TV Cancellations 2016

TV's Bloody Thursday: 12 Shows Cancelled — Which One Hurt the Most?

The bloodshed appears to be over — for now.

A total of 12 broadcast series were dispatched to TV’s graveyard on Thursday as the major networks began cleaning house in advance of next week’s fall presentations (aka the Upfronts). The body count was highest at ABC, which axed series both established (CastleNashville) and fledgling (The Muppets, The Family).

Fox, which had a dearth of bubble shows, pulled the plug on rookie comedies The Grinder, Grandfathered, Bordertown and Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life.

CBS got in on the act early, whacking CSI: Cyber — its last remaining CSI property — after two abbreviated (and low-rated) seasons) this morning.

The good news? Thursday is over. The bad news? The next 72 hours will likely bring additional cancellations (review our 2016 Renewal Scorecard for a complete rundown of the remaining in-limbo series).

But there’s no sense worrying about what could be. Let’s spend our time stressing about what already is. It’s in that spirit that we direct you to the poll below. We lost a lot of shows today, kids. Which fatal blow hit you hardest? Think long and hard about the options and then cast your ballot. And then head to the comments to explain your choice. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LE says:

    Agent Carter and Nashville </3

    • Chels says:


    • David4 says:

      I would have sworn that Nashville would have gotten a finale 13 episodes. Very weird, also weird that Castle goes through the point of signing everyone and then canceled it.

      • Jerri says:

        Maybe they got cold feet following the backlash of negative comments and tweets.

      • Kathie says:

        Where have you been? The s**t hit the fan last month when Stana and Tamala were not offered contracts due to
        “budget cuts”. Total BS.
        The rumor was that Kate would be killed off and Rick might have a short season 9 on his own as a PI.
        Now I just saw that it was officially. Maybe a miracle will happen and they will have a nice finale with Rick and Kate living happily ever after. Hope springs eternal!

      • Stormynw says:

        They did not renew Beckett / Stana Katic’s contract.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, Nashville & Agent Carter are the only two that I’ll miss besides Castle, but I really didn’t want to watch Castle after they axed Stana, so I feel that it’s a good thing they cancelled it. Also will miss my fav unintentional comedy, Cyber, just a little bit because it was a great drinking game, they had so many hysterical tropes!

    • GladCastleIsCancelled says:

      The reason I’m happy that this show is cancelled is because every other article on TVline was all about Castle, and the Question/Scoop articles like AskAus would have at the least 2 Castle questions and the comment section would be flooded with annoying castle fans. So this is amazing news …with it ending maybe TVline may spread the love around to the hundreds of other shows out there that need attention. Good Riddance to be honest!!!!!

      • Cassie says:

        I agree with this but I could also say the same thing about OUAT.

      • njdude says:

        Awesome comment! So glad someone feels the same way I do. I watch a lot of TV and hang out with others who do as well. I don’t know a single person who watches Castle or talks about it, EXCEPT on TV Line. The attention this site gives that show has been incredible and annoying. Good riddance!

    • Myrtle Hurteau says:

      So very sad to hear that Nashville has been cancelled. This is an awesome show that we watch EVERY WEEK…maybe the list of cancelled shows should be reviewed again…some of the ‘renewed” shows should be also reviewed and cancelled in stead. So much talent being wasted by not renewing Nashville. Please reconsider. Thank you

      • Barbara says:

        Don’t take Nashville off. It’s very popular.

        • Wendy says:

          I cannot believe such good show was cancelled, Nashville!!!
          With the long weeks in between shows and no reruns, I believe it hurt the show.
          I think they should have looked at making the time slot earlier and give that a chance and maybe another day of the week.
          Just gone, POOF even after having them tour throughout the U.S.A and you cancel them….SERIOUSLY!

      • Korie says:

        Why in heavens name would you cancel Nashville! I agree with the other comment on wasting talent! Watched every week religiously! So torn up I think it time to find a new channel to watch! Dumb move!

        • Shelley wixon says:

          Also, liked “the grinder”
          Unbelievable they cancelled “Nashville ” it’s one of my favorites. They skipped too many weeks. Abc Didn’t commit to the show.

        • Sharleen says:

          I couldn’t believe Nashville was canceled. Like you I watched it every single week and enjoyed everything about it. The cast was wonderful and I loved the music. I am sick and tired of all the shows that I get interested in and look forward to watching end up getting axed when shows that I think are horrible stay on. So disappointed.

      • summer says:

        Yes, PLEASE reconsider and give this amazing show a second chance! Nashville’s got heart and soul and tells a unique story about love & music, brought to us by an amazing cast. This story deserves to continue. At least it deserves a wrap-up season. Please have another network pick it up!!!! PLEASE.

      • Diane says:

        I agree! I love Nashville!!!! It’s my favorite show by far. I can’t believe it’s really been cancelled. I truly hope someone starts a huge campaign to save this show!

      • Antonia says:

        This is one of my all time favourite shows. I have looked so forward to watching it. I cannot believe that such a good show would be taken off the air when so many poor ones are left on. Have you signed the petition to keep it on?

      • Jen says:

        I totally agree. I LOVE HEARING THE NEW MUSIC!!! The station chose wrong canceling Nashville!!

    • Those two, Galavant and The Grinder. Hoping they’re all picked up by someone. Agent Carter and The Grinder would be perfect for Netflix. Maybe the Country Music Channel for Nashville (do they even do original programming?), and Comedy Central for Galavant.

      • Misty Dawn says:

        Please keep Nashville on a regular channel a lot of people don’t have cable and can’t afford cable and enjoy good shows to.
        I am a faithful Nashville watcher. Who ever does the writing is so good. Thank you

  2. michael says:

    This is the problem with the fact that most people don’t want to watch a weekly tv show. Thank you netflix and amazon

    • Jason says:

      Then the networks have to find a way to make their shows better or to adapt. People still watch shows. They even still watch weekly shows. Just look at Game of Thrones.

      • David4 says:

        Look at the Breaking Bad finale, it’s highest ratings (by a mile) were from the finale.

        Make TV good again and people will watch and talk about it at work the next day.

        • Olivia says:

          Exactly. Until now the competition was “just” cable (and the difference in quality was already obvious) but with Netflix etc, each passing year it’s getting more difficult to see shows that last (or survive beyond a season 2, that’s ridiculous). And some of them are vets. Yes, they have to adapt and make better shows that will have a chance to survive.

          I’m bummed about Agent Carter, this one was standing out and had great actors.

      • Christy says:

        Us TV-watching dinosaurs still exist. I love watching TV week to week! Plus I have to practically watch live if I don’t want my jerk friends on the East Coast ruining it.

        • dman6015 says:

          They only care if you’re between 18 and 49.

          • Noel Marin says:

            Castle is an intelligent crime show with fun characters, enough action, reasonable bloodshed and perfect entertainment for grownups, OK for kids. Of course I remember Nick and Nora… Castle might do well on PBS if it were from BBC. I’m sick of Zombies and Game of Nobrains.

          • JulieM says:

            Yep, noticed that too. >eye roll<

          • JulieM says:

            Yep noticed that too. >eye roll< I'm 49 + + !! LOL!

        • Kristina says:

          Lol, I’m a jerk friend, lol. I go to physical therapy and my PT and I both watch the bachelor franchise but I always look up on realitysteve to see who wins… I always have to be careful what we talk about so I don’t give it away for her 😀

      • Kristina says:

        Game of throw is on a Preium channel that people pay for, those shows are always better and usually stick around… The networks are losing people like me now will TiVo the entire season and then. It watch it until I know it’s been picked up. The studio heads have forced people to do this because I’m not getting invested into something only to have it canceled midstream… Just like that heavily advertised Ed Westwifk show last yr, canceled 3 episodes in… People are sick of that crap and with TiVo/Dvrs now there is a way around wasting your time.

    • Nell says:

      That’s a small majority though. Most people still watch tv the traditional way.

    • Stacy says:

      Jason is right – the networks need to adapt a better business plan, then. CBS has finally taken to creating their own streaming service and is developing a streaming only show.

      Also, none of the shows cancelled were gems. Some were pretty terrible, and a few were mediocre. Nothing on that list shocks me.

      • Stacy says:

        BTW – I will say I’ve heard good things about Galavant, but their numbers were still abysmal.

      • dman6015 says:

        Yes, CBS has a new streaming service ($5.99/mo). They’re going to stream the new Star Trek series exclusively. I won’t be watching the new Star Trek series after the premiere episode (on CBS network) because of the cost.

    • dlraetz says:

      NCIS is a top ranked show year in year out on network tv with relatable characters. If they want to they’ll still be here in ten years

    • Keith says:

      Most people ?

    • Kristina says:

      I soooo agree!

  3. Claire says:

    I voted for Nashville because with new showrunners, we missed an opportunity to see the show get better.

    • I was so sure it was going to get cancelled prior to the new showrunners announcement so that gave me false hope that it would be renewed, thus why I was so sad about it today. I had hoped they could fix what went wrong this season!

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Has ANY show ever got better with New showrunners? If so , please actually name the shows.

        • Bwhit says:

          Have you seen this season? The only way to go was up ;)

        • tallsy says:

          It’s admittedly rare, particularly long-running shows, but there was a recent Ask Alan (Sepinwall) on this very question – Sex and the City, Star Trek:TNG, LA Law.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            Nice. ill try and track it

            I would still guestimate its so rare as to be a statistical anomaly.

        • Tim says:

          Nurse Jackie improved a great deal.

        • Nick says:

          Grey’s Anatomy has been fantastic the last few seasons. I think the only show out of the 4 Shonda produces that she runs is Scandal and it’s turned into a complete train wreck the last season and a half.

        • ? says:

          Supernatural was good under Eric Kripke, terrible under Sera Gamble, then good again under Jeremy Carver. Whatever that’s worth.

        • luvtheheaven says:

          I believe Smallville was helped jumping into seasons 8-10 with new showrunners. Granted season 7 was bad also because it was the writer’s strike season and they’d run out of storylines for two of the main chartacters, two week didn’t return when season 8 began which itself rejuvenated things, but idk.

          ER thrived on a new showrunner too, didn’t necessarily get objectively better but the show didn’t get worse.

        • Maryann says:

          I hear the almost unwatchable Star Trek: Enterprise got much better in the third season. I wouldn’t know personally, though. They had already lost me.

    • Ben says:

      Yeah. I think that’s why Nashville hurt me the most. We could have had the opportunity for redemption.

      • leash10 says:

        That’s exactly the word I kept using in hopes for one more season – redemption. One more chance to take it back to how it started. I will definitely miss the great music.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with Claire, I thought they should have been given at least 1/2 a chance (season) to show us what you could do. The show should NOT have to suffer because of BAD writers. I mean REALLY BAD WRITERS. How do these people get the job of writing???? ABC must have an agenda that we the fans don’t know about outside of MONEY!!!! Because if they really wanted to make money then they would want to provide the fan base with excellent writers and story lines to keep us watching. Does that not make sense to everyone? So having said that, again, I ask What was ABC’s agenda? clearly it wasn’t to give excellent story lines because we had excellent cast and loyal fans so common sense would tell us the fault lies with ABC and their non effective writers, sorry I guess they were very effective because they got the show CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mb says:

        New network head that wants to stamp their vision on network.

      • Mary S says:

        Keep in mind that the writers and showrunners who destroyed our beloved shows were HIRED by Paul Lee, who was replaced (FIRED, thank heaven) by Channing Dungey. The shows we see now and are mourning for their cancellation are the result of decisions made by an idiot, the living personification of Absent Brain Cells. Everything that is happening at that network now is the domino effect of his original choices of showrunners, writers, actors…Trash rolls downhill, ruining everything in its path, and the trash, in this case, fell out of Lee’s head. I am so glad he’s gone…but it is years too late.

    • sunshine says:

      Nashville could have been one of the classic long running shows that once in a while just click. It had great people and loads of joy mixed in with the dramatic plots. Then it just turned dark, the people were no longer decent, the music didn’t flow and the plots became really convoluted and strange. This is a perfect example of the worst kind of writing where you take a winning formula of likeable people and then just drop that format.

      • PugMomma09 says:

        ^This…This season in particular made no sense, especially Maddie’s s/l. Also, why are we giving so much time to Maddie. I like when the girls sing, but I tune in for Rayna/Deacon, Scarlett/Gunnar, Avery/Juilette, Will and Luke. This season we also were given more music by guests stars than previous seasons. I want to hear the stars sing. One episode not one of the main stars sung at all. This Layla story line is awful. I feel like Avery would see right through her games after being with Juilette. The only story I like is Will and Luke. I love that Luke stood up for Will, even when he wouldn’t stand up for himself. Then with last night’s episode finally giving Will some closure. I can see where they are headed with him. I do also like that they have Juilette recovering from postpartum depression and are bringing awareness to it. There really has been no joy for several weeks now and I don’t see that changing by the finale.

      • Agreed. Personally, I think Deacon killed it. His dry-drunk routine got amazingly old, he’d lose it all, throw a huge tantrum and then be nice by the end. This season his daughter has joined the nonsense. Least sympathetic characters on television, not sorry to see it go.

  4. Adam says:

    Although Castle will undoubtedly win this poll, I want to throw out my support for Marvel’s Agent Carter. I also really adored The Grinder and Galavant. They were three very unique shows that will be missed.

    • Aeol says:

      I like Castle, and it was a surprise, but my husband will be happy to take over the remote at 10 pm. But Agent Carter got my vote, I just love Hayley Atwood in that role.

    • sarah t says:

      Actually, Nashville is winning right now but I think that’s because a lot of people had jumped ship from Castle when they announced Stana got axed so viewers hoped it wouldn’t get renewed.
      I voted for The Grinder, simply because it’s a great cast, with good writing and fantastic chemistry. I’ll miss that. I wish they would have axed New Girl and kept Grinder. I loved Grandfathered too but was really pulling for Grinder.

  5. Mare says:

    Galavant :-(

  6. Nashville hurt the most even though this season wasn’t the best because I was convinced they were renewing it after they hired new showrunners (was sure they were going to cancel it before that so thanks for the false hope I never would have had if they hadn’t pulled that move). Agent Carter, I was prepared for. Castle, I was ready for.

  7. Lola says:

    Carter and Galavant stung, but were expected. Most Wanted, however, is going to hurt for a while.

  8. Sharon says:

    I loved The Grinder, so funny!

  9. Ben says:

    Agent Carter should be the most painful, but in fact Nashville is – it’s like the anti-POI. I wish they would have given it a final 13 episode run under the new show runners just to fix everything before it left us. I let go of Galavant when it was apparent that Joshua Sasse wouldn’t return anyway.

  10. Agent Carter, noooo!!!!! I mean, I saw it coming, but I want it back! Sad …

    Castle is … look, I can’t root for a show to get cancelled. I understand how many people’s jobs are involved, and I just can’t get excited about those people losing work. But a Beckett-less Castle sounds like the worst, and I can’t help being glad it didn’t happen. I wish they had cancelled it earlier so we didn’t even have know about the possibility of a Beckett-less Castle. That sounds horrifying, honestly.

  11. The Family. I loved everything abt it…acting, writing, directing, music, set design…
    Also, Grandfathered – such a sweet show.

    • Molly says:

      I agree about The Family. Plus I doubt we will get enough closure to the show. So many questions will be left unanswered as there is only one episode left! Super bummed!!!

  12. Lysh says:

    I have a cold emotionless heart, but I got a little misty about Agent Carter. I feel for my parents’ sorrow about Castle, but it wouldn’t really be Castle if it got renewed.

  13. Patricia Klassy says:

    Why invest time in watching these programs, becoming a fan, when they are not invested in promoting the series. I like drama/suspense/mysteries/science fiction. I hate reality, so called comedy programs and make it a point never to watch them.

    • writerlady says:

      That’s the way I’m starting to feel. Every year a few new shows come out and my family and I watch them and become invested. Then 2 out of 3 or so get cancelled. My husband keeps telling me we should just watch Amazon, Netflix and Hulu… but I grew up watching TV. Shows were on for years and years. I don’t know when or why that changed, but I can’t stand all of this reality tv stuff. Give me some drama, suspense, mystery and science fiction and my family will be devoted fans.

    • myfanattic says:

      We think very similar. Especially about reality and so-called comedy.

  14. Bwhit says:

    Nashville…. These last few episodes have been so depressing and now I’m not sure any of these characters are going to ride off into the sunset happy :(

    • Jessa says:

      Ugh this is my fear too :( Do they have enough time to fix Rayna/Deacon + Maddie and Juliette/Avery and Scarlett/Gunnar and give Will some happiness and get rid of terrible Layla and Cash? I doubt we’re going to have closure given that we have 2 episodes left.

    • Josephine says:

      Agree! After four years we will get no closure. They could have at least given the writers a heads up… This is why I’m starting to hate network tv just when you get into something or become invested the show gets cancelled.

  15. Kate says:

    It would have been Castle if both Stana and Nathan had been coming back. I never thought my favorite show getting cancelled would have brought the relief it has. Way to go ABC. You screwed up BIG TIME letting Stana go, but at least you sort of came to your senses and decided to end it. I’ll always miss the show that it once was and could have continued to be…

    I’m hoping The Family ends with closure. It’s the only other show on the list that I watch.

    • George H. says:

      I felt relief as well when I seen Castle was cancelled.

    • Sue says:

      Relief, exactly. I voted Castle here even though I didn’t want it to continue without Beckett. I just feel so sad about the whole thing. I don’t know if they cancelled it in time to have Monday’s episode be a series finale instead of a season finale. Either way, I’m not going to watch it. I don’t trust these two not to kill off the whole cast. They don’t like happy endings. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll watch it later.

      • savannahjh92 says:

        The one of the showrunners said that if it was cancelled this week, they’d swap in a different ending to give us closure. I fully expect everyone to ride off into the sunset together.

    • Joe Black says:

      At least I can watch the previous seasons in syndication knowing that my beloved Caskett stay intact…..I hope, will see next Monday

  16. The Grinder was hands down the best comedy on TV, but it’s ratings have sucked from the very beginning so I’m not surprised. Same thing with The Family, however, since that show is a serialized drama, I’m hoping Sunday’s finale doesn’t end with a giant cliffhanger.

  17. cycworker says:

    I didn’t vote, as I won’t miss any of them. That said, I do agree that the new show runners for Nashville had given me some hope for a show that I had lost interest in a long time ago.

  18. The Family is a huge disappointment. Great cast, great story, so much potential.

  19. The Family is so underrated. A classic, awesomely twisty mystery. Where’re all the mystery fans?! That hurts the most. I don’t care about any of the other shows, except Containment. But that has always been advertised as a “limited series event” so I never even expected a second season, nor should I have.

  20. iHeart says:

    I had a better term for this on twitter: The great tv massacre of 2016

  21. Gloria Seales says:

    It looks like I’m going to cancel ABC. I cannot believe they canceled Nashville. All my friends love that show. I could care less about any of the others. Why didn’t they cancel Grey’s. Since they killed off McDreamy, I’ve lost interest. I don’t like HTGAWM since it took such a twist with the lesbian relationship. Enough already!

    • jj says:

      Grey’s is ABC’s highest rated drama and HTGAWM is their third highest drama. Nashville was one of their lowest rated dramas.

  22. Fran says:

    Castle for sure!!!!!

  23. sladewilson says:

    I was already going to give up Nashville and Castle based on this season. Both shows were horrible. Agent Carter I’ll miss – just a well acted and scripted show. Should’ve had another season….

  24. Melanie Beauregard says:

    CBS should reconsider the axing of the best show on tv, that being NASHVILLE!! The story line is great and the music is fabulous!!
    My Wednesday nights just won’t be the same anymore.

  25. Honestly, none of them. Given the two choices, I was happy Castle was cancelled.

  26. Em J says:

    Most painful yet bittersweet was Castle for me because I knew it was on its last leg despite not having watched it actively for years, I knew what was going on and I wasn’t keen on seeing what my favourite series was becoming.
    CSI Cyber getting cancelled just marks the end of an era, which is a shame because I actually liked it despite thinking I wouldn’t even though I loved all the other CSI series xD
    Agent Carter was a good series from what little episodes I saw but I didn’t really get into it properly to fully enjoy it, I guess that will most likely go to Netflix.
    I actually liked The Muppets so I’m sad that’s gone even though I am not at all surprised.

  27. Ange says:

    Silly to resign Castle cast then cancel the show. Odd, really odd.

    • clintbrew says:

      what happens to their contracts now are the nul invoid or do they hang around the abc studios until the contract run out

    • Terri says:

      I agree

    • ThatBob says:

      Not really. It’s the studio’s job to get the show ready for pick-up and try and sell a new season to the network, even if renewal looks unlikely. Even if the studio is a division of the same company that runs the network. The network wants to know who is under contract and what a new season is going to cost before a decision can be made. At this point they can shop it around or just give up (in Castle’s case, just give up already). Contracts have clauses that cover the possibility of cancellation and depend on the show getting bought.

  28. blankmixtape says:

    I’m not too upset about any of these show being cancelled but I guess if I had to pick Agent Carter.

  29. Analisa Thomson says:

    The Grinder for sure it had so much potential

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    Hadn’t heard about Containment, boo.

  31. tom says:

    I am going to miss CSI:Cyber

  32. Andrew Hass says:

    I went with Castle because i think it deserved at least a shortened final season.

    • c-mo says:

      Me too. I think the show did too but without Beckett, it just wouldn’t be the same. Much as I love Castle, and I definitely would have watched any version we would have gotten in season 9, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around a Beckett-less Castle. I thought my heart had been ripped out of my body a few weeks ago when ABC announced Stana & Tamala’s departures but now I kind of feel relieved. Monday’s beginning next September will certainly not be the same. 😢

  33. George H. says:

    Wasn’t painful that Castle got cancelled. Love the show, but was actually happy they cancelled it. It had run its course.

  34. JC1 says:

    Agent Carter, without a doubt. I was expecting it, but still. I will miss Peggy Carter.
    Best cancellation – Castle. I was surprised but greatly relieved. I’ve loved this show for years, but the prospect of not only a show without Beckett but of a tragic end to her story would have ruined the show for me. Now I can look forward to rewatching the series without having an unhappy ending spoiling it all.

  35. Kevin K says:


  36. flutiefan says:

    bummed about The Grinder, but Nashville hurts the most.

  37. nadialus says:

    I was so sure Nashville was going to get one more chance that it wasn’t even on my radar of shows to worry about. I’m incredibly angry at this last season. Also, I’m so sick of all the superhero shows. Enough. I understand that people like them but we have a lot and they’re taking up all of the slots. I feel like there isn’t a huge variety in shows. They’re starting to all muddle together.

    • Dani says:

      I didn’t expect the Nashville cancellation either. And totally agree with you about there being less and less variety in shows. And lesser shows each year seem to succeed at having a long run.

    • madaleen says:

      Exactly is it really neccesary to have a tv show for every superhero/ comic book character ever invented on tv???

      • myfanattic says:

        Right there with you. Boring.

      • Katie says:

        Thank God I’m not the only one that feels this way! Every network pretty much has a superhero/comic book character show not to mention NBC is doing a “super-hero” type show for this fall, “Supergirl” is moving to the CW this fall when the bloody network already has Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Along with the new show pick-ups, this is going to cause the CW to give TO a shortened season, which will tick me off! TO is the only show on the big networks I watch. Enough with the super-hero crap folks, you’re overdoing it. Ugh! As for the article-well, I could care less about any of them but I’m just glad they cancelled Castle. They should have put it out of it’s misery LAST season!

  38. Fran says:

    I really enjoyed ‘Second Chance’, ‘The Muppets’ finally hit it’s stride in the second half and Galavant was amazing and never got the status it deserved (but at least Richard got his dragon). The cut that hurt the most though was Nashville. That show had so much potential, so many stories left to be told, and so much amazing music! That one is going to sting for a while and if a online option doesn’t pick it up, I hope the actors/actresses keep churning out the music.

  39. Ash says:

    Agent Carter and Galavant. At least Atwell has another show though. I hope maybe abc will consider a tv movie for Agent Carter. So they can tie up loose threads. Mainly Jack’s murder and founding SHIELD.

  40. Containment! First, because it truly has such great potential, it’s been such a solid performer, and CW had been in such a loving renewable mood. Also, it’s everything I love in a show. I watch 64 shows, and I was instantly smitten. It quickly became my favorite this season, and I’m sad for what could have been. Hopefully, as they anounced it as a limited series, there will be a satisfying ending with some answers.

  41. A TV viewer says:

    It wasn’t surprising that Castle’s cancellation wasn’t painful, it was a relief.

  42. Ray says:

    Nooo, not Nashville! ABC have some heart and give the new showrunners a shortened final season to turn things around.

  43. Jan Chilton says:

    I never watched any of those shows. As long as they keep Lucifer, Damien, Bates Motel, and Once Upon a Time, I’ll be happy. Love all the Walking Dead stuff too…but I know that’s not about to leave us. :-)

  44. ardenlord says:

    Agent Carter for sure, the show needed more time to grow into itself.

  45. ndbsnd says:

    Sad castle was cancelled. I was really excited to see what the show would be like without the contant romantic crap. Couldve been great to see castle in a revenge story to avenge becketts death.

  46. CK says:

    An intelligent show with a strong female lead–no wonder it got canned.

  47. big cheddar says:

    I’d say Agent Carter and The Grinder. Both had great casts and characters! AS had a great pace to it and was a nice break from AoS. The Grinder was just hilarious and very meta.

  48. Nashville.Only one if this list I care about

  49. First a lousy Good Wife finale and now Agent Carter is dropped. A disappointing week for TV.

  50. philip guiffre says:

    Save Banshee