creator is not “in exile” anymore ;)

  13. Aleks says:

    She’s a very classy woman.
    And I love that MQ deleted what she tweeted first (“some of you must be happy” or something like that) and realize there wasn’t a point of being provocative. She mishandled the situation with SK and TJ being fired, but let’s not forget that she’s young and makes mistakes.

  14. Kimberly Parrish says:

    I love this show and it’s a shame ABC cancelled it. A great cast who worked well together!! ABC doesn’t know what they are doing. They will all be missed, Monday night won’t be the same. There is NO Castle without Richard & Beckett. So sad…..
    Come on ABC, get your head out…………..!!!

    • bw says:

      They had already fired Stana / Beckett. She wasn’t asked back for season 9. Based on the outrage from the fans who said they wouldn’t watch a season 9 without both leads, ABC finally did the right thing and cancelled it to give the fans their happy ending and protect the reruns, syndication, books, and dvds.

  15. Kathie Moderwell says:

    OMG! NO! Please! This show was one of the few shows on TV that a person could watch &I enjoy as there was no real foul language, no nudity, etc. I totally loved this show &a will miss you all terribly! Please work things out & bring it back! Thank you for letting me vent, lol!

    • I feel the same way. Most of what runs on that network is poorly written soft porn soaps. This was about the only decent thing they had going, nothing else there I watch. Mondays will be dark without them. But firing Stana in April then waiting to see the fallout before deciding to axe it was typical ABC. And the reason it is consistently third out of the three over the air networks. The last three seasons have been an obvious death spiral, and Castle simply isn’t without Beckett, it was their dynamic that created the following. Sad to see it go but ABC reaped what it deserved here.

  16. Bianca says:

    Classy lady did a handwritten letter. No need for a unpersonal PR statement . thats why she is the best

  17. Tom Edwards says:

    I’m very sad to hear that CASTLE is now history…one of the great shows and a significant part of my emotional survival strategy for many years now. For the life of me I don’t get why ABC wouldn’t pay Tamala and Stana whatever they wanted to do another season…maybe it has to do with new network heads and their priorities. Anyway thanks to all the cast and crew for such a wonderful experience…I’ll be in mourning for some time over this unfortunate decision by ABC.

  18. Leslie says:

    ABC made the right choice. Without Stana Katic their was no Castle. To me Castle wasn’t one person it was a name of a show that two lead characters melded in two one. Now lets have a happy ending.

    • Sarah Tinch says:

      Agree with you. The show may have been titled “CASTLE”, the show was based on the lives of Beckett & Castle. Ryan and Esposito made the show even better. Do not know the name of the medical examiner, but she added some depth to the show.

  19. My Lufe says:

    Very sorry to see show end. Enjoyed it immensely. Earlier years I do feel were better than the last 2 years but it seemed Castle was finding it’s stride again to be canceled. However, I do think that with no “Beckett”, there wasn’t going to be a show. It was the chemistry that made the show.

  20. dman6015 says:

    Nathan Fillion is really turning out to be a Class A Jerk. The silence is deafening, Fillion. Your only response last month should have been, “No Beckett, No Castle”. You might have had a Season 9 if you had. Now everyone is fired.

    • Aleks says:

      God knows I’m not a fan of him but maybe he needs a little time to process the information ? Stana already knew Castle was over, at least for her, but it must be a shock for Nathan since S9 seemed to be a done deal.

  21. Julie Phelan says:

    This was the right move by ABC. The show has run it’s course and should go out with a happy ending for Castle and Beckett. I would not have watched it next season if it came back without her and I know many fans feel the same way. The numbers would have tanked and it would have all been for nothing. This happy ending is the way to go. Thank you ABC for making the right call. Now about Nashville … you suck ABC.

    • Joshua Faris says:

      We are still not guaranteed a happy ending for Castle and Beckett. Are we? It could still end up with Beckett being killed. I hope not but I’m afraid it could still happen. I do, however, have to admit that I am hopeful and I am grateful that there will be a Beckett-less Season 9 as it would be a terrible thing to watch indeed. Perhaps even worse than season 8 has been, though I have to admit that I have enjoyed a few episodes this season, but only a few. I hope for a happy ending, because if she dies then I will no longer have any interest in watching reruns of this show.

  22. Mary says:

    Stana, even knowing Castle had already ended for her, still made a point of thanking the fans and everybody involved – very classy in deed!:):) Jon´s words were great too and I apprecciate everyone else´s posts:)
    As for me, a big thank you to everyone that brought me a great show that I grew to love along the years. You gave me 7 great seasons, so I´ll “forgive” that last messy one!:)
    Good luck, may the future be bright to all of you, and maybe I´ll see you one of these days in another project:)

  23. Mr. Smith says:

    Such a classy lady. Season 8 was like other series which developed lazy writing. In hind sight, it should have ended with Season 7 “IF” they couldn’t have written any better. Hopefully, they will allow Castle and Beckett to “ride off into the sunset” instead of killing one or both off. Give fans a happy ending.

  24. It’s a shame that Castle had to end this way, but it’s for the best, in my opinion.

    I am so thankful for eight years of suspense, tears, and laughter. I wish the whole cast the best in the future.

    I am curious about what Monday’s finale will be like. I kind of wish it were a two hour finale, since there are a lot of loose ends to tie up with LokSat.

  25. S8fan says:

    Stana Katic is a class act all the way!!!!
    As for anyone else on the cast (other than Tamala), they lost any and all goodwill for me, when they decided to continue the show in a different direction.

  26. JudyDunston says:

    We can still get our Castle fix thru syndication! But I will miss them on Mondays at 10:00. Looking forward to seeing them in their next projects and wishing them all good things!

  27. Annie says:

    Stana’s handwritten note is perfect. Such a kind and classy way to say thank you. Jon is sure the mention everyone in his goodbye which is such his way and points to what a good man he is. These two have always seemed to understand what a great team they had and how important the fans were to that team.

    I’m struck by Molly and Toks who once again show that everything is about them- no thank you to fans, crew, or fellow cast mates. Some may argue it is nitpicking but I think saying “thank you”, being a little kind and humble, is important.

    • Liz says:

      I think you are reading a bit too much into their comments. I thought their comments were fine. They seemed grateful for the opportunity they had and there is nothing wrong with that.

  28. Christi says:

    What was the other ending that we won’t see on castle?

  29. Cathy Sawyer says:

    The response of the cast & producer’s are reflective of why we as fans have been so devoted to the story of Castle and Beckett who have been supported by an equally amazing cast of actors, writers & crew. It would be such sweet justice to take this show to another network w/ the complete cast & crew, then beat the socks off the “suits” at ABC where it hurts “in the ratings”. There is so much more story to tell for the entire cast and of course our Caskett is never boring!!

  30. I’ll miss the show. It was fun to watch. Nathan I liked him on OL and Fiefly. Like Stan’s also.

  31. Joni says:

    I am sad to see Castle canceled, but it was the right decision. There is definielty no show without Beckett. I will continue to follow Stana in whatever she pursues. She always has a genuiness about her, both on and off screen. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Great acting all the way around. I will miss rushing home from work or other to watch the show, but I will definitely watch any reruns that are aired. Good luck to all the actors in their future projects!

  32. Kgw says:

    Stana is always classy and that is why people love her. Loved this show and certainly hate to see it end. Castle will certainly live on in syndication for a very long time. Best wishes to Katic in her future endeavors. ABC needs to take a look at themselves as how this all went down. Truly a sad way to end a great series.

  33. Ed says:

    Guess its just me, but how can “Quantico” (the dumbest, worst TV show this season (well, maybe “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” competes closely)) get renewed when “Castle” and a couple other decent shows get cancelled?

  34. Jennifer says:

    Stana is such a classy, grateful and talented lady. Thank you Stana for giving us fans 8 years of your life. I wish you the very best in the future, I can’t wait to see what you do next. To the rest of the Castle cast, thank you for all that you have done for the past 8 yrs. God bless you all

  35. MarcyG. says:

    Love the show,will miss it,😣😣

  36. Luis says:

    Thank you Stana, Nathan, Jon, Seamus, Susan, Tamala and Molly for giving us eight wonderful seasons of entertainment and mystery.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Don’t forget Susan Sullivan’s Martha!.She always reminded me of Auntie Mame! Lovely and sophisticated with a lot of color and flair with heart

  37. Cheryl says:

    All I can say is…please please please give them the happy ending that they all deserve!!

  38. Alicia says:

    Nooooooooo! Don’t leave me yet, let’s make it 10 years and out!!!

  39. richard hoover says:

    it was a great show but all shows have to end and be thankful they did an alternative ending hope it it castle and beckett going to paris in the end

  40. Kim R says:

    Our household has been with Castle from the first episode. We will miss the entire cast on Monday nights. It was great entertainment full of funny, drama and heart. Perhaps people could back off a bit and just let the actors process and then respond in their own time instead of reading personality flaws into it. Humans are not cookie cutters, we all filter things through at different paces.

  41. sharminina says:

    we wanted it to end if it was decided to go on without one of the #Caskett actors.true.But couldn’t they signed Stana back..give a proper closure to the show?This finale is going to be just hasty :( #Castle was and is a great show and it didn’t deserve to go like this :( I am just heartbroken :( It is not the case that they heard what the fans said,something else changed may be.Going to miss the show very much.#CastleAlways.

  42. Cl says:

    Heartbroken – fave show EVER. Will miss the total charisma between Nathan and Stana, the wonderful camaradie between the whole cast, and especially seeing the gorgeous Nathan Fillion in new shows.

  43. Donna and Pedro from Puerto Rico says:

    I love Castle, started watching re-run and Didn’t know it was still live in the evenings. My husband and I wait for the programs. Stand Katic and Nathan Filling have chemistry and all the other characters are great. We will really miss the program. They should go to another station!

  44. Fillion just got hit with a heavy dose of reality. No statement yet. He might have been Castle, but he wasn’t the show. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I hope his career take a precipitous nose dive. Katic, on the other hand, is classy as ever. I hope she gets her own show.

    • Cl says:

      Nasty little…… If not for the glorious Nathan Fillion there wouldn’t have been a show called “Castle” – you’d do well to remember that, and what a snotty brat Stana was about signing on for season 8 – very late and lots of ‘time off’ demands! Don’t get me wrong, she was very good as Beckett, and there is definitely a fire between the two in love scenes, but she was NOT ‘the show’.

      • lurker says:

        How about you do some research about the show?

      • Bree says:

        It wasn’t her who took so long to resign it was ABC who took so long to start talking to her. So you argument is invalid and anyway none of us was there. Not then not now.

        If I have to read on more time that the show was called Castle I’m gonna …. It doesn’t matter what the show was called. It could have been called Smelly Cat and it still would have been about a writer and his muse. Regardless the title.

        Stana Katie wasn’t the show and Nathan Fillion wasn’t either. They both and the rest of the cast made it a show that people fell in love with. If some people just watched it for Nathan or Stana I suggest to get better judgement or a hobby.

        A TV show should be about a story that the audience wants to follow not about screen time for one of the actors. It’s about the characters that were created and an actors job is to bring those characters alive not to say more lines than someone else.

        And that’s why ABC should have never tried to move on without Katic and if you respect the story you would understand that.

        In the end it doesn’t matter who’s to blame, it’s hardly ever just one person anyway. And if Katic and Fillion don’t like each other or whatever, well than that’s it.

        But people bashing out, calling names just because they are the biggest fan of one or the other is simply disgusting and childish and has nothing to do with the show itself. In the end people should just accept that there isn’t just one right way to look at this whole thing.

        The only ones who no what really happened are those involved and maybe it’s best it stays that way and everyone else just moves on.

      • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

        Hey, I’d give her a kidney. Him? Good thing there is a dialysis center on almost every corner.

      • Joni says:

        Wow, that is unnecessary and unfair. Yes, the show is called “Castle,” but as Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name?” More importantly, the conception of the name “Castle” had very little to do with the evolution of how the show progressed, which featured both characters,,,wheter intentional or not.

        You simply could not have had one without the other. It does not work. Simply stated, that is the show people fell in love with. Perhaps, if there was more emphasis on Castle as a PI for some other type of profession, who periodically sought advice from Beckett and the 12th precent, then perhaps, the name of Castle would fit that model. Honestly, if that were the case, I doubt the show would have lasted as long as it did, given the fact it would have been boring. So, as it stands, both characters were EQUALLY important to the show’s success. Really think about it, Castle is the most humorous and witty when he is around Beckett. On his own, or even acting with other characters,he isn’t always as appealing. So logic has very little to do with the show being called ‘Castle,” because it has never really just focused on Castle alone, which is why the show has been so successful!

  45. Angela Sargent says:

    I think they should have a spin off with Espo Ryan, Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn and Toks running the PI business. Espo and ryan as their Police contacts, and Every now and then have Castle float in for consulting.

    • Liz says:

      It would be nice if they would have the occasional two hour movie. Its what Hallmark Mystery channel did with their Signed, Sealed & Delivered series. They converted it into periodic two hour movies instead of a weekly series. I think it works much better.

      • Just one thing says:

        I lobbied for a Castle summer movie years ago. But now things are so bonkers, I don’t think Castle will ever be revisited.
        Sad. The power of ego.

        • RecoveringCastleaddict says:

          Can I just ask Jot. Was that at the end of S7 you did that? Or was it before that. I’m only asking because I’ve really wondered throughout all of S8 why Stana Katic even renewed her contract.

  46. K says:

    Karma bit Molly in the ***. What was she saying about Nathan being Castle. Oh how wrong she was. I’m going to miss the show so much. Best of the luck to the cast in their future endeavors

  47. James Seipel says:

    I have to admit I actually really LOVED this show. Since I am NOT normally one who becomes a dedicated & avid fan of anything other than sports on TV, that is more amazing than anyone but ME can know. I just so totally enjoyed the relationships with Castle, his Mom, Beckett (who was more gorgeous and real than any other female character on the tube!!), and that “carrot top” delightful daughter whom I have watched grow up now for eight great years!! This was SUCH a well cast and enjoyable show!!
    I have to admit that as soon as I heard that Stana was being dropped….a BAD BAD choice!!…I was stunned to learn they intended to continue the show. THIS is by far the better choice!! Give it a decent burial and let us remember it as the terrific show it always was!!! THANK YOU to all the cast for making my Monday nights so VERY enjoyable!!!!

  48. castkeeper says:

    I am so proud that the two stars are Canadian born, I hope they continue on in their acting career. The entire Castle team worked really well together and I’m sad to see the show end, wouldn’t be the same without Kate. It annoys me that there are NO good shows to watch anymore and they continue to renew contracts for all these adult cartoons and meaningless shows, and cancelling all the great ones. Good luck team Castle!

  49. Audrey says:

    I have to admit I am kind of relieved. I don’t think I could have watched it without Beckett. If it was going to be renewed I would have wanted everyone back. I don’t care about egos or divas or drama that everyone is talking about, I just know I enjoyed the show since the beginning (even through the rocky parts) and am glad we got as many seasons as we did. Thank you to all who brought us this fantastic show these last 8 years.

  50. Mike says:

    I agree with other comments. I would have stopped watching without Stana. Now if they could develop a spin-off centered around Molly Quinn’s and Toks Olagundoye’s characters. It’s almost like the writers custom-made Alexis and Hayley ready for their own PI show. I could get on-board with that !