The Grinder and Grandfathered Cancelled

Grandfathered, The Grinder Cancelled

Fox just wiped out half of its Tuesday-night comedy block.

The network has cancelled rookie sitcoms Grandfathered and The Grinder, TVLine has learned. Also axed: Fellow freshman comedies Bordertown. and Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life.

Grinder leading man Rob Lowe broke news of his show’s demise on Twitter Thursday.

Despite launching to sluggish ratings last fall, both series scored full-season orders from Fox back in October. There was buzz Fox might spare one of the shows — possibly The Grinder, which enjoyed near widespread acclaim — but ultimately the network opted to roll the dice with their new pilots.

As the broadcast networks’ annual Upfronts Week nears, the fate of the last remaining “bubble” shows will be determined, as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW get ready to reveal their schedules for the 2016-17 TV season. For easy reference, TVLine’s handy Renewal Scorecard keeps tabs of where each show stands.

During Upfronts Week, the broadcast networks take turns announcing and touting their shows and stars for the fall and midseason. NBC and Fox are up first, delivering their respective morning and afternoon presentations on Monday, May 16, followed by ABC (on Tuesday, May 17), CBS (Wednesday, May 18) and The CW (Thursday, May 19).

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  1. ABG says:

    I expected one of them to survive, but then again, it’s not like they wouldn’t have died next year anyways.

  2. big cheddar says:

    WHAT?!? Nooooooo……..

  3. iHeart says:

    oh well at least Stamos still has Fuller House

  4. piebokou says:

    Well if Grandfathered is cancel we can get our Emily Prentiss back on criminal minds :D

  5. Ron says:

    I watched both, but not particularly upset about either. The Grinder was definitely the better of the two shows, though. It had a horrible pilot episode, which might have driven people off, never to return–I know I almost gave up after that. It definitely got better, and I thought it might’ve gotten a second season. But I’m less upset about The Grinder itself getting cancelled and more upset for the cast, as I really like the bulk of them as actors and enjoy their other projects. Grandfathered was what it was. I think it ended well, there was closure, and it got a full season. Now to get Paget Brewster on something worthy of her.

    • kate says:

      People are forgetting Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers etc did poorly first seasons.

      • Desiree says:

        Yep! It seems like nowadays networks don’t give shows a chance. They’re too quick to cancel and bring in a new show. The only problem is, when you show the viewers they can’t get invested in a show because you are quick to give the axe – they DON’T get invested in shows because they’re scared to get caught up on a cliffhanger or invested in a 1 season show! These networks need to get it together.

    • Marie says:

      She is Prudence on Comedy Central’s ‘Another Period.’ Ever seen it?

  6. Lauren says:

    REALLY? Grandfathed was just getting good at the end of the season. Feels like shows (especially comedies) are never given time to find their footing. Seinfeld wouldn’t have lasted two seasons if it was released in 2016.

    • Patrick says:

      In today’s TV landscape, with all the different channels and options, Seinfeld might not last a month.

    • Evan says:

      Actually, I’m finding comedies are making the characters far more unlikeable in scope and therefore, making it hard to want to like the show.

      I regularly wanted to yell at The Grinder’s characters for bothering to enable Dean for so long, and certainly not yell at his father for such abject stupidity. I find the characters on New Girl more and more unlikeable as Jess does nothing but make bad decision after bad decision with no real consequences for her actions. And I won’t get started on Nick’s psycho persona.

      Suffice it to say, I’m still left wondering how we find likeability and laughter in characters who are just so messed up they belong in institutions.

  7. Me says:

    It’s been a very sad day. I loved grandfathered. Silver lining… Maybe Paget can go back to criminal minds.

  8. Ari says:

    NOOOOO!!!! I wanted The Grinder to be renewed so badly! :(

  9. Belle says:

    NO!!!!! THE GRINDER IS AWESOME!!!!! I HATE THIS….Hulu please grab this gem : )

  10. I’m so sad. I got used to the family of Grandfathered. it’s like a relative just died :'( I hope Stamos can get the show to a new plataform maybe hulu or netflix

  11. Goldenvibefan says:

    Bummer, I really liked the grinder.

  12. jerrired says:

    ugh I knew The Grinder would get cancelled, but yet I let my TV heart love it. So far, two of the three new shows that I loved got cancelled. I have a feeling the third will get the ax too. Ugh. I have such a love-hate relationship with Upfronts week and the week before (when they usually announce on the bubble renews/cancels).

  13. cmarty says:

    Sigh… :(

    It’s always the good ones…

  14. cmarty says:

    Sigh… :(

    It’s always the good ones…

  15. kmw says:

    Not really surprised about either one. It is unfortunate that neither one got a better audience.

  16. Kris says:

    Not really upset about either of these decisions. At least we get John Stamos back on Fuller House!

    • Mary S says:

      I never watched Full House, and now I’m supposed to be glad he can go to Fuller House??? I liked Grandfathered…it amused me and made me laugh. Not many things on the air can do that for me, and one by one they are going away.
      Thank heaven for the Food Network, Hulu and Netflix!

  17. herman1959 says:

    Wow, the cancelled both of them! Fox is scary.

  18. N says:

    I was under the impression one of these two was going to survive, and The Grinder made sense because Grandfathered was produced by ABC. I watched both of these shows and,while Grandfathered was sweet, The Grinder had more potential, but needed time to get its formula right . I am curious to see what they do now on Tuesdays, I wouldn’t mind seeing Last Man on Earth paired with Brooklyn Nine Nine, or the new Seth MacFarlane Space comedy.

  19. Pamela says:

    Fox cancels almost everything prematurely so this doesnt surprise me.

  20. JB Nimbel says:

    If it has an audience, maybe a Netflix revival.

  21. Cyjo says:

    Dang! I liked ‘Grandfathered’! Great cast!

  22. Katrinka says:

    I don’t know why I even bother getting invested in TV shows at this point. At least one of these two sitcoms, The Grinder, in my opinion, should have survived.

    • big cheddar says:

      I don’t know why I bother to watch freshman FOX comedies. They cancel all the ones I adore. I waited 2 seasons to start watching B99 because of this.

  23. DreamRose311 says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! Especially to Grinder, it turned out to be what I was hoping for and more after the disappointing pilot. It got soo good, and that finale with the metaphoric winking conversation at the end about how they should get renewed was so great! *sigh*

  24. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m not surprised by this news but i did think maybe one would have survived.

  25. flowerduh says:

    I loved Grandfathered! Cancel Last Man on Earth. That show is garbage!

  26. Carm says:

    I really liked both shows

  27. Max says:

    Hey ABC. Fred Savage just became available to cohost LIVE

  28. Lesli says:

    Love the Grinder. Every character is funny. FOX you are wrong on this one. Hope they are able to continue some where else like Netflix.

  29. :-) says:

    Fred savage should call Kelly! Hurry hurry

  30. Tru says:

    I’m kind of surprised Grandfather wasn’t picked up. I mean it got the same ratings as New Girl and Brooklyn 99. The Grinder was just stupid I stop watching the series toward the end.

  31. Jaye says:

    Boo FOX network and shame on you. Grandfathered was great. You didn’t give it a chance. I won’t invest any more of my viewing time watching any more shows on FOX.

  32. Marilyn says:

    Noooooooooooo. The Grinder was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen but I can see where it would be hard to write. It seemed that they were starting to do everything over and over again with just different settings, and the kids were unrealistic.. But Fred Savage was so funny as was Rob Lowe. Fred Savage needs another show.

  33. Anne Normandin says:

    Both of these were good

  34. Miles says:

    Our family totally enjoyed both of those shows. I was hoping they both would be renewed. I never expected both of them to be canceled. That sucks

    • kate says:

      So did mine intelligent humor not junk which I guess Fox prefers. With cable choices this was the only show I’ve watched on Fox in five years I quit Idol then so boring…..

  35. TV Gord says:

    I hope Fox sees the sort of comments/reaction The Grinder’s cancellation is getting and changes its mind. It wouldn’t be unprecedented.

  36. Lola says:

    Boo! I loved Grandfathered. The show was just getting in its groove!

  37. kirads09 says:

    Wow the only two comedies that did anything for me.

  38. B says:

    I hung in with The Grinder, but I thought the premise grew too repetitive and tedious, so I don’t mind it going. However, I loved Grandfathered. There was character growth pretty much all around, and the chemistry between everyone was great.. If ABC produces it, how about ABC picks it up for its own?

  39. Tracy288 says:

    Such a shame – I loved Grandfathered :-(

  40. Trista says:

    I loved both of those shows!

  41. Trista says:

    Grinder just cracked me up! Netflix or Hulu, please come to the rescue!

  42. Mary S says:

    I haven’t watched a new American sitcom other than Two and a Half Men since the 80’s, but suddenly, this season, there were three I liked!!! I recorded and watched these two plus Life in Pieces, which was thankfully renewed.
    I do not like any of the others that are on. I liked Surviving Jack and Growing Up Fisher, both of which had VERY short lives…
    Life in Pieces has been renewed, but, since it is one I like, it won’t last long, either. There’s no trashiness in it, so, quite frankly, I’m surprised it made the cut. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that America grows up enough to enjoy the new season, but, …I’m not holding my breath!
    I guess I am relegated to mostly British comedy from now on.

  43. maria anna mavromichalis says:

    so what the hell is left to watch on fox? no bones,no grandfathered,no grinder so really whats left?

  44. Sharon says:

    Ugh….LOVED The Grinder. Very sad on this one!

  45. Carol C says:

    So sad about the Grinder. I’ll miss the whole wonderful cast.

  46. Lily says:

    I loved both shows :(( this is upsetting news

  47. Stanislava says:

    Why?!?!The Grinder was so good!

  48. Timmah says:

    The Grinder is one of the freshest, funniest new comedies I’ve seen in years. Someone needs to step in and keep this thing going. It would be a shame to lose such chemistry.

  49. Sabrina says:

    I’m really disappointed with The Grinder cancellation. I really enjoyed the show and found it funny. It’s sad that it didn’t find a bigger audience.

  50. Terry says:

    I enjoyed both shows and with some time they could have been great, especially The Grinder. I have read about the comedies that Fox is touting for the fall and I will not be watching. In fact, I will not be watching any new shows anymore until they have been on at least a year. Way to go Fox!