Nashville Season 5

Nashville Cancelled at ABC

And just like that, the ballad of Rayna and Deacon is done: ABC has cancelled Nashville, our sister site Deadline reports.

Season 5 would have found the country-music drama under the leadership of new showrunners: thirtysomething‘s Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick were set to replace Dee Johnson, who was stepping down from the role.

The Season 4 finale — which now likely will serve as its series finale — airs Wednesday, May 25.

As the broadcast networks’ annual Upfronts Week nears, the fate of the last remaining “bubble” shows will be determined, as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW get ready to reveal their schedules for the 2016-17 TV season. For easy reference, TVLine’s handy Renewal Scorecard keeps tabs of where each show stands, while our network-by-network Pilot Season Guide lists all of the new comedies and dramas up for consideration — some of which (including ABC’s Kiefer Sutherland-led Designated Survivor) have already been ordered to series.

During Upfronts Week, the broadcast networks take turns announcing and touting their shows and stars for the fall and midseason. NBC and Fox are up first, delivering their respective morning and afternoon presentations on Monday, May 16, followed by ABC (on Tuesday, May 17), CBS (Wednesday, May 18) and The CW (Thursday, May 19).

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  1. Sam says:

    I’m a lukewarm fan of the show, but this doesn’t make me that sad. I really don’t feel like it ever lived up to its potential, and I’d love to see Connie Britton and the incredible cast move on to other things.

    No one should root for a show that’s not actively offensive to be cancelled (people lose their jobs, after all), but some losses hurt more than others.

    • Mary Lynn says:

      Come on! Let the new writers take over! Give this show another season. The music is the BEST on TV! Love the actors too!

      • Desiree says:

        I love this show! Why do all the good shows always get cancelled? All that’s on tv these days are cop shows and medical dramas….all of the unique shows never stand a chance… Blood and Oil and now Nashville. There is nothing else like this show on television

        • normajean55 says:

          I agree this you Desiree. There to many cop shows, The Medical ones are not the best they have had.

          • Lori says:

            ABC will lose my viewership for real now. That was about the best show they ran in the evening all week. All the crappy shows stay on and the good ones – are gone. No loyalty here ABC, you blew it, BIGTIME! I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so!

          • Lori says:

            I agree on this also how does Grey’s Anatomy keep fresh after years of the same thing! A little variety of entertainment can’t make it? I find this hard to believe!

          • Ella Jasper says:

            I agree with you all. They never gave it a chance. They need to make more time for Shonda’s shows. So sad.

          • Tisha says:

            I agree as well. There are a lot of Series we DVR during the week, but aside from the walking dead, Nashville is my family’s favorite. The music is so good & the actors are so good. What the heck are you thinking ABC? I hope another network is smart enough to pick them up b/c I don’t want to live w/o this show! Please change your mind!!!! I won’t be watching ABC anymore if not. Sorry not if you don’t know the difference between good TV!!

        • Gladys Horr says:

          no no no please don’t cancel Nashville its my favorite show

        • Roz says:

          I agree. I really enjoy this show and disappointed to see it go. I am soooo tired of reality shows taking up space.

          • I agree 100%. With all the bad stuff on tv you would think a good show like Nashville could find a network to carry on this wonderful and entertaining show. ABC could totally dump most their shows and who would care, but not the best one they have. What’s wrong with these people?

        • Paula says:

          So agree.

        • Dianne Mullins says:

          I agree! Don’t cancel the best shows on TV. Nashville is my Fav show on Tv. Every Wednesday Night we gather around the TV, The only show we all Watch!!

          • Yeah me too. It IS the only show worth watching. It doesn’t make sense to cancel it.

          • Debby Hodgson says:

            I, too, look forward to this show every Wednesday night! C’mon ABC! Don’t take this wonderful show away from us. Will we ever find out if Juliette’s plane crashed and if she and Avery finally get back together?

        • Anita Doczy says:

          My husband met someone a few weeks ago saying that “Nashville” was on the bubble because it was too expensive to keep it going. This was not a surprise to me, knowing this about the show, but I’m going to miss this show.

        • Totally agree. Why don’t they let the people who watch these shows decide what stays and what goes? I know, it’s all about ratings and competition. This show could of been moved to Thursday or Friday and been one of the best on tv as there is nothing worth watching on those nights. So sad.

        • Pamela Bakka says:

          I agree with you totally I’m so upset! Best show on TV!


          I agree. Nashville is a GEM. Give the show another chance!

        • phyllis says:

          this is the best show on TV. I look forward to seeing it every week. I agree with all the comments that says all good show are cancelled and the bad ones are left. Please dont cancel one of the best shows on TV.

          • Marie says:

            I totally agree about keeping this show.. I also make sure I watch it if I am working evening shift that day.. this is so sad.. First they put the stupid shows on and take off the best shows… I think people who know wat they r doin should run this instead of ones that take the good shows off.. Glad I don’t watch this channel much after this I don’t need to watch it at all….

        • Angela says:

          So true !! Some people apparently don’t appreciate good TV!!

        • Karen says:

          Isn’t that the truth – murder mystery shows are on every night of the week. Nashville is refreshing to follow – tired of dang cop shows!!😢

      • Merilee01 says:

        We love this show. Please don’t cancel Nashville.

      • Donna Gonzalez says:

        I agree love this show

      • Andrea says:

        While I don’t think Nashville is the best show on TV, I do think the new showrunners/writers should be given a chance. It’s been made public knowledge that they were hired, so viewers should see what they can do (or in this case, fix). If the move to Hulu doesn’t happen, ABC could try the British model. Give the showrunners 6 or 8 episodes. If ratings don’t improve, THEN cancel the show. I know Hayden’s in treatment again, but doing 6 episodes might make it possible for her to appear in 3 or 4 of them.

      • Julie says:


      • Pamela Bakka says:

        Why oh why are you canceling the best show on TV? There’s so much Raw Talent with the singing in that show and the acting is superb the storyline is wonderful! I am so disappointed as I’m sure are many other people- stupid decision on someone’s part! I agree

      • Yes very good show ! Not boring at all keeps me interested in watching it never miss it !! I am very sad

    • … but this show is actually offensive.

      • How do you figure?

        • Oh, let’s see.

          Offensive magical negro trope.

          Telling a woman suffering from post-partum depression to act out a wildly over-the-top caricature of the disorder bording on homicidal lunacy until she seeks refuge at a mental clinic.

          Scaring people from donating organs because you’ll die.

          Scaring people from coming out of the closet because your life and career will be ruined.
          Portraying every common Joe in the state as a raging homophobe / AKA peddling the gay agenda by promoting misanthropy, hardly a winning strategy.

          Scaring people from seeking help at Alcoholics Anonymous because your sponsor will use confidential information against you in court.

          That’s a little assortment. There are many more.

          • Sue says:

            Um who is the “negro trope”? As for the gay issue that’s the reality of today. There are so many homophobes that the way they handled that characters coming out was very realistic to todays thinking sadly. The AA issue is also a very real one.

          • Paula says:

            It seems to reflect the real world. You may not like it but …

          • Zeivah says:

            Well look what country music did to the Dixie Chicks,….. they weren’t even gay! just because they spoke out about George Bush leading us into a war we now totally regret. (not trying to pull politics into this – just an example of how country fans can act)

          • Yvonne says:

            The Nashville show has been addressing a wide range of topics that can challenge real life everyday people in today’s world. Since the show is offensive to you, I find it ironic that you obviously have been watching it because you seem to be familiar with the issues. Its been one of the best shows and I’m sorry to see it come to an end.

          • Shannon says:

            You sure think you know a lot about a show you find offensive. When I find a show offensive, I DON’T WATCH IT!! AND everything they have portrayed is true to life and they show both sides of the issue. As for the “negro” comment I have no idea where you even came up with that!

          • Ben says:

            I did not regret the topics, but IMO there were no reality at all in the portray, at the end the show become a dull soup full of shallow PC statements and wasted characters. I love the music and the cast tho.

          • jzimmermann says:

            Everyone has a pov. For 4 seasons this show has developed characters and topics that run not only parallel with reality–and certainly mid-american views on plots and storylines, but to addressing those issues thru the art of the story. Viewers actually realize it is entertainment, in much the way they realize that Scandal’s twists and turns are entertainment, and so you must be an animals channel watcher or strictly PBS newshour. Most Nashville fans, anticipate the show, or have been, weekly while recognizing that the issues the characters face in this fictional narrative are realistic and evolving. The show has certainly made you think about a few issues.

      • Pamela Bakka says:

        Offensive in what way please tell me!?

      • Kendra says:

        It is obvious you aren’t a mental giant! This show talks about what happens in our every day lives. Homosexuality and PPD are both daily occurances. To not talk about the hard topics would be a disservice to the people watching. Not talking about the real issues would be like, sending your child to a school with one race for 12 years. Our communities, churches and television shows need to be a microcosm of what’s happening around us. Otherwise you’re teaching that it is a perfect world and children grow up shell shocked when they finally experience this thing called Life! We have enough people trying to overlook the real issues. Lastly, you are clearly not medically inclined; PPD takes on many faces and Hayton’s portrayal was spot on….

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    And there it is.

  3. Jennifer says:

    WHAT THE H*LL?!?!?!?

    • pamill says:

      Exactly. ABC is all over the place : they kept renewing old and signing new contracts left and right for “Castle” and “Nashville” and now they cancel both ? I mean “Castle” kind of brought it on itself, I don’t mind that one, but “Nashville” really does deserve a 12-episode final season to bring it to 100 episodes and give the characters a proper farewell. If ABC doesn’t change their minds, I guess Lifetime/Amazon/Netflix are the only options.

    • ? says:

      This one hurts. It really hurts. I can’t say it was a bad business decision but they could have at least ordered a 13-episode (or 10, or 6, or whatever) final season wrap-up. But I guess that’s less likely when a new network president comes in. Still, I feel Nashville earned it, it meant a lot to enough people including the city of Nashville itself.

      • Mary says:

        This new head a ABC is not winning points at all. First the debacle with Live with Kelly and Michael, then Castle. Now they are cancelling shows which I can see to a degree but I believe they do better than some of the new ones they have on. Oh well this just makes my free time more productive, won’t be watching a lot of TV.

  4. Suso says:

    The show that you watched for four years willing it to be better than it was cancelled just before it had a chance to be legitimately great. What a shame. On the bright side, Hayden and Connie now free to do projects that match their talent.

  5. Alex says:

    this sux.

  6. mike says:

    It had everything going for it at the start. The writing turned into a daytime soap focused on the wrong characters and killed the show. Too Bad it had moments and potential and some great characters.

    • Mara says:

      THIS. So much. This showrunner needed to go a long time ago because she fell into all the classic daytime soap tropes with the direction of the show. Also, Rayna started out as a badass woman and this season she’s been willowy as hell until just a few eps ago. The main music industry-based people left early on and the biggest mistake was not getting people knowledgeable about the industry to advise and keep the show focused on the industry drama, because there would have been a goldmine of potential there.

    • Anders Zuck says:

      Exactly. It was originally about the music. They killed it with less music and more needless drama.

      • Ella Jasper says:

        I totally agree with you. Blame it on the writers, producers, whoever took the music away. We have enough soap operas on TV.

  7. Cranky says:

    NNNNOOOO!!! I so look forward to Wednesdays. I love Nashville 😢

  8. Laura says:

    I’m pissed and very dissapointed. I love this show!!

    • Barbara Chirpe says:

      So sad they cancelled a great show. ABC forget people 48 years and older loved this show. Tired of all the crime shows. Nashville was wonderful and singing amazing. Please rethink your decision.

  9. Grace says:

    Wow did not see this one coming, especially after they found such high profile new showrunners. Such a bummer! I love the show and the music. But ratings-wise, not a shocker.

    • Maisie says:

      Agree on all points–particularly about new showrunners Herskovitz and Zwick. Such talented guys with a fabulous track record. ABC could at least have given them a chance to work their magic.

  10. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sad by this news but i’m not that surprised either because ABC didn’t renew it right away.However 4 seasons is a good run for the show.

  11. abz says:

    This sucks. Damn Cash, Maddie, Frankie. All these stupid, waste of space characters ruined a once entertaining show. Why bother with the whole new showrunner or whoever they were announcement. Can’t believe they’re cancelling Nashville, yet they still might renew Castle without Stana Katic. Such stupid decisions from ABC. I endured this endless emancipation storyline because I still loved the show and I had hopes that the show might be better going into next season. But now its for nothing.

    • Debi says:

      I feel exactly like you!!! I loved this show, and was waiting for it to get back to the spark of the first few seasons! Let’s pray they change their minds! ABC is going downhill with letting go the good shows!!

    • I so agree with you. This really is bummer, especially after news about new showrunners and how show would have been whole new next season ;(

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a little sad, but I figured it was going to be cancelled this year. It had far too much focus on Maddie this season anyway. I just hope Last Man Standing will be renewed soon.

    • Karen says:

      So disappointed they cancelled Nashville. The actors and music was awesome. I watched faithfully since day one and was shocked to find out they were not bringing it back for another season. I did not like tonights episode being the final show. The music was exceptional and the cast was like no other. Very poor decision on ABC –

  13. Daniel Armour says:

    This sucks… Can’t really come up with anything more eloquent than that.

  14. Tes says:

    Bloody mental! We love this show in the UK. Why can’t they end it in a decent way. So stupid!

  15. PFitzDC says:

    I have mixed feelings. The show was erratically written and was feeling tired all season. But I was really excited about Zwick and Herskovitz coming onboard! And I’ll really miss the music….I’ve spent a lot of money on iTunes downloading songs.

  16. iHeart says:

    well this was bound to happen, the show kind of screwed itself over, on the other hand, it was nice to see Chip Esten be a regular on something for once (I know this is too soon for me to say, but will this mean he’ll be on Whose Line next season now that Nashville is done?)

  17. Wonka says:

    Dang, I was getting excited again when it was announced that My So Called Life/: thirtysomething producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick were about to board this show..hopefully we can see their creative talent on some other show in the near future.

  18. Boiler says:

    The show did it to itself but since it was performing better than many of their other dramas this makes no sense. This new person supposed to be better than Lee????Possibly CMT or Netflix??

    • :-) says:

      I liked the show but the cancellation does’t surprise me. It was given more than a fair chance. Maybe CMT could be convinced to pick it up for a season or 2. Start the campaign! I would definitely watch if it finds a new home. I love the muisc. #gocmt #dontthrowdirtonmygravejustyet

  19. Ted says:

    This is utter garbage. Hopefully the storylines will get sufficiently wrapped up by the end.

  20. Sarah says:

    They cancel a series that fans want to continue and are going to renew a series whose most fans want canceled Castle 😨😱

    • Boiler says:

      Guess this new head of ABC an idiot just like Lee. This show has performed better and more consistently than other dramas they renewed. How stupid.

    • iHeart says:

      oh man if ABC picks Castle over this people are going to be ticked

    • Patsy says:

      Castle was just cancelled

    • Kathie says:

      Most fans did NOT want Castle cancelled. We wanted Beckett back. The hundreds of E-Mails I get every day from TV Line attest to that.
      Castle and Nashville were the only shows I watched on ABC. I was bummed last year when they cancelled Forever, too. I did not
      expect to like Nashville because I don’t like country music. SURPRISE!
      I love the Nashville music. I own the first 3 soundtrack CDs. Walmart hasn’t had the rest, so I’m going to order them online.
      ABC execs are a bunch of idiots!

      • Rosie says:

        So agree, I’m rethinking about watching ABC at all . Apparently
        It’s political, Shondra has first dibs , the rest is collateral damage. Get some new execs to run that network.

  21. Sad but not surprised. This season was absolutely horrible.

  22. lbchatterbox says:

    I’m devastated! It’s my guilty pleasure show and I’m hoping they have an alternate ending instead of their usual cliffhangers where hopefully the 3 main couples end somewhat happily.

  23. BIG MISTAKE ABC. Maybe the ratings were pretty lame, but Nashies are PASSIONATE.

  24. NM says:

    I heard this season is ending on a massive cliffhanger, so can I expect Juliette to jump off a ferris wheel and we never find out her fate before ending?

  25. Carol C says:

    I’m v sorry to see it go, but I thought this last season was poorly written. I wish we could have seen the difference new showrunners would have made.

    • jakis says:

      That’s the way I feel. It’s been so awful this season I can’t really say I’m sorry to see THIS show go, but I was hoping new showrunners could make it better and turn the ship around. Sad. I love hearing Charles Esten and Jonathan Jackson and the Stella sisters sing, but the show itself has been so bad… And it had such potential when it started. Oh well. Maybe Esten, Jackson, the Stellas, Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio will have more opportunities after this.

  26. Karen says:

    Rayna & Deacon are why it was cancelled they were unlikeable.

  27. Phillip says:


  28. Waaaaah… This was my guilty pleasure though the storyline of late with Deacon and Maddy was working my last nerve. The writing really fell apart. I was hoping the new show runners could wrangle it back into shape.

  29. Dude says:

    finally, out this crappy show out of its misery!

  30. SherryB says:

    The writers killed Nashville. Combined with a new person at the helm of programming and it was over..To much drama, to many storylines, to many “new” faces introduced and then just disappeared..Today is ” the day the music died “…What a shame.. If only they had listened to the FANS!!!

  31. Mrs Nebel says:

    Cancelling Nashville???? Why? I love that show. It’s family oriented, full of country music and talent galore. I’m so disappointed😔.

    • drhenning says:

      it was hardly family oriented… unless you think country music means family… I agree about the music etc.. I wonder if the music sales slowed down which killed one of the rationales.. First Nashville gets canned as a TV show and the Nashville Preds get crushed in Game 7 of NHL Playoff so a bad night for the city..

  32. Eran says:

    I am not happy. It’s like getting someone really ill on a promising clinical trial, only to pull the plug on them not long afterwards. I’ll be the first to admit this season has been about as engrossing as a sea algae documentary but they were bringing on board people who actually know their craft and are excellent at it! So why not let it bow with grace in an abbreviated 6 episode season? Pity…

  33. This realllllly sucks. Finally a show that showcases multi-layered talent with original music and the network is going to replace it with a cookie cutter show that is just like everything else on tv. No wonder people are turning to other sources for television content. #bringabcnashvilleback #nooooooo #stupidexecs

  34. Linda Bryant says:

    Could a cable network pick it up? Netflix? Does this mean the finale will just leave us hanging — no closure?

    • greening says:

      Hope so…I wish the proposed new showrunners could take it somewhere else, restore the music, play out some of the storylines and keep it going at least one more seasons. “Nashville” and “The Family,” both canceled, are the only shows I watch on ABC…maybe broadcast just can’t commit to scripted drama anymore. Yes, both have room for improvement, but better scheduling and other changes could have helped.

      • kimmich says:

        Nashville and The Family cancelled?! Ugh!!! Two of my favorite shows! Time to find another station. I hate reality TV. I love a good drama show. ABC, I’m done….

  35. Ann Combs says:

    Who ever (at ABC) cancelled Nashville does not know a hit show at all. I will no longer watch ABC as 99% of their shows are crap. They took my soap operas away, now Nashville. Bye-bye ABC!

    • Pam says:

      I agree with you 100%. I am not watching ANYTHING on abc again. Nashville was the best show on tv.

    • Lisaanders says:

      Yep I so agree
      Completely idiotic move
      I’m so sick of reality shows and murder mystery shows,, one of who is replacing NASHVILLE ‼️‼️😂

  36. Mary says:

    Any chance you guys can touch base with the showrunners and find out if they filmed an alternate series finale like Castle did, or if there might possibly be a movie to wrap up the storylines, or at the very least can they give us some idea of where they were going to take the show next and how they saw their characters’ stories ending up? Thanks!

  37. Jen says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! wahh. How disappointing :( Im so sad!! My daughter and i planned our evening around this show every Wednesday.. it was our thing together. boohoo!! Ill miss all the characters.. and especially reading the lol vulture recaps the following day ha

  38. CactusRose says:

    NNNNOOOO!!!!! One of the few shows on TV now with great music! It figures. We get a great show with talented people and they cancel it. What else is new? I’m going to miss every single character – there wasn’t one in the entire show I didn’t like. And just as they were getting into exploring Will’s rise to fame. His story line could have been very interesting. I hope ABC thinks twice about this mistake they are making.

  39. Mary S says:

    Maybe the Absent Brain Cells network learned its lesson from the debacle on Castle. They changed showrunners and the series went downhill from there.
    Maybe someone who developed a brain cell wants to prevent such a disaster from happening to Nashville. I have never watched the show, not even one full episode…I tried it for about 15 minutes and changed channels, never to return…but I know there are many who love the show and who will be sad that it’s gone. I also know how much sadder they would be to have the entire premise of the show changed so dramatically and with such dire results.
    I will NOT be watching Season Nine of Castle unless A) they bring back the ENTIRE original cast, B) get rid of those horrible showrunners who ruined a perfectly delightful and entertaining show, and C) also get rid of Hayley the home- and show-wrecker.
    Nashville fans, be glad they are cancelling it with the team intact. You would HATE what new writers would do to it.

  40. Brenda says:

    Nashville is the

  41. Toy-Cannon says:

    ABC, you are dead to me. Come on CMT, pick this show up.

  42. Tim N. says:

    The only Wed night show really worth watching! Very upset!

    • Mary says:

      i don’t know I watch Nashville and tape Chicago PD because I love that show to.

    • Dad says:

      I agree. There is nothing worth watching on Wednesday but Nashville! Now there is nothing. Which seems to be the trend with all the networks. Even when something is working the network changes the time slot or the weekday and you don’t know when the program is on. TV sucks. And what we are charged each month from our tv provider it’s just not worth it anymore with all the poor programming. I liked blood and oil too! Now Nashville. What’s next? Marvel?

  43. chadcronin says:

    Boo ABC. They were building towards something and they could have at least given us a last 13 or let the new show runners a chance. No real ending is not right. I go someone else picks the show up

  44. Gayl says:

    That is so disturbing! How could they cancel this?

  45. Norah says:

    Completely heartbroken that the amazing new showrunners didn’t have a chance to turn the show around. RIP Nashvillesomething.

  46. Chad says:

    Worst news I’ve heard all day.

  47. Heather Terris says:

    We love Nashville and don’t want it to end…. Get rid of the 200th season of Greys Anatomy instead. All those characters are so sad and miserable it would be a blessing to end it but please keep all the wonderful talent that is Nashville

    • Mary says:

      Hey I love Nashville but don’t knock my Greys. This season has been fantastic, which I know many thought it would die due to killing Derek. It is obvious that the ratings are great for Grey so why would they cancel a show that is working. Nashville problem was the long breaks in a season. It is hard to invest when after a few new shows they make you wait for a couple of months before it is on again.

  48. Celina says:

    4 season is a good run. The problem is that it won’t have an ending. It will end with everybody in a bad place. And why? Because the network don’t give a damn. They could’ve announced that earlier, like they did with revenge. Now, one of my favorite shows will end bad for everyone. Deacon. Rayna. Scarlet. Gunner. Avery. Juliette…

    • Juanita says:

      yes the show is sad at the moment, everybody is in a bad place but why cant they keep it on and try alittle bit different story line, it is a good show, and if they are ending whats the point of all the drama. I don’t get it.

    • skyart101 says:

      On the other hand, the writers could have had a little more respect for the story, characters, and fans and realized a renewal was not inevitable and therefore brought the story to a place where there could at least be some closure. It’s like if you insist on tryin to make your point on Twitter with 160 characters–you are going to get cut off at 140 every time. If you want to write an extended storyline then write a novel, not a TV show.

    • Michelle A says:

      Yes, I would have appreciated it being given a chance for a proper ending =(