The Family Cancelled

The Family Cancelled at ABC

The Warrens’ story will conclude as an unsolved mystery.

ABC has cancelled The Family after just one season, TVLine has learned.

Created and executive-produced by Shondaland’s Jenna Bans, The Family followed the brood of Claire Warren, the mayor of Red Pines, Maine. In addition to announcing her candidacy for governor, Claire’s son Adam returned home after being kidnapped 10 years earlier, setting a series of mysterious events into motion.

The drama’s season series finale airs Sunday, May 15 (9/8c). Here’s the official description:

Claire finally realizes what Adam and Ben endured when she visits the hell hole-like tomb where they were kept, exploding with grief, anger and frustration. Meanwhile Jane looks to make a getaway as Nina closes in on Doug’s location, and Agent Clements’ time is running out. Hank comes face to face with his inner demons, and one phone call shatters Ben’s world, forcing him to tackle an uncertain destiny.

Are you disappointed by The Family‘s cancellation? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. jbagram says:

    I am disappointed. Hope the network changes its mind. Couldn’t they make a deal with Shondaland?

    • Belle says:

      I am ticked that ABC is keeping all Shonda shows, The Catch stinks!!!! They may as well change their name to SLS 24/7 Shonda Land Shows :(

      • JanetS says:

        It’s no different than The CW with all of those Greg Berlandi shows.

      • Brian Lanz says:

        I agree. I’ll bet if The Family would have gotten HTGAWM’s time slot, they’d be singing a different tune about it.

      • Stephanie Boyd says:

        I agree. I tried to get into the Catch but just couldn’t.

        • heidi says:

          Very disappointed. Why leave it with such a cliff hanger??? I liked it better than any of the other shows on ABC. Well except Once upon time….Please don’t cancelled it. I need to know how Jane gotten him and where they are going. Please at least fill in the gap

          • R. Cairo says:

            Yes I agree they should end it in one more season at least. Or move to another station!!

          • Cindy says:

            Yes I’m very disappointed that they cancelled season 2 because now we will never know what would happen with Adams return

          • Miriam Kelly says:

            I agree they are making a big mistake cause this show is a great show

          • Natalie says:

            Ikr! At least give us a proper ending!

          • Teria says:

            I am VERY disappointed that they cancelled The Family. I enjoyed watching that show. But ending it on a cliffhanger such as Adam’s return? No…Just no.

          • Corky says:

            One of the best dramas in a very long time. It is full of heartbreaks, romance, power, mental illness, perception & family dynamics. I feel it is a true depiction of problems faced by Americans today. From the heartbreak of losing a child to knowing your son is a pedophile but still your son that you love & want to protect. The twists kept me on the edge of my seat. I don’t watch much on ABC but I looked forward to Sunday night. If you choose to cancel I truly hope another network picks it up!

          • I AGREE I am Very Disappointed they cancelled a Show that is SO GO… I Am
            VERY ANGRY they left us HANGING… Then cut Their throats Basically and Cancel one of the BEST Shows on Network TV…. PLEASE let another Network pick it up… I am Dying to know what happens… Smh

          • nancy gillingwater says:

            I agree ,at least wrap it up.

        • Valerie Joseph says:

          Because the “Catch” sucks…that show needs to be cancelled and replace it with The Family

        • Sonja says:

          Yes The Catch is a total bust…I couldn’t get into it either…two thumbs DOWN!

        • Sick to death of these TV companies cancelling great shows after one season! “,The Family ” is different to all the run of the mill detective shows and reality rubbish. I loved “The Lottery” , “Wayward Pines” and now “Nashville,” has bitten the dust. To say nothing of “Longmire” which had to be taken up by Netflix. Come on ABC rethink this one and give it at least another season.

        • Amber says:

          The ratings show that people are dvr’ ing theshow or actually watching it I heard so if everyone is recording it instead of watching it I think it goes against their ratings. Go to and in the search bar type in the family season 2 and sign the petition for a season 2. We are almost there!!

        • debpatterson says:

          The catch is a repeat of a old movie or series,and Im pretty sure same woman.Don’t think she was a P.I.don’t remember. Long time ago.

        • Kelly says:

          I would rather see the catch go then the family!!

      • Irma Giammichele says:

        I’m barley hanging in there with The Catch, Don’t think I’ll continue watching. They axed The Family in order to keep The Catch??? What are they thinking??

      • Angel Young says:


      • tialoca213 says:

        I do not like “The Catch” at all.

      • Amber says:

        go to and under search put in the family season 2 and sign the petition to bring it back! There’s over 22000 signatures. It’s almost there!! Spread the word! :)

      • Toya says:

        I liked The Family too. Shonda’s Shows are better written with a stronger following.

      • chellamia says:

        Why do you say that? I LIKE THE CATCH…IT’S NOT DESIGNATED SURVIVER QUALITY…BUT “STINKS? NO WAY.. …I’m three shows behind so I’ll take a closer look but .I want to know if The Royals is canceled as my last recording is February and I love love that show and hope people are watching it…(sorry if I have the wrong stations) I haven’t been on here in ages…

      • chellamia says:

        Why do you say that? I LIKE THE CATCH…IT’S NOT DESIGNATED SURVIVER QUALITY…BUT “STINKS? NO WAY.. …I’m three shows behind so I’ll take a closer look but .I want to know if The Royals is canceled as my last recording was in February and I love love that show and hope people are watching it…(sorry if I have the wrong stations) I haven’t been on here in ages and not sure how it works

    • Amy says:

      Very disappointed it just seems that they always cancel good shows don’t even want to bother with a new one cause it will just be cancel and the not good ones stay on

      • karen says:

        Totally agree. It’s one of the few programs that keeps me glued to the screen. They’ve made some really, really bad cancellation choices this year.

      • Nechama zidele says:

        Really was enjoying this one- especially since there were no ther good shows on Sunday night. Every week proved to be suspenseful and I was looking forward every week…. Will miss it..

      • I agree! I always looked forward to watching The Family on Sunday nights. There are rarely any good programs on the prime networks – ABC, CBS, NBC and those that are good, they cancel. ABC – bring back The Family at least for another season to wrap up the story. It’s not good to anger the few viewers you have.

        • Kathy says:

          The best series is cacelled? ABC is crazy. I haven’t talked to one single person who likes The Catch. EVERYONE looks forward THE FAMILY! Please bring back our show. You are by far the worst network. …. leaving us hanging…..

      • Fabian says:

        Agreed!! It’s like why watch a new show when you know damn well abc will cancel the season 2 😞😒smh

      • Cara Wilson says:

        I agree with you Amy, I like the Catch also and they are on different nights so I don’t see the issue. Sunday night TV is boring and I love The Family show.

        • Kathy hunt says:

          Me too…cancel quantico…i quit watching as it is too hard to follow…The Family and Nashville…seriously my 2 favorite shows…grrrrr….

          • Michelle says:

            I’m so late, but yes quantico is so annoying now… Tries to hard to add a twist to everything! So done with it! Too hard too follow! The Family was the best show thus far… Hate to see it ending!! Hope everyone signs the petition! Search Bar “The family season 2”

      • Angela says:

        So true. It’s getting ridiculous. No point in investing in watching a new show when it is just going to be cancelled anyway.

      • Izzy says:

        Agreed 100%!i

      • SGward says:

        My feelings EXACTLY! However, one new show we can enjoy this season is Designated Survivor – it’s a GREAT show which would make us believe it will end up being cancelled BUT they don’t cancel Kiefer shows!

    • SG says:

      If you love the show, search ‘ The Family Needs a Season 2 ‘ on the website Change dot org. Someone has started a petition for fans to sign, to send to ABC and Netflix.

    • SG says:

      For fans who love the show, someone started a petition (to send to ABC and Netflix) for fans to sign, on Change dot org. You can go to that website, and search ‘ The Family Needs a Season 2 ‘

    • Kathleen Lazelle says:

      I agree

    • Donna says:

      Very disappointed. It was getting better and better with each show.
      1. Stations do not give new shows a chance.
      2. They do not advertise new shows enough.
      3. Very aggravating that stations at least do not have a good ending.

    • Janette Auld says:

      When it comes to ABC, if the idea isn’t Shonda’s, it isn’t going to be aired. And the last Shonda Rhimes show I cared for was Gray’s Anatomy. The rest are crap.

    • Margot says:

      It ended with a cliffhanger, I wanted to see more.

  2. Jennifer says:

    should i even bother to catch up with what i have on DVR?

  3. Lala.. says:

    No surprises here…this show was not meant for network, it should have been launched on cable or netflix. Hope someone picks it up because it’s a good show with a great cast.

    • Darren Loya says:

      true, true & True to that.

    • Gregory Uccello says:

      I agree, ABC should know by now what will do well on network and what they should put on their cable station. Don’t know of they own any stand alone streamer yet. The producer should have known also. Hopefully someone will pick it up and Finnish it off, it felt more like a miniseries to me anyway.

    • Lily says:

      Yet another sad example of network trying to be cable but being completely unable to write the way cable does. You can’t have a show about a pedophile on network and try to play the sympathy card. You can’t have an emotionally violent show and stay PG.
      They are trying to pander to the cable audience but they are unwilling to let go of the pyjama people that constitutes their audience so they satisfy nobody.

    • Carol Fitzgerald says:

      I totally agree…should have been a one-season cable or Netflix show. It started slow, but developed really well. I have a few writer friends who I would love to have write the ending!

  4. jerrired says:

    This is the cancellation from today that I’m sad about. I can’t say I’m shocked but this show really grew on me, and I’m sure the finale will have a big cliffhanger. Whomp.

    • ulinka77 says:

      I feel the same way. Only cancellation from the day I’m sad about

    • JBC says:

      I really wish they wouldn’t cancel this show. It is good mystery tv with good acting.

      • Ori says:

        Agree. Agree. Agree.

        This was an AMAZING show and I am very disappointed in it ending. I’d willingly give up most the other Shondaland shows.

        • Janeen Cannella says:

          Agree I would also give up other Shonda shows over this one. She’s always pushing her politic views & agenda …this was just an interesting plot. Figures. So mad.

  5. Belle says:

    That sucks! I was hoping it would become like Secrets and Lies…new cast/story each year.

    • BrightLight says:

      I didn’t even think of that. That would have been interesting. And I totally agree that this would have been an excellent series for cable or streaming. I really hope there isn’t a cliffhanger, but I’m sure there will be.

    • Jessica says:

      I was going the same thing! I hate when they leave a series in a cliffhanger then never air the conclusion. They should at least do one more show to tie it all up.

      • Alison says:

        Totally disappointed. Enough side stories to make for compelling television for a couple more seasons. Maybe it was cancelled because payroll was too big with such a large cast. If it is not ratings, it has the be the money, right?

        • Brett says:

          It was the ratings. Show lost viewers every week, last week was the lowest ratings ever. So if you can’t hold on to your audience going into the finale, no point in continuing

      • I want Ben to find his mother and Adam to get back to his.

    • Heather says:

      why??? What is it you guys have against keeping shows? There is so much more to expand on. I’m very upset about this. Bring it back good one more season

  6. iHeart says:

    geez it did Desperate Housewives put a curse on that timeslot or something?

  7. Rachel says:

    Numbers weren’t great so I’m not surprised but it’s still a disappointment. It was alot better than other ABC shows, i.e. Quantico

    • Ghic Chic says:

      I know, I quit watching Quantico once I got into The Family (I only have so much time in life to devote to shows and I got bored with Q). With each episode it perpetually got better. I hope it gets picked up elsewhere.

      • Janette Auld says:

        Me too….Quantico didn’t hold any interest to me, but The Family got better with every episode. And I love Andrew McCarthy even if he is a pedophile in this series! LOL

    • Mc says:

      Seriously! This show is way better than quantico. I’m Sooo disappointed :(

    • Debbi Clemons says:

      I agree with that Quantico has got BORING…this family show was really good…ABC SUCKS

      • Pauline says:

        I agree with everyone else please take Quantico and leave The Family, I turn on to see Once Upon a time and the Family then change channels. so if you take the Family all I have is Once upon a time. work with us..

  8. Kevin K says:

    Another cancellation bloodbath for ABC. Wonder if Quantico moves to Sundays @ 9 next season.

    • RACHEL JOHNS says:

      Are you serious???!!! I love this show. If ABC really doesnt air The family season 2 im done with ABC yall can keep all these dumb shows on but not a good one like The Family??! Wtf. And yall end season 1 like that? And arent even gonna give us more. Im so done with ABC then. So long.

  9. Kailani says:

    thank god. Now I can remove from my dvr guilt-free, BEFORE the season finale.

    • Don’t do it. I’m hoping that an actor playing Jack Kevorkian shows up to finish off this hot mess of a show in style. This show only approximated the awfulness of last year’s “The Slap” or all three seasons of “The Following.” The character of Nina should live on in the Hall of Shame and Infamy as the worst detective ever.

  10. Milton says:

    The cancellation of this show by abc is terrible.Its a great show with a stellar cast and should be on Netflix or something that doesn’t rely on reality tv viewers for its ratings!

  11. McCapwell says:

    So much for “a safe bet.”

    • Brian Lanz says:

      IKR. I saw that “Safe Bet” for weeks and then to be slapped suddenly with “Officially Cancelled” was a huge letdown.

  12. Louise Leamen says:

    Hell Yes I am super disappointed. I love that show. Maybe some other station can pick up the series? Fingers crossed.

  13. SassyAF28 says:

    it seemed more of a 1 season show anyway

  14. Dani says:

    I was only watching for Zach Gilford and the show was wasting his talent anyway, so I’m not particularly upset. Better to re-watch Friday Night Lights.

  15. Cindy Nadine says:

    The Family is the best show on TV.

  16. Sharon Savage says:

    Very disappointed that Family will not be renewed. I enjoyed watching every week and following the fan page and trivia contest once a week.

  17. Shay says:


  18. I am disappointed, but that being said the very least they could do is END IT PROPERLY!

  19. Aww, I was really enjoying this show!

  20. Kels says:

    I’m genuinely disappointed. It doesn’t crush me or anything but I did find this show intriguing. Plus I hate unsolved mysteries. I wish we could get one movie-length episode that wraps up whatever they leave hanging.

  21. Loretta Belfiore says:

    Every time there’s a show that makes you “think” it’s cancelled. If another reality show comes on I’m gonna barf…..same goes for another cop show! Get a grip ABC!!!!!

  22. offkey says:

    I didn’t see this coming. One of the more engaging shows on TV. A terrible move.

    • Loretta Belfiore says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Offkey!!! If I see a reality show replacement I’m gonna barf…or another copy show!!

  23. Laura says:

    Wow. I finally found a show that’s not like all the others and it’s cancelled after one season. ABC shame on you. Another good reason to go to HBO and Showtime. Thank you to The Family writers, actors and crew for making it a great season. I hope it gets picked up by another.

  24. WTF?!
    I hope the creators let us know what their plan was. I really liked this show.

  25. Holly Roudis says:

    So, so disappointed!!!! First show I’ve loved in years !!!

  26. Pamela ligon says:

    This is a great show lots of suspense I really hate to hear it being cancelled. And its gonna leave us with unanswered questions please reconsider abc

  27. Tracy Slaughter says:

    This sucks!!!!!! I love this show!!! I watch and rewatch it!

    • Brian Lanz says:

      The networks never count what people watch on DVRs, or repeat viewings

    • Amber says:

      Go to and sign the petition for a season 2. Type in the search bar The Family season 2 and sign the petition. There are over 23,500 signatures so far, but 1,500 still needed.

  28. Elyse says:


  29. lauren says:

    best show on network tv. please someone pick it up and continue the story!

  30. Joan says:

    Very DISAPPOINTED Was glued to my TV every Sunday night

  31. Barbara says:

    It’s the best show on TV! My husband and I look forward to watching each week and are always stunned at the unexpected twists revealed each week. The network HAS to reconsider. They’ll be cancelling the best they have to offer. Bad business decision!

    • Gina says:

      Agree! I watch it with my husband also and The Family is one of two shows we watch together! It was nice to have a show in common to talk about and look forward to each week!


  32. evelyn says:

    Yes, I am disappointed. The least they could do is solve it, not end as an unsolved case.

  33. Yolanda says:

    This show was really good. I figured it would be a mini series, but to cancel without all the answers. I’m disappointed.

  34. Rosemary Brooks says:

    This is messed up! The Family has a great cast of people. Sad to see it end this way😔

  35. Jake says:

    this show was really interesting. I hope they can wrap up the majority of the mysteries.

  36. Dennis says:

    Of course they keep the show that no one watches, aka the HEAD of ABC’s best friend’s (Shonda’s) show, The Catch. (The new President of ABC is besties with Shonda).

    Ugh. The Family was an amazing show :/

  37. FV says:

    Extremely dossapointed, meantime they have that nonsense show the bachelor on and on … A good drama comes along and they won’t give it a chance. Lost all hope on ABC network.

  38. Dana says:

    I’m going to miss these characters, especially Alison Pill’s. So sad..

  39. Millie says:

    It is a shame and such a big disappointment to know that such a great show has being cancelled!!! If the show would have been on a Wednesday or Thursday night, i believe the ratings would have being much higher, Sunday night is tough.

  40. Karen says:

    Is there a petition to sign to keep it going???? It’s the best show on television right now.

    • Canada says:

      Let me know as I will sign it as well. This is my favourite show. Joan Allen was excellent in the movie Room and even better in the Family!!!

  41. Dottie says:

    So unacceptable to end this story without letting the viewers know the story. Maybe the next time ABC green lights a project, they need a guarantee that it won’t be cancelled before the entire story is told. This is BS!!!

  42. jeff says:

    I am SO disappointed! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Maybe it could move to another network-Netflix? Amazon? Let’s save this amazing show!

  43. Jo Jo Beans says:

    I HATE ABC. They don’t give shows a fair shot to build a fan base.

  44. Jolene Wipf says:

    Yes I am disappointed. This is a brilliant show. In a way I can see why the show would only be one season if they wrap up the mystery of Adam’s kidnapping in one season. However, if the finale doesn’t completely resolve everything that happened to Adam and Ben, there could very well be a season two and personally, I would love to see a season two. The cast is amazing.

  45. PG says:

    Yes I’m disappointed. Every time there is show that I like it seems to get cancelled. Forever is a perfect example. I just might stop watching TV altogether and just watch movies. They rarely disappoint!

  46. Terri Lamison says:

    This stinks! I know tons of people who watch The Family!

  47. Evie says:

    Why???? Please don’t cancel… It has a great story line

  48. Gin says:

    Not surprised but hope they end with some sort of final point. Hate watching these show get invested in them then bam cancelled like someone ideal of Secrets and lies

  49. Disappointed says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought this was one of the better network shows. Could they have at least wrapped it up?

  50. Kerri says:

    Totally disappointed! Love The family! Great show, keeps you hanging week to week, can’t beleive it’s being cancelled!